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Berkley Local  Episode 1


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Berkley Local Episode 1

"You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT visit. WWW dot I'd passed the troy dot com for information. All right welcome welcome to the world premiere of the Berkeley Local podcast. This podcast spotlighting businesses in the local community. And through this one our podcast cast. I'm your host Steve Johnson owner operator of Motor City Brew Tours Detroit's original beer to our company and I'm also a member of the Berkeley Chamber and on the the Marketing Committee and we have created this great new podcast that I'm GonNa host and each month I'm going to bring onto business owners and we're going to get to hear you're about their stories here about why they started. What gets them up in the morning? All those good things and I got two great guests at Kickoff. What we're calling our pilot it episode number one so Nicole? Why don't you introduce yourself give us your sixty second overview of you all righty? Well I'm Nicole Miller. I own along with my husband. Marty Miller we own cocoa fair fields. We are located on Twelve Mile Road in Berkeley. Right Kitty Corner from the Berkeley Theater Marquee. And we've been around for about six years six and a half years now little breakfast and lunch place serving fresh genever frozen or fried delectable meals and he's taking a picture so breakfast and lunch so we have specials nationals. We have omelets we have pancakes and lots of great plays on your normal things that you would find maybe elsewhere But I like to say it's a a little bit Fresher than maybe some of the other places so we really enjoy that. We love being in Berkeley and All right thank you. That's great. It's it's that easy isn't it. Yeah super thanks Nicole. Art Heather whilst you introduce yourself. I'm their body and I am an independent Web and graphic designer in the Berkeley area I work for myself. I do Design work anywhere from traditional media. Like print Branding identity for corporations But my specialty is web design. And you I you ex design so you exit kind of human centered design Someone design something. I kind of think about who is the actual human. That's going to interact with it. And how can I make it. I non humans versus non humans versus botts. Avoid avoid the bots on your websites. Okay okay. That's a great intro. So two very different business owners here today on the show to kick this off so Nicole. Aw so what got you started. Wind open up a restaurant craziness that your husband's fall Marty's fault for sure her for sure so it was his dream since he was a young lad He's he was in the restaurant business as a young guy and then got out of it. It didn't into automotive for a long time this really mechanically inclined. But then you know things happen. Recessions happen automotive business. kind of goes away a little bit in the area And we were fortunate enough to have the means to open a restaurant. Said you know he was. He was really miserable unfortunate times and we were fortunate enough to be okay. Let's let's try this so We started it and it's been really wild ride ever since it's crazy and Was Berkeley your first choice. Are Your first area. You looked at like. Did you. Go look at that building say this Zet wherein when we saw the building we knew pretty much when we got there that this was it for us it was we had been to a few other places. Check them out. We knew he wanted a really cool downtown type of I. We knew like you everybody. Everybody thinks of all royal low agree think we were. We were out in the bony at the time. So you think Plymouth is really nice so that type of vibe and you know that rents are crazy there and so we we were working with a broker and he showed us place in Berkeley Berkeley really and it turned out to be amazing. I mean it was exactly what we wanted exactly location. We wanted exactly the size we needed and it was available and so it was it was it was it it was for us it was Pingo boom knew it right away once you got in there. You'll ask this was right fisheries for sure easy so heather. So what made you want to start your own business I've worked for advertising agencies and other thirty commerce companies for like a thousand years a thousand at least a thousand years at least obviously and you look great working in that thousand years. I ah came out alive. Those amazing But you know I was tired of working for other people and tired of trying to figure out how my hi process and expertise would help other people. When I had such a strange structure in amongst corporations to work through and I found that when I works with freelance cut clients the my expertise actually was able to be put to use rather than trying to figure out how to fit it? Within a corporation that are Ardi existed. So you know after after twenty plus years working for advertising ECOMMERCE I made plunge and you know I. I was lucky enough to find a lot of smaller. Local companies who didn't necessarily hadn't necessarily found their voice With their own branding and with their own online experiences in that I still do a lot of work for freelance work for advertising agencies and things like that but so that'd be pretty common that ED agencies would come and say hey got the AH the sector work. I need help with right so instead of them bringing on more fulltime staff they go to. Freelance seems like how the journalism industry works as well now yeah constantly meet journalists and they freelance everywhere. Yes Oh same thing. Yeah because I know I know the process from start to finish. I can just happen on a team. Pick up where. Somebody's left left off and or pick up a project from concept and then developed the concept developed. The the experience in building off echoes awesome. Tom I love hearing that so Nicole so when you first got started and opened up the restaurant did you find it. Difficult coal to get staff. That's a big thing here. Lot of restaurant owners. Today is that I think we would do even better if we could get more. Great people that it's always a challenge to get staff and I've been in your restaurant many times I've seen consistent staff in that has was getting those first initial people difficult and then since then have you just kind of worked hard to keep those bodies there and yeah you're right on track there I mean staffing is just huge and especially nowadays You really it's hard to find good people and there's jobs the unemployment rate is really. Hello Right now right which is great. You know everybody's working and stuff but when you need people you can't find people on such a huge challenge for all the restaurants out there you can walk. Go down any street and find a help wanted sign so it was it was it was hard but in especially a brand new restaurant right because a lot of them fail so who wants to come working for you and take that chance that they're going to actually make any money honey with you and you're GONNA pay them. They're big fears. Isn't that that they come and be like. Wow you're not busy. I'm not really GonNa make anything right that that concept starting for sure if this was a while and then it's just you open your doors and you hope that people come because you try to do all the marketing that you can you try to get the word out. They are opening. So what were some initial things you did from a marketing standpoint When you open up the doors well first thing we did is? We actually joined the Chamber of Commerce for sure. What a great idea earthly chamber? Okay Yeah and I've seen even kidding you before we even opened our doors we we joined the chamber because we didn't really anything anything about the area and we needed to be. We needed to meet people we need to do. See what was going on and and understand the vibe and the city and the businesses around well admit commit. That's why I joined the Berkeley Chamber. I've always been a member for the last year as a small business operator. Running out of my house. I've even less interaction with the public again. The business community in the area and I really wanted that so I totally see the logic and saying okay. I'm going to join us right away and get a feel of the area and what was really cool as Berkeley right so we all we all are in the area and we know how great Berkeley is. Now that we've been here for a while and restaurants been here for a while we know how amazing amazing it is in the community just totally embraced us. It was phenomenal. It was it was kinda crazy. How how quickly? We garnered regulars that were coming coming into place and and some really great comments and and you know going back to our staff and we had I'm not quite sure. How Mardi lured those people in there? But we've I don't WANNA know. Don't ask the questions you don't WanNa know the answer but but it works out great and I think if you know if you've been in you you know that we've had John and Chris there for years for from John's been there from the beginning And so they're just amazing. They know the people they know their names. We've watched kids grow up. You know they. They started coming to the restaurant. Mardi tells me source was awesome about Berkeley Mardi atop. Come home you story. Oh yeah a The family kit little young family came in. And we've been watching on. They were trying to get pregnant. They got pregnant now their kids five years old and and they keep coming into the restaurant and the and and so. It's almost like you're growing with the community in your part of them and it's just a whole one big family. It's amazing are out at like all of the events like the sidewalk sidewalk thing. I did that with my girl local Berkeley Events and assisted him. And all of those. Yeah for sure well in because the community supports us as we want to support the community so all the school A lot of that not all the schools in tight there's a lot of school communities and God bless them all we love them all but at the same time there was a lot So we try to support as many as we can and and and the community events so art bash street art fast. Those we don't do we do what we can to to really. Just that's what it's all about right bringing bringing the community out especially when you're a restaurant in your face to face with people all the time when you're a service business. It could be a little trickier cannon other and it's It's it's you don't get to. You're not in front of them all the time right. There's lots of online communication with your clients and there can always be those kind of communication struggles. Where for restaurant kind of boom right in front of him like if the food is bad? The here that right away yeah. We're not well because we know the food's not bad so so so you said through your your past life that that kind of helped you bring in some initial customers and you probably had some relationships with some ad agencies and that got you some of that work. Have you had to do a lot of I. Guess we'll just say cold calling to kind of build adult some of your client base or has it been more referrals. And that's really fortunate because I joined the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce Pretty shortly after I started my business um wish was you know really put me face to face with business owners like Nicole and you know my business is strokes closure folks by the way How there is about to launch Nicole's update for their website? So I'm sorry continue But you know it's interesting because in my my line of work. I usually ask a client to spend a sizable amount of money with me. You know web design graphic design print work in that. It's not cheap deep so when I'm asking somebody to spend a pretty decent chunk of change. They need to trust me. They need to understand that. I'm going to have the best interests at heart and I'm GonNa GonNa give them something. That's going to have a turnaround value for them as to what are things you do to help build that trust then. I just tried to go to a lot of face to face as as much as my face to face events I can you