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All About That Bass | Dean Mark

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All About That Bass | Dean Mark

"Hello my good friends. Welcome to another episode of the lamar show. Thanks for joining today. I'm speaking to a musician. It's all about the base. I've been fortunate enough to have him play my band for number of years. Now he's also played for Boy george for craig david for roy as and many many many others once again a wealth of knowledge for anyone trying to get into the music industry or if you just a bit nosey and you want to know what it takes to get into the music industry just because today's guest his dean martin here in the in indian. Hey do you have a name for this. I'm surrounded by musical instruments. Yeah he's just sitting by a wool of bass. Guitar award is the high behind me. Literally of one two three four. I mean did and then there's basically bass guitars over there. There's drums there's no sign of the chimes chimes tambourines. Go yeah tambourines. Oh my door is loving has greens and they come in. They just wanna touch everything you'll get you'll let the doors run free hall so goes i mean you know when i was growing things that good like that venus. I mean if if my dad had a studio. When i was growing up. Oh my so. I you know whenever they want to come in i let them in and let them play around and you know what i mean because they might be just that one little thing that nothing. Oh man yeah. Yeah yeah music. And then the journey begins and that's it genitive in. So i don't i don't force them. You know. listen to this with them at their own pace of find time. Just generally means yeah. Yeah i'm not sure whether you saying another good light that means they could lead that or they know the look you've trained them from lung. Maybe i shouldn't pull out this this this and that is giving me that they go to off enough more boys like to find out. How does this work. Well i have to take apart. Yeah that was me. I was definitely lightning. Yes oh this really nice. You're inside that. I've had it for twenty five years and you've been around for two minutes anyway right so man. Where do we start where you start. You've had a very long journey as well. Yeah is where did what is. Your is your earliest memory of you. Know you said your kids come in you. Just let them roam around and hopefully something. Sp- gives them that spoke. What is your earliest memory of. When you had a spark your is loud like wow. This is funny. Shiseido will my earliest memory of that kind of thing is actually my first ever memory on our. I was asked about two years. Old and Are one of my elder brother was at school and the everyone was a nursery hit. Wherever and i had to stay with my mom i remember. She was doing something she was like. Okay look i need to just sit you down here just for a minute can just sit here for a minute. And i'll be with you very shortly on what she did. We have one of those early record players. You know the one with the army lifted the arbiter repeat so she put on this little four forty five seventy records and she put one of that one that one. It was the recco shala by al green and in the try. Remember this this. I think the name of the instrument is called the guerra. Because i was just transfixed by saying that sound ought you'd be looking at the speaker just having these and then it will go round at on would meet recruit just repeat and she had to do with a good record. The alight and i would just say this year just just transfixed by the music and that was it. Music was always the thing that could just get me to concentrate to zone out. Yeah yeah and that was. That is funny. How You said the reverend al green moves on the trunk. And what attracted you was the at guerra in amongst the so to socially south of one of the greatest soul legends at the base guitar. Everything else guide on. He heard that guo burn about it. Have you have you heard on any of a kind of so full record or anything like that. No just totally you need. Have they got a locust that you know you out. That's cool that's cool so all right so you know. I know you as a talented musician. Ban predominantly oversee on. The base has always been estimate of choice. No i actually started on guitar when i was about nine or ten nine. So you play. Yes so what happened. Was i have an auntie of mine. Who's not too much older than the the myself but Probably about six or seven years older than me and she had to guitar but didn't really play it on whatever a my grandmother said cindy guitar over to the wall the grandkids or whatever. You don't media. She said senate guitar over to dean. What did she know that you have no idea why out because there was i mean grandchildren. So there wasn't plenty to choose from the specifically she sits and today so she sent the youngest. no it wasn't the youngest to genucel. yes so Yes they sentence guitar. It was it was like what kind of country cutter acoustic guitars. It was it was beautiful. But i had it for a while and i didn't know what to do and my dad. Who's like you know. He's the work nights on the buses. Left boy you need to stop letting you know. So i couldn't even get to play it and then one day A teacher at my primary schools. Like i'm doing guitar lessons on guitar guitar guitar so i went and i just said right. I wanted to guitar lessons. Said all right. It's going to be all next week. Wednesday or whatever. It was so i went down. She changed it up for me zone a up and then she showed me. You know just like a series of chords and let my i corps it was like wow okay and i. I just kind of stuck with it for a few years so few years. That's just regular. That's good yeah. You know your constant. Yeah just trying to jingle jangle away on on whatever by dropped it for for about five years or so Any reason because i was a young teenager. I got into acting or go into a lot of acting. You call were different concert as young teenager. School stuff i was. I loved drama school and one of my teachers school in secondary school at that point kind of really now is the was quite you know excelling and she took me and i joined different youth citizens and stuff like that and even ended up in the national youth theatre and that. Yeah but confident kid. I wouldn't call myself confident. I just knew the Sometimes when you see someone do something you can do that. You're right on our can do it better. I just had that thing me. It wasn't confidence. He just thought. I could do mean so also is doing the acting thing and this is we're talking like mid late eighties now. Prince came along. It's an is and man. I don't know if you remember that time. It was like a you either one of two camps. Either in the michael michael for the prince camp. I was kind of nice. The right in the middle say to slightly leaning towards prince because he played. Because i used to love. Let the my my brother bill. Quite a few. You know the the prince albums and those days when they were on record and you would you open them up and you'd read the credits and it just said all instruments played by prints and stuff like that crazy with guitar that gets on this. Go go back into that. You know and yet but you know prince just just really reignited. My my my my passion for music. What what did you think. It was specifically apart from obviously played everything. What did he find. Was it just purely the musicality of it. Or what was it something about him or a particular song that you heard or something that made you think. Well this is one is is because yeah the fact that he played everything but he just made. It looks so cool. He wasn't a nerdy wasn't he was the you know the michael jackson the coolest guy. He just made it look so cool. He didn't just play guitar music. Cable a munster and listening to the records you can hear you know in the first couple of albums. He was a mean drama. How these are just incredible. So you know. It's cool to play an instrument this to try and stick with it and learn and that just got me you just totally got me the yeah. You can learn an instrument and be seriously cool. Was that time that you thought you know. I actually want to be on stage doing this or was it. Will you just thinking you know. I just want to get better paying this. Because he's doing it. Like what time did you at. What point do you think actually want to do this. Like not nine to five hundred this year will it vat period lawsuit for quite a few years. 