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Wiki Woman:  Wangari Maathai

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Wiki Woman: Wangari Maathai

"Hi I'm calling your host for the good news podcast and I'm neil the other host the good news. PODCAST is your source for Good News Fun Stories Auditory Delight and Sonic Joy. We're bringing you all of this goodness from beautiful downtown Chicago for today's episode. I'd like to share some Info about two awesome women in the latest installment of Wicky. Women I when Ghauri Matai is the first African woman to win the Nobel Prize in nineteen seventy seven. Matai founded the Green Belt Movement. This is from from the article about the Green Belt Movement since one Gary Matai started the movement in nineteen seventy seven over fifty. One million trees have been planted and over thirty thirty thousand. Women have been trained in forestry food processing beekeeping and other trades that helps them earn income while preserving their lands and resources communities in Kenya both men and women have been motivated and organized to both prevent further environmental destruction and restore that which has been damaged image to the greenbelt movements mission is to mobilize community consciousness for self-determination Justice Equity Reduction of poverty and and environmental conservation using trees as the entry. Point if you've listened to the good news podcast previously you can imagine how fully Italy in our wheelhouse. Lis- is in two thousand. Four Matai won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work with the organization sadly she died in two two thousand eleven but she definitely left her mark. One person who is for sure taking up the baton is her daughter. JEREM anti she has been following following in the footsteps of her mom and doing tons of good work not least of which is the African Forest Land Scape Restoration Initiative which is pushing to get it. One hundred million hectares of land in Africa reforested by twenty thirty just recently. She got the government of Kenya to commit to restoring twelve point. It's six million acres by twenty thirty per usual all of this information from wikipedia and these ECO warrior. Women were put on my radar by the WIKKI project. Women in red. They're committed to changing wikipedia. Read lengths ones with no entry into fleshed out entries in blue. Go check it out. Thanks for listening. Do you have good news. Incredible or maybe. WanNa tell us a joke idea. Excellent email us at. Hello at the good news podcasts. DOT FM or. Leave us a voicemail seven seven three two one seven zero one five six. You can also tweet us at the Good News Pot and follow us on instagram. And if you love the good news podcasts. Think about supporting us on our patriotic page. Most of our music is by Paddington bear and.

Green Belt Movement Kenya Gary Matai Ghauri Matai Lis wikipedia Nobel Prize Paddington Chicago Africa WIKKI Italy One hundred million hectares six million acres

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"In common I'm podcast. Vivey Basel Info on the vehicles are here nine to Kiko intern. Hug Many S- inside good planted auction insight in his owner vehicles on of meat. Mabbutt Orange. It now it's the knife on McDonald's is Bernard knock him mini side opposite Venus. Would new mkx guns vintage mentioned until the all for an natural? It's giving him before. Indian's vibe gained is in finance and found head dealing of Kaleta vote will onto US elicits dust Vietnam design of US numb physician. Ivanka Star by the head of all also presents. Sven I'm Zombie. Get to Nissan Com Eastern Aligarh own outside up under to look or the thin clouds. This military s retired acclimatized dodge militares vitamins. Visor food. Fifteen years and yet size yard is the dongling hyper Monday. Show Muhammad Vanity Marlon over the south. Nixon resigned here so two standard is author of calm in order to slander suit mental list. Does this you're ALYSSA's on US gets good so now these are scared. Most exact insult is with insults. These are Ripley on own military ocean. Unstressed good all and feel is shoots. Clyde fewer military notions of leadership spousal not of a kind of reform wider slows down with versus imply view now to intimidate for Leagues. Skate wounds escalating as also Mashes van. Girling tired of our strasser stuffing node. Ghanaian stepping so entire Internet film about mile often entirely Internet's aren't in anti deaf. Sponsors forty skipped against a high of on demand. Garnish ALOFT IN CANADA. Designed to coordinate us on get under shows lied to come off nine. New League Yawn the integration and informatics Internet's often does indeed site is all good. This is called macy's does veer into August off with all of us couldn't in August swallowed. Dot Is this legit. Kemp Matai involvement in other news could plant mid camp on demonstrates y'all and all goes potash pita as the SS Deutschland on owning onto cleese. Talk begun vote. Does indeed state's untile Joan on funen automobile adultery and in Lawford there's ten miles in and actual plant in spite of in. Belene was told me yours plan on filing bustle but was beaten undone timber midriff Onstar. Tomorrow on decent copiers. Plasmids I spit sayin iden- clear mirthless tighten. Its publicity to bring dot coom onto Mon. Mon Canfield OUGHTA militaire of potato of often carpool plots. Zona goes Russia. Unlock Gibbs haircuts. Find his mind in dodge over on just sorta Zara Luke warm. Before Autumn boons lights blink is only allowed to straddle planner gaydosh. Invite up your jets w of these of yet own your own Hitler Deutschlands for North at I know voltage as Auntie's nine Swansea's new needs island. Sponsors Rushland does we initially on didn't plots of Ovilla Omis near last Muslims on an Auden in desirable bleak these vile off deserve yet on. Your team does not truly medieval of masten defender fossils. Pdr Opera Shefty mitten under in for been known to bring on the CO ownership gets does liaisons guns drink autism in the cotton. Listen on does shift amid often does get I does offer you. Fister begun testing height India. Let's assume Yar them on the last. Putt standard Augustus. Bus and pick up ousters hersher reason older. She did that as of your arm. Your meal of the inmates of Dr to our nominee cups of bring Muslim governments. Dessel stuff's ORCA worn out and blamed to Totski leapt on vendors business. I've known performed it immediately. Value Flow Day model for on that statement.

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Ep 281 - As mulheres no devem mostrar os mamilos nas redes sociais

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Ep 281 - As mulheres no devem mostrar os mamilos nas redes sociais

"Oh. The Muslim both Gusta she meant you mentioned wound in. Mobutu, some dish mood associated homo. Vive SPAS. And the TAT Sadaqa move could associate will bait ican new dome you`ve The will to both cast my who use. Promote away. To them. Giving a could use you that any dish English national waste machoism. You'll foul. Muslim. Lynch will volume tape those are. The boom get remarried caused. Mortal Scotch include easy love. Or got. Attack Walking, quiz, addition thrice. Eh through. Dish, gain can be of was. Bushfires throughout the cousy. Who got the beach because? Who is agree we've got that typical of xenia Sh-, view the emission kinch much Bessie, the bulte shares full March local. Office you aim the nobody decanes we sales year I'll. I'll kill stars in their scouser beside you got particularly desiccated three Schtick Gorsuch Donald Railroads, the strategy receivers, the sewage do. involve. Yet police. Tells here in two You warming how controversial go? Via. Safely. Who Lost Your? event. So guesses passage himself deloitte broken all to neo much. Himself will loom where when he winked my. Sent. Got Enormous. Fyodorov East whipple to send lauch England sewage in the Mid Lucy the fountain surrealism. UPS Case Mission yes. A school fiance new. The will could use enough I'll simply will get wabi flash you get fired they should zips spill EPA. Eastern. Imo Land We call shovel is impeding. Three Cy. The get the book up on. Passive but the. Yearbook with security. You quizzical vent November. Spanish. No casualties would dare no me to my sport Mush Look. Alien Different Symptoms Gach Sarokin. Got Seat the Beam Laura. Capital Gen, resemble what? The religion I Q. Your got. So we need to. Know. Actually measuring uses knee Mileage Q. You counseling AC compliant. A. St Masol and beach you got to the father figure to be prompt. Potala, since Near East V8's. Gap You at all gap to do. Not Take. Our. But up CH- were apt. COMES BRE air. 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Lucas Presser stylish stylish of. Orbital Stratas E, beggar, but diva. Removal. As Lawman? Agendas indies. With coach moving. Kazadi arch who's got our mental you'll spe google. Cool Path. That are saying. So we're. blender the. Commerce. IMPLEMENT EVERY YEAR METALLICA, because character who gets to live UKIAH. Moments warming beautiful Matab she is A. Seizure each mas- warming them we at. The. How you will Matai Macabre. Covad knows giveaway no matter go Assad. The Macabre. Fit fitters as. A cover. Quality budget. Date. They must give my Sasha. My diffusing METALLICA. Macabre Macabre CV sauce monkeys Eric Norma. Seizure. Monaco was vizquel linguistic data Monaco on the. Now. Say don't give you re do. Kavita flourished Amazon. We knew Matab Kondakova movie Polish? Edina. Steve. View. Get Hustled Cobras water because of the National TEEMU. DEIGNING English skomer? Loses at. Those path activities. We. Did you discover you'll? See Setiawan misogyny symbolic who fought dish Stein's. Bolt full after the gobble. Them S of Jaka. Madaba to Shears we have been myth Tony Marsh he has used I. The Usual Oma mean Iverson. Turn Carl shorter is. Muslim sued the Middle Care for the. Track. Near the RAFFLED, consumer? Quiz. Game Too much. By Duff? Cassava human. You is look at it on your. Scanning. Boost. Walk as quiz. Issue Sanders would've usual who is the walk never been some? We Disorders Achim. them the quid. View. The yet Yankees. And it's Busy but spider. KEILLOR's. Militants schools automates WHO'S AMISH Transmit. As yesterday and SELENA's. lesch been some your CH- beam. Beam Do. Comedian flashed. Home move on sauce you the flesh that faith oppressor you wash known as we have David little. Issues. You Walk. v Miltants those live machoism. Wash Kim Pencil Eastern. Pills away. Let's see was issue of your squeezes Mesh at walgreens fulfil simliar. Bash. MAPHOTO severe Lewis in Bala as seeing micheals interesting story Annetta. Muga widow fast you serious Nigga and we are both Villiers Simpson's intern gallic bashed I. Marvel engaged. East saw each Zeke lira ish called. Louche Trimble the first Leila need we F- fossil parameters. Lot. In. Women fight won't mean facebook. Parameters. Will give them sly enosis Robert warming. Fail. For the. Stadium Caesar quast. Quasi our conversation. WHO's Milan's lable? Sue confirmed. Shujaat. Patsy Kelly Ralph machine split machines in transmute up. Version they showed dig it out suppose. He'll focus more winfrey news joke which was sketch over now zero paneling neither. BOOM SHROUD COMEX Post. Kuma Year. Beneath. Planet fitness because they knew splitting catch tiny, you aim you. See that in my capacity as we get baffled. Deal used Wash Wash Bay you. Jerry bess out of knows. Their names throws Slough, he tells you usual decision i. have to the polar star. Star Wars Literacy Jazzy Aku. YEAR WE NEED TO BASH THE DESIGN WAR Perez whom yards Yom Senor? These Kabira Wall Oh back in music. This. Permitting Cooper shopping. Passage policing. Which? Wants to a few of. Acute bully seem nominee don't seem casual. Isn't Dr Give Link World Gathering. BLISS GIVE POLICE CASH MUSH in launch shoot. Clockwork more equal do ashes war. Sparta fig. fought. But as you were very pleased. If. Showed this if ships podcast. She s Luke Bow Ma, the Lavish adapt. Loss.

Monaco Wash Wash Bay Gorsuch Donald Railroads Mobutu xenia Sh Matai Macabre Lynch Fyodorov East whipple Beam Laura AC Bessie Jaguar Covad walgreens Yankees Matab Kondakova EPA Jerry bess Mrs Skulk Visser Lucas Presser
The Most Empowering Stories & Advice from Successful Black Female Entrepreneurs

Don't Keep Your Day Job

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The Most Empowering Stories & Advice from Successful Black Female Entrepreneurs

"HMM. Hey guys, it's Kathy Welcome back another episode of. Don't keep your. Day Job so I posted today on instagram. What feels like the end is often the beginning. And I guess what I WANNA say is that. This is a necessary important. Game changing moment in history. This needs to happen. There needs to be a zero tolerance for racism in this country and all over the world. And the people have spoken. And I think that there's been a breaking point where we can't stay desensitized to despicable behavior. It has to stop. It has to stop and I was thinking today that. Every person who cares about black lives in this country and all around the world. That is so important for our future. That is so important because. We half to? CARE When somebody is dealing with hatred and prejudice, especially, this has been going on for so long. It's just gotTA. Stop enough is enough. And This is a fight for humanity. This is a fight for all of our future. Because why would we want this kind of poison in the world? Where there's hatred of any kind right, so this is the fight for our future, our children their future, so that we can live in a world where there is no tolerance for any kind of prejudice or hatred. and. As dark as it is, it's important for people to get uncomfortable. People have to get uncomfortable because that is often the only way people change. I've said this to you before that there is a prayer in Jewish liturgy where in the morning we're supposed to pray to be like a rooster and people often wonder why is that and it's because the rooster is the first one who knows that just when the night looks like a can't get any darker. The Dawn is about to break. And so I hope that a new day is on the horizon and I hope that the dawn is about to break, and in accordance with that. We had an episode plan. We decided. It's not the right moment for that. Instead we decided to compile some of our favorite guests who've been on the show who are women of color who are so powerful and so brilliant and I wish we could just replay the whole episodes because they're so good, but instead we just clip from these episodes, and they're all just such incredibly inspiring. Powerful, female entrepreneurs, and to show our support for black lives in this country and all around the world. I wanted to make this what we did today. Okay so first. We're going to play a clip. From one of the wisest most empathetic poetic human beings I've ever known. Morgan Harper Nichols. She's a writer artist musician poet, and she has such a gift of expressing words in a way that speaks straight to your soul. I want you to hear what happened. When she had the courage to share her broken, and then use it to create these deep relationships with strangers who needed someone to reflect what they were feeling. Let's take a listen. I was really starting to get myself in shame myself. Just kind of like a mini quarter life crisis I will say in twenty sixteen. I was sitting at home, and it was just like the weight of feeling like a failure just hit me like a ton of bricks. It's never before, and it was just something about that night where I was like. If I'll ever recover from this like. Maybe. I'm never gonNA. Find a pace that makes sense. Maybe I'm always going to be broke. Maybe this is just my life. And it was in that moment that I sat down at my desk and I picked up a journal that I hadn't opened in. Who knows how long? And I wrote a point for the first time in years. And the point starts with. When you start to feel like things should have been better this year. Remember the mountains and valleys that brought you here. And I just wrote the whole thing down and then. I got ready to close the notebook at the last second. I wrote my name at the bottom. And the reason why that's significant for me, because over the years of tried to let destroying all these different things I had actually started a blog that was kind of like. Anonymous is heads I started to write their. Never put my name on it. So? I took a picture of it, and then I got ready to share on Instagram, and I was like no twenty many people over there. I was like I'm I'M GONNA share it on Pinterest because nobody. So. This is just be my way of sharing it. I'll share on Pinterest and forget about it, so that's what I did. Suzanne November sixteen. A few months later I started getting the end on instagram. People were saying hey, did you see this? Reality Star. She posted your point like there's appointment her page with your name on it. Did you write that? And I went and looked to hopefully. Yes, I did I don't know how she found it, but that was me That's kind of interesting and then a few days later I got another message from someone else like Hey, did you see this other reality star? She shared your quote. I was like. I don't know how. She found that I was like I posted that on Pinterest when panels the yeah Pinterest, and I went, and looked at Pinchas in that pen headed pin over one hundred thousand times. Oh my God. Till the day I don't know where it took off. I! Don't know how it got to that point. I mean I had a Pinterest, but it wasn't something. I really like promoting sharing now, Ryan. I told say I have no idea how to happen and from there that one point to start to get shared more and more. Started to ask me. Do you have more of that. And I was like no, that was just like a one time thing, but people were asking. Do you have more points about this? Can you write border and I was like well okay, I mean. I don't know I I. Don't know the head anyway modest. We'll give it a shot at biltrite so honestly. That was the the launching pad to whereas bid over the past. Two years of sharing our the capacity that I'm sharing, and even as I was sharing I was still struggling with self doubt in billing like this is just the thing to by the time Matai figure out what my thing is. I don't really see how this is going to pay any bills I. don't see how this is going to say. But I'll just keep doing it because it's something about an what is one of the biggest things I learned from? This is something to in other people. Start to talk to you about what you're doing. Yes, it makes you realize like. Oh wait a second like this is bigger than me. Maybe there is something here so that's kind of what was happening for me. It's like once I started to. To read these messages on my these are real people. These are people who I don't know who are being encouraged by this I. Don't know how they're being encouragement this this is so deeply personal for me, but you know. Maybe there's something to that and I. Just kind of had this thing like I. Don't WanNa let them down. You know because I get messages from people who say things like. I just lost a loved one and this is ruined urging. And you know that's that really Unbeliev me because it was like you know here I am like putting all this pressure on myself. Making it all about like how am I? GonNa make something happen is like what if this something was just connecting with one the person one at a time like what if that's what it's about so that's what led me to the end of two thousand seventeen where one day in October I decided. You know what? I'm just going to make everything that I. put out there about one person at a time. So I just posted one time instagram story of the Hey, if you'd like for me to write something for your story full free to DM, your story and I'll make something for you. I'll do for free. It'll be anonymous in private like I'm sure to name I. Will Share Your Story. Because, I just realized I was like you know what if I keep trying to? figure out how everything is going to work in the future like I'm GonNa Miss These present moments that I'm having right now where people are actively. Looking to be incurred, and not that I'm the only one that can encourage them like I'm not at all, but it's just I. Think sometimes especially with the Internet can become so easy to forget that there are real people sitting on their phone scrolling. Just looking for something to ignite hope in their life or just remind them of what's true. So? Yeah, that's that's kind of how I got I am now. I started that in late twenty seventeen. I thought that I might do it for a month or two, but it's still going. It's become a huge part of what I do, and now I do a lot of freelance I work with collaborate with brands, and I do a lot of freelance writing, and that's kind of where I am Oh. Wow, okay, so now I wanNA share piece from our episode with the Awesome Vegan. Chef Chennai clayborn, you might know her sweet potato soul, which is the name of her? Her blog, her super popular youtube channel and her cookbook. She has one of my favorite stories and I use her as an example all the time of someone who took the initiative to create something that had so much purpose, and she started with three people, and she was able to leave her job, and she was able to create something that grew to to such heights, but really she was able to do it with just a few people, so I want you to take a listen, so you can hear what her perspective was. What was needed to start a business? So when I went to New, York I was a vegetarian that time, so I got a job in restaurant and it was there. That I started meeting other vegans. I wasn't yet, but I was influenced. Inspired to become begin working there, and when I finally became begin in two thousand eleven around the same time. I started that Youtube Gentle. Something clicked in me. That told me this is what I was I need to do. You know head acting. I was already not loving it anyways, and I was looking for something else edges. Know what it was GONNA be. Literally when I became within a couple of weeks. I knew that my my purpose, the thing that needed to be doing exactly other people become began and I didn't him passively. You know had my blog. But you know. Small potatoes you know. I had thought about having before like I, said the cooking show. You know for me. It was just I was so passionate about being begin that it didn't matter like what form my career I just wanted to help people, so I started private chef company. In New, York and that was crazy, because it was so difficult to get my first clients, and I thought I was going I didn't think going to give up, but I thought I should give. It would be smart to give up. But I never did, and I finally got my first client probably six months after starting looking for people and I was like putting up flyers and like anywhere I. Thought my ideal client would be you know like just so people understand what was the offer was I can come in your house and do some meal prep for you, was it? I'll be like full-time. What was your offer? Everything but fulltime so meal prepping. For the entire week or if you wanted me just for the night, you know just for a special dinners. Somebody's having a date night or Valentine's Day so. Or cooking took six months, and you got your first. Your one of those bites. First regular client in I still a mean I think of her still because. She lingers, and then she would refer me to her friends. So what happened was I. I was just looking for her and her family, and then one of her friends is like. Can I get in on that and they paid me extra. Just Cook for you cook the same thing. I just mean more, and then she referred me to. Other friends assert kicking for other people. This is on the upper west side in the. From there I just didn't have to worry about getting clients anymore because we will refer me. And then also I had started my my website like six months prior, and apparently there were not at least that many vegan chefs in New York. At least not one you have like do a little bit Seo and my website. If you search begin Jeff. New York, or whatever like iteration of that I'd be the first one to pop up no way. For like the next I. Did it full time from putting twelve to twenty sixteen and after I had my first client. It just all worked out. All right next up is a piece of wisdom from the amazing front. She's the creator of the blog and podcast journey to launch with all about how to walk towards financial independence and live life on your own terms. She shared some really helpful insights on what it means to invest in yourself, and why that investment is the best decision you can make for your finances, and for your own fulfillment, and here's what she had to say. I think especially in personal finance, so the space is very much Abou-. Not Spending money saving money and be an optimizing. So that also means a lot of DIY which I get in. You know like that's fine, right and then. There's so much being left on the table, so my biggest thing is that people need to buy more shares of themselves to. You need to buy more shares of you. So what's taught a lot is by needs to buy real estate by index funds stocks sheets by all these other things that are outside of you, which yes, the traditional financial advice has merit not saying you shouldn't do that, but if you invest in your mindset, so even feeling motivated to do something whether it's just being in the presence of someone that gets you. or a skill or something? If you invest within yourself is no cut off to the return on that investment, so whereas know typical stop marketing return over the last you know since inception has been maybe ten percent or something your return on your investment, when universal set is limitless, right like and so I feel like most people, even whether smear you like. There's a risks that to be taken. There's no reward without a risk and so but buying shares. Shares of yourself more share the view in investing in you like that's a risk that can't go back. Because even if even if let's just say you do take a leap in invest in something, right? That's a stretch for you. Just by doing that I've done things like that where I've invested for the business in for myself like it's a stretch, I'm like I. Don't know if I can do, but I'm going to do it because I rather. Try something. Not Try something at all, and just the mere act of investing myself, even without starting the program or doing the thing I instantly changed because I became a person that was coughing enough to invest in myself in take action, and that is priceless so I. Do I love that you like? Ending on this note of investing yourselves, which can sometimes he'll counter intuitive. If you're being taught that you know, don't spend like save in. Be Miser, which I'm not saying, everyone saying that but I find that kind of talk in the personal finance bases talk that I also want to change and when it comes to journey, the people who want to have more and be more. It does take investing yourself and I. Don't be as part of his money. That's going to take time and also resources based where it's like you're going to have to do something different doing before to get the results that you want. I love what you said. It's like yeah, you can buy stock. You could buy real estate, but you need to buy more shares of yourself, and you're right, even if something is just going to help, motivate you to do more stuff. In motivation like where do we find that you know at the end of the day? The only way to get results is to take action and the only way to take action is to some house. You'll yourself. To do. Stop talking and do it and I think you have to ask yourself the question do I wanNA save two thousand dollars, or do I actually want to get results this year, right? Have you had people in your? Life Jamila mentors coaches. Who've made an impact on you? Oh absolutely and I invested to work with them a lot of money to more than at the moment. I thought I could do what I did it because I knew I was betting on myself, and so it kind of goes back to the south issue that a lot of people. Actually they're afraid, because maybe they did. Try something before or you know they like they. They let themselves down in the past and like there's. I can't afford to do this again. And so. That's how you drawn a line in the sand. When you make decision that that's not gonNA. Happen anymore and I know an APP Hatless Time said to myself I'm not going to at this because I invested in it and I'm GonNa do it and I don't like hearing. This person doesn't even show up like mom. Ready Change by doing this. And now you're going to hear from one of my absolute favorite people in the world. Who was on last month? Her name is Patrice Washington and she's a transformational speaker coach, a bestselling author and she's the host of the podcast redefining wealth I wanNA share with you what she said about what being wealthy really means, and how you can give yourself permission to stop hustling and working so hard that instead you can work on healing yourself take a listen. I always tell people. If you have a vision for your life, it's your duty and responsibility to protect the only vessel you get. To execute that vision. We don't get multiple bodies in this life, you get one physical body right and we have been groomed, and we have been misinformed a for so long that if we hustling grind like that is the way right, we don't really hear enough about easing flow, we hear hustle and grind, and so we see people on social media who are glorifying things like I have not slept in days, and it's this whole thing about sleeping two and three hours a night. Here's the deal you look nuts. War Sleeping. Three hours a night. There is no way for you to have the physical capacity to receive anything that you say you're praying for. You can pray all you want and I've been there where I was like. God enlarge my territory WanNa. See the whole world I was already on a national tour right, but I was like I want to go international and I. Remember when I was in the emergency again emergency room again. This is years later. I was there for food poisoning, but they did some tests, and they came in and said you realize you have way more problems than food poisoning I'm like. Is that sell your iron? Levels are really low. You're extremely anemic. Your hemoglobin levels are so low like literally. If you were older, we would be giving you a blood transfusion right now, but we're going to. SH-. We're going to trust you. Get a hematologist, right? I had been ignoring the signs I. Have Been Ignoring the symptoms I didn't know. Shortness of breath was a problem right, extreme fatigue constant exhaustion, but I was like well. I'm wore those things. As a badge of honor, I war exhaustion as a badge of honor, because I was hustling, grinding and I was building my empire, so I thought it was okay to be exhausted, and especially as a mother and a wife, if my husband or my daughter had ever said they had, they'll symptoms. I would never let them go that long, but. US especially women, we will suffer in silence, and we will go along with. The symptoms will diagnose ourselves on Web. MD and we think that we can fix it and keep going. But if I have such a big call on my life, if I have people to serve I, do myself and my audience and everyone that I was called to help a disservice when I don't take care of myself, that comes first that comes beyond even knowing what you're passionate about, and all the things about purpose and everything else. You have to take care of you. You know without US Kathy. Where's our family? And Look at all the people we serve what happens. Right so the very first part. Is being physically fan, but we follow that up, also being mentally fit, and this is what I wanted to share with you. It is tapping into childhood wounds. That childhood trauma is what causes you to work as if you have not made it right like. Yes, you're always driving you WANNA do more, but the truth is. You don't have to work. To the limit that you still work or that, you were choosing to still work at that time that she had the conversation with you and like you and like all of us, we have these childhood Traumas, and we have these things that impact how we see money how we see ourselves how we see financial success and much of it is done through different conditioning, so whether those verbal influences. What did you hear about money? Right? If you heard someone, say the moment that you start working you lose or you'll. You'll lose everything that could be something that's running in the back of your head. Without you, even thinking about it, it's like a sub-conscious belief, right? I know verbal verbal influences. There's modeling there specific incidents, but even if it's not money related for me. I grew up hearing that I was the ugly one, so I was always ugly person in the family and I was the Blackie I was the dark easy? My Lips were two full. My eyes were too weird. I always got made fun of and I don't mean a school I mean at home. I mean in my family. Okay. So. I knew that I was smart. So I leaned into being smart, but I've never felt beautiful I never felt pretty was not the pretty friend, right? It was always something then I. Go to school I'm tall. Five ten in ninth grade, so I'm taller than most the boys. I was really thin, so I used to wear extra clothes. Everything that could be wrong was wrong and people pick me apart, and it wasn't until I was twenty five years old after three years of therapy that I could look in the mirror. And Not Cringe and wish that I looked like somebody else. I was a little girl in the bathtub scrubbing my scam. Because I thought that I was dirty. Because someone told me I was starting. And I thought that if I scrubbed hard enough that there would be something lighter underneath. and was like a bath away from trying to bleach my skin with real bleach. This is a third and fourth grade child because of the trauma that I experienced at the hands of people who said they left me. And why is that important? I share that, because when I look in my life today and I look at all the personal development and therapy, and all the stuff that's gotten me to this place, and I see myself on national television, or on stages in front of thousands of people are my face on these book covers I. Know that I could not be who I am today. If I did not deal with my childhood trauma and I know that there are so many people who are listening right now. You have all the degrees you have all the education you've taken all the courses you listen to all the podcasts. You are not short on knowledge at aw, but you may need to deal with some childhood trauma. That is stopping you from showing up in just doing the things that you already noted you. Because I know, Kathy knows we're both coaches. You can tell someone over and over again. Just do it this way. Just follow these steps. I laid out the plan, and they will not following the cannot follow. It's not a cognitive thing. It is emotional trauma. It is childhood trauma, and Your Business is only going to grow to the extent that you are willing to heal at trauma. Our next clip is from the awesome a on angel. She's an author. Speaker Entrepreneur, the Creator and host of the podcast switch pivot or quit, and she's the founder of maisy media. It's a podcast production company that works with shows that are all hosted by women of Color and what I want to highlight from. His episode is how she was able to quit playing small. Get over the imposter syndrome and step into her worth so here we go. We have to allow our voices to be heard. We have to allow ourselves to be seen in spaces where we may think. Deserve to be. These are all ways that you know that you're playing small and my thing is I just watching the constantly use quit playing small as your Mitra. When you get into a situation where you feel like your idea isn't good enough or you feel like people are not going to appreciate. The gestures at your door were the moves that you're trying to make, or you find yourself being distracted by other people mary, easily I want you to just tap yourself on the shoulder in remind yourself quit playing small. Quick playing small, yeah, that internal conversation! That's what we want to try to refrain, and you hear people say mindset shifts and all that, but sometimes I can feel really really hard, and it can also fill impossible I have to constantly tell myself stink in favor of yourself act as though everything is supposed to go in favor of you, because it's so easy to get on that negative train and ask yourself. Why would they pick me? Why would they think my stuff is a good idea? WHY WOULD THEY WANNA? Give me this money to do Xyz? Why do I deserve that amount of money like all these? These things but in reality it's like we are everything. There's no one who has lived this life before you. You are uniquely you right, so you can't compare. You can't look into the future and say the Yana of the future. She didn't get that. So why should I expect it right now? Because ultimately, she didn't get that. No, you don't know what your future looks like. There's no one who has run his racing for you. So the only thing that you could do is actually show up quick playing small. Put your best effort forward and do what you can for yourself in favor of yourself right now. So good and you're so right though like to meet people where they're at this mindset, work is huge, because if people have suffered any kind of loss or grief for rejection, they've internalized at a really early age in a really fundamental way like I'm not good enough and when I do, put myself out there. This is the negative thing that I experienced and so everyone's been through that negative stuff. So how were you personally able to rewrite it and break through those limiting beliefs? And how do you teach people to do that? You know it's a constant journey I don't want anyone to think that I am on the other side of it, or all these other people are on the other side of the endure stuck there in limbo, trying to work your way through it now. We're all trying to work our way through it. It's a constant work in progress in for me, I really. Really, do rely heavily on mantras intelligent myself things like thinking of yourself instead of thinking against yourself all the time. It could be as simple as I get an email about something. Maybe it's an opportunity. I respond back, and maybe let's talk money a little bit maybe I. Tell Them My rate to do something and after I send it on like. Why would they pay me that I? Really worth that? Are I going to say? Oh, my gosh, I sorta, said something lower. You know all of these things. Then I have to tell myself. No, you're worthy. Deserve this. You have to start really checking in in saying. Hey, what have you done? Why did they came to you? You are fully deserving of this, so I think it's just constantly being aware. Aware self aware in aware that you're the person that controls the narrative in that real and those bright red blinking lights that are going offering your head or the person that controls that scroll so either you're going to consciously make an effort to change the scroll, or you're going to let it keep blinking the same thing in worrying you and not allow you to get to where you WANNA be act. And now, WanNa feature this piece from an episode. We did recently with some of our students, which included the awesome galaxies Allen. She's a life and money mindset coach. He's also known as the MIDLIFE moneymaker. She such a force to be reckoned with and one thing I love about her is that she does not let excuses getting her way, i. think what you're going to hear will light a fire inside of you, too, so you can go ahead and do your thing. Here's Gayle tomorrow. I will be sixty four years old and I love telling my age because. I want other people that think they're too old to step up step out. And do not worry bachelor age. Because Age doesn't matter, anybody can make whatever they decide. They want to make so I had been brainstorming. Like are already a health coach and I knew I didn't want to do health coaching anymore. Silence already brainstorming. What can I do next? What is my next move and I'd feel as Gal and I'm not a super religious person, but I am spiritual. got said to me. You have to become a money expert and not money expert with budgets, spreadsheets I mean I have a degree in economics. money expert in. You know that you are worthy of making as much money as. These famous people are the you are worthy of doing something that you love and joy in using your gifts, so I had that, he's already interested nowhere where to go, and I told my daughter that has somehow midlife moneymaker. was given to me at this was dropped into my spirit, and it's just resonates so much, and it's not even really just about money. It's about worthiness in believing in yourself and knowing that you have value So when I did challenge I halfway did it was busy and miss part with when you made the offer. It was just like I got to be there and the thing that resonate so much with the programming with you. Kathy and it's given me. Permission is I have a messy life. I've been sick ally. Avalon challenges those things to get in my way, and the interesting thing is during the courts. Led to urgent care twice I had some weird virus that they still don't know. I had to give breathing treatments and I'm still dealing with asthma allergies that I don't even know where it came from I, never missed session, not one. I caught everyone lives I did the work as showed up messy in the spirit and the energy of the people in this program it was like wind underneath my wings, so I'm just exploring and experimenting I offered Free Coaching and several people in the group took me up on it and got on coaching sessions with me I'm just being a service and explorer, and enjoying it all the connection that I've made with people and the outpouring of love. And gratitude that have expressed to me has just opened me up and when you talked about. Like. I grew up a little black girl. Poor being told that I was nothing you know, and here I am sixty four years old. Do my thing. Doing my thing and it's like my hair's crazy i. have a Mohawk agreeing Mohawk. Knows Pierce I'm just a messy. Person who's billion me and doing me and show went up and I just want to encourage everybody who doesn't know where they fit in to just keep pivoting pivoting, trying and showing up and I've done so many programs in this is the only program I've ever done where I did everything. Even use showing up with your kids on line like I've been watching my grandson because my daughter works in a hospital and I'm showing up with the baby. I'm showing up method showing up with a Hoodie on I'm just showing up. I just feels so so blessed because I did use to feel like. Society does send out these messages than. That if you're not this age, or when you get to a certain age, you know you're have been or whatever and I WANNA blow out. All of those mis I wanNA destroy them, because it's not true and I wanNA. Give people life in energy to know that they can do it till they die like you said to light to late on the taxi goes out and I want to mention to that. Might one of my best friends died? From the virus to during this course to I mean. I experienced a lot of messy nece, but. People help me up. And I just felt that I could keep going whereas in the past. I've had a lot of medical issues that I just kept giving up. And now I know I can keep going. Make it messy. Delete my way and keep doing. Next up. We have another awesome member of our community to me. Muck, Angela, she was one of the first listener success stories. We ever shared on the podcast. She's a Vegan chef cookbook, author and blogger at Vegan Nigerian, she was born and raised in Nigeria, and then spent her teenage years growing up in the UK, and she's the perfect example of what is possible when you really get and let yourself explore different avenues so I want. Want you to hear what possibility she's now created for herself, and how she was able to take her income to whole other level, it was sort of in the middle of my university degree that my journey with my veganism in my business actually started to to grow at decided to go vegan after a bit of research, and just listening to my body intuitively and realizing that you know I wanted Meringgi and I wanted to feel healthier. And it was shortly after that that I started my food blog the Vegan Nigerian. And I really didn't know where it was going to go I just started it because I thought. You know what I WANNA showing family and friends that it's possible to still enjoy all the amazing Nigerian food on this lifestyle. and. The more I did it. The more I loved it and the more I saw that there was really something in here that you know gave me so much joy and gave me so much just life really and I wanted to share that with other people. And so through the blog. I started sort of looking into different ways that I could. Reach people in passing and public restaurant was one of the ways that I could do that so a public restaurant. Essentially is when you just hire out of space. for short amount of time could be a Listen Evening Oh maybe a couple of days. Really earned the space you turn it into your restaurant. Panda Nanny, yourself new sort of arranged for your guests to arrive a cook food food It's a whole long process. How would I started for me? I was still working at the Vegan restaurant when I did the first one. And I hadn't spoken to anyone about my bloke what I was doing on the side. But the manager actually discovered it by accident, and so she came up to me and she said. `I soil block. What what are you doing with it? You know like what times do you have? And I remember sort of being a bit taken aback because I hadn't really. Thought too much about what I wanted to do. And just out of the Blue I said Oh. You know what it would be quite nice to do. Like a superclub Papa. And she said to well. Why don't you just use the restaurant space one of these evenings? You know on an even when we're closed. Just give it a go. And! She kind of gave me that sort of extra boost of confidence in encouragement. And I did it. I got my friends along to help out. I sort of tapped into the network of people that. Already met through blog in through facebook through sort of being on social media, and I said. Hey guys on. Can You bring in this demise which liked to come along and try it out? And they came and I shocked I was really really shocked. And so opted out fast one I still thought. Oh well, this is just something. I can do fun once in a while. And, so I tried to find other locations around London tried to go to different places, and in that year I managed to do between five to seven pups. And so yeah, it really was just sort of build up and build up and the more I. Did it the more I could see that it was possible to do this fulltime. If I really wanted to so what I wanted, all of a sudden was to wake up every single day, and just be in love with what I was doing, hundred percent and lock. It really was that, so it just came to a point rifle Kane. Now it's time to really sit down and figure out. What are the steps I need to take to sort of get to a point where I can just confidently step into this fully and so sort of listening to podcasts, like yours was part of my process, and just sitting down and carving out the time to really map out how I, so my feature, so what happened was I picked up on Mike. Cookbook project which had for over a year, but adding procrastinating with it. Own of a sudden I had this version of this energy to really kind of get down to cheat doing it. And I thought okay. Contain, cookbook, which is what it's called by the way planting cookbook. This is an ingredient that I've used on. My life unites very popular Nigerian cuisine, but not many people really know about it. What new life can I breathe into this And so I came up with forty vegan recipes US and contain the main ingredient and I Yeah, and so I would spend my evenings off to work just kind of writing out the copy for it, and then I was worried. What worried me the most about? It was the final quality of it, you know. Know with photography. How was I going to do that? but I have a camera I've been you know blogging for awhile and so I did photography myself as well. I sort of mapped out a schedule of the days that I needed to to actually cook every third and photograph everything and I remember for me. It was just as intense two weeks of. After work and we can. What am I going to cook? It actually came to a point where I was cooking so much I can actually keep up with it and how to stop giving out the food to my friends in my house May. But you know I I love the process so much, I. Once I had that mental shift of this is what I want to do. I just ran with it I. I was like you know a real passion project for me and so I got cookbook. Oh, put together, I looked at how I could get it available online as an e book as a physical copy. And then released it and Since then it's been doing so well and. I launched it just to give you an idea launched at the end of October, and since we're talking three months ago. Yes exactly, yeah. Wow. And I'm a perch in about four thousand sales on it. Wow, yeah, that's. Selah for so I saw the books twenty pounds each and then I have it on Amazon now, so that has also helped the sale and I had a bookshop, not a bookshop, actually a Vegan shop in Belgium. Get in touch with me. Towards the end of November, said of saying that they would like to stock of the books as well On. My mind was soap P- learn I was like I cannot believe this is happening now. I'm going to share a piece from Jarvis cylinder. She's a Business Mentor Serial Entrepreneur PODCASTS are bestselling author speaker. And when she came on the show, she talked about the five ss building a sustainable business. There are so many juicy nuggets of wisdom packed in here so I. Think it's definitely worth replying. Here's what she had to say. So for me I. Have the Five S.'s of a sustainable business so the five SS are share cell? System is and sustain, and the way that I like to start with people as being able to really get clear on your message of the share right show. Your dance moves on the dance floor. What is the value that you're GonNa add to your community even if they never decide to buy from you so for us with simple green smoothies that was sharing free recipes on instagram. Our dance floor was instagram with my personal brand and my coaching, my free dance floor. Floor is the podcast and being able like I just want to help as many people as I can, and for those who want to take that next step and transformation. So that's where I like to start is what is that message that you are sharing with your community to add that value than the next piece is about selling and doing it from a place of service. I believe that selling is service for the people that that need that work from name and. I, agree with and so being able to come up with what is that offer? What is that next step and transformation? You WanNa. Create for people, actually letting people know that it exists because people cannot buy a secret. and. Then the next piece of I work on is around. The serving, so I just believe that when we're building community, and when we are putting people first, and we're building a business that we want to be profitable that we really have to make it about transformation over just a transaction and so really. It's about not just taking someone's money and be like great back to marketing or sharing, but actually taking care of the people that gave you their hard earned money, and creating an amazing experience for them like can you surprise and love and delight the people that have given you their money? How can you go above and beyond in keep improving the product or the service that you have for that person so being able to really not ignore that piece of the puzzle, and then we go into system is right. That's kind of where simple green smoothies creating that repeatable system where it's like you want to build. Build that team to support us so that you can work in a space to grow your community and be the visionary in Your Business and I think that piece is so important. It's like for entrepreneurs. We constantly want to create an innovate, but we also need to make sure we have people that can sustain and maintain the machine of running business so that we don't burn out, and then the last piece is sustain, and so this is about putting you first pudding prioritizing your self care your relationships, your health on the top of your to do list because I know a lot of entrepreneurs when building companies. Companies can burn out in the process when they're constantly over giving and you know there's that quote. You can't pour from an Empty Cup so actually. Making sure that you one thing that I do inside my love over metrics, incubator is we do strategic quarterly planning, and we talk about the three top projects goals you have each quarter, but we also create space for what are the commitments that you have to yourself to your body to relationships to travel an honoring the capacity I think many times. You know they say that you over estimate what you can do in a year, but you underestimate what you can. Can do in three, so I like to stretch the timeline of our ambition and don't hit a goal right on time. Don't lower your ambition. Just extend the timeline and now we're gonNA. Play a clip from episode with the Awesome Jessica Huey. She's the author of the bestselling book purpose. Find your truth. Embrace her calling. She's also MBA recipient, a speaker and award winning entrepreneur, and she said one of the most powerful things I've ever heard. I think it could change your whole paradigm. Take a listen, just consider the possibility that the biggest obstacle between where you want now I'm where you want to get to. Is your opinion of how possible that is for you as opposed to any real obstacle. At, say just consider it. Just consider it. because. That's a stall. That's so important and it's so hard to hear because that means people have to take responsibility for that. Yes, and that's where the word comes in, but hey you know if we're willing to do the work. Then we can shoot through that I mean at this two ways of viewing it. It's like it is hard to him because we have to state responsive, but it seat, but the other side of that means that we're in control actually isn't anything external. That's preventing us from getting there. It's US well. That's good because I can handle me. It puts the ball back in our core as well so it's quite empowering I. Remember My my dad used to say he came to England didn't nine thousand, nine, hundred, fifty two. Just before an influx of Caribbeans were invited over to England to help rebuild the country because it had been the wall and he when he got to the country. You know it was a time where there was signs on. Public buildings, which would say no blacks. No Irish no dogs. And there was a lot of hostility, right and. he was one of the first, so he was a real sorta trailblazer, and he arrived in the country was qualified to teach, and his qualification wasn't recognized in the country, and so he ended up, doing sort of you know being a bus driver, and doing quite menial jobs and. I. I remember him saying to a you know. The color of my skin never prevented me from doing anything and I used to think. How's that possible? Dad, because you had so much abuse and so much. You went through so much, and it's not until I was much older that I realized what he was really saying was that he had a choice over how he allowed the abuse and that prejudice to impact. He had a choice and that's the thing you know we can't. Stuff happens, but we can take responsibility for how and WHO. We allow that to make us become. You know we have that power. That's really really really huge. I just say that there. There's more there's more for you. It's waiting and take it for me. You know it might feel like things are falling apart or your falling apart and nothing's working and consider that. Perhaps this is where you all breaking through rather than breaking down. This is your moment to step into what's waiting. So I hope you enjoyed hearing from all these special souls and again. We're going to link to everything that they're doing in. The show notes that you can follow them and give them some love to each of these women I want to say. Thank you for being such light for having the courage to be who you are for making your voice heard and because. Because of that so many people following in your footsteps and building a life where they can fully show up and serve the world. Okay here, the takeaways number one. You are not alone in your pain. There's hope that it will get better number two. You don't need thousands or even hundreds of followers in order to build momentum number three buy more shares of. Of yourself invest in your mindset. There's no off to the return on that investment number. Four wealth is not material possessions and money alone wealth as a condition of wellbeing number five quit playing small think in favor of yourself, instead of against yourself act as if everything will go in favor of you number six. No matter your age. Step up, step out and do. Do Your thing number seven follow your joy commit to building a life. You can wake up every single day and be one hundred percent in love with what you're doing. Number eight cell from a place of service focus on the transformation, not the transaction and number nine just consider the biggest obstacle in your way is your opinion how possible that is for you? Thank you guys so much for listening I know that there's so much going on, and it means the world that you felt like listening to this show I will continue to do my best to show up for you every single time to make a space for you. I can't tell you how much I love you guys and think about u constantly if you found this episode inspiring. Or you felt like you learned something new. Maybe share with friend. I love you guys. I'll leave you with a song of mine and I'll talk to you on Monday. Many Times Chosun. Time. Bomb. Saying I needed to. Do. But now. I. Call Them. Says I can't answer. I'm alive. Also have. The courage. Don't you worry? Got The heart of. Strang. Much too so. Got The.

