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"Hi, I'm Brad milkey from ABC news and want to tell you about another podcast that I host called start here. It's every weekday morning. And in twenty minutes, we will get you teed up for the stories driving your day with context from experts with on the ground access so start smart. And subscribe to start here brought to you by indeed used by over three million businesses for hiring where business owners and HR professionals can post job openings with screener questions, then soared review and communicate with candidates from an online dashboard. Learn more at indeed dot com slash powerhouse. Hello, and welcome to powerhouse politics. ABC news, political director, Rick recline, and I'm ABC, senior congressional correspondent, Mary, Bruce and Mary, we have a reelection campaign. President Trump who basically never stopped campaigning since the day he was inaugurated. He has been running for reelection has formally launched his campaign for reelection and you hear this from incumbents, all the time that they wanna make erase a choice and not a referendum. We know the Democrats they wanna frame this race. It's up or down on President Trump, where they kind of like their chances here is the primary system. Just get started with the first debates only a week away, but from the Republican side from President Trump. He is trying to lay out this this this race as a choice. And man, if you listen to what he has to say, Mary, it is a stark choice at that very stark. Look what struck me is really fascinating about the way that the president rolled out yet again his his reelection campaign with how familiar it sounded right? The president in this huge. Rally down in Florida, outlining in your right? Very stark terms what he feels is at stake in this election. But it was a lot of the kind of stark terms that we've been hearing over the last two years, he may have tried out a new campaign slogan, but he in many ways, it was a similar speech that we've been hearing from the president all along. Yeah. Really? I if we're campaign that never really ended the, the rhetoric hasn't changed very much when you close your eyes, and your back in two thousand sixteen maybe a more professional operation, more bells and whistles, more Trumpian flourishes, more playing up of the fact that he's now President Trump a, but the playlist was the same all those all those songs up to including you can't always get what you want as he walks off the stage, which is always been a strange noise for me and into some of the lines. And you're right. I mean look, listen to what he had to say on this issue of collusion. And look, listen to who makes a cameo appearance in the sound bite. The all league collusion was committed by the democ. Kratz the fake news media, and there are those and the people who funded the phony dossier, Brooklyn, Hillary Clinton, and the DNC. Crooked Hillary's back of Mary, and she's, of course not a candidate but in the framing of this race seems like she's going to be a major player. He talked more about Hillary Clinton in this speech, then he did about his current twenty twenty opponents. It's why this felt so familiar and close your eyes, and you really did think for a second that you were back in two thousand sixteen the big question and the challenge for the president is going to be, whether that message still resonates Clinton is no longer his opponent, are these attacks against her going to be enough to rally not just his supporters, but those voters who may be on the fence. Now obviously it is very early. And I'm sure he will ramp up those attacks against his democratic opponents as we get further and further into this campaign, but it was just remarkable. How much time and energy he spent still going after his old foe here young. You heard you heard more about the emails in this in this speech as well. And again, it's just an initial speech, but in terms of the framing, this is something that the president had a lot of time to. To, to prepare around and as he began to, to look at the democratic field. We've heard Democrats say, lots of lots of interesting things in terms of policy proposals that field is still developing, but you can see the battle lines drawn. And, and of course with this president, which in addition to being on touched by time, I think untouched by facts as well in what he says as a candidate and as president, this is what he this is how he is casting, any of the Democrats who, who might be tuning into, to listen to what he has to say our radical democrat opponents off driven by hatred prejudice and rage. They want to destroy you and they want to destroy our country as we know it. I mean, I think it's just worth pausing to reflect on the words, the president's using here because Mary as these last couple of years of listening to Donald Trump has changed our perceptions of things, but this is the president United States saying that the radical Democrats. It's all of his opponents lump it. The other driven by hatred prejudice and rage and want to destroy you want to destroy you. It's some pretty dark language, right? I mean, the president went on to make several unfounded claims against his opponent opponents in the opposing party as well. And you're right. We have kind of in some ways, I think as a culture, become a little numb to these attacks. But this is the sitting president of the