'cause i you know. I continued with the acting in the theater. And stuff like that and They didn't drop it and run away. Yeah and at that time in london there were a lot of Jam sessions and stuff. You know one point thinking like the mid nineties. There was a jam like an open jam session that you could go to young musician almost every day of the week every day. Yes whichever part of london wherever it was somewhere over in Westland ladbroke grove area or there was something in camden town area. Do mean if you knew all the spots. They were literally software. You could go to almost every day to be back then and you can shop any hang out and say yeah can i. Can i get up and play number. Do you know what i mean. I know that you up. Genital mean so that for me was was just incredible in and i and i kept going to. At that point. I was just still mainly doing theatre. It's the how old are you there. All twenty to twenty one twenty two. Yes hold on so teenage then the guitar. When did that start. You wanna talk about nine or ten bay. Started when i was about nine thousand nine hundred twenty or something like that because then you basically it was more acting in theater and yeah just give me. He's gonna side arise on nineteen twenty. Yeah we saw it in the base more. so yeah because what happened was A friend of mine had a base that he just wanted to get rid of. And pseudo i'm sending the base of free. Yeah okay so far we pick it up for your kid because everybody who has discarded something gave it to date ended up on stage took everything. Wow friday all you took it away as you said. Oh i got this little base and now you know again what i would do You know my brother would by that point. My brother's older brother desmond ball love love records. I kind of listen to a lot of the stuff that he he'd bought and whatever and the lamp and plug my base. And just listen to whatever you know playing on record play along and i just found that it even fell even with the base right right. It's all about one okay. Do you think that was you naturally sit in better with the record with the base versus the guitar as in you here. Oh i'm tired of this all was just just and and then I kind of like a long lost cousin of mine at that point and he was putting together like a little band and So i was like oh. I play guitar news. Okay cool and he was like version of prince because he keyboards guitar. But he's his main instrument was drums. Okay and was he's cool. Oh he was very cool. Mash malcolm feely smell pedophilia. Yes yes shouting credible incredible musician and yeah so there was a qatari. It's that was around at that point and he was incredible. I mean the guy could shreds Yeah i was like company. Say ish macos look man. Why don't you just play the bass. I'm not well. I have one compare a little bit and he just. He grabbed the basement me and he showed me a few little things on the base. I was like okay. He's okay now you try that. He's all right. Let's see cool one to free and Yeah he was just like mountain mission. Wanted to create this little group. And i felt wow okay now. I'm actually playing some bass with a drummer. Yeah yeah which is different supplier another room. That'd be good around the rooms though. And i'm playing now with someone on drums and that changed. Everything took the love to another level. Your chainsaw everything so you just like rehearse in in your house. His house bedroom is his mom. I couldn't believe it because she didn't play drums to wherever hours. I'm not. I was gonna say you can drums or digital not. I'm talking line nine hundred ninety nine. So yes we're looking. These are noisy drums. Yes these allowed lost drums and lived on the. I remember it was a member. There was like a railway line very close and they lied on end so there was a certain amount knowing that they could just make me by it so he was able to play drums to wherever. Wow i love where i wanna say. It's a failing. But as a parent. I guess now. Nowadays parents are much. Why i hope most parents are much more open minded than than kind of we've real grownup when a parent sees sparking their kid. Yes sometimes this is step back and let them explore. Yeah the when. I was growing up. What you're trying to destroy. Try try the jobs. I was never going to be a job in my house. Oh go up on the south side of the only time that you can make if i was singing and You know if it was a cigarette that you know might keep quiet just listening to let go too late for a little bit. You know 'cause it's not too intrusive but no apa no drums even enough jobs. I remember i i remember. I wanted to play drums. If that can have a junkie or or no no no no no no. No no no no bugging upstairs i have to because he you know he was a bus driver at night shifts instead. He's like where. I have to sleep to me says. Nah so that was the end of that war on. No you're not going to happen magazine on drums dean on something quite something that has headphones like it. It'd be on basic your your your love to another level playing. Sing with with ishmael. Yeah yeah right. So did anything come. The ban like did you. Just you just go and try to keith. So ever and we did. A couple of gigs like there was like a local music. Venue stroke pub kind of more. You know More of music venue and he. He managed to get a couple of gigs there and stuff germany so it was my first experience playing live you know and then january of ninety free. Wow he even the yeast. This was when my life changed. Okay friend of mine said oh. So you know roy is right. I'm not quite love is love is records at home. I had you know probably about fifteen or twenty albums of his that time. I'll and He's he's coming up is is going to be ro Is going to be at ronnie scott's now back in those days right if you ever saw an artist when scott's they be on the bill for like a week so you play day two saturday you'll do like two sets like The first set will probably start hats. Nine o'clock ten o'clock remember and then the next that will start something like midnight or did you know so most artists. It's almost like a west end like yes yeah residency. Yeah so each artists would would feature for about a week. Roy when sets so we're our also our a minimum a minimum than an hour set. But roy used to play three weeks at a time and all of the sets were pretty much. Sold out to the i remember. I went to see In the first week of that little stint and my mind would loan to smithereens it had a litter was gone of a wash room musical mushroom cloud in my brain. It was just pay just gone. Oh and i just my friend ongoing next week. And you're coming with me and i'm going to pay for you to come with me mad. And then the next week off the just and he had this. I i'd never heard base like this. In my life. The base of what sound system they had in their at the time but the base the sound quality of it was like he just gave me this. Big hug jovi reach warm. He had this bass player called donald knicks. Yeah and it was the first time i'd seen a guy play five. String bass another main. Okay so he was going down to something diesel. No janata mean on. i four. why this is eight. Is i want to do that. Was that guy who donald knicks mix changed my life. Man here in the donald. Nixon is be string changed my life when i heard those low notes on those roy is on his mind here. Eight just blew. my mind. Couldn't believe what i was hearing while and not just for. Wow this is. This is what i wanna do these long. We've in a week. I had a five string bass every car. Say telling you straight straight but you remember denmark. street yeah. I was down the right down window shopping ways strings. This homeowner fi string active bates. Oh yeah and you're practice. Oh my gosh yeah. I was buying lots of records and stuff like that and just educating myself you. It's nice though in like one again. One person's journey inspires the. I'd like to the extent you know because you can pay in front of anyone you know and some people get thrill for some people get inspired by you know and then it changes the echoes. What makes them feel well. This is doable or this is believable. Or i need to try something. You know that that that part of live music and inspiring the next generation so to speak the next person is Is really important. You know even today. When i think about it just blows my mind. So that was like january of ninety three and we've in six to seven years. Yeah he was me at ronnie scott's. Oh christ we've roy is. Oh full circle. Because i don't know it was. It was weird thing. How you know the kind of stars aligned. Really so at that time he had a saxophone player dark array gaskins and ray. He's the tour with an artist. Cool