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Tracking the path of the sun, by Lehua Kamalu

Meditative Story

31:37 min | 9 months ago

Tracking the path of the sun, by Lehua Kamalu

"Her her double hulled canoe is built to the same specifications as the ones our ancestors sailed to the modern. I. It resembles a Catamaran. Big Floating Seventy two feet long and twenty four feet wide with no walls no roof nothing to protect you from the wind and the water and the waves and the Sun. I stay on the very edges of the canoe. Nothing but a single railing to protect me from falling over the side. Because I want to be able to feel the wind. I want to be able to feel what's going on beneath it. The HOOAH kamado captains of vast double-hulled ocean canoe that is crafted to the precise specifications of the seafaring vessels used by ancestors she navigates. A small clue echoes the same two and a half thousand mile journey between. At and Hawaii that the original settlers the South Pacific dressed. It's a crossing. Some historians want struggled to believe possible without today's technology in today's meditative story. Try to completely let go and using the theater of your mind. Take the journey with lower in this series. We blend immersive first person stories with mindfulness to give you a deep sense of wellbeing at any anytime of the day from wait. What and thrive global is Meditating Zoe in L. P. O. Guide before we begin this episode. I want to acknowledge these Harrowing Times. We're living through so many of us are trying to just make it through. This period of great uncertainty is also looked to admire about the human spirit in times like these. The frontline healthcare has the truck drivers bringing supplies from here to there. The nonprofits putting all of their resources to bear will central kitchen is one of these nonprofits debt. Relief team is serving nearly a hundred thousand meals every day across the US families and especially Seniors Yukon venture outside visit donate dot meditative story dot com to support the F. through June first apartment. A salesforce is actually matching donations. Up to a total of two hundred thousand dollars. So if you like the idea of donating meals with salesforce standing behind you to match we'd love you help at donate dot meditative story dot com walk. The body relaxed the party three. No Census Open Combined Open Meeting the weld. There's an old saying that season voyagers share as they prepare to head out to see. You don't know where you are unless you know where you've come from back to see my gaze fixed on the lagoon. Is We set out to sail from Humpity Harper? Hiti the crew casting off the lines that tether us to land that little piece of ancient wisdom nourishes me as we move deeper into the ocean on our journey on shore the cruise families and friends gather alongside local to celebrate our push. All men and women of all ages are singing and chanting from the dock waving to us taking photos many are wearing colorful leis like the ones they placed on us during the ceremony this morning. Ceremony honors the journeys our ancestors each took to bring us to our islands and to this moment and is each of the crew space to set their intentions. The voyage ahead. I've been voyaging for seven years and when I'm not see I'm preparing morning noon and night weekends and afternoons. It's all consuming. I'm focused now. On the island we depart from and the weather. The island is my reference point. I use it to Orient our vessel on the map by drawing in my mind to chart our course from here to Hawaii. Twenty five hundred nautical miles ahead of us. I watched the steady wind pushed through the Grassy hills surrounding the harbour. It's a truly spectacular day both Wendy and sunny but we call a typical treatment in conditions like this. There aren't really any waves. Only great wins so we can just glide long. Dry double-fold canoe is built to the same specifications as the ones our ancestors sailed to the modern. I it resembled to Catamaran floating room. Seventy two feet long and twenty four feet wide with no walls no roof nothing to protect you from the wind and the water and the waves. I stay on the very edges of the canoe. Nothing but a single railing to protect me from falling over the side. Because I want to be able to feel the wind. I want to be able to feel what's going on beneath it. Today is day one of the seventeen day voyage a voyage so long and technically complex that some historians had questioned it as our origin story to them it was unthinkable but we know what our ancestors were capable of and we honor their achievement by employing the same traditional Polynesian very techniques used generations ago track the path of the sun and calculate the altitude of each star on the horizon to myself to the motion of waves that sway the boat as I stand on deck observe and record the flight patterns of birds the shapes of clouds tracking their speed as they traverse the sky overhead. It's a lost art. I've trained for years to revive this part of our history. Let stand was like who are here on the deck. Feel the movement of the seat underneath your feet. The bads the wind the Vaas all around notice lower as attention steady acting from her history. What do you feel My crew members are from Tahiti French. Polynesia the tomatoes marquess. We even have a young woman from Samoa. We range in age from nineteen to sixty two five women. An eight-man not everyone. Onboard speaks English and many of us are ceiling together for the first time. But we all understand what some people call Tibial Moana the voice of the ocean. It binds US together. We find ways to communicate gestures and not look in the eye that speak volumes. We have a sale master ready to repair any damage. Watch captain a medical officer a carpenter and the fishermen and of course we have our apprentice navigator who shadows me ready to step in if I take ill or fall overboard and get lost at sea. Each member of the team attends his own station. But we all come together as a fluid unit by six. Am The sun rises burst of vibrant color rippling over the surface of the water in electric fingers of Yellow and pink simultaneously reaching towards the Canoe Gasping? At the sky. Our fishermen Matai has been up since three. Am with him. Is Martini from the island of Ranji? Raw Matai he has run a hand. Line the back of the vessel trailing in the water there is no poll is attached by rubber band to the back of the canoe when we hear the band snap. We know something is on the line. A commotion breaks out within the Blink of an Eye. They get their handing off the pedal to another steersman. Mottaki is about five six. He's muscular. He's carver an artist and dancer. His movements appear effortless. Used IN THE LINE. One Hand over the other in mere seconds. Martini leans over with a gaff and pulls up a glistening. Ahi Tuna with one arm as if he's done nothing more strenuous than tie his shoe. I've never seen a fish caught more efficiently immediately. They get down to the business of cleaning and prepping it. The catch is massive. It'll feed us for days after dinner. I debrief everyone about the day's voyage and what to expect for the night ahead of us. I'm thorough indirect. I don't keep anything from the crew told transparency each step of the way. I explain what the game plan is for the different sections of the ocean that we travel across. This is the most communication of engaged in all day long from the outside looking in. You might think I don't really do anything physically. I'm not doing a lot of work. I'm not opening sales closing sales or steering thinking and tracking. Conserving all my energy and focus. For what the journey requires. I don't have a watch per se since I always on watch. I stare out over the waves for hours and hours trying to pick up on subtle changes in the wind and atmosphere. That attention be like Lois. expanded Relaxed sensitive picking up on subtle changes. Notice is happening around you Waves rising up to might seem like they're only just arriving but they began their journey across the water hundreds if not thousands of miles away just as we on. This vessel have through generations. Stories studies seven days into our journey. We hit the doldrums. The deadening com that you find often affinity equator the wind and water are completely still. We are powerless. The boat is being pulled at the mercy of the prevailing. Kurt clouds cover the stars. It is an eerie feeling on the eighth day of our trip. And our second day in the doldrums fluctuate one hour. It's totally flat the next hour a light wind from East puffs across the boat brushing my face my hairless gently in the breeze falling upon my shoulders and unlis again. It's hardening then just one hour later. There's a hammering wind coming straight down on US an downpour. I can feel the water. Cascading continuous streams. From my head to my feet. The continues to fall heavy on my body. The winds swirl around US coming from all directions at once I anchor my feet on the deck and grip the slick railing with my hands. Layers of low-flying dark clouds obscure my vision so thick that the sun can't shine through at all. It's pitch black at this point. We can't even see the waves but we can feel them. The waves are not the long rolling waves. Normally find it. See we can ride those waves up and down bobbing over their crests and trucks but the wind and the waves here are condensed. What we're getting is just wall after wall. After Wall. After wall of water I feel the force of each wave as it punches. The side of our canoe a rhythmic pounding. Ooh We cannot hold a course with waves these hitting us. They forced us in a direction. We don't want to go. I'm pushed further and further from this mental route that I have mapped I feel defenseless and exposed. The raw force of it is humbling. But right now I can't afford to miss a sign. It's the Twelfth Day of the trip and the fifth day of darkness. I'm looking specifically for the sunset because if I can pinpoint one direction on my compass that I know exactly where I am. I just need that one point. Finally all of a sudden penetrates the clouds for just a moment. One Pinprick of diffuse red liked. We decided to call it. The Dragon CY knowing. Now in this flicker of an instant where the setting sun meets the C. I can orient the vessel in Space Morales spikes and I see a communal relief in the faces of the crew. Too Far West. So I- hone in on my target Hawaii East side of the Big Island. I see URSA major minor. The big dipper the little dipper. We've held patiently in these uncertain waters and I know for certain once again that I'm on the right path. I just need to stay true to it and if I do it will take us where we mean to be. Before we even site the island we can see a fiery glow of lava flowing into the ocean and then the island appears the sun begins to rise. We see this team from the water as the lava pours in Hawaii. We've we've arrived. They have evolved as minds together and at that destination wherever you is your mind hair or as elsewhere if your distracted at all can you have now too I've been mostly stone-faced for seventeen days but as we pull in from our voyage the Big Island I which should feel like an arrival. Oddly feels like a departure to crew cheers exalted. But even before we arrive. I'm already missing them. I have long felt. There is a lot of time left ahead of me now. I feel myself getting older leaving more and more behind me as we approach the island. I realized that maybe all this time I've been running towards something rather than away seeking a better understanding of myself on these voyages. I'm challenged reflect on. Why am the way? I am On the canoe my purpose is clearly defined. I understand exactly what my role is. I know where I stand. I've seen the glows of happiness in the faces of my crew and have felt it myself when we come together in the service of single goal it has been difficult for me to experience that sense of orientation in my life at home to my family. My friends my history packing up to leave the vessel my home for these past seventeen days mundane thoughts begin to creep in. When should I head to the airport? Do I have any important emails while? We'll have for dinner. I want more than anything to sustain the electric feeling. I have out on the water that sense of presence and attention of self possession and control of freedom and agility how I wonder will I Orient Myself on land. How will I spot? Stars in? The Sky seem so much smaller from land than it does. At Sea hours later on my flight home I begin to drift off to a real sleep for the first time in what feels like ages and as we penetrate the clouds and emerge into the clear sun-filled sky. I remind myself that those stars are always there. They will always be there as they are right now. even when. I can't see them Thank you in just a moment. Tall Guy g through at closing meditation though I want to ignore sales force and that sponsorship of Meditative Story while you may know them for their role in being companies and customers together salesforce office works improve the state of the world by sharing the stories of leaders who are making positive changes with grateful to them for making Meditative Story. Possible I know that feeling. Laura talks about the wish to sustain the feeling. She had out on the water when she goes back onto. Land as a young man. I spent a lot of time in meditation retreats and it's always a question that came up for me as they came to an end how to keep the com-. The balance the bliss. Even as I moved back into my city life after struggling several times I realized it was the wrong question long meditation retreats nature of voyages such as Louis are unique environments and when the things that hold experiences up the silence. The vastness the connectedness with others the connectedness with nature when they are no longer there of course it's going to be different a better question might be. How do I accept where I am? A stay in touch with the magical hair without wanting environment to be different and it's a question that feels very alive given the global situation with Orlean at the moment where movement is limited but doesn't mean that the qualities of the heart attack to be as well. That's what we'll explore in short meditation together so sit lie comfortably doing however nobody is. Notice any tension kicking around and let recognition. Do its work softening relaxing. Letting go together is remember a place where you feel most connected with the world around. He for WHO? It's the open. See what comes to mind for you for me. The hills in the west of Scotland. The locks below land majestic skies will space. Do you think of as a place of connection and peace being to mind however that make sense to you. How is your body? Is You remember remember reconnect with that place that memory in the body that openness in the putty will always accessible even here even when we feel confined now to mind a person someone who for you symbolizes with them and connection it could be someone quite young likelihood. You'll wise person has more years under their about. See THEM VISUALIZE THEM. Send them standing posture. Can you mirror how their body is? Can you mirror their strength? Love that kindness that memory. Do you'll wise being always accessible. Even here. When we feel constricted and justice crew had to move through the storm the rain darkness. Being Gentle Yourself and Philip K to do so. Can you bring to mind a time when you had to deal with difficult? Which at the time felt so overwhelming. But you go through. Remember that time. See Sense yourself at that time. Seal strength you'll skill you'll wisdom and sensing that likely who senses the waves and the stars in this difficult time. Let yourself in that moment and the giants and inform yourself in this one. Let Your Body. Mariel strapped type the C. Mirrors the sky member of your body and let that memory be the pinprick of Sun with the power to defuse the dog. Chris thank you thank you We've reached the end of meditation. And I wanted to share with you now. A Mike Kristap made possible because of sales forces support of Meditative Story. So many of us are hanging on every new story to help us understand where things are headed with the pandemic. It is important to stay on top of the latest developments public health policies and recommendations from the medical community the situation's changing so rapidly. Day To day while being informed can help us feel more prepared amid the crisis setting healthy limits to our media. Consumption can help us have a restorative night's sleep and put the stress when us into perspective. Think about setting cutoff time for the news. Time when you give yourself the space to just be with those around E it's simple but important I think to remind ourselves that he or deserve a mental break where we can nourish ourselves in order to nourish others with that. Thank you to salesforce supporting meditative story ability to share these microbes steps. And all that. You're doing to help communities across the United States during this crisis Meditative Story Whitewater in partnership with five label. The show is produced the inside S. Y. Partners New York executive producer June Kevin Arianna Huffington and Dan. Kelce a producer Timothy. Louis a supervising producer has Jason Giambi. Curator is cary Goldstein Retina. Music and sound design is by the holiday mixing and mastering by by an pugh special. Thanks to answer Giuliana Stone Monakali busy Benoy Tacona. Dvd Smith. He said Hi Stephanie. Gonzalez and Sarah San man and I'm crater of the defy meditation and your host visit Meditate Story Dot Com to find the transcript for this episode.

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Episode 530: Matiyes Kinker, VET Tv


46:22 min | 4 months ago

Episode 530: Matiyes Kinker, VET Tv

"Hi I'm thin and I'm, SAM at S. we're the host of IHEART newest podcast. What's her story with Sam and amy we both have our own businesses and between us, we have seven children. Since the moment we met leave sharing stories with each other. The thing is we all know the stories of industry titans like Bazo jobs, but the stories of women he remained incomplete. We ask questions no one else even touches we are not afraid it's personal. So listen to what's her story with Sam name on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. Work the adjust not using enough. You'RE LISTENING TO SOFA lady. Special Operations Military Mills on straight talk with that guys in the community. compactness of radio. On top on target. We bring you the best of what's going on in. The world of military as well as current affairs. Stuff will be happy some upcoming. interviews with. Former soldiers, sailors airman who were running for office. So Bear in this election time of the year that always some interesting stuff. But today we're GONNA be talking about comedy. As, many of you might remember a couple of months ago we. wrote a story about a bunch of. Veterans. Who go by the old adage laughter is the best medicine and BETS TB is probably not everybody's comfortable for those of you actually been in the military and you know the kind of dark humor sometimes that impertinent gala humor out only military feudal could poke fun at themselves and they usually do avert job of A. TV. It is one of the best. I think one of the best. Examples of that out there. we talked about TV a couple of months ago as I. mentioned that it's it was the brainchild of a former marine captain and he's the one to himself Dongo Mali six years as infantry officer penciled platoon commander. Before he you know, he finished his career with wounded warrior battalion and as o'malley wrote upon himself, he was medically retired due to beat bone structure and chronic Santa's lady parts so We're gonNA bring our guest on because betsy me as a new actor and director. They've brought in I've watched some of his videos I encourage everyone to check it all out his name, his Mateusz I hope I'm saying that correctly Matai is king. and. With Dad, we want to welcome him to plug as Mataya stationed joining us this morning. I know it's early at European earn California. Now. It's not. It's not as ten ten o'clock. I'm glad to be. Here. Yeah. So you know. As always when it comes to acting. And Directing most people take I kind of direct approach. Life all the other guys. You took too long a approach you actually Terry. I you spent. I believe it was ten years in the Marines and So Dallas a little bit about growing up I believe born in Cleveland Right Yeah Yeah what was Cleveland Ohio where was born? And then you know our grays near Akron though so GROWING UP I had relatives in Cleveland. Clinic we used to go up there all the time. That Area A little bit I'm not GonNa say I know well because it's been quite a few years but. That's a it's a tough place. It's. It's it's made for top people up there. So. What does you to join me Maruto? See here. had to do with the some I. You know close friends that I had growing up. Their names revarnish Sean and. They wanted to join military I was like you know what I'll do it. I'll do too. But. I, will we we decision you know when we were young like Eleven. We knew that we wanted to join so. Took me. It was a long time before I could actually make it happen you know. So. At that age new I WANNA, join ten eleven years old, but I couldn't leave until I was eighteen even try getting my mom and my dad to sign off on some paperwork to have mean get sent earlier. A note to that. As most parents to. Yeah, I remember when I was. I decided I wanted to the military. Data just like my father had served during World War Two and Just like Oh. Oh no no no. So. But I'm a little bit older than you are. So I'm kind of dating myself there but. You had the. Videos in it was it was really. talking about being stationed in Okinawa and it wasn't a favorite two years no. I did not like that deployment whatsoever. Yes funny because. I. WAS ARMY SF and I. Move has some him guys on coconut and all those guys to a man loved it out there and that I saw your video and it didn't strike a chord with human. Okay. No. No. Not at all especially. Camps Schwab by all the places to be on, and then you know our our liberal was all reasons taken from us because you know people. Act Stupid. Ruined the. So I just learned his own, you know within the gates of Schwab was it was awful even I even wanted to. I was actually looking forward to go training. To go train any of these various places but a lot of those things even got cancelled do whatever the case may be but. I'm like, okay I. There's a liberal and and like I can't even train. Okay. Well. Now. Just. So. You spend ten years in core Obviously. You. went up to become an NCO and. Experience, a lot of different things. What was the worst? December was it oak was the? Time in Afghanistan. What was worse? Oak. Whenever. Happiest We'll say. The best point with by far in the most fun was was Spain. That was that was a lot of fun. In the ended up Camp Pendleton. You're living there. You're still in the core, right? Yes. She's still she's still in so. We moved out here and twenty eighteen while she got orders out here after she became a career planner and at that point in time I had spent seven and a half years on June. So. was definitely time for a different place but yeah I got sent out here after. We got our orders in I went to range go teach recruits table to. Combat Marksmanship. Imagine. I, remember my time going through. Boot. And the Guy who talk marksmanship. Army. HATED THEIR JOFF Him Say, they had somebody. Coming through I mean and some of the guys I went to boot camp should have never been allowed to hold the rifle at all remind. You know. A live round stop. Some of those guys who just awful you know and. I remember those. Who ran the Rangers step in that time? They stressed out So. So what? Possessed you to decide that acting because that's a big career change going. From being a marine. To directed at something that was always in your mind or did this the? Pop Up Video. Yes. So You're right. It is huge crippling especially. You know nine years, ten years in Marine Corps. You know I was and I was good at that. So it was very it was a hard decision to to to make to get out in in just pursue something completely different but. I mean. I've always liked making people laugh. So. I use social media platforms to make that happen and vine was the first thing. That I use is six like really short six second clips you know would come up with like these different bits to do in the challenge was something that was gonna make someone laugh you know hard within six seconds. So started out there and then. My friends told me that I had an act forward in I was hilarious in. What if you just take this to a different level man? How about you become a filmer now this this was back in I will say twenty fourteen. When My friends on the planet that idea in my head is become filmmaker because I I mean I love doing that. Just shoot on my on my phone, edit on my phone and. A. Few things. But then you know after he brought that up or after you mentioned it I was like Nah and there's no way I can never be a filmmaker can never be I can never act I can never do that. This is just for fun. You know. and it was a it was a hobby that's what it was and then as the. Last time passed I continued to do To make these videos. went ways that move instagram that I, moved to Youtube and just continue to you know make these things. In friends that In mind acting a fool in front of the camera. Then, you know. I never forgot what he said. In I made the decision. To really pursue filmmaking. Probably Two three. Two and a half two and a half years before I got out. And so that pretty much first year I spent studying. That's a distinct of my time. Studying in learning. And Than that second year, I, set out to actually. Make films. Are Making my own short films and whatnot. A. During that point in time I had. I was actually in Okinawa and I had a I. came. Across. Veteran television. I was looking at all their content was like you know what I could do that unless what I told myself, I'm like I could do that I. Work now also, would it be to work with these guys like that? The dark comedy is some that I'm like I. Love. I I just reached out dining amount cinema. Damn like there's no way there's no way he's going to even see this or even respond you know. And he did. He did he look through all my content he told me that I had a lot of potential. There's a lot of talent there comedy. We could. We always are looking for writers. and. Everything else The thing is I. Know Donnie tells. a lot of people especially if they're interested in filmmaking and the difference. Between myself in most of these other people that he talks to I'm sure is is the fact that I stayed consistent with it. So he told me everything I needed to work on what any need to study who I needed to watching also the stuff and I did that I kept going kept going and I, would you know touch base with him a Donnie I did this this this learn this Now I'm starting on this. Now we think about this just picking his brain picking his brain. Every step of the way and then won some once I felt as if they no I. I Learn much as I could because I was teaching myself youtube videos, googling things and whatnot. And downs like okay. Well, I gotta go out and do this so you're not gonNA really learn until you until you do. especially in making so many you want to be a filmmaker you gotta make films. So then I started naked short films. After each one and make I bring it back to Donnie and. Whoever else over a bit TV had look it over. Give me some good constructive criticism. You know giving me good notes about what I need to change work on K. I'd set out to make another one in I. I made seven short films. Amid seven of them one of which I am actually entered into some film festivals is getting a lot of recognition. So that's pretty cool. and. Then at that at that point time after I made all my short films, you know, I, I was getting the Marine Corps that's on. And then you know I had already is. This relationship with Don in a lot of people have bet, TVN Danica gun talking same saying many good things about me not in you know. I. Just you know I got I got the job. He hey listen. We're GONNA contract you out. And we want you to We went to start writing series called meanwhile on the field and it's going to be a you know just all hilarious moments in fundings. While Or you're. You're saying that I saw the the teaser trailer for that. And Again. I. Did a lot of this dark humor is home absolutely riveted in truth because just from the trailer that I saw. Seton Chrissy stuff like that right my my. I mean. That's what makes it. I think. There's so many I have had so many. So many stories on it's been a lot of my primary. The injury so On and then anyone else. So I mean the series is is army and. Our Army infantry. Honestly, we've ever been to the field you can. You can relate. Ranch. Donnie place your since you. Do So. I mean. I'm thinking. Is. That a trailer in cracked up you know airborne fucking air border. So I mean how many Xenos had been? That way. and. I mean it was it was really good but going back to what you were just talking about. So you're basically you taught yourself filmmaking you didn't go to school for that. No I did not did not go to school afford in a lot of my research that I that I had seen is. A lot of people questioned whether or not film schools worth it. Now I do think it's worth it butts and will go I'm more likely eventually but I mean. I've had some friends that were going through film school as they saw me working with TV and one of the funniest things some sediment to me. One of my friends like she was like I'm sitting in a class right now learning lighting and she looked at one of my pope on instagram. She was like you're sitting there doing in real life. You know. So. So Y-. Hey. I'm Andy. If you don't know me, it's probably because I'm not famous but I did start a men's grooming company called. Harry's the idea for Harry came out of a frustrating experience I had buying razor blades most brands were overpriced over designed out of touch at Harry's our approach is simple. Here's our secret. We make sharp durable blades and sell them at honest prices for as low as two dollars each we care about quality so much that we do some crazy things like by a world class German blade. Factory obsessing over every detail means we're confident and offering one hundred percent quality guarantee. Millions of guys have already made the switch to. Harry's. So thank you. If you're one of them and if you're not, we hope you give a try with this special offer get a Harry starter set with a five Blade Razor waited handle shave gel and a travel cover offered just three bucks plus free shipping just go to Harrys DOT COM and enter four, four, four, four at checkout that's Harrys dot com code four, four, four, four. Enjoy. Good Morning. This is Laura Vendor Kim hosted. The new corner. A podcast where we share strategies for thriving in the new world of work I just put out a new episode about how to light a fire under your career by making your Mondays. Matter the episode was fueled by Nature Valley pack sustained energy bars. Here's a clip from the episode. So, here's my suggestion if you're working at home these days because of the pandemic use the time on Monday morning that you would have spent commuting. To tackle some big speculative project that you claim you never have time for. Tackling something big and uncertain can light a fire under your career and doing this important but not urgent task. First thing means you start the week with a sense of victory. Brought to you by nature, valley packed sustained energy bars for more tips on how to start well, sustain your energy and win the week check out the new Corner Office podcast available on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Yeah because it's like. You. Don't know you. GotTa go out and do. That that's The to the wonderful thing but there's no substitute. For experience and. Just like the military I, mean we can train and train and training, but until you actually. Into your job. That when you actually start learning how to do it right exact. Yes. One hundred percent. But. You're. Short films that you made I lost it last night and I've watched some sporting. Blind date it was another one amid. Really good. As we've all been there. I mean we've all been there to try to set up your friend would somebody in the Hispanic and Completely show their ass in my room. RUINED EVERY Plus another. Good. Your. Costa were excellent and as well. Yep We're. Really like that one. Now that you work. For before these frontiers are no. No. So that was a that was a whole another thing too. The. Only person that I worked with consistently over and over again was. The. Director of photography. Brody. Best. So. I would tell him I would come to him with the three. Different. Watches I would just come to him with scripts and then. He told me he he guide me. tell me like how to go about looking for. Actors and actresses in anything else that shoe locations in wardrobe and all that other stuff and you know doing it on your own. It forces you to relearn every aspect of filmmaking. So I, used I always it from San Diego. And I just used. Use Of FACEBOOK pages face facebook groups, and I would put out a casting call. Hey, guys in doing this this. This is what it's about. If you're interested email me at shots a resumes in. A real. If you have you know and then I have to sit there and then you played a role as a casting director now. So now I'm looking through all these emails that I got in seeing who wants to do what a lot of people in San Diego just looking for. To build their To build the skill up. LA's load. LA's a little different tack like everyone out in La thinks. That they've made. Unity the acting community out here in the you know in San Diego is a little different than. Know. More than happy to work credits and I mean, let's get the Zarian. Now Now the people that work advantage. The actors were all veterans of all the different services on the the people behind the cameras at a lot of veterans as well. Those just young filmmakers. So a lot of there are a lot of veterans that's at Betsy be not everyone is but. Majority Yeah. I think that's awesome. For veterans who are looking to get into that. Realm. That's a great place for them to look to I mean. Because a lot of it. Again watching some of. The clubs from VICI be and. Your your trailer for the upcoming meanwhile on the field. A lot of it's not really acting because it's All Act out in real life I think Thoroughly. Now. Do, you have a favorite out. I'm quite a few short films. Do you have a favorite one? Of that did I make. Yeah. I would not say social outcasts. That's the so so whenever I I set out to make short, make my short films I story in mind and like I said it's called social outcasts and I started writing it and It was. So long you know I know what I was doing my first scripted I was writing and everything and then I told myself why eventually found out that this one I was like, okay, this is a this. This is more of a passion project and I need to I need to start with something much smaller. You know as I was looking at the at the Number of pages that I had which I ended up having to trim down anyway but it was like fifty pages already. So. I can't. I can't set out to mega feeling like this. I don't know what I'm doing. So. You know I started out with some know much smaller and then Kim I made each film a little bit more complicated. as I went in by the time time. I felt good enough to write social outcast I was probably. Probably. A while later the longtime. Is that a year says I I just I I wrote it and I rewrote the script several different times. While I was still making. Making these other short films and teaching myself learning and whatnot Yeah. Got to a point where I was comfortable enough to. Fill my passion project and then that's the one I'm like, okay cool. This is going to be done at the beginning of January and I'm not GonNa make a short film. All I mean all about twenty twenty I'm not GonNa make another short film. I'm just going to enter this one into film festivals. and. That's what that's what I've been doing like I said, it's been getting a lot of recognition in as I. Read it is because they. Took a lot of. A lot of effort to put that together. You know. So mean, meanwhile on the field that's getting pleading. So. Can you ready to be released? Is, not, is that next week that? Yup. September ninth. I can't wait to watch that one because the. As I said and I encourage all. Out There A. Habit. Checkout For All of us who've been there I mean. Because it's all based in fact, I mean. Sometimes the the guy you play it a little bit over the top but we've all seen that stuff and I think that's what makes the military. So. Compelling to people because we have a very serious job as everyone knows anyone who's been there no. If the serious business. But. There's times and there's a lot of times even in times of. Year out in a combat situation. Some crazy shit happens and you know, I, mean. We all have to admit it right. The military component characters in there. Yes indeed. So it's really hard on a lot of those an orchid. TV. IN IN A. in recreating these stories from the audience when. There's so many crazy things that happens like you said in the military is many different characters and whatnot in his. We take that run with it. Spell everyone. Really about you know. That's what's that's what's so good is because you know for those of us who have been in the military. Because we've all seen ex exactly. Type situation and I think that. There's Going back I mean. You know I'll go back to the days of boot Camp I. Think all good military instructors have a little bit of comedian in them because. They can tell you you're the lowest form of life on earth. And they'll make it to where you're trying not to crack up laughing at I. Remember that 'cause I had a hard astral arden. AUDITORS RICHARD PRICE Cousin. Because He would call me every name in the book and and I'd be bite my lip try not to laugh and you know because I mean he was hilarious in a one of my good friends at the time. was at a country Kid Carolina he could never stoppable happen. You, know when you laugh, you pay the price so But I always thought I always remember Him who? Years later I maybe ten years later I ran into my old Pearl Sodden. And I started talking to him and he remembered me and the kids condemn Saab laughing. Out of duty facet could never stop laughing I, remember that and. And It was for me to keep a straight face looking at you. Yeah. That's that's awesome. Yeah anyway enough about me walks next onto for. Fish. This product that you have something on online. Now, coming up you play. Yeah Yeah I. DO I'm a maximally? You know this whole Kobe. Nineteen thing is is really. Just been difficult. For a lot of people. That has impacted your guys in your comment no no it we can't. So that's what I was. GonNa go into is that we can't. You know we're not doing our larger productions the the great one st grunts life. Recruiters. These other largest deductions we had to postpone. Incur should the rights? But we still had to you know we want to release content to the to our audience every week. Still you know what we did was I mean, we're pretty much self sustaining use our in house actors. We have writers, directors, actors in a director photography editors were produces all that stuff. So we basically we have to do now what that's on the field was house. Same thing with the. Maybe Joan Boyd. But Just smaller productions skeleton crew, we don't want very many people on sets They don't have to be things like that. So but with. With our you know cobaine has impacted us in that way with being able to do our largest shows. We. Got People in our audience is asking like winner Gresley life season two is coming out. because. They love that. That's my favorite scene. The meanwhile, the barracks is Darren Dalton. was military. So No I don't I don't I don't believe it was. Because it looks why one? A season to me, the bears was actually filmed at our office. Really. Actually looks like a military installation. Now, that's awesome. Awesome. But so. Basically what Donnie wanted me working on next is giving the audience something For you know. Grunts life. So I'm GonNa do is I'm a writing these. Micro content. Sketches. That are dealing with lieutenant. Murphy. In his. Platoon. Before the deployment at the ready to go on in that, we will see them on season two. So. When it comes to the creative process, the you guys all. Right separately or did you guys write together? We do right together We usually have a the the head writer and in the secondary writer in there could be a third as well but the know the headquarters, the one that's actually doing the writing and whatnot, and then we bring on. consultants and whatnot. So for meanwhile, in the in the field, you know I'm Marine Corps infantry you know I'd imagine army inventories culture isn't too much different than ours but I. Didn't only thing about eighty second. Airborne and I didn't know about the hundred and first rocket science so at talk to people, you know on, put it up we made we created army infantry of TV facebook group. That homeless people in there and then you know as pull information from the audience from them I I found the ones that were really giving me the most feedback in I bring them on as a consultant medical this regular these stories that are having mind will WanNa do would you would you say this or how would you platoon commander acting the situation or how would the squad leader or whether your? What are Your Junior? Enlisted like you know what I mean Yeah. And again I don't think it's that big a difference I mean some of the jargon might be a little different between the core in the Armenian mafia comes to amateur guys but that's about it. grumpy crunch of the same anywhere I? mean. And then when it comes to dark humor I mean is. Tampa thick skin I mean. 'cause they. I mean, if somebody messed up. You know you're going to hear Di- person's going here for a very long time until somebody else's. Still. Look like that. And it's Like I was in special forces in. Turmoil regret they made me on Pacific. So you know my guys would always harp on me, I? Mean you know I Had No privilege in SF so you guys would. Party is just everyone else. So He Can learn how to deal with. It and. and. Then you just stayed on everyone. Turn. That's the way it works. Straight. Again. To our listeners out there. If you haven't out the. TV. Yet, you really need to saw because it's it's really really well done. It's very, very funny. And they have a lot of really talented people are, and now Mathias is one of those talented people it's on on the show that Aaron and we we look forward to hearing. A lot more from you than very near future. So. We wrap this up sitter anything else you'd like to share with our listeners today. Let's see here well. Look for me won't feel this dropping. Next, week. That gets released September ninth and we're not, a TV. TV and. Describe. If you. have. If you haven't subscribed event. I think. It'd be in your best interest to do that. I think you'll enjoy it. It's really really good stuff. And we look forward to hearing lob more and. I look forward to seeing some of them. If you doing. Independent short stories. I. Look forward to seeing those again. Like I. Said I love the. I haven't checked out social outcasts yet so That'll be next on my gender, but I also like bad time to be house. So. When you bought your boss don't care yeah. I'll be looking forward to those so. Thanks for taking the time today I, really appreciate it on I know. You have some stuff like dub this afternoon so We want to take too much time. saw thank you for joining us. Thanks for being on software radio and please do. Keep in touch with us and let us know how you're doing and we'll be watching and expecting great from you. Thank you so much and thank you for having me. It was our pleasure. So folks thanks for listening. This has been seatbelts very Metaxas hankered. Even listen to suffer radio all the time on target. We'll be back with another episode in the very near future. So keep tune ups. LISTENING TO SUE Hi I'm Christian homes I've covered campaigns Capitol Hill, the White House, and everything Washington for CNN but nothing tops the importance of this upcoming election and my job is to help you make sense of it. All welcome to election one. Oh, one for the next ten weeks will figure out the electoral process together I'll talk to experts historians, and some of you will address the safety of mail in voting inform you of deadlines and make sure you know all your options. You'll learn why voter registration is different. From state to state, and even from person to person, I'll help you figure out how to watch the debates a little more closely and how to get a better read on what the candidates really stand for. Yes this election year is different, and this is a different kind of podcast election one a one was created to help you learn how to make the most of your vote this. November. You can listen to election one starting September sixteenth on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. My name is Langston Carmen in Armagh Black. Man Who loves conspiracy theories? That's why along with the beautiful oppressors that IHEART radio and big money players have a brand new podcast called my Mama. told me where each week me in a special guest will explore all the twisted conspiracies that the white man is keeping secret. So listen to my Mama, told me available on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or anywhere else that pods are cast.

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Bass in Your Face with T Money Green  Episode 59


1:01:37 hr | 1 year ago

Bass in Your Face with T Money Green Episode 59

"You're listening to the podcast, Detroit. Visit WWW dot casting Troy dot com before information. Unfortunately, I'm not in at the moment. Please leave a message acetone. I thought we had a say we ain't got. No. So I go down club. Shake my ask no I need to show kinda though out. Recenter your pet. You have five saved messages saved message Monday at three thirty five PM. Matting. Do you reach? Yeah. Tony stupid base money. Will. Fever. To my home way. Tony dream Detroit. Hope it goes for. This starts. Dreams. Radio. Starts. Starts with and. Endless say. Rolling. Softly. Hope it goes for a ban. Slowing down the day. Two. Trying to catch. Living. The bed. As the sun star. Trees. Starts. Hey. Rolling. Big. Being on. Shoes. Live. Van. Am. This is. This kid. So. Sad. St. Reminisce. On everything. Is it just a? It was. Gee reminisce. Everything. I was yesterday. You see. Oh, yeah. But. He. No. Well, no. I know this might oh. Stray. But without you. June. Feeling is ways. Now the were. Two nine. The. Now changed my. Because when a man is the reason why. What do. I know this might Sal. Spray? What? So. Feeling is. I. The two. Now tonight. Now tonight. And the feeling is. I were. Tonigh-. The two. Funny. For. See. Three. And it's a beautiful. Pro golfers association day in Detroit. Would from winter to eat. Yeah. Leagues. Meet a lot of tanning this year. I just like to belong somebody. So, but everything's good. We played let's see. Let's get into the music real quick. What do we do? On rainbow. Yeah. Song by my uncle Mike who wrote that. And I did it for him sing it. And we also dedicate that to the month of June the month of June. Not the what just say the month to beaucoup, whatever it's going on in the month, whatever's going on a month of June. We hope you walking rainbows this deck. Next was Zach, how I cope, how this how? I love to voice Zac. What's last name? I don't know. Zac Copeland, I didn't know oh Cohen, one of the famous Cohen families. O K remember Colin's with the dancers way back in the day, it was a family five little Colin's, something like that. Stair step all the way down to the baby and dance and stuff. Anyway, that's sex Bud Light. Oh, yeah. Well, I don't know. But he definitely singer right song. Those, those good great songs. I really love all the songs. What was that society? Better than yesterday. Better than yesterday Miami. I love my Meese our knees. Our these. She just knew the. A long time since defor hypnotize before. Matai sneaking play. She, she don't listen to. He's not gonna know but it's a great song I used to play for my daughter Toni, when she was a baby. She used to love song. And then plus Miami's the video was so cornball. It was really beautiful because she was just so pretty. Yes. Fine that again a find it we got. Fine. Tonight is the night. Featuring t money green to give. Nice I sing in a couple of those saying in the first one saying in the fourth, and you think singing the last one of them. Yeah. Round so tell us the story about tonight is the night and roundabout. Tonight is the night was written a long time ago as I was probably married and fighting with my wife. But I would write beautiful songs we've fight, but then I will go in and write beautiful songs, like feel I ride no fighting songs eight success like make up. Bigham song, six. Tonight is the na- the love, you want from me. You're gonna get it tonight. Yes. Okay. And what about round round round round was, you know, is another true story. A lot of these are have a lot of truth. Things are because like in round, I'd say, don't seem funny, when your money is, low, you can't go, you can't go because you gave everybody else to money to go to the casino. So you can't go so you watched him. Leave. Or you watch them play while you're sitting. Oh, you don't you don't even do that. You, you just don't you know get a chance to play. You can't go your money ran out. You gave it all the way. Don't me. Sanford, and son. Right. Right. I got to leave here, I gotta go to the hype international recording not recording studios to hyped international. Thank you. Stuck recording. Not recording. Maybe it's something in the future going on that Noah. Hyped international entertainment complex where I have our competition. Pursing. Let's see crazy that eulogy rehearsed like pull the plug. But they were hers lonnie's house in this in the studio is up in the added and say, t- green one hundred fifty five degrees of here and I was like Shia. They do different in the Russell. That you have. But the Russell if no unin bring the air. Yeah, the Russell if you be steel when I get there, because even going up to stairs, you feel cold. You know what I mean? It's cool because it hasn't warmed. It has warmed up enough to. Let's as well. We break the air conditioning into. But today is now you gotta do you come in you sweat, because you walked up to stairs, and then you'd be still for minute. Kick in. Sounds good. This place his ear. Yeah. School in this place. Thanks guys. That's right. Spoiler orissa's. We named all. Yes, we named all the songs. You wanna talk about that fire. Are you like it happened all the way in two thousand eight though they don't tell nobody universal. Head of you wire, and all kind of master recording two packs. Drizze nukes mind at the dramatics. They went all the way back to like the late eighteen hundreds ahead stuff in there. They had Martin Luther King is out on his album, masters. Those con- probably, I mean, you know, because they didn't they didn't have it organized. Well, it was just it was stuff in there. I'll tell you what we go through our bid because I know above the remers, probably, then I want my money, right? Because, you know, the state of to park is filed a lawsuit. Oh, yeah. Then follow suit saying, well, they're, they're in with, I think there's, like more than ten but less than a hundred people have joined this suit that they got going on. And some people put in, you know, on their own. So maybe a refer you back to that piece in that. The New York Times or something or need to go here to put my claim. Yeah. I know snoop Dogg stuff in there. Yep. That's there because because they would take an Interscope is taken over. All of the the chest. Catalogs, gone, all of the Decca catalog is gone. As far as the masters, you know, we'll, we'll get together. We'll definitely put out claim right? And see what it does put a put it like this. No matter how much money payout. It never come to how much money was really. Right. Yes. So but, but maybe the universal right. It self because at least you'll be attributed to the songs that were on the masters right because that's. That's a big deal. This isn't like they're talking pretty smart today. I had a good breakfast, along with getting fire. We're going back to the sick. Let's start this off with a Jesus and hustlers, the road where crew featuring color line. Right about. Fan with you. But you wet hot. The. Back. The fact. Let me drop some 'em. It's. Which is called the land of Mike back. This time I'm on with it. Hate us. Backed by the next checks spec. It's talking top. I don't back full of second in steel, Cecchi, small f- joy, when it's me. It is. Sky. Check ahead. Busy watching in physics. Next champion ice. On on Donna. Each and every day with the deal. Click my wind your. Thoughts yet, pointed, not with south of say. The real. On mike. Now. The knockback MC. Let me Trump's with him now how to aching. Hating take seven. She'll take you on a trip with a Rodney on. You sex with the ladies side strap on my back stack and see funding able. Label pays no hot. Donate with the. Expected. On the cell. No. About eight dollars just that. Feel faith the fall jank's sticky your slang. How many chips and ninety four without teaching Nepi one that kit, the shout tip flick skip right back. Three. Now be rob into rich in plant. In addition. Back to MC. Sunny, saturday. Savvy. Among the Keller, stop it. The them seem punking from the one Bill. Spoken out of. On. Them punking, no, from the three one three one percents, who would like to win solid pick. Five pretty dark time, Scott a couple of times pretty shock knives, the mental ISA Bob with winning. Locally pizza book leaves five fucking lock me in the Philip socially refined spoke densities to the we've put in midsummer dreams this time. Them on the pump. From the. Stop. Take pre don't put up at seven paces school. The pace toxic waste sweat shake anything. I can't think in this people say, people while they're awake people. Judge a camera. They never keep a case. Goodbye up the last time no doubt pace on this way. That. Now WalMart up on the plot. All the rubble would decide no revival. And on the bible. Thirteen disciple fighting for the title. What the vital taking them arrival a highly Powell? Thank you. All got another. The final World War. Them. One. Known. This belief. No. Release the same bars repeated dot Beck. Except now on Jason to being premium like a piece of ninja shadow, precursor chemical piece the piece of my belief I put out on the temple for the PC's by the way to catch them. So. Piece to this last one time I gotta have my really up onto pre Mumbai. The pump. One. On the pumpkin known. One. Qena halfon. Hit a hat. Down on. Down on. Down the alley. Down on. Down on. Down. They can't believe due to fall. Plane, one of. With some delicious smack on ask. So how we stepped away Pluto, poets six but it's the tutto pussy gray head to give a Kudo. Jona Phil Donahue director, wanna step on the scene. Keep all about the grain much pissed. Get the money coming in. If you step with insane, you'll him seen Monday is making sense. When a plane taking chick filling cannons lane. Down on. Down there. Oh, daddy desk. Thanks, dan. Who that would drain who would this? Thanks, dan. Who their train FILA McBain told him before begging? Begging you should go on the girl. I got your way. Yeah. Go flow got another girl home and notice, you know, a letdown on she acquaints on by the put a crown on a but it might replace that just to pay back. No, all fat, a at hey, we stayed at you've got right now. But I had a way when a bed dog gotta taste that never chased down. The Dow down on. Down the. Down. Late hair late here, you'd better stay personally. Caved for special cases, that well in everything. Cup can never picture. Dave ready for. But let me cooed out quick, baby. You can stay down, quick, screaming one Thomas fowl when MI but the police. Oh, good shit. I expect. With the ex deck. Down the Dow. Down on. Dalli. Back. Sure. Give me. Hole. Bye. Spat. Come pick me up. The. Wants you to say. Less. This new. Feel. Come pick me up for. And with. Good. Sounds got what we played we played season hustlers or the Royal roads. And played, they'll find villains, though, Revilla's to title, track Ramgoolam self titled chess of travel. Who's a dope rhyme villains? Oh. Sean pairs, which shadow Eliza, which is old and a big T money base. Okay. And then at the show, you had to show those Lopez is the she is our DJ. Okay. I'm from so. Little. Even hide behind me seats do day for villains. That's why I of. Yeah. It's. Okay. She is. I should be should be mentioned definitely in the crew. Right. No matter what color eye contact lenses. She. She had read that day I wanted to bite my neck. Okay. Then there was lay it down easy in his crew. Right. And you mix that you. Where'd you mix it studio? Studio is gone. Got my card from Maryland said. Even though you didn't save studio, a here's the car. Thanks. We feel bad we can still talk to her every year. We when we want to follow up Qassim Erica. Still do some aspirin, right? And she said, you know, they might come out of their whole to see us play somewhere. Yeah. Yeah. Someplace good. Nice. Okay. And then sophisticated sophisticated I saw a girl Olea instead of Lia fail. Yeah. She put a pitcher on face that she. Oh, she Brooks. No. But there was she showed a sore, and I guess her late somewhere. Let Clarkson her foot. Let me out of out of the hospital. Yeah. Yeah. Via, please take care yourself dollar. She just said, she just lost her balance and why. Just feel I think getting out of the car or something. Yeah. She's had a lot of bad things go down. Well, she has a chronic illness, and so it's not going to go away. So therefore, she retired from singing. Yeah. But the songs I guess, great songs, maybe I get somebody to sing those words of hers and still right side gas. Yeah. She had to get better. I yeah. It's amazing how you can go from okay to not. And i've. In the blink of an eye. She's been fighting. What is it lupus Louvre, while fifteen years, I think? Man, when we met her, she was just as spunky and doing the song writing them at five at a time, she was amazing with the writer, but we'll Muhammad brought me t rose tea rose is a great singer, some stress, ES officers, man. She's great. And she's a great writer. She writes on the spot. She writes, the young sift. She's the new mayor j blinds Detroit area. Going to be good. Yes, it's gonna be really, really good. So I'm gonna be like with us. One of our show on a couple of shows, and we got Sonora, okay. Sing her couple songs on the show. So I know she Sonora does fun. I don't remember her other she does fun. And she does I can relate and she's got a couple of other songs Norris writing a lot of stuff lately. So whatever she does. I just wanted to do a couple songs that may be the best along with this young lady. Go here and do her thing, and it would be man, just showing some great talent for Detroit K, you know, sound sound don't have any up and coming nail singers. No not yet. And that's okay. Yeah. You know, it's because it's a lot of talent out there. Right. So we'll get one. But in the meantime, they'll find their way to you event you little prime way. And in the meantime, the ladies of finding their way and taking full the vantage, so I'm excited about that. Okay. So we had a great time today. It would kind of quick. He was ready to tease Randy. He didn't shore. We have the beautiful Ellen Ellen. We didn't have heard say anything today. Out. Yeah. She was running like six shows. Shows they mind. Yeah. I know. That'd be good. Well, hey podcast, Detroit. Okay, we're closing out with what maybe I don't know. I think there's time for big is five minutes. Stoned, you wanna get stoned. That's messy Jay and codeine with color line. And then adding an attic, which is dope rhyme villains. Right. So we'll go hang up right now. Let it go. So we get those two songs time permitting, we'll see you. Oh, we won't see you next week. We'll be out of the country. Yeah. All right. Yeah. Okay. We got a call, and let the Moda okay otherwise every looking for sincerity won't be. And then we get charged. Part the bad. All right. What makes you call a day? All right. Hey, this is t money green a face with a t money, grain Gail SUV whole island visited us today, and I will catch you next time. Pocono mountain those fortune nets. They get down. They toby. This is pro the savage back with another classic for your get back in class. The mass leeches crops it to the, the my knees. Get on with the. Body from the push to the chalk just threw them out that we smart. Like sees awesome. Which we call the police. All go play with lakes spring. Squat the in the McQueen, so Misao won't be able to see when the eighteen chemicals when trees, and blah is for medicinal purposes not his servant, people, the worst thing, that's when they Johan earned brass where beds and will you are a hey, it's day. They just. No. You have bended the net a little dab injectors, Patty warm p. Appeals of killing. In the sense of your life with the end of the night. The devil has many alluring traps. Year nineteen hundred thirty three they moved. Come on take that I drink that I less trip that I Chang of marijuana on. He said the my mother, I can go to these places, take a social drink. Coming out of the way that double, who's a lot of people. Food. Some people. Attic and every I pin couple in kick the habit, a take a hit nut Graham dependent on Mike back at the make this magic time and time it keeps on Jimmy a focus ACA. We'd Petric go have good chattels off the wagon back to his Pitman bragging toll tag in body-bag, in off the dragon he'd been Masha. Puffins ragged just enough anger. In fact, my crew comes back with Fokin platinum status, the baddest at this win. It comes to the marijuana madness making sure the seats scattered just like in these Bagga hashing, get some cash for Masuda grasping, some music full of the mass spot, the plus raise them glass of blast is pitching there. No, Mark the fucking greener, pastures team team in fast food has shifted feeding after got a funky laughed at the renew received the SAS look in final chapter peep into mind. Dome assassin that your folks pick. He's to the terrible the way they're on drugs. But I have a Miami Herald says alcohol number one heroin, number two drug abuse the night state's states government classifies alcohol as a drug has an accounting Christians of breathe, and it's wrong for believe it or take trucks. There's some of you that look down drugs, and I'm here to tell you choose Pike's consent you free. Damn to my habits like magic Pippen the advantage plan. This phantom man, says manning savage tablets. Mattress in the looking glass sheets. Medicaid address, in my sale scape everything felt, Katie ballots, my heart and it gave bandages. Bad habits say shit hit a kiss with the party whip wants my worth. What's it were Fitch but held under since McKay gave birth fell skirt with Keila work raised in the fate of the surp- try flipping burgers for burner for on servers on the computer, but look how Luda clue on the word to go further for Scott. But rumors it's only walking around. Down burner hypocrites. I'm a masochist where, you know every morning appeal is sick. He was sick. Got a bike it. I feel like shit. That's sure fucker. What time is time to wake the fuck. Came home. One day and says mother from now on when you go to the grocery store. Gold ring on long grow for Hebron ruin Johnny Pfeiffer, schlichter's, folks. I'm with the stuff he all twisty out, blackberry branding. Tell why in a Baskin partial to be smashed. This poisoning poisoning poisoning poisoning. Employees feel. Feel feel Schick. Adam convoy. Feel feel feel shit.