United States, using this kind of language to describe his political opponents. And if you take a second to let that sink in, it is a pretty remarkable moment that we are in and going back to the fact that this is just the beginning of the campaign, you can only assume that, that rhetoric is going to be ratcheted up the further, we get into this, but it is going back to your original point, very clear that the president, he's not going after one opponent or another. He is trying to paint the entire Democratic Party with some very broad strokes and some pretty dark strokes to and what's part of what's interesting to me Mary's. The ultimate outsider. The guy coming into crash, the whole system is the inside or now. Yeah. As the president of the United States he is still running against the swamp still running against the system still running against these kind of undescribed nebulous forces that in his in his vision of things are trying to stand against progress trying to stand against the vision and the dreams of the voters who brought him into office, the people in that crowd, that overflow crowd there in Orlando. Take a listen to how he is framing the choice based on values our political opponents looked down with hatred on our values, and with utter disdain for the people whose lives they wanna run. That's the way they've been doing it. So I to me that's that's a key connection. That's the tissue that connects the president and his own very personal time in office to his supporters. And that's what raises a lot of interesting issues about how the Democrats. Frame their race because they're having a raging debate right now in the party that gets at lots of issues that are hot button ones around healthcare, and around immigration, and the like and whether to impeach the president and the like and this president is jousting against that and framing it as a choice about values. Yeah. And the president says look, it's us versus them, right? And you do raise an interesting point about the system. Right. The president has always railed against the system and argued that he's the one who can come in and shake things up, right? Shakeup, the way that Washington is run won't. Now he is part of Washington. And does he need to change his political calculus when instead of being able to just come in and run against something? He now has to defend his record. He has a political record in a way that he didn't have for years ago. And so to see the President Try to walk that fine line. It will be interesting and whether he's going to have to and in some ways he probably will tweak his playbook, but it is very clear that going into this. He is. Making the this big bold argument. Right. This is not necessarily him dialing down on on policy, or even as you know, which is important to know running on his record, a lot of people would say you should just be talking about the economy, which is doing so well. And that is really where it should focus should be instead, he setting this up is sort of this big almost philosophical debate about American values, and what he says his opponents want to do to, to destroy those values essentially, and Mary to me, the, the sound bite. I want to queue of next tells so much of the story because the way that the president has governed has been to rely on his base, and to remember who brought him to the dance and to give as you here in this, in this piece to give his own voters, his his base a piece of the action a slice of the game a stake in this and to make it about them and not about him this this subject of a racing. I think is really, really intriguing. Take a listen. They went after my family. Might my finances. My employees almost everyone that I've ever known worked with. But they are really going after you. That's what it's all about not about us. It's about you. They tried to erase your vote race your legacy of the greatest campaign and the greatest election, probably in the history of our country. And that to me is valuable rhetorical tool for this president, because it encapsulates the Muller report it encapsulates so much of the scandal. That's invalid this White House at various stages. It captures so many of the misdeeds of the of the Trump cabinet of the Trump family. Businesses of the issues is children have been involved in and says, look, all of these things, you're hearing about its noise because it's about you. They're trying to erase you. And this is the president essentially playing the victim in many ways, right? Saying that the system has been out to get him that Washington in this. Swamp or against this president, and he's using that as a way to, to try and relate in many ways to his supporters right to, to that forgotten American to say, I understand, when you feel that the system is out to get you into bring it to the events that are going on in Washington this week a key moment just today. Mary hope Hicks, the former White House communications director, longtime campaign spokeswoman for the Trump campaign on Capitol Hill to answer questions about the Muller report, the first top Trump official to be called up there since the report itself was released. Of course, there's a lot of issues that she can't talk about, but too many Democrats, that's very problematic. They want they still want answers on this as the investigative front goes on, even without impeachment yet. And this is a big moment for Democrats. And