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"To go to jail right away so they moved him pretty briskly but he was talking with his attorneys after the verdict came down really within a few seconds and what did the attorneys say have we heard from them yet yeah we have not heard from me yet there was a little bit of chaos outside of the courthouse here Gloria Allred went to speak she of course represent some of Harvey Weinstein's accusers and then his attorney Harvey wanting to trace tried to kind of one upper and get in front of the bike in front of her they had a little trouble they said okay if you wanna listen to her listen to her and then they left they left this courthouse it's a very busy but happy street without speaking to anyone not last week the jury wanted to re hear testimony from a sopranos actress Annabella Sciorra is there a sense that that eventually played a big role in their decision it does seem like that the C. said that once the barge his way into her New York apartment back in the mid nineties it does seem as though based on what he was found guilty on a basis of what he was acquitted on that they did not believe yours testimony essentially he was convicted of rape in the third degree which means having sex with a person without their consent that was involving Jessica man in twenty thirteen be committing a criminal sex act where he was found guilty of was for Merian Haley in two thousand six so the jury seemed to believe they're true stories but not so much that the project is that you mentioned and that's thanks so much for being with us we appreciate it you're welcome thank you that CBS news reporter Matt Piper two thirteen here on WTOP another news we're following for you when police searched the prince George's county home they found thousands of pictures and videos of kids being exploited now thirty seven year old Marvin Amaya Degas bassist more than eighty charges some of them linked to the apparent sex assault of a fourteen year old boy the county's internet crimes against children task force more than two dozen tips about a mile a day as from the national center for missing and exploited children they are asking you for any information on him or any possible victims it is two fourteen talking of sports next who named their savings accounts save more than those who don't the following was inspired by navy federal credit union savings account named family vacation this was such a good call and we needed this what do you think the kids are up to relaxing.

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