finished high monitor be tunes by norman connors and those guys and yeah he'd he joined warriors as ben and this guy was on my fierce alto saxophone. This guy was a monster be took about. It's like a musical athlete was just hang on that man. This guy was crazy when you you hear or see a musician and just the amount of intensity that they have as a musician or vocal is almost scary. Yeah you see some scary. It was to that degree. Laying was found only scary. It was just so intense. Wow he can do anything. Mean this guy was all about that sacks yes yes In the lower part of nine hundred ninety five home and get a phone call. Hi my name's ray gaskins. Your numbers recommended to me I'm i'm looking for a bass player. And i'm like i know exactly who you are. Is this a joke is no no no. I couldn't believe it. so like what. So he was. He was in town and he gave me. It's again he was. He was doing his own stuff and a friend of mine. Komo gilmore from the state on a drummer from the states. who had done some bits and pieces. We've recommended me to to gaskins. And he's like yeah. I gotta show in a couple of weeks it's going to be me's to be jocelyn brown kim zell and Big big big straight in on an issue. Okay all right so so pot because some recommended you know like what had you been doing. In that time you know feel bits and pieces. I think. I told don my first tour. That point i did i did boy. George a told me. I was twenty three my i saw. We told brazil dodo. Slow down everywhere exactly. So how did you get on the bourgeoisie. Because again you know someone listening thinking. Oh yeah you know i. I've listened to dana. I've seen him do this. And i'd love to get one gig somehow get because as i said that time you could was all the jam sessions that you could go to literally every day of the week and There was one to do. It was like on a thursday night just by Great portland street. Yep and whether students bar coughing. Yeah was downstairs in there. And apparently one week boy george's md was just there and he was just hanging out and stuff like that and that was that what happened was georgia's base play. A fell ill. So john after learning the The bass player couldn't couldn't do it had to find a replacement and he said oh. Who's that guy that was done at that jam and he phoned up You know the guy who running jameson yet. A baseball young guy You know playing bass who was that. And he he got my. They managed to get my number north and then one day. Just this call. It was from georgia. Toll manages his. Hi i'm told manager for boy george. And we've got a toll happening in brazil and We'd like you to come and join us in brazil on the tour. I said what you want me. That it's not even an audition. No no no we. We want you and the reason. They didn't want to audition because they already knew. Because the nd or already seen me. I want that guy that means you could put in the world. I still didn't know anything over him. I didn't know that i was seen or anything like that. So you even. When he saw me he didn't even come up to me. Say anything wien. I just got this. i'll just call saying. Can you come out in june to brazil Play bass with boy george brazil. I will ever downstairs. Oh and i said mom. I'm going to brazil arafat. It wasn't mum i'm playboy. Brazil was by some new underwear. You know what to get cool across the subject. Wow but yeah so you. They sent me the material and stuff like that must have been a confidence as well. It was a confidence boost but it was still twenty free. You know it'd be playing for a few years but But it was nice knowing the the i must have been doing the right thing of definitely on the right track. Yeah did you. did you ask the md. eventually how How did and he was like. Oh so you The jam session on great portland street. Okay or john. Theme is yeah and I'm pretty sure i have a couple of times. Don't have yeah you know. I'm pretty sure jumping. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I'm so grateful for him just Seeing this young kid and giving me a break. Do you know what i mean. Yeah and So that's how you got into. Actually being i mean you'd been paying in bonds kind of because you've been doing those sessions. Yeah yeah but actually officially on saw with someone who's writing the spotlight. That was your mom you can you. I mean listening to those songs like really knows a kid. Yeah i was thinking about ten or eleven you know when his songs came out and then you know ten twelve years later. You're in the same rehearsal room plan though song yet. We've that guy that gold record his mad. That's how i that's how it was to me You know when. I sang with lionel ritchie for the first time. I think it was all them. I remember watching watching the videos and everything and this dude is saying. Well crafted and i'm coming out saying his saga with him and he's they give me all the praise like oh my god. It was a very real real mobile very slow. Whoa like how good you think. You are When you've got some of respect and you listen to grind up saying this dude is good and you wanna say. This is really strange mobile for that. Yeah if engineering like you know you get to the point where you where you accept While you are what you've done. And how much he learns. Yeah but there's that crossover moment of going from the dude who has is in the room and wants to be hold them on the stage. I bet on this right now. So i can make the most of it otherwise you know you can. You can't basically continue succeeding with the mentality of the dude in the room. Yeah you need to say no. I belong here. Yes yes and now i'm gonna play and show my flavor into it. You know that that she have actually met line. Look a couple of times a nice nice. Yeah you remember. The hotel room came down one time. Okay and he just turned up. Nice oh i m man and he came up sometimes when you know some of those american guys wanna sit back. Chill came up and he sang game. I think we did like free thousand eight and we did all night long. Oh my heart and soul all lions over there. I'm playing my awesome. You know what i'm saying. You know the thing. I think as well like that culture of i think definitely i've i Missing and probably would appreciate it differently and even more now of just musical community. Yes you know not different camps in over there and then and then just for real you want to hear something you jump on and inspire the next dude in the you know. I was there on that night you know. I think those special moments are even more more needed now because everything is so instant and everything is so you know if you go to a constant everyone's got their phone out and you kind of before you go on to the next day. Everyone kind of knows what the gig is ready. Because they've seen it one hundred times on youtube right whereas matt moment the unsheduled panel and whoa that person in the room and whoever's in the story and that story is just a story you know he was down on that night i don't know if he was down there we'll tell him visa slightly So i used to do you know for the for those did not know there was. There was a night in london in piccadilly. There was a club on record ten room. Yeah the host was patrick allen young. Who lives here and basically was on a monday night. Yeah and you think that's a night where people go out. People grab cutting basically when when acts were on tour. Mondays pretty much will be the day off. The main and people want to come out. I remember there was one particular. Monday night The guys that were jennifer lopez band okay. Jennifer lopez was on tour yet and the guys from her bands came to hang out at the ten room and So now you gotta let them play man you know some of them play and of the there was a bass player there you great and he was playing and as he was playing they did one song. I don't really. I don't want to pay the next june. And he's like paying. Just stay there on the base. But then shook her con up as i'm give me that base back like give me that base back right now. He loved his head of you. Go there was no way. That were on my cv. I was going to miss play. Shaq shaq a con me not playing. Oh hair no i to get that beta remember what yes like a little wing jimi hendrix but man off towards a bit. She tore this filter. Is i remember this note. I know you're holding the microphone to your mouth at the single normally. Hold them and she hit his heino and she pulled the mike back like down to watch hip by she pulled the mic down towards that fob and still on no going through to micro note with clear and go oh mike power shia an otter relentless power. That