this on-going seemingly never ending fight between House, Democrats, and the administration over what Democrats as administration stonewalling of all of their requests. And yet today finally they. Are going to be able to, to grill, a member of the president's inner circle for the first time since the release of the report, and I think it's important to remember just what a key player hope Hicks is she such a familiar, face by the president's side. She was a key to him during the campaign. Then, of course, the White House communications director, she was by the president side for so many key moments that came up in the Muller report. In fact, she's one of the most frequently cited witnesses in the mellow report. And so Democrats right now as we speak are questioning her about incidents of alleged obstruction. They also told wanna ask her about those hush money payments that were made to stormy Daniels. The question is, how forthcoming is she going to be because we know that the Trump administration and the president has directed her not to speak about her time as his senior adviser they believe that she should be immune from that line of questioning, and that sets up a fight over that big never ending question up over executive privilege. And how far is this administration going to go to prevent someone like hope Hicks from being able to answer these questions? And Mary, how does this fit? It in, in your mind and covering the hill to the larger issues around impeachment that, that the democratic caucus is right now wrestling with we're going to talk in a few moments to the, the house minority whip ski, Steve Kalisa, we know where he stands on impeachment. But it is an active question that Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues are are trying to navigate what how does a hope Hicks testifying and all the document demands. How does that all fit in? Well, in some ways, Democrats would say, look. They are having some success in being able to gather the information and pursue their investigations if you are democratic leader and someone who is urging caution as you hear that drumbeat to impeachment they can point to hope Hicks coming in and say, look, this is working, right? Like let's follow the facts, let's continue to pursue our line of inquiry. Let's not rush to impeachment. On the other hand, there is no denying that the, the pressure is growing almost daily as the number of Democrats here on the hill. An presidential candidates continue to be ratcheting up that pressure in calling for impeachment, but so. Far while you've heard speaker Pelosi may be changed her rhetoric a little bit. She's thrown some red meat to, to the political base into those Democrats, who are urging impeachment. She is staying the course and she is not budging and cheese insisting that they need to follow the facts as she says they need to build a compelling case against the president, and she would argue is -ssume that, that, that hearing from hope Hicks, and getting some of these questions answered is part of that process. I think that's right. And you know, she just just today ruled out the idea of, of formal censure basically saying, she said as much that this would be a day at the beach, or maybe a day at the golf course for President Trump, if you've got the goods, you gotta do it, but a lot of Democrats will argue that the goods are there. We're seeing a growing number as you mentioned of House Democrats, who say it's time to do it, including a few the first couple of dribble of ones who represent districts that, that swung to the Democrats favor that were the majority makers that's still the minority. There's still a whole lot of no votes inside the democratic caucus, Mary. Is it your sense? That, that. That Pelosi recognizes this at this stage and that and that she is doing what she can to try to hold off these calls. Yeah. And she's walking very fine line. And I do think the numbers here matter. A look you have now roughly sixty a little over sixty House Democrats who are calling for impeachment. That is not a critical mass that's gonna force Pelosi's hand, but she does have to, you know, pay attention to that she does have to recognize their concerns and in some ways, you're seeing some lip service to that as well. Pelosi here and we've talked about this, it seems she simply trying to buy yourself time in many ways, she continues to argue that the best way to beat Donald Trump is not an impeachment inquiry, but at the ballot box, and that's because she, you know, is well aware that impeaching president could backfire politically, she feels the president is going them into impeachment because he thinks this would be good for his base that it would energize his base be good for him politically, especially as you head into an election. And because the political reality is simply that, even if the house goes ahead and impeach the president, it's gonna. Hit a big brick wall over in the Senate, where Republicans are in charge, and they have no intention right now at least a of, of impeaching this president. Yeah. And the president of the fit almost almost two perfectly from the Democrats perspective into exactly the rhetoric that we heard from the president in his launched me that when he talks about a racing his legacy racing the votes of people that brought him to office there is no more powerful statement that he could make about that, then in