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"marty nhs" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"In the left point of Gardner a shot right on same made by Vasilevskiy. Rebound. Ruta trying to clear bounces for Victor Hedman behind the Tampa Bay net, you know, turn out to clone it. Center left wing Tyler Johnson, who is a Carolina Hurricanes killer. He always played well against the hurricane season. Broken up with the Carolina Blue Line here and Jake Garner will carry the Lightning and Marty NHS into the lightning and left point, a little centering feed bouncing around in front. Where is it off? The stick of Gardner was down low in front of the net. Following up Andre specially got from Caroline in the left corner. I got one print. Brady shades shoots routine, same made by Vasyl Lasky. But following up his Brock McGinn Again is checked by brave in point in point draws a penalty. Well, you talked about it. Chief Carolina's prone to taking more penalties than in recent years. Lighting have a power play pending delayed call McDonough's cheese in the puck in his own end. There's an interference call there. You got checked by special coffee could have touched the puck and decided to check McDonough so he didn't touch in the lightning still have it. Targets have to McDonogh still deep in the lightning, and the net is empty, vast lawsuit to the bench. Lot hands off to breaking point. Background, right plot A little pointed center three into across the blue line now, Stamkos Love Circle Right Circle. Palat shoots a one timer just wide left. Finally special God touches it. On the Caroline Lane. You're going the Teke. Oh, power play just one minute. Yeah. And 42 seconds into this game. Yeah, for me. I thought it was gonna be making begin for hooking. He got stick on the hands and you know that That's an automatic.

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