know I participated in the chart with my my two teenage daughters and I try to go money. A The chamber events as possible Union daughter helped sell shirts at the cruise fast. Because I was with yet that daughter so nice ace. She's she's she's got a Grace Mousa so but just trying to get face to face because you know tr- you know trying to sell your service like a service like mine through website just saying you know. This is what I've done and I do. I'll do a good job for you can write me big fat check it. Just you know. They've got to trust me they've got understand my processes they they need understand that I am going to put the time in to make sure that I understand who their audiences how they expect to be communicated with you know what's the best medium. I mean some people. Maybe maybe instagram's a better avenue than a website and that's okay you know but it's really understanding the need the need and making sure that the business owner trust asked me and understands that their product is going to be successful. That's a wish. All businesses looked at it that way so McColl then when it comes to change gears back to food because we're all getting real hungry. inherently the eggs benedict cocoa. Hod Odd that I've had multiple sandwiches. I've had multiple multiple dishes. We'll say it that way favorites. I'm not an eggs benedict the kind of person but I know it's real it's real that's a real popular dish. Where you yeah uh-huh Breakfast club making me hungry now? I forgot what I was GonNa talk about. She says yeah. We aren't talking about food of course talking about. We're talking about food and websites today. That's basically what we're talk about on this show so Nicole. What what was some of the so how did you come up with some of the initial dishes. Was this kind of past life. Experience Great-grandma. Whatever came over on a boat with these recipes? And that's all she had and then eventually you created a restaurant out of it. That would be an interesting story. But that's not our story. We Marty and I wanted a place where we would go doc together and enjoy and I'm a little bit more health conscious. He's a little bit more indulgent in his his choices. What he eats and it feels like you can either go to like a really healthy place or you could go to you know just a regular place where they all they have are burgers and fries or stuff that may not be in your best interest eat but the people eat them all the time? So that was our initial thought was okay. Let's do something where we can have both healthy indulgent options and The that's what we launched and we wanted to make sure that there was the we're gonNA have meets they're gonNA be good needs. They're GONNA is GONNA be good. Brad it's going to be good quality stuff So that that was kind of our and he wanted to sandwich shop he wanted to breakfast and lunch place okay. This is kind of hard to mess up. Everybody loves breakfast and lunch and You know on top off of it. That is really in folk isn't it. I know that probably wasn't your intention as you opened it and that wasn't a sort of the thing when you open it but it sure is now everywhere never ever we're now says were Brunson. Yeah it's hip to say we're branching right and and it is cool. We're glad to ride that wave. But I mean yeah we we before before we before that all the other ones around. That's what we wanted to do. And that's kind of cool too because you know seven. AM to three PM. Well you get to go home at night and actually maybe have a little bit of a life outside of restaurant so some of the other ideas from running the business standpoint. He said okay. We could manage our life. Alright yeah yeah and our so. It's like a one shift. You have one shift so you don't have to worry about having more staff to cover and everything and they love the hours. They can take their coat of school and come in or or so. They have the evenings for their with their kids. And all and and you know we have Our newest shaft. Now how he comes up with a lot of the specials and so we we've loved to give the team the staff the freedom to really. Hey did you you see something you wanna try something. Let's make it. Let's so we have. We have a lot of freedom that they can. We can try often. And that's what's awesome about not being corporate right. I mean 'cause as you can view that your own business you could wake up. Wake up that I got this idea. Yeah or customer came up and said Hey do you ever think of blank right and then you can do that right. I think. That's it's something all three of us really have that luxury of all three of us being small business owners. I've customers constantly give me suggestions. Or maybe I executed a two. You're not as well and then got out of it and then I'm driving home like I should have done this better. I'm GonNa fix that right or I'm doing the tour and something's not going right and I always say like you can always just by someone another drink right so like if something went wrong with a dish or someone's it took too long right. You could fix that right on the spot if you watch. The restaurant can do as long as they tell us salt sometimes and then they go home and then they're mad and then something happens happens and you're jeeze if you'd only told us because we don't want you to not like your meal. We want you to leave happy. We want you to leave satisfied. If you don't like something we will make you something else as not. That'd be Neil as we want you to like it we want you to come back. We want you to be happy and enjoy your meal so absolutely and I would imagine that the vast majority of restaurants out there would want the same thing so it's just a matter of speaking up saying hey you know and I don't even myself and other restaurants. Hey you know what I really don't like this. This is not what I thought it was going to be. or It's just not and you know you get the the people out there that might take advantage of you but you gotta just you guys roll with smaller percentage and you just say Yep. This is what I need to do. And I'm I'm I'm gonNA take care of you on. I'm GonNa GonNa do what I need to do to to make you happy for sure. And that's that's what makes you continue to be in business right. It's all about customer service and that's why I keep people keep them coming back to us because hopefully they. They enjoyed what they had. They enjoyed their experience with us. Because it is all about the experience right. It's not just the food it's where are you. Did you have a good experience dealing with our with the rest of our staff and our waitstaff and was the ambiance nice and that sort of thing. So it's all about that right because as I could give many examples. Nowadays of the product was probably fine but my overall experience around that wasn't and and then I don't WanNa go there again or of Ghana places where I think the food's all right maybe not amazing but I love the setting and and the people that are there and then I can overlook some of that for sure right and So Heather Service Wise. You're doing with your time so that's always gotta be tricky right. It's tricky value time. It's tricky to get a understanding of all the customers needs in that time estimate because it's always probably the biggest question they have right to say. How much is this GONNA cost? And then it's well. How do I value? How can I value that? If I don't totally know all your needs or the maybe you know eighty five different changes that are gonNA want after I already put in all the time. I'm kind of thing which is all part of the game and it's always GonNa be there. That's tricky isn't it. It is an for me. It's all about trying to manage customer expectations. You know so. I'm big on communication. You know I'll do face to face meetings. We can skype if you're busier email communication. But you know it's it's for me it's really about understanding what they want to get out of it And every project changes like halfway through. We'll be like Oh crap we should add a new pager. Oh we you know. We don't want don't like something they didn't know on the front end that came to later on the process right right so I'm pretty flexible. You know I I if it's too big of a change that it just doesn't fit in the scope or the the budget than you know I'm I frequently will face out projects you know where we don't necessarily have the budget or the time to implement this this new change but you know that would be face to kind of thing But it's really it's it's it has to be flexible and fluid you know. But that's that's part of the technology that we're working with when we're talking about on able to handle that a lot more because you had a thousand years of experience coming into this that it gave you more more mindful even more understanding of the fact that all those things can happen. Yeah and you know when I try to quote I try to be really really specific and ask a lot of questions questions up front. You know so. I've got a really good undersea I. There's always follow issue with every project. But I'm my goal is to kind of foreseen ninety percent of how the project will roll out at a time so when I call them my goals will come in under time and under budget. But you know it's you know it's it's it's always going to be a fluid process because you know like I've got a lot of clients who midway through the project they're like. Hey we decided we also want to add a social media package. How can you help me and they? It wasn't part of the original quote and that but you know it's it's all about being fluid inflexible zapped becoming a more normal part Of It today that management part or the you know enhancing what they're doing on social besides just the site besides just Other maybe off do. Do you do anything. That's kind of offline or is everything pretty much digital now. No just some offline actually do a lot of branding work a a lot of companies. Come to me. They will have a really dated brand or dated logo And they want to refresh your just refreshed all. Oh my branding like in the last year just even did it a little more in the last two months and get it right. Luckily I have a little background on that but I see where like you can look a business. That's been around for a few years. I've been around ten years and what I know now about the branding side of. It's different than what I knew when I started. I think most business sonos would fall into that camp. They said I got this name. And let's slap this thing on their and whatever happens happens and they don't think of the a twenty color logo or something crazy like that. That doesn't really work. Well in all these different places you might put it right especially nowadays when it's mainly mainly online with some things offline There's a lot of things to understand with that that most people probably can't grasp unless that's their world all the time right fair to say that and I think it's hard just as a business owner because you're kind of expected to be an expert at everything insure so the idea of saying okay have gotta take control of my website. My social media my branding. My print work. You know it's a lot it's a lot it's just a manage. It's a lot let alone to hand it off to somebody who's an expert knows what they're doing but you know I think a lot of business owners are starting to understand also that Your online presence while it's the first thing that people we'll find because when's the last time you've gone somewhere that you didn't look them up online. I right so you're one hundred percent chance I'm going to do that for anything right so your website. You're very I like. Hello Welcome to my company and if it's if it's really dated what does it say about your business right so I think companies are starting to realize that you know your online the president's your your branding. It not only can help you if it's updated but it can hurt you if it's not you know hence while you're working on a Kohl's website right now for that reason you Kinda Kinda had that. Oh we need to take another look at this absolutely well. You know when you're getting a restaurant up and running