unsuccessful impeachment Bush in, in, even if awful things came out in the course of impeachment inquiry, and even if the president were impeached, actually, in the house in acquittal in the Senate would be a powerful thing. We know what he says about the mother report wrongfully saying that it's that it found no obstruction and no collusion. But if if, if they the Democrats tried again, and try to be impeachment and fell short that to me is Nancy Pelosi's, worst nightmare. Maybe the worst nightmare of two thousand twenty candidates as well. And based on what we heard from the president last night at this rally, I it is a really serious concern for. Democrats up here that the president would argue to his supporters into voters that look, I'm being impeached, and it's not just about the president's behavior, but based on what we heard last night, he would likely argue that this is the system. This is Washington out to not just get the president but out to get his supporters as well. All right. Maybe we're gonna take a quick break. When we come back, we're going to be joined by the Republican whip. The minority whip in the house of representatives congressman Steve, Scalise of Louisiana. When you're hiring, you don't wanna waste time sorting through dozens of irrelevant resumes. You want an efficient way to get to a shortlist of qualified candidates. That's why you need indeed dot com post a job in minutes. Set up screener questions, based on your job requirements, then zero in on qualified candidates using an intuitive online dashboard. Discover why three million businesses use indeed for hiring post a job today at indeed dot com slash powerhouse. Search for greatness, search indeed better help offers licensed professional counselors specialized in a wide array of issues, like depression, anxiety, and grief. Connect with your professional council. And a safe private online environment. It's a truly affordable option and listeners can get ten percent off your first month by going to better help dot com slash powerhouse. Fill out a questionnaire to help them your needs and get matched with a counselor. You'll love joining us now on powerhouse politics, the house minority whip congressman, Steve Scalise Republican of Louisiana. Thank you so much for being here at score it could be within Marion, Rick and we know it has been now two years since you suffer those life threatening injuries when a gunman opened fire during practice for the annual congressional baseball game you reflect on that experience. And what is really your remarkable personal road to recovery in your book back in the game, which is now just been released in paperback? And we want we want to get all of that in just a minute, congressman. But I if we could start with some of the news of the day, the president is recognised just discussing was out there last night in Florida officially kicking off his presidential re election, thousands of supporters out at this rally, and the president made his case to voters, right. But he, but he also struck up pretty familiar tone. He's been a lot of time going after Democrats are pretty stark terms, but also going back to attacking Hillary Clinton. Is that a winning strategy thing for the president or does he need to update the playbook? A little bit. What would president got a great story to tell and, and it was really good to see such an enthusiastic packed house? I mean he's still a when he goes and speaks around the country has overflow crowds. I was with them in south Louisiana a few weeks ago when he came down and talk about a massive energy project, that's, that's going to be helping our allies all around the world because of his strong energy policy. But in the end, I hear mostly talking about the economy and how well the economy's doing because of the things we've done like cutting taxes for families, so they have more money in their paychecks, and so that you see companies raising the wages for their workers. And so people have more money in their paychecks from both higher wages, and lower taxes, and how he's got regulations under control and inevitably you're gonna talk. About the match up and, you know, he can reflect some on the matchup that he had with Hillary Clinton. But he's also talking about what you're seeing on the far left, how they're moving toward socialism in this. This move where Bernie Sanders version of government, control versus freedom is going to be, I think a prevailing theme in next year's election. And so the president's already starting to talk about that as well. You write in your book about how after this horrific shooting by what was politically motivated gunman that there was this tremendous moment of unity, right? The, the two parties coming together, and there was a collective call to, to dial back the political rhetoric but here we are two years later and the president last night. You know, he said his opponents or driven by quote hatred prejudice and rage. He said, they want to destroy our country as we know it, if we're going to change how we talk to each other does that have to start at the top. Have you urged the? Resident at all to tone it down. I think everybody needs to tone it down and be aware of their rhetoric. But at the same time, what I've been very outspoken about is when people incite violence in the rhetoric in the president has not done that I have seen some people do it, mostly on the democrat