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"massachusetts association pupil transportation" Discussed on Radio Boston

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"massachusetts association pupil transportation" Discussed on Radio Boston

"Is this gonna get more personal is going to become less about the issues. Now that it is sort of a head to head race it always does. There will be a lot on the issues but there will be a lot more on her husband and new will be probably a lot more. Michelle lose thunders. From outside the state i mean. They don't all for their advantage. And that sort of thing. I really do wish and i know. That's not the top issue right now in terms of polling but given the fact that we have a a school system that was just Show through an audit to be terrible that this the school districts. Not even reading. It's meager targets under the mou that I wish that issued take a front seat simply because the schools have over the last four or five years really flounder. We are shifting gears here to talk about getting kids physically back to school. Bus driver shortage the national guard stepping in the future of the md mb ta and federal spending on infrastructure. So join us. How do you feel about the national guard. Driving school buses is that a fantastic and creative Solution or shocking that we need it. Maybe it's a bit of both and with the t. Facing potentially catastrophic budget shortfalls infrastructure funding kind of teetering on the edge. Right now in washington. What do we do one. Eight hundred four two three eight two five. That's one eight hundred four to three talk to weigh in so the governor did activate the national guard to drive school buses. I asked the head of the massachusetts association. Pupil transportation drew damian. Yesterday out of the box. They have moved was and you said basically. Oh that is all the way outside. The box did that surprise. You marie francis so i wanna disclaimer. So i'm a newly minted. Bps mom my child just started kindergarten this past week. Oh congratulations thank you thank you so i'm starting to understand very firsthand number one i think. Bp s Has a lot of challenges clearly but number one. Wanna say a just the dedication that i've seen teachers and professionals and staff has been really beautiful. I'm starting to understand some of the challenges. As i do do morning drop off and you know it. It's tricky a. I think with the bus driver issue. We have to also understand that. This is the first time that schools in a year plus have been trying to operate at this capacity so teachers are relearning routines bus drivers as well and if we think about the population of folks who drive our our students around young people around many of them are working class folks black and brown folks and you know people have been hit really hard by kobe. So it's not surprising that we're in this predicament..

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