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"mary weak" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Update arm ryan kaufman mary weak has gone by this season where we aren't waiting for vance joseph to make a decision on who will start at quarterback for the denver broncos joseph says he's got some things to think about before it decides whether it be paxson or brock on sunday obviously disgusted with the with the staff and see where we are now with both guys you know obviously um you know bats in that brackets and three weeks we've got to see where he's at physically became and saturday and sunday through the ball a rehab so we'll see we'll see but it's it's a lot of things that goes into that decision you'll who place would force tyson berries two goals lifted the avalanche to a 42 win over the penguins their second win over the twotime defending stanley cup champions in the last seven days dating back to last year call radow is three in one against pittsburgh one of four teams that chair bed nor has a winning record against aum ryan kaufman with your extra sports update volmer size where the cbs sports minute hall of fame women's basketball coaches at gino auriemma buchanan sylvia hatch of north carolina are poised to join the late pat summit mike just chefs he and tara vanderveer in the elite thousand victory club a native of guests don't you north carolina hatch will realize that coaching wars are calling when she was asked the guide a junior high school girls basketball team back in 1974 after briefly coaching summits junior varsity at tennessee patrick moved on to france's marion college where she won two hundred seventy two games and two national titles in eleven years at north carolina had most memorable win was the 1994 ncaa championship against louisiana tech four years ago she took time off.

france ncaa tennessee gino auriemma stanley cup tyson mary weak louisiana marion college vance joseph tara vanderveer north carolina sylvia hatch ryan kaufman pittsburgh paxson denver broncos eleven years three weeks four years seven days