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"mason greenwood james" Discussed on The 2 Robbies

"I've just got Chelsea okay. Manchester United the salves undergoing Shaw said that they are some ways confident they can finish in four. We said I've said it Good United by was good. United States was going from behind from long goal on sixty minutes and then just and some tremendous form from the young players. That look a million dollars in this kind of Um yeah performance level is trio Robina and look and they both scored Marshall Getting to which he need I think he was. Anyone that lasts seven Russia's eleven plenty goals are so most of these after school in the season Mason Greenwood slight deflection but shot and and the boys in the way this kid plays is. He's GonNa be another stall if these three click I. I was kind of getting my head around. These three click is got movement. It's got pace is power is it. They'RE GONNA THEY'RE GONNA get goals. They're going to terrorize and hurt. Defenses with with the way they play could Russia too marshy. AL become the mentors to to to Mason Greenwood and almost take responsibility Eh and help. It might help bag aiming so do you know what I'm trying to say. They just say you know we're the we're the guys. Now I'm wigging to lead the line and we're GONNA announcing greenwood album we. We're going to school forty goals between I don't think so. I love this under the Moselle needed. We need those goals needed performance and I have been a big fan of his confidence guy so so when you say can it be a mentor. Can he can. Can he be a leader of what's of young four. I don't think he's ready to do that. Rob I don't think he's you know he's got to convince me alone young players or or even funds united that he can be a consistent leader for this club. Now I of course. I know that everybody is not not a leading time. He's got. He's got a personality. Marcus fractured his growing. He's turned into a phenomenal forward. And I tell you what I'll give credit to the manager in charge of the club right now undergoing negotia and he hasn't been my favorite manager and etc etc.. Tell you give him credit. Because Marcus record is playing lightsout. He has stepped forward. It increases the level to a huge degree. And you've got to credit the manager. Of course the former strikers Monday night sitting in in in scoring different types of goals Marvis had had a jump a leap and a an aggressive into if we haven't seen that before so so rash foods season couldn't couldn't couldn't like the waste going anymore. I really really couldn't and not seen as a team that's been inconsistent and sometimes it's body language. Not Look great doesn't but I tell you what's better. I want to see it from Moscow awesome. Yeah so why can't happen to Marcial. That's what I'm worried about others. Go to in him. He's big enough heart. We wish take no more. I'm saying the potentials pretentious. I know you're going to be the one thing. Maybe he's Times on the potential Zarab. I'm just saying if you can get good marshalling good Radford and they can get whereas they've been the kids in the past they've been the ones who've always come in for game playing wide side and and not felt like if they can in a no. It's a big though. It's a big gift but we seem marcus should make some steps and you just same absolute. We CONSI Moscow makes four. I'm twenty four but we'll when we played with the kids and the buys phaser sixteen Samuel uh-huh kids who come in and play like veteran so I'm just saying if if this sole thing for all they're going to sell shares between now and the end the season get more she'll go all of us now drinking absolutely talking. Let's see Saadoun `away Rubio Ben Me Talk Off Ski. That's what I'm talking about. He can't be just at home against the Yes. So that's what I wanna see from him and you're not engine because if he can if he can go to that level of of reliance of personality Mason Greenwood James to come into them. We're we're talking. It's just it feels like that. Frontline needs a leader. An even if freshman was out for Water Marsh Goto left the feds. Somebody else up front or be more. I UH-HUH I just I. It's just that frontline lacks consistency. It lacks Just a little bit personality. The all. They're all kind of young and they're all kind of a little bit India now. That's why my feeling is united. This season's going to be some good some bad because when they when they get it go in there that brilliant to watch the Fast Dynamic Doc Mason Greenwood is going to be a star. He's is is down every time he gets the ball. Rob I is going to do something. Even shot blocked hedonism venenum. He's just too in terms of that again. A long way to go for him is super young player but I don't know I just think united front three players deserve credit manager. And how he's brought on Marcus Freshman is just come on we. Can we count now united. Don't trust about Chelsea isn't it. You know it's it's not that we've had in the possible. I quite liked the look of not just kind of got the field that these three my locker to this company on and off the pitch and it might just saw. We'll get them going book. Did you say something to Luke a over a few weeks. Let's quickly put you on the two teams who are two munches. New Money is in. Charge boomers won all snow. One now divides boom stopping a bit of a rough for them. Sixty feet in the last seven Getting a woman guzzling the first goal and Obama. Young's getting equalize. Also Michael Chattering Charge for the first game of what we have learned. What would have liked to bow all snow Elim? Where would assume what should be done about interested in? I mean it's just fun for assistance to look at these new projects new monsters coming in and fantasy the lineup First of all what I liked I I liked actually gonNA Jackson Lucas Tura to hold in place that pretty much held in this state. I I think I got a like the fi the obamas in the teams team. Yeah I think that's important No No There's issues with injuries of of course and Makarios soccer at left back as a young player. And it's not his fault but but thus a weakness in the team right now. He made he made his decision decision to go forward etc.. And just go out. It's a lot to ask him play in a position that prime position position as soon as difficult for something needs to change. Allison was okay. I'd need it okay. And he got involving going assistant