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"matt aj rosie" Discussed on The Kirk Minihane Show

"Mummy you say I'm kidding my Momma Too Bad asshole. My Mom's alive. Everyone tells me I banged his mother before she died. That's ridiculous does it feel so good feel good for you well we love DC as well actually podcast guests. If you get a chance to listen it was excellent. Talks with his mom a really good job I thought he did a great job of it. So go listen to. There's nothing like a nice young smooth hairless boy that seems like odd awed came in the middle. Yeah right in the middle of the final words so image B. is absolutely right when I was in purgatory and nobody not Gerry Callahan over the intercom was talking about me. Image being DC for sure MHP led the charge. And I am always grateful to that. I think I'd be here anyway anyway but it doesn't matter yes they were you know they were asking questions which I like. Nobody else was doing and I will forever be grateful to those guys and You know doesn't brought content and a dark time. There was no Dickman hinch. Who did he did he? And so if he's indeed gone and I don't know what I don't know what happened in DC. And I were texting regards messaging early this morning. He doesn't really know either. He didn't just saw the message he didn't know either. I texted DC as well to get the scoop bonus yeah and You know I imagine you can understand tragic times you will confront laugh sure. I appreciated that I said I predict. MHP will be back at some point. I don't think this will stick nick. I don't tend. DC said I pretty back by Thanksgiving Slough grief. Grieving brings us all together. I guess the new job and think so so no I think he doesn't. He doesn't. This is not a criticism. But he doesn't like the heat. He likes throwing it. He likes causing housing trouble. You like to ask him questions but he doesn't come back. You like being exposed. which was by Steve? I know Steve Really re this. The the blood is on your hands friend. And this is your kill this even even. He's like a deer. Even after this emotional moment steve went back and dug up. Do you hanging about because the deer died quicker than the hanged India upside down and let them bleed out before you even they snack as to which fat ass playing meal right now. You really think it was the poetry that started it breath. I think that was more like he knew that we were all having fun. I do think the whole thing. He's very he. We would do. The Marty Walsh stuff indeed. He tried really hard with that. He in with the other guy be like. Hey I got this call from this guy. I got this call this number and recognize that sort of paranoid doing now. I think he's like I don't WanNa deal with it now. My advice my advice I would say the him like you can kind of just stick your finger in. You'll have to just have some fun tweet about the show and listen to the show and even I mean. DC pointed out to me he goes. You can dupe one podcast a month one of rights. I think he's going to back away from all the other parody account see runs. That's a great question so through three hundred of them by also. Think the Kelleher thing. I think you really hate her. That's you know I think that sort of I think he's the first casualty of the minivan console war and that's a big kill for themselves. I got to say this but he so he. I texted him and said what. What's going on here buddy? Respondents said that exactly what you texted. I'm pretty much. What's going on here champ? And he said. Can I call you at some point this week and I said sure but that's all I know I don't know if there's some dirty details he doesn't WANNA next. Why could see him say that somebody in the mid so world has been bothering him? That's the way he thinks right. So Oh you know and even even clients and you believe that and you believe that like so big right. That's a good example. So maybe it's best for him to just. This isn't for everyone. He served his purpose. He was a good soldier gray. We now need a new secretary. Of was he secretary of position. Thought who sex date I think he's Sacramento. Huge Best Secretary of state is our ambassador to the World Matt from Providence immediately dancing on the grave of Mason. The I'm willing to step in warm. There's no so the so the point will be made by me. Yes like this. This is not mean election. This is this is your in your term. So we don't have a line of succession for those positions undersecretary of state so secretary of state. MHP's now removed from office with with distinction with service. Well well done thank thank you for your service. You're out Good luck with everything. Good luck with your poetry and your sandwiches and everything we love you. You're welcome back anytime you're always have a home with us. Very good The Matt from Providence is making the case to be the replacement is yes. I think he'd be a good candidate. He distinguished himself with prank phone calls. He was at the prayer. Vigil MHM using the minivans. He was at the courthouse us at the courthouse. Was He's been with you for some battles who this is but he sounds like Sean may be your favorite prank call. He's the guy who did The the the Rhode Island's you heard because he goes and that was to just throw that's fees. He's a good candidate. Controversial candidate a lot of people. Don't like okay. Can I throw. Aj in here again. We have a transgender person in our cabinet. Now you're engaging in tokenism correct something we can point to. It seems like this seems like a naked ploy correct. But I I am. I am throwing that one out there just just just to say you know. I like that as well. Maybe from providence say Ambassadorship to another country. Okay you know maybe armband around very good. I don't know I'm I'm just throwing out. There was a state. I understand that. But I'm just saying so whatever he'd like a plum position to worry