woman has given about the vocal ability of six voices into what voice. You know what i mean. And she was just great afterwards. Had doubts where You can play them as you'll check a car those those nights those nights with they need to do more to stop the walk right now. Have you stopped. I mean like doing a place on trump street called the pizza pomodoro. Chiro pizza pomodoro. That's yeah yeah downstairs. The last time. I went down there last time but one of the laws recent times. Oh it down there. I could say oh man you just missed man who janet was. Just here. I love the way you still got to say. Passionate though the save passion for the live ten healing the live vibe really gets into your dna your but Yeah but you know with the boy george thing or whatever that gave birth to that whole you know me being seen are then being brought onto that so we we kind of the houses. Yeah i'd say yes. So when i was called by ray gaskins to to play with him Who was the saxophone player for. Roy is at that point. I had done my my tall with boy. George confidence is that the company was there. And i think the fact that i was recommended by this particular person. Kind of just he just out of of things you know the main yet life if he says this is the guy then. that's cool. Yeah you know what i mean. I can trust him and and it was literally my first gig was playing with with ray and his first cousin is jocelyn brown. And and kim zell jenner the main so learn all this material. I don't have to learn. i think. I probably at about ten days or two weeks or something like that. Yeah and So this is before. The internet is the nine hundred ninety five or so lucky. A mobile for a brick. I didn't have my phone. I just got my mobile phone by then but Yes i to me up with him and he gave the cds are for right. I shut myself away. Learn those pieces man learners species go see in him. Play with roy is kinda knew. His vibe genera mean knew he would kind of like. Yeah so i was already kind of much influenced by donald nixon. He toward with. And with roy and stuff so so kind of knew the kind of feel. I should come with yet and we did. The gig was knows as hell but through my theater and acting training i was able to focus my nervous energy. And you just knuckle down and nail the gig review and So i played the gig and he he went man gig yours as long as you want it to mean and winger and fru that that gave you know years you know we had years together. Yeah loads don you just call me up. Hey dino man You know we talk and he said yeah you know going to be doing this thing with roy. What am i say. You know what i know roy stuff and this is me you know like when you see like a act these tiny light of opportunity because you know at this point to artists for me in the world that will like my idols. Prince william and. Roy ayers i i mean i collected so many of his records to the point where there was one piece of vinyl i bought and this is back in nineteen realism. I paid fifty pounds for this particular record. You know the head. Because i it was. It was hard to get. But it was a rare piece. And i had to have. It doesn't mean that much of a fan so this particular situation came along and i. It's ray. I know a lot of roy stuff. He doesn't necessarily have to bring all these banners. Because i if he if he ever kobe for Cover it. i know. I could do it and he went. That sounds a limit. quebec saving hotels and He twenty minutes later. Human roy loved the idea is he was like right. These are the tunes of we. Had one little rehearsal. Do not mean where we now. I think we we had on premises or something like that. She doesn't mean before way came over and then and then you know it was You know set up at ronnie's and and just go over stuff. Roy was never really one for you know really rehearsing he just wants to do. You know if during the gigi something wrong about button off from that if the right people recommend you then. It's going be stunned. I can trust you. Don't mean yeah and it's as simple as that and man. I just couldn't believe it. I was there at ronnie scott's with roy is because i saw that little crackle both shooter i just had to put it out there and he came back religion under main. Seize the moment isn't it. Yeah did you have that picture. Sophomore stage. I was inspired by this. Now i there's an roy is me i'm doing my thing and i'm holding my own. Yeah i mean that that moment lasted for at least two years and it was so funny because i think it was one of the last One of those last free week stints that we did. At ronnie's i think for about two years. Didn't we let roy note was a an actual real fan via yeah and I brought this bag in on the last night of of the loafing so you know like the thirty six. That's or something and I said roy man you got to do something for me. Otherwise on the plane. I'm applying talking about an i. Am i pulled out this bag and had about forty vinyl records all royal albums. Oh who does this belong to the mine is a you sign them and he. He was just like away. Forty of oracle's and that's just the vinyl vida see leading to that. I just put in just the vinyl and was he would have been there all day. And my god you got this you know. You can't find a hundred bucks. I'll say this. All just decided. But i remember him Plague thirty round at one point in the night you know. I just looked around like damn because he was he was so touch. Yeh that's nice and Yeah he was so great. So we've mattia is so great to what we've you know like when they say never meet your idols terms of roy. That was wrong is like no i light is the he really truly portrayed who he is on his records. You know. there's a lotta stuff. Sauntered even talks on his records yeah. That was an eat. Exactly exactly that. You're the royalist music. The he is on the record like poo poo. Lawler yes what he's like. He's like that you know he's a funny man. I mean and we had some some great moments on the road and Yeah i will cherish cherish those you know and I'm just a very blessed. I managed to get him know on the stuff that i'm working on now. I covered one of his songs and a managed to get him to hear it and he was like. Oh my god. Changed the groove. And yeah i mean so Yana managed to get him to play real vibes on my version of of his song at a man. I mean that was that that one day in particular was it was it was crazy day because imagine get roy to hear the track and He was over playing the jazz cafe so it was like december or something and they will playing free nights. I was speaking to his md. And who's this. Keep the middle day free but come on the first night and speak to roy and basically unites kind of buttery. Maputo bay like you know so I had a studio. I went down and spoke to roy. World's comb mound number. We'll plan we'll do it tomorrow. We'll do it tomorrow. I'ma coup so I had a studio booked. I had the real vibes a friend of mine. low me. he's actual real. Is you know. I mean so. All these things was prepared. Perhaps right so as not the date is derived rights. Gonna get down to london south the vibes. Go get roy and do this thing. And i'm driving down. The moats away with the vibes in the back of the car and a phone call from a friend. Who's a studio is a dean. There's been a mix up yet there's a band in the studio right now We're gonna have to report. What will you mean. In the reason we booking are impossible day office closet. Get me some big winning. Then i've got the five pack. I'm driving now man and he said to me. Okay let me see what can so la'mical you back. Let me call you back. So he's ski coming down keepdriving some driving cooled back and he calls me says right. You know basically. Rick james year was. He says he's studio in camden camden roy. Staying right now. Oh even better because you know he was bringing the jazz cafe even yes so as i so okay. I'll go there. He said yeah. Don't worry rigs cool. He will open up the session. You you guys can up. India thing and i thought wow okay so i set up went down to rick studio up there and Smoothly well it was funny. So our to cool roy to say right. I'm here or whatever a red woken up league. So i kind of had to rebe remote. You know we're all right. Listen i'll be down in the lobby in about ten minutes. I'll i'll i'll be down to worry. I picked him up. Took him to the studio and then He's okay okay. Oh these are the vibes. So he picked up mallets and he's he's warming up you know on the vibes and Rick just press play on the track so ahead this track man and in the here roy. Playing yeah real vibes on pretty much. The shows i did to him. He's got this electronic