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"massimo moto" Discussed on The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast

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"massimo moto" Discussed on The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast

"So they broke up there was a good pro black power couple i think in the uh black people power rangoon stabbed potential to really be at the top uh you know it not top but near the top amina obviously be i say jay z right now uh graca machel you know is up there um sterile came round his wife is up there but i feel i angela wright common was a lot of a probe lacked shippers uh dream couple a uh they sad rest power today a couple of i don't know who c l he can get wait now to rithy recovered ground they lost on this one but i'm glad they can remain france uhhuh written uh barnes growly the that do who um had wutang album and he was a guide ed raise the price on a utter drug well he our guest in its two seven years in prison for securities fraud mmm uh sent seven years in prison by us district court uh district judge a key uh wake he yelled massimo moto at a hearing in brooklyn with credit for tassir because he's been in jail since september he was sobbing when he was told by the judge uh where he told the judge i'm sorry that he's not the same person that he wants words a he asked for fifteen years prosecutors asked for fifteen years in its his lawyers asked what eighty mites the judge the israelis are emails clouding the question is claims of remorse emitting atanda he wrote but the fate while also bragging may he wouldn't serve any real time in prison and it wasn't a great were squarely when is all lawyer said in court that there were ties he wanted to punch crowley directly in the face scalise lawyers argued they shouldn't be seen his harshly simply for being martin's growly this is now in in a nationally recognized wear saying that someone is we and asio yet this is funny because people just like he got punch of a face in his lawyers really went into the travels like hewlett look at them yana.

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