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Is Virginity a Sign of Decency/Being a Saint?


22:27 min | Last month

Is Virginity a Sign of Decency/Being a Saint?

"The everything relationship matters their own. Let's not that's oems sex. Family relationship are all conversations that we can get over. Let's not each episode of the podcast is focused on one life. Lesson does begin. Nord or hasn't been given off thoughts we're dig into conversations that some term to booth and bring to the surface the opportunity for you to confront and talent the social norms and charlton new path in self-discovery. Let's get to it again. Let's pitches i people. How you doing this is less than not ad. Hoc michael cole is in. The beauty is not calmed down now. He's coheres recognizes liberty. And before i have a very nice wonderful sweets i call he might tell you through having view the and if i introduced him to you guys i want to. I want you to know about the topic. Today's about vegetation descends venus. Thanks we we we. We starts to first episode virginity. Got team or don. What's going on here Loved yes it had the love feed bags exciting feedbacks thank you so much for love insists that you cannot can't you the uk can't you thank you. Thank you everywhere. Around wards global level people. Now you know the topic now. I wanted to get me is us. I follow him. Kelly baby feels is an actor. Oh acco sights on access. Morality is fuse. Is everything entertainment few. This fuse baby girl speed. I'd ozzy people ask me everytime your name. What does he mean everytime using drugs or use drugs my gi alcohol. We still follow the name pills. Actually means action acronym that means positive individual leaving life with zeal. Oh so smart. We don't see me that someone who's a so cute. I know you'll be calling me teddy. Abby i've been wanting to experience get to the bed right love. This is leeann appeals. Woman come on hell. No hell no on church really this summer. I love in the late in the house and the only leading the has always forum always exciting to have to take this to treat them so we work for us to act or sound where you get your guy from people like pastas charge like sex therapy. Is that people like that. So hokey us so basically today's topic about virginity sign of this. Nco like venus festival veggie was when regularly launches to people who says to you. How sick the jets. Hyman brokaw virgin after hand can break on could still be a virgin and that cbo multiple fuel like like going on gay marriage and you'll have like your white cloth laid down. Just take you to rule took you which really cook for blood flow calm. The army's he didn't feel me. You handled your family saying moulin. Like like folkloric penn state owned by chinese. So you mean when you spend numerous they missed the fiery away from. Yeah and i see way. I'm going to succeed. Keeps missing really sill anyways so most people believe that signed from a good family a good girl your marriage you ride on. Today's acts what you guys think that way. If you if that means that she's opert- as i mean she'll be the best girlfriend french. Be the best wife no issues. What you guys. Think appeals tonight Okay where are you asking me. What i think about if society slow this that mean that you have the best my radio show and she does that mean. You have the best walk. Ata doesn't mean that you stand out in society you get. What was your take on jimmy. She cannot be tied. How you perform work honestly. I feel like if you want to actually view choice you rights attempts of sanity being good bod yachts find someone me bill. Sign you know. What the reason why. Everybody's virginity is that something you have to. Nobody is how we we've been brussels. Tang stereotype me says about us me. If you know boys you might get pretty much signed. you know this mentality. that's sex only swoon. Is actually by phone. If you come from angola being dick matai buki like virgins. Don't have that like they don't have the avenue to know if you'd like to have a good dick some tangible you can i folk who thinking you can. You can fight with your best friend your family over a good. The giants that tend to be more focused more evening. Our i feel or think or you know all i knew. You know he actually like give you the past maga- you'll be a good girl because we have a lot of veg- veggie out there like the virgin in the vagina behind sister. You used to be jumping off in the north where they tell you. I had friends that king that that seven do not see coming back with different experience telling what they went through. A little with virgin chef had the most effect. I don't know what style jazz muldoon i should have. Had all the sex she wants to have you have to make him back to four husband in the stands so being evasion actually make. You both like reggie. You're a good girl bedding. You've not done those the village to bring back after the whole after the whole fucking and everything it'd be wild once explore more than one to the want to explore more back exploit doesn't suffice anyone to be one child a small one on trad the i want to looking about sizes like am like where he's going to go. That's what we're going to it and now before babe just my own idea before you go down to the peaceful uses of them but then you have just been back this questions. This gets well talk about. Do we want to stop. No no no issue. Big issue to me on this podcast. Some mistake give you excuses with people so basically Yes you said. He doesn't necessarily mean nuts because virginity is yours. Yes people that use drugs or smoke and you're like the best behavior sweaty. Id comments are knows who he doesn't really relate you get to julio being of best best of bringing you yet so i don't think yeah. That should be cheetan. I even going to algebra under experiences. Ax you what you experienced me virginity this topic you experience have you do you. Have you been version of you've been around. Veggie what what stories of people tied to their virginity like why they want to keep it. Why do you don't want to keep it first off rights because me. I'm like your boy. I'm church breitbart. Dan you know he doesn't stop my email intimate life and stuff. I have had a girlfriend. Difficult years. diverging need everything. Aside penetration wreck every every region. But then i'll say i was. I was faithful right. I was fixed boston how to defend who she says she's a virgin writes books in interview award. She's very skillful. Okay jazzy yeah resume. you know. She's always you know what she's a gets so i wonder if you if you don't like also seen as very day. Virginia with high made different. Domhnall have him in some have taught veggie on towards versions. You get hit. i know i know. Yeah because yeah. I realize medically to of the like illi- to jose comes out. Balmy t so i'm like driss port not early q. Hole in where you can have the period during that you to honing not to tally. But i want you not pop anybody in your life because have you popped invasion before the me to think about it. Because i haven't i haven't i love why the blood on your show me putting you on the radio trying to cause a time writing magazine frank. Who's living next homebound right next to my house and then sometimes gets have long small fighting ahead here on google. You have this kind of connection you. This was what he's seen. I experienced like like scheme awesome. Yeah said ibuka filter because we thank you. Only in the stake use less. I tell you. I you like go with like minded muslims. Are you my genitals. I this point at this point done one though. No no me for our is personality be. I used to run for a long time. Yeah yeah don boys because some gals that you believe you goes up you get to you get me. I just always ran from me when an experienced do nowadays experience. The i just being called somewhere. Were you then we. This topic of virgins being like hulu had one experience with your budget on the person wanted to mariazell veggie because her parents had an issue New arguing one time in prison. Father said i my renew divisions we've got to show determined to get married even as nonvege- in man is like every other that you can do a sets patricia schumer veggie house watch married as your fourth down. Oh my gin. Even goodyear not to get in your mind. What have you so if you had the view. Hey you have veggie mind. Shorts naive ought to coming from. Yeah we've seen and as you said you talked on reasons. Why people are very touchy about this subject into sites. Believed that ami with you. I do you think people society rates vegetables big on his new commission tried this. Show all our culture. Because we've we've come from this long way outbreak. Keep telling you back. In my days. When i was like you. My my bad now wants us to to. That's spend snatch it allows the ourselves fine. This is just do what you want. Losing up baby fine client. I think it helped because my person do this. I'll be very very wild. So let me just team. My wildness go tag. Take my five now. You understand. I feel is outside the show and also if you still out there. I'm not staying. Should this better yourself off. Don't get married for a diversion yourself or something. No we're not saying that if your vision our de ramos saying that we're just letting everyone out there knew that virgin virgin eat doesn't it doesn't doesn't judge a personality it doesn't judge personality be verging and i will not be made i will not do may not affect my yeah. Yeah yeah. true should be beating. Does import pitches because they are virgins. Because you have had some doesn't get cranky. Yeah yeah that's right. Yeah not especially female especially in your bosses you. You can't be leading reduce bom dia. Bumble is not com is from what i see. Picks way back by picture by picture this to help us get some. You not be offended if we try to play this team table. The latest splitting your table kinda got. He's trying to be anything for you guys. I'll see united st angelo. Check out of that. Lsu on instagram twitter against video gone see. how much of soccer fuses. Yeah you guys. Check it out right. I've been home with cheese. Renew anyways before. I was reading interrupted on so guys. So let's do this. I want you was signing form. You appeal guest gentleman. Just give you a shout out to. I ve agent out here. Just tell me what any tell them. Dan also known veggies. Those were two or for yours who keep very tight on veggie wedding nights wedding. That's out insist keeping ports. The girls who were no jeans you had to go night down. Thank you thank you. Thank you appeals. We have seen you for what you lucia you guys to the before brothers do. It's it's it's it's poll to keep you both out of all these main avenue world right now. My brother happy. Like why why i salute us be fears lump question. I had this one time. I think susan. Warren and i told him every pope. So because we're talking about guys that must've beats yes so does that mean after bt and everything that one of let me let me confess people because we always say about you outs you guys. You guys winking me. You don't give you a shower now. Lucci chief let me not well hans hans. Md cookies. Not the same thing. Every kind of new muscle counts. No no i think you guys just planted anything let everyone see veggie veggie shout to you have four and enjoy yourself before this live once again from veggie non-virgins your personal decision you understand going to be a veggie veggie boy do due to be food class. Vide- do that. We're going to be non beijing then don't let it all out in announce that that's all i have to see Yeah so basically I dunno basically said. I'll infuse for what for us and lucia i know and Don't hear contributions or you feel what we said is not i would love to have. We will have to have so just on social media instagram. Lsu on us code feels everything. Talk then thank you. Dan also was your into appeal. You wanna get at me. Super voiceover artist stage. Run or whatever. I could be your feces on instagram. At s q. On the i gets up to the guys fully in the missed work gives and i a cool an instagram opec early. It's just the game you just you to do. So since pews isn't hype man presenter at two player you know you close clues. Show for daddy player. These people don't be alcohol. Nfl so just go. Just close the show leaves. General boys and girls is good to have you. Date is fantastic time. We all hanging shots. Beautiful beautiful sakes good is definitely will have described. Yes as my my good to see you again. Be yourself just be happy. You gotta be happy out. Thank you so much tuning in igloo. Enjoyed this episode. And you so inclined subscribe notified when a new episode is posted. Then renew this gas show with your friends please. Let's stay connected follows on twitter and instagram. Allahu underscore pod that's l l you underscore b. o. D. this was produced by panel production instagram and twitter. At patio dodd production less is.

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17: How to Overcome Burnout and raise Resilience with Dr. Heather Clark

The Intelligence Of Grit Podcast

1:05:17 hr | 6 months ago

17: How to Overcome Burnout and raise Resilience with Dr. Heather Clark

"What is burnout? Well according to Google burn out is a state of emotional physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained and unable to meet Kostic demands. How many of you can relate to that? I know that I can. I can tell you that for me. At Times burnout has been challenging to overcome or even recognize the moment. especially. For those of us who show up for others and work hard and care about the things around us. Well. Today I'm talking with Dr Heather Clark. And she works with people and helps them to identify and he'll from their burnout is well as become more resilient in the process. And I'm very. To share this conversation with you because during the course of the conversation only does heather share her story of resilience but she also shares solutions for how we can overcome burn out whenever we encounter it. And the best part about that is it's possible. You can if you want charter pap to regain your freedom and regaining your joy. You can practiced radical self care without feeling guilty about it. So let's talk about it. Let's get into this conversation with Dr Heather Clark? Off. Welcome to the intelligence of good podcast again Dr Heather. Welcome to the show. Thank you so much for having me. I am really just wanting to talk with you today about. Burn out in. So many things surrounding burnout is one of the discussions that I'm wanting us to really dig into end you know immune I met via a facebook group. And we hit it off in Ruby. Started talking about you know all kinds of stuff. As it relates to you know the work that we're both doing and your podcast unshakable bean. I love their title by the way after. Thank you. Is One that? Just, the sound of it in the mission behind it is one that I am very much in tune with an wants to learn more about and so just to get us going here, you share with our listeners, what unshakable being means. Thank you so much for the opportunity to talk about this because this is just about my favorite thing. Unshakable being is really a being state. 'cause you notice it's not unshakable. But it's unshakable being it's a state where you are unshakable meaning. No matter what happens you're able to quickly regain your equilibrium. You come back to center and you re balance in a very short space of time. So being shake Qabail is there's a stress Senate can knock down and you have a hard time recovering. Or. You don't actually recover you just kind of ignore it. You're doing so much work to rebalance because that's what stress is. It is a challenge to normal ballots. But when you're unshakeable, it's not like nothing bad happens to you. But it either doesn't really affect you or it affects you but slightly, and you're right back to what you truly want. So talk to me a little bit more go deeper on that because I'm hearing you talk about it and I'm thinking when everyone can bounce back faster or quick is that really a key part of it all or you know because sometimes we can get knocked off in you know have struggles. To in this life you know and not be able to rebound quickly talk to me about the tiny of unshakable as you've defined it and in the work that you do. So someone who has unshakable has reorganized their life so that they're connected to their own center. So there's no codependent behaviors. There's like they're not a fit for toxic work environments like it's once you get to unshakable. And let me be real clear. It's a process. And it's like a spectrum. So I guess it's possible to become one hundred percent unshakable everywhere today. But that isn't most people's experience. We've got varying levels of unshakeable in the different areas of our life. So it's not just about speed of rebounding because that's more a function of resilience. But. It's about what's really gonNA affect you. So what I mean by that is what people who are unshakable have done quite a bit of work discovering what's aligned for them in life what do they truly want? What are their values, their living from those values they're discovering and living from their highest intention so that passion that they've got really feels them. and. Then because of who they really are is aligned with how they're being they have what seems like limitless energy so they tended to not really be in situations where they find themselves schaeuble and if they are they use those triggers information like, Oh, I'm kind of having a meltdown here. Okay. What is this about? Lake and then going inward and doing the work of does this not square with maybe an unconscious beliefs is this a new way that something has is coming up? Is this an opportunity that I being invited to? So it's not just the improved resilience. It's not just the improved solidity, but it's new tools to quickly navigate through life into sidestep struggle. Is this an opportunity that I'm being invited to I really really liked that tell me a little bit about how you even got into this work. What's the back story behind that? Laughing I thing. So when I was very little, I wanted to be an artist. But then when I got to high school I realized Haute. I'M GONNA want to make a lot of money and I had a perception that artist didn't make much money like I'm very independent person I want to do people to make my own way and people demand that you make life choices at sixteen years old. So I was like I don't know I. Guess we'll be pharmacist. So, good pharmacy school I'm like, okay. This isn't fun but it'll be better when I get out on like okay. So I get to my residency by Post Doc Mike Okay. This isn't fun either but it will be better when a job. Okay we'll the job I'm not enjoying this. Really. Let me try. Let me try this. Let me try that and it's an example of how you can be really good at something, but it isn't really aligned what I later discovered. It just simply wasn't a line for who I really was, but I didn't pay attention to any of those signals I pushed through Matai Bay and control-freak tendencies. So what we do is we pushed through. and. We double down and we make it work. And that works for a really long time and you get accolades for that sort of behaviour. You become the go to person if something needs to get done, the trouble is that's what leads to burnout. burnout is essentially it is prolonged stress and frustration over time that has really specific shifts in thinking and perception, and then eventually shifts physically. So what happened to me as my burn out with so severe it was staged three adrenal fatigue and adrenal fatigue has three stages. So I went from running about three miles a day to be able to get off my catch. It was a little scary finally figured out what was going on and that was. A long road lots of different physicians, lots of different increasingly expensive in exotic lab tests and nobody knew what was going on I remember one result came back and the doctor was like, Hey, well, at least it's not cancer and I discovered I was very angry because if it was cancer I would know what to do and then we could all just move on but finally I'm like adrenal fatigue I have never heard of that. For a lot of years and I have never heard of that. So I did some research into an ono. This makes perfect sets. So. As I recovered, I got additional training as the functional medicine specialist. Functional medicine is just a particular approach which gets to the root of the problem which really goes along with how I roll. So with that additional training, I began to help other people heal from burnout and adrenal fatigue, and it was glorious and it was going really well, and people were getting better results than the guy who trained me like everything was great. So I got some business coaching because I thought well I. Now I want to build the business because I don't have really a background in how do much in business except they taught me how to run a pharmacy so I discovered I'm sure you've had a coaching before angel in you do a lot of things that you wouldn't normally do. So what I was doing. Is a lot of things I wouldn't normally do, and the upshot is I had three people in ten days. Say while Heather, you know your psychic, right? The first person I was like I just. Went. Whatever A alright. Lady whatever lists move on and the second person just like what do you mean by that and what was going on and why would you say that she's like well, you know basically read energy and it's like well, yeah I read energy but I'm not psychic by the third percents like. Cheese, not going to have to look into. US. But not from a let me explore my beautiful gifts place. It was more for me. Let me prove to you. This is not a things we can all just move on and it was a thing. It's actually hits a very powerful gift. And 'cause I leaned right into it like whatever crazy nutty thing I get pops into my head or comes in me through whatever is coming out of my mouth and it created the most profound change and helped support and facilitate transformation for people in such a beautiful way. That I was like. I'm in. This is amazing. I am able now to help people in a way that I never before imagined and when you say that heather does so that clear you're not talking about psychic in the way in which I would think psychic you're talking about energy type like being able to work with people and help them through their levels of energy because I have done some training around that I was looking into coaching and it was pretty interesting to learn how we show up and how our energy levels impact the world around us and I just thought it was extremely. It was defined in a way that I would have never considered as relates to energy because you're talking about, Taipei folks I am like raising my hand because that's need. A. Long. All waste looking to push through and you know deal with did and. I've experienced burn out and it is not fun and what I think is a was a struggle for me was being able to actually. Put My finger on it and actually call it earn out. and. I think sometimes, there are people like me who won't do that. You know we will come up with all other reasons or no reason at all people don't typically identify it as at least in my experience do I don't know why but I've not encountered candidate where people will call out and say that his earn out I don't about trying to remain strong or what but I'm interested in your experience in working with people on that. Absolutely. So after I discovered this in, it depends on what you think psychic means as to what this really is in my world, it's essentially intuitive can read energy. Like there's Different things but I took this information and thought, okay. How can I use this to help these people even more and what I discovered is in doing the energetic clearing and all those sorts of tools I was able to speed up people's recovery even faster. Because, we already taken for full-blown burnout. It takes about four or five years to fully recover if you do it on your own. And with our plan, you can do it in about as little as one year, and now with these additional tools would I've discovered as you can do it in as little as six months now your mileage may vary really depends on where you start. But what I discovered after I brought this tool in was that the underlying stress isn't just regular stress because that's what causes. burnout is prolonged stress and frustration, but it's not just the regular stress. It is the stress of trying to be someone you're not. It's the stress of living in a particular identity that isn't aligned with who you truly are, and that's part of why a lot of people myself included have a hard time admitting Oh, my God I think this Barna. Because what does that mean about me if I'm burnt-out does mean I'm not good at this doesn't mean I'm not good enough. How does it mean that I can never come back to this doesn't mean that I'm a failure doesn't mean it's really big identity issues that are very difficult to navigate through because a lot of us have very schaeuble foundations. One of the reasons why I really wanted to have this conversation because I wanNA talk about the unhealthy side of pushing through which you know can also put some people be defined as grit. You know I defined greatest an acronym on his podcast but grew by definition. Talk about you know being mentally tough and you know pushing through an I, don't believe that that is what we have to do in all situations. I just don't think that is the cure for whatever we're going through all the time, and so I definitely believe that people struggle with. Identifying or calling burn out as it is in the self judgments an interesting component there because what are we tell ourselves when we say that we have to hang with it? No matter what yeah I know what I was telling myself was that because that's what successful people do. People who are good enough can make this happen look at all these people working with they're not having the same problems. That's what I was telling myself. And first of all, that's not terribly hopeful. But it's what I was doing. So there is grit is incredibly useful. And in my point of view, it's a way of applying your will. So if 'cause Angel I'm pretty sure that if you decided you were going to do something stand back it's going to happen right and at the end of it, here's the difference at the end of it I. Bet sometimes you come out of it exhausted. Pleased that you're done. But like we're not doing that again, I hope been you know look at all that I've accomplished but I'm drained now I need a vacation now I need to regenerate and I bet other times after you come out of it your site that was amazing. Proud of what I've done. I'm super energized look at all the next things that are now options. What do I WANNA do next right have you had that experience where it's either exhausted energized I? Have there have been things that I have done that have been. Be was valuable. I still came out on the other end. Exhausted in meeting. Just that mental and physical restoration, and so I think it's to what you're saying sometimes there's confusion there. Yeah. How we process is Austin versus being energized I guess one could be energized. Ambi Tired I. Don't know. Well Yeah. So let's pick it apart a little bit. So it is neither good nor bad. Whatever you choose is fine like I'm not here to judge the choice if you know if someone wants to choose the path that other people have discerned probably the path of struggle. But if that's what you choose do that that's fine. That's not bad. You Come at the end of something in your exhausted that is not inherently bad. However. If you discover you being anybody discovers that wow. I am exhausted a lot because there is a difference between tired and exhausted I believe that you're. A big difference and the for me and for the clients that I work with what I've discovered is that exhaustion is signal that there's a big gap between who you really are and how you're being, and that's where all the stress and tension in this identity gap. So usually with very small tweaks. You can shift how you're being. In Place Lake sometimes, it does really require a change of jobs or change of scenery or a different relationship. But most of the time there is a slight tweak that aligns every thanks for like A. It goes from terrible to at least less bad. If not, you know really this is great. How can people really discern the difference and I think it comes down to getting really clear. Brutally honest about what he really want. And what are the benefits you're getting and not from a place you can make yourself wrong like if you really want is recognition, you'll probably discover yourself in a situation where you can get recognition. But you might be a situation where the recognition comes from working really hard and struggling, and once you make that conscious now you can make a new choice or not. But the making conscious can help really strip a lot of stress from it suit least understand what's going on. And if you continue to choose it, that's fine too like that's the difference. I'M NOT GONNA make you wrong for that. I might not understand it. But. That's okay. It doesn't matter. It's your own personal choice and then you'll discover Oh, there's things that actually feel very energized by. And maybe there was work involved maybe they just happen naturally A. But that's your cue that that's more aligned for you, and that's going to be the path of Choy, and once you start going that direction, you go from stress to bliss. And you're building unshakable foundation. So let's talk about that as it relates to share earlier because you said that you went from running three miles a day to not be able to get off the couch. What were the factors what were the theme sec you to see and say, okay, I need to figure out what's up with me versus saying this is just a season it'll pass. This is just a part of life i. what were the discerning factors that led you to take some action because I think what's important for people who are listening to this that may be going through it. How do I not define it but how do identify? Someone is not where it needs to be and what steps do I take net stood. So little bit about your story as it relates to no one that you weren't in that place in recognizing that former wasn't. You're never aligned with the but talk a little bit about the attorney point when you said, I really need to get some help here. Well. So the one place that people can go is they can go to visit burnout DOT COM. I've got what's turned out to be a really accurate quiz to kind of assess what's your risk for burnout obviously, that's not anything that's diagnostic, but it's good for people to kind of get a handle on what's really going on here. Now in my own life. What I discovered as I'm looking back I'm like, Oh there were a lot of signs that I completely didn't see. So what it required for me was not being able to function in my life like it took me a couple of days to get the dishwasher loaded, and then I would celebrate I would take a shower and then I need to lay down and rest I slept through my lunch bear I. Forgot, the drug class of Lice, and appeal, and that was information that I had had in my brain since nineteen ninety-three. This is terrifying like I need to do something. I can no longer ignore this. Now I don't recommend that people let things go that far because the more severe burnout gets the longer it takes to recover from it. So. If you're at the front end like I don't know who how would I know if I have burn out? Okay. Well, maybe you've got brown out. It's a spectrum. So how excited are you to do the thing that you're worried about? Like maybe for some people were for other people, it's burnout in their living situation. Thank you bid. Putting it. It can stop in any area it's best studied in the workplace, but it can truly show up in any area and you can look at. Am I engaged or am I disengaged here and it's usually not an on off switch but what I call myself clear more engaged or am I more towards the disengaged like are you having conversations with your family or are you in a in an affair with your iphone? Late. You and again, it's not wrong but it's like, okay, we'll perhaps. I'm starting to get a little burnt out here for me. Personally, my energy level is a huge signal as things progress for some people. It's harder to think clearly, it's almost like a brain fog or lennick realization like while the decisions I'm making are not decision cy would normally make. This is very strange and the trouble is with this. There are some very subtle clues. And the clues are easily confused with something else. So if you discover okay, I'm having an issue. Let me just take a break. Let me ensure that I'm getting enough sleep. Let me eat foods that are right for me. Let me get whatever level of exercise appropriate for me in this moment and let me do that for a few to several days and see if I've lifted out of it because sometimes that's all it takes. And other times like yeah. Okay. That ain't it then it might be out. Yet, what I'm hearing, you say that no matter what you do those. The is if you will let me start exercising more. Let me let me sleep. Well, those things. Help or they aren't necessarily moving the needle enough that there's something still off that we have to deal with when we are experiencing the kind of and they kind of stress. Yeah if your basic self care and maintenance isn't you then you've got something else going on. And it's time to go deeper and really examine. Okay. Well, what's going on here now be advice that as a person gets on that Brownout to burn out scale, it changes how you think and it changes how you see the world. So a lot of times it's helpful to have loved ones give you feed back because to you it seems very normal late for me when I was in that work situation I felt trapped because I didn't think anybody else would hire me which doesn't make any sense. First of all, I had sent out zero resumes. Economic of all, I never had any trouble getting hired before lake. It was completely made up stuff. It felt real. It felt true and that's just essentially that's your brain burnout. So, sometimes, it can be helpful to get feedback. From you know your partner or from your friends were they're like, what are you talking about like? Okay that might be burnt out. That's a good comment because I think speaking from my own experiences, you know with burnout in actually getting to a place where I could identify that without. Self judgment I did get feedback from my family members but it wasn't the kind of feedback where I went to them and said, hey, you know, are you noticing anything different? It was more of. Something's going on with you. When you know they were it showed up in that way it showed up and now my kids you know communicated with meal showed up not irritable out was. To say that you know, okay something is not right here. You can receive feedback in many ways and it's really accomplished on us to see a we really paying attention to the feedback that we're getting. So yeah, I appreciate that comment yet the feedback comes in all different ways would I was. Like wow. People are giving me strange looks MS snapping at people and not realizing it. I understand and in the middle of a room yelling at dogs, this is not normal what is happening here so Other, people are I. Am now sensitive to signals, but I wasn't at that time. So you could ask people directly or you could just really listen when people UK you know, hey, what if you took a break or more been worried about you're like, oh, can maybe get some going on here. Because, occasionally, your last two now and in part because it's really it's a resistance mechanism. Because if you knew that you were burned out then those identity issues. Papa. Oh. What's that made about me and maybe I'm not doing really well and probably. I actually almost all the time burnout is a systems issue. It could be that you're any toxic work environment. For most people toxic work environments are not align. So there that's a problem but a lot of times we've got internal systems like we have conditioning that forces us to do things that aren't actually aligned for us. Let's talk about that a little bit more. To me go deeper on what you just said okay. So for instance, a lot of us have people pleasing behaviors. I know I do not nearly as much anymore, but they do come out sometimes. That is conditioning. So people pleasing would be something like okay well. I'm tired and I want to go home but I don't want to upset this person in ill be super inconvenient for me if I upset them and then there's this blah blah blah I guess I'll stay and Back. Before Kobe go out for afterward cocktails like okay. Well, I, guess I'll pick up this extra whatever. Or you discover your managing other people's feelings in order to create safety for you. Well I gotta be sure I'm real nice about saying. No. So they don't get mad and yell and threaten my job or my stability or my whatever. So you find yourself twisting yourself into a pretzel. That's not that's not aligned behavior. That's an internal system that you've taken on, which is creating Secondly, stress certainly shake -able or shake ability. But potentially creating Bernau if you follow it long enough. Yeah. I'm thinking about what you're saying as it relates to so many people who and like you said, it could be the work environment it could be the home environment. You know it could be any of those things. But. Really, being able say that something is not aligned. One has to be very self aware and attention to the signals of life to do act. Let's talk a little bit more about alignment heather and. Help someone who may be challenged with Understanding. Alignment for their lives. Yeah. Because it's like would. Is there an alignment meter what am I doing here? Okay. Will you get soul signals all the time? Your soul is always talking to you. Always In it's just a matter of tuning in and listening now. How it works for you exactly. It's really worthwhile to work with somebody to get down to okay. How does it work for me? Personally? So, because we can't talk exact specifics, let's talk broad strokes and let's talk with what works for most people. So. Your desires, things you want. That's your soul talking to you. Now, let's pretend that you were driving. Desire is for I don't know maybe it's a Mercedes suv now it's like, okay, that's great. That's my soul wants a car, but we'll probably not this is where you get to really inquire what is that about? Is it about the feeling of freedom is the premium experience? Is it I liked to go fast. Is. The satisfaction of being successful enough in having that marker. Like if you can get clear on what the underlying drivers, then you get clear on what your soul is really asking for. So if you discover Oh, it's really it's the premium experience. Great, Dow. It's how can I bring a premium experience into my life? Without. Necessarily dropping the money on this expensive SUV like, oh I we upgrade our dinner plates. Or. You know not going to use this chip mug or no I dress up every day like whatever for you delivers that experience than that communicates back to your soul I'm listening we're on it. So then the soul continues to talk with you. So desirous one thing heavy and light is a really helpful tool as well when things are true for you when they're lined for, you don't feel light or. Or expansive were bright or something like that. and. When it's not true for you when it's false when it's misaligned, it'll feel heavy or closed or constricted or dark, or there be some feedback like that, and there's actually been some research about this bio gambling task through the task where people were hooked up to a machine like a lie detector and they were playing a computer game essentially, it was a stack of four cards a new flip over card in the task was to win as much money as possible. But it wasn't random it's ranked. So after about fifty cards, people figured it out. This is the good tech. This is the bad deck. Scott. But what they discovered is your body new at ten cards. So right. Like your body new and was sending signals to you. So this heavy and light tool is a way to really tune into what of the signals I'm receiving. So it's easy. We can do it here in just a moment. I you WANNA breathe deeply. So it's an inhale hold your breath for just a moment and then a bigger exile and the reason is because that turns down your stress response, which is really important because when your stress response system is activated, it's GonNa Change how you perceive the world you know it's fight or flight or freeze its a whole thing's GonNa Breathe. Hold and a beggar EXCEO. Then is to keep breathing to pay attention how your body feels pretend like you're asking yourself these two questions. I is truth. My body likes to drink water and then truth. My body likes to drink paint thinner. Now most people can discern a difference between. Those some sort of Feeling around which is. Very, good to talk about because I don't. Know that in this fast paced world that we're in. That people are paying enough attention to their own bodies on what the body is telling us about power doing. Exactly, which is why I like this framework because handy as you practice it, it gets real fast in fact, your body will just tell you before you're even asking and and know technically those aren't questions it's more statements, but it's just it's a handy framework truth. This is the line for me truth it isn't, and once you've set that baseline for truth body likes to drink water truth my body likes to drink paint thinner and you know what you're yes and your no. Because almost never, is there an immediate answer to a question required? I have participated in code situation. So in the hospital code, blue situations, the physician running the code, it's asked a question they bring in they breathe out they were spot and that's a situation where you need an immediate response. But there's always just time for just a moment to stop and process. So sometimes, people feel like, Hey, you wanNA. Do this and they feel obligated to give an immediate response and this is an invitation. What if you gave yourself permission to tune in to see what you truly desire with truly aligned for you yeah. was listening to your comment earlier about the Mercedes and wanting the car or discerning between wanting the car. Or wanting the experience and Hammy thinking about kind of the five whys of you have you heard of that heather wear oh yeah. Yeah. In fact, I used a modified five allies to help people get to their big Y.. Yeah. It took me into that level of thinking around Degan into the five wise around. Why you may be thinking or desiring a particular thing, and it's not to say that your first thought is an incorrect but the digging deeper on that has value as well. So I was thinking about that as I was listening to you talk through it absolutely, and then the heavy and light took can help you navigate to okay. Well, what does it really here because your brain might be telling you Well. We want this big car because we like the status symbol. Body might be telling you. That's not really yet. We just like fun things. And the difference is if you think, you want the status symbol for smaller than nothing wrong with that. If that's what you truly want. But if you think you want it now you're after status symbols, which isn't going to be helpful or if you think you want the luxury experience if that's what your brain is telling you we we like the luxury, but your body's telling you know it's more about the freedom and the possibilities. So, if you're chasing luxury that's not going to be satisfying, you're going to have a bigger identity gap. You're at more at risk for burnout you're on. You're not on an unshakable foundation at that point 'cause you're stretching and reaching two things. Don't even truly matters to you think they do whereas if you're like well what what my body says, what I truly want is experience of freedom last different you can buy the same car. But if you're doing it with the intention of the freedom that brings now, you know what else to look at and bring into your life where else could I have more freedom? How could I do things from a place of freedom and you really begin seeing oh? This is actually really important to me in this other thing isn't okay end. Through the process of becoming unshakable, you get to a point where you don't really care what feedback society has for you about those choices like but for me, what I really love is this thing over here. Cool. What I'm doing and I'm dropping this other stuff in the society tells me I should do it and it's really it's a releasing obligation is a big part of it. How did you make the decision to? I'm making an assumption here that allot of these experiences when you went through, it came from your work experience a work environment. Why not? Quite sure. There was a lot. Know we live full life's work I spent a lot of time at work and I spent a lot of time thinking about worrying about works works my deal on a lot of people spend a lot of time thinking worrying about relationship. So it's Just depends which questions. Here okay. So. So let's go back to. Your space that you were in at the time in, you decided to made a transition, not just in career to help people who are dealing with this kind of thing because you have firsthand experience in training and can help someone move through this. But when you were going through it, how did you handle just the noise of the environment? The no ways of people around you how did you move yourself out of debt space to get still unquiet enough to actually pay attention to what was going on enough you were still going through the motions of life I should say right I was. Barely able to feed myself, cloth myself and get myself to work because I was believing I needed to show up to work and give them my best. That's part of how I was deriving myself worth. So the away I gave myself space for that is I didn't really give myself space for that so I believe. One of my first principles is everything is happening for you. Now I did not believe that then I am fully aware at how triggering that particular principle is but stained with. So to date disburned and adrenal fatigue was the single worst thing that's happened to me. And I am so grateful for it. So grateful for it because what it was, it was a set of conditions. Right was truly unable to do much else than introspection and trying to find a way through it. So it was a forced full stop. And I was like, well, okay and after you're done essentially bargaining like well, I'm not really finance or here what about this is supposed to help this doesn't work up I'm a natural born researchers I was. On the Internet and what's going on you know like, okay. Well, nothing's really help. Some okay. Well I guess I will forge my own path here. Fine. and. The Path I needed to forge had a lot of laying around doing very little like at the time we were playing a monopoly on the we. and. You know the video game we in you got to hold up the remote and I, remember I just I thought my arm down and I was like it's too much. I just can't hold this up. So it got being a place where there weren't other choices. And I was forced to get crystal clear. What was important to me because what I realized was saving up my energy to go to work and when I came home I had nothing left for my dog. He was a border Collie lab mix. This is not the kind of dog that's like Oh we can skip the walk today. It does not work like that has like why Why am I giving so much to this place that makes me so angry, why am I doing that? And it was. A while before, I could really even let it be okay to answer that question I think it was very very transparent to hear you talk about tying yourself self worth to what was your work environment at the time I. Think a lot of people do that in being able to align differently in see your via worth differently outside of what you do. That's a huge step for a lot of folks in so can. Get to that level of awareness is so big heather. Everyone didn't get there I i. do think that people have signals I don't know that we all listen to signals, and if there's anything that I'm wanting listeners to take away from this discussion between you and I is about listening to those signals So many times we ignore them. And listening with empathy listening with empathy for yourself for other people it because. Any judgment is not really true. Like it's an invitation to consider would if there was neither good nor bad. What if it was more about how aligned and misaligned? What if it was more about correct and incorrect but correct from a know based on my wiring this is the correct answer for me in this moment. But just released the whole the bat at wrong the Oh that's glorious. They'd like just play with that because that was some of the things part of where I got here is I was really unable to very much. It was the whole thing was terrifying was awful I'm just they're sitting in thinking and I'm a big thinker. My brain never shuts off and I thought well okay. So if it's true. The I only have value and worth based on my productivity value and worth based on my job and what I can do there. Okay. Even if you reject the premise, it's helpful to me. That's a belief I will that's follow that all the way through. So does that mean that people who don't work don't have value and worth does that mean that people who aren't productive for whatever reason aren't inherently valuable and I think most of us would get at least very uncomfortable with that idea. And it's like, oh, we'll maybe maybe that's just crap. Maybe that's not actually true. Okay. What if that's not true what if a person's work has no relationship To what they can produce. No relationship to whether or not? They work no relationship like what if that's true and I think most people will find that creates a feeling of lightness and expansion, and if that doesn't free, that's okay. You get to further examine. Okay. What what's that about? Because a lot of us are have been conditioned from an early age to really survive in this capitalist society and what if that isn't true with a capital T. it doesn't mean you can't function in it. It doesn't mean that you can't. I guess win at that system is one way of looking at it but being aware that simply assistant and it's got different rules. But maybe it's not true in a lot of people find the that offer some additional freedom and then really brings up the question. Okay. We'll. Then one that was exactly rows going because look at you know where you are today. Having come through a really challenging time in your life in getting past at how does that show up as relates to you having your business showing up in your life. Having perseverance having grit knowing when to push you went to talk through that a little bit because. I WanNa make sure that there is a discussion around what that means for goals and goal setting and. We're not gonNA love every single thing that we do. Know, it's just not reality. So let's talk about that and share with me how it shows up for you in the life that you live now in the goals that you've set for yourself as relates to your life and your business and your relationships. Yea I'll start riffing and just feel free to redirect me. So I love your acronym and really from me listening through love and listening with empathy certainly to yourself I'm able to build a business where I do it for other people. It's magical. I just love it. But. That requires a certain amount of grace recovering from stress requires resilience. So it's ruined helpful to talk to yourself in a way that has that grace. So if you find that what you're able to do is sit on the couch and eat cheese and that's kind of it. That's fine. What you could do is recognize this is a way that I building resilience. There's been a stress and I'm GONNA face it again and it's GonNa? Be Okay but I need a minute. That's a different way of saying I'm building resilience and a lot of people can feel the difference on that. That self talk of this is how building resilience because Life Right now is not easy for very many people at all and certainly for the business owners out there. When people say you know being business really isn't easy for sugar coating. Yeah, there's a lot of stuff. And it requires that tenacity and then how I'm navigating, it is to be able to be tenacious but I am 'cause I'm like a terrier with a bone sometimes but I get real clear about what my end goal is and is the investment of energy and focus worth it for me like is potentially worth it for me and I can be very tenacious and then for other things like, Amblin. That go I think this was about me looking good where I felt obligated to do it like that's not gonNa work for me goods being so honest with yourself. That that's good. That's really. Yeah very honest which requires that integrity late. Willing to be brutally honest with yourself like, oh, based on my behavior I have a subconscious belief where I. Need to be important other people which would be all right except it's creating these problems in my life. Okay. Breathe through that that's very triggering. Now, what if anything do choose to do that? Do about that in this? Like. Oh, I discover that I'm feeling very worn down and don't feel like I can address this. Okay. Great. I'm not going to bury it again Clinton just GonNa. Process us. Put on my calendar. I'm going to revisit this in three days and see where I'm at there. 'cause you know three four nights asleep things can look very different and sometimes it's like, no. I'm going to call somebody to shift these beliefs like today crate it's a process and you'll discover what works for you being able to identify. What that looks like for you into what you said earlier if it is worth pursuing because you have the right reasons behind it and it aligns with who you are and where you're looking to go is important and I just WanNa make sure that when we're talking about this, it doesn't sound like some abstract way you're. Getting through there is not the intention here life's goes and you will still have things that will be challenging. We don't. Know that. Doesn't stop being unshakeable right? Doesn't stop challenging things coming into your life I'm sorry. Very sorry about that. But. Right, it does not stop it in. There will be times that even for the things that we feel speak for me that we one hundred percent aligned to bed, it is in our hearts it is in our soul we feel call to there will be time to even those things can be difficult or have difficulties about them. And ill, sorry. I got excited. You didn't mean to come to off go. Near, the rights the practicality of it is were. Leading us. Yeah. So let me US a concrete example. So unshakable being. Is the title of my podcast and this podcast has been brewing and cooking in the back of my head for a year or two in it wasn't ready to be birth. Just station time is different for different projects and I discover. Oh, it's time. It's time. For me. What's helpful is to write down what essentially submission what's my goal here, and how will I know when I'm accomplishing? Michael how feel what will I see because for me personally Sometimes, it gets real easy to get lost in the middle or stuff gets hard as a man maybe didn't want this anyway. So I have it written down it's tangible now. And I can't gay my own system out here it is right in never note. This is what we're doing. So that's very helpful and then it's a matter of okay. Now it's a project know all about projects. This is how it breaks down. This is what we do some steps really fun some steps or not. and. What's very helpful is I discovered partway through this that Oh, I have an issue that was previously hidden I'm having issues with being seen. So I think you can relate to this how it's very difficult to show up and be visible even though a podcast is an audio thing, it's a form of being visible when there's a part of you that's what are we doing? Freight and they're still disability even even though it's audio, you still have to show up because people need to know about the podcast of the why why do it you know? AM ideal. Is. I'm authentic I'm real and it's not because that's a gimmick. I've dreamt up. It's because I'm high of discovered. Oh No, that's actually how I'm wired and if I'm not completely authentic, no matter where mad on someone else's podcast on my own light, it doesn't work for me. It's very misaligned traits huge problems. I had somebody. Tell me Oh heather. You're on a short Karmic I'm like yeah. I get the smackdown right away. So it's being fully open. It's really letting myself be seen. It's really reaching out to truly magical gas and delivering because again, this is why I'm doing it. I am on a mission to help people become unshakable to shift out of stress stop going in circles in, get what you want in your life body and business. That is for real what I'm driven to do. It's not even dry it's called and pulled to do. So then I, get in the middle of it and I too hard to do this on what's going on why isn't this working and it's all this my issues with being seen that are coming up. Okay. Then you move through the process, it's an acknowledgment. It's choosing a new. Like in the past I would then should myself I would place myself what you really should get it done. You really need to do it. You really have to do it and for me those obligations they actually they make me sick. Like physically ill it drains me of energy crates problems so I can't do it that way. Oh. That word should you out say that one of my coach friends talks about why should not a healthy word for us to use? Can. You quickly dig into that in just you know give some definition around for anyone who may be listening to this in. Washington. I say should. You totally can you totally can. But what you may discover is it your foundations become very schaeuble because essentially should is an obligation and it's the subtle way of manipulating people and being manipulated. Manipulation is neither good nor bad but for most people, it doesn't really work for that. So, what I discovered is I was in a situation where people were. Shooting on me and I was getting Real Matt. Angers assigned that AH boundaries spend crossed I thought instead of just getting mad. Why don't I really dig into this but not for making other people wrong and you can't talk to me like that and Blah Blah, blah. But from what if I cut it out of my vocabulary because the top three toxic energies in life are guilt shame an obligation guilt pretty bad shames probably technically the worst. But I think obligation is more prevalent because it is not typically socially acceptable to shame somebody, but it's perfectly socially acceptable to place an obligation on someone. So I cut should out of my. You gotta get real clear about what you want and what you're asking for when you're not using should anymore you know what you should do is you should drive over there and do this like Oh. Is that true? What do I really want here like Oh, I think you might consider. You doing this because you might enjoy tears very different. than. Putting the obligation on your would say for me and I'm trying to work on saying that were in the context in which it it could impact my way of thinking because when I said to myself other times what I quote be doing I feel like I'm imposing some sort of judgment on myself and it never feels good and so that's an example of that internal system that's misaligned that many of us are working with it. So yeah, and have you discovered that when you like? Okay. Well, maybe it's not about should. Had, has really getting clear been helpful or been. Has It gone? You know I it has been helpful I am. Really. Leaning into impaneled attention to the power of words and I just power words the power of the spoken words coming out of my mouth that I hear I she and It is helping me to be careful with how I speak to myself if that makes sense. And being able to do it in a way that like I said earlier. Doesn't. Bring a level of judgment. It just feels more kind in a world where everyone has an idea on a thought about what you quote should or should not be doing one right. Being able to handle it for myself. And pray through in talk it through in removing all judgment in being kind about it. Has Been Very helpful and therapeutic for me. and. So the words we use. Really, matter and. I really like some of the things that that you mentioned earlier around where everything that you mentioned earlier around this debt but it's very, very easy for people to miss that heather. It really really is is is so easy to not pay attention to the words that were saying for the signals that our bodies given us or the environment there were and. A lot of times which is going about life. In miss a lot of those signals when life is speaking to us all along, which is fine. If your life is going the way you want it to. If you've already got everything, you want keep on keeping on but if not, then these are some things to bring on board ner tools that once you get used to them, they actually get very they're simple tools that get easy with us but but yet just an, it really places at least for me at place me in a situation. Where requires me to get crystal clear about what I really wanted? So I noticed. And I had fun with it and I became. You know unfortunately I became the should not see for a while because of super keyed into I hear should in my own head coming out of my own mouth from other people alike. Honey, you should run my feet like wait what we mean. Oh. I. Find that I really like the love and attention and the experience of you rubbing my feet and is that something that you'd be willing to do now? And then you know sometimes it's yes and sometimes it's no but it also gives you the opportunity to be completely honest with another person because sometimes it's Oh, i. You should do this. Oh well, what I really want is for you to do it without me having to take any responsibility for my own desires I. Guess I got some work to. Never. mind. I've actually sent that. Oh, I guess that's what I really want and I don't think I'm able to have a conversation about it in this moment. Let's revisit. That that was good I need to take responsibility for my own desires. That's good. Yeah it was so instructive. So instructive 'cause like I got a lot of ideas about how other people should run their life and it's all about with convenient for me and a lot of times it came down to. So then I have to take responsibility for something I'm like Oh oh, my deals can be partly responsibility. Great now I know what to look for its first on my differential. And if you start small it, Stacey start small keeps small don't do five hundred million things at once you'd be surprised at how quickly you get third typically the smaller the step, the faster you get tear goal I like the and that is so practical and it's one of the takeaways I want people to hear from this conversation. Smaller, the step, the quicker you can get to the goal absolutely ally because sometimes we bite off so much in an attempt to get there quicker and may not hit the gold and then we end up judging ourselves because we have so much in we can you know and so have an appreciation for their. Thank you. I'm going to close and you kind of already went there with regard to the acronym. Grit. I'm going to do it anyway as it relates to grace resilience integrity intensity, which one of those words resonate with most when you think about being unshakeable I, think most people would expect a stress and burnout expert to really resonate with resilience which I do. But. I think integrity is the most important one. As it relates to becoming unshakable because it's remaining in integrity with who you truly are in integrity is essentially a different way of saying in alignment. With who you truly are and integrity requires a lot of things from person including being very honest at least with yourself taking responsibility in truly following through on what's important to you. Or actively choosing not to and allowing that to be okay it's good. So if people want to contact you. How would they do that in? How would they work with you? If that's what they wanted to do either oh, that's fantastic. To work with me, probably, the best place to start is to go to real clarity. Call. Dot Com get on my calendar. We can have a no obligation like zero pressure conversation to you can get truly connected with what can be of assistance to you and a Lotta Times that's working with me and sometimes it's better to refer out. So there's no go be afraid of event the listening to the podcast. Scary. Helpful. You can find that at unshakable being dot com. And my main website for I've got more about the services and products, and all of that is at vibrant again, Dot Com. Awesome. Thank you so much for being guest on today's episode. Lots of good stuff in here and. I believe that someone will. Really. Be Enlightened by our conversation. Hopefully, be challenged to take action you know in small steps to your point but taking action anyway right. Baby steps to that quantum leap absolutely. Yes. So thank you so much I generally appreciate you being here. I know their schedules are crazy. But this was good. So thank you, Heather. Thank you. This has been an absolute delight. Thank you so much. Listen, thanks for tuning into today's podcast, shoot me an email angel at Angel Watkins Dot Com. Let me know of this was helpful to you of there's more. You'd like to learn a talk about I'd be glad to do that and write me on items and tell a friend I thank you for tuning in bless you and have a wonderful day.