side. But some on the Republican side, and I've been very vocal about calling it out, whether it's a Republican or democrat, there's no place for inciting, violence, or for carrying out acts of violence, 'cause you disagree with somebody's political views, you didn't hear any any shades of that, though, when he talks about the, the other side being driven by hatred. Prejudice rage is that fair rhetoric? Is that inbounds? Well, considering some of the, the wild accusations baseless accusations, and in vile name calling that's been thrown out. The president look, he's a rough until I'm a guy and he comes from the world of New York real estate, and he's been like this before he wrote was a candidate for president, you know, it's his style and. You know, you see them on TV, but I also get to work with them in person, and I will tell you when you're in a meeting with President Trump, you know, whether we're working on healthcare policy tax policy immigration policy. He's all business and he's focusing on get breeze getting results. He wants to deliver results for the, the American people that he made commitments to and he's been following through on those commitments in. You're seeing the benefits. I mean, the economy is probably the hottest economy, we've seen in generations, the American economy is now the envy of the world again because of the actual results, the policies of President Trump. And in the end, I think that's what he's going to be judged on. You know, he's they're going to be debates and I'm sure the debates will get a little heated. That's not new to American politics, by the way, again, you know, keep it keeping focused on the issues don't inside violence. But at the same time, he's got a great story to tell and I see him tell that story when he's doing a lot of these town halls and rallies, that he does that again. Tober flow crowds, congressman schools. You mentioned healthcare policy in particular, in the president told George Stephanopoulos, a few days ago. I'm sure you saw the this special on Sunday night. That's that there will be another Republican healthcare plan in the next month or two. Will there be a an actual plan, presented by house and Senate Republicans and the president as the plan to replace ObamaCare? Is that is that going to happen? I think it's important that we show, a true alternative about how you can actually get better healthcare, lower costs for families. You've got to restore the doctor patient relationship. Get the federal government. He's unelected bureaucrats out of the business of telling you what you can and can't buy let families by what they want, that's best for their family wherever they want to buy it right now. You can't even buy insurance health insurance across state lines like you can buy every single other product. And so you don't have the real competition that leads to lower prices, we need to protect preexisting conditions and we do that. And I've spoken to the president about this Pacific -ly. He feels very strong that the plan, we've put out needs to be focused on two primary things. One is lowering health care costs for families restoring that doctor-patient relationship and protecting. People with preexisting conditions so that they can't be discriminated against in pricing. And so those are the kind of things that I think we do need to lay up because the Democrats now have even moved beyond ObamaCare. They're talking about this plan where you literally would have government controlled healthcare. They would get rid of the private insurance market. Look, there's over one hundred and thirty million people who get by their healthcare through, whether it's their company, they buy it on their own, but they buy a plan. That's good for their family. And the Democrats plan gets rid of that, it, actually bans, those kind of plans again, we need to get out of this business of government control of your healthcare. You ought to be making those decisions with your family, not someone elected bureaucratic Washington. And in terms of timing windy think we might see that plan. We obviously know that healthcare is one of the top on the top issue for many voters. Is it important that Republicans in the president actually put out a detailed plan before the election? Absolutely. It's important. We take the time to get it right. Which is what we're doing. And we'll work in with a lot of people, I mean, there are a lot of people that, that really care about fixing the many, many things that are broken in healthcare, and making it work better for families. And again, this gets to the core of with the president's message has been as let's deliver results for the hard work, and families who have been left behind too often by government. Let's make government work better for people in healthcare policies. One of those big areas because government controls not working. It's actually leading to higher costs and fewer options for families. You know, even a person with a pre existing condition today in many cases are paying twenty percent more than he did last year. They're deductible as high as ten thousand dollars. That's not access to healthcare in many ways, it shuts off their ability to afford healthcare. We need to make it more Ford -able. And again, let people choose what's best for them, and their family and buy it from wherever they want to buy it, even if it's another state, congressman Miskel, the, the