your doors open and in fact I think it was probably highly pretty ambitious for me to try to do a website on my own having no experience whatsoever but each suite. We got a logo on there. It's got your hours. It does have a menu so have some basic component directions. And you know. And that's what I wanted and I know a lot of people of small business is all they have. They rely on their facebook or their social media. They don't have a website. There's a lot of Burris I deal with the just have a facebook presence and maybe instagram and and I don't I don't know what I feel about that I'm not saying every business should have a website but I think nice to personalise a little bit so so and so yeah so I started. It'd mine out on a simple platform way back at the beginning and I am no expert whatsoever. I did the best I could. And you know had six years later wanting to do something in a lot better because there's so much more out there and LO and behold I meet other ETA Chamber Tat On Friday morning and For whatever reason you just come offers really trustworthy because I think I was going to hire her with that meeting. We and we had a for an initial face to face meeting. She's got glasses on a nice smile. I think all all that makes Ramona trustworthy. I didn't see not just for the record. I didn't say that but I mean she lives in Berkeley. It was match made in heaven. It was it was was just like Oh. She's local. This is Craig. She's her own small business. I'm my own small. Business is at the timing works too because you guys are expanding now exactly the kind of relaunched with the new site expanded space. So let's talk about that then. The business next door which used to be one of the eighty five different salons. We have Berkeley. Which I love you all? I'm just saying a lot of M. K. My wife went to that particular one though so she had find a new place to get her eyebrows. Done as a result of that. Then are you sure about you sir. Really I don't know what I'm talking about Vietnam Eighth. Get something done there. I'm a guy I don't know what it was but regardless so okay so that space came available yes and you you already know. You're capacity challenges on on busy times like Saturday Sunday. I've seen it firsthand or I've thought I was a little earlier coming over for maybe Saturday eaten and I wasn't and had a weight right and I would say in this day and age As a consumer who has. There's a lot of choice and maybe I get older and crotchety about it. I really don't like to wait. Wait we yeah we. We never really likes to wait so when when people are waiting to eat at our restaurant we are like Tan. Stop right that is the. That's the hugest compliment ever really wants to wait and eat at your restaurant like holy moly. This is amazing that the Chew Testament like it amazes us every every time Oklahoma so we had ten tables leading the other day we had seventeen table seventeen. Ten as matrons with the turn our little restaurants returned to thank you for waiting in line fine because that's amazing so the building next door becomes available and we've actually been kind of secretly. WHOA Gosh we actually? We entertained. Maybe moving because because we loved the size when we first opened his perfect. But then what it's going back to the whole experience when you're shoving everybody so when it's when it's our time it's fine right. Everybody can wait. Yeah a little more relaxed when it's raining and cold now that we've got winter already and you have to wait inside than or and so you're on on top of the people are eating at a table and they've got all these people standing in the in the lobby. Whatever you know space? We have not even a lobby. But they're just everywhere and so you can can't enjoy your meal. You can't enjoy anything so we're super excited to have a bigger space and we don't have to move. Its right next door. They started today. Okay so we all this on purpose. I didn't know that day. Wow super exciting So maybe let's see we're in. I mean I know this isn't going to air right away. So this is this is live right now on PODCASTS DOT com. You know your customers probably won't no no that so awesome so we will open. Maybe I mean I'm hoping in January ninth. Yeah that's exciting. I mean people have seen the sign out there. They know what's happening eventually. So that gives them that. Hope on the back right. I will get to come for breakfast a little more often because I'll admit I've then walked further to other places that don't have to be mentioned Because I didn't want to wait although I've come in at lunch couple times. I got seated right away win and felt like I won something because I had that happen. A couple months ago was kind of Nice out my wife and I walked up and we had lunch and we. We just went and sat down she goes. This was awesome. No more like this is what we do at almost every other place we go to just out here. You know we were kind of laughing about it and Anyway we had a great experience. I don't remember what had some awesome saying. Actually we each order to different sandwiches. One of them was your sandwich of the day. And then we did have these for each person and and that's pretty much how my wife and I eat now. It seems like it. I don't think it started out that way or sometimes I don't even know I'm doing that but that's what happens right. I guess it was in the vows or something. Probably probably like this. Let those things quickly. Yeah but that's that's exciting. So part of this is you'll have to bring more staff on back to that kind of staff. Probably some challenge some challenges. There is a challenge so we will. I mean we're trusting the process. We will figure it out Marty. That's smarties baby. He really takes that on and You know with the help of some sites whether it be craigslist or indeed that type thing or even just the actually we've got word of mouth and sign in the window. Probably the best more than anything so does Lee hopes all the people that support my business. I've gotten didn't through Customers and friends. And that's how I've kind of built the handful people that helped me. It's funny. How some of that works? I didn't set out for it to be like that but Oy it's Kinda the power of people already dig what you're doing like hey you're looking for people. I might have the right person for you and that that helps you out and that you don't have as much of a maybe as much of a cost. Then I mean that's the best thing in the world right you don't have a marketing costs there. Because that's that's one of the biggest expenses is true so word of mouth Out there and if you can have other people saying how great you are then people come. It's amazing it's worth it's weight and gold so I'm excited for the expansion. We're all excited to happen. So Heather what on your on your website you some great examples of some of the customers. Where's the clients you've worked with? Art Van van. Yeah Wow I actually worked in house for them for a couple years. I looked at your linked in profile file chamber member. They are definitely not a chamber member But he's got that beautiful art van down the road from us here down Woodward Yeah and then further up they got the was the art van. It's what was his. What's his lap? How you say his full China? Oh Van Islander. Yeah doesn't have like the CAP- capital arm of it and the off further down Woodward somewhere in Birmingham. They have some huge building. They've been building can be that arm of the company. I think right well you know art families actually bought out by yeah so that part will be independent and not support of that. Yeah so they're really big animal. Now did that change your relationship as a result of that happening now so you know one of the great things about working for myself is I found that when I was working for corporate America I am a professional job. Offer sure meaning that you know I would come into a job. Like van worked for a couple of years. I had very specific objectives for them. They weren't mobile responsive at all and You know so two years later we met all the objectives. The site was like flying. Traffic was through the roof and I was like okay. My job here is done ten. Move onto the next project But I still talk to a bunch of people at our van. There are really really nice. People to the good thing is then they love that and it served its purpose eventually. If the opportunity comes up again then you might get other work if another project. So it's like a project based assignment essentially. Yeah Yeah and I've done some consulting work for some of the bigger the companies do so I might you know they might bring in a consultant for something like that but But yeah you know. I've I've worked for some really really great companies. I've worked for an agency that did they. They actually did these really cool. Three dimensional spaces like auto show Show chores and stuff so I got to do like build APPs for Maserati and Ford As a Rottie Maserati and Ford Yikes Okay Maserati. Wow I didn't bring line out today because it's still icy out there. I usually put it inside this time of year drinkers. Yeah totally we just really cool internal F. for them. That was Super Fun and it grew into this monstrous project with a full brand. Guideline you know. Roll up that But you know it's it's fun. Cut being able to kind of get your hands and lots of different client. Projects like that helps make you more well rounded bring you get different experiences different things you might have to learn learn for sure because designers in the in the Detroit area only focus on automotive sure I get it yeah. Most of my private to our customers are really tied right into auto so I'm constantly entertaining like Germans who came into town because they want to drink a beer in a beer tour company and it's almost like the same conversation all the time in town. For what city do you work in Germany and like the last time at a couple of German they were from actual Bavaria answered. Zaria like the area very you know gotta think about it for a second when they said it you know and But yeah the very common that y you know. Auto has our mitts in a somewhere or the. My Dad was a lifer for Chrysler and it was always odd that I wasn't in the auto industry but yet it's still influences things for me and my business and definitely for your business. I good thing. Yeah it definitely pays a lot of bills for people around here to have the services side of it but then it's projects like Nicole's project just you know very different than an automotive industry project and You know I like the well rounded. I can't wait to see what the website looks like. relaunches relaunches the logo. Your your main image the Cocoa Merson. So how did that come about. was that someone's original. Aw We're cutted that workout. Did you just find that on the side of a boss and said that look. Who'll sign? No we actually worked with our contractor. Who did are like a remodel? When we first bought cocoa's it was almost there but we needed to fix up some things because What it was before didn't completely completely fit our new thing and and he knew this guy named Koby and Koby Lives in Detroit and pretty and he's well known Muir a-list we we did not know this at the time and he designed her so? I'm sure I've seen some of his work before I do Amaral's public art bike tour and I come across lots of different I I I I knew I looked up. That's all right but yeah so he. So we're super and you know we bought it in so it's ours. We can do whatever we want with it. And and she's great great and it's awesome because people have asked if like Oh is it. You know it's not me. Maybe maybe twenty thirty years younger may may not even then So but she. She's got the devil in the. He's got the devil tail and the Hilo raise her worry about that but yeah so oh. She's the double in the angel right because they're going back to the original thing. Mardi went wanted. We wanted the the indulgent and the healthy. So that's kind of where she came from and so we we just gave him an idea. This this is what we're picturing. And he drew it. And