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European Giants Fall


39:01 min | 1 year ago

European Giants Fall

"Welcome into the a good day for this show mutual actually a very bad day for me as well we're spending a sleepless in Seattle fun time yes one of the big clubs place for Barcelona Thirty Minute Antoine Nice run but his shot saved Brussel on tomato I didn't himself into attack down the left hand side we usually see George in that position is clearly apparent calf injury he's placed by Carlos Perez and things the defender does enough to put them off goalkeeper makes a safe sixtieth line than he's late coming over to the take the central position and by then then oh he loves scoring this goal I'm not sure that because he went to remedy free-kick pneumonia or find space and makes it three one and there is too late deflection of always gets three one to waiting for a response from Barcelona Ah Antoine Offside in the buildup and is correct call and Levante Barcelona dominating in all aspects wrong I left for Barcelona just when you thought that Barcelona they had coming into this game thought okay well versed on top of the table a there were hanging on against the team that they should be much better and I it just feels room and whatever may be going on behind the scenes at Barcelona Jost on the field and responsible for the left side of the attack who's that on is that or is that like certain Leonid messy has freedom to go wherever he wants to restore this is going to take a central Penn side but as we saw in the highlights the chance for until increasement from him but what happens consistently is that you have district guys within ten yards of each other I and even though that space is open Dawson really take that space natural because he doesn't that spacious open bowl gets played to him and now live onto slade shifting over okay so the Ryen side so you're limited underwrite you're limited on the left everything is down the middle and because by someone is trying to commit that Syrian committee numbers forward that they're not comfortable it's three one every bit of through when you think about the quality of opportunities came from Luanda took advantage of that Barcelona has better players than they've onto right we way from just the tactical issues that I just mentioned and going one way or a group of Larry's going one way and then and then by better this going a different in Barcelona and I think there's something to that because you don't always we're gonNA keep things in private but there are things going on here that we have to result and this would the players yet but I do think that their issues underlying in the connection or miss connection that when this team does not find with the left hand side with on the right hand side do wearing your button downs on talked and hoping for the best then stop it seriously the perfect length and were designed for guys of all shapes and sizes taller short slimmer athletic you're shorter find the style to match any wardrobe so whether you're shopping for the perfect gift for the man in Your Life Dot Com and don't forget to use Promo Code Zero S to save twenty percent on your first order at checkout who and Manchester City post win but both need late goals to do so Liverpool against Villa Newcastle Sheffield United Right and let's start with the Liverpool victory over Aston Villa arrest him they did and how they they seem to need him and they needed this team that is having a difficult struggles trying to put other teams away against thirteen th they still have a game on Sunday city beating Southampton the city well if you give teams a sign of life a recent for hope hung on a song as they bid but in the end mine does the city was two good Kyle Walker the game theft the OLA talking about Saudi Oman and maybe throwing some flames into the fire ahead coming here isn't it yes it is and when he saying he's a talent as the over the last week or so it is also a very clear message is a clear I will go down easily this guy's looking to draw fouls he's an incredible and then people are going to be paying attention to Monday strana drove follows trying to dive he's any sense that either or both looking ahead it's not so much that they're looking enable to do that people will point that and say well they're destined to win the title this they're a good team liberal as solid as they are are they having to chase the too many times this year we have seen Manchester City gift live two teams that should not have a couple of things a couple of plays go in the way of the city and now you're running to three points that were running they'll be happy with the result and the three points but they won't be happy with the performance and against the other one is that simple they have to bring their very best inorder beat sideway past backpass Georgina suddenly he's playing quite well tammy everyone gets the first not just to go the eventual game-winner is that one finished up let's start with Pulisic okay no why you gotta do go see all it takes is one not so good performance on their willing performs few players around the world that are you know it you'll love it they're going to be great that he made that run into a bus that read their space read the moment when far post first and then cutting continue to play because he continues to do well and so William is going to play down the right hand side and now I need mix Chelsea a better team how good is Chelsea team I think they've won eight of their last nine I think Frank Lampard would have thought at this point the season it's also further along than most quite go their way right it's like we'll see he wasn't ready for this he wasn't ready for this now what are we consistent with this message that competition players I think is benefiting Chelsea and you're getting goals also there's production coming from everywhere and you have to like what Chelsea have done so far speaking of people who niamh ahead to say afterwards it was a bad result but tactically it worked how we now does will get the start Greenwich Not in the eleven not even in the eighteen our department for a club one of the first things that you get to your coach usually not sit in a press conference or any sort of interview and tell them it was I walls that dominated the game in the second half that is arsenal hanging on at home tune into scape out of here with one point plane at home and yet this is what you they named front of me and everything that I told his players they executed because he looks like and is there any reason to believe in Emery as the guy to get this turnaround well how much longer we else when you start believing that yes we're taking the right steps and we're making the right decisions then they have something Chaco situation he says Nobile we're going to handle it be fine we're going to move on from this that we had moved on I thought it wasn't a big deal you now you made it a big deal because you have gone agency in the message from the coach and in the performance of the players Mendoza will do anything in this I think the the the more difficult it's going to be for miserable to find any rhythm out on what Manchester United is what they aren't there's a moment in the thirty third minute Anthony Marceca goes there's different contact and so it falls into one of those categories that we have talked about time threshold in order to switch the call I don't think it does because there is some context what I find most go down how do you know that you know that if you are in full momentum and somebody's pushing in a fight through that you've taken my advantage away and so I don't think it's a penalty sequence you're not into play you're not right there to make that call Josh kings scores the goal for he's a snow response they had plenty of time after this to do something about it and they couldn't that's where the goal I think one this is a mid table team definition what what is what it is as a brand nod what could potentially be in years we're going to have some good days you're gonNA have some days you're gonNa have some great days awful days around here no no no because mid-table team you'll get results and in that position but again that's the level that they're playing this is not a coincidence that this is not the realities of Manchester United Squad changed how we judge all they're gonNA soaps plenty to discuss from today's show they'll be discussing all week especially tomorrow as well on the ghost welcome home yeah that's that's bookie you know what's right he's just getting started it just one point off the top of the table and Nico vetch back at his former club earlier this week it's the franker up in the eighth minute from Frankford on the Counter Durham boats hang with the with their eventually though it's overturned free kick and red card Allahpundit aw twenty-fifth minutes Frankfurt goes ahead. Philip cost stitch the Finnish get it goes up to nil in the third minute you may have thought that they could be Niko Kovac said you know in the dressing room didn't work Hinton Raga heads at home hinderaker Oh okay You got that Ah yes it is and even with ten men you still have to ask questions it's that hot seat for Quebec only getting hotter they see the possession for binary next thing can be salvaged for buying Munich they're in fourth place in the Bundesliga. Okay there's a problem is football goes well beyond that and the problem form of Robert Levandowski and occasionally surge nabri upfront alibis of course Nicholas Soula out Lucas Hernandez out jerome boy made them pay a higher price now the question clearly turns to to Niko the press about dacoven standing right now Kobe himself hasn't Frankfurt Kovic is old club the screws are definitely turning will Niko Kovac be part of that salvage effort as after that defeat for more on the day that was in Italy here's gap Marcatti prevent still nursing that one point lead for grinding it out and they did just that with that late late. Romantic Lukaku US Torino quite a bit of hype they're always a tricky match for the beyond traff who else Matai delake the man who seemingly can't keep his hands to himself although I think from you vent is not certainly not their best performance not the prettiest performance but showed move once again ahead of inte- and also in the earlier game Mike Napoli again waking up late creating chances but not enough not minute the application of the so-called three step protocol which which in Italy are treated in the same as racist or homophobic songs That was after the final whistle so hopefully a corner despite all the injuries from Paulo Fonseca thanks Gavin Reminder Syriac we've got through this edition of it yes PFC that's it you have to be off the clock thank you very much for your questions I'll in said here you were not reflective mode I'm gonNA reflect the it's no according to the most we started this show talking about all the big clubs Walter today and he gives us quite a few options so we've got Barcelona reg top-flight going into that one and Manchester United Against Bournemouth disappointing he is the early Red card lacy defending all so be it it can happen but it's way in the manner in which they lost fill us as if they say you know we're moving from this we're no coming back from this the second half came quick and then like the fifth one something off training and I know and tap the guys who are not really winning balls to do so fifty all it in possession none of that was working rhyme unit in the context of what we've heard all week from Niko Kovac any any evidence that that's not it's not like the team was coming which is a coming into this match she said well I'm frank fans now those fans yeah and then he double down on the comments the next day so he you know not not exactly digging himself like he's almost going to head back to you or something I think I may have been well victim there's there are certain things that are missing brain that's let's not get crazy but then he kind of moved on from the army because he gets to the point yes he's always face you bid cupid stupid papain in all sorts of different things you know he's angry next question predictions show that we did oh well. I don't think I may prediction I did make prediction that Toronto would gene pick their team Toronto you must people are bitter on twitter into the session and corner into just because this people decided to send in a tweet sure where everybody was feeling very comfortable about L. AFC and then Seattle went I was I was about to address that said but when you Atlanta won that game yeah shoot up but that's another way works out all right Steve Nichols on extra tax on so let's just establish the rules rocks paper scissors shoot it's a knockout is this again molest playoffs straight knockout or best-of-three however you want to say you the want even though we got our predictions wrong yeah that's what makes it fun ready so all ahead paper allegedly for the first time in my life you can call me a winner there the long build-up to mls ooh hello maybe we'll get a kick out of you someone on.

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Empowering Relationship Statements (w/ Deon Cole)

Why Won't You Date Me?

48:24 min | 9 hrs ago

Empowering Relationship Statements (w/ Deon Cole)

"Day used baby. Welcome to another episode of. Why won't you date me upon cancer. Miyako buyer tries to figure out how. I'm still single. Even though you could you could you could tell me you love me and then never text me again. And i'd say maybe he'll text me one day. I'm in love my guest today. You've seen among black ish You've seen him on grown ish. You've seen him on andrew tribeca. He got comedies special. It is dion. Not how are you. Are you beautiful. Our faq wanna hear from you. Thank you so much for doing this. How has the pandemic been for you are you are you a touring or u. home. Yes yes. I've been doing nothing. That's it i haven't been torn haven't been on. Stage in february will be a year which is which is unheard of for comedian. You shouldn't even be on stade's nothing less than two weeks is in win a whole year. So is very weird. i m Just a shooting blackish. Ns about it man. Stand at home trying to stay. Say yeah it's fucking wild march will be a year for me and it's the most amount of time that i haven't been on a stage and it. I did like a couple spots in december when everyone was like. It's not that bad. A couple outdoor shows and then i got mad again and i was like okay i gotta gotta palestinian side can't be doing it exactly. Nah i haven't even tested the waters. I've no idea holidays so honestly it felt good but like it's truly not worth it. It's not worth you know what happened. I'm done with it. I want that vaccine. Give it to me. I don't know why they don't make us essential workers. I heard that we were because we. We actually have medicine which is laugh. Laugh this medicine and we gives a people. And i know it sounds kind of cliche. Make make your own ram reason for but we are actually helping people cope. And i don't understand why we as comedians can't give vaccine i just. I'm not sure why crews wouldn't be not like ahead of anybody but like it's a lot of people who work together so it's like an it's close in it's like people are watching a lot of television. I mean i don't wanna be like whereas central but like kind of like what else are you gonna do you gonna watch. Tv like put it like this like if a singer. The singer goes singer has the brain crew lighting. Sal mix You got all of that A comic is kinda. just bring his toiletry In my less people involved in a dislike. And we're we're making people laugh like songs make you feel good but we're making people laugh i will. We're making people laugh. And i just. I don't know i just i just and i'm not trying to be like here. We are essential and should not like that. I'm just. I just think. I got a good legit other. Comedians comedians being able to go out and hostile tweets and just hospitals in make people laugh and cheer them up and all of that. So i don't know. I don't know but but my job. I'm not saying we go before people six seven people who would pre-conditional let them first. But you know an i group of regular comic. Push the one out of the way and be like movie diabetic bitch. Let me ask The just a matter of fact. Let's not the subject people be like. Did you get the old outta hair. Realize at clubs on your writer you can ask for shit and then they go get it. I had no idea until. I can't remember what club it was. But the manager was like you don't have nothing in your writer so we did xyz. And i was like what do you mean. They're like just said that. You like vodka and that was it and i was like i can put more things he was like. Yeah then he was at one comic he asks for air force one's every show brand new ones eddie griffin eddie griffin. I didn't wanna say eddie griffin eddie griffin. Yeah he's he's he's he's known for that. Everybody knows the actually. He actually paved the way. The good thing that i love it. I ask for tampons. I haven't paid for tampons and it has to be like i didn't know what your flow was like. So fucking bag. You're writer you ask for. I don't have much like mine. Is like fish vegetables fruit. Look at you healthy. Come on now bought drinks for other people. This just drinks drinks fed by like if people came through gas. or whatever. drink down and Yeah i'm i'm simple. Mass sparkling water. Ooh i love. There's some lacroix's means my dion. Are you single dating married. What is your relationship status. I am just chilling man. That's how i'm doing. I'm chilling. i'm i don't have nobody and that night that It's kinda hard to even try to find somebody especially now with all of this on on so you know if i was on the brink of something pandemic then make shutout doubts so like I'm just chilling now mantis without nobody at all. That's where i am right now. I'm just like it's too hard. How do you. How do you navigate it. What do i have to text you for forever till we're both vaccinated or like both pinky. Swear that we're not gonna fuck nobody else. And i don't know what your business i was talking to a friend of mine actress shoes like your guy. I can't take this no more. He come when he wanted but then he lied when he wanted to leave. And you know. I can't take this shit or whatever and i was like okay Been you're gonna be what somebody else he likes. This yank think about that. You might want to put up with that in and our now you might be a good thing right now. That people before they make choices sometimes. Just don't think about the whole fucking thing domino effect. You know you let them go or whatever then you have to get back get back on the streets and looking for people on the streets or nobody mistreats everybody. Oh you're going to pick somebody with a mask on. And i see them and so you got ta. Y'all gets up test and you didn't and you about fifteen phone conversations in and you started like this person and you see him without they masks and that was under there. I can't tell you how many times someone is like. Pulled down there mass. Delake say something. And i'm like i can't believe now man. I was on instagram night. You know just wasting more time. And i came across this account. That was like we're going to empower you and your relationships and i was like okay and the first one was worry less about if they like you and more about if you even like them and i was like i've never thought not one time. Have i ever been dws actually like this person. Hey why don't they like me. Do they like me and you just never going. No man i. I'm so caught up into the moment back at the moment dictates. If there's another moment sms Even think about if really liked the person that i it just depends on that moma gone at that moment going and i'm like oh this is cool person or whatever then i have another mama where i. It's cool like ooh. I feel at ease. I feel at peace where around this person i'll stress not and then let me do it again. Let me do it again. And that's how to me. But i don't i don't sit back and be like if i liked this personal. I wonder if they like me. You know like i. I don't i'm so man i'm so like into the moment if the moment is off i'm off and i'm i might not have another home That you're like the second dude recently. Who's been like. Oh i live in the moment. Like do i like them this moment like do i think about them later. So then i'll call them. But like i think a lot of women or me personally. I don't think in the moment i'm to the next moment with my career like i enjoy the moments but i'm like how is this moment. Gonna help me to get to where i need to go for the future move. See mine is more like a pattern. I have to see a pattern. And if i'm comfortable with this pattern then i'll invest in it. But i have to see this pattern. And i had to see how you react in all these different moments too. I got to see how you are on other people in that moment. Also got to see the moment when you buy yourself. I got to see the moment. When i'm gone for three three months and i come back all these moments i gotta i gotta see how you play out in these moments so whether or not how you envision it because you can't visit you can't envision something you ain't never been through and each person that you deal with as a different person which is a different situation so therefore you cannot go. Oh well this happened with this person. I can envision is going to happen over here you can guess nonetheless you box in person. 'cause you doing more damage than they are because you already put neo this person's going to do this than a third or whatever so you can't box them you have to live out the moment and nip that moment of find new find yourself worthy of that moment and that person does student you have another moment and you keep going you know i mean that's that's that's just me and how i mean how i mean i like it. I think it takes a lot of pressure off. If you're not thinking oh they're going to do x y and z with the last person. Did we were just like. This is a different person. How are you this moment moment to moment. I think that's a very good way to women relationship. Exactly a lot of women be thinking like you say i live in the moment mean. I just wanna have sex now. You wanna go. Rhino had nothing to do with that. I mean i'm i'm far from. Can i have sex with thirty five from that. I mean if. I'm not having sex right now or when i fell like it been vessel me. You know what i mean. That's what i wanna do. Then i do a but me personally. My time is graded in any call. Ever but on a t-shirt time any plumber ever have our waste time for a calm. I done that before. And the even words on it was like what am i doing. Now as i'm oldest. Like oh time. Its way then. So i have to add to the five which you and in a way that you know we we we get it and we we on on page with a lot. A lot of people don't even be engaged in the person they are caught up into the relationship or saying that the nfl relationship then more caught up in the same rather than the person to in a lot of people. Don't even care about you. They just want to be in a relationship. That'd be like he's like syria relationship people especially the people who can who can find somebody right out the breaking up with you and they got somebody else. They're in love with love. They're not in love with the person. But i mean that mean that means that they could be with anybody. Because of the yeah. I don't understand people who can do that as like jump from person to person. I'm like you don't you want to take some time because you're who you are now after. The relationship has nothing to do with the person has to do with failing people are in love with the feeling of love their billing of relationship love with the feeling of telling somebody i got somebody. That's what the in love with not in love with the person you know. And so that. I mean that's that's that's how i feel. And and a lotta times. Kind of meeting people to like they. A lot of people don't know how to love you they don't they just do it. The best day kellyanne. they not trying to learn you just trying to do what they can you ever had somebody do some very sweet for you and they don't move you at all but there's very sweet though and it's very kind do shit for you You lying you could have done without this shit like somebody bring you flowers or something. I mean like me personally. Somebody give me some flowers. I'll be like oh that's nice. Yes no you get something very nice or they do something very nice reunion like whatever but then they'll be like a little thing that you didn't think was going to be special that gets done for you and you're like oh my god you know me you know i would like the nice man who lives with me. Got me so i like four key from toy story. Four toy story. Thirty all spoke is really funny. He bought me a like a teeny tiny. Little forty guy and i was like ob- and it was supposed to fit in my crock but it didn't have the thing to fit in my crock. Defective terrible. But i'm gonna give it to you anyway and i was like. Oh my god. I love this. This is so will threaten us away so moving away. I did not but does he's he's trying to. He's trying to learn you. What people people are trying to learn you when they do that. And you gotta get people. Have benefited doubt those few those few times or whatever but overall the majority of people from experience don't know how to love me because of whatever they think they need to do. That ain't what they need to do. You know. I think i love you. I need to accept all avenues that an order to get the best can get. I can't i. Can't i can't i can't have you which wasn't called sporty as you said forecast. I can't i can't like not give you four seattle. Give a fucking bomb order to get the best you know. Maybe maybe i'm weird. I'm talking crazy. But i don't know i i'm vibe and with it i think it makes sense so the second thing. It was a bunch of slides. The second one was rejection is not as personal as it feels liking someone or being like it's more about compatibility than inherit worth and that spoke volumes to me because when i get rejected i go fuck am i. Unlovable what's wrong with me where it has nothing to do with me right like i feel like time in everything and so always chock everything up to that i just go i never go i never go to me i just go. The timing is messed up. this could probably could've worked by. Maybe maybe got got some better for me. I can't be locked up in to this and it's something else come along you know is like that in hollywood like if you you pray you pray you pray to guy who i wanna be a tv style television show you get it you go you go tv style you go. Great and then University 'cause you and they want you to be in the new avenge vengeance moving. And you can't do it because contract is for you to be a tv star. Yeah so you can't you can't get added at you you you stuck and What you make yourself to be in. I mean would you make yourself however you make yourself to be a whatever you know and so good to kinda stay open. I stay open. Keep your heart open. Keep your mind open yet. that's how i am with my career but not with love with my career mike. I'm open to things. Think love is like that. I think it is and i'm not sure how to apply for love so like i've had. I had a job once where it was like a pilot. Where i wasn't in i wasn't like fully in this series. It was like six hundred ten episodes or something and they wanted me to be a series regular. And i couldn't do anything else and i was like but if i lock into this then i'm going to close a door to something where i might be featured more and that might open door to something else so then i like didn't usually have like a talk with my reps or whatever but i just i had no i thought about it for ten seconds and i was like no i can't close can't close the door of the unknown and i feel like in love a lot of time like okay. Let's close the door. You said you liked me on a thursday and by friday you'll be my boyfriend and then by saturday you'll meet my friends and sunday and then we'll go camping and then me forever. No not at all. Not maybe help you know is is not forcing it and just letting it happen. If it's going to happen this is going to have. And i know it sounds so cliche but it is. It's like just know that if it's not happening that there's another door that's waiting on you and that's the that's the analogy. I was trying to make it with the career thing. Like you rush to be a tv style within this movie. This movie career was waiting on you. But you rest to go through this or whatever you know so if a situation any working relationship wise it's just like it's just not working by just doesn't work by you. Can you can forced. Some work in people can change. They can do that and you can see if that works and if that does them more power to you would you know by if it doesn't work just it just doesn't work and just and just move on because it's going to happen and the level you on in life is going to dictate who you wit too because you might rushing. Go get you somebody. That's good for this level. When you write and then two years later you go here. That person was only good for this person that person. That wasn't good for this. The person is good for this. You ain't meet him yet. You got you got to watch who you bring which you on your journey to and you gotta make sure that this person is willing to to to be on a journey because the way that you are not what you do right now. I promise you you're not going to be doing this. You might not even be talking to me two years like you might see. You might see. These won't be like. Hey how you doing good you doing. Well that's great all right take it easy and you the fuck out of a you know what i mean like. Because that's way your time take your time is taking you to wherever mayor whatever triton session whatever the fuck you doin' gonna be doing that so the level that we all now we ain't gonna be honest level two years we now we going to be on a different. I was gonna be a respect level. So i was going to be respect but we won't be different and that's the same thing which are relationships wherever you bring along. You better believe they. They either got to know that. Your your success in what you in love with. Which is your career your stand-up whatever that is going to change and with that situation's going to change and if they're willing to rock with that then cold if not go far quito The third one is stop choosing. What isn't choosing you if it's not mutual. Why pursue it. I have such an issue with this. I for whatever reason if somebody is like i like you i go you why and if someone goes i don't wanna be in a relationship right now. I don't think this is working ago. But pooling that's like if there was a fork in the road. I'm going for the person who's like. No thank you. But i can make you. Don't know why that's hilarious. I mean i. I mean chalk it up to just you want you want what you have as it is. It goes back to be a kid. sanction is like what what what forbidden you want by. If i tell you. Don't think a pizza right now. You're thinking of peace so it's that whole forbidden thing that you that you don't want i know a guy this guy right. He's a is a gay do right and he only an he only likes straight man and he and he is miserable because he kept five straight. Man i mean he has. He said he has done it before but the majority of time the majority of his life he cannot find straight man. It's just going to be with him at all. Which is trippy to me. Because i'm like okay at. Ub with him. he's no longer straight right. Yeah then the lurs gone then. You're gonna leave him. I think that's a lot of internalized. A lot of fucked up. Nece that copra straight man but if he's sucking you go all were you going after. And you're the asshole thing about just you know Back to what i was saying. People want what they can't have and they're like totally. What advice would you give me so okay say. Let's fast forward a year six months. The pandemic has done. We're back in these streets. Were looking for dudes. We're looking for people. What is a good way to capture. Someone's attention you seem like a good flirt. So what's a good flirting tip When we back I have no idea. I know i know is going to be a baby. Boom out this map. I can wear i do. I have to predict anything. It is going to be a baby. Boom out of this guy damn world it is gone condos are going to go through the roof and no condoms. I if they see no condoms. That's going to go through the roof but as far as like a flirt man. I don't i don't think it's going gonna take much it ain't gonna take you. Just people are down. They ride any people going to be like. Yo what's up what's up. Let's go to the bathroom. We don't even have to go. I can't wait. I don't wanna car right with room. When you were touring on the road and whatnot. Do you have chuckle fuckers. Do you like people who throw themselves at you. After shows deny also hell. Yeah we got. We got that all the time they every city. What did you want a female comics. I talked to were like not really a lot of. It doesn't really happen a lot of female comics from what i've noticed. They keep themselves distant. Go to that the party with a crew people and then they go today room and that rome and then that's it whatever they do secretly whatever fucking room car ke they dropped on the floor on the way out and somebody picked it up and they've been i n on. I don't know about that. But majority of female comics they They tend to stay to themselves like they don't put themselves in that kind of situation In comic on the other hand cheese. I know some comments. I know some comics. That i go. I came fleck. Which you and i and i'm a man i'm like the i can go out you fuck my night off. I'm going home. You doing too much team too much doing another thing on this little instagram. Me thing says ask yourself. Would you be friends with this person. If you weren't physically attracted to them be honest and nine times out ten. I'm like oh. Yeah i guess they were just printing. I got a little dick matai. No thank you. I don't really like your personality. Like oh no. I'm i'm a weird kind of guy man. I'm different with my like like. I said before i'm all about just. I'm the kind of guy where you have this very Even know if. I'm answering your question. But you gotta like this seductive ass woman and she could be right in my face and i i would probably see her but then i'll i'll see her then to be it whatever but that wouldn't catch my eye. My i will be called in conversation like a see beauty. But whatever. Come out your mouth after that dictates if i stay ago so it's not your beauty. It's not the beauty if stay ago or how your your looks period. Don't dig dictate Is what she is what you say. And if you come with something quick with something like that without trying to be funny by that keep me around the natural quiz like it's like just not even without trying to just be who you are just in the pocket and just not trying to be witty but being witty without trying i dunno weird. One of your bits is about the worst three. Assume you've ever had and that joke to me the way you describe the woman who comes to the hotel room made me laugh so hard. How much of that was true. And how much did you. You know embellish The joke was true. The the part the part that was not true was me. Be like y'all ain't fucking me. Like what i was saying that the am but the whole thing was like this chick was i. I'm gonna give my girl and yeah we're going to get in. I'm like mad. Let's do it and we were at a bar and she called an early come to the bar. So i'm waiting and we. We both waiting to calm. We say talking she seattle drinks and stuff and chick walk in. I'm looking at a walk. In and i'm light i'm like am. She'd saw them up. Like i was. I that i instantly was like. I bet she assem. That's what i said. I bet you lay center. Not knowing she come to the table she just walk right out the table Got us. she's a. Hey girl hug time. I was like wait a minute. She sat down. She was like Who sub sub sub is going on. It's going on by looking at me and shit. But i i'm over there pull my cert- down didn't ask to see a picture of this person. I did not. Because i was so like three. So where are you do like. I wasn't even when i did ask though. I said that she pretty sure that game she was she was pretty very she just she just had a pants sag and then came in where she came in. And you don't think about that. You know you three so you never thought that it is. The girl would be as the one was that came. Chew start 'em opener. He was boston he was. He laughed about that like for three days. Three days straight he would just look at me and just bust up lab. Heavy light padded. Before i even did it on stage. He would just laugh and be like dude. You gotta you gotta talk about that. And i was like. It's a really funny but it made me laugh. Paint this woman away. A way where i was like. I know exactly how she came in like. I miss. I miss being on the road. Like stories from the road are just. They're so funny like the funniest shit happens. When you're just like out and about trying to live your life. The just the weirdness comes to you. It's the best. I miss i. It is nothing like it. You know it's different. It's different from rockstars in a sense. I mean it's the same but it's not but like singers and stuff like that. It's kind of different. Because they have a whole bunch of people around him alienate them and comics can go any. They won't to you. That i'm even a bit comic. I you come in with the have on. Ain't nobody really don't know you on the wrong. You know what. I mean like you anywhere so your role story a little bit more colorful than one. That is scott security everywhere in managing and and and the role manager and all of that. So yeah yeah comet. Comic gross stories different. I i have this thing that i did at the beginning of the pandemic no. It wasn't even before the pandemic. I had this thing called a hollywood. I mean real roads stories that i do and they're on Youtube an echo railroad stories. I tell a whole bunch of stories. I've been doing it for a while. Yeah way before the pandemic. So i tell my stories and put them on youtube. How did you get into comedy which is probably a boring question. But i'm always curious a friend of mine. Bet me fifty dollars to go on stage and I did it. Never looked back. It was it was just that simple. I was never know funny. Dues never was the class clown And even you know. I had a different way of thinking unless you knew me. I wasn't accessible to people like that. I wouldn't come around guillaume gang of people in be the life of the party i would. I would be that guy back of the room just sitting at chilin. Slow me about just listen. How old were you when you when you took that bet right. Twenty two three twenty three. I love that. I just love fearless people. That are like bet. Yeah i'll do it. I'll get up on stage whatever. Gimme the money. It just makes sense. I don't know i made sense to me. It was all farfetched. Anything i've ever done. I just knew my friends always be like for. You are food by your fool. Why would you. Why would you say that. Why would you think that because it makes sense to me. But i wouldn't say it in a way to make them laugh. I was saying. Because that's how i really felt about something even though they would laugh My friend was. I bet you fifty dollars. You won't go up there. I was like say what and he was. I tell the story about this this this aside okay and so i went down to the comedy club and seen these comedians. And let just like. I could do that shit by. I'm funny at an that. You know i am funny. And did you tell the stories on stage that your friend told you to tell you ten percent manager. I gave him his money a big game of his money. But i i. I didn't get stage. The first night i went down there for the first three weekends. They wouldn't let me on stage and so every weekend at i went there. I began to think about other stories or thinking about other things that i thought differently about and i just wrote them all down and then when they when they finally let me on stage never look back. I think my favorite thing is a comics point of view. And i don't think like i read books and stuff early in my career to be like how do how does one right a joke in all of it was like point of view point of view and i never understood it till i saw this one girl. Tell a story and as i was listening i was. This is a funny story but you have zero point of view about it. Just retelling something funny. That happened but like the jokes are your point of view. Yeah i just think. Strong comics have a very strong point of view. Yeah absolutely because you can take a story and you make it your own. And because you're on it makes it unique in it makes. It makes a different in a way that nobody else tell like. An all an off comics are comics like that. Like i always say this movie. Ace ventura if you gave as scrip five comedians. You at the same script. You will have five different Or totally different And so is that it's saying way when it comes to like sand double that abyss just like it's like the way that you tell something that's why a lot of comics don't make a neither. Because what do you. How are you telling a story like you're just telling me a story. And then sometimes they can't even tell the story so what they do. Is they embark on being That word say that embark on being kind of like a you know sarcastic. Detached ironic detachment thing and it's like and and and may fail. That's what makes them funny and this lie. That's cool but your hosts set should be that you a ho sets and be that and that shouldn't be what you about because you don't have any type personality in usa therefore you result to this. I just don't think that that's comedy comedy like that. You can have that in your repertoire. But you have to also give us you. You have to show us who you are as a person. So i'll know if this shit shitu saying this believable in that you just give me a slew full of jokes and you find anybody can tell these ships. I could tell you can right. This ship for actor actor can do that. Yeah that's the difference between like roast jokes and like someone's actual set because it's like you're roasting. Anybody can say your joke like nobody can do your joke from your act exactly exactly and and it's proven so many times with so many different comedians. Like it it just. It just isn't gonna work and it does not work real quick dion. We have to take a break. Did you know that more people are virtually dating now more than they were before. I didn't know that. I see everyone's thriving with so much alone time. People are really looking to connect they. I couldn't find their person and they're doing on the dating app. Okay cupid in fact you are fifty percent more likely to get into a conversation now compared to before lockdown. Oh really okay. 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This scarf was twas the only thing to fit me on the site. So that's what i have. I really like it. And evelyn fits into your everyday uniform. He'd like to jazz up your neck and if you fit into the clothes you can wear those chew with all the new year hustle and bustle. Treat yourself to everley lounge. Wear for the company's downtime. Ever from a damn good dentist. Super soft wound were or scarves. Simple designs that complement your wardrobe premium quality with a transparent and more affordable price. Good evelyn dot com slash. Dpd sign up for ten percent off your first order plus free shipping easy free returns within sixty days of your ship date. That's ten percent off your first order when you go to evelyn dot com slash date me and sign up and we're back real quick before we go. What advice do you have for me personally in my search for love. Oh i would hate to give you hate to give you right. I promise you because it just it. Just my vice. Never works by vice. Keeps people very lonely. Yeah no but. I mean if i had to say anything all i would say is be you. Don't don't don't don't change for nobody is gonna come your career is going to dictate your level your level who is gonna dictate who you iran. Whoever you now probably ready for the level that you're gonna be oh so remember that. I think that's great advice. I have a question. Are you in therapy. You seem very grounded serene and in touch with your humanity. Now i know you know. I'm just. I'm just a realist man. Where i'm just like it has to make sense to me. I'm all about simplicity sense and it don't take much with me is like the lessons more and if i can if i can understand something in two sentences than your though that's meander type of person where if i ask you where you at. I'm not the question mark because just extra work. You get it when i said i need what i need to question my for a very funny way to describe as simple. There's no question there you should figure it out upper. wear. I asked all my guests. This question year no different. Would you date me. I would you. You want me to tell you why because because the way that you think is it's totally different and is in this and it's Intriguing and this a tree. And i know our conversations will go broader than fucking and all of that and i think that we would disagree so much to that we will end up agreeing and learning and coming up with all kinds of material and all kinds of shit like that because we're from two different worlds and not only be from two different worlds respect each other's worlds and learn from it and and and that's that kinda shit my attracted to be light where a conversation go way long getting fuck and that's why i say when i see somebody that's cool that they look good. That's attractive great What you say after that big sakes rest day ago bridge you grow up chicago sasa. That's where my family live. And i won't say mel tell you after where she lives. Big you so much for doing Love and thank you and keep rocking. Man you with the family conan. That's my family really. So good that is that is my brother for the rest of my life with above changed my life. And he's a great guy and you were good people and keep rocking 'em and jeff and andy and the whole crew so mad love welcome to the family says the key killing to do you doing your thing definitely end and keep your foot on next. Thank you well if like this episode of. Why won't you date me. You can like it you can read it you can subscribe. You can leave me. A five star review on apple podcasts. And if you write a review hitting on me saying something nasty i will read it. Nice person said to me. I want to eat. You like a crab. Pull your legs apart and eat the middle respond a screenshot things. I skimmed them. And i don't read them until i read them on. The podcast really made me laugh. Thank you so much. That's it for lifelong date with me. Nicole fire why won't you beat me is produced and engineered fight all the sweetest woman. No marisa melnik. It is executive produced by other wonderful people. Adam saks joanna solo tara and jeff russ thanks next friday with a brand new episode. What a trade off has eighteen cocoa production.

