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"mashal magazine" Discussed on Billy Dees Podcast

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"mashal magazine" Discussed on Billy Dees Podcast

"Else's job, but if I have to manage all of that, so I thought about how I felt about it and in both books, I camera came up with something that was easy to transition into A. Or to use for yourself, you know. It's just another person in minor sure so I always keep that quote at the foundation of everything. That's a great foundation and we're GONNA talk about how we treat each other as a society in here in a little bit because I think that's not really ties in to what you're talking about now in addition to everything else you. Do you also write for several magazines? Do you WanNa talk a little bit about that. What do you write about? What are some of your subjects and? So this is insane. Publications are all etiquette inspired. Okay, and I have I. Have I have a Rockstar publicist? And she is the reason that I right through so many publications because she sees something, she sends it to me and she's like urgent. Put something together for this site. Pichit and so this is how this comes about so now. been working with Tracy for two years and so a lotteries publications are national publication. So really proud of that work to you know it's not a bad deal to be quoted in the Mashal magazine, so that's awesome. But before that. I started with makeup, a one, a one, which is a nonprofit and they had a a magazine is called movement one on one and the things that I wrote about were a team. Inspire insights. From behavior. Etiquette how we treat ourselves. being polite to one another I wrote articles about that and then Hokkaido I can't is so many. I just can't think short the names, but everything is etiquette. Inspired or people inspired our behavior inspired. That's what I mostly right about now in my own personal blog I write about a whole Lotta just the collateral of. Things yeah from traffic to. Those things where you can use colorful language. Yeah You have to have a way to let off steam us. Well I gotTA. Tell you I'm I'm probably the world's worst at driving and and using. Profanity as a matter of fact I could probably. I could probably str- string together some really good rhymes, and have a good backbeat with profanities while lumped. Wow So. ABOUT ABOUT ETIQUETTE What is different about etiquette versus just saying well I have good manners. So. Alright so let's let's put it in these terms. Okay. Etiquette is how everything is phrased. Absurd umbrella. And so you have your manners you have. Your managers your approach. To your behavior. Does that help. In this beautiful and sells etiquette is how things are. Present it how it looks okay. That's the advocate of it all you know you, you put yourself together very whale. Okay, and then your manners is your approach so from there, so you look real nice in pretty so van. You present yourself there. And then you have your behavior, that follows so also in the manners. Is Your thought processes? Your how your approach is like how you might choose to speak to someone you know are difficult situation in our. You know lackluster individual. K. This year manner behaviors, and then you behavior is. Putting it in motion Does that make sense, yeah I kind of like to put it like that. Because when you say etiquette a lot of times, people are like Oh my God. I don't want to deal with that. This hortatory and is not really about that. Because etiquette is just the whole person is, everything is how you see yourself how you speak how. The choices that for best practice, yeah. Yeah. Well, you mentioned that quote and I believe a great quote. Increasingly the the society as the way. I'm not young anymore. And I go back a number of years and decades and I don't ever remember a time when there are so many divisions in society I don't care if it's your. Necessity Your religion your political background there is a reasons to divide people up. And on top of that there is an increasing hostility that I don't remember now I remember back in the days of Ronald Reagan and things like that. When I very young people had different opinions, and sometimes arguments would arise, but now you say the wrong thing and you're faced with aggression I don't know that I ever remember it being this bad And you talk about. A mutual respect and trying to make life peopling life better for people. What is your opinion about that? Since since that behavior and that etiquette is and mannered. Personality is so important to you. How are you dealing with these times that are just off the charts. Okay so social one I'm GONNA. Say I am humid. Yes an etiquette coach. That's my title. But I'm human so things get to me, too, but I realize I can choose how I address it, so if I can share. A something that happened actually today on talk. I did video, and it's video where You mean to tell me. Hand Soap and hand. SANITIZER can kill the virus. But you can't find a cure for pretty much. The best video I mean is is a lot more. Emphasis on things but. Air limitation. Fifty when I lasted fifty five hundred people. Responded to that video. But the comments. Were so disrespectful, not necessarily directed at me. But at the video. And people who responded so some people may have said Oh my God I can't believe it so then someone would come in and say this just ignorance that you can't believe that you know so then. I thought about it. I could just watch this. You know like amend the Coliseum I could just watch this play out, but now after video out there so to me I have a responsibility, so that's the whole thought process of it. So I come in whenever I see somebody who says something derogatory about it or.

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