you're with it's really cool. It's very original. Yeah in a in a world where we have like a million diners. Just the same you know a couple of words on it It differentiates you in the marketplace for sure from that standpoint from a branding initiative. It's yeah and the website we actually. Ah this whole little page dedicated to the cocoa fairfield. Name Game Oh look at you. Okay if you want to find out what your Cook Fairfield name would be. It's the F- in your pet's name. The I pat and the street you grew up on. yikes okay leaners. You gotta think about that. Smoke Steve the whole street name like like street lane at the end of it or oh okay so be smokey francs. It's pretty good. That isn't too bad. That's really funny. Okay I'm going to be sharing that with people later for sure pet name. Maybe I don't know yeah. I think you kind of have over restaurant with that I think so. The new awesome cocoa fields game front. Okay so yeah it was just I leave heard the game you know some people call it the other no other way to come up with it. It Newton Different Willie Fairfield. This is a podcast so you can really see what you want. Now remember. We're going to have this on your website so well yeah is this. This is my other show. Then we would be a little looser with that may be. We'll we'll keep it. Keep it above board on here. We don't want to offend anybody. That's in the right team airfields. That's what it is just awesome awesome. So how they're as you've been building your business out with these customers I What type of technology have you been using the obvious? Of course you have computer and you're using some types of applications. Have there been other. I duNno services says like software as a service type of things that you've started to use that have really helped kind of benefit you and your business that because of the use of that's made you more efficient as really like a single operator small business. Yeah well. I'm kind of a technology nerd. I started just as a designer like as a visual I started as an art director. Am I very beginning of my career. I saw that Lincoln profiles. Well yeah that was like nine hundred fifty. I think according to the timeline two thousand nine nine hundred twenty years that makes sense. We're just launching Lincoln right but our direction is very conceptual idea. Kind of part of it but So the weird thing is through my journey through my thousand years of design history. I've kind of gotten to touch every part of the design process from conceptual to do the actual artwork creation photography editing. Things like that But my favorite part is Design and then really hurting getting out and code. I can literally lose days coating I know. Why doesn't this is why we hire her co so sorry for the reason? I'm overwhelmed on her answer. Okay thank you code so please continue. Okay so what makes me valuable to other companies that you know. She writes code as I write. I can design it but then I like literally it makes me feel like a control the world because I can control troll every pixel and how it behaves in every device in every device size so this is where he's super nerd out but there are platforms that helped me. Rapid prototypes. After I designed some Dan there's rapid prototyping tools and technologies out there. Mike Scott Scher or adobe Where allows me to build the design portion and then rapid prototype to make sure that I like the the whole flow the actual experience before I committed everything? Are these things that say five. Six years ago wouldn't necessarily have been available to you right now. I mean mm-hmm prototyping. Five years ago was me actually like building a front end prototype of of the site and turning it over to the back end of percents fully functional. Here you go. Oh I see okay okay so this is giving you more control the fact that you have these options now And you can control all that yourself too right. Yeah absolutely I follow what you're the same. Yeah so it's it's kind of it. Sounds Super Nerdy and boring. But it's super I Yeah I love that. There are people like her. And I don't have to do that. Well what we need. That's why we need her. This is part of that selling point again of you need her all right just like with the restaurant I don't want to cook doc and I like to cook either. I really don't make sense. That's why you start a restaurant but your husband does sure sure. Okay good food you know. Good Food Yeah. Yeah so I mean really if you want to be in the if you're in the restaurant business here in the customer service business and you want to be around people and you WanNa like people and you want to the community unity. I agree I mean I run a beer tour business people call. You drank all the time like you know just like you rent a restaurant you get great food ultimate now you know that's really just do you know how many times he comes home Hungary because he has not eaten all day so it's like the shoemaker. Has Kids have no shoes. Yeah you don't get to doing beer are you. Don't like I I can't tell you how many tours Iran I was just. I was working to work in the crowd talking to people and I got to the end and they're just like did you drank i. I'm trying to think it's like it's kind of like you need a beer at the end of it maybe but or you need to eat the your shift and we're finally winding winding down and you don't want to ask the cooks to make you something. Because they've been there working there. They wanted to cook something else for you hungry. Because you don't want to you okay. I'll go have ah bowl of special K or something grilled cheese but the customer service part of it. Obviously you want if you like. I always tell people you. You gotta like people if you're going to be in the customer service like if you don't like people then you should. You shouldn't be that person at the front of that right or if you only like too late. Let's just say you only like to do code and you didn't have a fun personality that you do have other. Then that's what you should be doing in the background and you should hire someone else to do that. Other part of it right same with the restaurant industry. I said the same thing. My tour business I only bring on people to represent that really like being around other people and occasionally unfortunately we all do. We'll discuss you get a customer and I don't know they're just not nice people and you have to. You have to handle those things and you have to have the personality that can kind of take it like. It's not about wrong and right a lot of time to know scenarios. It's just that person for whatever reason they're having a bad day who knows are they never have a good day. Who knows? That's maybe not for you to judge but it's for you to listen and adjust in the ways you can that you now fall within your realm of run a restaurant or your realm of them being your client right or me as being a customer one of my tours. There's definitely days I get home and I just you know I maybe need to vent it out so the better half like this crazy you know. They didn't like anything you know. And then you wait for the review to come in right. Ah which unfortunately in this digital age is something all three of us have to contend with like none of us want bad reviews but we all live in the space. So Oh for you Nicole. It's really it's like trip some tripadvisor. It's yelp it's facebook Google all those places and when I looked at all year reviews you have lots of great views views on the the person that would ever happen. Yeah you've done a good job of replying. Thank you. And it's a huge compliment In the stage. Trust me because I come across so many businesses where they don't do that they don't even look having that's probably the most important thing whether you have good or bad reviews and gratefully we have mostly good ones. is response and Not GonNa lie I do have another actual local Berkeley Chamber Company Company that does our social media and response to our yelp reviews. Sure but that's common. That's very common. But then Google do on the occasional trip advisor adviser. I do Google tags you so that's why I knew the answer to that. Yeah so google comes through and you know sometimes you just gotTa Breeze uh-huh so it just breeze but most of them are really good so the I'll just kind of let a couple pilot a little bit and then I'll respond to what we think you know that's great because if they're taking the time to review I'm going to respond on back to them right. It's very true I mean and I want people want I want that and I want people to know that we're listening and we we care a- care about the review when you care about about the whole their whole experience from beginning and after they leave you know they should have a good experience so super exciting to hopefully they'll have a good website experience soon to you gotta get together and launch this thing so so wants something launches or once you finish a project other than I do you go back and try to solicit from clients to get feedback and or maybe referrals or things that you can Put on your site. For example your website would should be the main place for you as opposed to maybe what Nicole and I have to do with kind of the other social media properties. You don't automatically have people doing that so you might have to. What kind of work a little harder to get some of that feedback? Are there certain things you do. Or don't do I try to follow up with With clients at least twice Zere A lot of it is that people when they launched a website it said forget it added again now and that's kind of missed opportunity for a lot of businesses. Because you know this is the nerdy part of my industry too is understanding how people behave online the user experience so the way people behave search online. Today is very different than the way that they did two years ago. Even so if your website is older than two years ago trouble are people finding the content content that they want as quickly as efficiently as they want you. So was that made you design differently than the last couple years. I'll admit like when I first started I remember I had like a listing of every in Michigan and had a million logos of like every brewery on there and I think I had like Google maps and then I had like every feed from every social thing Amai homepage and all this crap right just put stuff everywhere and more stuff and what I realized over time was less stuff is actually probably probably more effective or my main stuff is all kind of on my homepage and the other pages kind of support and I try to leave mine to six pages. Although it's redirects rex you to a third party ticketing site to actually buy the ticket. But that's independent of this but I try to make stuff cleaner. Is that what you've found from a design perspective that it. It's probably even more difficult how to take everything that client wants and summarize that down and make it simplistic. Yeah because you know people. I've you've worked with a lot of clients that have a lot of information and they're really out of all this all. They're they're they're like no it's it's full of good keywords here this this term keywords but you'll be able to find me on Google search if you include seven thousand words about this one topic right and you know there. There's some value you too to that thought process but nobody's GonNa read seven paragraphs on your homepage. Just not gonNA happen. If they want that information you have to give them an easy path to I find it. You know rather than you know. It's so I kind of look at look it This user experience thing as like digestible bites of food. So if you serve if you know this Nicole if you serve somebody a giant plate of food they're not gonNA they're not gonNA handle it in like two bites some people do but most people don't well what if he had fifty different things on that plate of food right. That's what you're getting at. Isn't it right so that's a lot to take in. It's confusing. They don't know where to go with a bright so I I use. I used to use this analogy. Like if I have twenty seven tennis balls and I want