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SMNTY's Female Firsts Playlist, Episode 8: Wangari Muta Maathai

Stuff Mom Never Told You

41:28 min | 10 months ago

SMNTY's Female Firsts Playlist, Episode 8: Wangari Muta Maathai

"Here's the thing. Saving money with Geico is almost better than playing pickup basketball. because. There's always that guy who joins your game. He never passes the rock. He constantly bricks threes, and who completely hack you, and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico it's easy to switch and save on car insurance, no need to fake an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted so switch and save with GEICO. It's almost better than sports. Hey. This is Anne and Samantha and walk into stuff. Mom Never told you production of iheartradio's. How stuff parks? It is the first female. I Twenty twenty, which means joined once again by our good friend and CO worker ease. Hi! Thanks so much for being here. Thank you for having me again. We just had a rousing discussion about aliens and how they should look. Resolutions running and disliking running. and. A little bit of are are kind of disastrous mornings. A bit of a mishaps. Made them, which is important part we did we did. You're here to tell the tell that actually is probably a very important part to a lot of these female I. We talk about Yeah, you're right because they do get pretty intense in some parts like they went through lie, they struggled a lot and they fought a lot, but you know they did a lot of things to yes, and the one the person he brought for us today, she did so much. US and very important to the discussions. We're having now around the environment and sustainability things that are on a lot of people's minds as it should be. Yeah! That's exactly what I was thinking I was like I feel like it's really good to be able to talk about today. We're going to be talking about. When Gary Muthu Matai, and she did a lot of stuff that had to do with environmental activism, and that is clearly something that we're talking about right now today and I didn't choose. Say Oh. Let me find somebody who's doing something that has to do with the environment. It just kind of came like. Oh, she's someone who is. You know first of all from the African continent which I feel like. Maybe we've. Discussed somebody from African, continent. So far I can't remember but yeah. That was really important to me and also the actual work that she's doing is so relevant in to what we're talking about and. is also very recent and also had a very global impact. And she knows what she's talking about. She knows what she's doing and she's also left a great legacy behind her. That just kind of touched. People of all different cultures and people of all different nationalities which I think is a really cool thing. Yeah when I I was reading her her story I. Always stress the importance of context in these stories that we. To us. And it's is recent and it's kind of shocking. How much she did and how much things have changed? Just through the sixties and seventies kind of just this tumultuous. Cauldron of all these things happening. Yeah, and is also just you know very indicative of the actual issues that people were going through in Kenya. On the African continent at the time, because obviously environmental issues are global issues, but they're also very specific to the locales and climates, in which all the activists separately reside They're all different, but also related in some way, and I think her perspective, and how she kind of got into. Her activism and her work is indicative of, but I feel like I'm getting ahead of myself. Right now percents. Let's go. Like, Oh, my gosh, she's amazing. Who she really is. So, yeah. Ty was the first African woman to win the Nobel Prize, and she was the first woman to become an assistant professor at the University of Nairobi. She was the first woman ahead of University Department in Kenya and the first woman in eastern and Central Africa to earn A. So a lot of I. Yeah, that's what we're here for right. That's right. So. She was born on April first nineteen forty in Kenya. And she was the daughter of Kickapoo subsistence. Farmers the are an ethnic group and Kenya. She had five siblings, and she was raised in an area of Kenya that was known as the white highlands which was so called. Because there is policy that agricultural lands in Kenya. For Europeans, so her older brother convinced their parents that she go to school rather than focus on household responsibilities, which you could imagine plentiful because she had so many siblings rather big family to take care of. She went to the teeth, a primary school. The Saint Cecilia School and then the Laredo Lamoureux girl school, so after completing school air, she got a scholarship, and that's because the Kennedy. Administration, in the US at the time, was funding initiatives for people in. Eastern Africa and then Kenya specifically to study in the US and so that's how she got a scholarship to study at university in the US. So where she ended up, going was mount. Saint Scholastica College in Kansas, and she stayed in us to study at university for a bitch who graduated with her bachelors and biology in Nineteen, sixty four, and then she stayed in the US you got her master's from the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. And then so by this time. When she returned to Kenya after she graduated. The whole eastern colonialism process was Indian Kenya. Had gained independence. and. When she went back there is she had a research assistant position that had been promised to her, so she was recruited to be a research assistant in zoology, and that was at the University of Nairobi, and she found out when she got to the campus that she had been denied the position, and she thought that that was because of gender discrimination, so after that she got another research assistant position and this time it was in the Department of Veterinary Anatomy. So she started she continued working twos, not discouraged by that so started pursuing her doctoral studies in Germany Scar, PhD from the University of Nairobi, so she was the first woman to get a doctorate degree in east and Central Africa Wow! That's pretty neat. I can't even imagine writing the first. Person or woman. Level achievement that level of achievement. Yeah, yeah, my first or Not Not on that same plane. That's cool though it didn't lead a pathway for other women, not that I know of. Such thing. Not that I know of I mean just like. I wonder. Reporting on the the like. Wow, look. This woman has become the first to do this. Yes. And all the negativity possibly probably. But as we know from. Previous people and just in general how these things work a lot of those first aren't recognized in a contemporary manner is just like the person's doing thing, and then we go back and look at them sometimes posthumously. You know way back in the day but we start to realize okay, you know. This? This happened and this is part of a long story in a long lineage of people and things that they did. So we kind of. The first within that history after Tom Right. That's true. That's a good point. As far as her personal life, she married Nairobi businessman who kind of had aspirations in politics and she married him in nineteen, sixty nine. She met him a few years before, and eventually they had three kids together, and he ran for parliament in the early nineteen seventies. His first campaign was unsuccessful. Even though she helped him with that and then. Later in their story in the early nineteen eighties, they went through this whole divorce suit and he accused her of. And is also said that he thought that she was to educated in too strong, willed, minded and too hard to control in that was part of the reason that they got a divorce, but it was a pretty contentious situation she ended up going to court lost the case. They ended up getting divorced. She was even jailed for a short time about three days after it because she accused the judge of being incompetent. WHOA, and this is also when his last name was spelled with one A.. T H and. She changed her name to have to. As because of the whole situation. They requested that. Yeah, so it was that was you know later in life after years of them having been together, they separated before they divorced, but. That was part of their story. Yeah so in nineteen seventy three, and this is where we get to all of the thinks. Obviously, we're not gonNA have room to talk about every single thing that she did because she did so many different things. but in one thousand, nine, hundred thirty, she became the director of Nairobi's branch of the National Red Cross, so we see her already. In the late sixties early seventies, getting into all of her activism, all of her environmental work in realizing through her research, and just her personal life like observation the the thing. I really love about her stories. How often we think of! How we think of academics in terms of the work that they do like they did all this study at these universities, and this is their education. What influence them in what made them be able to address issues in a certain way, but observation is also very important thing in our lives. That can drive us to do better things because I think. Her story is just a great example of that like she talks about how much in her during her childhood and during her life. How she was just not what was happening around her house, she was listening to village women. Tell her what they needed. And that observation is a big part of what. What drove her to do her environmental work realizing that she could connect the things that are actually happening around her and the work that she's interested in doing and the skills that she does have in the education that she is getting and combining the two will those several things together to really create a huge impact so I really like that about her story. Yes Oh. She started moving up in her roles at the university. She became a senior lecturer in one thousand, nine hundred seventy S, and she became the chair of her department, and then she became an assistant professor in nineteen, seventy seven, so her postdoctoral research made her as I was saying aware of all the things that was happening in her country, especially in the rural areas and All the issues that people were facing whether they had to do with the environment or personal issues and we'll. We'll get into some of the things that specifically that drove her research that happening and Kenya at the time. The later. Her husband campaigning for a seat in parliament again one and this is before they divorced. One thing that he advocated for was finding jobs for unemployed, and so with that spirit that energy that was happening. Matai connected to her environmental efforts, and then she started. This business called Enviro care where she was getting people to plant trees. That business wasn't that successful, but those efforts did lead her to. You know more successful efforts and the connections that she already had with all these people do the work that she was doing. Let her getting the National Council of Women of Kenya to help her launch a tree planting project called save the land in Bay. In Harlem, Bay is a Swahili word that means all pulled together, and that eventually turned into the Green Belt Movement, which is one of her. You know the most well known initiatives even did time right. Yeah, but that's. A huge. It's a big. She was active in the National Council. Of Women of Kenya, for a really long time around nineteen, seventy, six, eighty, seven, while she was serving with them, see started introducing this idea of community based tree planting that she had already introduced her other work. Much of the population in Africa. DEPENDENT ON WOOD FOR FUEL BUT EH at the time. There was a lot of deforestation happening so as still is. But trees were depleted because they were being raised in. They weren't being replaced at the same rate so obviously that leads to a lot of different issues, including nutritional deficiencies poverty because there would be. They had to walk a long way to get water to be able to get the fuel There is desert where there once was trees. The deforestation also caused soil, runoff and water pollution. Pollution, which is obviously important to a person. be able to sustain themselves in terms of the food that they eat and speaking of sustain themselves. A lot of the children also had to start being fit with processed foods because of this and livestock to have vegetation to eat, and on top of all that under the colonial period like British governors, they were planting nonnative trees instead of indigenous trees. So it just had all these. Effects, on the way that people lived in their ability to live hole in fruitful lives. So she started getting into all that and realizing how that affected people and specifically women, and she opened agency that pain, impoverished people to plant trees and shrubs, and so she decided to campaign. For a seat in parliament that will become open and in nineteen two. And to do this. She had to resign from the University of Nairobi. That was when condition that she. She couldn't be there to be able to run and so the electoral authorities said that she couldn't Ryan. She was disqualified for money because you hadn't registered to vote so because of that registration the last presidential election because that registration technicality they kind of pulled her out of that situation, and she obviously took issue with that decision, but she ended up. You know being disqualified anyway and. Wanted to go back to the university, because obviously she needs a job and they refused to rehire her or restore benefits and. They objected her from university housing. She was no longer there anymore, right. Oh. Man That's. That's yeah time so that's definitely one. Thread in her story, which is. There she had a lot of opposition, so she did have a lot of supporters and also supported a lot of people through employment. And just like you know personal support, but. She had a lot of people who oppose the work that she was doing because she was so pro democracy the things that she was talking about that. She was standing up against and was viewed as kind of anti-government, and in that respect a lot of the press. that. She got in that the Green Belt Movement guy in the media. was negative right and because of that a lot of people were discouraged from wanting to be associated with the movement. Because of its you know. Reputation. But it was still a successful movement. We'll get into. So, she poured her energy into that Green Belt Movement and Its main focus was poverty, reduction and environmental conservation and focusing on this singular goal of planting. and. Is Goal was to plant trees all across Kenya erosion and to create firewood for the fuel for people there and to create jobs for women, because women were really instrumental and being the people who planted the trees, and so over the years they planted tens of millions of trees in Africa Yes, they did this by establishing tons of nurseries that offered free seedlings. in the communities plant them and very small small payment was given for every tree that was planted, but they had to make sure that they took care of the tree for three months. That was part of the deal, and even though it's a small amount. That can make a big difference. Someone's life for many of those women who are subsistence farmers. It did have extra food to give. For our to sail not give. That money was some of their only income. And tens million. US was able to help that many different ways amazing. Yeah, it is yeah and I think that'd be really cool. I know we'll probably get this later, but there's an interview. that one guy did with on on being, and she described power of seeing a tree that you've planted right years and years later knowing. You did that and it's. Yeah, it's yeah. The the this tree became the tree itself through all the work that she did it. Kind of became this movement of democracy of like. Legacy of of so many things through the work that she did. A really good point. And all the work through the green, belt movement also helped conserve the soil and the ecology of the land and obviously gave. Thousands of people. Opportunities for employment. And she worked over time. This became more than just about trees. Obviously, it was that from the beginning, but they also started to provide other services besides tree planting, so she worked with the National Council of Women of Kenya to give services like family planning like nutrition and food security, HIV, awareness and leadership skills, so it became this environmental and civic educational program for people, and that ended up spreading its tendrils through a bunch of countries, in Africa and throughout the world as well and eventually at formerly separated the National Council of Women. and. See even though Matai was already so in politics became more involved in politics over time. And protests and activism, and in Nineteen, eighty nine, she protested the construction of a huge office tower. Who Park in Nairobi? So she started sending out a bunch of letters to. All of these people different government officials different organizations in Kenya to protest. Like just putting the pressure on people to protest this office tower, being built a whole complex thing, and she claimed that the building was expensive, and that money should instead be spent on other things because this is going to be a ten million dollar project. Like poverty, hunger education and obviously this project had a bunch of foreign investors, and through all of the processing that happened even though she was getting a lot of. flack impressed once again for her protests and for. NOT BEING! Quiet cuasing complacent in all those things that a woman. WAS SUPPOSED TO BE She still managed to that that whole. Protests managed to be successful and investors ended up pulling out of the whole situation not long after her protests began, and the skyscraper wasn't bill. That was one thing of the many things he protested against and she also the one party state that there was in Kenya at the time. So Matab was also involved in the form for the restoration of democracy, which was a group that opposed among other things. This kind of branched off had groups in different countries, but In Kenya was opposed to the leadership of the President Daniel are up moy and her opposition aren't her the IR the president. Not just through her work with the forum, but also all the other things that she was doing so going back to that project. With the office tower he was. Really against her speaking about that, too, and had a lot of nasty things to say about her. For Her vocalisations on that issue and she faced. Many arrests, beatings and dealings because of the work that she was doing. She advocated for the release of political prisoners, and in Nineteen ninety-two she went on a hunger strike with a group of mothers of Political Prisoners and That ended up being successful, even though she and a lot of other people who are involved in the strike were be in by police during the protest, but at the end of that strike, the government did it released the majority of the political prisoners. We have a lot more of our discussion with ease, but first we have a quick break for a word from our sponsor. Back thank you sponsor. Let's get back into it. She was also arrested more for protest and later charged with spreading rumors that the president was planning to government power over to the military, and so while she was in jail, waiting on her charge, she was refused. Medical treatment so is just like it's. There was a lot of like fighting happening there. There was a lot of conflict. And a lot of this kind of fabrication of like issues when it came to the work that she was doing because she was so vocal because she was so active. In her. Environmental Causes. So nineteen ninety-seven. She said that she was running for parliament and for the President Presidency See as part of the Liberal Party of Kenya. and. As part of her campaign, she was continuing to say the same things be about the about what she always been about basically denouncing the corruption in the government and imagining a society where people really embraced their. Cultural is spiritual background as participated in government, but her candidacy was withdrawn by the party without notifying her. Until days before the election that said she did, it announced her campaign until not long before the election itself, but. She ended up not getting that parliament seat. Wow. Think. They didn't tell her. Just like. People are afraid of strong women. This is true of power and obviously the opposition. They had to do everything they could. To try to undermine her. Mortgage seems yeah. She was determined yes. Another thing that she did as part of all her work was working on the Jubilee Two thousand campaign, which was this global campaign but in her case when she became the CO chair of the campaign Kenya, she did in Nineteen, Ninety eight. Specifically focusing on the countries, in Africa, but the whole campaign was aiming to cancel foreign debt for poor countries by the year two thousand, which is where that number two thousand comes from the name of the campaign. Yeah, so she wasn't. There were a lot of people who are against her including. You Know Moy and all a bunch of other government officials and just people in general. Who didn't like how she was challenging? Government and How she was speaking for all these pro democracy positions, and all these activities that she had going on in relation to that. Just as some examples, she was hospitalized in Nineteen, ninety, nine for a head wound and a concussion that she suffered during Government arranged attack so oh, she was working on this project where she in some supporters were planting trees in a forest, which his in Nairobi, and she was protesting against a clearing of the forest for private development. That's one thing that happened to her. At another point. They forced the green. Belt Movement to move from its office. in a government owned building to her home. She when she formed the tribal clashes, resettlement volunteer service in Nineteen, ninety, three to help victims of state sanctioned political violence in the valley. The government accused her of inciting violence and try to shut down her. Organizations meetings by sending police to disrupt things. Yeah so those are some of the things that she was up against The list could go on, but we won't do that. Yeah, it sounds like quite a lot and she. Put Her. She was somebody who put her body on the line. Let's say she was a powerhouse. and. Everything obviously in her work ethic, and just in her beliefs. Yeah, she was unmovable. Plant like a tree yeah Oh, we could. Work together that we're. Civil We Got America I'm actually surprised. There haven't been more tree puns, but I'm I'm glad it's not appropriate. You're saving them for the. Here all in my. Keeping them to myself for once. You writing it though for later. So one of her biggest opponents. Left office in two thousand two and that same year she ran for parliament and was elected with large majority of the vote The President ended up appointing her the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources and wildlife, and she's serving the government and parliament until two thousand five. And this is We're getting into the later years of her life at this point and she was recognized for a lot of her work. She got a lot of. Honorary Degrees and awards like too many to mention here. But a ton of them, but one of the big ones was the Nobel Peace Prize, which he got in two thousand and four. and. She was the first. African woman to get the Nobel Peace Prize and she got it for her contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace. So, that's that's one of the awards that she got and in her acceptance speech which Is. Really interesting noted how she was influenced by the things that you know as we were talking about earlier, she observed when she was a child and Kenya she soft. Boris being cleared and replaced by commercial plantations, and she saw local bio diversity being destroyed, and she also said that when she started the Green Belt Movement, she was really responding to the needs that rural women were saying that they had which were specifically the lack of firewood clean drinking water ballots diets shelter income. And she also called out to the facts, which is how integral women were in the development of the work that she wanted to do with the Green Belt Movement and the work this you ended up doing with the movement and. That because saying that because they were primary caretakers throughout Africa, there was responsible for taking care of the land, and for taking care of the family that they were often the first ones to. Become, aware of any environmental damage that was happening even if they didn't recognize one thing was necessarily affecting the other in their personal experience. Right, yeah! And she got yeah, so some of the other wars got were the Goldman Environmental Prize the French. Legion of Honour Japan's grand cordon of the order of the rising Sun like I said more honorary degrees also authored several books. One of them was a memoir that was called unbowed, and another book called a challenge for Africa and other writings. She was named a UN messenger of peace in two thousand nine. And the next year in partnership with the University of Nairobi, she found it the Wangari Matai Institute for Peace and Environmental Studies. And Yeah, so she just continued. Help not only doing her homework and her organization when it came to environmental causes, but also participating in like teaching other people about those things and making sure that other people learn about. Environmental issues when it came to academics, but just general, you know environmental education for people. so. You know spreading all of that knowledge around the world. And in two thousand eleven, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. ISSUE ENDED UP dying. From complications of the cancer. Yet, but her legacy. That was what you know only so long ago, but you know her legacy. Is clearly still apparent in the world in apparent in Kenya and she's well remembered, and fortunately was able to be recognized during her lifetime. Yeah and I think one of my favorite things about her. On the things that she did is there is this awareness of? Taking care of the future of looking out for future generations that she started all of these things and spread her knowledge to sure that things would continue once she was no longer around, and I actually think. That's one of the biggest problems with humanity, and when it comes to sustainability is we're really bad about doing that or a really bad about thinking. About Future Generations because right now, this is the easy thing to do to continue as we are right, but she. Made sure that she's left behind these things so that hopefully. We could continue the work that she was doing right. Yeah, it seems her whole. Ideas were an idea of the big picture. She didn't see as one little thing we're planting. Trees were planting trees, but with these things in mind whether it's to provide economic stability for a a group of women who group of people who need that assistance right now. We'll do it through this avenue. She had this very thoughtful consciousness of how to get things done in a multifaceted way, which is phenomenal especially when you think of how little that happens today, there's no real conversation of what can we do and put it together as a blanket, not necessarily blanket. Blanket, but at least an overhaul of a whole system, and that's what she did, which all on her own, which is phenomenal especially with all of the pushback insane? Okay, you go, you aren't seeing the bigger picture. You're just angry because I'm making a difference and it could be taken away from you whether it's money or your fame or your credibility, but this is what it has to be done. That's phenomenal isn't a whole different level of thoughtfulness and whole different level of understanding the need for sustainability, the need for growth and the need to continue beyond. And I think that to the interesting point about what she said of her being having this kind of multifaceted, and she worked her vision was also very singular. And Focused and like she was like I have a goal I know high can get the thing done, and we're going to get it and we're GONNA. Get it done together, and just the way in which she empowered so many people not in not from a position of I, have the things and I have the knowledge and I have the education I was fortunate enough to go to. You know us to study. You know under this scholarship that was funded by the government or anything like that. It was just Kinda like. I'm not giving these people these things. These opportunities because I'm able to do that because she hasn't. She is using her of power. Obviously, but it was in such a way that was community laid. You know it was in such a way that was about the way that people work together and. Just. It being so inspiring the fact that she realized how important it was to incorporate all these other things when it came to the leadership development and stuff like that where this wasn't just about a person here. They are getting this many Kenyan since to. Grow a tree right it was about. Growing trees and creating a better environment and creating a better world, and within that creating better communities that were able to. And not just survive in. That were connected in that. Were you know? future focus, but also present focused in a way they were like this is my community that I have now and I'm working together with to really in Zimbabwe, where my hands are on the soil, and really contributing to the future of my community, but also I'm thinking about our children that are here right now. What kind of food I'm eating them? What do our traditional diets look like? But also the future like what will, the land looks like to them. Would they be able to respect their land? Children are learning to respect them land at the same time. It's just think. Everything that she was doing was. So important, but I'm just so struck by how. Many different things, but still how tight like right here vision? And that's. Very Cohesive An amazing balancing act to pull off of yeah. We need to think about the future generations, but we also have to think about. President like to be able to do both. I mean that's amazing. Creed Yeah I also really find so many of the US women. He bring to his ease. I find it so impressive. that. We know as women at least I can speak from my own I I always all these doubts I have all these outs and a Lotta Times. It keeps me from even putting myself forward for things. We know that's why a lot of women don't run for office, and it's not to say that the women you brought to don't have doubts, but they just like I. Somebody needs to do this. I can do it right. I'm GONNA step up. Well I. Mean You and I have talked about the Times that we get criticisms, and that kind of sometimes shuts me down. I can't imagine the level of lies and criticisms that were thrown at her purposely by the most powerful man in that that nation. At that point I mean I could not I don't know I, don't know. How would fathom even fill under pressure? But to continue for and still keep fighting and still keep fighting. Still being told you know you are whatever damaging by those who have the loudest voices, but knowing that she could make a difference in what she's doing this like right? Is Amazing. To look back on it now you're like. Oh, wow, that's encouraging, but to be in the middle of that I don't know. Like Oh, the fear of failing is already there, but told you're ruining something or you're. You're disasters to something. What a way to have to fight against that. How do you do that and I wash able to do that and she did though. Finally got what she deserved all the accolades as she did. Earn but man that road to get there. Right had to be a long long very loud. Yeah. It's impressive in inspiring in a good way to start the year. Yeah, I I'm. Is there anything else you wanted to have? I don't think so I would highly recommend the interview on on being very beautiful. Yeah, and just anything where she speaks. Highly recommend if you're looking for some some inspiration like a new found appreciation of tree. Right my guys right? We are also in a city of trees, so we are big, if speaking of things being topical that is a topic of conversation in Atlanta where we are right now, which is that we've historically been called the city of like the city in the forest, and we are known for having a ton of trees, which we're not the biggest metropolis like in the United States and definitely not in the world, but. For being a city of our size and stature, we have a lot of forests in the tree canopy here, but a lot of that is also being raised for private development and justification, which are huge things that are happening right now in Atlanta so on a micro level from this macro conversation we're having. All of her work very relevant to things that are happening here in Metro. Atlanta, right absolutely That's one of my favorite parts about Atlanta so. Who will continue to see where that goes? We have more to talk about but I. We have one more quick break for word from our sponsor. And we're back. Thank you. But in the meantime, thank you so much for for coming on always having me, where can the listeners find you on social media on that is on Facebook, instagram or twitter? I'm on this day in history class, which is different podcast that one's about days in history. you could also find me at unpopular on all those same social media platforms. yeah, our Eve's Jeffco is my name and do whatever you want to do with that information. Yes. But yeah listeners, you should definitely go. Check both of those out there amazing. And if you would like to contact. You can guess our email is stuff media, mom, stuff, iheartmedia, dot, com, you can find us on twitter at MOM's up podcast or on instagram at stuff never told you thanks as always to your super producer Andrew Howard and thanks to you for listening stuff I'm never told us production of iheartradio's how stuff works for more podcast from iheartradio visit, iheartradio, APP, apple, podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. The btk killer Dennis Rader was dogcatcher married with children. Wayne, he doubled as a clown at children's birthday parties. Ted Bundy was a law student. They all blend in I'm Nancy grace host of PODCAST, Crime Stories with Nancy Grace and our new original concept killers amongst us where we break down the most evil crimes, an focus on unsolved homicides year crime stories with Nancy Grace on the iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Ep. 273 - Revolution in the Garden

