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"Greg pulsing and i'm vanessa. Richardson and this is called a spotify. Original from podcast. This is the final episode in our special. about miracle. healers around the world. You can find all episodes of colts and all other spotify originals from podcast for free on spotify over every. Listen to podcasts. For our last episode of miracle healers were taking a deep dive into the gentle wind project. A nonprofit that created so-called healing instruments in the nineteen eighties and nineties but by the early two thousands it had grown into a manipulative cult. That stole money from its members and allowed its co founder to sexually abuse his female followers. We have all that and more coming up. Stay with us. This episode is brought to you by fan duel sportsbook. Don't just watch college basketball. Get in the action and shoot your shot with the fan. Sports book app. There's more ways to play the bracket all tournament. Long new users. Get your i bet. Risk free of one thousand dollars. Sign up with code upsets on the fan duel sportsbook app and make your first deposit today. Twenty one plus and presents in virginia. I online real money wager. Only for one thousand dollar risk-free bet refund issued us non-withdrawal site credit that expires in. Fourteen days restrictions. Apply see full terms that sportsbook duck fan duel dot com gambling problem. Call one eight hundred gambler. This episode is brought to you by dial pad. Work is a thing you do not a place you go with the dial pad app. You can call post video meetings and chat with customers and co workers from anywhere from any device. Try dial pad for free for fourteen days at dial pad dot com. This episode is brought to you by the followers house of prayer. A new true crime podcast from you. Cpi audio each episode explores the house of prayer a nineteen eighties. Religious community led by anna. Young one young daughter makes a call to the police. It triggers a year long investigation into a cult a murder and the disappearance of a child. New episodes drop every wednesday subscribed to the followers house of prayer on spotify throughout this special series. We've explored Healers around the world. The soviet union a rough brazilian neighborhood and a remote village in tanzania in each country their respective governments systems failed the people so they turned to faith healers but this problem doesn't only occur in small countries or crumbling empires some faith healing movement. Took hold right here in the united states just like the other movements. We've covered john d. miller's faith healing cult the gentle wind project was in some ways a response to the failures of american social services and as the organization developed it took on a distinctly american character. John miller himself is a bit of an enigma. And what we do know about his early life comes from the colts co-founder and first follower. Mary elizabeth carrero according to mary as a young adult in the nineteen sixties. John worked as an auto mechanic. The gig taught him that every problem had a solution. If something wasn't working correctly all it took was some sweat and tools to fix it soon. He started applying that philosophy to a new area psychology. That's going to take over on the psychology here and throughout the episode please note. Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist but she has done a lot of research for this show. Thanks greg. John was particularly fond of psychiatrist. Eric byrnes transactional analysis theory. The theory organized all social interactions into what burn called three ego states parent. Adult and child each state had its own way of relating to the world and others burn. Wanted to simplify human behavior down to predictable patterns and games that people unknowingly play with each other. But john miller moved beyond this echinacea view of psychology. To some extent he became interested in using spiritual methods to create positive outcomes in human behavior and experience. His goal seemed to be to cure difficult and undesirable feelings. It was an ambitious concept. And john didn't know how to get there yet but he hoped that one day he could in one thousand nine hundred seventy two. John was enrolled at the university of connecticut for a master's degree in social work where he dove headlong into developing his new theory. It's likely that he was a bit of an outcast at the university. Most of the professors and students in the program didn't agree with john's ideology. The coursework focused on providing emotional support and effective coping mechanisms for patients. Not on erasing their underlying traumas. John was all alone in his approach until he met a kindred spirit in his twenty three year old classmate mary elizabeth caro- mary had worked with drug addicted teenagers and a counseling program but she became frustrated. That job focused on talking out problems and did little to address the source of the issues. She thought studying social work but provide more guidance on how to fix those problems so mary was just as disappointed as john was with yukon. Social work program. She was ready to drop out of school within her first month until she met john finally married upon someone else who shared her perspective. She connected with johns theory that everyone could be fixed. Suddenly john's philosophy had its first follower. After mary graduated with her master's in social work she briefly worked at a mental health center. But once again she quickly grew disillusioned with the work. She felt helpless in only providing emotional support to patients. She wanted to treat the root of their problems and find a cure for emotional pain so she after one year and opened her own counseling center in mary's book she wrote. I was tired of doing something that made me feel bad and working at the mental health center made me feel bad every day. From my perspective the system itself was lacking as we previously discussed in this special faith healers often arise when a country's institutions fail the people for john and mary it was social services in the us disappointed them and spurred them to create their own solution. At first marian. John separate private practices but kept in touch. Mary and her husband lived in massachusetts. She enjoyed the freedom of counseling her own clients and providing them with potential solutions and soon a personal experience. Inspired her to pick a specialty. When was twenty nine. She gave birth to a son after being in labor for thirty hours. The arduous process wasn't the perfect birth sheet imagined. She and her husband were tired and overwhelmed after award in her book says she felt like a failure which is unfortunately a common feeling among new mothers according to the massachusetts general hospital center for women's mental health fifty to eighty five percent of new mothers have post-partum blues also known as the baby blues. These women experienced tearfulness anxiety or irritability for up to two weeks. In the late nineteen seventies postpartum psychiatric disorders. Were not as widely understood as they are now but mary realized that she'd gone through an uncomfortable aspect of.

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