you to catch them off I throw them all which you you might catch to if I throw them one at a time at you. You're probably catch most of them so the same concept with website design development is. Oh you disrupt the information in small digest piece of information that get people from point a to actually finding the information and not making them read through twenty seven paragraphs of content to find a little little bit of information that they wanted so that makes a lot of sense. I think everybody's attention span is just people like everybody wants them from right now and there's a lot of that now now that It's where they're looking up information so like what have we all done on our habits in the last couple of years like how do we look up stuff now on what no. I'm sorry. Look what the voice phone now. You got it okay. So now. We're looking at everything on our phone. So what that means. Is that website. You will developing five six years ago. That was Kinda designed as you were looking at your laptop or a eighty five inch monitor or something crazy like that right. People aren't looking at stuff that way anymore. So they're going to facebook Or another social properties. You've got to have those things kinda simplistic with how you do it but it also needs all be connected into if you do a website a simplistic Easier adjustable type of site right is that yeah honestly process mobile websites. You look like an APP. Yeah boy I hope my now judging me you haven't even looked at it probably. That's all right interesting. I'm always tweaking site. Actually and I actually do us weekly which is funny. That's what us but I've I've cleaned up. I've done so many things. I originally my first sight when I started the business. Back in two thousand nine was Do you remember I wab remember that. That was the web design software for Apple. And if you're a Mac user. This was software they had. I feel like saying I. It was a busy from Apple. So you get kind of thing. which is what that means to non-tax attack people and work great for what I did and it was slick and I really was sad when they dumped it but I remember back then like how different that process? I was like you were offline creating it and then you had to communicate bat you had to have a web host and then you know how to transfer the files to that. And then if you didn't input something in the right folder and Blah Blah Blah. It didn't work and then jump forward to what you did Nicole. which was we believe which is Kinda simple template based but it's all McLeod you kind on a broad logo over there? He took a few things at pitchers in them. We'll la it was all kind of housed in there and that was that's the more modern way a lot. Most sites are really done today. The right and that's that's why I work in that platform. 'cause I kind of understand that Obviously other union different world. Because you know what you're doing and you don't need to worry about a platform like we believe per se right but still some of the same concepts. Yeah I actually It's funny because a lot of lot of businesses like wordpress because you know content management the system that they can go in and tweak themselves someone buys a template and or hires you you create a wordpress theme And everything is built off of that. Basically yeah yeah we just no different than me using weekly if you think about it because I'm using a theme from them. So here's the difference. I hate having to work with somebody else's this temple. It'd Ohka structure and I go in and tear to control issues which I go in and tear out all of the inner workings. The theme that I use in rebuild it from his Rasha. Yeah I love it. Sorry we digress. He got a little too nerdy with all that. I don't know I was doing good before or that that we we moved around a little bit so back to simplicity and what you discuss other websites Nicole as you think through your menu choices. Is You really have a pretty simplistic menu of a little bit of both sides of the spectrum like you said but after meant when I go on there. It's pretty easy for me to read it where there are lots of restaurants. That's I go into. And it's like a twelve page I Dunno a doctorate of food and it drives me crazy right and I'm like I can't can't make a decision where I can make a decision pretty quickly when I come into your restaurant. And that's a big plus in my mind. The power of choice. That was a whole thing back in the business world duck a few years. Go to the more choices that you have. You think you'll be happier and you're really not really not so I mean I think we have a good size many many that have a lot smaller Amount of choices. Then they're not. I think that this is doable. For US I mean if you've been you know how smaller kitchen is we make these things fresh. We don't have a lot of freezer. He's our spacer for a you know the this stuff comes fresh we make it fresh and The the I mean God bless the restaurants that wanted to be out there and be everything for everyone You know they're they're they're obviously cutting corners. Because you can't do all that fresh all the time we'll there's no way you could know so and sometimes they wanna be the you can't be eh everything to everyone but they want they're trying and and like I said God bless we all have our own business model that we're trying to go after but that's not what we wanted to be In this says this is really comfortable for us in fact when we want to add something to the menu. It's more often than not we. Just keep it as a special maybe on and off for a while just because we don't WanNa overcrowd the menu do we don't WanNa get too big and we don't some things are so good we don't WanNa drop them so it's hard choices because customers really get attached those. Gosh yeah absolutely bere-. Yeah I work with at the. The beer industry's the same way. So like as breweries are open a lot longer and the kind of have their Standard Beers that everyone likes if they dump their out one of those as they're trying to cycle and some new fun stuff customers will tell you so. I'm sure you get that with your dishes are sure that if you make a major menu change what a happened my world is GONNA end. Yeah well even when we first started we we had our Pastrami Hash on the menu and we had some issues with because we ended up taking it off the menu and people were like. Where is this stormy Hash? Are you kidding me like where did the skull. And we were like fledgling navy a year old or something and and so we decided okay if people know about it and they really wanted then they and they ask for it will make it for them But we're going to keep keep it off the menu. And if she look at it now it's back on the menu because of it just by popular demand and wanting to show what would be besides that what would be like your most popular sellers so the Breakfast Club Barnes Rutgers Club. Ah for an The coolidge club coolidge cloak. That that those are by far our number one's Then we go into our omelettes and the breakfast burritos really popular Those are those are the main stays I would say. And then you get the the pancakes and the sort of thing but really. It's those sandwiches the Reuben's the really good 'cause 'cause we use good good neat we use all that Zimmerman's coffee quality coffee Offi and that was important. That was your objective researched that before we opened and because everybody had you know Great Lakes and various you know we we want to keep it local. The hazing hermens great you know locally local roasting and that sort of thing and not a lot in the area so I figured it people do. Do you feel that your customer had pretty good brand recognition with that name. I mean I feel in this area. People do and they understand that. It's a quality product and a quality product. It's not going to be like the the speedway coffee. It's a quality and a local coffee and if we're going to be a breakfast and lunch place you need to have a quality I think so. I think that's got to be a cornerstone. Cornerstone of the business has to have the have good coffee super important. What about the decor? IV We haven't even talked about this show what are we doing here of course Quirky and whimsical Colin Cute. And what's the clocks. Were you a crazy clock lady in the back and then you got all these clocks walks you had to bring him out to show people. It was stupid it was it. Was It morphed into something. That's really remarkable. I'm going to tell you that but we started with one clock when we bought the place is it had clock in it and then I saw clock. That had a forks and spoons and knives and it was made up the clock and I thought well. That's a great clock for a restaurant. We need that like well. We don't really need that. We already have o'clock. So let's okay. We'll just buy another clock so and that's how it started and so we global and it just escalated from there and snowball so that it was just let's acute clock and and that's how it just became something it became our earth thing it. It just happened. Organically wasn't contrived or anything. And and now it's remarkable because customers bring us clocks Marty's come in to open the door in the morning and they'll be o'clock sitting really org so people leave us clocks. They make us clocks. You'RE GONNA see this one. We're going to launch it when the the expansion opens When we're done with that we're we're GONNA up? Hang this clock open but for me. It's like a stained glass clock has got cocoa on it and everything. It's it's crazy how to get them a Free Cup of coffee. Yeah maybe one or two. Yeah sure yeah it's and and there was. There's one that they pay the another customer painted her into and made a clock and It's yeah so now it's our. Yeah now we're crazy clock people. We weren't to know now so now it's funny to estate sale or those type of things and uh-huh and find them and it's just a fun thing and did Mardi make your chandeliers he. Did he made the chandeliers for I saw those in a catalog and they were really expensive offensive. And he's like I can make that. Yeah and so. He made them so. The forks spoons stories that you tell on social about all this for sure that seems like a great thing to be sharing once in a while and or have on parts of the website I guess in small little digestible chunks. Right been listening. I've been listening. Well this has been a almost eight Mike that this has been a great first episode of Berkeley Local podcasts. How Fun to have both so you on today? Two ladies talking food talking website talking designed could design good food a lot of sense talking some business acting like we're talk about business very much so well I wanNA thank you both for coming on folks want to get more information about Your Business Nicole. What should they do they? I should go to the soon to be brand new website. Yeah you wwe. COCOA FAIRFIELD IS DOT COM. Does anybody can say. WWW They don't but that's all right. You're not attack one so it's cool. Kogo Fairfield DOT COM. We also have you can find facebook. INSTAGRAM twitter. I'm an were in Berkeley right off. Twelve mile and heather. If people want to get more information about your awesome services. How should they do? You can go to my website at Heather. BOATY BOATY DOT COM. It's like body with today's body but with two ds they can also find you on Lincoln because that's how I found facebook. Yep Awesome while I want to thank you. Both for coming on the show Everyone else stay tuned. We were going to hopefully have a full year and twenty twenty of these Berkeley local. Oh podcast we're going to try to have too great and entertaining folks every month that we're going to bring to you check us out on podcast. DETROIT DOT COM and you go the Berkeley Chamber website website. Get all these links. And of course he's finally going to share this episode later on on their sites which they just told you about. So I'm your host Steve Johnson. I want to thank you guys for listening to the first Berkeley local podcast. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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754: Who has really helped you?

