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"marv levy tom landry" Discussed on Get Up!

"Those pictures that you were seeing there some of them at least were against Brady in the AFC championship game von Miller at a dominant game in the Broncos went on to the Super Bowl. So with that we set the floor who do you believe wins on Sunday? And why? You know, like I was saying liberty early. You got You you know, know. Russia. The middle tight coverage. Rams would be over to get. They're they're built for this on. They got a great offense. They can run a ball with the ball will got a great tight ends in between on the defensive style. Aaron Donald and sue and Marcus Peters in a key to leave them going with the gun. All right. He's got the Rams, and again, he is a nominee for the Walter Payton man of the year award presented by nationwide, which genuinely is one of the most significant awards in all sports. Good luck with that. Von enjoy the off season. We'll see again. Thank you. I appreciate it. Take care. That's von Miller, meanwhile, on planet earth, I want everyone to just take a look at what happened because I can't believe this is the second time. I find myself saying this, but they were bats in San Antonio this time they were a bunch of them. This is what do you call a bunch of bats a gag. Maybe a group belfry. I don't know. What would your thoughts? That's just not my Cup of tea. Not my Cup of tea. Bring this guy now with some little net. I don't know what it is that remember this happened member. What Manu Ginobili did with the bachelor and? He's just walking around carrying it. Like these found someone's contact lens Mata look what happened last night. Okay. But why did they have the mascot dressed up as Batman? Something is fishy here. I think we need to look baddie. Where in the world they planned to release the bats last night in San Antonio. What do we decide you think about is? It's not a rodent. It's a marsupial. But I'm ready for everybody to tell me, I'm gonna take the underground that baseball or football. It is the question to sports want answered from Cuyler Murray. And we will get that answer from any joins us live nine fifteen eastern from Atlanta this morning and tells us whether he's going to the NFL major league baseball both. Plus we've talked about them all week Aaron Donald going to loom large in the Super Bowl. Rex Ryan next. We'll tell you why he won't be the reason that the Rams win. But I little sneaking heavily talk week. This'll be Bilbao checks ninth Super Bowl as a head coach the most all time who was second. Marv Levy Tom Landry. Don shula..

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