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"mason tibor mason" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"We had Some other stuff lashley. Mvp dugout kofi mustafa. Ali mansoor had two minutes and fifty two seconds. They worked so hard but they never do anything with either guy. So i imagine this lost millions of viewers but they do match and only gets his foot caught in the ropes. Main sewer is nice guy. He helps them foot out of the ropes. All you immediately cradles him and pins him ali's trying to teach him to turn to the dark side. We have a mcintyre prome. This is one of those w things. Where mcintyre did a promo like a month ago and he told his story about a scottish king and because drew mcintyre is great at his job he managed to take this material and he did a good job with it so then. They've decided every week he needs to tell some lackey tail and every week it's the wrestler the actual The nessie he talks for like an hour and it hit me as like every week now next week. He's going to have some other story. They're going to make him do another story the week after that. This is the blessing and the curse of being able successfully. You do what they want you to do. And they give you some dumb script if they give you a dumb script and you and you make it work. You're done for buddy you're gonna get a stupid script every week after that. Then he faced jinder mahal and jenner mahal maryland. Jinder mahal was champion I mean he was. He was the right in the ring. My standards are much lower. Nowadays he was all right in the ring back then but he wasn't like all that great and then he was gone for like a year and a half or something like that. He's just now come back. It's like a second match since he was gone for a year and a half so with think that like guys got have ring rust or somethin' and granted. He's in their with drew mcintyre. But this match was so much better than i expected. They went ten minutes and then veer and shankly ran in for the disqualification shanke after all that time after ten minutes and then then gender steals his sword so this feud must continue. Drew mcintyre is feuding with jenner mahal over his sword. If i told you we were done. The prediction show and drew mcintyre champion and the king of raw. If we'd did on the prediction shown. I was said in july of this year. Drew mcintyre will be feuding with general hall and the guy from the disney movie and shakily over drew's sword. They'll correct me mike. You would say no way well way. That's what's happening right now. Then we had a new day. Promo elitism in as kofi promo. If i ran this company kofi kingston win that title from lashley. This food has been a phenomenon the last several weeks now. He is such a great promo. He is such a great baby face. He stands head and shoulders above like ninety. Five percent of this roster. He's so great. This was a gas party and mason tibor mason. Tibor beat him up the whole match and then they pinned whatever we have some more goofy stuff with riddle and then riddled versus. Aj this match was also great. Why because how many times is somebody with some sort of leg injury and they sell and they sell their comeback and they run and jump and they flip and then dave say wow back in the seventies everyone blue their comeback and listen. I don't care what they did. I don't care what people do anywhere else. I don't wanna see it. I don't want to see it if your legs hurts. No you cannot run during your come back. No you cannot jump. And riddle could not run and he could not jump and he could not lift the guy up for anything on his shoulders. This match was great because of the selling of matt riddle. Aj working over his leg. The story of the match was better because his legs hurt. Of course he can't come back and finally he ends up. Cradling this guy after distraction from the viking raiders. This is a good match charlene. Ria have a lightsaber. Duel with crutches can even believe what i was watching and i got another story. But i can't tell it. Right now. Jackson reich rake i will but i mean this is not a black and white issue here anyway so in one minute okay in one minute. All of the twenty four. Seven geeks ran in appearances. Elwin truth fahd over. The title truth chased his our to the back. So he's out of the match. Allies is afraid to get in the ring with the reicher. So he's out of the match. This leaves reicher and cetera together and reicher pinson. All of that happened in one. Minute and four seconds. Children can get me that time. Brian amazingly amazingly. We have four matches for rod next week ricochet john more than falls count anywhere. Shame as versus umberto korea for the us title. Even though he's just chasing the twenty. Seven geeks almost an eric it almost as i ross singles match. Aj ivar and then aj almost defend against the viking raiders in two weeks. I couldn't believe my eyes. Five announce matches over the next two weeks and then the main event was kofi xavier beating lashley. Mvp with mvp was pinned by kofi makes sense good booking but boy was this match. Just there isn't the show ended back in a moment for fallout observer. Live community all right. We got lucky. Caller number. Marcus on the line. If he answers this question he wins a new car for a new car named the only actor to appear analysis from our sponsor with twenty four seven support and quick and easy claims progressive protects. What matters most progressive films all in the same year curry. I didn't hear the question. No but there was an ad in the dropped.

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