The Ziglar Show

55:17 min | 1 year ago

754: Who has really helped you?

"Hello everyone I'm Kevin Miller and this is ziglar show where our goal is to inspire your true performance in this episode. Who has really helped you in recognizing who has helped vitally important as it fosters reality of how valuable help is how much you need it and benefit from it or what? If you haven't haven't received much positive help from others how do you get it. When this episode we listen to a clip on this topic from Zig Ziglar on the dramatic influence of others investing in US and us in them and then I posted this question to the ziglar audience? Name Tags someone who truly made a positive difference in your life and please explain how specifically helped you. Well many many responses and Tom Ziegler and I talk through as many as we could and really expanded on the value. Oh you and need of this issue in our lives so we'll get started right after I share some great products and services with you today. Everything you do was at the mercy of your body if it's compromised so are all your efforts and your attitude my other podcast the true life show. It's not about health and fitness. Yes those are merely a means to an end. This is about getting you capable to do the things you care about in your life episode eighteen just dropped and we talk about nutritional supplements. Do we really need them. which are really even worthwhile and candidly? We're not selling any folks. Were just giving guidance in this show so find the true light show wherever you get podcasts. And let's get you functioning at a higher level a number of years ago just outside of Boston Massachusetts uses a mental institution which for its name was well advanced but even though this one was I I hit most in the country. Bay still had a done John downstairs were they put the ones for which there was no hope the hand little girl named any little Annie and Liliana had those tremendous mood swings one day he was kind and loving and gentle and another day. Hey became almost a little animal. And she was just absolutely impossible to predict they headed down in the dungeon. That was an elderly nurse. There who was nearing age of retirement and for whatever reason she started every day going down there and having our lunch just outside of the cage where little any was being housed and see when necessarily talk to her she might speak might say a few things but she was just there every day in our own way commuting her. You are a human being. I I do love you. I have an interest in you. One day he took some Brown is and put them just inside and little anti ignored them but the next next day she noticed that the Brown is were gone. The next Thursday she took some more Brown and the process goes on. Well the doctors there or notice that there was improvement in little anti they decided they would move up and put her in the treatment process later. Are they pronounced her. Will they said you can leave now. Yeah you're okay you could Fox and society I said No. You're not commit so much to me. It has given my life back. I would like to stick around for at least a few years and pay bag by doing some things for some other other people. Many many years later when Helen Keller received England's highest recognition for a foreigner Queen Victoria asked her to home on. What do you attribute your remarkable success in life with all of the handicaps? All of the thing you're done without any hesitation. Helen Keller said had it not been for and Sullivan Yvonne. Little Annie. This would not have happened in relationship building. You get never know how far it's going to go. Well Tom the message from Your Father Zig there about Helen Keller Curse is tremendous. I think most people who have listened to this show who have listened to or read from from Zig from you know I know about his wall of fame which I got to see in man- whatever year that was not thinking it might be two thousand twelve or so something like like that. Maybe maybe it wasn't. Maybe it was that long ago to fourteen. When does he pass away? What Year two thousand twelve? I think you came to the offices around two thousand on ten. Maybe so okay maybe and I. I saw that. It was different offices in what you guys have now but you walk in and boom right there on the left is the wall affair. That's where we stopped I. I was with Chuck Bowen. and Dave Munson and we came to see you and your dad and saw that welfare was how many people were on their listed on there. The Wall of gratitude I think has twenty six or twenty eight. Obviously just the powerful message. The people who made an impact in his life and I thought I. I've never gone to that length. I should think about the people who made an impact in my life and some of those asked that question here and you hear a lot about long-term stuff. There were some people that had a significant impact on my life that was not it a long term a long term relationship surly. It wasn't a decade of time that they spent with me walking with me. It might've been a year three years. There's some people who were just a part of my life for a relatively short period. Time made a big impact that I would put on that wall because they changed the trajectory of my life. That's that's one where it I think if we take take into account who has impacted that would expound on that and the question here but as we all think about this may be one of the best things that we can get out of this as a stop and think about who made a positive impact on my life though my concern with that is that people will ask that question themselves and realize they have not had any and that's a difficult place to be in a new seen people in that place. It's hard not to be sad and a bit bitter about that reality. Yeah you know I look at my own life and cash. There were people who had a profound impact on my life. Maybe even just for a moment moment right just that one idea that one thought. I think one of the things that the dad did that was different is he basically. He created a gratitude list and started thinking of all the people who made an impact of his life. And that's how the wall of gratitude really really really kicked off and he was like the big thing recommended everybody to do that. Always smile when I say it but he would say yeah you know if you ever see Turtle on a fence post you know it had helped church in and that's that's where that comes from. You know something else. That's interesting is a lot of times when we're getting the help We don't even realize it and sometimes like like dad later in his life he would he would talk about the the wall of gratitude when people would come in and then even say I didn't even like two of those people up there but that's an interesting. That's an inch. Well you know what a keep that in mind because one of the ones we're GONNA get to probably really not along those lines but that's one where I'm sure. Somebody had a positive impact even though it wasn't his favorite person but we have a really harsh look at that at that aspect here coming up. Let's just dive into some. It'll bring up. I think some good points Marty Miller creed. Well that Miller in there air is. That's my aunt and she said my sister olive is you had the biggest impact on her which is interesting because my guesses. This is her sister olive my aunt all of boy. She's been passed away for twenty years or more. I think this a long time ago but Marty says she was my mentor mentor. A beautiful example of a Godly woman. Even when battling cancer she encouraged others and always pointed them to Christ She shared her life. And I ask how specifically did she mentor mentor you. She shared her life experiences with me so I could learn from her. She provided guidance motivation and most of All unconditional love. That's a family member. How many people have a spouse or a family member again? I'm afraid there's a lot that don't but some that that I do But sharing life and we hear that Tom I hear that especially. In relation to parents the value of when the apparent I think authentically and with humility shares their life with their child the power of that. I got to see that I was an only child for the first or seven years of my life and then even as time went on you know so even into my tens and beyond my my brothers sisters were very young so I still got. My parents adult attention more they were they were so one of my biggest places of gratitude with them as they let me be privy to their conversations to their conversations with other adults but even my mom and dad just the issues that they were going through and I was well aware of the the successes and the trials I knew when finances were bad I knew when they had to sell stuff whether it was a house or a car or whatever just to not go bankrupt I knew that and I anew and things were well and they share those remember mom crying you know when this was hard I remember dad being stressed and being worked on and I'm so grateful they did not shield me from that that they shared their life experience it made trial and risk and things like that for me I voted I got I got faith handed to on a silver platter and so it was no big deal to go out and try something and fail we talk about that so long but most of us have never witnessed that our parents either didn't try much or they shielded us. I thought they were doing good. I taken that into my life to our main. I don't my kids know what's going on and for better and worse but I think mostly mostly it's for better sharing the life experience and I know you get to do that. Not only with your family Tom. But with a lot of people the folks that you coach consult speak to and That probably teaches as much as our message. When you think absolutely I was I'm working with a couple in in legacy coaching right now. All in the the the the man is very very successful. And so we were Kinda digging in and it was one of the first sessions that we we had and I said well you know what is it that gives you this grit this resiliency. 