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"maryland bela" Discussed on Probably Science

"Was weird name. I didn't even know they had comedy that once the festival closed comedy clubs in opera house. It's the opera house. Yeah. That's where the the festival used to be. I think they kept doing the people just own that opera house kept doing a festival. It was wasn't like HBO, but was just like the yeah festival. I guess some other festival there now when toward of that. So it's eight hundred nineteenth of June, and then I'm going to Raleigh improv, which is nice next to Raleigh North Carolina. Yeah. Carolina and how long do I keep going lift them? All. Okay. What's your social media? So people can find you and finally coming to them. Yeah. Just one. Oh, yeah. Nashville Nashville Hoover and Huntsville, Alabama in July. We'll see we'll have to see if if you can get hook up with Jesse out there or whatever hosts who lives in Nashville. Yeah. That'd be great. I've never been anywhere even near there. So it's exciting. I haven't either. It's been four years since he moved back. I mean. Trip down. God. Yeah. Yeah. So then not Hollywood improve on the twentieth of June. And yeah. And then I'm going to Washington DC ice house, Rhode Island test labs Toronto, Pittsburgh Tempe, damn era, vine, gossip New York in October, who and Maryland Bela more. Boston ten Jose view everywhere, during the holy okay? Anyone in the US you have no excuse for not going to see this man, life. I highly recommend it. Comedy on Twitter. Yeah. It's comedy on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. It's, it's at is welcome, but it's test is all caps. That's fell time, pretty sure if you type is mo- IS MO, you will find this man jeeze how many people ask that. So it starts with G la-. Gizmo. How many people actually people how do you spend a g and I know there's no, gee, I asked as I S. M O S, MO, if you even Finland's comedian, I'm pretty show. And actually, if you search as. Google ads and click video, I'm, I'm there. Because you're Coenen clip about how is the most complicated where the English language is part of what you're doing seventy dates. Yeah. That definitely how I should do that. That's my crate like in a world full of porn. If you type at. Amazing. I'm like, I don't know seeks to BDO something put down. There's actual asses off onto the second page of. And all the other athletes, you are actual as it's minus. Verbal. Go and see him coinc- me in New York doing that the one of the days again, a while you're saying that June fifth I'll be at the hotel cafe with Brian cook during the next guilty treasure with a guest, Jimmy Pardo, Lizzy Cooperman singer song, half and Maryland rice cub do that. And it is the twentieth to the twenty seconds that I'm in New York and see that. And then the Saturday and Sunday and then the weekend off to that. That's the first weekend of June. She's the end of the weekend, it Sunday Monday Tuesday. I'm going to be in Copenhagen with Simon excellent so common. See one of those spread the word if you know, anyone, particularly in New York, let them know because that's the one I really want to pack out, and thanks for listening. We will see you next time. Thank you go. Oh, questions comments clarifications? Besides GM dot com. You can tweet us at Broadway science and individually at and e t would not. Well, see..

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