president tweeted that we're just days away. Now from the beginning of, of massive. Rotations millions. He said of illegal aliens will be deported in the coming days. We're only about a year removed from the child separation issue, bubbling, over in the president reversing that policy is it is this actually going to happen. Do you, do you believe that we are on the verge of seeing billions of deportations? And if so, are there are there enough safeguards in place to make sure that we don't see a replay of those images from last year with with child children being ripped from their families? Well, first of all, President Trump is wanted to work with congress to end that policy where you can reunite families again, where you can secure America's border. And then let's focus on the, the loopholes that are creating this magnet where you have literally thousands of people every single day coming across our border illegally. It's unprecedented. We haven't seen numbers this high since two thousand and six in last month. We had over one hundred forty thousand people cross our border illegally, just one month. And so what the president has said is, you know, look at the broken asylum laws look at this, this ridiculous catch and release law. They the floor as court decision that's forcing the separation of ch- children with their families. President Trump wants to reverse that he wants to fix those broken laws. I was in a meeting with President Trump offered to Nancy Pelosi to fix the DACA problem. And she said, no, she walked away from that, because she didn't want to solve the problem. And look when Barack Obama was president he had a superman. Already in the house fans in the Senate, and not one time that they bring a Bill to fix these broken immigration laws. I'm glad the president's focused on securing our border and it includes a lot of things, but look you've got people coming across the border every single day in the foul per day. They're giving court dates we've seen now over ninety percent of the people that come across illegally that are given a date to show up in court for their asylum claim in many cases, it's months later years later ninety percent of them aren't showing up ninety percent. That's who the president's talking about going, and finding a why did they come into this country legally make a false asylum claim and then just disappear somewhere into our country. We've got to get control of our border. I'm glad Mexico's helping us, by the way, the president negotiated that deal with Mexico, and so instead of having tariffs with Mexico Mexico agreed that they're gonna put thousands of people on their southern border to finally get control of this problem. And it's working, by the way, it's actually starting to yield results just. In the last few days. So I'm glad the president's focused on securing the border, I think most Americans wanna see us get a control over our border. Let's turn to that other issue that it's hovering over Capitol Hill, and that is impeachment. We obviously are seeing the growing calls from Democrats growing pressure on your democratic colleagues here in the house. There is an argument that impeachment isn't necessarily a bad thing, politically for the president. He even he said recently that the Muller reports fired up his base. Do you agree is there a world in which you would want to see impeachment just to expose all these questions and defeat it? No. I think it's ridiculous. And it's, it's so productive dangerous for them to Democrats to be focused, just it's almost like an obsession. They have a hatred they have towards the president that they only want to focus on going after him, personally going after his family, you've seen. They tried to hold the attorney general in contempt of congress. Not because he did anything wrong but because he wouldn't break the law. They wanted him to turn over a document that would have been, it would have caused him to violate federal law. And so because he didn't do it. They want to hold him in contempt. They wanted peach, the president, the country fed up with this kind of foolishness committee, by the way, that has jurisdiction over the border is also the committee, that's only focused on a peach, and the president. Why don't they stop this mad impeachment, which aren't and focus on actually solving big problems, like getting secured a secure border in solving this crisis right now? We have over two hundred kids, a day, that are coming across legally. Have big health problems in the president is trying to make sure they have the funding to take care of these kids, and they're running out of money. The president identified this problem over a month ago speaker Pelosi still won't bring a Bill to the floor to solve that crisis humanitarian crisis at the border between the United States and Mexico, instead, they're focused on a peach mint. And so people are fed up and fan. Look, stop this mad witch onto impeach the president. We have an election next year to decide who our president is going to be, and they're going to make their case both sides. That's where it should be resolved at the ballot box just because you lost and twenty sixteen doesn't mean you can just focus on just going there after and harassing the person that, that one was duly elected by the people of this country. Let him do his job, and let's focus on congress doing their job, too. And before we let you go