'cause he's that's a family that word. They've claimed his resilience you as you know. And he said well when I was growing up My Dad's just been a fantastic role model and business owner and he came across a really hard time and some things went against them and they ended up basically having to start over and he says they you are packing up the house. They've sold the house. They got one car left. They're moving out and he's any says something like Dad. What are we going to do now? And he said he said my dad looked at me and he said son this is what I know. They're trillions of dollars of business out there and we've just got to go get a little piece of that we're going to be okay and it shaped his whole life. It's like regardless of the obstacle or the the situation. He knows that if he is resilient if he's got the grit right if he just keeps that thing and to me. That's like like a that's A. That's a turning point moment for anybody in a family because life is real and it's not all you know it's not all you know great stuff happened all all the time and his dad could have sent any message at that point. Yeah right but that was the one that he said. And that's what shaped that family. Just an amazing mazing story and I think that obviously it matters what your spirit is along with that. And that's what I that's what influenced me the most I I think is even I got to see these hardships going and not that. It didn't stress them out. They weren't Pollyanna or just on the rock of faith the whole time but at the end of the day. We're going to have dinner. We're GONNA sit down they're gonNA ask me about my day at school And we'RE GONNA play a game watch. TV or whatever and get up the next morning and go out in expectation dictation that things will get better and so it didn't. It didn't stress things. I'll never forget my sophomore year in high school and my mom took me out shopping. We shop for clothes school close And went up to the counter and I paid for them. They didn't have the money at that point. They had just about lost everything but they taught me to work so I was working. I had money and I remember. Remember that and I don't remember I. I think that's probably a little irritated by it but You know life goes on and and again it gave me that faith The risk and failure is not a big deal. It's just how we figure things out. Of course I saw their future successes after that. Terry Johnson here he says is my friend. PJ Burn and it is need. A lot of people did literally take this as a chance to do the exercise tag people he said such a great mentor and he shares. There's all of his business successes. The process is everything as well as his failures with me As part of my learning he lives the givers gain philosophy. Las Affi there again. Somebody sharing the process to think about. What are we doing? Can we share it with our share with our spouse. We share it with our kids. There's somebody that we can share. Share it with WHO's appear or even somebody who's younger than us that would benefit from just the sharing. I mean that's not some a massive teaching. That's not saying have a message platform and something I've proven to stand on. That's just say I'll I'm willing to let you be privy to my journey and and benefit from it with with what you will. I think I wonder sometimes we I know we discount ourselves because we think man I can't go out and share or somebody benefit somebody until I have knocked it out of the park and I'm sure you have been influenced and seen a lot of people you know Tom like. I have her just sharing their journey and the benefit of that for all of us oh tremendous to see somebody else trying. It gives us permission if nothing else absolutely you know when when people sh- sure it's when you talk about authenticity and a leader And influence you know the thing that always comes was across is transparency when when somebody is willing to be vulnerable that's when that human bond is formed that's when that influences maximized. Yeah that's when all the things that really make a great relationship start to happen is when that authentic transparent vulnerability and that's that's the problem that we see the all day because all we see is the mask right you go on social media you see the mask you go on TV. You see the mask. And I think people you're very very good now at detecting masks and they're very good at putting on their own mask but when people start point out there mentors the people who made a life changing. I think that's one of the things that you'll see often is often kind of transparent relationship that they had absolutely. Here's one short one. Thomas Lansky he says you do. He's talking to me. He says her. Who's WHO's influenced you as you? Do you take the time to listen to May ask me a couple of questions and then responded. So here's a guy who has often responds to the facebook questions that I post for these. QNA shows and he couple times private messaged me. And I mean granted like you Tom. Anybody who's got an audience you get a lot of people bull who respond but but it's not generally from a personal question. It's not you get a lot of enquiries inquiries to be on the show from from people than anything much much much much much fewer. Do I get an actual question. Hey what do you think about this. And so Thomas did I took a little. I appreciate that. I'm humbled by that because it wasn't a big time commitment for me but I did respond and hope that I can help one thing as you as people here. Talk about during in this thread that we're going to read about mentors and we talk about just what we mentioned that now. Just the reality that if you want people who can invest in your life a mentor like some all of these people are talking about to just go ask. I think we look at people especially people who are successful and think man who am I to ask for any of their time. I'm sure they're busy you no I'm not even I'm not in their peer group and they're so far above me and Yada Yada and that's what most people think and therefore there's a lot of people out there a lot of Prospective Mentor who do not have people asking them not for their advice not for their time and it was another thing. I learned from my dad because he was pretty shameless aimless and he would just ask somebody. Hey can I just have a minute of your time. Can I buy you coffee. Can I buy you lunch. He would always make a point that not a coffee and I hope you'll pick it up is there's no I want to buy you. It's an investment. At least I can do that and he would do that and he has people of course do that with him today. It's one of the things he he eats out. I think probably four or five days a week for people doing this Ask Absolutely Kevin. Here's a tip in the book born to win there's a whole section in there about picking a mentor and a couple of notes there number one it to find the right mentor. You have to be the right men tea and the key there is when when you start having that relationship ship and your mentor says hey you should try this or you should try that the next time you're with them you got to report back. This is what happened. This is what I did right. And and the second one I learned this this in the book but a friend of Ours Paul Barabbas in in the UK. I was with him a few years ago. Alexandra was with me and this guy is well connected. I mean he knows lose who list and we we were having lunch and I said hey my daughter is is going to college. What would you recommend for her as far as career and following her passion and this is what he said? So everybody's listening. This was his words. Whatever your passion is find out who number one in that industry industry is and call them because if they hear a sincere? I'm passionate about that too. And you might have to be relentless you might have have to be creative but people who are passionate about something they love having discussions with other people who are passionate about the same thing and so a lot of times. We Miss Opportunities every day. The wisdom's right in front of us and we're just not asking the questions. There's here's ask asked can't can't go wrong by asking can't beer not sure he hasn't said last name my biggest encouraging without a doubt my wife of twenty nine years she listens and gives tremendous advice on dealing with issues that. I'm not sure how to handle. She allows me to vent when needed and cry when needed and sets me straight when needed all without judgment. Second are my see you at the top cassettes which which dates that guy. He's still got the cassettes. Hide I wouldn't having to play him in anymore but he says I heard things I've never heard before from from anyone. Zig Is my daily mentor. Couple relevant points there. I want to go back to talking about his wife. But right there zig is my daily mentor. Obviously obviously the the opportunity to have a face to face in your town across the table in the flesh mentor is tremendous. And I'm not. There's not OUGHTA substitute for that period but my goodness that is the benefit that we have these days to have through podcasting back then at the height of see you at the top cassettes. That's what you had. You had to order something. There wasn't a whole lot to listen to personal development without that today of course we can listen to no end of it Day In and day out twenty twenty four hours a day nonstop but the have that consistent voice like people had with Zig that is mentorship absolutely and I don't want to discount that even in the face of obviously the power of having it in the flesh. Tom I know you have both and you benefit from both. Yeah and you know some of that is mindset. You could say oh you know I'm gonNA listen to that podcast or I'm GonNa read that book. I'm GonNa Listen Samat Audio Program and it's just another thing to do what I've noticed. Is that when I talked to people who have been very very successful not just from a financial perspective but just in life in general and they say something like Hey your you know your dad had an impact on me. And then they'll have like this term of endearment and they'll say yeah he's like my wise oncle or my grandfather in other words their mindset was. There's something good here I'm going to listen. It wasn't for entertainment. It wasn't to perform at the next level it was there some good stuff here and so their mindset was. I'M GONNA listen to or read or get engaged with this for that reason just which which is off. I mean it's just a huge difference. It is you know what's interesting to Tom that he zig we had the benefit from. Maybe more I hadn't thought about maybe more. So now we know the value that we put into something when we have invested more that when we go to the seminar women are sometimes the benefit of going to