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"marwan wazim" Discussed on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

"Okay could be funny in the store shut up comedian But Yeah I think that was the backdrop and I had anxiety as a kid and my parents were trying to the best show up. You know just that type the nerves and not feeling like I necessarily belong. Yeah but then being the funny kid because of because of hiding anxiety. It'd be weird that I'm delighted bad enough that you became talented. Yeah me too. Yeah I yeah I totally was so so freaked out especially in high school. I was a bit much. I was a bit much and constantly as he said spasm. Yeah were you a big Ham in high school you like back. I mean that guy so Hammy the teachers thought I was funny. Yeah that's not good because the the classmates Wearing a Hawaiian shirt like impression of like a wild and crazy that my dad would identify as has a wild and crazy guy. Well well look who were powder. Blue Tuxedo to the PROM. I remember my friend Chas Jazz. This he was he said he was going to go to the dance and he was going to wear a bow tie that spins yeah and I was so jealous I was like I'm the AH I have style. I wanted to gag anything when when I figured out that those hand buzzers that you wear just spin. That don't actually shock you. I like so let down because that was going to be my thing. Yeah you're going to be that guy. The joker in the Batman animated series. Basically I just wanted to be an murder people. Did you do magic and stuff of course go to that level dare you into. There's an insult but you look at least one slight of I'm delighted by magic and I'll pretend for fun but I. I think I lacked the concentration to actually do it. Dude I the sets. I'm my friends. The gunners have a nine year old who I'm very close with and it's I'm because with the whole family and I'm always trying to teach her magic and it's it's teaching someone had put together a grill. Yeah totally you're like okay. And then make sure you keep this wingnut in hidden in your shoe and like I was like how fucking lonely and I don't even mean like a abused or neglected. No I mean like I was a little kid that that was shuffling around the House with my mom gossiping then occasionally take out like a magic book intended for fifty year old men in the forties forties. Keep it in the in the brim of your hat fedora. Like I have to wear a fedora letter under spats looking some term. Snap your suspended mom. I need to spend a uh-huh oh my God. What else did you so you did comedy? You didn't have other weird weird Al we into weird. I loved Weird Al Not as I can't claim like on the Super Weird. Al Had like today. I Love Weird Al.. Yeah no I had my time with weird al.. I've seen him live. But I wouldn't say that I'm a hardcore more modern weird AL person I sort of dropped off after Amish Paradise yes same. Yeah I didn't graduate from that. I don't even know what the newer ones are. But you win friends. Did you make friends. Yeah I did. I actually eventually became kind of a popular kid. I love the engine. Enjoy either upon their necks people. Hey go learn it from your Stan. I learned to. I never even thought Latino because in Spanish the male assumes everybody Eh. Yeah which I guess isn't great. Yeah but I just thought it was like yeah that is the point avenue like okay well. LET'S NOT GENDER The we've explored just caught me being one thousand nine hundred. Five white man is just normal. You have a man means normal man like man. I'm a man. You're you're a man if I tell you you're man shut up man or woman and then there's one man but that's man with an attitude. So Latinos were there other Latina people in and it was mostly like Irish Catholic white school. But then it was like you feel special or you start going Then there is like handful of like immigrant. Kids kids like there was like Marwan Wazim and Glenn the Filipino. Kid I know Glenn the P. P. I. G. Youtube and we all had mustaches and third grade Our parents cognitive is like you know like like someone would have pizza. And I would have like my dad vow. Which is like Cuban soda at the teachers? I got sent to the principal's office because they thought I was like a a second grader drinking beer at school. But we'd be like these fucking astles thinking. This was a beer. I God elated about out stuff more scenes because they think it's a beer have been very beer like it's like a copper can and it. It kind of looks like I guess. Yeah I guess I hope would be more sensitive now. Yeah and read the word. I believe the Spanish word for soda is so oh kissed a gland surveys. But I wonder you tell me would. White people know the word survey so back then probably not the eighties. That came later. Yeah sort of like I feel like I feel like my dad's still wouldn't know survey. Yeah I'm going to bet a million you're from Illinois Chicago area. I started there but thank you for knowing that. I don't know why I thought that was so sweet but I'm from Boston. Oh Wow my dad says Expresso so oh I don't think service then you ever correct someone. By saying back to them Espresso I love Expresso Russia Espresso. And you won't hear it happened with me and my mom and Mari Condo a Netflix. She's like all the Chinese lady throw stuff away away like she's Japanese Chinese old. She's very old. Say the name wrong. She got long so what I was asking and this might be a stupid question but I ask them all the time. Who Cares? was there