vibes as it easy for him to move with them. And and you can crank it up and enemy s you know so easy for the live situation but by the point of only thing apart from this one show that we did at the royal festival hall. I'd never really heard him play real real real vibes while standing next to him in the room. Yeah and at that moment. When i play the real vibes and hearing the playback of the track the An my breathing the thing. I don't realize i realizing the i. I'm breaking down in tears. Cry out. it looked like decision was even going to happen. I just became so emotional. My hero my idol roy thing. That's let's just say oh. Yeah fantastic moment. So that's crazy. That's a really nice story. Yeah yeah oh yeah. And he didn't take done. I'm not being funny the amount of time that you're saying that he's before we like twice a day for free for years on end. You can't just go and go home after that. Then bill seeming engine. I remember we did three days and it was consecutively. We did like the first day. Paris the second day in tunisia. And then the third day we were out in wales. Wow and he was in his seventies at that point and he handled it lighten. I was muschamp. He handled it. I feel like he was like. Yeah whatever you're prob- you're probably guy. Now try satellite. you know. you don't really know. i will easy day. Saying he was back in the day free. Like how did i feel mash went to date. You don't know about it cover. that's good. that's good yeah Did y'all stint with boy. George lead to any other things like those obviously played me. I mean there's that's not only notch on your journey so you don boy george you. Obviously since i wouldn't say i wouldn't say no one but don't necessarily yes but the thing it did do a solidified within the whole musical community. Solidified my Name my name. Academy dean is yeah he can lead the is a bass player. I mean he is a proposition guy and off doing not particularly tall. I was taken seriously because the minute you say. Yeah i did you know it does he. You're taking series. His name is going to be associated with their signed especially on base. Because that is one of those instruments the drive the music out bass and drums right. If if those two a bad on a live gig you know about everybody's because the whole group is gone. No one's really. You know it needs to be tired. And then everything else kind of set up and move could be okay. But if you're drums and bass a whack whack. The whole all quite knows why it's wrong and my just doesn't feel right even like tori move you you got one of the most the voice of pure but a it but if trump and basil wack nine view. I just don't yeah it was. It was definitely one of the things. Where after that that particular point in time after that i was taken seriously. And then you know after working roy. Yup i was taken very seriously. Okay yeah well you know the whole like you know pop soul rb once you can Jam in a slightly more jazzy vein of things. But we wouldn't necessarily jazz because it was. I mean not. Jazz in wyoming is more complex arrangements. Yes yes yes just sliding yeah zero. The the aren't going to be standing. Four or five roy. I always call him like the godfather of neo soul. Because you guys mary. J. blige covered like quite a few eric. I do the same and you know to me. You know that whole kind of music. Colorization that you even people like the angelo uses is again. Roy is kind of carlo. The those beautiful sofa collars yeah and again when he then on the base can make the right choices around those types of arrays aren't exactly then it's like wall right so and that led on to me then Going into the public domain. Because i remember whilst at ronnie scott's we've we've roy. Is those musicians us pause for because you know if you had your that. Mu a membership. You can't get in going in to see the gigs. And i remember quite lot. Musicians was passing through and know thinking get his did he. Because at that point you know if american is came over american musicians. It was as simple as that i didn't. It wasn't didn't happen young back from south london. Doom playing with here and keep it up. Do we keep it up. I mean you you know yourself. I can be a bold caritas instrument. Do not yet definitely is tight rope. You you know you're doing some of you're very well known for but i want to take it from what's on the record to the live domain yet. Make it sound a little bit more special butts if you musically step on the toes of the artists. You're either going to get look yet or you're going to get a message via somebody else is. We're not show talk and if it continues you might get another gig was what you said. It's a really thin line between complimenting. Yeah what the audience knows. And then feeling is still exactly what i know about. Has this flavor that's been added. Yeah versus dot guys. Got enough for one second. Have in his own party over. That's where playing with. Roy was where i learned how to do that. Okay gentlemen because i won. Because i can't really knew the songs inside because i was such a great fan but also hearing how the band sounded like with donald duck. I kind of knew. Roy would life so i will kind of just experiment a little bit and sometimes you have in the groove. Just stretch out a little bit. And if i got a little bit of look turnaround okay. What we learned back it again. Yeah and you can find your. Yeah all right and again. In within that situation i had Some great schooling according schooling but just fantastic company. I mean on that particular gig. There was a drama called. Dennis davis and he's on the law of the early roy ayers records anthem so he's on red black green album. He's on the coffee album. He's on you know the you. Send me album bunnies on kuala l. But he's also on the whole the july stevie wonder album. he's also on quite a few of the david bowie albums. that's him. Oh ashes to ashes and the yeah said this guy. He wasn't someone who knew about the music. The isolated i. That was his arm. He was on the and i remember. We were playing one soon. We were playing one time and it was a nice kind of discount to what funk took it. And i'll just kind of in the groove and as we playing i i don't think and he's like he's got this look on his face and he goes. You gotta listen to me. Man gotta pick in on. This has been slapped tada via just not just well okay well. He knows a lot more to me. Humble myself even myself in that moment and for arcade let me to really listen to him and full okay. Okay i'm i'm just gonna look and i didn't realize but he was making these just little incremental micro adjustments by inbetween like the verse the chorus that until the hugh you know he may push course just a little bit hint towards pushing no bit more energy come back in the inverse and then once i really with him he started laughing. Joe leave. And i knew i had it. I mean 'cause the end of the day you know. He's one of those guys if the had to explain to you what it was that was wrong and you go no place being on that stage and he would be like roy man. I can't work with catman. Yeah yeah it would be that straight. It wouldn't even talk to you about it. Just be like oh man we got somebody else. I mean ready. He would go to that. Stage means because that's the thing on stage is is a is a Does take some time being in a band. Biggest band small bands wherever everyone is actually listening to everyone else. Yes as well as figuring out time in as whereas figuring out cusworth figuring out as when gay agenda song went to give less house excluding day do need to support and more. We need to just back off a little bit more all. That stuff is I it takes being on stage and giving it time to learn that. Yeah and being open to humble enough to learn that. Because i guess another thing Again you've worked in different people so you definitely need to be able to be able to appreciate that more so than even myself. Because i'm os working with me as the primary whereas you're always that to support. Yeah the vision. I guess yeah over the on stage. Yeah and that vision changes spies so i might be like. Oh just be free and the other person might be like we want. Abc yes it has yeah was talking to say all right. Let me put back what you just wanna go free. Is you know. I've been knowing when to do that. And sometimes it's no to do that even before you've been told you just really coulda suss up the situation and just look at it because it's not as they they need to be right on top of everything and don't want any kind of musical challenges or anything like that. Yeah eddie more