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"matt 808" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Those of us who are order 10,000 steps a day. It's not that easy a goal to achieve. But as a professor at Harvard Medical School, Dr I. Min Lee wondered why so high Well, she found out it comes from 19 sixties Japan. They call that pedometer Amanpour Key, which in Japanese is a 10,000 step meter. So it was a marketing tool to try and sell the pedometers with a catchy name. So she ran an experiment and didn't notice that more steps meant better health up to a certain point it keep it off, actually at about 7500 steps. Beyond that, you did not get any additional benefit. Keep in mind. The study was specifically for older women. Dr. Lee is currently testing other demographics for now. Now, just be proud that you got off the couch today. Matt Shearer WBZ Boston's news radio. Alright, we'll do Matt 808 now on this Friday morning, and it's time for business. Live to Bloomberg. We go. Here's Tom Busby. Jim. A chicken recall just got bigger now. £9 million of fully cooked frozen chicken products from Tyson Foods, the nation's biggest producer, are being recalled because of possible mysterious contamination there, sold at WalMart target other chains as well as to hospitals, schools and military bases. On Wall Street stocks took a little tumble yesterday, but it looks like a comeback rally today. Dow futures now up 247, and it's still July, but Disney World and Disneyland say they're going to bring back the late night Halloween events this year. They were cancelled last year because of the pandemic. I'm Tom Busby Bloomberg Business on WBZ. Boston's news radio. Alright there at Summit is eight Oh, nine on this Friday morning. Moving.

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