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"marty piombo jimmy" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

"Big winner. Okay all right so we have a total of nineteen trains without further ado. Let's bring in the host of the final wander off air one more time. Here is the late great. Casey Kasem Robin Josh. It's a thrill to be here to finally and the WAND OFF. Oh Yeah KC CASE. We wanted to talk to you because absurd so done with you know you still need to talk to you about. Didn't talk to him matters yet. This is probably something we should have done off. This is the final day contract. No Man is so uncomfortable because like we talked. Casey's agent obviously after this. Never Casey. There was a whole situation here. Yeah like a whole bunch of stuff happened where we said it was going to be the final round of the year and staff and then it became like really fun to do again and everybody really liked it and also like earth the mortal coil global pandemic and like the future survivors. A little bit uncertain. And we're going into an off season we're kind of like I don't know what we're GONNA do. And so like we're GONNA continue to wander off Casey and like we definitely. We definitely need you to show up is okay. You don't show up that right is that okay. I'M GONNA have to get back to you. Oh God right Casey. Yeah holding going. Yeah plan this is a go back so okay. But it all seriousness. Josh to in a couple of weeks kick start a summer series for the wand off and for our survivor podcasting. Yes yes continues. The lead the legend remains the the. The story goes on. Yeah here's the pitch that we WANNA do. The you know some people said Hey. Could you watch season? We want to get stuck with one season. So we want to bounce around with Marty Piombo Jimmy and bounce around through time and be able to cherry pick episodes of survivor that we WANNA watch. We hope you join us for a rewatch this summer. We'll do one episode a week and we will bring you various podcasts about those things maybe maybe some interviews maybe some recaps but certainly one offs and who knows what else may be may be bees. Maybe why blank lost. Who knows by? We're GONNA throw up a shingle every week we're going to this is no no no no. Don't bring singles into we're GONNA say here's where we're we're going next. Perhaps we'll vote on where we go on where we go next. We'll give you some options but mark your calendars because the first of these of your and we needed a name. Also by the way we need the the guy if anyone's got something catchy Robert like what are we calling this thing before he got into Pakistan right. Now we've got to work in the but the first one now we're dealing. Were set. The flux capacitor set the time coordinates may thirty first. Twenty twenty where going back. Twenty years for the very first episode of survivor. That's the first one Monday. We're going back to Borneo baby going back to rid and Sonya and everything we do. I went.

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