import. I guess we just want a particular platform yet foundation musical bed. And that's it and that's right for them. I guess on this some of the some of the artists. It want you to come with it. Come on stretch. Because yeah they they journey. I mean yeah. Yeah so Yea i think working with roy was where where learned how to do that. How to pull in bits and he's been up the music and take it somewhere without the is turning around and give you a let's say y'all my my gigabytes so so running scott saw Seen by A drama md. Uncle frank tanto and He was then like okay. Man you decided nice. And at that point i was doing the little bit of the ayers had this great jingle poop who la la the original record was like synth bass so i'm gonna play the since based on guys. You know what i mean so is running some you case it a little bit. Yeah 'cause miller. Yeah 'cause i i. Basically i'd seen a friend of mine. Mark willis Do that with alexandra. Nu'uanu blew my mind like base and you went home and again in a week. I had but your self driven see someone do something. Do not go. I'm not having that. I wanna be able to do that so a go. I got myself a little space. I'm just based on the woman. I looks lovely. Oh the sixteenth street. It's a beautiful based on the ball. Okay yes so since base and learn that stuff in and you know working with. Roy gave me the opportunity to do that. Yeah and And i also worked with don blackman occur and one of his june synth bass thing with an played that as well on the gig and frank was like. There's a geek coming up and they wanna bass player that can do base. And since he said we'd love to have yes i was supposed to. It is craig david. Oh all right okay. So this was the very first team all bands. Okay craig was about to have because he was doing stuff though just acoustic guitars via in that case then. That is the first time. I saw you on stage as in literally honest because at some point i don't know when it was at some point i did see. That's all okay. You were on that source of that was probably would have been the first time i've actually saw you on on thing is at that point. I wasn't even like you know. I was basically just in st joe's like five years prior. Yeah so my mainstream yeah. Career was not a prospect that point and so yeah great. Wow so yes. He's aligns yes so that gave me brought me into the the pump domain. Yeah but what was what was fun about. It is is because the puck thing had a whole different discipline. They are much more any little ones and zeros. You play it like the record yet but coming from the school that i. I'm not a half the season this season off. But when you do that you is all about the vocals is if you do anything that encroaches on vocals you're fired. It's out that's is learning how to how to just make it sound live here but don't get in the way you lift the artist really make them and i believe freebase you can make other things shine. You can make you shine of course simply for the way you play the bass. Yeah that's that's the whole familiar anyway. That's the whole point. I always say like live is the is the real sal You know you can sell records the real reason that you're putting off anyway. The reason i like to release music music out is because i want people to come and see me live because i believe that's the best version of myself and when you do that you want them to have that experience which to me should be the enhanced version. Exactly exactly. if you want the record. I listened to the record yet. But when you come and see me. I want you to leave and say oh man. Oh wow hebrew game like this was a lot of fun you know so which you know it can be done. There's many ways of of many ways of skinning Don't ever do that. That's not the right thing but yeah there's many ways of cooking the same dish. Yeah for me. I just want when you come see me live. I believe that's the selling point. I believe when someone says you know. I to buy the next record. I wanna come to the next gig. Yeah and that's your and at the same time that's when you can lose someone that was great was it. You know so well no. We don't enter that domain. That only take it to the next. But i remember at one point working. We've you think it has the before we went the truth about love just dropped uptown and we were doing some. Tv's yup and i remember. It was mtv or something. We would doing john of carnival. We'll be doing but there was one of the songs because you had a a real kind of classic soul yet real classic soul field about These things so a foot right. I'm going to go back to four string bass and really get that classic feel and kind of just enhanced living pino on the record yes right. Yeah yeah you should got enough but anyway also penal was using that kind of jameson type motown pro shift so our foot right. I'm gonna go for like the motown jameson. Kill on this. On his groove. Everybody's one shoe we were playing and there was a breach pot that comes about two free times in the song. Yeah on a on the third one awful on go. Put these motels motown jameson chilly. And then we ought to what it came up to me said man whenever we get to that bridge. I don't even want to say listen to see other people to see this. I love what you do that to me that time man. That was such a big compliments. Meant so much. As far as i was concerned. I just really wanted to make musical. Yeah but just knowing the meant so much not do. Because i don't say stuff like that to know what i mean. That mean some of them just cooking clock out yet but you name but do you know what is also you know you. Can you can hear or feel when anyone ever. Bbv's whether it be guitars anyone has gone the extra mile because like you can be back then not sending out cds. You could send out cd. And people thing that the codes they come and play and you can hear blah blah blah blah diff played. They've learned the song yeah. Learning a song is very different to learning. Like you said you know without you even saying what you said that. I would know that you did that. All would would think that he. He's amazing or he must have done that because you sat okay. That's that guys approach. How can i bring my flavor. What approach should i take. you said. yeah. I went back to four screen. Based i can say all that thought process So if everyone in the band does that When it comes together it sounds like nine ten was that i intend to make it somehow. That's because Some people you know they kind of just play to Kind of just get the job done but for me. That's that's never been enough. Which is probably why i wanna play. I wanna match you up a play devastate and it's not issued thing. He's kind of an attitude of all the instruments. The one thing one instrument that really requires a lot of attitude and this is not to do. We take me because you can be. You know technically rubbish. If you've got a much attitude on the particular instrument the base yeah it's just gonna come through the main so we you know to sound that way is not something that can just happen. You have to mean. It has the full intention. So i listened to the record of okay. How is he doing this. So we're thinking that the sound allah is seventy sixties soul. Yeah this so he's thinking right. Fostering precision. Basil juniper mean jameson. Type thing gentlemen. I think all the type of things to mean and that makes for that makes for a damn an and i know i wanna increase. It are no are still. Don't wanna get of your vocals. But i still wanna make you go out. It's a it's a balance. It's a balanced so funny because when i showed up with the four string fender steve levitt the the production manager so proper base. Five string bass pro pro. You know as well you don't realize like sometimes even people just loading unloading out the experience that you'll surrounded by is is I don't know it's pretty. It's pretty awesome sometimes. Yeah yeah yeah yeah all right so look so you got the call Craig told us a big one massive. Oh man i mean he's still going. I mean particular was also can when walking away and filming in everything was just. It was in charge. I mean seven days in the chart at that time. And that was the first time that i'd heard in terms of instead of just applause when you this is the first round screaming the absolute pandemonium going on genetic bike. Oh my goodness the boys must have been that. yes. I mean those. Those are big. Gigs them whatever. Yeah yeah but craig was on. That was in the moment bag right there because still at that point. That was mid nineties. Georgia's big outing was but you know the the eighties. This was some in