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"matin muhammad" Discussed on Monocle 24: Midori House

Monocle 24: Midori House

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"matin muhammad" Discussed on Monocle 24: Midori House

"Nicole has bureau around the world in tokyo hong kong singapore london toronto and new york city in tokyo bureau chief is po wilson big city but i think we'll say it's just one of these very layered cities most week says something new to keep us interested you know other it's development or a building a new fashion brand the something about tokyo once you'll hear a new live here it gets more interesting here from monaco's editors and correspondents on the stories that matter on the places that motto everyday on multiple twenty four still with me daniele pilot and brian close on this edition of midori house now this morning recently elected ninety two year old malaysian prime minister matin muhammad announced yes yes i am still alive he's the world's oldest leader twenty one years older than president donald trump twice the age of canadian pan justin trudeau with that in mind i feel it's the right time to us both of you what are the pitfalls and maybe the advantages of being s leep rented lebron lost you first of all nothing trump's wisdom right oh right or wrong i think that's true to a point as long as they're sharpe's attack mentally which i i think sometimes it's not the case but i mean there is an interesting parallel i saw here with with some the research i've done in tunisia where the i believe the second oldest leader is in power president of sub cu i think is ninety two or ninety one and it was interesting because he was sort of a consensus candidate.

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