something so he he he he goes the ball across the Bamian. Finished off But I kinda liked it. Rowbotham motion see this shape. Structure could see what he was trying to do. The full things going to be interesting to see how that develops. Yeah but my initial thoughts were I mean. Obviously they would have liked to go in there and get a victory. It just looked a little bit more structured and not so much wide open. gung-ho obsolete also wrote the same note stayed in position gave it a little bit more showcasing the team. Listen Obama. Young lock is that you don't have to tell them what you hope they have. Good moments Zil kind of in and out the game. Maybe you'd want a bit more from him but I'll things develop. I think the money just seem like he was pleased. The things and after the game I think he felt that there was more positives and negatives of attitudes desire on Christian and commitment it was better than I expected to undertake define and they know us to play at his rhythm pilot of things that I throw in terms of attitudes were terrific. I'm still in a lot about the place how we can help them more. What are the priorities for them to be more secure when they jump into the pitch but You just started just just three days there and we put which to put some things in place and I think the majority of them were were good. My only one now is reviewed again and to find solutions to do better to attack better to conceal lesson counter-attack to defend better tomorrow. Prepare Goose training session for them to to improve world. That's all I don't look at the game. Chelsea or United States is now at the moment. The urgency is now we need an impact. Now there's one thing raw that he must bring with. Experience of working with PAP is intensity on the quality of training the PEP Guardiola demands and insists assists on and make a Lotta has been. They're three and a half years and he's seen what impact vac professionalism if you like intensity has on on those players in that team him if he can bring the over to arsenal and it might take time and some of the places money be able to work the intensity then. It's got to help them a ton that's going to help them ton and when he talks about starting to talk about the rhythm. We're trying to bring. I think that's what he's talking about. I think he wants a more intense more quickly unless sloppiness focus more competitive edge. If he can bring that if nothing else that helps again he speaks while Disney. Yeah and I think he realizes maybe it's it's it's a long list of things he wants to establish in the end book. You know it. It's one on a time getting things getting some by. Just I think getting good habits around the football club thing important when when you go into new monitoring you on a new. GM You want to get the players used to your way of working getting the standard each day and level each day navy save training might be a little bit sloppier might be a bit slow. But you've got to opt out straight away. Everybody onside unless I always think you'RE GONNA lose wanted to on the way he's wanting to ain't going to be happy or wanted to not play and not so K.. As well because you got to move this forward and and make a little bit Lena. So interesting chimes For Awesome Mikhail Tattoo affable global. We'll see how that one goes. It was on Final one is Everton one burnley nil so called Orange Lachey I much in charge gets his win dominate covet living with with a really good diamond head of actually to get them all three points. I think this was just more about the win as much as I got three points. The confidence of the group I mean he walks in addressing roomy instantly. On's the respect what he's doing where he's been the plays worked with talked to I see one or two things about all transfers actually people maybe in the window coming into the football clubs so it looks like he's already starting to Look at this quasi where he'd one interesting no Michael King. He was benched again. Not sure if he's going to be typing terms of rugged centreback so Yeah we another one. We'll have to see how that one plays download I did. I went back and watched most of it. Rob Who's on that that window Tenneco went down to see What was going to do any changes system? You want the three center because you said Dan. Yeah I knew. Shameless Coleman is one of them and just kind of interesting very different. Yeah so a different system cigarettes and played alongside Fabio Del Yard. Cameroon Planet Frontier But odd and Richardson were very tight to a front three so they weren't wide. Yes it's very close and it was just a little bit different. Of course we the energy at Goodison. We know the expectation was. We know the excitement levels with Carlo and chill healthy walking down the touchline managing the football club so again fascinating. Just it's just really interesting. How Different Man's tactical I- selections will make an impact on the game? We know from what you said Moyes came with somebody that east playing in Italian football. He came into the game midway through the second-half that could be some changes there. Yeah ask auditions in the squad. It's it's not small squads options that we will see. I think feynman delve is important to get back in the side alongside of cigarettes in a completely over so yeah just interested in Roman interesting to watch slotting how he works. And how tactically. He's going to try and get more of the squawk because even the MOCHA silver tried different systems into place. It never really went anywhere. This is a difference Change is going to take time of course but it felt quite nice with those front three pleasure Charleston and cavalier and being close together because we all offer a little bit something different if they can get close in combined they could be quite harmful with of course Sediba the right the right wing. Excellent game none of the much performance from him a look on the left hand side it starts to look a little bit better so of course early days first game. Great to get the victory but I kinda liked what I saw in this first much month. alty always good to get start their way Newcastle Onsite they said we'll see how he e fazal tune but Yeah three points Don't sit next to him this time. More than down hugging ballboys is always a good thing as well so Exciting Times I had forgotten. They got a may money in charge..

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