In Defense of Plants Podcast

1:20:23 hr | 6 months ago

Ep. 273 - Revolution in the Garden

"Would you like more infants of plants each month? Well, you're in luck. In defensive plants is now offering bonus mini episodes over at our Patriot page to find out how you can gain access to this bonus, botanical content head on over Patriot dot com slash in defensive plants, and consider becoming a patron, and as always thank you for your continued support of independent plans together. We are helping care plant around the world one episode at a time. Pillow, everyone in welcome to the indefens- plans podcast the official podcast live in defense. PLANTS DOT COM. What's up? This is your host Matt. Welcome to the show. How's everyone doing this week? Today I'm really excited. Because we have a fellow podcast on the show, it's always great to sit down with someone else who podcast because we just have fun with it. It's really kind of a different feeling than most interviews. Joining us today is none other than Coal Abi Talkin she is the host of the wonderful podcast called black in the garden, and it resides at the intersection of black culture and horticulture, and it's really fascinating to hear about her dive into the world of gardening guy her interested in it how it's affected her life how it's affected her relationship with other gardeners, the community and just her health. Overall, IT'S A. A. It's a really cool journey, and again we talk as she says in her own podcast descriptions, conversations will be had, and that's exactly what we did. It was such a joy to talk with Kohl. She is such a wonderful person, and just so to talk to, and that's what I really love, so let's just jump right into it without further ADO, here's my conversation with Cola I. Hope you enjoy. My hat off to all mothers during quarantine right now, I mean just who? Will take that hat. I earned it. Yes, you certainly have. Colby talking. Thank you so much for coming on the PODCAST. It's great to have you here. How about we start off by telling everyone a little bit about who you are and what it is you do. Sure I, Colby talking and I am a podcast stor I. Guess that's a big part of the reason why I'm here is what two things podcasting and plant things. Should we call it? Co? We call it. Plant cast. Yeah, let's just call plant gases perfect. Have you heard of that term? No actually surprisingly have not really seen it been into that category, but I love it. I love it to wait. How he started you yet, technically, we started. Okay well I didn't know it's it's also. With us. Oh, I am the host of Black Immigration Garden I like to call myself. The hostess with the most is just because I like to try to bring some energy and humor and wit and enthusiasm, and also my tagline is being at the intersection of black culture and horticulture, because what happened when I considered where I wanted to jump into the podcast space as an avid consumer podcast I, was a trucker off, and on between the years like two thousand five in two, thousand, eighteen, I wanted to say off and on I mean it was like one time back in two thousand five. Time around to. Right so big difference in technology, fortunately, two thousand eighteen hot casts were a thing I could be mobile on the go. Listen to Armagh, fades find some new ones I love the NPR. PODCAST I mean they just they do so many amazing subjects, and just so much going on there, but taking in all of the podcasts that I did it. Really kind of helped me to get a feel for the landscape of how that works I went to the University of North Florida. Don't get too excited because I did. Drop out in order to pursue trucking. Yeah, but at. That wasn't a goal, but you know that's what a story, but basically you know two thousand eighteen. I'm enjoying these podcasts in the most concentrated effort to avoid boredom, because that is like his of death for a trucker. You know what I mean you're invited all. You're not one of your main jobs besides safety is to not get bored, so that worked out very well and the reason I mentioned and bear with me because I'm a little bit long winded, but I'm also a creative. That who's mind kind of goes back and forth, but I can get you. The story of you just stick with Nevada so what I went to the University of North Florida I was like I'm GonNa do communications I did a college radio show with my friends and we would just talk. We would talk aloud shit. We can on your yeah, oh. Yeah, yeah, this is okay. Look, keep it! You know thirteen I'm. I'm not going to give you because I. said I was a trucker. So you know I know all of the word I can keep up, so it's good. It was a safe space. Right so. I did that show with my friends for about I don't know like two years, and it was just it was amazing for me because I knew that I wanted to be in broadcasting, but I didn't want to be the traditional Dj. That's just spinning records I. Just want to talk because I've always kind of recognize the perspective that I have that is a bit different from the norm. So, all of this of course is happening before. I even got into plants at all so fast for back to two thousand eighteen. I have this experience. I have this desire that was still in me, too. So you know just talk speaking, have my perspective out there in understanding how podcast work and how it's such an amazing medium as I'm sure you could agree as you're doing it right totally and so. So I had started gardening about. Two thousand, sixteen or seventeen is kinda hard meter. Remember the time because you know you start doing something you love it, and that's what it is. Yeah, so what I started gardening. It was interesting to try to be a trucker with a garden. Water this thing was going to watch it for you, so I started to take in more gardening contents as far as podcast though you see how he connected it I like this. So I started taking in more gardening content, and then I just recognized. Really. Hear my voice here. You know like I. Don't hear it in the black black way. That's one of my favorite term. That I am communicating with people. I was in facebook. Groups with a lot of black women, gardeners and I just recognize you know we speak to each other in a very particular way. There's a certain type of language that we use vernacular whatever you WANNA. Call it, but we communicate with each other in a way and so. So. That was a big part of the inspiration to say hey, we do have distinct voice I'm willing to get an a. into podcasting and do this because I wanna do podcast anyway, so there's the marriage between gardening and pie casting the is awesome I. Love that tail in it's again that idea of starting something is just to keep yourself awake and aware on the road. Not Go completely crazy sitting behind the wheel for hours on end which I'm. I'm sure a lot of listeners can attest to on some level but then to marry that with sort of your cultural experiences, and then this new passion of gardening is just such a good fit when you talk about having conversation just talking in getting your perspective out there, that is what really stuck with me with your podcast. This is just the relaxed, but also real conversations. You're having good information, and that marriage of sort of a he said the. The intersection of what your experiences have been the culture you're in, but also this love for gardening, and just being outdoors and reconnecting with the botanical world in some form, and that's what's great is the people you've talked to so far? Is it's it's varied and that's what's so much fun about this is that we get to talk together? And then each of us is bringing a different experience into the whole guarding world that that's unique to us. Yeah for sure one of the things that I recognized fortunately for me early in the game of conducting a garden based podcast is the subject matter is really like a whole world of subject matter, and I got a bit overwhelmed because I was like okay, so I need to talk to farmers Rbis I need to talk to the house. Plant people at nursery owners, and this and that and really i. I could go on and on and on, but I just recognized. You know what there's so many stories. There's no way I can tell them all. I'm just not going to be able to know. Encourage other black people who are into plants, which there are so many of us I'm like hey, we're all out here. Being amazing in in talent, and in articulating and beings and we love this so much. Of US are professionals. Let's start more podcasts. We could do one all about allegations, so we met a easily use. WICKED BILL! What all about roses right? Yeah, do one I'll trees like you. You know just moss alone. We could go on obviously. So I look up that because it really gives me no end to how much subject I could get into, but I have this thing where I'm Mike, I want you to understand it all all at once immediately so I have to really kind of remind myself. Listen one story at a time. Let's just let's do what we can do in the episodes one my one. I'm I'm really happy to hear that from another plant podcast because that's one thing I. Always get from like friends and family that may not be that interested in plants or not at all are really. Don't understand how the podcasting game says. They'll say something like Oh. What happens when you get bored or you run out of topics like? Do! You have no exposure to this world that because like you said we could have a whole thing on Moss. We could have a whole show on allocations in the great thing about podcasting is literally anyone with a device in an Internet connection can do it, and we should, of course get everyone's voices out there like The the rising tide raises all boats, and like the more we. We have out there. The more that the plans are getting attention in more sharing those stories and more really learning from each other, because the great thing about guarding everyone's experiences are different in different things work for different people, and you never know who's going to give you that little tip or that little tidbit. That's going to there we go. That's the spot that I needed to fix. Yeah yet like wow. I Love I. Love How you sum that up because really. With the diversity in contents, there's I mean Michael, said the options are endless, so I'm just GonNa. Continue to promote a. you feel away about something like landscaping. For example. We do a whole lot about landscaping. You know what I mean, so yeah, but anybody who thinks that there is content. Run out of as clearly. Clearly are not certain about how his work is. So I guess you gotTa? Take our time in show Mike. We're never going to run out. We'll be here like fourteen later. Still talking about I don't know moss, balls or something. We'll figure it out right or something like we were kind of loading up into. Yeah exactly, and that's what's fun, and that's what I love about. Your conversational style is that you can go to a topic thinking like Oh entymology, you had an entomologist on some loves insects and bugs in gardening, such a good way to connect to that, but then you go into the cultural background of like being that one weird person that likes bugs while everyone else's freaked out about it like. Like how many nature nuts are gardening? Have that experience that they can relate to? But then also the individual stories like we'd didn't grow up in one town. We all grew up in different parts of the country at different bugs with different neighbors like it's amazing. Just how a single conversation like a another thing I is like. Oh, you've already had someone on talk about orchids like yeah, this person's. A different experience with orchids than the last person I had on. It's just it's GonNa be a different story depending on who you're speaking to which is why does like I could interview ten different people on the same subject. You interview ten different people on the same subject. It's gotta be a whole different conversation I mean. Have you ever? I would ask why you've never been to the orchid show at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. It's. Mike Hammer role is just I have a nice portion of my camera dedicated to that 'cause. I got to go I. Want to say two thousand eighteen and I was just like. Amazed Ball. Yeah, they're doing something completely different. And it slows at I said they're doing something so different with orchids, the most botanical gardens, so you have that additional layer like the different skill sets of people that work there adding to this layer of like. Okay, we we know what it is, but here's different ways of looking at him. Here's different techniques for growing them. It's it's so good, and then they also incorporated the artistry. Like the displays is just like this is a living museum, literally and I just remember remember walking into like the foyer. Where do you first step in to the scene and looking up and seeing like I? Don't even know how to describe this suspended mound of orchids. Just reading me and I felt very. There's nothing like stiffer still like old school academic about it. It is really just embracing all the wonderful things that make botanical garden work for the public. It's educational is artistic. It's relaxing. It's a piece of mind. It's a place to go like really just exercise your senses. Exercise your mind and end like you have a bunch of people looking at different things going like look at that and Oh, I didn't notice that before new. You know like I can't tell you how many times have run into. Someone added Botanical Garden that just looking in that critical. Excuse me go. Have you seen this by the way? And then someone's pointing that over? There were like Oh new buddy. Yeah Yeah for sure I mean. Why would you not make a new friend at a botanical garden? Obviously we we have. We're here for similar interests, and you know it reminds me of how I call my audience soil cousins. Because really it's all that unites us. You're my soil. You're also my pod cousin. Yes, we've got. We've got that double connection there. That's listen, so yeah, everybody, who does podcast is my cousins and everybody in the world's far as I'm concerned, soil cousin, especially if you're in plants, but it's not exclusively you having to be in the plants, because like I, said, the soil connects us it. Does we owe it all to those? Varying levels of it, but we all to that thin layer that's covering the surface of our planet interesting, so I've listened to a few of your episodes, but have you spoken about soil on an episode? I Have I've done a couple of soil related podcasts, and they're always so different, and it's. It's like again. It's exposure to these ideas. That I am so unfamiliar with like I. Know As a gardener, the importance of soil and I love making different soil mixes. That's like one of my favorite things to. To do, but in terms of like the dynamics of it, and why this type is better for this type in how Lake the roots interact with different textures, and all that like every person I talked to. It's like okay. This is a whole world. UNTO itself. It's like walking into space. You know what I'm just going like I've known me. I have no idea what's out here and I don't know what to expect. In every sentence that comes out of experts mouth is something new that I'm like. Wow. I didn't know that it's so. It's really listen. There's a whole soil festival in Atlanta No. Really is put on by truly living well. Organization is what I'll call them. That is actually a black run organization in Atlanta. And I went I went two years in a row. two, thousand, seventeen, eighteen. It was just it was sold delightful The community was out. You would think that it would just be like a bunch of nerds with several others kids. was, he must be honest if you're geeking about soil, you're probably a nerd and I mean that in the most affectionate endearing way possible because it's necessary Somebody's gotTa do it, but yes. Soil Festival was a a wonderful fantastic time. Obviously you know what are we were talking about? But then within that. You know and here's the cool thing. At the end. Everybody goes home with their custom blend of compost. You. They if this year for pandemic reasons, unfortunately, your light hall, the other festivals. Minnow, but we're not going to give it to pandemic right now. We don't have to go there right. Yeah, I mean it's again. It's the big unifier these days in a lot of ways, but it yeah I'm curious actually about your story, though because you mentioned gardening came a little bit later in your experience, and and you've obviously fully jumped in fully embraced it, and you fully get it at you. Know listening to your pocket. I love your takes on it. I love the sort of Lake inquisitive nature. You have with your guests that you'd obviously you like. How do I make this better how to experiences? So? Where did it all get and what it all really begin with you? Okay with gardening where it began I'm glad that you picked up on what I can tell that she picked up on. which is I definitely got into it and went full steam. This is my life. I, love plants everything else by the Wayside Ms Import. That's an important distinction to make because I've coined the term for myself. Hyper creative all my mind all over the place new ideas. Every five minutes I to try. All of the things do things and I was doing a lot of the things are totally unrelated I remember. Remember I wanted to start like a juicing business or something I thought I was going to be a great sidewalk chalk artists at one point like random stuff, just random stuff, but I got into it so I get into gardening and let me see. How started I just remember the best origin that I can pinpoint is seeing a facebook post that was talking about the importance of how when we buy local, and you know do things that are keeping our dollars and everything in the community, rather than like supporting corporations and banks. That makes for more sustainable world and then I have to go kind of all the way back to when I was a kid listened. What's do I grew up in the nineties right and I remember when nickelodeon first came out, and they had. I don't know if they still have it, but they had this thing hall the big help. Do you remember that? Yes, Oh, my God. When I tell you impacts. That really enacted meinhold whole by that was way literally and I'm I'm getting emotional. Thinking about by bats literally sparked the interest in sustainability, and you know like Green Tixx of lifestyles, just recycling in that was like the main thing. You know what I mean like. Let's pick up after each other and things like that. That was already something that I felt like was at my core. No shutouts Nickelodeon for that MSN, best important to bring up because the children of course are the future and. And by rolling out that kind of I guess you'd call it propaganda. It's fine, it's a it's for the good of their. Yeah, but rolling out for the children and giving them exposure to that makes a huge difference, as I can say that it definitely made in my life so I'm already interested in sustainability already interested in nature and so one of the things that was on this facebook posted I remember was saying something about like growing your own food, and I was just like. Wasn't ready for it when I read it when I said. Consider that like the seed was planted, so there was just a few things that I didn't feel like were in place for me to be able to start a garden so once. I got those things kind of situated where I felt like ours. Ready I said okay I'm going to go to the store. Just get something figure how this works starting intuitively rather than. Officers by Golf. Things started like okay. This is exciting. Let's try it so I go to the store and yet I wanna say it was like something in the Mellon family. Something in the you know Hugh. Hugh Corbett. You know how to say that Cucurbitacin Hugh Carpets. That's a blend one right I like that one yeah, so something in that family something with very sensitive routes that sensitive to transplanting so I as that because I ended up transplanting it very unsuccessfully, alright I in the backyard, and a very sunny spot I had cleared it. You know I thought that it was going to go so well. I totally forgot about the thing for at least a week or two I. Go back out there. It's all fried. Whatever grass like third out of the way is grown back and I was just like okay this. Maybe fail. Maybe try again. Honestly got a bit discouraged, and so I was like I don't know so much about this growing food outside, but instill interested plants so I started I was I, noticed a few succulents that I had brought home with me that were probably on clearance and said okay. Let's see how these things go. And then it was. It went from like succulents houseplants to like I'm sure you've seen those means where it's like I have one house plan, and then I blink my eyes in. It's a jungle. That was pretty much experience in I was in Florida okay. Oh I'm in Jacksonville Florida and I remember saying this recently like Florida is a place where plants just roam. Free Mike Plants that you would be out here or any other place paying good money for you can just find them randomly in Florida I was in a an abandoned backyard. That's a whole other story. UNTO itself. But I'm in an abandoned backyard and I find this incredible Monster Sarah huge mature all the finished rations I'm talking to feet, wide lease just in the backyard completely for Sekine, and as soon as I saw it I was like this is mine I don't know what it is best foul. Earning I didn't know what it was, but that was. What got me into the The social media of it those I was an instagram at the time. And just you know randomly using instagram and the way many of us do and saw okay I can figure out what this thing is between Google in and these hashtags I can figure it out and I found it in found plant community on the Internet. So that was that and then I did end up coming back to growing food. Once I found a local friend who had similar interests, and we decided that we would get a community garden plot together and start an initiative to help feed people who we knew were in neat, because between her and myself we had experience with poverty, and a pretty sure at the time when we connected, we were still you know not too far from Harvey, and it was a situation where we were familiar with things like going to get food from Food Bay from a food bank shoutouts, awful banks. They're wonderful for providing what they provide and I know you're saying because you said struggling Grad student. Right Oria but. In a food. Box. You're not going to see a lot of fresh produce, so we get kind of into this concept of. Why it's unfair that people that don't have a lot of money. Don't get a lot of access to higher quality food. That's an issue for me. Because even in in poverty and things like that I'm still like I, need organic coconut oil in my just because I don't have the money to afford fancier things for lack of a better term. That doesn't mean that I don't deserve access to these things whether it be organic, coconut, oil or fresh produce. These things are contributing to my health. Considered the impoverished, they have higher rates of health complications that are undoubtedly related to what they're eating. My Guardia's so I just wanted to be a blessing in that I didn't even realize that was like getting into activism in in it was revolutionary and stuff until I really started like further down the line, especially with starting the podcast, but yeah. That saw I hope. I answered your question, but you know I'll place. That is fantastic, that is. So, much what I wanted, and beyond what the question! It's so good and so much in there that just I think will resonate with so many people in hearing that is a you know this idea of resilience and self, sustaining and sustainability, taking care of the planet I mean I think being able to grow plants, whether that's a house plant on your shelf or some sort of food plant in the garden, or just any ornamental is one of the most fundamental skills humanity as ever stumbled upon for itself, and that's something. We best not be forgetting anytime soon. And by taking that into your own hands, and learning it, whether that's for failing a few times or many times I continued to fail with plants you learn and you grow, and just being stuck with it. You know helps, but not getting to discourage that you just walk away from it all and realizing how much power you wield when you when you're able to grow plants. But also this idea of connecting with people whether that's through social media whether that's through community gardening, and then taking things into your own hands, and giving back eventually to the community I. Mean I am shocked at what we can do in the tiny little plot that we have set up during the summer, so many of our vegetables now come from our own garden instead of having to go to the store that really hit home for me. what you were talking about. When did Americorps, so many of us were on food stamps and we would go in the looks we'd get people just buying produce fresh produce. It was like what do you want us to buy like candy late? What you? Why are you trying to make me feel bad about feeding myself? Good things there stigma yeah. I mean the thing about having food stamps as a as a person who has definitely been a recipient of those is with the stigma, but like I, said just because I I may have had experience with poverty or ever experiencing it or anybody who is in a position to receive public assistance. That doesn't mean that you are not as smart or educated. It doesn't mean that you are an especially when I say smarter educated and a ways that you are to take care of yourself. Get how there could be that misconception of okay poor people are dumb because they're too dumb to not be poor, you know what I'm saying, but it's like there's all these systematic things that are associated with how the classes are divided and stuff like that, so you know that's a whole conversation, but really. Here's my thing. This is where my knowledge of how to take care of myself and how to eat properly came in. When I was. Let's say about twenty five. This was about the year I only gave away. My Age is about year two. Thirty six. That's five. This is about two thousand ten somewhere between two thousand ten and eleven I, lost a hundred and thirty pounds damn back to trucking I was quite obese i. was like all Hood coming out of my teens I was over three hundred pounds right, and so I just had an epiphany or something when I recognize you know what I can position myself better health wise I just gotTa figure this thing out and went when the times when I did step away from trucking I couldn't wait to get out of the truck because I was like I'm going to be so much more physically active when I don't have to sit behind the. The wheel all the time. So in that experience would that weight loss which was very much organic I wasn't in programs like weight watchers. I wasn't going to the gym I didn't really have access. I was definitely dealing with poverty at that time as a single mother at that time right so with all of that going on and and being unemployed for most of that time when I lost. Weight I educated myself. My still had access to the Internet. If I didn't have anything else in I was living in Atlanta at the time, using public transportation was a huge boost to weight loss as well because I gotta run to catch a bus or train so. Sometimes taking a longer route and just getting more physically active, but more importantly, I especially rod begin them and Pesca -Tarian Ism and just trying different things whether you WanNa polly, dieting, or whatever you WANNA. Call it. The point was I came out of that experience way more healthy like I said lost one hundred thirty pounds, and also way more educated and informed as a person literally in. Bill New bad organic is better right and homegrown is better. You know what I mean still use them I snap benefits at whole foods and stuff. Because why do they accept it if we used air hello. Don Looking me crazy when I come in here Swipe into that for my keys and stuff I need this I understand the the benefit that it has for me now understand that you know. Unfortunately there are people who don't have that knowledge, but I also highly advocate for It's called. There's a program called Snap Ed and I've met a few people in that program. Where what they do is they do connect snap benefits to gardening because you can purchase, started plance with fools dance I don't know if everybody knows that. That I did not did you got not starts. No I had no idea you can purchase starts at I. Think you can even purchase leads while that's excellent. Yeah, so I advocate or that kind of education among snap recipients so bad bad encourages more self-sustainability you have of course, a lot of people who oppose to the concept of you know giving that assistance to people, but what you're opposing bat. You're coming from a place where you're just like will. These people could be doing better, so teach them an right right? It's always. Always that situation where you're like okay you for some reason you have this hate in your heart and disdain. Wouldn't you want to do everything in your power to ensure that the hatred goes away I mean even if it's motivated by terribleness like to help these people then make sure that whatever you know like. Give back to the community so that the community is better in the long run for it and the fact that you can use benefits to get starts in seeds is really such a nice hearkening back and I mean. Mean screaming at the top of your lungs, but to this idea of like it wasn't that long ago that we were sustaining ourselves with a plot of Land Mimi not one hundred percent of our diet, but a good chunk of it, and and we've just kind of gone away from that you know, and that's what's so great about getting people back into gardening, having the sort of accessible information available to people whether it's through the podcasts or just through free access to the Internet and facebook communities in such like that is it's. It's that reminder that Oh yeah. It wasn't that long ago. We were doing this. We can do it again. Saul true that. Is that such a good point about like it wasn't it really wasn't that long ago and it just. I'm kind of taking more time between my words because I'm so deep in my feelings about it, I'm just like it really wasn't that long ago. When we were self sustaining when home setting was not like this shoot Hannah Trendy thing, but it was like literally how you live, you know i. mean you live off the land. You got a few chickens. Maybe some page. You know what I mean and you. Of course you have your garden so. I've came to recognized as I like to make connections when looking up like history and taking in documentaries and things like that, but connections between everything, especially what we're talking about right now with the food system changing the way that it has to make us rely upon corporations for our groceries rather than what we used to do, which was just rely upon ourselves to grow our own food and I recognize. The Industrial Revolution had a lot to do that. Because now, here's hines able to make a factory full a warehouse full of catch up, and it's like well. Who's going to consume all this? Catch up? We gotta get it out to the masses and all the other products that started around that time 'cause i. just remember I made that connection when I was watching something about catch up. You know once again. That's the time that that the combines black nerd so. But. Yeah, that's that's a very real thing. You know how the industrial revolution you were able to make so much more of things and then There's also the invention of the refrigerated units that made it possible for us to transport heritable goods further right, and that's when it really kicked off. So, we are now. And, again I get it I get the the process of wanting to feed more people I get they re know the fallback because something goes wrong in my garden today and don't have you know tomatoes or Eggplants I'm, GonNa be okay. But at the same time you've also made people afraid to get out there. We make people afraid of what the quote unquote, ugly vegetables and stuff like that. It's kind of this. This powerful system that wants to it's put into place because humans innovate in humans progress whatever that means, but it's also just corrupted because of the Almighty dollar and. We need to kind of understand that the plays a role, but it's also. There's no one holding us back from going out. Put the seat in there and just waiting to see what happens okay once or twice one year to become four plants in the next year. Four plants become okay. Now I have a little garden bed and it just it snowballs, and that's what's beautiful about this is. It's really just taking that power back and putting it in the hands of people that oftentimes desperately needed. Yeah, and that's how it becomes connected to the revolution. Whatever that might we? We mean we say revolution, but we also understand that that is an action word. You know what I mean. That is indicating that something is going to change specifically for the people that a change that is implemented five people, and maybe being I recognize I. Dunno round like the age of twenty or so that term I came up for myself was uncommonly rebellious where it's like I'm rebelling, but it doesn't look like I'm rebelling I'm definitely not for things being the way that they are and I love. When I recognized that gardening kept me consisted with being uncommonly rebellious. I love that that is such a cool term because it is. Recognizing that we have a certain idea in our head. Whether that's through movies or through what the media portrays justice, rebellion, and revolution kind of being like these bloodied violence sort of things in in many ways they have to be when people get pushed to the limits. What else is going to happen, but it's also not going to the store every week. It's also you know growing some of your own food or propagating plants in giving them to your friends, instead of charging like that monster I. Guarantee You that monster you described would be multiple hundreds of dollars. Dollars Right now. Just because it can be, but you found it in your backyard now you have a thriving plant that you can crop up like every post I've ever gotten. I did not buy. They were from grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and that's the beautiful thing is just becomes the sharing network in like I traded a bunch of vegetables recently for a ranch chicken. Now I have a chicken see I love the because that's really now. You're really getting into like the grass roots of it all and it's. It's really when when you said that you're spending of. Dollars at the grocery store on these things. If that was the collective experience where a lot more of us were spending a lot less there than we are taking power away from those structures, so it does add up, and it does help, and so that's why. I I. Call it the Green. Ministry where I Mike Listen when if I can convert you into love and plants than we can get somewhere because one of the other connections that I made is that? Once somebody gets into plants in this. Is just like half a step from getting more interested in protecting the environment because you're like well. Where did miss from I? Have a piece of nature. Right in my house is bringing me so much joy, I love it so much, and there's a world full of this, and there are forces that would want to destroy you know like deforestation stuff like that, and just you know getting into that plant. Loving that plant will make you feel that much more appreciation for all nature, which is how you end up becoming an environmentalist and somehow use word into getting on like a FBI list. Like how does that work? That's when I found out that environmentalists are. You know they're tracking environmentalists as a threat and it's just like well if I do WANNA chain myself to a tree to keep you from cutting it down. Can you just consider that? Maybe you should not now. It's the again. No I get it I get it, but it is. It's so true, though that this idea of okay, here's a status quo that a handful a small handful of people would love to maintain because it's just all of our stuff goes into their pockets. Anything that threatens that. Anything and environmentalism is one major thing that does threaten at because if people suddenly become okay with the situation, if people suddenly say like Oh, we shouldn't do that, because maybe we don't need all of those medals to be out of the ground, or maybe we don't need that. Many feet of old growth timber than suddenly Aguirre's start to slow down, and that scary to a handful of very powerful people, but again there's levels to all of this I'm sure there has been. Some violence on boo on that side, too, but at the same time it is again. You're pushing people to eliminate that. They're not going to take for very long and yeah, you can't be provoking. I'm when you say what you said about by the the people that are not interested in that changed. It just makes me think of the old guard united mean like the old wealth bet that is the people who are controlling Matt that well when not want the best example I can think of right now. What be what like Petroleum Verses Biofuel? You know what I mean like we don't. We. Don't need that anymore. That's that's outdated. In instead of being concerned about pushing that agenda to keep petroleum a thing, you could take that same money. You Still GonNa be rich, because you're very much rich. If you're in the petroleum by that, so you could just transfer that to being more helpful to the environment, and you could still be rich. You get employ people. You know what I mean I just. Get you and me. We're on the same page. Yeah, I agree, and it's this recognition that it's not all or nothing to. That's what I keep trying to tell. People whether it's gardening whether it's environmentalism, we can keep a lot of our systems in place. We don't have to completely tear down and start like grunting at each other again in you know carrying clubs into the woods and hope and we're coming back with food like there's ways of doing this. Is GonNa, take it's GONNA be uncomfortable for a little bit and a lot of people are going to have to get over some major hurdles at the same time like. It's not that we have the best of both worlds because I don't think there's a lot of best in one of those worlds, but there's no reason we can't do this in a way that works, and that's where I think the innovation in supporting again, the different people bringing different experiences to the table. I don't know what it's like. Destroy goal to get clean water because I go to the tap and I have since I was a child to get clean water, but for people that do that is in the forefront of their mind. Where do you think the greatest impetus for innovation in that realm is gonna come from from someone who's never had to struggle for it or for someone who truly understands what it's like to drink dirty water every day, and you lose Badgley family reducing. That is. The point that is where the innovation comes in 'cause like I mentioned when I started gardening I, didn't really have a lot of money, so the interesting thing about sustainability and you know innovation combined with poverty is. That equals creativity in figuring out how you're going to get it done, so here's me just passing by like just driving around the outskirts of the garden center of like the Big box stores in picking up all of these empty pots that they're not using their plastic in way figuring out how to do it for the the low of the lowest of lows, and this end shoutout to Derek the botanical highlander who you had on, He Mitch, and that of course I had a business because that's my brother, not literally from another mother. I, it's it's very. Different people have different reasons for wanting to do it on like a very tight budget, but if you don't have a lot of money, then it's just kind of you know that's the default. Is You have to find the cheapest way to do it? And if you're determined, YOU'RE GONNA. Make it happen so I'm just glad that I was able to do that. I I'm not even sad about that experience or anything because it gives me the opportunity to. Anybody who's on that level and let them know how attainable actually is because I. Did it and I'm happy? Teach in unhappy. Do you know help you to source all these materials for the lowest below of lows? The composting is mainly free, isn't it? I mean yes. There's no reason it can't be right. I mean there's maybe a little investment of front or if you want some sort of. Of Fancy Turner. That's really but like we're all generating scraps in owning me. Yeah, we're generating. You know so. We're just getting creative about like how we are sourcing the materials that were using 'em. We very creative, but we can do it I absolutely. My favorite garden tours whether that's in person or online are people that are doing everything either recycled or found in the garbage sort of. Of thing, because again you see that level of innovation of a gutter, suddenly a strong up gutter from an old construction site is now a nice long plant. You can put lettuce in, and then it drains itself, or you know taking gatorade containers, because they're so sturdy plastic cutting the top off in drilling in the bottom like seeing the innovation. People have especially with small spaces because I mean. MEAN, we're in the same boat I'm guessing most of us are not in any position to buy acres and acres of land to do our gardening with. oftentimes, it's a balcony or front porch late. Just seeing what you can do with found materials on the cheap composting, and just doing it in whatever space is available to you again. Necessity is the mother of invention. I think that's the. It's so true in gardening, and that's what's beautiful about are. We could probably some up what we've purchased for our gardening endeavors in less than a hundred dollars over the years we've lived here, but in terms of what we get out of it, and now when I go out and see like the expenses that people go through a just seems so wasteful like you realize you could do this almost nothing, right? Yeah. Yeah because I mean if you're a person who you know has influence, and and that has the budget to buy you know an eighty dollar pot for your tomatoes, and that's wonderful, but that is certainly not everybody's experience but the commonality among us all is that we should all have the right to have that I'm just like I feel like I. Just found a new platform. Perfect. Really. Going off of his like wheat, we should all have a right to grow what we WANNA grow, so we'll. We'll put a pin oak. Conversation. Yeah a one thing I. Do WanNa touch on that. You said a little bit earlier. Is this this appreciation that plants give you for the environment and for ecosystems in just for species in general, and that's one thing I love about gardening. That's one of the things that like when I'm being a geek at the end of the day. When I'm unloading. It's like I'm not a maybe I'll watch something stupid or show but I'm really I. Just WanNa. Go pour over. My house plans to be like. From here in this one's doing this and look at this flower. Wonder why. This flower looks this way in like suddenly this appreciation you gain for these species, but then you go to look him up on the Internet and. Only God. This is critically endangered in the wild Y.. Oh, because industrial agriculture took over, and now it's so plantations, or because they're draining the aquifer, and you start to understand it brings you so much closer to species in the planet in really the fragility of the system, and and just put you so much more into the battle. It makes you have like a personal stake almost because I dearly love all of the plants that I share this planet with. I want them to succeed, but it's also you see where people are really giving away of that sometimes oftentimes. Oh. Saying. I WANNA. Shout out this environmentalists activists, who her name is one Bari. Matai and I mentioned her on season I just started my season to a black garden, so a season two episode one with my guest. Hey, Ashley, Renee, who is a contemporary sustainable kind of advocate, right and so speaking with her I was like let's let's talk about someone who came before us. Who was in environmental? Environmental is and she was in Africa and I. Feel horrible because I. don't remember specifically be country in Africa, Africa. A continent was remember that, but she you was very much anti deforestation and she just she was very much like you know anti poverty and anti you know misogyny and things of that nature, but when Gary Matai. She also was a Nobel Peace Prize laureate and she I mean. Because you ask the question. Shout her out. really the connection to plants is is absolutely something bad like it just makes you that much more empathetic I was just I felt so great when I made that realization whereas I Wow this is this is deeper than just liking a plant. This can really take you into a whole other direction where you are becoming a much more considerate and compassionate citizen of the Earth. You just want to protect it, and it's like it's like one of the thoughts that I had was. Perhaps the plants are pretty. You know biologically so that attracts the humans to them, so the humans feel more compelled. Them it certainly now. That's like a million of them. No actually was just having a conversation about this. In terms of like different chemicals in even if it's just attractive flowers like how much that has benefited plans over time in there's something to that I mean like when a be electing a flower, because it's attracted to the flower, the be shaping the progeny that will then make more of those flowers that bees like more and more like there's so much to be said for you know even if you just like tulips or any of the plants that we bring into our garden, just being beautiful, it's like something attracted us in the first place, and now those plants are everywhere across the world, not just in that little corner for evolved. Absolutely that's yea, that and that's a way that they spread. That's still. What a point! Though I love that I'm definitely epic and you. You got me already excited about hearing this episode. I just WanNa hear you. As a podcast. This is going to be a good one and you can tell you I. Love those when you're having this conversation. Yes, this is what I. Yeah. Yes sow clips. As you know, we can't be up here to hold podcasters, not acknowledging the fact that hey feel like we're doing pretty good. A little chat. Virtual pets on the back for this one this is. Back you're doing great. Thanks, so, are you? Talking about like compassionate like going back to what you said earlier with soil, and carrying about like the fascination with soil on how important that is for me. Growing plants is connected me just not only two species themselves, not only to like the earth as a whole is kind of his living. Breathing biosphere, but also okay water matters, soil matters, sunlight is then you start to think of all the ways that those are changing with climate, change and dams and desertification and you're going like. It was like two days in his poor little plant died here. No one's watering these in the wild like. Oh. No I'm now connected to the the the water cycle I'm now connected to the soil cycles it's. It's amazing that gardening can. So many different doors, not only just into like our human culture in our activism and sort of Lake building communities and fighting against like big oppressive systems, but also this bigger system that were all absolutely relying on for our own inevitable existence. Yeah I sure I'll I just had a conversation on my last episode with the gentlemen who calls himself Nick Neighbor. Road. You. Man, that was listen I'll be honest as a podcast. He's so wise in like he has all this deep wisdom. Where I felt like Oh man, I gotTA. Keep Up, you know. I love back. Toes, but we're pretty much doing a series. That was part one of the conversation where his platform is. All of our problems can be solved in the garden, and so we just started with we were wanting to definitely have a conversation addressing the plight of our country, as it is right now with just unrest, as a result of you know, police, brutality, white supremacy, and things of that nature and how it. It has an effect on, and you know the economics of the oppressed, and how we in when I say the oppressed when it comes to white supremacy in the oppressed. Unfortunately, it's black people, but talking about how we still can assert some power for ourselves, some sustainability for ourselves by being able to grow food and I feel like that's kind of like a one of the main things of this whole conversation. But is true and I'm glad that we got to get that. Conversation started and I'm glad that you got to enjoy it. I'm a Gadjah. It's like you said the wisdom. You know it's like the way he was pulling on different subjects in the history, too. I mean it's like. How do you keep that all in your mind and not only that, but articulated in ways that are meaningful and relevant to what you're talking about I loved his even just like his introduction of steam, instead of stem like adding agricultural back. Back into this whole like education empowerment sort of movement, and then like having that, Akron, be steam like adding steam. You know getting people fired up. It's it's so awesome to hear people talking like that especially nowadays and my only. My hope is that you know like people need to hear this. People need to know that it's as easy as just go into a dumpster, even grabbing some pods, trying it and seeing and the like eating out to people talking to people, and just taking some of that power back for yourselves. Yeah, for sure like just the thought of steam loan. It just sounds more like something is happening. I don't know how to describe it, but steam is like it builds up in. Something happens with that but it. It makes me think about like you mentioned. How be listened to the the intimacy episode, which was really into Mali because it was everything with Nadia Ruffin. But she just she's a wealth of information, and she's someone who is definitely going to be. You know involved in my show and more mysterious time away, and by all means. If you WANNA tap into her expertise, your your show listen. I support that. I have affilitated live you want, but she. She definitely was able to sum that up very well with the the connections. Just knowing so many different ways that or being familiar, especially in an academic type of way of how everything is connected with you know plants in nature and humans, and how we're all interacting and engaging with it, so that brings me to I. Know You're conducting this interview, but it's there was something that I wanted to mention in this interview about being an expert as pie pastor, especially in the subject like gardening implants. I did have some concerns coming in about the fact that I am not a horticulturist by trade. You know what I'm saying. I am not degreed in this I am certainly not an expert. If I were to rate my garden experience from novice to pro I would say. At best on a great day. The amazing thing about having the skill set that we have as being good conversationalist who understand enough about broadcasting to produce a show is we get to sit down with experts who know these matters very well, and we get to cultivate these conversations to tell these stories that we feel compelled to tell or bad just plain needs to be told, and so just going. Going back to the origins of black in the garden, being what it is, that was one of the main things that I needed to to get across is that there's a whole community of us out here? That are very you know it's not just US loving house, plants or being out in the garden or in the field about it we are also able to. Talk about it and shed light and wisdom on it, and there's there's so many connections to be made so I love getting to be should wear. It turns out. Don't need to be the experts. You're telling a story and you get to kind of be an expert on experts. Just, by talk, WHO experts, but you know it's all about story at the end of the day. Yeah, and I love that because it's it's really my philosophy to it as well, which is why I think I've so limited time to digest content, and that's why when I heard your podcast I'm going to enjoy this one. This is one that's going to be in the rotation because it does. Have that feel through through. You're not claiming to be like coal his hair. I have all the answers. It's like no I wanNA. Talk to people that you have all the answers because I'm the same way, my area of interest and expertise is about this big I'm putting blinders on. But when I talk to people, might my experiences expand and I'm getting information I'm learning right and that's what's great about having conversations like this. We're learning from each other during the process and everyone that's along. The journey is gonNA. Learn as well because if capturing that moment the right way, you're sitting down in asking questions that you you know the listeners are going like. Oh Yeah. I was just wondering that or like Oh. That's. That's a cool connection, or maybe you know, and that's where the diversity of podcast is great, because making those connections is gonna be different for everyone, and you don't know what thread that that is going to be followed and that's what's fun is like I. I didn't know what we were going to necessarily talk about today in our conversation, but we've gone down so many different corridors and it's amazing I love that about this. Is just for me just coming in as I you before we started recording when I got the vibe for your show I just I heard you having a conversation and I saw the ways that it was turning. It felt great for me. I I was so much more excited about. Being on the show because I was like this guy knows how to have our save. This is me. Let me a checkout line. ME, having this conversation and make a cashier laugh at everybody's kind of like looking at me like. Was this person I'm just like. Hey, it just comes naturally is the gift of Gab whatever you gotTA. Do I love it? Yeah, that's that's exactly. I appreciate. I'm just saying that to say that indefens-. Plants is is definitely a great benefit to my pod role now, would you? You know what I mean. Because on it it. Helps though right, it does help them lie. Happy to have you here and I'm GonNa. Give you the hardest question today. I think. Do you have any favorite plants or anything really excited about growing these days? It's so funny how you introduce that question as if you're gonNA. Ask Me to solve like one of the world's greatest problems and then you like. What's your favorite plant Let's see. I just have to say just going from childhood and I feel like I've said this like three times this week. Elephant ears now I get it those of you who are horticultural specialists are like. What do you mean you're talking about? Allocations, caladiums, or or what's the other one I don't know? I don't know, but I just know when I say elephant ears. You know what I'm talking about. It is the elephant eared shaped kind of plants like there's just planted bulbs, some pink wins I wanna say those are caladiums. You've seen those before like gates the pink. Yeah, those are just because i. get the mix with a few different varieties. Maher Soul, the pot is just beautiful and Mike the. The green ones were my initial favorites. And I believe if we want to get a little specific about one at that particular plant is. It's a Terro Naohiro you know what I'm talking about? Like they it you roots and be or the roots are eaten in in certain cultures, and they are delicious, yeah, and just growing up in Florida in honestly being plant blind as a child and you. You've always that term your. Yeah, that's Kinda. I'm an here. Which I love because I did an episode in season one of my show where it was called stay plant. The subject plant. Weiner's came up. As a child seeing those plants as you know plant blind, but still recognizing bed, there was something endearing about it as a child the fact that they were called elephant ears as a child. You think that's kind of cool. You like elephant ear, you know weird. Yeah, and then growing up into an adult and becoming a gardener and growing them is such a joy to me. Awesome, any type of elephant ear all. That's the word it. Was the word I was four. So you have allocation Colic Asia and Them those are the main you know Gina says I'm not sure because like I. Say on my show all the time I i. don't do science remember. We're not the experts you don't need to know. Know Love It. Yeah. So that's your answer. Elephant years. Wow, I love it, and exactly you don't need an expert to enjoy things. You don't even need to know a technical name for them to enjoy these things. As long as they bring you joy, you're connecting with them, and you love having them around you who gives a shit. Absolutely and that reminds me of another thing, and I know you probably wrapping up, so it's fine I'm just gonNa give it more things together is a wonderful. I recognized. I just had a revelation at one point sometime earlier this year. where I was thinking about how you know, you can have people who are just brilliant at growing certain crops. Maybe it's one cropper, maybe as a whole bunch of crops that don't even have any literacy skills at all Donna how to read really do math or whatever, but they know how to get those plants. and. I'm talking about even to this day. There are people in this world who are are are extremely proficient at growing things, and then especially going back before you know, they were universities and studies on plants and agriculture, and all that stuff. You don't have to even know what it is no. Intimately how to deal with that plant in a way to get the desired results totally. That was really amazing for me when I realize that I'm like it doesn't. It doesn't really take a whole out, but a desire. And some thoughtless paying attention totally and the great thing about the Internet. Today is that it's making it even easier to be that person into just pursue whatever interests you have I. Mean I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The Best Horticulturists some of the best botanists. No scientific education whatsoever just a passion, a desire, and they seek out the information, and they keep at it, and that's the best thing I've learned so much from those people that I would never have gotten in a class. C An exactly exactly because we know what we know and we know it works for us where we are at that particular time that it worked for us. A might not work US next time. Exactly thanks chain. Yeah, so we don't have to get all of our knowledge and wisdom and insight from a book. Experience will teach you Clinton. And harsh lessons, but sometimes the best ones. Why in end going back so many women and we both kind of mentioned failure in Magadan a huge blessing so to me when I recognize. It wasn't even a failure. It was a lesson. Really. You know what I mean in that is. See announced. Get into just like life in general, which is like we learn so much in our garden that we can apply to just real life way situations you go to a nursery right and you pick out a plant, but you WANNA be careful. Check onto the lease for pest and things like that and then also consider when you're trying to court. Somebody who you want to be your. May you know what I mean? Check under the leaves like what's ask a few questions. It's a now each other, a little bit better I would go to Florida. We decide that we're GONNA. Go home together. You. Just connections like that that I make because you know sometimes I'll do a solo episode like lessons. I learned from my regal. She'll. Allegation is just like love. Listen at the end of the day. The plants are really trying to teach US something. If, we would just be calm and still and listen and contemplate more than anything else I mean it's physical activities, brain activity, but it is new guarding for me is almost like a meditation it is that chance to sit to reflect to take time and focus on a topic. Just really have these things kind of bad around in my head, and if you really. Really do like you said, sit listen. There are so many bigger lessons to be learned and be taken away the apply to all aspects of life, but for me it's like patience and understanding that it's all part of the process like I think it was your monster lesson that you said patience and just being okay with the growth as it is and just accepting. Accepting it, but also learning from it, and just being part of it, take those. Yes, yeah, I! I just 'cause like as much as I want to. I thought at the beginning that I wanted my show mainly focus on like specifically gardening then i. just recognize is how difficult that was because I was like. No, there's there's just too many ways that everything is. Is Intertwining, so it just makes a podcast that much more rich, and it also makes it more relatable because you're like. You recognize that your audience is not just tuning in to get information about these experts ordered the subject matter, but also to get a little bit of wisdom, and maybe the out a bit wiser women when they cut it off ten totally and. It'd be Jimmy that and I'm and I'm happy for your show having conversations in the way that you do and we're. We're we're giving the same benefits are audiences. Another. Pat On the back. Thank you, vice versa, and it goes. The way is I. Absolutely Adore Black the garden. It is so good so informative. It's really again. It's helping me break out of a bubble that I'm in, but it's also learning experience it's it's like. Sitting and listening to your podcast is like just sitting in the room with you all and it feels like I'm sitting with friends just hearing learning in I'm sitting there like. Totally end. It's so good and I really excited for everything. That's going to be coming out of this. Every new episode. Yeah, it's such a journey and like you said there's no end to the topics you can cover, so keep it up you. Can I. Can I ask You a question? Of course you can am I allowed. The interviewee technically, but I'm thinking about house listening to your interview with Derek. And when you mentioned just now breaking out of this bubble, tell me more about what that means for you, and how consuming more black content as you are wanting to be more aware and things of that nature. What's happening with you in this bubble? So I, mean for me if I grew up in a white community I ha- one black friend growing up. He was adopted A. You know it was we all shared extremely similar experiences. I get to college and you know I'm college even felt very cliquey and now I'm just in the sciences I'm I'm in my thirties. I'm in Grad School. It's not like I'm as social as I used to be. Be. I'm definitely not going out as much I. Don't have the money to go out and mingle like I used to. And so you know my blinders have just kind of been doing this, and it's one of those things where I am admittedly have been in the past like anyone can do this. It's not about culture, background, or ethnicity or anything like that. It's like gardening's open everyone, but I. It's so shocking to realize how ignorant that can be, and that's something I'm really battling to get over just because I'm not exposed to a lot of diversity I'm not exposed to it in any form of way, except for maybe like the Comedians. I listen to the music I. Listen to that's about it. In terms of the little bubble that I'm in and so when I hear really important stories about how you know, an upbringing could have connected you to something or how the struggle to feed. Yourself is a way of getting back to the garden. It's it's really helping me realize that everyone's bringing something different to the table, and like Derek said it so perfectly is like. When you go outside, you cannot separate yourself from the color of your skin or the way people interact with you or the perceptions of people and you and that's something I don't know about. That is something that I'm so ignorant to because I'm white. You know what I mean. It's like I go outside I. Go to school I I'm surrounded by people that look and pretty much entertain the same sort of life that I do, and I, just don't get exposed and it's. It's sad, and that's what I'm talking about. In terms of breaking these bubbles, it's not because I'm hateful or want to be isolated just because I. don't have exposure and podcast like yours are really helping with that. Wonderful that is that is wonderful and one thing that I wanted to bring up as we're getting into the subject like that is the importance of a more diversified curriculum in school. Of course know. February is black history month, and it's not even observed in all schools. I just remember sitting in my kids elementary school this past February and like a PTO. PTA IF I PTA. PTO Now. I'm the only black person room, and it's like mid January something and I'm like Hey, guys! What are we doing for history month and having to lake say that and knowing that I was GonNa have to say it in a room full of white people, but I'm just like I can't not say this. And after I, said of course I probably made a joke, whereas like obviously I'm be agent sent. Sent here to say that, but like Faria. What are we doing turns out? They did a brilliant program, so they definitely did a great job there, but the whole goal beds should be implemented. Going forward would be to change the way that we are teaching our children. Because here's two things, you have non black kids or non. What is the acronym by Peos the black? Indigenous people of Color you've seen that were. Yeah. But it's it's fine. It's okay, 'cause we're learning right now. Yeah, so what happens is the way that we learn about history and in the economy, and just like everything that we learn especially about the history of of of the United States, and the world is very much from Berry. Euro Century point of view. It's done us all a disservice because you're sitting here. Matt saying listen. I just didn't know all the things, but there are so many like black inventors, inventions, innovations, and things of that nature that it shouldn't be something that we have to go and seek out. Out On our own to to learn these things. You know what I mean. This is something that we could be teaching in normalize right. That's really the main thing. Normalization on the other end of that me as a young black kid going into a black woman and getting to February and saying you know what I really wanted to do a little bit extra. This is a whack show obviously, but it's February on a little bit extra. Get into the history of white planters, and not really knowing besides George Washington Carver, and so having a go into the debts of Google. Like going to the library and I go to the library as well which didn't like digging. The whole point is having to dig when it should be information that is just not so esoteric. You know what I mean so I definitely wanted to emphasize that that you know we're done a disservice and having to go out of the way to get information about people bet are not like us. Who actually contributed so much it it just it could have been more. Ganic Ganley implemented into our understanding of the world from the very beginning told relation. Wa is yeah. That normalization is exactly what it needs to be because it doesn't have to be like special place where you go. Oh, we talk about this now and they. Only these examples can go here now inserts. You know like us at George Washington carver. The there's so much more than right and the normalization process means when these conversations than come up, and as we proceed as a society as a culture. It's not this like taboo weirdness that we all have to legal well I don't know if I'm going to say the like. Let's just talk with each other. Be People together to share our experiences, the unique experience that our culture's give us, but also embrace them instead of being afraid to kind of like Do we just tap times around this issue kinda thing? Yeah. M. As there's so many ways that we could get into you know how to make the world a better place into how and how to you know rake down the destructive systems that are in place, but you know just one thing at a time where we're obviously here in defensive plant. So. But like Mike said the soil connects us like we're. We're all connected. We're all out here. Having very rich individual and cultural experiences, and is for the best, if as much as possible, we are aware of those we are just passionate towards other people in you know that are different than us, because like for me I I want to understand more about other minorities, and there's a fight between many minority groups, and that that doesn't that really help all minority groups because all minority groups unfortunately are on the non benefiting end of white supremacy is the AL works, but you know. There's a lot more work to be done so as an US having conversations like this and you being as transparent as you are about what it is that you know, and you don't know and how you're changing that around listen bats bats progress I'm I'm here to learn. That's all. I can say I just WANNA learn, and I want to be facilitate learning another I. Guess that's the best way we can put it. It's happening. It is and I couldn't do it without people like you, so thank you so much for joining us and talking with us. If People WanNa, find your podcast on anything more about you. Where do they go looking? Obviously it will put up links to all of these in the show notes the episode, but tell us now. Sure okay so black in the garden. I'm hosted on anchor so you can find on. ANCHOR DOT FM and all of these streaming like everywhere you find indefens- plants Wykeham. A garden is also there may come up in your related search if you're lucky, but it's spotify. Apple PODCASTS iheartradio. I even applied to have my podcast on Pandora, but I don't think they got back to me yet. You might want to look into that. Yeah, yeah, I never think of. But like wherever it any platforms? People need to know exactly and also on social media just check instagram burst that is what I am most regularly inconsistently updating as a one woman operation pushing all those buttons in configuring in tweeting and all that stuff. Don't get me wrong. Lacombe Garden at I mean at the garden is definitely where you can find me on twitter, but instagram is my main thing, and you can also find welcome gardens facebook page am I, said in the future once I. Get my operation running a lot more smoothly. You'll be able to find me actively in those places, but if you want to listen to the podcast, you can ask onto Google was what I say. WACK GARDEN PODCAST will come up and when it comes to social media disliked for me mainly on Instagram, and sometimes soon I will have blackened the garden dot Org. All right. 'cause it's an or So. Yeah, just stay tuned for that and I appreciate you. you know putting all the information in there? And for amplifying the of course it was such a pleasure. It's like those situations where I was used to hearing your voice podcast, and then I hear you talking to me. I'm like Woo. We'll starstruck. They're kind of moment, but you know. So much for coming on the PODCAST and talking, it is a blast. I love it, I love everything you're doing and yet keep it up. Let's let's get people. Gardening gets get people taking the power back and grown food grown house plants, just enjoying plants, and teach us about the world amen to that I say as I as I and black in the garden love in soil. Above it you as well have a great day. All right that wraps up another incredible show isn't cola amazing. Go check out black in the garden. He will not regret it. I've been enjoying it so much. You Want my personal recommendation. I love all of her conversations with neighbor neck. They're very thoughtful. It's just so nice to hear about what people are doing really in other climates of the world, but just experiences and all that put together it's. It's great so again. That's black in the garden. You can find it on all major pod catchers and follow her on social media. It's really engaging. She does a lot of really cool like instagram. Live stuff, really good conversations being over there I think cooler for taking time out of her busy schedule to talk with us and I'm sure you'll hear her on future episodes before I let you. You go today. I do want to give a shoutout to the latest producer on this podcast. Tait tait went over to patriots. Dot Com slash in defense plants and signed up at the producer. Credit level so not only is taking this incredible resume boosting title of producer. They are also getting access to stickers multiple many bonus episodes each and every month. So if that sounds like something you're interested in. In go check it out over at Patriotair Dot. com slash in defense plants. Course we still have stickers for sale in defense, plants dot com slash shop every defense, a plant logo sticker you get a portion of that purchase is being donated to the North American Orchid Conservation Center. And if you go pick up any of our customizable, merge over at t spring dot com slash stores slash indefensible plants. A portion of that purchase is being donated to the rainforest. Trust me, it's a great way to support the show help. Keep running help. Make sure that this can keep coming out each and every week. Having incredible discussions like the one we had today for free for you to listen to. Otherwise hit that, subscribe button and keep checking back in so many good conversations just over the horizon, but until next time I hope you all have a fun safe in healthy week. This is your host map citing out audio everyone.

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Freeing the Nipple with Hannah Berner