the mall right guard via the you know he was the ticket. They're not mean. Whoa yeah you know and just depend. Ammonium was crazy to mean playing the first tour and then a few months paying the arena told the plaque all man arenas there yeah older arena dates and Yeah you know plane to those those huge crowds having different to the jazz swing way. You can conduct strict you every night and go somewhere else. This was somewhere. That destination was very defiant. Young you play it just like the record be on the money mania and then but in front of you know fifteen thousand people every night tonight. That's all right. I mean you know what. That's all about good fun. It's good and it was for me. It was the first time doing that. Yeah you know what i mean at that level and it was fantastic love to a loved it. I really loved it so then. So then from craig's one. What what was the next project. Well I remember finishing up with with craig and i remember hearing this song. Cool dance review. Oh i thought man guy with green grass man. I'd love to work with him. Song bad straight after. Yes no. I do not run month. Oh man i met him being seriously. Because i remember it was the last day the i actually remember december the twelve. Yeah t- thousand. Frey was the last thing. I did with craig maida vale studios in london Some kind of christmas pre-crisis thing and then literally i had about off and i got the call bell. Come what will you gal it was. It was that i that pocket. You remember the first promo tour. We did january february. Two thousand four and the go group four one one four one. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yes. I felt like. I was on top because we're creating the road. Yeah we we've we've used you not mean and songs were good fun. It was yeah just in between Working with craig. And yourself did some stuff with alexandra. Neil so that was how i got to work with billy awry. Yes then has the list limitation at one point. I was doing. My head was huge because at one point a one point i was playing with roy is don blackman and alexander. O.'neil at the same time. Those those gigs you know s. You know he's going gonna say you know. This is why they mean what. I do and also playing with alexandra neil. That's what really got my awful during the craig. David place in space actually lost that race basically only about fortunes on bass guitar and jam and lewis yup funk funk you can't get off the stage i'm turning you ain't got no business in that means so You know working with with billy and and those guys alexander neil. That's what really got my sin plan right up there another main my first gig we've addicts Manning was an. That was the first time i was really actually nervous on stage over there. Yeah because i think. I can't remember what the situation was. But then he called me to come in and do at least gig are picked up the the mini disc of the the called sir and and learn that. But the thing was it was one of those. You know. Meet some festivals. Are i think it was like a festival in waffles. We lows kind of things so we will probably about five or six early evening late afternoon here and So obviously the band before you. There's a battle before that so we get onto the stage. There's no soundcheck it was literally. Oh yeah this is dean. He's playing bass today and Okay you know all right well to oh and there was no house. Prior to that annexed do thing where he wouldn't sing until he was feeling the groove. He did it on every gig. Do not mean. He don't open his mouth until he feels that. Yes i'm feeling. Yeah now. i'm ready. And you stop singing and i remember one of these groups. We'll plan on. We were going round the groove and acts leaves the front of the stage and walked towards me and it looked like to me he. Would you stay romy out. What's i'm playing out that it didn't like a very friendly. it's sick just get his groove. Paid his crew to the draw. He's expression on. His face doesn't change but then he says bad motherfucker. Oh he likes. This guy called play i was. I was certain he was like this guy. Can't play a like that. A bad mother goes all over. Stop to listen you. Because he'd never heard me before. I let me check out. This guy must bring it to the scene. I i was seriously. I was petrified. But you see what i mean again. All those little validation see we've your story the story spin like you know a lot of people i would say you know if you're a baseball or musician. Trying to get into bands and touring in that get in front of people showed them how much you've learned every single time and organically. You've been recommended recommended recommended. Because you're right good I'm not sure if. I'm not sure if that if that that can be the case or the same journey everyone but the key thing is you know put in the amount of time into your own issue into whatever you wanna do wherever it be. Songwriting whether it be singing reverend. Be playing an instrument the bass guitar the drums. Wherever is do that. also say. You've been a very proactive. Socially you know. Say you saw cracking. God i can so your i open to see what is there is there. When the hasn't been that you still going to open nights to just play because you love playing. Do you think those things still hang around the hanging around. Do you think there's as much war right now. There's none of it but you think the every night paying somewhere there as many venues doing that just pre pandemic but hopefully you know i think the pendulum will have been pulled back so far that is going to be a big swing because we have been off real entertainment. Real live music. People appreciating live artistic expression right there in front of them in the fresh in the moment so Hopefully we're gonna see a nice healthy resurgence of some that. How fantastic live music. Yeah i think when the your description of color like the open mic night speak is Other seem very helpful. In your case you know people. Yeah these guys down. Just the that one's good to pick that one out that one's great pick that one out and and recommending you into other bands to get seen and to keep them top of your game was a hasn't in the room of ishmael was very different. Actually doing a gig. Even we've ishmael online is one experienced and being in the room One experience the live small stages want experience and progressing to bigger stages Is is kind of an experience. I think they all serve their purpose yet. They will connect you know bought initiative. I think is like you say loving the that is that you do. Yeah and then to expand on that yeah and like you say you're still passionate about it and that's one thing i never wanna lose the i. I still wanna be like a little kid in a candy shop. You know what. I mean sums of music. It's yeah ease that thing that that's the only way you keep on growing. Yeah and you've never learned to all so you know for the last. How many years have been writing songs and recording and producing an so. There's been so much stuff. I'm still learning. Journey doesn't end so dean from twenty twenty one on what's obviously is still going to do some live stuff. That's always s in your veins. The holiday i need that neither am. I saw that that standard got twenty four seven men. You got me. You got me moving forward. Line for dean. Is that your you just happy content just by that all as the ave you know how. How else do you express yourself well. It's funny because so over the past five years. I've been getting material together in the view of trying to put together a dean mock album. Originally arcana fought the you know just me being a bass player that that would be more of an instrumental kind of journey. But it's so turns out that all the rule vocal guys you see because you kind of end up doing stuff and writing stuff sound and then you know of involved a few different singers along the way one of which is ladonna Lovely la donna. Ladonna done some some. Yes she should brought out. Hey listen man. I mean you know We both want to give you but we also put together with. We've done blackman. Who is one of the legends of american funk a and this particular song heart's desire that is like it's one of the baddest funk chewed of drive on a full. I'm gonna do a cover of it. I mean sacrilege. How dare you cover this phone for a half. You're going to just cover. I'm gonna put means my own stamp on it. But i'm going to get because we work together and sadly back in two thousand thirteen don sadly passed away so i wanted to do this as a kind of tripped tritium. You know covering one of his songs. Yeah and using as