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Tom Hanks goes to war (again) in the World War II drama 'Greyhound'

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01:41 min | 2 d ago

Tom Hanks goes to war (again) in the World War II drama 'Greyhound'

"A war slashed drama movie and something That looks pretty good. Yeah, I was shocked to see a Tom Hanks poster as well that it was funny because it's what's interesting about these. These films with Greyhound specifically because That trailer dropped. I think pre Cove it and I remember seeing the trailer and it was one of the few where I was, like, legitimately like that Looks really, really good ever saw? No, it's it's It's It's all. It's actually do you have that? Can you get provide assistance Officers there? Samantha, I certainly can. U S Navy commander Ernest Krause. It's so nice to be reading a synopsis. I feel so normal Ernest crosses assigned to lead an allied convoy across the Atlantic during World War two. His convoy, however, is pursued by German U boats. Although this is cross his first wartime mission, he finds himself embroiled. And what would become to be known as the longest largest and most complex naval battle in history. The battle of the Atlantic? Yeah, the trailer looks fantastic. And Tom Hanks already is just so watchable. He's just so interesting. And even when he does, you know, I mean, he does. I know I'll get even with this dramatic roles, the majority of what he does know her dramatic roles, but it doesn't seem to matter. Sort of what you know what, what acting gig he takes. He's able to bring something you know really compelling to it. And this movie just has me really, really excited on I just I like the fact that they're embracing the technology to go back and revisit some of these time periods. And to give us some or Hollywood eyes but still somewhat, You know, more accurate representations of what these particular battles were like. I know lot of

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