Taste Of Taylor

50:34 min | 9 months ago

Freeing the Nipple with Hannah Berner

"The following podcast is a deer media production. Hey crawl now. That's the show. Bye Bye bye. Okay hey girl. Hey welcome to another episode. My weekly podcast. Taste of Taylor. I am your host. Taylor's recor right now joining me. I mean she really is a Co host at this point on the podcast. It's Hannah Burner. Ladies and gentlemen. Hey girl hey have been waiting for this moment. Obama love so Hannah. I Love Hannah so much. We're very good friends. And Hannah also happens to be aside from being a regular on my radio. Show the Taylor's our show and also a regular on this podcast also has her own Podcast check it out. It's called burning in hell. She's fucking fire podcasting because I taught her. Everything's you know but has also on a little show on Bravo called summer house which is getting a lot of traction and a lot of talk around town these days. It's a damned good Chauhan I. I really have enjoyed watching the season. I have to say thank you. I think it's a perfect combination of people forced to watch it because they're stuck at home and then just the escapism of watching a drunk psych ward with rose. Ed I mean I have a question so summer has been on for four seasons. I've watched it probably. I would say since the beginning. I'm I'm like Total Bravo stand so if something comes on and it's good I'll I mean even goodish our watch them the fuck But Doug it really has opinions gotten better In the last two seasons which happens to be when you're on a am. I slightly biased people. Yes I am I love Hannah. She's like my little sister but I really do think I'm I'm captivated by when I'm watching it and it's so funny because my girlfriend Taylor like hates Bravo and she gets super jealous when I'm watching it. And she always happens to come over and kiss me or asked me a question right when it's coming to like a Hannah Luke scene and I'm like I could literally bite her head off over it. I'm like getting you guys are kind of like me and luke except it's healthy and functioning so I have to say she's Lou can you? What's while I'm always you? You're always me so but I really like I. I love you on the show you I what I watched the show. Because you're on it but I also watched. I just watched the show in general. You know I also you knew me before I was on the whole process. I mean it got us in trouble of me like you know about to be on it and all that stuff. I know while you always get yourself in trouble. Which is my favorite quality about you. I have a big big mouth and you just wrap it all over town which is why and also do anyway so weird. She says I think we had you want at some point during the season. But I think you know this summer houses officially It's officially over. Unfortunately but last night we got delicious bonus episode a delicious treat if you will from the powers that be and it was a summer house. Secrets revealed is that was called secrets. Revealed Secrets revealed. And we all the whole cast was the little honestly scared because you know like you survive the season and then you're like Oh God what else did I do that I forgot. I thought they showed every embarrassing like difficult moment. I want to ask you so okay. So we get this. We watched the whole season which it happened to hit during cord team which was shirt and sure was actually like good for ratings right. We'll some shows did not do better doing quarantine but something about our show like people are obsessed right now and I'm so grateful because also I didn't do the show thinking that it would blow up. I'd do the show just being like I want to survive if I can survive this as a challenge in my life and the fact that people are enjoying it as entertainment is a real plus team there that you said that. So honestly you're like people think is entertaining. Okay because it feels like when you're watching the season honestly I'm so ready for it to be over because I feel like you're on a ship and you think you're okay and then there's like pirates jumping on the ship. There's there's not like me like we're hat once captive not ones. Yeah then. There's like iceberg coming out but like no hot Leonardo di Caprio so you. It's just like an emotional especially because people are in quarantine. People are going off on twitter like the bullying was really intense this year if accident just kind of done like being judged for like forty two minutes of a weekend just like kind of over a even though. I didn't really get that bad judgment. I just feel like you had a couple rough weeks with episodes. We've discussed extensively on the Tiller show. Extensive is is accurate word and I do want to get a little bit into it with you but I don't want you to get in trouble because it's the thing with Dan when we talk. I think she forgets that. We're actually recording. I forgot that's for sure. And then afterwards she's like I think I went too far and then I have to go back and edit things out so I don't do that. I don't have time when you ended. Gauche do you want to edit anything out? I took that as a Hannah. You went too far. I'm letting you know. Please take this opportunity because we never at itself out and last time I was like. Yeah maybe the whole part about everything so your episode on your show was fifteen minutes long and we grew request for an hour that let me I know. I know. I'm actually no we. Did we get but I actually I had to edit it out and I was Definitely struggling. I'm so sorry about that. No one is. Let's do it again. Let's go in what so let's do it again. Let's do it now. We're even more people can listen to it and probably will definitely here and you'll definitely get in trouble and you'll definitely be able to work with me again. Okay so No no no. We're not GONNA do that. I don't want you to get yourself in trouble but like I wanted toe that line for me okay. I'll try to use my media training and my big mouth together as okay. So the seasons wrapped you guys have your zoom Reunion which was fantastic. It was very juicy very delicious. Very spectacular and then all of a sudden surprise bonus episode. I'd never see very rarely have I seen Bravo Bravo do this. Do you have any explanation as to why they did I th? I think what happened is Bravo will get like a certain number of episodes and I think during quarantine they see how many people are so obsessed with summer house and there's always a bazillion amazing scenes that don't make it and I think that they were like fuck it. We have enough content. Let's do another episode of All. Bless them because it was it was delicious. It was like I. I mean I needed it. I missed my summer house and I can. They do another one. Here's the thing I was watching seems to me. Like why the fuck did this not make it like dude let me too like I? Caesar Great Edinburgh that a lot of storylines frustrated as a viewer. Like I WANNA go in chronological order but like I mean specifically like the UN page like you had a huge fight about your relationship with Luke and then like seeing you guys make up and like the talk you had. I don't know why and I know what happened to the city but like I need more of that content in my life and I just like you know. Maybe there is some sort of a formula or ratio that that the producers and editors feels necessary to keep show a live with like some fun. Some silly let's show them throw another party. It's like honestly I just WanNa see you guys like fighting and making up constantly like what I do think like man pages. Friendship and that fight was so intense so not show how we made up was surprising to both of us also because I got a spray Tan for that scene so it was pretty pissed. It got back. Maybe you're welcome. Thank you okay. So let's kind of go. I mean what fuck it. We don't go chronological order. I can just jump around on my note so they did person by person I know they are. Yeah I know they did. It was great though so let. Let's talk about page. Okay so When page says that she walked away with eight wait sorry. That's a different question. That's a different scene. There's I mean I took copious notes like I'm such a nerd. Okay so you and I have talked a lot about the fact that you like confrontation and you've been accused of listeners viewers of being two faced which you have said a million times to me on my show like yeah. I am fucking two faced confrontation but in the scene where you and page are making up after the fight that you guys had over the Luke situation you were so I was so proud of you Hannah you were so direct. You're so transparent you literally said like no Bullshit. I love you I miss you. This is so weird like tell me like just don't beat around the Bush. What the fuck you were very direct so when people are calm and logical okay and I feel like they're listening and we're like already in it like we already had the fight. I'm actually good at that. It's more like when someone's doing something that I don't like I don't have to be the catalyst to be like this is fucked up right now. I'd rather like reflect on it talked about it to my friends and then deal with me and page. It was like a beautiful moment where we both had our guards down and we knew we have to address this in a logical way and that is where I shine. Okay well I mean I was very very impressive with both you and page. I think it really speak to your friendship and respect for each other like I think and also your trust in one another but like for somebody that says that you don't like confrontation and a you're really very quite good at it with the most important person. Your best friend In Your Life. So that's the thing is. Why can you apply to pay you? Can't apply to other scenarios. I guess is my question. I think because I really feel like page can understand me and it's coming from and so when I say stuff it won't be taken in a different way Ask question so it's hard but also it's like I don't like confrontation. Where yeah I have to start it got it. That's what it is so like if someone's coming at me in some kind of way and I have to be the one that's like. This is wrong for some reason. I can't do that. I just would rather have no drama. But if the confrontations already happened then. I'm like in it like we have to fix this. And what the cutest thing about that scene? That people in see was that we hadn't talked all week which was so weird as we talked about during. Like when you're mad at your friend be forget and you're about to send them a funny man and you're like dammit. I'm mad at them now. I never forget. And we'll take a break up like after break-up you'll see something that reminds you of someone and then you're like Oh wait we're broken up. Fuck you one anyway because when you were like like meeting in the city in this was being said. Kyle was doing the voice over for narrating for it and he was like You know pagent Hannah thing that they're the power couple which they're not. How can a pisses me off and I was like? There's so much truth in that statement like it's not even funny you guys you guys are the power couple you really are also do in the house. People also didn't see secrets. Revealed is before we got our big fight with Kyle. When we were giggling during a speech episode one was. We were actually asking to get the master bedroom. 'cause we were like look where two girls we never have to do. All our hair stuff in the bathroom. We have a lot more clothes than the both of you and we want the master where we were downstairs last. All's Yeah I think that the two girls and he was like no and then the tension was like rising but anyway the cool part about that scene was that when I made eye contact with her because I was like coming from a different block and she was already sitting down we both just started laughing and then I was like get it together. Get it together. But it's like that laughter made me no like good okay. We're also I have to ask you because in the voice over the Kyle did by the way I quickly ask you just a quick aside. Kyle and Lindsey did a lot of the voice over narrating for that. What thoughts on that thoughts Yeah I don't know I noticed that did it. Where is it just me? I noticed it in the beginning Yeah I don't know maybe because they're like. Oh Jeez that's what not a thing but I kind of felt like not fair. I'm you know starting trouble per usual as the podcast host. I was like I'm feeling audio's where do but it's okay so But he also voiced over. I I love that. He did though. 'cause like sometimes. I mean I think he ad libs which is great because he's slips. Kyle is actually very funny when he's not when he's a little drunk and not blackout but night sober and his. He's actually he's good at like a hosting type role he is actually so he was. He insured the two of you guys saying that you guys are the power couple which pissed them off which is like ha ha. It's a joke but actually there's so much truth in that but he also said that a lot of people in the house weren't quite sure that you know if your friendship would survive which made me think so. Were there people in the House that hope that you impeach wouldn't make up he? I mean I didn't realize until later like hearing Carl and the cartel. This was the funniest thing to me when Carl goes to jewels and goes yeah. The girls are so cliquey. I'm like out Carl. Where are you getting that information from from Lindsay from Jules like what are you talking about this whole clicky thing? Was this Like made up concept that started being repeating toward the end of season. That was like super annoying. I will say this you and Amanda Page crew. That's a word that boys get to use right. We're a crew. Of course there's a negative connotation when there's girls that are in a crew it's called the click it's bullshit but the thing is is Lindsay was all about her. Click when you know Amanda was just dating Kyle Season? One too so that we're not nice to Amanda the first season like Lindsay Lindsay Colic. Some somebody clicky is ridiculous. Because she's Queen Clicky. She's just pissed that she's not in click or queen of the click so having is Lindsay. You're an adult like girls are getting along well and when Amanda was new. She wasn't getting along with you guys and you guys. She wasn't calling you guys at all at all and so call them. I just hate that narrative I hate it. So much can trigger bully. You know the second you say that you start to label people as something. I think they you an Hannah. I'm sorry you end page and Amanda are all the same age and get along super well but I will say you guys are a group of friends there but inside your group of Friends. There clearly has been trouble which we've watched all season long. You know what I mean so like. We'll having three friends is tough and I think what happened is Amanda was like very I think she might have seen like me and pages friendship on the show and people loved it and she's friends with us and she was like why can't I be a part of like that kind of thing and from the very beginning. I mean I would even argue. It wasn't Lindsey who was necessarily even causing that much tension. Amanda caused tension on herself by like latching onto page and then being passive aggressive to me so there was that tension in the group already. So when I walk out and it's Jules page and Amanda just lined up judging me. I'm like what the fuck is this. Okay so we can. We go back so there was. There was a scene so secrets revealed is episode. That we're recapping right now and so it's unseen never before seen footage from the show. Would you guys live a lot of your life? I mean those cameras are literally twenty four seven and so there's a lot of life that's being law stories that are not being told so it was a fascinating thing to watch. But there's a scene where you come in and we have to do a deep dive into this But so your ex boyfriend Armand at some point. In the summer you ended up running into him and his crew in the Hamptons. Because like don't forget guys. Yeah there should not show but like all of our other friends are also out in the Hamptons at different houses. There's just not reality camera. Crews following them around so when you guys go out to like Stanton Social Southampton Southampton Social That one's in the city Southampton social you guys are running into like actual other friends of yours and so I know that Armand your ex boyfriend Tattoo House with a bunch of our friends in the Hamptons so you ran and they would text us. Be Like when you're done come out and we'll see you there. I think is what sucks. I don't I don't I don't know how the audience is GonNa react partially 'cause you don't know when it happened in the season that will literally was going to say to you. When did that? I'm GonNa ask you the questions that the audience because like I probably fill in the blanks just from knowing you but I I will say especially for me like when I was like we went. Did that happen? I'm like Oh shit. No one's GONNA understand way was after it was the night of the dinner when Lou kind of announced that like he's not really seeing Elena but like he's just messed up back in time so there was this. There's a an iconic scene from this this season where Anna says if you're if you're single and Lou Kinda wiggles his hand back and forth likes. I'm so happy happy. And everyone's like excuse you. And that's when he drops the bone Jelena and you're telling me that you kissing your ex boyfriend. Armand happened after that dinner. No not that dinner I this was like this was. I think this was a dinner at a public house. It was when Carl was like really drunk and he was like John. Who's been played about his chair? Yeah and Luke had like a quick bite where he basically was like a manual. Honor are done but like I'm not ready to be with anyone like I'm not over my ex and I was sitting next and I was like understanding like I look Dick Matai I was like okay and I remember they that we were all like we should go out and I was like. I don't really want to go out. And then I heard my friends were out and I'm like I'M GONNA go. We got there and I went over and I I really WanNa see our mind because we hadn't. We actually ended amicably where I was like. Look this isn't going to. This isn't right and he was like I totally get to respect you for telling me that you wanna kiss someone else and yeah and we ended me. I was like I wanna Kiss Luke and he was like Don and I'm like okay like right. That's what we're doing. I didn't. I did not get physical with Luke for that reason because I have so much respect for Armand is a person and a really great person in my life. So if you're in a relationship right and it's starting to fizzle and to the point that you want to start kissing other people that is a sign that it may be. You shouldn't be in the relationship one hundred percent in reality. Tv will speed up your life because you're forced to make and reflect on things the decisions that you would never I get it. So so I- America thinks Hannah broke up with Armand for loop and I'm sure that there are other people in the house. I thought that too but I've been there before I remember in college. I was like I there. I met this guy. There was an interest I never acted on it because I was in a relationship but I was so fucking over the relationship. It took me like six months to get the ball up to break up with the stupid fucking pissed the bed constantly and when I believe what I finally broke up with the boyfriend finally it took forever. I was like Oh my God. I'm free I'm done in this guy that I kind of had an interest in I immediately went out with him but guess what he's an Isa said to me. Ha broke up with your boyfriend for me which I gave him power and I said I didn't break up with my boyfriend for you. I wanted to be single. I was over that for a while but now that I'm single. I do WanNa kiss you know what I mean so yeah. I literally have lived at like no. I think Luke helped me realize that our mon- wasn't right but also I wasn't about to. We talked about that in our dinner at in our data at slate where he was like he said like don't break up with her boyfriend for me and I was like honey. Don't worry about that yourself motherfucker. But when I'm single like closing in life in general when you close the door doors will open up so I wanted to have the options of if I look like someone else and Luke was the guy in my mind at the time but yes we get to Southampton Social and I lose the group and I find like this crew who I was really good friends with and Armand is there and we are hammered. Also with this midnight we just had a whole day of filming. I had Espresso Martinis that dinner. I remember. They tasted delicious and I over was over served and he was. He was hammered. The first time you see someone. After a break-up it's like emotion and I think I was like I was kind of like I care about you and he was kind of like I remember him just like I like think I love you like he was hammered but like the whole thing with our our relationship was I was like. You're not you don't really want like he was a very laid back cool guy and I'm like he doesn't really WanNa even like whatever he doesn't care. Susan I love you and then I started crying. And then he's like how do you feel and I was just like I And then next. We're at the bar and he kissed me when you play the kiss to me. I need to know each so we had this like this is what I remember in my in. My Brown out is that we were talking and it was like and you still kind of feelings for the person because I broke up broke up with him a little earlier than I would. If we weren't filming I just had to because I wasn't about to have him on camera and have break talked about this a lot that you were like. I'm kind of not into Armand but like you know I I'm not ready to have a be over and I'm like well you're about to filming and Brit like regular dating is one thing letting it go on for too long but when you're when when your partner that you're dating agrees to reality show they become part of the story. I not sign up for the honest look out of hand just ended now because it's just not fair to him because the deeper he gets in the story line the more pissed he's going to work out right. Yeah so I found. It was the perfect time that like America wasn't invested enough that I would have to like explain. He literally seen like that was it. Yeah and he's literally looked cool if anything he looks like he wasn't into me and I was like great. Go like this worked out. I thought that I could produce myself and be like it'll be like ambrish. Dave Watch our relationship flourish. Which did not happen with me in British Dave but with Armand Things fucking things changed so anyway then we have a little talk and then I was at the bar just like hanging and I just remember him. Kinda just like looking at me and I was looking at him and we had like five second kiss and then I remember being like us not loud. I didn't know that's not what we wanted to do. And then I like Luke lost all night like he didn't know where he was but also okay not your boyfriend and we you guys made that abundantly clear so if you I mean you know you don't know what he's up to but like I got it you don't know what he's up to. He doesn't know what you're too when you're in the city but when you're in the Hamptons House together you kind of feel like it's like you're part time lovers right. We don't have yet but that night he literally had just said. I'm not over my ex girlfriend so it's like I don't owe him shit no you don't want him shed so I wouldn't have. I don't think I would clash at night the of that night though after you left The clearer did you go and sleep. Luke's bed I don't remember. I think you did because you came downstairs. Talked to the girls about you're like I. Yeah Yo yeah well. That's that's just like a classic. Good night make out with one guy end up in another girl called summer literally not judging it all just. That's called feminism. Anyone who's listening but I wanNA know as because I haven't seen yet the audience's reaction. How do you think they're going to react to that too? You Kissing Armand while well look well whatever you know what I'm saying. I think that they're going to. I think that they're going to be like whatever. Also you said and I believe he kissed you. You know what I mean. And it wasn't like a full blown make out. It was like a quick kiss. I think that and also you look are not an item so I really think that the audience actually. I think that a lot of people viewing don't like Luke Luke for you so I've been one of those people for a long time. I love and respect you so I'm just leaving your decision making up to you when it comes to your love life and your leader. He's literally having sex with tons of girls during the week. But that's but that's the thing. Is that like a so so five. I think a lot of people will be like fuck you hand like like basically like fuck. Lewke doesn't like it tracks that you guys aren't in a relationship because he kissed her ex boyfriend and that's sometimes what happens is don't you see how so many of these scenes like make things make more sense like when that's why like? I was in freaking out at Luke when I heard he had psycho someone else I was like. We know we're in this kind of weird agreement where it's like. We have feelings for each other but like we're not crossing the line physically for so like okay. He did that okay. So a real question before a quick question before we move on. So does our mom watch the show? And do you guys still talk. Armand and I have not spoken. And he used to watch the show. He watched last season with me. I don't think he's happy but I'm pretty sure that he situation worked out the best possible way for him and I. I really really tried to make sure that he was Talked about in dealt with with as much respect as possible so after you talk to the girls about like Armand Kissing you and saying that he was in love with you. You're then like I have to tell Luke because everybody in the house knows and we live in this house in someone's GonNa get drunk and say something to Luke. It's going to be a thing so you rather come from you which is very much respected so. I just I didn't I was I didn't want it to look like I was telling him to be a little bit like I their mind. I wanted to know that I want to show that I was telling him to like get ahead of any confusion. No an I totally respect that. I thought it was great that you actually went over and talked to him so I I'm GonNa tell you something though I think you're gonNA get a lot of DM's okay Fra and this is a prediction a prophecy if you will will but I think you're going to get a lot of DM's from people saying so. This is what page and Amanda we're talking about. I'm just warning you that was like what We just I just I really you know I have been. He was being manipulative. Something Anti Luke for very long time and you and I have talked through every episode like the entire Season Summer House and I have gone to point. I trust you and I. It's it's up to you and you can have whoever you want. Bury their headed there. Your Vagina is your business. You know and I really I really respect you in love. I trust you and I think a good head on your shoulder so I'm like Hannah you do you and I still feel like that. I WANNA be clear on that okay because I know you very well however I will say I got so enrage watching the scene Hannah. You're spectacular. You were very honest. And you're very mature Luke. Cringing watching myself speak. I don't know why dwell that's ridiculous. You should not be cringing. Luke should be cringe. It's weird to watch yourself like admit to something. It's like a weird thing. I've never seen myself. Do you say I you know. I'm like full disclosure almond last night. And he's like okay and then he's like thank you for telling me and then and then you're like well and then you say well. I want to be clear. I'm just telling you because it's like in the house like you met Armand but like Outta want US telling each other every time we hook up with somebody like that's not what I'm trying to set the stage for right here and he's like. Oh yeah that's a good idea because you never talk to me again if you knew what I was doing. And I'm like you fucking prick. I was so mad and that kind of stuff that made me be like. Yeah that's why I would never date you right right. Goes things that he says that I'm like yeah because you're hot model and your mess in the head and cool. He's being respectful and any other boy. He's a typical guy. He's a typical guy but it's like he's saying he's like I'm not mad. It's cool but he's clearly pissed then he's like so he gets to be. You know what it is. I was watching it and it got me mad. And it wasn't even that Luke himself got me mad. It was society guys in general. Because here's the deal. This is really what it is. I really feel like there is a fucking double standard when it comes to casual dating with men and women right so yeah when it comes to when we're casually dating guys can be the bad boy and you know if you do you never taught him me to spread their seed because they have to so guy who was a when we're like when we're not like like exclusive. We expect guys to fuck a lot of girls hook up with girls do whatever they want but guess what when it comes to women casually hooking up. It's like you have to be this good girl and he literally said it or else he's like if you will I? It can never happen again because if I were like I I won't stand for that. What you kissing somebody for five seconds that pales in comparison to the SIM Shit. He's probably doing Monday Wednesday Thursday with all these other random girls. Do you know what I mean like. How how which is argument? Pest was the argument of page. Actually so fucking good because there was so many layers to it where it was like. I was not never saying that this guy was like husband material or I saw things like. That's why I was like you guys. I'm not a fucking idiot was what I was trying to say. I was like I see what's happening and I'm not a fucking idiot but also like yeah. It's it's a summer fling and I was like I like this. That turned into like not a summer fling and there were like feelings there but also just a girl has feelings and a crush on. You does not mean that she wants to marry you. There's so many guys that I've crushes on. That are like my mom would never let walk in my house right but you want hook up with them and so you do and your mom's none the wiser but you happen to be on a reality television show where everybody sees everything that you do but I do think it is i. I actually have to say like from you know. I hope people listen to this and they hear this conversation about it because I think it is very quick for people to look at that scene and go. Oh Luke is a dick. He is a Prek manipulator. Asshole double standards not fair but point is is that Hannah's in control and Hannah's the one that saying like this is why we don't date it's like it blows people's mind to like but how could Hannah just like one a casual hookup like of course if she likes him. She wants to marry him. 'cause as a society that's what we expect women to do. I saw a really good quote on twitter. Which is where I get all my information which was basically like I want women to grow up understanding that you don't have to be married to have sex. You don't have to be in love to have sex. You gestured feel respected to have sex because like sex is not a thing that you need to do with like the love of your life like sex is actually an experience of your body. That's healthy with someone who respects you. And that's what I live by when I say oh I want a guy who I like. It's also I WANNA have sex with the guy who feel has feelings for me and does respect me and but I will say I did. Look I mean he was a little bitch boy in that scene but I do think he does respect you and I. We play so many games to mentally which we'll have to tune. I'm that I'm playing with him as well. 'cause that's called like that's the fun of flirting before. Relationship is playing Lo Mang gains and he was like after that scene he was all over me for like the whole while. I he was back. Great I mean I don't people like jealousy's a really negative like emotion in a relationship. Jealousy is what keeps shit going on baby. If you're not jealous then then you don't like your partner. I think that man to like they were like kind of right but they didn't have enough evidence to be like this guy's ruining your life they were just like it's a bad idea and I wanted to be like yeah. I know it's a bad idea and I'm not trying to fucking date him right so it was. It was really awesome and the such complex. That actually about societal norms. Not even your relationship. That's really what you were fighting about Speaking of Luke so we now know that you gave him a blowy from secrets revealed so I have to ask you. Who's better at oral sex? You were Luke okay so I don't. I remember that night like I don't think I like I might have like might played with his Dick but like I did not give him like a full-on blow job. I gave him a blowjob another time. We had like one hook up at his apartment in the city. That like I gave my all and then And I think it was like that fuck I don't you guys. It was like eight months ago and it was such a blur but Come on Hanna. Who's better oh WHO's better? Yeah who's better? Okay I why are you trying to pin people against each other? Feel like that's really unhealthy for the relationship or trying to have but I league I mean. Yeah. I'm amazing jobs I win. That's all I wanted to your. You say he came faster than me so I went. Okay okay wait now. I'M GONNA get real and bitchy. I I need a moment about jewels. So the very beginning of secrets revealed. We see that Hanna wasn't the only person that Jill's annoyed. Lindsey right off the bat like wanted to terror off which I thought was delicious So I'm like very much here for that but this where you guys were at the beach. We got an extended version of that this time around which I really appreciated because I could look at your bathing suits because the bathing suits are so great but like I have to ask. Is it just coincidence? That page and Jules had bathing suits with belts or jewel. Straight up snatch pages look like go and change into that like. I like I literally was watching like this. Is the scene a psychotic? So we've watched jewels like obsessive or page worship page like you know. See Page announcement in the next weekend. Come back like in a similar looking outfit but this was like straight up. Snatching someone dizzy at the beach. I was kind of like wait. Wait like wearing a belt with a one piece is of very big. It's a very aggressive Ben. Halfway through the scene She just found abandoned started wearing it to like like crazy. It's crazy so I have to ask you like. Was it truly a coincidence or like? Was that like single white female crazy shit. What's so funny is I literally didn't even notice that like I don't really notice those things can. Then you're useless to me but what I thought was hilarious as like they show these different sides of Lindsey like. Didn't see in the first thing where you saw that like fucking hated gills in the beginning and snapped at her for literally. No reason no so awkward in the car she used basically was like. Oh I feel like you. Luke would be a cute couple and she was like you don't know my type and I was. I remember being in the back of the car being like she snapped at me in the beginning of my season. Like calm down just parts when I was supportive of jobs but I'm not trying to my own horn but and then I didn't realize that Lindsey was like full-on like lying to page about hooking up with Carl. They lied to us about after the date. How good the date wet like those things? Those were like real. Larionov things that happen. Here's the thing I think Lindsey. I think we can call her delusional. I think that Lindsay's line to Lindsey say she's like the date was great grey. Day was terrible but if you want to pretend like it was 'cause you're gonNA marry Carl then we keep telling ourselves that lie. Yeah it was. It's weird also because it's like I don't know it just seems so deceptive and that's she's not she's such gold she really is. I got yeah. I was very entertaining watching her. Like have you guys like like. She was getting like Oh. She was already very into Carol in that moment. I just WANNA say Karl naive ups and downs. But a little justice for Carl in the situation where I feel like Carl did say like I like you and then immediately started regretting it by her actions and then by the time he tried to get out she made it look like he was the bad guy when it's like she did multiple things that made him feel like. This is a bad idea and I should get out early before it gets bad but somehow he got like the backlash this season and even also she didn't tell Stephen about coral until we all were like together anyway so awkward. I love. They shared that. I know it's crazy. How many Lindsey scenes were shown that like? We're not integrate light for her. That didn't make the cut Okay also I. We're running out of time so I'm trying to jump around like I talk to like for two hours about this Also you page. There's a scene where you're talking about Kyle and Amanda Relationship. Because they had just got into a fight where kyle was out late. She was checking his apple. Watch and then you guys like a big Glut Group conversation in the pool the next day which makes sense like when you're sharing a house with people and there's couples and they fight like it affects the vibe for everybody. It's almost like a family. So the are doing secrets revealed page and I were up with Amanda for like four hours of her having a full on meltdown that night. So but so basically real quick kyle was out like you know selling loverboy. Which is his alcoholic beverage company which you know a fine fine the tracks but like he has a history of cheating on Amanda so it makes sense that she also he's hammered like he was murdered hammered and so of course she's allowed to be concerned slash threatened so she checks his apple watch which by the way he left behind. So fuck you brow. She's allowed to check that shit. And then you guys are all talking basically like the next day as like a family if you will together and then you impeach decide to like Confront Amanda not confront but like Tele Mandalit. You're concerned you're worried. Basically enemy the page set of very nicely. She's like I just want her to know like she's not stuck. If she wants out she can get out. And so you guys are GonNa go talk to her about it and then like Kyle's there and so you guys don't even get a chance to talk about Shin. Because that's when they announce that she's going to quit her job to full-time work for loverboy. Only just further ingratiating herself in a relationship that you can't you know get an I remember being like okay. Let's talk about this. And she was like bagging. Those like she was like you. You could see I was like check please. We're done really literally gave up on it that moment. I never smart goal though. I think it was a smart thing to do so. I have to ask you moving forward. Would you hesitate in the future to tell a friend what you think about her? Like not like like new relationship but like like let's say they're engage engage about getting married. Would you would you hesitate in the future to do that? Seeing how it's affected your relationship may be negatively with him. I with Amanda In terms of like her with the Luke thing. 'cause I know I don't know I got. I mean her relationship with her with Kyle like like I feel like yes you in paycheck. Only the best of intentions to be there to support her as friends. But do you feel like it's like the ultimate situation killing the Messenger. Think that in I yeah when I let them come to you and react just like focus on them and don't focus on him focus on being there for them when they need it be honest with them when they want it but then the second. They're like I WANNA be with him. You get on the support and be like yeah. I want you to be happy. I don't know what's happening behind closed doors. I support you. It was just a really traumatic night but like my thing is I feel like page handled it very differently than how like Amanda dealt with me and Luke situation is what I was kind of looking at is that like we saw the didn't want it and the advice was like overstepping and we were like you know what we're backing off. Yeah we're with and also I didn't make it a vendetta against how shitty of a person I thought kyle was exactly. I literally I was like I'm call for him. Shit I'M GONNA try with Kyle and the same. The same should have gone for. You know going back to this idea of double standards. It's not fair that just because you you and Luger like in a new thing you know what I mean like. It's like it's somehow I feel like when you're engaged or married like your granddaddy like this protective umbrella. Where like nobody can touch your relationship even if they see shits broken. But like when you're newly dating it's everybody thinks that they can share their two cents. I also with my closest friends. They're fucking honest with me like I'm like girl what is going on. Where Amanda I think? She is guilty to of of like lying to herself ally situations. She has to do a lot of people. I mean with the cheating thing. She's clear not over it but she's forcing herself and lying to yourself to be like we have to be over it because you have to be. Because she has to be. She agreed to be like I'm over it and she's struggling with right exactly exactly. I mean listen I was married I know how hard it can be. And how complicated it can be. But yeah I definitely feel like I. You know what I think. Good rule of thumb in any like female friendships. Or whatever. When they're giving advice to your Gal Pals think that the best thing is if they come to you for advice. Yeah you're on but unsolicited advice about the relationship that you're observing will to known that even if you're a hundred zero p right it will never it will never end well. It will never end. Also remember that like you are different. People like I've realized this summer. I'm actually very different than Amanda when it comes to men as from her perspective on things in my perspectives. Were totally off. And I think in the beginning I was like thinking like. She's just like me and she can cannot deal with that and she doesn't want that and that's not what she should be treated. And then I realized we're totally different people. We have totally different love language. We have a total different love story that we grew up with and I have to understand that about her. Amen look on my babies. All girls hopes okay I have to also ask you just like you general question before I let you go. What is it like these? Start off the episode with showing you guys all like interacting with like production with the green screens and your confessionals. So why what's that? I've actually never asked all my years of interviewing people on TV. I don't think I've ever really talked about that. What's it like? How long has it is a fun way to deal? Specifically an interrogation definitely sums it honest it was actually so funny scene that they showed because I am running around because they were in the city. And like I you have to bring your outfit and your jewelry and has to be the same every time when you switch out and then I forgot my nipple pads which we don't even fucking work my nipple I. I'm very nippy and it's like cold in the room and we're sitting there and it was a new video guy and the guy was like pause it and he was like hey is that is that okay and the girl was like what and he was like is is that like. He couldn't say it and she goes Hannah's Nipples. Yeah that's something we deal with. And that's why I think the ratings are so good guy was just like I think I need to say something because this is not okay and they were like this is summer house. Oh my God. I was shooting something for getting younger like I think it was. It was the last season that we did have getting younger. And I had two different outfits and if you go and you look in my orange outfit I am nipping out so hard but like my boobs are frigging massive and I like I like I like hoisted them often like them in so like smushed and flat but like nipples are different parts. Because I like Oh my God. I've done that before breath to like it. Looks like I have like the wonky like like cockeyed Boob Nipples in I love say Nepal's Nipples free the nipple like all I whenever someone goes you know I could see your nipples. I'm like why you never seen before. We cannot be this thing that women have to hide all the time. Like it's a nipple. You guys get to be shirtless. Let my nipples shine lead my nipples go woah. Okay last question before I let you go at the very end of the episode. They show how you guys are all quarantining you and your family doing that dance weekend dance. I just die for also I can tell your parents I love the might say hi Would you or would you not die if you're quarantine with? Oh my God. It's actually I mean. He still calls me like three times a day and my only thing is I'm afraid he would like put me to work 'cause he was like he wakes up and he's like. Oh Yeah I got gotTa build this wall and then I gotta go out to the lake and practice my guitar. And then I gotta go and make some Maple Syrup. And then I'm going to chase a coyote and then I have my dog so I vegetate during quarantine like when I'm not working I'm sleeping. I'm relaxing and like he's fund. Projects team looks a lot of work and elitest Felix writing it like. I don't believe he even has cable. Yeah I think he just got net flicks Kale me but like I honestly like I would like for two weeks. And maybe we'd have sex toy so that was not. That was my last question for my for real last question. Where are you luke? Right in this very fucking moment today. God You got twenty four hours. 'cause you posted something on. Instagram. That's GonNa make me very confused and angry. I'M GONNA post tomorrow some one of my favorite photos. Well at least you me. 'cause I've been wanting to post it so basically he's like we talk every day. We really care about each other. It's this weird flirtation ship where it's like. He'll call me like complaining about his walls an like. Honestly if we're GONNA talk about walls put me on facetime and take your shirt off. And then he'll he'll like put me on facetime it'd be like. I have to wear this Alpha for the walls. I can't take me shirt off and then I'm like I'm like okay. Whatever and then he wants to grow dreads and a beard and I was like Luke. That's not a like no but the more you tell them no the more he's going to do it trying to manipulate him to they make it think it's his idea to shave it off. But that's a whole thing but yeah like we're good. We care about each other. We he used loves the using the word love. We love each other Love to use that word. But what does that mean like the way? I Look I say I love you. I mean I'm a lesbian. So I guess people could be like tell trick in love with Anna. No I love a lot of people in the house. Like Ma'am paid really connect and me and him. Just have this like very crazy weird connection but I don't see myself yet like dating him. I don't think he's in that place. I'm in that place I'm like talking to some other people too so like I'm having a good time. Good girl good took any action. But I think you're talking to people. Listen as long as it's like and if if when you guys go back to film the next season of Summer House I went. If I don't know that just as a fan saying please yes You know if you want to go back and hook up with Luke that's fine with me honey. I just WanNa make sure like I'm not gonNA say anything until like you're like you know what actually I really trust him and I think is a good guy and then I'll be like no my thing is I just don't want the same bullshit happening where I'm like I like to grow. I like to move on from things and I don't want to be stuck in that. Similar mindset predict what I think would happen. I think he's GonNa House you and Luke GonNa Start. Looking up again because you've been just going to be new meat. Though there's going to be there could be new meat and I think if production is wise and casting his wise they'll bring a new meet for a girl because me too and fuck and female empowerment bitches and nobody like what we all love to watch. Luke like losing his shed with jealousy that would be delicious so like then like that's what I predict his could be coming down the pipeline for you. Are you filing your nails? No I was just spinning my headphone. I'm sorry it's okay won't be in my audio allow. Lead thin by ear either oop. Sorry pullback the room anyway but that's what I think. I think they're going to bring in like some hot young meat and yeah May Dallas honestly. That's the best case scenario for me and that's amazing that you think that for me but like I go in zooming like the war. My Life's going to be on your show and you just have to put your head down and figure it out. You should definitely shut but like girl regardless. If there's a guy in the house are not for you. You're breaking a man's house and you'll gonNA fucks real. He never know if with quarantine if we're even allowed to but we're we're we haven't been green lead but there's been a lot of talk of trying to figure something out Andy. Cohen said something. We're definitely going to figure out a way to do summer house so everyone keep me in your prayers. Oh my God I'm I'm here. I'm on my knees praying to maybe GBS right now Hannah I'm too. I love you so much you are. I love you and thanks for letting me speak my my truth. Ken. I'm obsessed with Tila sugar sugar the bust. I'll thank you girl. Also check out Hannah's podcast. It's amazing at burning in hell. Yes why my brain just literally glitched APP burning in. Hell and follow her on Instagram at being burns such great instagram. Such great podcasts. Such go love you so much Hannah and also if you have missed summer house you can always watch it on demand on Bravo. Were commended very entertaining. Okay that's it for us you guys. We'll be back next week with another amazing podcast until then make sure to rate review and subscribe and please share tastes of Taylor with your friends. Your family people need people. Need me in these quarantining times. Have a great running back next week by guys bye.

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Episode 27

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Ep 85: Spiritual Retreat for Two

Two Less Lonely Girls

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Ep 85: Spiritual Retreat for Two

"The NC question yes we are to adult burst. Guess we love Bieber and that's why we're publicly. Stop America GonNa be you too. We Love Justin bieber clear. We're not be Nick Dick Fisher. Welcome back everybody to two less lonely girls. I'm Rosebud Baker Karan Fisher and and We got a couple of things for you this week couple. Her husband has been has been plump. It's been plump. Yeah Yeah Juicy. Juicy it's gotten injections had a few injectables This week I off. Most importantly Justin has gotten back from a spiritual retreat. Thank God in the week in the wake of Selena Gomez's lose. You'd love me why is it was there. He went on it after that. Obviously there's a correlation but Do he likely make a statement about I think. There's a correlation. I think that is the part where people are like Nick Digging I. I truly don't think they're correlated. Did Haley come. No Haley did not conscious justin his penis just just in Dick and yeah okay. So he posted on his instagram. I went on a spiritual retreat. Wait I I think he said road trip. Yeah I like you said road trip. He was literally just in a van. And we're like he went on a spiritual retreat. He did Iowa. Well I took a road trip here by myself to pray think reflect Trimbe time to get back to wife. This was six days ago. And there's just like a bunch of pictures of like waterfronts fronts and honestly this it looks like I mean I'm sure it's the west coast like Oregon or something but this looks like an East East Coast beach homework if it weren't so vast just because the beaches and on the east coast or all rocks right. You know what I mean anyway. So yeah time to get back to Whitey. Then there was like a picture of him that surfaced of him like hugging his bodyguard looking like a low pop. Oh my little oh baby puppy. Oh my Lord you know and then he posted something on a stories being like if you're reading this just know your law. Do you know Justin if he does is like Tony. Robbins events things right. He'll call Joe. Josue is car a piece of trash and then help you lying. Then they'll be like I love everyone valuable. Everyone loves you kind right. Yes e- generous. Although I've really loved what he did about with Juno that was fucking hilarious and that was that car was hideous. Yeah anyways I don't think they're connected but people are saying that they are and you know I mean I was trying to explain to other adult colleagues of ours I the power of the Selena Gomez Song and how it sent me you and Christine on spiral. Yeah and they were like and and then the first they were like what and then they believed that and I was like well. It's true so you should believe it. Yeah I think it was three the three of us I was like added validity. It really moved who've me on multiple level I thought I was like maybe like a hidden message or something like an old Beatles Song. Yeah I well I was definitely if there was a hidden message I probably made it up but I guess it's like it's a pop song. I mean it was pretty fucking you. Yeah no no I meant like an actual hidden message like at like if you play it backwards. It says. Kill your ex boy. That's what I meant. Hypothetically allegedly I mean who knows not killing anyone I wouldn't. I certainly wouldn't waste the prison time on that. One right Yeah a threat to it. MIGHT BE DOC. Seems like it might be Koreans having a couple of weeks in a row now I honestly Karen might be going on her own. Spiritual no but I don't think that the two are connected at all I don't I truly you think Justin's moved on. I think Selena's moved on. I think the song came out long after she moved on. And I think it was recorded. You know when you write a joke like you write a break-up joke and then like you do it and it kills a couple weeks and then you're you start to get over the breakup and you keep doing the joke. But it's like it's it's not killing the same. Yeah of course because you don't have the same passion behind right. That's why I keep getting into bad relationships and then having to leave them. Yeah for my art for your art. That's why you're dating toxic man. Yup Yup Yup sure it's to keep you guys entertained. You're welcome now I. I've stopped shading talks men. Well I mean we'll see we'll see fly Rosa's just in a good mood right now so I'm actually. I've been shitting all all morning when I get off the toilet. I don't mind everything when we then as as long as it gets out of my system as long as the shitting then eventually really stops. I don't mind it. I had to jewel. I don't I don't mind either. Honestly it. I feel ten pounds lighter. Yeah so he's probably because you're not your mom is in town so you're eating differently. God I was eating so much. Here's the thing I love my mom. I love her. She's a good mom. I like. They're whispering as if she came in the room. I love her so much but I don't know what it is. I just it's being around your mom even if you've got a great mom being around your mom stresses you out of course because you're there they will always be your mom and that's the position they'll always have. But you're like when you're an adult if you're doing it right you're your own mom. And then you don't need distress of two people current my family has no boundaries. None Oh I was at union hall. I was like I was like was she in the room and you were changing or no. That's nothing I mean that's absolutely nothing. I was this union all and like I did an hour. Thank you to anybody who came out. It was so fun Afterwards they have to clear out the room to sure and I had to say bye to everybody that came to see me that had to go somewhere you know. Yeah and then I go up to my mom and I was like mom. Thanks for coming like Oh Sweetie. It's it was just so good. It was so good and then she goes bide. I'm on Wellbutrin. Oh Oh oh. Is that an antidepressant. Oh yeah and I was like well. Now's not the time to tell me that. Yeah like I didn't now I mean she's doing great my mom's fine maybe getting her radical honesty. I mean she's always been radically honest. This is just a pattern family. Okay and then Mary. Stuart is sitting there going like yeah tell her. I'm just like we got clear the room out. I can't listen to why mom you know and also it's like people I don't understand it's like I know you're just there in their sister and daughter and like it's not as exciting but it's like the big deal and like you know give you fifteen minutes To celebrate off stage and just talk about you and what you just did you know. Yeah I just I mean. She wanted she was trying to be funny which happens a lot after after shows expired. Yeah you know what I mean like they start to feel funnier Jeff from being in comedy show. My mom doesn't do that. Thank God yeah. It's it's sweet it but I'm like Oh okay and so. I'm a little stressed out on a little drained. You know and what happens when I'm around my family's like hold my emotions in and then I can't shit so that's what happened so this this all makes sense. Yeah I was like Oh no did she get food poisoning or something but no. This is just no FIAMMA constipation. Familial constipated truly get family oriented constipation problems. Anyway it's a real specific specific problem to have. I mean that sounds like irritable bowel syndrome. Basically is it. Yeah but I thought irritable thought. IDs is when you can't stop shooting. No My dad has IBS CBS constipation. Really sorry I mean I you know I think we should talk about it less than it's part of my life to someone in your family. It's a big part of your life to It's not embarrassed anyway. It's just like everyone everybody poops. That's right except for US anyway. I poop a lot. What yeah if anyone was if anyone was on the edge there sleeping like but one? We'll talk about her about move there. You go now so grow really off the rail head. I don't know what happened. Yeah I was trying to keep it to Justin and then and then we started a new podcast hard hard left into over sharing territorial. My God the Justin Justin Justin goes on. Do you have any friends who are like always on vacation. There's this one woman that I used to work with. Who all are co workers? We have a running Gig because legitimately she's always on vacation occasion just came back from vacation or dreaming of vacation. I feel like that's Mike Feeny. Oh Mike Feeney's always traveling with his wife What I was GonNa say I was like because he's one of the few few people who's in like a stable marriage in comedy that we know true? God bless 'em God bless him. I will be soon nice all married soon. My God I'm GonNa Happen. Rose has gone off the fucking deepens I truly have. It's funny because you decided I mean I guess hopefully understood discussion with the person but maybe not who knows with you mom. It's most likely been set out. Oh boy and then for me. Hey I I actually decided this week that and I made the decision once or twice before but I don't think I I don't think it's in the cards for me not not even getting married. That wasn't even an aspiration of mine. That was If the person wants to For me it was. I don't actually think that there is a soulmate for me. And that's doc I'm comfortable with it. It's okay you're comfortable with it. Yeah it's yeah it's disappointing and I'm not GonNa sit here and pretend like I'm empowered. It's not but yes yes I I don't I truly don't think they're there is because I mean. Yeah it's just there's not I I have I. Hey tried to sit in my feminine energy and I just. I'm so masculine I just. My energy is so forceful and I don't I like I like it that way and it's only getting I say well it's only getting worse as I as I make more money to be honest about. Oh it's getting worse. It's getting more out of hand and and I only I have zero respect for Feminine Energy. Man I can't even get to fuck them so yeah well it's tough. I actually considered trying to date a woman but I know I know is sorted I am but like I just really don't like I don't like the parts. Yeah I mean I do. I don't I've tried. I dated a woman in College. Yeah it's not for me. Yeah feels the very celebrity. Move to what to start dating women. I don't know I just said Yeah I'm just I'm GonNa just start you know maybe like emulating some of my favorite celebrities. That's what I've done my holiest. Can I say something. Make a suggestion of course I would say rather than be like. Oh there just isn't one for me. I would just be like it. Doesn't feel like there's one right now. I mean that's what I'm doing. I'm not like shutting down. I'm not yeah. I'm not building a wall around myself. Yeah because like what ground looking hot I. I know what you're saying. Yeah I feel lake a lot of times I feel the same way and and and then other times. I'm like obviously right now. It's like I'm diluted like I'm volume love and I'm fully like insane. Yeah and it's it's truly a mental illness like at Fox with your judgment should be put one hundred percent. It's disgusting to watch. Yeah like I was in each other is fucking discuss. Yeah I was in love with someone and I resolved that this weekend solved it. What do you mean you solved it? I just I just did I go. This is not good and I and I solved it. You mean you ended you. You know we weren't doing anything I was. We were well. I mean I just I ended it but I but I also solved it because I just ended and I still have the feelings feelings than it's not solving it I I'm looking at love is a problem and I loved it. Yeah I'm like I was like The language here's interesting. Yeah no no. It's it's it's purpose. Do you think that love is a problem. You some love. Sure a lot of love. A lot of love is a problem because I have a theory that most relationships aren't healthy. What do you mean by most relationship? Most relationships I see are not functioning in a healthy way. That is that is healthy for one or both parties one hundred percent. I'd having what do you see the most a lot of codependency a lot of people at a lot of sacrifice and I know sacrifices part of a relationship not the level of sacrifice mostly on the woman's into that I say I. Yeah I see a lot of over over not what is it when you over compromising compromising your you know what I mean. Yeah Oh it doesn't matter as much to me as it does to you so I'll just do what you want. Yeah that's that's years and years and then you go and you what you look back and you're like Oh. I want us to do an art exhibit in ninety seven. Fuck Yeah Yeah. I don't know I'm I'm not very good at compromising like I. I went out this weekend with my mom and this dude and my mom made the comment that she was like back you know. And she's not like she's not like a subtle insult like she's always been really supportive like but she said you know now you're not she goes. It's not easy to find a man that's going to be okay with what who you are. You know what I mean. But that she didn't say it like that. But that's what you meant eight hundred Z. But she didn't mean it is. Sean Noah didn't sound county at all I just paraphrased in county way but okay okay. She was basically like. You're very bossie. Yeah you don't like to compromise. Yeah you're fiercely independent yes it's GonNa take someone who understands that and and I was like yeah I was like it's it's mentally ill how much I date like. How much I want to date comex over regular people name? It's a real problem like mentally ill but my mom was. She made a point she was like. It's there's no no way you're gonNA find a man it's hard to respect a man who's going to be okay with you being like. Hey Watch my dog go on the road for a weekend again with these three dudes who are funnier than you. And who have all been on television. I you know what I mean lies not wrong yes not wrong and and that is truly like like people go. Oh it's it must be so easy to date as like a comic 'cause you're out all the time and it's like no nothing could be like one hundred percent wrong. Yeah and I remember when I got out on my relationship the way that that settled in like the weight of that reality settling in was fucking terrifying defying right. Like I always thought it would be so easy and it just isn't it doesn't feel right. You know well and also a problem I find is and this is gonNA sound narcissistic but added to the list of other things. I've said it's narcissistic is that I feel like especially with my other podcast guys. We fought a really unique space where I have had the past six years to really work on myself in a unique way that most people wouldn't won't I mean like pervasively Ed that everyone else won't have the opportunity to do and I think it's really paid off and I not only do. I feel like I am a way better partner. I I feel like I know exactly what I want. What I'm looking for all these kinds of things And and I don't think that anyone else who was even closer close enough to my age to date has had the luxury of doing that amount of work in that particular space which dating and relationships and so now in trying to be a better partner. I've actually just become too like too good that I'm no one even wants to deal with it because they feel like a piece of shit around me which again sound so crazy narcissistic but it's feedback. I've gotten from multiple men as Mike. You're you're like you make me feel like a piece of shit because you're go to girlfriend and I was like I mean that as a compliment but I mean it's it's it goes along with my over achieving in fucking everything that I do but I've like in other the areas like I haven't had the time to you know like comedy. Everyone's putting that amount of obsessive time in and obviously there's a talent level there too. Oh that you know. Some people are just born funnier than others but in relationships. Like we're all kind of given Jack Shit and also well. I mean not not well given our parents. We're giving our parents and I was like and I was like I also yeah grew up in a place where like I'm not saying like they're like Romantically in love. Like it's a fairytale but like I. I'm not fucked up from anything. They did together watching the lobster last night. Yeah yes you know when the couple like the guy with the limp couples up with that girl from from and the fucking world And and they're like if there's any problems that you can't resolve yourselves you will be assigned children. Yes yes yes loud. That was my parents. You know what I mean. They just had they just kept having children. Yeah and it's like like hiring a baby as your therapist. Yeah you know what I mean like so I like I look at their example and go. I've done so much work around that but it's like I feel like but it's still there it's still in there you know in in my last relationship like I adopted a dog when things were a little on the rocks smoke. I look at that now and I go. He didn't WANNA dog But I did it. uh-huh as I was like this'll fix it and it didn't million worse right Yup. Yeah made things worse and he he was I mean rightfully fully so he like resented me for it up until the end. Yeah because I you know made this like it was just like a gigantic decision. Yeah Yeah But that being said I think we. We assume that we're like done. You know what I mean. No I mean I'm sure I'll have a new uh-huh new person. I'm talking about within a week with the I'm not. I don't think the go week I was GONNA say within two months. Yeah are you taking time off. I mean I don't us fully I don't I I'm always I'm always taking time off. It's like there was only one period when I was even on dating apps and that was because we clearly don't feel like talking about pop culture today. I know sorry guys we do that every in every once in once in a while there is a story I wanNA share every once in a while we episode does which I mean. I'm pretty sure it's against luminary contract but it's fine. Well well no no. No no this is not a relationship podcast but I think this is just an example of talking about self work this well this this was inspired by Justin spiritual journey journey. So bringing it back. 'cause I can sell anything. This is Karen Fraser and Rosa Bakers spiritual journey nailed it Be Yet that I don't know I don't know I Well I'm not going to get the dating apps was just something I did. For Cure Cure cure stood my therapist. Because I agreed that anything that she recommended I would do with within fucking reason. And that's fine you know. That's how I met Corn Guy and Yeah aw yeah man he. He's for I'm glad to have him in my life but it's like it's either like it's like the people I feel very deeply for. I like basically can't talk to any of them anymore because because it gets so tumultuous and then there's people who like I like them but they're not the ones and then there were still friends and you know we're going to slayer concerts together right so what you did last night literally what I did last night. Yeah Yeah I was. It's crazy 'cause like a couple of weeks ago now I felt like I was just like so sad And then within I can't believe it's only been a month With this person. I can't believe that it's crazy But I'm having so much fun that's good I'm happy for you. Yeah Well I mean I. It's it's we have you. Have you win again announced this publicly or people just fucking no because you guys are always together now and people just fucking okay. Because I was like. You're trying to hide it. I'm like I never listened like if if there was like a reason to hide something because of politics or whatever I understand that but I was like in this case I mean besides just like the doing the courtesy of informing your acts. I don't think that there was anything to be hidden right on reason. Yeah I still haven't informed. You probably should do that and informed real well not that many people fucking. Oh okay. Yeah so I'm just like keeping it you know I. I don't want to jump the gun. Yeah that too you yeah. I understand that that's weird. Because especially if you make a big thing about it and then if it does it goes south that everyone can be like saying. Yeah Oh it is embarrassing are saying. Yeah I'd also like I'm going to La soon yeah This dude will also be in La And let's get you can keep the gossip oxypan little west coast well and it's just like I would like to give my ex the space You know what I mean. 'cause like that's what I would want from him but I also don't know Offi even gives a shit like I truly don't know years. Yeah sometimes sometimes you're so busy worrying about like oh I hope my ex's comfortable and then yet held. I know like the full I don't care about and you're like fucking raw for weeks and I'm like hey you know what I mean. Then you feel like autumn highly of yourself exactly exactly. That's truly y. I haven't said anything because I'm like I just don't think that he cares but it's fun it's a it's a fun it's a fun back and forth. Yeah Yeah it's a lot of. I just hope people are thinking about me. If it's negatively you know that's my goal really I love to haunt to haunt. I love to haunt haunt us. That's what we called following Justin. ontong I don't I have no interest in like haunting wanting my ex's or anything like oh I lo- I hope you can't sleep at night. 'cause they're thinking of me really not not even like still in love with me just like that. I really got to them really yeah. It's called being vindictive. Yeah I don't my vinick. I have a very vindictive side but it's different different than that. Not all not all of them just a couple of them. It's because you have love for the U. or some kind of love like I actually hate my ex which is a new. which is it's a new thing? I've never overheated an ex before. Yeah I've hated XS but then I then I think about it and I'm like like the guy you know that one acts with the FIDORA's Auras. Yeah he I don't hate him because I'm like he still has to live inside of himself. Well that's so funny that you said that because I because I was talking to my mother and I was like I was like I. I can't get that mad because I was like the biggest punishment is all of all these people have to live the rest of their lives as them and I get to be me dude. I Yeah I had my ex when we broke up This isn't my ex comedy. This is different expert. He he called a friend of mine and tried to hit on my friend. Oh I've done that and my friend called me. Great move love and goes hey so and so just called me. And he said that he's in love with me and was and was like please don't say anything and she's like obviously I'm calling to tell you and she's like please don't say anything to him and I was like. What are you fucking nuts? Of course I'M GONNA say Selenium you're you're you're like I'm dialing right now. I'm literally putting you on hold. Yeah so I called him up and I said I think I was like you know You are fucking I was like. This was clearly an attempt to get my attention. Yeah it worked. I was like a work so shame on me but also I just want you to know I would rather die in a ditch on the side of the road then live one day as you do inside your body. then he calls up this girl and this was just one of the things that I said that I can remember. And he calls this girl up and and he's like you. Why would you tell her that? You don't know bud you don't know the things that she says you brought them into tears which I also have done I gotTa say feel so good I mean this guy feels Olga this guy. It's it's nothing to bring him. Not a fucking bag of tears. Oh see mine mine was mine was very hard to bring to tears. But I kept chipping away and I got there. I don't like like making men cry. I like making certain CRI- yeah but this was just a lot of pain and never apologize a good cry and makes you feel good. I don't know I just I I feel like I wanted to say what I wanted to say And that dog good What I mean? Well that's what I got to do. I gotTa to the Selena Gomez Song So. I think we talked about last week. It inspired me to send a text message saying I know the truth and I just just give me the fucking courtesy of telling me the truth. Yeah I think we were best friends the entire world I think are really deserve that courtesy and and then he wrote me a letter a letter and respond. He didn't respond to the text message. which did fucking pissed me off? And then but about a week later I got an email that was of course county and not just not wasn't addressing. The things that really needs to be addressed we give me the truth though and then I was able to respond and that I'm not gonNA. I decided I'm not gonna read publicly. I I really want to but like I deserve some kind of a writing award for that and I think this person was expecting that in response because I'm always like pretty nicely I love them a lot And complementary and stuff and but God did my true feelings come out out and we they were not nice. Let me ask you. Can I ask you a short. You always asked me about him like you say whatever you want so when he so when you got thought the answer like when you got the answer that you wanted was that what pissed you off. No Okay Snow Okay. Two days of spiral. You saw me I I think with in the spiral so there was two days of spiral fouling that were the toxicity was leaving my body Because they got the Saturday Saturday night shows spiral Arrow spiral Sunday shows. Spiral spiral than woke up. Monday morning. Never felt better truly had didn't exercise them. Yeah never felt better. I haven't felt this good in years and I had and I was like. Oh my God I was like this is because I had closure closure. Yeah what pissed me off was that I could have had that closure all year and a half ago. Had people not been scared of telling the truth. Yeah listen I on and I understand being scared of my wrath. Im Me and it's not great but like you don't even live here anymore. Yeah hand if I tried to fuck in scrap scrappy do you. You could just put your hand out and hold me away. I'm very small right like yeah like Because here's if I I don't know how I would feel. Actually I think 'cause the thing that would bother me. The most is like knowing that that was there that was was knowledge that others might have knowledge of that. Before I did is what would. Oh Yeah. That's that's how I found out I found out fucking through comedy and that was embarrassing. I think for a second I felt like getting shot for a second. But whatever it's in this whole this whole occupation is embarrassing so I was fine with that. Yeah Oh and I was like and it wasn't like I feel like I was living a lie for a long time because I was like this was it was towards the end of the radio. Like feeling like you're in the dark like that. I knew I had I. Ah I asked about this We're talking about infidelity. I don't know where being so vague but I asked about this and I guess who it was after the active fucking time when we when we broke up and I dumped and I have a whole joke about attitude is great because inspired another joke. But I'm just like I'm like what are you. Are you fucking in Ohio. Simpson you literally got away with cheating. Yeah and then you still fucked it up so badly that I had a dump Yo Right he oh pulled an older you get away with double homicide and then fuck in steal your own merchandise from a fucking Las Vegas Hotel Room. Come on yeah I feel like looney men. Don't understand how how intelligent our bodies our like our bodies just like no mostly just good at math and I can recall posters with dates on them. Yeah like also so that yeah come on. It's just like don't disrespect my intelligence. Listen you might know some stuff but I'm way better at any of us then. Yeah it starts to feel like being infantilized something like. I'm so good at stalking you. And you know I'm crazy and Patty. Yeah Anyway. Well the speaking of crazy and petty peaking crazy and fucking betty. My favorite story from this week in pop culture was that Madonna Ana is free the title from this from today Dot Com. Madonna is frequently hours leap for concerts. A Fan says he's suing. The singer has a long history of arriving arriving in starting her concerts late into konate her tardiness. A show was rescheduled to start at ten thirty PM. The suit says so. It's a Florida man. He filed a class action lawsuit against Madonna Donna after he planned to attend a concert in Miami beach and it was pushed back two hours to accommodate her tardiness. He purchased three tickets. It gets totaling one. I don't how how is this possible or my totaling. What no it says? It says three tickets. It's totaling one thousand twenty four dollars. Ninety five cents for Madonna's December Seventeenth Twenty nineteen concert. Oh so this even happened yet. It was rescheduled. Because they know she's I'm GonNa be late. According to the suit that was filed November fourth. At the time Hollander bought the tickets. The show was scheduled to start at eight thirty. According to live nation Russian The suit alleges at the start of the tour which kicked off in September that Matai Madonna repeatedly arrived hours to her shows. The singer sixty one. It has a long history of arriving in starting concerts. Honestly she's sixty one should be fucking happy. She can do the concert. That's my mom. Doing a full corium fully choreographed grabbed concert. which my mom is lovely and amazing? But she can't do that. I got thirty four and I can't do that disease. Hired Hollander did not want to attend a concert that late and live nation would not refund his money which I gotta say they should. That's two hours. You should be able to re you know to do which is to refund the money it's Madonna. It's not like you're not gonNA sell the tickets out. Yeah ticket holders had to go to work in school. The next day which presented them from a prevented them from from attending a concert that would end at around one. AM The suit. Claims Hollander attempted without success to get the refunds. Yeah and so oh my God. That's so funny. This is so funny. Did Not get it was not success. I think it's still. I think it's still going. I think because he just he just filed it. Hollander is suing for breach of contract attract and negligence misrepresentation at is seeking damages. He claims Madonna and live nation. Quote knew or should have known that said concerts. I would not start at eight thirty PM. Due to her showing up late to previous shows Madonna and live nation could not immediately be reached for comment on the law. Sue Due according to K V. You in Las Vegas fans reportedly booed Madonna and they wanted to refund after a show Thursday at the coliseum. PM at Caesar's palace because it started two hours late. The outlet reported that the concert was scheduled to start at ten thirty pm but the singer did not hit the stage until twelve thirty A. M.. Okay that pissed me off. Madonna addressed the crowd in a video. She posted on twitter early Saturday morning. And while sitting on top of JR piano she said. Ed Here's something that you shows like a fake British accent. He has something that you all need to understand. And that is that to queen is. He's never late. Can you imagine can you imagine and listen. I am sitting right now in front of huge mural of myself and even I can't imagine ever saying something that fucking crazy and I also love being late but it's not just because I wouldn't be late if I was Madonna because the reason I'm latest 'cause I'm Tan. I'm I've taking on too many responsibilities but if I will have to do is get in the car and someone puts on my on my makeup for me and does my hair and holding my dog. I'm going to be on time. 'cause everything's things handled. Yeah you literally just have to remove yourself from one space role in a car and roll your body into another thing I can do. This is the thing I feel like about celebrities right. You either truly believe that that you are does that you are a gift. Yeah you you believe that. Because you're surrounded by sycophants or you You know just become fuck in you. Become too sensitive. Have to the people saying. Hey you suck you're late or whatever and Katy Perry a yeah and then you just like die and then you shave your head and you show. Oh I know I'm trying to hold us with my. You say you shave your head and then you and then every now and then I get a I get an instagram. Live notification. And you're and I tune in. You're crying hi and go. This is not your a celebrity together. I will not cry on. INSTAGRAM is when I see people doing it. I'm like I've never seen him. Please stop I don't even like crying. podcast I've done it a couple of times but I won't cry on a podcast or on instagram. Well the nature of my I of different with your it happened like maybe three times in six years. So yeah I'm not proud of it but it happened. Yeah well that's okay. Yeah I'm but on instagram. I'm like come on. Yeah I do have to say I was one of those white bitches who who posted a picture of myself crying day that Hillary very lost the election. And I do I do apologize. I would like to formally apologize but I it was it was. It was a real feeling because it's like it wasn't just about I. It wasn't crying over Donald Trump. And I think a lot of people were I was crying because I'm like really attached to Hillary and I truly felt I was really just. I was sad for her because I know all she ever wanted in this life was to be president and in that moment we all knew that she was never gonNa Happen for her. And that made me really sad because I was like. I can't imagine knowing with so much life left to live that you will never treat achieve the wondering that you wanted to do like that made me. I'm GonNa Cry Right now. Actually thinking about it made me really sad I oh I think that Hillary is very rigid. Woman I don't think anyone's GonNa say no and I think that this was probably one of the best spiritual lessons she could possibly learn. I agree I agree on that. I agree on that as a but I agree that she will come out better and I think she already has and I I think that like the Hillary that we saw afterwards was the no fucks given was kind of this beautiful release from all the rigidity that she had to have in her life. Being being a president's wife being a governor's wife and she talks about that a little bit. I watched a documentary where she was where she talked about that. Because he's always been a big mouth takes one to know one and it has constantly caused her problems and she's constantly had to tie up the loose ends of the fun wild Wacky Lady that she is I mean yeah I thinks she I remember there was a clip of her during the debates with When she was running against Obama and he said something something he said something to her and she goes well? Well that hurts my feelings and it was the first time I it even occurred to me that she had any and I was like suspicious. got to open up. But it's a twenty one year old woman because like there. I don't think so I don't. I think that people would have been like. Oh we don't like seeing her feeling things I president. I don't know I mean maybe because we know Hillary we know that she's so strong by truly really. I don't think it would be. It's not like she's Marianne Williamson up there. You know what I mean who. I love who I did love and now I feel like she's just kind kind of lost it. Well I mean I was never going to vote for her. I'm not a maniac but fucking lover yes turn something. Yeah I just I remember thinking to myself like who she wouldn't get in trouble for fuck in having a feeling I don't think she would and then everybody would say the same thing you can't can't a woman and I'm like I don't think that's fucking true. I would be curious to see. I would be curious to see that kind of like pan out and see if someone showed an emotion or something like you think if Elizabeth with Warren cried during a debate that it would be okay. Because I don't I'm not saying she needs to cry but like just show that you're not a fucking bought right. You know you. You are a woman so like embrace that rather than deny it or like try you know what I mean. Women women a lot of women would like it. There will be of course a couple women who don't but there are also the kind of women who wear jerseys for men anyway. Yeah even if they don't like sports Right so sorry. I can't stop vaping this morning. I don't care I'm on my period. Always go through like a pod and a half day one period Yeah I have a problem Tom. Anyway so Madonna we're talking about Madonna. She I sincerely. We hope that it is that this guy doesn't win because I do think which guy this guy is fucking suing Madonna. Oh I thought we were going back the presidential election now. I'm trying to bring it back on. No I think. I hope this guy doesn't win because I will say this much. It is one of the greatest this gift of being a performer. That you're allowed to be late for your own show That I do think is fair. Yeah I mean but you gotTa consider your fucking you can ours is. Ours is too much twenty minutes shore twenty minutes even like thirty minutes of your fine. It depends and also taking into Countess's Madonna. That's the highest level of fame that you can reach as far in like in pop but then you gotta take back into account. That she's not Madonna at her prime right. We've already heard things like you know. Music makes the people come together. And we're not gonNA forget Madonna Right. We're not GONNA forget. There's no going back the matter how times you play like a virgin remember. She did say Music Mesa. Come together right nine. There's no coming back from that. It hurt me Ray of light. I was I rave lane I go. I write music makes people come together as fully bullshit. Have you ever seen in a crowd of people leaving a music festival waiting for the fucking porta-pottys. Oh my Almost fought a bitch because she cut my sister off in line for the PORTA potty athlete literally fifteen minutes after being like we're all one that you know what I mean like the fucking festivals moving out and my sister couldn't get to the bathroom and this is my little sister and I was like almost fucking tip deported body over because this bitch cut my sister off Jesus. Nobody cuts off Jackie Baker. Right eight God. Mike went full New York. I love it anyway. I oh one more thing one more thing about pop culture I just have to touch on Logan. Paul is boxing. Now Oh God you lost this week. He lost in a fight just in predicted that it was going to be a knockout. That Logan Paul was gonna be was GONNA knock this guy out was he fighting an actual. You'll see person or fighting another youtube star. I can't with us all right and yeah yeah I think that's correct anyway. I I'm pretty sure anyways. So then they're like interviewing Logan Paul and he's like Yeah Bro. Oh I don't feel like I lost like he lost and you're leaving an open ended essay. He's like you fucked. Aren't like a really feel like an uptick in real els like for real else. Where like my feelings got her? I mean that's what he meant and it's just just hilarious. I mean it's just funny to me. Oh my God I fucking youtubers. I love it What's making less lonely this week in so so the thought that you're never gonNA find this homemade? Oh I mean that's okay well not that I might won't find it it just doesn't exist. It's okay it's just better. It's just part of it's part of the pennants you have to pay for just being spectacular. You know beautiful and Again these are wild things to say out loud but I want people know hard truly feel and I i. I'm MEGLOMANIAC so she's sitting ever so I really do feel this way and I hope if you think I'm crazy then you're not my soul mate and if you're listening going Oh my God. This is how I felt the entire time. Slide in slide into those. DM's because I can. I can I would love to date another other person. Who fucking is obsessed with themselves? Yeah truly that will make me so happy because every time I think I find someone. I realized that they're actually compensating for worse insecurity than the average person which is how people with people think I'm doing and I go. No no no. That's not what I'm doing. Yeah 'cause I would that would be a fun spiral of a different different of a different color different color. Okay so it was making Louis only this week. Is this Scottish singer. Songwriter named Luis capacity. You guys probably never heard of him. But you'd probably do know one of his songs He's gives me very much. Ed Sheeran vibes because He's not attractive but then he opens his mouth and Ugo Holy Shit the song that you probably know of his is someone you you loved. I guess but the song that I love of his is Bruises which is his new. I think that just came out. I'm like so obsessed with it gives a phenomenal voice and I was like this. Is this maybe this is my soul now. Are You my soulmate. I was actually sitting out the slayer outside of the slayer concert last night and I was waiting eating from X. because we had separated for a second and I was I was just like Oh my God like number one. I've never felt so attractive and not because other people were unattractive. I just feel like in my element. Everyone was dressed the way I like and stuff and I was like maybe I should just going to start going up to people being like. Are You my boyfriend. That's a great idea and I want to do that when you what happens when it starts like standing outside concerts and mean like are you my boyfriend. Rami should rock concert sir. Can we please make a video of that. I would love to. I'm sad I didn't do. I was trying to do a little but like I could see everyone looking at me because I looked like I was like a slayer themed prostitute and I oh no. I was actually just at the concert. Because I'm a cool chick. I just know how to fuck address for an event. Yeah but Louis Kepala anyway on spotify and stuff fucking insane voice. He's He's twenty three years old which I did ask the great people of twitter. If that was too young for me people seem to say no but I would feel weird having sex with him. But maybe it's like maybe he's a little you know older. You know in his mind because he's been performing so long as what I'll tell myself Making you less lonely this week. Have you heard the Leon Bridges Song if feels good that it must be Probably okay well Leeann bridges. He's always kind of made like sad music to me But he made a finally made a really feel good tune and I heard it earlier this week and if if it feels good than it is good is something that my therapist says to me constantly and I to hear it like in Song version and have it be. He like exactly what that Song what those lyrics should go to. Musically was vindicating you now I loved it. I felt vindicated. So if you haven't I would definitely download that song. If it feels good then it must be if you like want to get in the car like feel like. I don't know especially if you're somebody that liked outs themselves It's a fucking to fucking feel-good town so he has zoning homework guys. Yeah we just gave you two gold recommendations I love it. Hopefully you guys enjoyed. Thus I enjoyed it it was fun every now and then you gotta gotta learn a little bit about us who we are. Yeah figure it out. If you're interested come see some live shows my next shows. I'll be December twenty seventh and twenty eighth. I believe it's the Friday and Saturday. I'll be in Albuquerque New Mexico with Amory Custodio and Heading heading to Los Angeles for the end of the year December thirtieth and thirty first be doing shows in that area. I got to put the ticket links up They'll they'll be at two venues in the Hollywood area though And again I know this is all vague. But it's like save the dates and then I'll put it on my instagram. What specifically the shows are going to be who is on these lineups and yeah? I'm on a mat philanthropy on social media I they will be in Vegas. This week All Week and I'm going to be doing some shows that I will be announcing on the day of hosted by well I don't know who's hosting them actually Anyway it's they're they're going to be a big deal. I love it. I love that. We're doing just vague promote I know it's it's a weird thing but I can't. I signed something so I can't like but I'll be in Vegas so I will announce them the day of and also. I'm going to be in London at the end of the month doing It's one night only I'll be at the bill. Murray on November twenty. Four th at nine thirty pm you can find the tickets on livenation Or on my stories or website at Rosebud Baker her and then our producer is Mike. Gus Garelli it might cost girly. Sarah Dooley has a book out. Are you might Uber Nigh You guys can download that order. It download download. Yeah he's right. Oh I mean it's a real book you should get it because it's it's a cute little parody like children's book hardcover. Yeah so it's more of a piece that you would want like in your house as like a cute thing true. You're not GONNA sit down. I'm GonNa give this a good read on the subway. Yeah you never know And then yeah she's at. What is it unruliest Julie? Yeah yes. She's at unruliest. Julie and that's Alfred Burnett Alfred Red Rowling. Okay we'll talk to you guys next week. Thank you talk to you next Monday by

