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"mary agamemnon" Discussed on KR Live Podcast

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"mary agamemnon" Discussed on KR Live Podcast

"Ten darius reigned over sparta and owed his crown to hercules. Who had murdered his brother. After his attempt to usurp the spartan throne the king of sparta of princess called me she was so beautiful that she attracted the attention of zeus. Who started to desire the young queen. Oneday leader was refreshing herself at the banks of a stream when she spotted a beautiful swan doing ballet. The girl was delighted with the creatures tremendous beauty but suddenly an eagle attacked the swan with sharp claws. The beautiful bird dodge. The attack quickly moving towards the young queen who protected it meet found. The birds sobbed feathers amazing. But the naive princess didn't know that this beautiful swan was a bird shaped zeus. The great god as swan made it with the young and laid has devine see after the bird's departure leader kept feeling lustful and look for. Tim darius her husband and they both had a night of intense love. The queen was pregnant and much to everyone surprise she hatched two x one gave birth to helen and politics the children of zeus and from the other two emerged caster and clete. Thomas drop children of canaris tin. Dario made no distinction between the babies and raised all as his legitimate children. His descendants would leave their marks. Greek mythology flea tim. Ministre within mary agamemnon. The greatest of all greek kings caster pollock's will be part of jason's crew. Who would search for the golden fleece helen in turn would eventually become the world's most beautiful woman being wanted by almost every king in greece and her abduction would be the trigger for the start of the trojan war. After firming has power. Zeus falls in love with tightness meeting the goddess of prudence and wisdom. She tried to circumvent the advances of zeus. Using all the means she could given that she had the power of metamorphosis the goddess was able to transform herself into several animals to lose the great god but metesz would not be capable of escaping sues forever. The guy grabs her and turns her into his wife. She quickly gets pregnant and certainly would give birth to a wonderful divinity however the oracle of guyana. Let's do snow that the goddess will give birth to two children. The i will be girl that will match her father. In strength and cpn's the second will be a boy that will be even stronger than his father and we'll take the power from him. Zeus dreads the possibility of facing the same fate of his father. Tighting krona's or of his grandfather. The god uranus who were both dethroned by their sons and inspired by his father. Zeus asked ahead meets his transformed into a drop of water and so he swallows his pregnant wife. Never giving her the chance to give birth after swallowing his wife. Zeus embody the gifts of god's meters. He is now a much more wise fair and less impulsive. God time goes on. And the powerful god starts a fuel unbearable headaches. His head starts to grow in a frightening way. Zeus someone to his head and removed the cause of such pain a festus. The god of the forges uses an axe to open a fissure in the head of zeus. From the gods hole in the head emerges athena with her armor and weapons already a full grown adult zeus proud to give birth to such a remarkable creature. Who because she had intelligence of her mother will become the goddess of wisdom she will also be regarded as the goddess of defensive wars and therefore the clashes against aries. The god of war would be inevitable meters stays in his stomach and so the prophecy of the couple's second son would never be fulfilled. A will present herself as a valiant pure fair and sapient goddess and so she will be regarded as uses favorite daughter and many will deem.

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