many of the guys in the band. I could get either myself and ladonna seeing lead and And junior curtain on drums. He was he was playing drums with with me. Don guys well so but don man vocals. Oh yeah she came. She did the vocals here on earth and she samak. Oh my my gosh. Absolutely she sounds tran flipping testier. Still current project is everything. You is passion. You can tell one thing from today's podcast. Passion is is huge wendy's generally so so that's good so you'll find your passion into that as well and it's a pain mark album. Has it gone name you still. You're still tinkering. i'm still. I dunno because of obviously i played you quite a few trying to trying to trying to come across his work at. I've had the thing's amazing people is it just sounds. I might even call the like named the album. Oh my quoted goosebumps because there was a someone of goosebumps some butterflies love that share and polls show the name. Kinda sticks out in my. I might use that. I don't know if you don't to get to album stance that might be the That might be the name of the album. I so that's a good name. Good but as i said originally. I didn't really see me singing anything. Yeah yeah yeah. I think a lot of times we limit ourselves. Yeah just enduring whatever. Because i always been the guy at the back back is one thing our dean base. These like gig. I used to do the host of the show. You say an on the base. We have the face play. Make these faces. Some people didn't actually know my name. They just need the face. I remember somewhere in the face to face to face radio face for base. Yeah you know what we've been. You know just like the guy in the back album the face you know. I'll tell you a little story. Because as i say a managed to get roy to play on the album a part of the the deal was the i i helped him out or one of the shows. Go right so. I helped him out with some. Bbc's right because yeah he didn't Muffing on that particular show He's normal. bv guy. john presley didn't wasn't able to make the show. Whatever someone said you know. I worked for many years. So i know everything so for k. l. Be for you as well. He's all cool cool so you know help. Landline me session. You know put the finger. Was that day. I just oh. God i'm going to be on stage and even holding an instrument are was never did came in here come into the studio broome took out a couple of temporary move on that stage singing empty-handed i can't do familiarity comfort comfort like the edison days. Me myself with a yalcin. Bb's for you. I don't because i think view. But i'm leaving but yeah i had triangle even have dry lip. But you still hold the triangle. I feel more comfortable like. This guys is hilarious. Yeah that was funny. But i guess at some point. I'm really going to have to get my act together. yes of just taking it to the next dimension. Yeah yeah yeah. How did you when you when you did not talk about. How did you have the biggest know. The thing i think is with anything though the more you do it the more you'll become more comfortable and eventually is to second nature second nature man enough to get second nature kind of quick are you gonna. Are you gonna drop the album soon or is it more. You're just gonna continue until you feel. It's perfect in your eyes and then you're going to do it like war is. Is there a time a bit above. Because i'm i'm getting the first one ready. The one with roy is your ready. So we're because because i'm kind of just doing every field not signed or anything like that and their skin so i to learn to do everything to the mixing and stuff like that and does on a lot better so you enjoying that. It's a real. Science is science science. That never ends genital mean and so. I've i've improved and i've got lot better so what had to do. Go back and listen to some of the stuff. I've completed at the beginning stage. I'm not okay different. Yeah different so. I went back here and then i remixed I wanna touch you baby. The Covers roy is sound wicked now so it cleared yes. Oh go get that moss did but then you know now going to start thinking about all the other things you know the the the mocked inside the digital w all that all that kind of stuff so i have out there you know by the summer or whatever and finish up the rest and stuff you know in the meantime so probably towards the end of the year you have like a full dean mark project generally main and then often that when the live. Oh okay open again. I'm ready wait on the stage shredding basis. All over the cutoff telling you murder base. Yes i'm ready for the live thing and but you know it's it's looked down. At least i will have something to show for this lockdown. I was gonna say how's it. How's it been. If on the whole the whole people saying june june july jerkin next edge can. When do you think it will be back sir. I've done what normal is i. Don't know i mean. I hope that we can keep to this road map as it as it were but as we know with the i've never seen anything implemented without the sign difficulty turns. I mean speaking to someone say you know if you've got ten thousand people in the field or more. I don't know what the regulations around we're gonna be a limit As ingredients you know trouble is highly probable that there's gonna be some sort of regulation regulation in terms of getting getting these things back into operation. Yeah mean so. I think it will be over optimistic to think that yet. It will buy right to normal as it was. You know it will be going back to normal. There's there's going to be a difference for a little while before we fully gets back but as long as we start you know we've got stars numbers we star and get people back into listening to live because you remember live music for me as i i. I've said it before you know. Sometimes you get those kind of venting. Facebook posts had but i really do believe that live. Music is really a huge part of people's good mental health. it really adds towards really good wellbeing. Live music. I e can only do you good and i think once we're allowed people really appreciate Now there's been a break probably even also. Oh probably i think absolutely definitely milton than than pre pandemic people who they. They're really going to appreciate it. And this is a funny thing because we've always as musicians. We've always appreciated even remember when we did the Those couple of weekends with robbie williams take a couple of pitches new place up on facebook and you know the the common phrases. I love my job and even back then pre pandemic we knew it. We knew that this is the is an incredible life to have definitely genital mean. Now you know knowing the yes. No that if we can get back to that then it'd be live is have even more of a great value being able to share music with people who have so much even more great values. I've really hope the we We can go back and give people that. We've more feeling a more relevance yet more enthusiasm. Yeah more of these cool. I think it will be. It'll be great when we made that musical return dana. Thank you so much for jumping on the show Absolute pleasure yeah. Hopefully there's a young not just base pair. There's a young musician out. There who either has been inspired already by seeing you on stage somewhere or is going to take up that guitar and take the next step from into the room to the actual stage once everything gets back to normal and you know start improving on that croft and it's not commute thing right. I enjoyed that one. Always nice catching up with. If you'd like to follow dean on social media facebook dean mark and twitter is dean mark base one baseba. Ss right. do you know what was even better than conversation. We had off towards dean. Decided to do a little cockup and he made some so fish fritters that was like the highlight of the day. So tasty so yeah. Good company could right. There might be a pause in the frequency of shows over the next month or so. But for good reason as low projects on the side. Which i'll be able to tell you more about ingenious so hall titan no doubt though you get low paying when the next episode of the show is up once again thank you so much listening and keep your ears pilled. If you like today's show please do subscribe. And if you can't take a moment to write this podcast on itunes. I appreciate you You have any questions or suggestions for the show. Please do for free to email me. It's lamar at the lamar. Show dot com. That's lamar l. e. m. a. r. dot com. If you're an artist or musician and you like some advice bill free right on the next one.

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