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Female Firsts: Wangari Muta Maathai

Stuff Mom Never Told You

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Female Firsts: Wangari Muta Maathai

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Being here thank you for having me again. We just had a rousing discussion About aliens and how they should look resolutions running and disliking running and the little bit of Are are kind of disastrous mornings. At a bit of mishaps. We made it through them. which is important part we did we did? You're here to tell the tell. That actually is probably a very important part to a lot of these female. I we talk about. Yeah you're right because they do get pretty intense in some parts like they went through lie. They struggled old ally and they fought a lot but you know they did a lot of good things to yes and the one the person who brought for us today she did so so much and Very important to the discussions. We're having now around the environment and in sustainability things that are on a lot of people's minds as it should be. Yeah that's exactly what I was thinking like. I feel like it's really good to be able to talk about today. We're going to be talking about when Gary Muthu Matai And she did a lot of stuff that had to do with environmental activism and that is is clearly something that we're talking about right now today and then choose say. Oh let me find somebody. Who's doing something that has to do with the environment? It just Kinda came like. Oh she's as someone who is you know first of all from the African continent which I feel like maybe we've discussed somebody from African continent and so far. I can't remember but yeah like that was really important to me. And also the actual work that she's doing is so relevant in to what we're talking about bound and is also very recent and also had a very global impact and she knows what she's talking about. She knows what she's doing and she's he's also left a great legacy behind her. That just kind of touched people of all different cultures and people of all different nationalities which I think is a really cool thing. Yeah Yeah when I was reading her story. I always stress the importance of context in these stories. That we That you bring to us is in. Its is recent and it's kind of shocking. How much she did? And how much things have changed. Just through the sixties and seventies kind of just this tumultuous cauldron of all these things happening and is also just a very indicative of the actual issues that people were going through in Kenya and on the African continent at the time because obviously environmental issues are global issues. But they're also very specific to the locales and a climates which all the activists separately reside They're all different but also related in some way and I think think her perspective and how she kind of got into her activism and her work is indicative of that but I feel like I'm getting ahead of myself right now. Yeah let's go so it's like oh my gosh. She's amazing and who she really is so yeah. Ty was the first African African woman to win the Nobel Prize and she was the first woman to become an assistant professor at the University of Nairobi. She was the first woman ahead of University Department in Kenya And the first woman in eastern Central Africa to earn a PhD. So that's what we're here for right. That's right I like it so. She was born on April first. Nineteen forty in Kenya and she was the daughter of kickapoo subsistence farmers. The Kikuyu Ethnic Nick Group and Kenya she had five siblings and she was raised in an area of Kenya that was known as the white highlands which was so called because there is policy policy that certain agricultural lands and Kenya should be reserved for Europeans. So her older brother convinced their parents that she go to school. Rather than focus on household this whole responsibilities which you could imagine plentiful because she has so many siblings Rather big family to take care of. She went to the teeth a primary school the Saint. Thanks Cecilia School. And then the Laredo Limuru girl school so after completing school there she got a scholarship. And that's because the Kennedy Kennedy Administration in the US at the time was funding initiatives for people in Eastern Africa in Kenya specifically to study in the US. And so that's how she got a scholarship to study at university in the US so where she ended up going was Mount Saint Scholastica College in Kansas and she stayed in us to study at university for a bitch who graduated with her bachelors and biology in nineteen sixty four and she stayed in the US. You got her master's from the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania and then so by this time when she returned to Kenya after she graduated the whole eastern colonialism process was ending. Kenya had gained his independence and when she went back there is she had a research assistant position that had been promised to her so oh. She was recruited to be a research assistant in zoology and that was at the University of Nairobi and she found out when she got to the campus that she she had been denied the position and she thought that that was because of gender discrimination so after that she got another research assistant position and this time it was in an apartment veterinary anatomy so she started. She continued working. twos not discouraged by that so she started pursuing her doctoral Turell studies in Germany. PhD From University of Nairobi. Says he was the first woman to get a doctorate degree in eastern Central Africa. Wow how pretty. I can't even imagine writing the first person or woman. Yeah I cannot live on the treatment at that level of achievement. Yeah Yeah I are not not on that same plane. That's cool though didn't lead a pathway for other women not not that I know of not that I know of I wonder the reporting on it. The like wow. This woman has become the first do this. Yes and all the nicotine possibly probably but as we know from I feel like previous people in just in general how these things work. A lot of those first aren't recognized in a contemporary manner. It's just like the person's doing thing and then we go back and look at them sometimes posthumously. You know way back in the day But we start to realize okay. You know this yeah this happened. And this is part of a long story in a long lineage of people and things that they did so we kind of situate- The the first within the history after a lot of the time right. That's true that's a good point. As far as her personal life she married a Nairobi a businessman who kind of had aspirations in politics and she married him in nineteen sixty nine. She met him years before and eventually they had three kids together and he ran for parliament in early nineteen seventies. His first campaign was unsuccessful even though she helped him with that and then later in their story in the early nineteen eighties they went through this whole divorce suit and he accused her of adultery and is also said said that he thought that she was educated in too strong willed and minded and too hard to control in. That was part of the reason that they got a divorce. But it was a pretty pretty contentious situation She ended up going to court lost the case they ended up getting divorced. She was even jailed for a short time about three days after it because she accused the judge of being incompetent war and this is also when his last name was spelled with one a. m. a. t. h. a. i.. And she changed her name to have to as because of the whole situation. They requested that. Yeah so it was. That was later in life. After years of them. Having been together they separated before they divorced. But yeah that was part of love their story. Yeah so in. Nineteen seventy three and this is where we get to all of the things. Obviously we're not GONNA have room room to like talk about every single thing that she did because she did so many different things But in one thousand nine hundred eighty three she became the director of Nairobi's branch of the National Red Cross Oss. So we see her already in the late sixties early seventies getting into all of her activism all of her environmental work in realizing through her research and just her personal life observation. The the thing I really love about her stories like how often we think of of how we think of academics in terms of the work that they do like they did all this study at these universities and this is their education is what influence them in what what made them be able to address issues in a certain way but observation is also a very important thing in our lives that can drive us to do better things because I and I think stories just a great example of that like she talks about how much in during her childhood and during her life how she was just noticing what was happening around her our house she was listening to village women. Tell her what they needed. And that observation is a big part of what drove her to do her environmental work realizing that she could connect. Act The things that are happening around her and the work that she's interested in doing and skills that she does have in the education that she is getting and combining the two will does several things together to really create a huge impact. So I really like that about her story. Yes so she started moving up in her roles. At at the university she became a senior lecturer in the nineteen seventies and she became the chair of her department and then she became an assistant professor in nineteen seventy seven and so her a post. Doctoral research made her aware of all the things that was happening in her country especially in rural areas and all all the issues that people were facing whether that had to do with the environment or personal issues. And we'll we'll get into some of the things that specifically that drove her research. That was happening in Kenya the time the later her husband campaigning for a seat in parliament again in one and this is before they divorced one thing that he advocated for was finding for an employed in so with that spirit that entity that was happening Matai connected that need to her environmental mental efforts and then she started this business called Enviro care where she was getting people to plant trees. That business wasn't that successful but those efforts did it lead her to you. Know more successful efforts and the connections that she already had with all these people do the work that she was doing. Let her getting the National Council of Women of Kenya to help her launch a tree planting project called save the land her on Bay and Harambee is Swahili word. That means all pulled together and that eventually eventually turned into the Green Belt Movement which is one of her. Most well known initiatives. Even time right. Yeah yes but that's huge. Yeah yeah she was active in the National Council of Women of Kenya for a really long time. For 'em around ninety. He's seventy six to eighty seven while she was serving with them. She started introducing this idea of community based tree planting that she had already introduced her other work. Much of the population in Africa depended on wood for fuel but at the time there was a lot of deforestation happening so But trees were depleted because they were being raised in they weren't being replaced at the same rate So obviously that leads to a lot of different issues including nutritional deficiencies poverty. Because there would be they had to walk talk along way to get water to be able to get the fuel There is desert. Were there once was trees. The forestation also caused soil runoff off and water pollution which is obviously important to a person being able to sustain themselves in terms of the food that they eat and speaking of sustain themselves a lot of the children are also had to start being fit with processed foods because of this and livestock to have vegetation to eat and on top of all that under the colonial period like British governors they were planting nonnative trees instead of indigenous trees. So it just had all these affects on the way that people lived in their ability to live hole in fruitful lives so she started it getting into all that and realizing how that affected people and specifically women and she opened an agency that paid impoverished people to plant trees insurance and so she decided to campaign for a seat in parliament that will become open area. Nineteen eighty two and to do this. She had to resign from the University of Nairobi. That was when condition that she she couldn't be there to be able to run and so the electoral authorities awardees said that she couldn't run. She was disqualified for money because she hadn't registered to vote so because of that registration in the last presidential election action because that registration technicality. They kind of pulled her out of that situation. She obviously took issue with that decision but she ended up being disqualified disqualified anyway and wanted to go back to the university because obviously she needs a job and they refused to rehire her her or restore her benefits and they visited her from university housing so she was no longer there anymore. Bright Oh man MHM that's through time. That's yeah time. So that's definitely when the raid in her story. which is there were? She had a lot of opposition so she did have a lot of supporters and also supported a lot of people through employment and just like you know personal support but she had a lot of people who oppose the work that she was doing because she was so pro democracy the things that she was talking about the things that she was standing up against and was viewed as kind of anti-government and in that respect a lot of the press that she you got in that the Green Belt Movement guy in the media was negative right and because of that a lot of people were discouraged from wanting to be associated with the movement because of its you know yeah reputation uh-huh but it was still a successful movement so we'll get into so she poured her energy into that Green Belt Movement And and its main focus was poverty reduction and environmental conservation and focusing on this singular. This goal of planting trees MHM and is goal was to plant trees all across Kim unifier ocean and to create firewood for the fuel for people there and Dan to create jobs for women because women were really instrumental and being the people who planted trees and so over the years. They planted tens of millions of trees in Africa. Yes they did this by establishing tons of nurseries that offered free feelings to people And then the communities would plant And the very small amount small payment was given for every tree that was planted but they had to make sure that they took care of the tree for three months. That was part of the deal And even though it's a small amount of that can make a big difference. Someone's life for many of those women who are subsistence. Farmers did a half extra food to give for our to sail not give that money was some of their income. Well man tens the millions and was able to help that many in different ways amazing. Yeah it is yeah. I think that'd be really cool. I know we'll probably get this later. Yeah but there's an interview That one guy did with On being and she described the power of seeing a tree that you've planted right careers and years later knowing that you did that and it's out of here. Yeah Yeah Yeah. The this tree content became the tree itself itself through all the work that she did it kind of became this movement of democracy of like the legacy of of so many things through the work that she did. Yeah so yeah. That's a really good. The point and all the work through the Green Belt Movement also helped conserve the soil and the ecology of the end and obviously gave thousands of people opportunities for employment and she worked over time. This became more than just about trees. obviously it was that from the beginning but they also started to provide other services besides tree planting so she worked with the National Council of Women of Kenya to give services like family and we planning like nutrition food security HIV awareness and leadership skills so it became this environmental and civic educational program Graham for people and that ended up spreading. Its tendrils through a bunch of countries in Africa and throughout the world as well and eventually it formerly separated from the National Council of Women Have Kim and see even though Matai was already so involved in politics became more involved in politics over time and protests and activism and in nineteen eighty nine. She protested the construction of A huge tower. Who Park in Nairobi? So she started sending out a bunch of letters to all of these people. Different government officials cels different organizations in Kenya to protest. Like just putting the pressure on people to protest this office tower being Built a whole complex thing and she claimed that the building was expensive and that money should instead be spent on other things because this is going to be tens of millions of dollar project like Poverty Hunger Education and obviously this project had a bunch of foreign investors and through all of the processing that happened even though she was getting a lot. Of flack impressed. Once again for her protested for not being quiet quaint yeah complacent in all those things that a woman was supposed to be. She still managed to like that that whole oh protests managed to be successful and investors ended up pulling out of the whole situation not long after her protesting began and the skyscraper was bill. That was one thing of the many things data protested against and she also opposed the one party state that there was in Kenya. Can you at the time. So Matab was also involved in the Forum for the restoration of Democracy which was a group that opposed among other things. This group group cut branch dot had groups in different countries but in Kenya was opposed to the leadership of president. Daniel arap Moi and her opposition. Aren't her the ire of the president. Senate not just through her work with the forum but also all the other things that she was doing so going back to that project with the office tower he was really against her speaking about that too and had a lot of nasty things to say about her for her vocalisations on that issue and she faced Kamini arrests beatings and dealings because of the work that she was doing. She advocated for the release of political prisoners and in Nineteen ninety-two. She went on a hunger strike with the Group of mothers of Political Prisoners and that ended up being successful well even though she and a lot of other people who are involved in the strike were beaten by police during the protest but at the end of that strike the government did it released the majority of the political prisoners. We have a lot more of our discussion with ease but first we have a quick break break for word from our sponsor okay so a recent recent study found that a great hair day makes you happier more confident but that same study also revealed that ninety five percent of women don't feel great about their hair. I can definitely gently relate to the confidence part because my hair is doing something a little weird or something. I don't want to do then I can't stop thinking about it. The rest of the day Alma Guy. We've all been there. But now I'm using panting new rosewater collection it contains moisture rich ingredients that are known for hydrating eating skin. 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She was also arrested for more protests and later charged with spreading rumors that the president was planning to star in government power over to the military terry and so while she was in jail waiting on her charge. She was refused medical treatment. So it's just like it's there was a lot of like fighting happening there like there was a lot of conflict and a lot of this kind of fabrication of like issues. When it came to the worked she was doing because she was so vocal because she was so active an her environmental causes so nineteen ninety-seven and she said that she was running for parliament and for the President See as part of the Liberal Party of Kenya and as part of her campaign and she was continuing to say the same things be about the about what she always been about? Basically denouncing the corruption in the government and imagining a society sidy where people really embraced their cultural is spiritual background as they participated in government but her candidacy candidacy was withdrawn by the party without notifying her until days before the election. That says she did. It announce her campaign until not long before the election itself but she ended up getting that parliament seat. Wow Wow they didn't tell her just like people are afraid of strong women. This is true of power and obviously the opposition. They had to do everything everything they could to try to undermine her mortgage seems yeah. She was determined. Yes another thing that she did it. As part of all her work was working on the jubilee. Two thousand campaign which was this global campaign But in her her case when she became the CO chair of the campaign in Kenya which she did in Nineteen Ninety Eight specifically focusing on the countries in Africa but the campaign was aiming to cancel foreign debt for poor countries by the year. Two thousand which is where that number two thousand comes from the name of the campaign. So she wasn't. There were a lot of people who are against there including you know Moy and all a bunch of other government officials and just people in general Who didn't like how she was challenging government man and how she was speaking up for all these pro-democracy positions and all these activities that she had going on in relation to that it just as some examples? She was hospitalized in nineteen ninety nine for a head wound and a concussion that she suffered during Government arranged attack so she was working on this project where she and some supporters planting trees in a career forest which is is in Nairobi and she was protesting against a clearing of the forest for private development That's one thing that happened to her. At another point. They forced the Green Belt Movement to move from. Its office in a government owned building to her home She when she formed the tribal clashes resettlement volunteer service in one thousand nine hundred thirty to help victims of state sanctioned political violence in the risk valley the government accused of inciting violence and tried to shut down. Her organizations. Meetings by sending in police is to disrupt things so those are just some of the things that she was up against The list could go on but we won't do that. Yeah it sounds like quite a lot and she definitely put her. She was somebody who put her body on the line say she was a powerhouse and everything are obviously in her work ethic and and just in her believes she was unmovable. Plant a tree. Yes Oh look at that. They don't work together a civil war we go. We got Jet America. I'm actually surprised. There haven't been more tree puns. But I'm I'm glad ad it's not appropriate. You're saving for the all in my keeping them to myself for once you you're writing it though for later Eh One of her biggest opponents Moi left office in two thousand and two and that same year she ran for parliament and was elected with a large majority of the vote The President ended up appointing her the Minister for Environment and natural resources sources and wildlife. And she's serving the government and parliament until two thousand five and this is We're getting into the later years of her life at this point and she was recognized for a lot of her work she got a lot of honorary degrees and awards like too many to mention here but a ton of them but one of the big ones was the Nobel peace prize which she got in two thousand four and she was the first African woman to get the Nobel Peace Prize and she got it for her contribution to sustainable development democracy and peace. So that's that's one of the awards that she got and in her acceptance speech which is really interesting. She noted how she was influenced by the things that you know we were talking about earlier. She observed when she was a child and Kenya She's soft Boris being cleared and replaced by commercial plantations and she saw local diversity being destroyed and she also said that when she started the Green Belt Movement she was is really responding to the needs that roar women were saying that they had which were specifically the lack of firewood clean drinking water ballots diets shelter income and she also called out to the facts was just how integral women were in the development of the work that she wanted to do with the Green Belt Movement and the work this ended up doing with the movement and that'd be saying that because they were primary caretakers throughout Africa there irresponsible for taking care of the land and for taking care of the family that they were often the first one to become aware of of any environmental damage that was happening even if they didn't recognize how thing was necessarily affecting the other in their personal experience right yeah And she got some of the other awards as she got. Were the Goldman Environmental Prize. The French Legion of Honour. Japan's Grand Cordon of the order of the rising sun and Like I said more honorary degrees. He also authored several books. One of them was a memoir that was called bowed and another book called the challenge for Africa Other writings she was named a UN messenger of peace in two thousand nine and the next year in partnership with at the University of Nairobi. She founded the Guy Matai Institute for Peace and Environmental Studies and yes oh she just continued. L. Not only doing her homework in her organization when it came to environmental causes also participating in like teaching other. There are people about those things and making sure that other people learn about environmental issues when it came to academics but just general you know Environmental Education Education for people so you know spreading all of that knowledge around the world and two thousand eleven. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer is. She ended up dying that year from complications of the cancer but her legacy. That was what you know only so long long ago but you know her. Legacy is clearly still apparent in the world in apparent in Kenya and she's well remembered and fortunately absolutely was able to be recognized during her lifetime. Yeah and I think one of my favorite things about her. You're on the things that she did is there. Is this awareness of taking care of the future of looking out for future generations that she we started all of these things and spread her knowledge to make sure that things would continue once she was no longer around. And I actually think that's one of the biggest problems with humanity and when it comes to sustainability is really bad about doing that. We're really bad about thinking about future future generations because right now this is easy thing to do to continue as we are right but she made sure that she's left behind these things so that hopefully we could continue the work that she was doing right. Yeah it seems her whole idea has were an idea of the big picture. She didn't see as one little thing. We're planting trees that we're planting trees but with these things in mind whether it's to provide the economic stability for a group of women whole group of people who need that assistance right now but we'll do it through this Lavenu. She had this very thoughtful consciousness of how to get things done in a multifaceted way which is phenomenal. Especially when you think of how little that happens today. This there's no real conversation conversation of what can we do in. Put it together as a blanket not necessarily a blanket but at least overhaul of a whole system and that's what she did which all on her own which is phenomenal especially with all of the pushback. Insane okay you go. You aren't seeing the bigger picture. You're just angry because I'm making a difference. It could be taken away from you whether it's money or your fame or your credibility but this is what it has to be done. That's phenomenal whole different. Level of thoughtfulness and a whole different level of understanding the need for sustainability the need for growth and the need continue beyond and I think that to the interesting point about what she she said of her being having this kind of multifaceted way in which she worked is that her vision was also very singular and focused and a hand like she was like. I have a goal I know how I can get the thing done. And we're GonNa get it done and we're going to get it done together. And just the the way in which she empowered Howard so many people not in not from a position of like I have the things and I have the knowledge and have the education. I was fortunate enough to go to you know. US to study the you know under this scholarship that was funded by the government or anything like that. It was just kind of like. I'm not giving these people these things these opportunities -tunities because I'm able to do that because she hasn't. She is using her position of power. Obviously but it was in such a way that was community led you know it was in such a way that was about the way that people work together and just it being so inspiring the fact that he realized how important it was to incorporate all these other things when it came to the leadership development and stuff like that where. This wasn't just about a person here. They're getting this many Kenyan. Since to grow a tree right it was about growing trees and creating a better environment and creating a better world and within Kim Matt creating better communities that were able to thrive and not just survive. And that were connected in that. Were you know Future Focus but also present focus in a way they were like. This is my community that I have now and I'm working together with them to really in Zimbabwe where my hands are on the soil and I'm really contributing to the future of my community but also I'm thinking about our children that are here right now. What kind of food eating them? What do our traditional diets look like but also their future like what will the land looks like to them able to respect their land? Children are learning to respect the land at the same time. It's I just think everything that she was doing was so important but I'm just so struck by how many different things but still how tight like right her vision and that's yeah very cohesive. Yeah that's an amazing balancing act to pull off of. Yeah we need to think about the future generations but we also have to think the president like to be able to do both. I mean. That's amazing yeah I also really find find so many of these women. He brings his ease. I find it so impressive that we know as women I at least I can speak for my own. I always have doubts. I have all these doubts and a lot of times it keeps me from even putting myself Ford things. And that's we know that's why a lot of women don't run for office office and it's not to say that the women you brought to as don't have doubts but they just like somebody needs to do this. I can do it right. I'm going to step. Uh well I mean you and I have talked about the time that we get criticisms in that kind of sometimes just me down. I can't imagine the level of lies and criticisms that were thrown at her purposely by the most powerful man in in that nation at that point I mean I could not I don't know I don't know how would fathom even fill under pressure but to continue tenue fourth and still keep fighting still keep fighting still being told you know you are whatever damaging by those who have the loudest voices but knowing that she could make a difference in and what she's doing this for like right is amazing. It's to look back on it now. You're like oh wow that's encouraging but to be in the middle of that I don't know in like Oh the fear of of failing already they're being told you're ruining something or you're being disasters to something what a way to to have to fight against that. How do you do that and I wash able to do that? And she did though finally got what she deserved all the accolades as she did earned but man that road to get there right. It's got to be a long long very loud. Yeah it's impressive and inspiring in a good way to start the year. Yeah I is there anything else you you've I don't think so. I would a highly recommend the interview on on being. It's very beautiful. Yeah and anything where she speaking uh-huh highly recommend if you're looking for some some inspiration like a new found appreciation of tree. Oh my gosh right We are also in a city of trees so we are a big if speaking of things being topical That is a topic of conversation in Atlanta where we are right right now. which is that? We've historically been called the city of like the city and the forest and we are known for having a ton of trees which we're not the biggest metropolis like in the United States. Definitely not in the world but for being a city of our size and stature. We have a lot of forests in out of three canopy here but a lot of that is also being raised for private development and justification which are huge things that are happening right now in Atlanta so on a micro level from this macro conversation. We're having all of her. Work is very relevant to things that are happening here in Metro Atlanta right absolutely That's one of my favorite parts about Atlanta. So who will continue to see where that that goes. We have some more to talk about but I we have one more quick break for from our sponsor. Here's the thing saving money with. GEICO is almost better than playing pickup basketball. Ascot Ball because there's always that guy who joins your game. He never passes the rock. He constantly bricks threes. And who completely hack you. And then put put his hands up and say no foul no foul with GEICO. It's easy to switch and save on car insurance. No need to fake. An ankle sprain. 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Thank you sponsor but In the meantime thank you so much for for coming on always. He's having me. Where can the listeners find you on social media on that is on facebook? INSTAGRAM or twitter. I'm on the day in history class which is a different podcast. That one's about days in history. You could also me at unpopular on all those same name social media platforms Yeah R EAVES JEFFCO is my name and do whatever you want to do with that information. Good Point Yeah Yeah listeners. You should definitely go check both of those out there for me and if you would like to contact us you can talk yes Our email is stuff media mom stuff at IHEARTMEDIA DOT com you can why is on twitter at Mazda podcast on instagram and stuff. I'm never told you. Thanks as always super producer Andrew Howard and thanks to you for listening doing stuff. I'm never told us the production of I heart radio. How stuff works for more podcast from iheartradio visit iheartradio APP apple podcasts? 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Ecuador reintroduces fuel subsidies

Marketplace Morning Report with David Brancaccio

07:21 min | 1 year ago

Ecuador reintroduces fuel subsidies

"An advanced therapies more at making cancer history dot Com and by Lenovo. You don't need a computer you need an all day all hours machine this marketplace podcast is brought to you by MD Anderson Cancer Center home to one of the nation's largest cancer clinical trial programs of its kind providing hope to patients new approaches in detection is publicity over the abandoned IPO because other people might not want to lend or invest in we work at the moment after it went from being this supposed government to reinstate fuel subsidies live from London this is the marketplace morning report from the BBC World Service. I'm Victoria Creek Good morning two weeks ago Ecuador's president the British pound is down about half a percent today after weekend brexit talks saw no major breakthrough Queen Elizabeth will take center stage in parliament later this morning as she gives a traditional queen's speech it sets the legislative agenda for the new session her remarks written by the government will also detail some plans for post brexit Britain after pulling plans for forty seven billion dollars company to about ten or twelve billion dollar company and don't forget one of the founders of we work at annoy man he was basically pushed aside he originally Matai Isabel reporting from Ecuador there let's do the numbers China Shanghai Composite Index rose more than one percent today after the US and China last week agreed limited trade deals Liens of dollars to yes so let's talk about a lot of investors smaller investors perhaps a couple dozen of them putting in small amounts as well I mean it's a sign that we work isn't totally at the Capitol Kito to a standstill violence even forced the government to relocate its offices to a port city four hundred miles away the BBC's Matai Isabel is in Ecuador stock market debut last month office sharing startup we work is trying to avoid a cash crunch and its biggest investor Softbank is reported to be trying to take control of the company the slash work stations powered by Intel twelve days of mass demonstrations force Ecuador's go control of we work he controlled most of the HSIEH's now Softbank isn't the only one interested in giving we work a hand J. P. Morgan Chase is also said to have been tapped help raise at the moment so it doesn't feel like it's been burned by the bad publicity surrounding the scuppered IPO earlier this year well perhaps the exact opposite is taking advantage of the wrapped fuel subsidies as part of an International Monetary Fund loan program aimed at shoring up the struggling economy but as gas prices soared protests by indigenous people this is Andrew what explains why Softbank owns about a third of we were ready it can push it over fifty percent it gets control I think Softbank thinks that perhaps we were has a good business idea it sustainable in the long run and this might be actually quite a cheap way to get control of a RAV promising company which is hitting difficult it and hasn't been totally destroyed by the publicity and is going to be some competition of Softbank I suppose the BBC's Andrew would in Hong Kong thank you thanks rectors of we works parent company are said to meet as early as today to decide on one of those financing packages though India this month scrapped plans to impose a ban on single use if the capital city and go back to the areas I'm pretty sure the IMF will have a close is in the new decree remember now Ashtec's the country is still working toward environmental targets the country's finance minister outlined tax incentives for electric vehicle purchases but as the BBC. Zoe Thomas report the negotiations are not over people need to go back to normal especially people in the capital city they are really fed up with broken next door there is a far slower pace in here. Workers are finishing the newest addition to Hyundai's India lineup the Kona Electric by it's there are still major challenges ahead this Hyundai factory in southern India produces a petrol burning car every thirty three seconds but in the plant hand slower demand for electric vehicles means the company only needs to build a few each day what kind of a niece segment market we always the third of all passenger vehicle sales by twenty thirty but today less than one percent of Indian customers choosing to buy them who's this line that's s Ganesh Manni director of manufacturing at Hyundai Motors India he says cost is still a major hurdle electric vehicle per se he explains what fueled the government's reversal if scared of the broadest deliver of violence that force the government to declare the state of Michigan theon bitten a few force the government as well the conversation today between the President and initiative leader was taking place in Kitale they were just one hundred and fifty public charging points across India until that changes and costs drop India's ambitious electric dreams will remain Victoria Craig with the marketplace morning report from the BBC World Service this marketplace podcast is supported by Alpha traitor five years ago Fara Helena's husband talked her into buying an electric car I thought he was crazy fell in love with their Mahindra e two Oh but far as teeny tiny plastic bricks would actually make it back in the box once they'd been dumped out and played with anyone who's ever stepped on a rogue Lego we'll probably know that pain in London it's been Rafa says they ran into a common problem a lack of charging points the biggest fear and our mind was raining eighty what happens if you're not charged as demand grows carmakers expect that cost will drop in the meantime India's chief finance minister new umbrella through announced tax breaks to make electric vehicle maiden war-scarred comes from the battery and that battery costs close to fifty percents of the Casa Minimum Motor is actually latest technology initial cost always be higher it's more affordable government has already moved to lower the GST rate on electric breakers from twelve to five percent wants them to make it Tuesday October fifteenth seeking Alpha Launch Alpha traitor a weekly investor focused podcast will dive into the most impactful market news and set the stage for upcoming market events recommissioned agreement she will move the administration back to the capital city and indigenous groups. Eh compromise too in London. The company's Vice President of Sustainability said he was quote totally open to the concept of product rentals but he said there are technical barriers like for example whether all those and it's GonNa run only a hundred kilometers per charge a nominal patrol car office similar size would go for eight hundred kilometers on a full time hosted by Aaron task and Stephen Alpher episodes will be available every Tuesday and will include discussions with market experts on topics relevant to active traders who are seeking Alpha be sure to subscribe often the distance in China. I'm the BBC Zoe Thomas for marketplace finally you can rent homes cars clothing office space. Why Not Legos at a press you need a Lenovo workstation named most reliable by Technology Business Research Inc to learn more about Lenovo workstations visit Solutions Dot Lenovo Dot Com.

Lenovo BBC World Service London Zoe Thomas India Hyundai Ecuador BBC Anderson Cancer Center Hyundai Motors India president Michigan Kitale Vice President of Sustainabili Ganesh Manni President Fara Helena China finance minister

Stories Philippines Podcast

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George Madame Sophy biddle Indiana Tony My NATO Elementary Mcginn Kabaka Dania Milo Perry Nong Cabello durant Twenty La Ghanem Carlos Yariel Yvonne Arago Ben Sira Damani Long Moawad Loudini Barca Gabe Sierra lezo Branca Honolulu Deng Selah Seattle Dallas
How A Tip  And Facial Recognition Technology  Helped The FBI Catch A Killer

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How A Tip And Facial Recognition Technology Helped The FBI Catch A Killer

"This message comes from n._p._r. Sponsor xfinity some things are slow like a snail races. Other things are fast like xfinity x. by get get fast speeds even when everyone is online working to make wifi simple easy awesome more at xfinity dot com restrictions apply. There's a lot of debate and controversy over how law enforcement uses facial recognition technology the f. b. I. says it's an important investigative tool. Take the case of walter. Yovany gomez is most wanted criminals a fugitive and alleged member of the vicious m._s. Thirteen gang now captured captured in part because of facial recognition n._p._r. Justice reporter ryan lucas explains how it all went down back in two thousand eleven walter. Yovany gomez wanted to become a full member of the local branch of the m._s. Thirteen th street gang in plainfield new jersey in may of that year he got his chance gang leaders ordered him to kill a recruit named julio monteverde who allegedly been associated with a rival gang and so after a night of partying with matai gomez and an associate beat him with a baseball bat stabbed him with a screwdriver and slit his throat throat. Police closed in on gomez in two thousand eleven but he jumped out of a second story window in escaped for six years. His trail went cold that in april of two thousand seventeen gene the f._b._i. Made an announcement that put gomez in the national crime spotlight gang member is the newest addition to the f._b._i.'s ten most wanted fugitives list and up to one hundred thousand dollar reward is available for information leading directly to the original walter yovany gomez the move quickly paid off. A tipster came forward that july rely claiming to have information on gomez. It felt a special agent. Richard stallings in the f._b._i.'s washington field office to follow up so stalin's in a gang task force colleague arranged a face face to face meeting with the tipster. They wanted to bet the source and make sure as stallings puts it. They were running up a dead tree. They quickly determined that they were not. He truly truly was like. I know that guy. He says i don't know by the name that's on the screen gomez but he knew him on a different name. The tips are pointed the f._b._i. To facebook pages with photos of the man he believed was gomez. Agents pulled the photos incent them to the bureau's face services unit there. They were run through an f._b._i. Database using using facial recognition software in search of a match about a week later a match came back but for hazaras lopez and to rayo scenario had been picked up for marijuana possession in two thousand fourteen after jumping metro turnstile in arlington virginia his fingerprints and mugshot were taken and then he was released since rayo had then failed to appear for his court date so there was a warrant out for his arrest. We were kind of baffled in how we got this name societas with our picture but in the picture they had that the associated within the arrests arrest photo. That's guy investigators still felt. The tipsters information was solid in part stalling says because there were other physical identifiers like tattoos twos that made them think they were on the right track. They also had leads to work. Remember those facebook pages. The tipster provided agents also found several photos of the suspect with a female email. Associate agents use facial recognition software to run the facebook photos of her through a database of criminal mugshots. They came back with a match and in address so the f._b._i. And officers from the fairfax county gang task force set up surveillance on her one afternoon in august two thousand seventeen officers set up a stakeout outside her residence. It's a couple of hours later. I get this call back from their sergeant. Got a guy but and it's it's our guy and you know i in in my mind. Are you sure because we didn't we didn't know for sure he was here. At any point. The agents tailed the woman to a gym parking lot in woodbridge virginia about twenty miles south of washington d._c. See and who walks up to her car but a man who looked a lot like gomez. They're surveillance. Teams swooped in and arrested him but there was a twist. The sergeant on the phone said the man gave his name is hades use lopez center radio the same name that the f._b._i. Turned up in its facial recognition search but when confronted with the evidence investigators had collected the man said that his his real name was in fact walter yovany gomez so in showing him actually is stopped in most wanted poster and being asked is this hugh. He says yes since that night. Gomez has pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy and admitted to meditate murder last month. Federal judge in new jersey sentenced him to twenty five years years in prison ryan lucas n._p._r. News washington. This message comes from n._p._r. Sponsor her comcast business gig fueled network solutions that help businesses go beyond the expected to do the extraordinary comcast business beyond fast learn more at comcast business dot com.

Yovany gomez walter yovany gomez facebook washington ryan lucas walter yovany new jersey hazaras lopez comcast Richard stallings walter f._b._i. baseball fairfax county reporter julio monteverde full member woodbridge