a feeling of spectrum as you said the mustache throws I and even interesting food. You're looking for identity. Yeah was it identity or was it man. I wish I could fit in. It was a little of both. I mean if I go to my friend. Leo's House and and his family were immigrants from Italy or any one of their it would make me feel like okay. Cool other kids parents from other places and these kids are smart and good at school and so we have to. Our parents speak a little funding and we speak to them in our home. You know their mother language and that's normal like if I if that we didn't have that I didn't have that it would have been very isolated. There were no examples of that in the media. Like you didn't feel like now it's pretty ready not normal but not unexpected if you might see something like that on. TV A kid that goes home and speak a different language to their parents. You're not like who what is yeah. Yeah Yeah so you're not even seeing yourself reflected in the media as my point so you only found that in your friends. Yeah which was cool and then you know it was a very small school and because sports I was able I became friends with like the The what the white kids are like. Even the white eight Bros.. Where like I think because of my dad and still? I tried very hard at sports and I'd be like I wasn't physically talented but I was like the Rally Monkey Gi and I would die for a ball and all that stuff eight baller we. What were you playing baseball? I played well. I played all bliss sports because I was kind of laughing baseball. Yeah but because my parents worked all the time would be an after school programs. or It'd be at the park occur. Something that's hilarious. So I've played every single leg. This is in our pilot to there has to be something where it's like it has to be all girls or something it's like fight club. MARLA is in the testicular cancer support. Group there has to be something where it's clearly you just can't go home yet. Yeah so you're like your or in crocheting or crochet. To saying the I was it would have been weird and since my parents relate to pick me up. Sometimes I'd be like hanging out with the counselors at the park and I got really good at chess. I'm like really great at Ping Pong really play adults or teenagers as gay. That's just magic on a table Eh. Table that stable magic. That's funny I have a ping pong table now. Almost unbeatable really and I keep it low and fast low and fast spin and almost lose. Sometimes and then I'll just like I'll like change almost into a different person. Just be like so focused and determined war and then I thought about it recently. I think this is going back to when I was a kid. And I'm like trying to show myself worth to an adult You know because I was like I need to beat the counter. Show that like my parents aren't here but it's not because I'm a piece of Shit I'm like a good. I'm talented lease and you're putting on a show putting on a show your dancing for your Jenner. Yeah and which is like as a latchkey kid of the eighties growing up watching cosby and punky brewster and all these shows I think that all became part of you you know jumped into my psyche and this is how you and watching. I'd watch cosby. I'd watch like Eddie Murphy. Raw on tape different. Feel Steve Martin Wild and crazy guy like I had things on. VHS Is that well in crazy. I believe yeah And let's get small. I don't know I think it might be. Let's go and I would just watch stuff all the time on a little. VHS Tape and like I was like that's it just made me feel so good and then I enjoyed it so much that I think I was like. This is what I'm GONNA do. I relate relate to that man it was obviously a different set of circumstances but like I felt Looking back I can understand why but I didn't know at the time but I felt got something in my stomach that I was somehow like different and weird. Yeah like I think my family and I I love my family. They're fucking so weird. Yeah so weird and I think I went into school and I just saw people. They just didn't look as weird as me. And that's when you're like strikes on the Avenue Maple just tap dancing and you want the bow tie that spans and you learn the magic trick because you're kind of battling like a weird inner nerve feeling. You're trying to turn the feeling that you have. Yeah I have to imagine you got good at talking to grownups too. I mean that's a skill. If you're hanging out with all these counselor or use of teachers. Yeah your child you know you think you're giving the show to them but you're also learning how to relate to adults similar to comedy comedy. Yeah and they would be kind of off the clock so it'd be like so what's going on over here guys. What do you do after school? Yeah you file papers. Or what's going John in particular like take you under their wing. Did you have a friend that was like that saw what was going on and Nice for the pilot we do ha. I guess he plays them. It's a cameo utters cameo. How is it you at this age today? Yes I'm smoking merit. Okay so you like me but also smoking around in the car. Yeah I yeah. I don't know why it's happening. I didn't really have that as I mean my sister always reading for me but in elementary school not that much because I think it was a pro kind of approach to loud and class into all over the place but in high school. I had teachers that were really like I did. Model you wine and we do you then..

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