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"masada ube" Discussed on Gun Talk

"Good. That's a good point hands up. Your finger spread out open hands. They can see you do not have a weapon. Whether it's on your belt outta sight please might be another reason. Then maybe not be open. Carry goal worms again Or maybe somebody says staggered it under a plant. Stan somewhere you know. Put put it away. You cannot explain everything later when everything is sort about and they know that you're not the bad guy they nobody shot you this you know this thing in colorado is going to be examined thoroughly and i hope we keep the conversation up and we remember the name johnny hurley. He's the good guy. He ran to help the police officer. He ran toward it and helped other. People shot the bad guy who had just killed police officer who was evidently plan on killing a lot of other people but in the process he got shot and look. This is not the first time the concealed carry person has gotten shot when they intervene case in texas. I remember i think it was outside of the courthouse where the guy an instructor turned out that the bad guy was wearing body armor and he killed a good guy. So you know just because you're the good guy as masada ube says not everybody can see that halo above your head so there you go. Look i appreciate the call. Got to keep running here. Let me see what time. Oh yeah we're okay. Let's casing on line. Two out of lubbock texas case and i got about a minute and a half ago for it. Yes governor abbott. Here in texas passed the constitutional carry for and it goes into effect on september first of all pistols. And i was kinda figure out the best like ten millimeter compact. Why ten millimeter From whatever lows. It's the best i can on. Its better forty. Five smaller impacts a heck of a panch That's about it. Have you ever shot a ten meter. Yes sir I mean the reality is this for against human targets. There's no difference between nine. Forty forty five and ten in terms of stopping power. Ten is going to give you more energy and all good. Don't get me wrong. I like tents. I mean lord knows i like tens alive but glock had a small ten. I think springfields got a small tin several other companies. Have small tens They work really well. I would not try to find a super lightweight one separate because they are going to recoil a lot. And so i would if it were me out the one full size or if smaller. Maybe i don't know maybe a steal one kind of hard to know. I do like tens. And i understand what you're saying. What are the handguns do you have. I've got nine millimeters in one forty-five okay. They're all six hour. Were six good tins like six. Yes they're also that there's a pt twenty or the three twenty right. And i think they just came out with a ten meter three twenty right yes sir. Yes that that'd be a great carry gun the to twenty and look. We made a gun. Talk branded sig. P. to twenty we were the first people to come out with a sig p. To twenty and ten millimeter put. It's a big gun it's a it's a heavy gun. It's a great shoots fabulous me wrong but it would be a lot to carry every day. A three twenty probably honestly would be a better carry gun. I don't know if they have it in the compact model on the three twenty. Okay so i take a look at that. The other thing is if you're going to get a ten millimeter. Start finding ammo. Do you have any ten millimeter. Ammo right now. No sir well. There may be the stumbling block. I would say looking around online. he out. you can't start putting away some ten millimeter ammo because it's good to get the gun if you can't find ammo and that's kind of the tough part right now. Nine millimeter is available more and more and actually pretty surprises ten millimeter. Going to be trickier. Although i got a line on some we'll be able to share. I think i found some ten millimeter ammo but about him poking around trying to find it to talk to people. If we can find and i think we may have found a source. I'll let you know it may be. I don't know maybe a month before. I could real rock this down. We'll see working on that as well so there go. Our number is eight six six talk on. Also if you'd like to be part of the show now's probably a good time to call same number. He six talk talk if had checked out the after show. It's it's a podcast is part of the podcast. Entire show becomes podcasts. Of course wherever you get Wherever you get your podcast you can get gun talk. Just look for their new to of all places. We'll be right back. Let's go straight to the phones. Marks on pour out of hampton virginia and mark. Thank you for your patience. What's on your mind today. case where the guy was shot Everybody always the priest sheepdog theory I heard years ago guy. Talk about being a porcupine. He carries for protection of himself and his family. And that's pretty much it That's kind of my thing. 'cause you just don't know what you're going to get into a lotta times I'm not I didn't sign up to go defend everybody else. Like he's gonna generally. They're going to respond when they're call same as military I'm not knocking anybody does. It's a personal choice but In so many cases You just don't know what you're getting into and you put yourself in jeopardy Now he's not there for his family. i'm sure to cop feels bad about it and and everything but that doesn't bring him.

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