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"mary lohman" Discussed on Stuff You Should Know

"Hey and welcome to the short stuff. I'm Josh and there's Chuck. This is short stuff and this is a good one. I'm I'm excited about this one chuck. Let's go go go. Yeah I. Mean we're talking about petticoat rulers and it might surprise people considering America today is ranked eighty one out of one hundred, ninety, three countries in women representation government that we actually had. women who were mayors and city council people way back in the eighteen hundreds. Yeah they're a two towns in particular Owes Collusive Kansas in Connecticut Utah that had elected all female town councils in eighteen, eighty, eight, nineteen, twelve respectively, which is pretty substantial but then Jackson Wyoming home to famous Jackson Hole Wyoming. Which I guess is a hamlet or a Burger, some sort of affiliated town but it's basically the same place from what I understand Oh may oregon to get some email from the Jackson people. they said, you know what? Hold our beer are hold ourselves parrilla because we're GONNA one up both of those towns and in nineteen twenty year that women were granted suffrage by the Constitution or the bill of rights I should say that same year. Jackson. Wyoming elected not only in all woman town council chuck but also a mayor, a woman mayor for the first time ever and the that group these petticoat rulers they came to be known appointed women to the highest positions in the town clerk health treasurer, and Marshall in that. Amazing. It is amazing and I'm I was surprised to see that the first woman elected mayor in the United States was all the way back in eighteen eighty seven. Yeah. I had an I had no idea. Yeah. It was a Gloria Kansas her name was Well, this one was the one I believe we covered her before in something Susanna Salter who was placed on the ballot is Sort of a prank. By men in the town who didn't think that women should hold office, they put her on the ballot thinking that she would be humiliated in it set women back politically and she didn't know she was on the ballot. It was like a blind ballot until the day of the election. And she she one that's all an went on to be mayor the other ones Qaluza. Mary de Lohman. She was legitimately elected mayor in the first woman elected as mayor In Kansas with an all city council full of women nothing. But ladies that's amazing. But the the thing is yeah, like we we think about it today and we're like that's just that's unheard of you know like literally unheard of I hadn't heard about that before but the the state of Wyoming's actually known as the equality state in one of the. Reasons why is because? You know we associate nineteen twenties the year that women were granted. The right to vote does the national thing they had the right to vote back in eighteen, sixty, nine in Wyoming. So it kind of gives it a little more texture or context or both to know that that women already had the right to vote for. More than fifty years before Miller in all female town council where elected in Jackson. Yeah. That's how Mary Lohman one in Oscar Lusa is they had in Kansas they had the right to vote in municipal elections. And they won by a two to one margin on the Oscar Lusa improvement ticket. I'm the one in Utah was interesting too, and they both kind of had similar stories in that when they got an office. one of their big things was to Kinda just. Clean up the town collect back taxes I. think they had something like two hundred dollars in collected taxes just because people just refuse to pay and they went around personally to the houses I think they left office with two thousand dollars in the city coffers. and then Mary Wooley Chamberlain of Connecticut Utah She was mayor for two years and she had a female city council and she was one of the enacted one of the first leash laws for dogs. Oh cool and then wanted to protect local business. So she enacted a a daily tax on traveling salesmen coming through town. Because she was like you can't just come through town, steal a bunch of business and leave. With your pockets full. So we're GONNA tax you guys per day just to kind of drive business to protect local business. That's some smart government right there. Yeah. Well, let's take a break. We'll come back and talk about some more smart government that was instituted by women around the turn of the last century. Okay..

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