about anything anymore doesn't have to you know salary. HP should really have. You should get a nice retirement package basser Bermuda or something exactly. Yeah I don't know he didn't now. Here's an interesting little. Maybe I'm wrong here. When odal wording that he threw in there didn't say he's leaving the persona of the hiring them? HP Persona Right does that me. John Devon is going to be back or someone else will be exciting. I'm just saying I don't know at the end of the show know no. DC said he's been preparing for this for what really he. He's seen the writing on the walls. More than as you prepare for. Love is something that doesn't pay you anything. Yes good strategy by DC. It was wife has pointed that out to them. I guess but yeah. He said he knew this was coming for a while. So I don't know if people from the discord can be added perhaps You know guys like Djba. The of Stepped up you know. This is the problem when like you lose those great chemistry. Yes so when you lose that does it becomes something else you know has become like a bad spinoff off right. I'm concerned is this archie. SHOWS GONNA turn into Joey I mean. He's the he's the president so many other things to worry about so I'm willing in your from Africa province but you know I like the idea of a solid token position as well I think if AJ wants person. So I'm just being pragmatic here. So same merchant comes back attacking us in then. Listen to this okay. Some companies has hate. Seems like we have real issue with transgender people. Say Well they say that. You're you're about to apologize thirty-six you know we. Aj Secretary of state of the minivan replaced. MHP be left the position where to fly on their face. So why don't you just Paul doesn't writing or you can do video. You want. It's up to you asshole. We're to fly into California into a big presentation to one of the agencies. I think so yeah. I'm sorry you think we're TRANSPHOBIC does the discord the representative to the secretary of state by definition. Is Your representative to the rest of the world. I mean essentially. Yeah when you say charter foreign policy so Ooh well yes I mean. I'm in charge of foreign policy but AJ or Matt will be you know. I'll give them the notes and then they'll spin it. They'll be the Mike pompeo to your trump correct correct. Yes indeed so. I don't know you know it's really quite by Harry Manila last night. By the way you asked me to ask if there have been a female secretary of the Treasury. And there's never female secretary of Treasury so there you go to trust the beginning we were talking about female he said there's never been the president. I said no female Vice President present knows he's obsessed with money says Female Treasury Secretary. I said I don't think there has I looked up. There's never has been surprised too young to even know those words. He's doing a good lesson school system pretty clear. What do we have a treasury secretary or no? Yeah I think we do the job pizza thing what do you what do you think of. HP's retiring on here. You go one hundred sixty eight nesting for a big loss now. I think the newer people they say well so what not know. This guy has been my brother and arms. I mean he was with with us for the real fights. Now he's one of the fans with access to the official show twitter account. Oh who's that new. I think he has to. I mean He. Can you know I gotTA. We gotTA booed him from the Twitter thread to loss. I don't know the new twitter thread picture in this picture of this. Oh I think you'd love it at the very professional shop our Avar choke out of the minivan thread. Oh I ah you look at that picture. It's got a young put. Well is it the one where he looks like. He's shit maybe he's in a suit business business cash way the great run. Yeah that's it that's it I mean I say now I would say By the way a win for KFC. I know that's a win for KFC we came in here. I'm I'm honestly surprised you're taking it so well who me. Yeah what am I supposed to do. The guy wants to leave lash out in rage but what about. What am I supposed to do? A lot of people thought he free to leave. I mean as long as they. You know. Donate a portion of the future salary to me. It take test physical mental tests before they leave for the free leave. That's good were you say. People a lot of people wonder if and I'm not one of these of course but a lot of people wondered if there was maybe too much pomp and circumstance around a man not running a parody account anymore. It's up to them this question. I mean where are we going to video announcement in a press conference part of that anymore. It was a very understated classy exit. It was and that's what you want your secretary of state due. Yes I am nominating. Aj Secretary of state myself. I am nominating yet. And I shouldn't say that I'm throwing the name out there your respond with Matt from Providence. I think the only thing that makes sense for the whole thing makes sense going to make sense of the two of them do some sort of video dividends of ask them we ask them questions. This is bad news for Matt from Providence. Why is that? I think is going to be a strong contender. Yeah that's tough. I mean great credentials. Yeah I think you just tanked that problem. I mean she's willing to go literally all in for this. It's hard to you. Know is a sort of an odd way trump hillary election section it is providence. Was the clean. Cut Easy choice right but you brought a an outsider in Mo- shake things up so you compare Asia that trump in many ways every match like Hillary. I like a good solid candidate. He's a great Kenny. He's on my shortlist he's other shortlist. Got Matt Aj Rosie. Three people in the shortlist. WHO's the mom mm-hmm who's the third one? I don't know when that would really hurt him. HP If that's him have we know the good so we have a third name..

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