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"Com. Dave Golden w T o P Traffic. Nice day out there. Let's find out what's in store for tonight, then tomorrow Here's Matt Ritter. High pressure to our South is keeping it unseasonably warm and muggy right now, and that's the way it's going to stay this evening. Hazy skies a few clouds. Temperatures will be in the seventies after sunset. It will be warm and muggy, Uncomfortable overnight Tonight partly cloudy lows to be in the mid sixties to low seventies. And partly sunny, hazy, unseasonably hot and humid for tomorrow, this time, just a risk of an isolated late they thunderstorm mostly out towards the mountains highs in the mid eighties, too low nineties. Partly sunny, hot and humid on Wednesday, a better chance of scattered late day thunderstorms. Possible highs will be in the mid eighties. Low nineties than a cold front, coming down from Pennsylvania on Thursday will bring us mostly cloudy sky so it won't be as hard still gonna be quite humid showers and thunderstorms will be more likely in highs will be in the upper seventies, too low eighties. I'm store Team four. Meteorologist Matador Hyattsville at 89 86 in Fredericksburg, 89 in northwest D. C. And it's brought to you by mattress warehouse. Buy with confidence with the one year price guarantee only at mattress warehouse sleep happens dot com or 40. We've got an update on last Thursday's crash on I 66 that left a woman and two Children dead. State police say the driver of an SUV that apparently careened into another and then a tractor trailer was from Alfred Maine. She's been identified as 28 year old Look or a Smith. There were five young kids in the car to were killed. They were four and six year old girls. The other Children are expected to recover New this afternoon. There's an update on a murder that dates back more than 20 years, and that received nationwide interest. Following a TV documentary. Oklahoma's pardon.

Matt Ritter Matador Hyattsville Wednesday tomorrow Thursday Pennsylvania four tonight last Thursday one year five young kids 28 year old more than 20 years mid eighties Dave Golden Fredericksburg this afternoon two Children this evening eighties