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"matic lear" Discussed on Epicenter

"You look at the ecosystem broadly. Dv i tend to think. Offer his tedium. Is this this the city. There's like lots of activity in the city. But it's kind of expensive to deploy anything in the city. Just like it's probably expensive to have an apartment in manhattan and a lot of suburbs are being built to the city where the hope is some of the applications could be on the suburbs instead to be cheaper to deploy and execute your application on the suburban sort of matic. One of these. I think is one of the suburbs ending general. There have been two kinds of approaches. One is something something for example. What solana might be might be doing. Which is completely independent blockchain having a bridge to with him so that people could come from his helium into selena in bart baking some application there but the security of these systems is independent of each other so when you actually as a team dacre asset to salona you're completely trusting security model of salona and on the other side is the optimistic roll up and zeki will up space where it's another summer team. But they're trying to give the guarantees to the user that they move their assets from the city on police suburb in some senses. That asset still being secured by idiom the city and they can always if something goes wrong on in the needle up they can always come back to idiom and Any tedium insecure that asset and ensure that they don't get in the in the it all up. They're still relying on the city police as opposed to the salon suburb. Has its own private security. Yeah exactly exactly so. It's like building and then are you relying on the city police. Are you building a police force of your own and the salona is building. Police force offered own whereas the optimistic zeki all up spaces. They're trying to build it in a way that they can rely on the police of the of the city. I mean i think this is a very way of putting it but even like going that really think of it. Medium has country like. Let's go on a largest collecting of him as a country and then it has to be center which is like you know city center which can be left new york right which is the idiom mentioned and it is now. Many people don't realize that tedium already has like sixteen yard site like some by some private parties. Some like like us with matic some like considered these. You know side jeans all of these as different different states. Okay so you have you know. Gore has tedium mention. you know maybe washington dc's idiom mentioned. Which kind of like the center of the universe and then from there. You have these different different states and you know some of them can be more leg died. The federal lewis structure of washington dc. Some of them might want to remain independent. And all that and they have their own like pros and cons. They're like the state level security and policing and all that can be like slightly. Different on that while solana would be lakers. Completely separate which malik all this bridge and all like if you see all of these extra lana near and all that what they realized over the past like last two two years back like people. Us and all that they used to call them since as like tedium killers now they realize that you know you can't kill them. It's it's a phenomenon itself and what they're doing is that they realized that instead of badmouthing tedium like leather tried to be this like more of a. You know like their You know stategy to kind of captured. The option that tried to be closer to the base because all the developer ninety nine percent of the team. So what these guys near salon. An all these guys are doing is create a bridge with the idiom and say that. Hey you know you can. You can have things here you can be on team but then transferred over. This is like a trojan horse strategy from many of these different layer when a business fine big business strategy from their side and as a community. It's very open. You can do whatever you want to if you can have a different country which you can build and like in this analogy which which would be good and you never be good for the larger good of the overall like the planet. Why not like so. So that's that's the difference. And what but in the lair like in the tedium can also like there are different. Different kinds of lear does like considering them as different different states. And some of those states would be like more stronger. Have stronger policing and you know kind of what not like betas different kinds of benefits and what some of the other states would be like. You know maybe some laggards some some space but at the end they all are tied up to the medium so like just amplification of your login billion. Explain to leg in a non technical mayor told me about this analogy last week and once again it is one of the things mayor comes up with the blows my mind so i love that we were able to unpack it here on on the podcast and to i'm excited it's like if you think of it in the country analogy you think of those countries if you come back to kind of imperialistic times right where you have like a country that is producing some sort of resource for like the main empire or or you can think of it. Also in terms of like having free trade agreements with other countries right. There's all kinds of ways you can bring onto this analogy. Maybe maybe one curiosity i have is my impression is that you want to have your own independence security your own. Us wrestler but you also want to enable gaps to bottles security from the tedium. And you've been building to search for both but my impression is that most of the deaths that are actually successful in matic are just using the native matic lear. it's that independent. Security is proving in better product than being able to borrow. security from tedium is is that correct. Yes i know. That's not really the the exact reason behind it. The the reason is like fosters that even if you think about the individuals security lake festival the matic's us. Lear like proof of stieg and all the sticking and everything stay on all that everything happens on tedium only so all the validates of matic actually have to register on idiom on a smart contract with and then once they're registered then only they become a part of this like the side..

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