congressman. I want to ask about the congressional baseball game. It's coming up. You you write in your book back in the game. Now out in paperback about that truly magical moment. Last year where the ball found you at second base. I get chills. Even just talking about the moment. It is it really a special special moment. And you're swarmed by by teammates, Democrats and Republicans alike. I want to ask about your preparations for this year's game. And are you prepared to guarantee a hit a base hit against Cedric Richmond? Who's got to be the single greatest player the history of the congressional baseball. Those the best pitcher ever to take a uniform and those games. Rick, the loaded question you ask. But, but you know what I'm gonna give you direct answer. I, I will tell you, it was a magical moment. And I, I was just so blessed. There were a lot of miracles along the way from, you know, from the baseball game, the shooting two years ago, just for all of us to make it that day make it out alive. It was the heroism of our capital police and law enforcement other heroes, like Brad win strip and I've talked about all that in back in the game. Really as a way to highlight and tell the story through the eyes of those heroes in, in the miracles that allowed us to be here. And then, of course last year in the game they put me out there, second base to start. They let me start the game, which was an honor, I could hardly move left to right at barely stand up, but that first pitch literally, the first pitch Raul Ruez the democrat from California hits the ball, I had to backhanded, you know, the momentum brought me to the ground, and I, I said, I gotta make throw and then God help to get it there and made their first out in it'd truly wasn't. Moment and one, I'll never forget about. Look, I agree with your assessment of Cedric Richmond. He's, he's maybe the best. You know, Steve l'argent had a good run when he was in congress winning for the Republicans. But Cedric is as good as they get. But we need to beat him this year, and that's gonna be our objective. I want to get ahead off of them. I don't know if I can run and make it to first base safe at tells you, they've got serious problems on. It's a lot of fun. We're gonna raise over half a million dollars for local DC charities, and it's a great tradition. That goes back almost a hundred years, and it's a time where Republicans and Democrats for all the, the vitriol, you see on TV. It's a way for us to come together and do something really positive. You know, it's competitive we compete, but we also build really good relationships across the aisle with the members of both teams. And we're we know we're doing it for a good cause and, and look again. I mean I wrote about this in my book back in the game. It was a special moment to be able to participate in this game. But there was a horrific accident. It could have been a tragedy, an American tragedy. But instead, it's firmed in to a story about how there are so many good people in this world and I focus on the good the bad. That's what helped me get better. I still do physical therapy every, you know every week to to get better and walk without a crutch by the end of this year. That's going to be my next goal and, and look the miracles in the support the prayers from people all across the country have been incredible and helped me get better. All right. Congressman Steve Scalise will wish you luck at that game, particularly against Cedric Richmond, your good friend, and colleague from Louisiana of luck, best luck to you. And, and, and of course, best wishes in your continued recovery. It's inspiring to us. All. Thank you, congressman. Thanks so much, Rick, and Mary, and Mary. I know you were there and covered the shooting. The aftermath of the shooting and done a lot of reporting around that the, the, the scene that came together on that initial night in two thousand seventeen just weeks after the shooting. And then, again, last year, we really it was a special moment. It seems that stand a little bit apart from the day, the day to day of politics. It was remarkable, and it has been remarkable to see congressman Scalise recover to hear him. Speaking about his own experience. I it really is an amazing thing to see. And I have to encourage all of our listeners to if you're in Washington, go out to the game. It is really one of those rare amazing moments in Washington, where everyone puts all of the partisanship all of the griping aside besides. A little bit healthy trash-talk, but it is such a fun event in for wonderful 'cause, and it is an amazing moment to once again, sort of reflect on all of those congressman who survived that shooting two years ago, and all of the heroes who helped to, to, to make that happen. And to put them back out on the field. All right. That does it for this dish in of powerhouse politics. Thank you to Mary, Bruce and thanks to our entire team. Trevor Hastings behind the controls. Angie yack in a Remillard, hope you have a great week. We'll see you back here with their next edition. Powerhouse follows. Brought to you by indeed used by over three million businesses for hiring, where business owners and HR professionals can post job openings with screener questions, than sort review and communicate with candidates from an online dashboard. Learn more at indeed dot com slash powerhouse.

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