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"mason yee" Discussed on The Weekly Planet

"Movies. This year is Tyco. What TD's Joe Joe rabbit? So we'll we'll film where taika place Hitler. Scarlet your Hanson is also in it. I'm seeing any of this movie. I don't I do know the premise that part of it. At least yet I'm really interested not just because of that primus, but because I like all of these films, and I think he's really funny if it shows. Yeah. So I didn't mention that in the list. But it's a lot of Smith said we were going to put. Yeah. Exactly, I said earlier that I was going to pick a indie film that made me look clever, but I forgot to one not too late. Now, maybe I'll think about next ROY Moore. But to be run out should watch Arriva. This drew guy, drew. He was scrolling through Netflix on the weekend. And so they doubted dark horses poll comic with Mads Mikkelsen. Yeah. Heard mixed things about this tweet from ghost face on the why before we get to that drew says it's not perfect by any stretch. That makes a lot of sense there's some scenery chewing, and it's a little derivative John wick, apparently the Pellett and the cinematography is great and meds. Mickelson. Does a terrific job. Great. I've got here that especially in the comic. And it's really not good. It's bad John way, carb election lines and over the top at its worst. Oh, that's something. I think I could put on wall. I it probably even while. I added this podcast. Yeah. Let's put it on right now as we finish off the shows do it. That kind of magic. I also like Mads Mikkelsen. I saw the trailer. And I thought it looked good. Oh, interesting. And now I have two different opinions. And maybe all have an opinion. Also, do you think Mads Mikkelsen could play character is not a psychopath? Now, give them a give them a wilder. I actually he did in rogue one. Join lies at the book plant. Yeah. Yeah. I feel that's an essential element. Yeah. Could you could you put him into like, Matthew, mcconaughey style? Romantic comedy, Rosa beach due to be excavated. No, okay. Then it's the accent to sin puts on American accent. You couldn't do it. I think it'd be we'd I think people would say that and kill themselves. If he did it, do you think you could you could sit through Mads Mikkelsen doing a better that come batch? Yes. Yes. American access. Yes. It's probably good at American accent. Probably is anyway, drew says can I be the official paid a be park of the podcast. They're probably already been paid a pocket. Yes. The has been podcasts from a different university. That's the show for this week Mason Yee's wrap it up. So I.

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