the seminar or higher and a coach or consultants paying pretty penny investing time and money is now take it with more gravity. We value it more so back then when people were listening to those tapes. I mean back twenty years ago. See you at the top cassettes guesses that twenty years ago. That'd be further than that thirty years years ago. Probably thirty was what do they cost. Well that's the thing. Is You know they were like probably people would pay one hundred fifty two hundred dollars. I take inflation twenty-five years ago yeah I take it so take inflation and what is that now double that I don't know if it's twenty one years ago it'd be three times okay. So so a few hundred bucks the value that we put there and the gosh the intensity that we would put on that listening to that and getting value that is something. We don't benefit from as much today. I mean this podcast. You don't have to pay for any can go listen to any number you don't pay for it and and probably does not lend itself to giving it as much focus again that word gravity and value in your life So you know we own but that is the benefit back then from the pain for a benefit today from hiring a coach consultant go into a seminar is just by proxy we tend to value with more because of that investment. You are listening to the Ziegler show and our talk on. Who made a positive difference in your life next? Yeah I read a comment from one of the guys on my own wall gratitude. So we'll jump right back in after I share some great products and services with you for all of you who are actively coaching coaching and consulting. And those of you. Who would like to Tom? Ziglar wants to talk with you and possibly help you. Strengthen growing sustain strong business connect with him and his choose lose to win coaching at Ziglar Dot Com Slash Coaching Systems Ziglar Dot Com slash coaching systems. Well here Todd Zillur and todd is. Todd is actually on my wall. He has but but that's but he he actually pointed out somebody else who's also on my wall to mutual friends. Scott Steverman and you've met Scott before Scott is a renowned sculptor all around the country and military facilities on a lot of faith based facilities at universities and whatnot. You'll find Li- size or bigger Scott. Steverman airman bronze sculptures so is the guy who shares his message in a form that is like no other and will last forever but tied lights at Scott steersman was and is a big encouraged or slash mentor in my life. He sees the good in me every time we talk I want to be more like him and that was followed up by somebody else you know and I mentioned I mentioned a minute ago. Tom Chuck Bowen. He said I echo you. Todd Scott is an amazing amazing as an encouraging her and role model chuck is A. He was a renowned coaches since gone on to some other business but he's also on my list. Chuck DOC is As as Kirsch three of them right there. But I'll tell you the testimony is to Scott. Steer Man is his father was was one of the biggest encourages on planet earth. And you know. I'm grateful for the remote Mentorship I got from Your Dad from Zig Ziglar bler. I'm grateful for the the blessed couple days I got to spend with you guys Before he passed away but Scott's Dad Sam was somebody who there was a few years of life where he was in and out of my life. I'll never forget him sitting unfinished home as we were building it looking around and going Kevin Look what you have done. This is Sam Scott's dead and then but throughout the entirety of building that home in my life Scott has been there to say the same thing. Look what you have done. And that is is a legacy that he has continued to share. Just like you are from Your Dad. I hope that I give some of that type of legacy to my children as well but Scott is passing as painful word. We'll say and there's the testimony right there you know uses you said the word legacy and it just popped into my mind. The definition that I'm using now for legacy is legacy is preparing those you I'd love to grow through lives. Most difficult challenges and data is when I would hear dad talk about his wallet gratitude or when I hear hear somebody talking about somebody meant a lot in their life. It was the growing through the challenge. That was kind of that turning point. We're most open to hear when we have to here. Yeah and and so it's it's interesting how we have that choice to hear and what I really like about legacy is we can choose to be either when people are ready to hear and some of the greatest mentors they have that gift they just no one to show up. Yeah and Guy God divinely does that you know I failed to go back. I said I would. Can't we talked about. He talked about at the C.. You at the top cassettes and we went off on that tangent but he had mentioned his wife and how powerful she was in his life so on that note. Here's another one. Then I wanna I wanNA talk about that. Don Peterson says my wife Hazel Past She died at the end of April. Two Thousand Nineteen which as of this recording is is less than a year ago? She was the best thing that ever happened to me. I saw her live her Christian life in the midst of so much trial and pain and today while she's passed I don't live my life asking what she would do. I already know what she would do. Sure life is harder now without her in the grief is just so real but honest truth is that I am so thankful and blessed every day. Okay from the president. She had in my life and the love. She gave me without thought of return. So two guys. They're testifying to their wise but we can just say to two people testifying to their spouses. So this is show seven fifty four and show seven fifty three. I interviewed Stephen and Mara Clinic Clinic. And about their book above the line lavine leading with their heart and about heart styles but in show following this one seven fifty five will be the habits habits. Show that I walked through with them and in the relationship spoke Tom I. They talked about their AB- The the benefit that they've had by being able to be each other's coaches to a point. which is you know is not what a lot of people have in their relationship and I can only say that's not always been the case in my own with my own wife? You have to be at a place of vulnerability of acceptance of security with each other to be able to be each other's coach to a degree and so they talked about the benefit of that in that. Show somebody five coming up but right here and this here. We're talking about people testifying that that is a You've been involved in your own marriage of course but in a lot of other marriages from your your dad's Zig and and his wife your mom but you've seen so many from really influential people people who are at the the top of success. Maybe as the world defines it. But you know the true story. And you've seen this play out I would you could probably you know. Write a tell all all by the people that you've been witnessed to privy to who have achieved some big things out there but they have or have not CBS. Well you know that was. That was a big thing with mom and dad. Dad always made it a huge point to let everybody know that mom was as number one account when there was no no doubt and then of course mom oh my goodness she did all these little things. That nobody Freddie oversaw for Dad and they knew that they were a team all the time and dad was notorious for his airport calls for checking in for for all those little things and yet I see people out there who they just. Don't have that closeness. You know they don't they don't have What D- Dad called it? The Home Court advantage right in in sports you know whatever reason teams that are evenly matched. The team was playing at home is going to win right. Because they've got that home court advantage and it's such a powerful thing to have it. I feel you know I feel sorry for people who don't don't have that it's such a big deal and it's in and for whatever reason when you see these testimonies on here it gives me hope because because you don't hear that right that's not like the news or the public story of the day about how to people you know go through life and they depend on each each other and they've become you know I love that idea. Best friends and coaches. I love that yeah. That's that's significant all right well. Here's a good Victoria Warner. She says Marianne young she tagger agreed to be my mentor. Hold me accountable. Checks in with me expects me to be a better person Jason and models honor and integrity. She also encourages me and points me to guide in everything. I love. That expects me to be a better etter person. I mean. That's a a little bit of a slippery slope Tom. Because I love that aspect of somebody who would see in me and say in Essence Mad Kevin and you know I. I think you're capable of even more. I see you I understand. You have experience and you I think you can achieve even more. That's that's great. That's the positive side. That's what Victoria I think is a test is somebody who believes in us that we can be even more than we see. That's awesome though. So obviously that can get diluted on the other side it's The the parent I think is where I think about it. Most who says look you can do better than that and it comes in. That's that's harsh. It may be from a similar but I think a lot of people have probably been harmed by that. You can do better. That's not good. You're you could be so much more and it's a minimizing statement as opposed to a maximize statement so that term expectations is a dangerous. This one I think But when we can you get my point time and I don't even know obviously stumbling over a little bit. I don't know what the definition is between it being it coming off sounding minimizing minimizing meaning. You're not enough now. You're not doing well enough now. It's not that you're awesome now and you can. I believe even more I see even more in you and zinc. Your Dad was a master of that. I don't know if we just say it was a heart aspect it was how do you we've encouragement in there so it starts off Off from an encouraging standpoint and says I think you could be lifted up even higher. I read a book. I think it was called. How how full does your bucket and it talks about how we need three to five positive things said about us in order to equal one one negative thing and then they did? This study on you know happy marriages and what they found is they. They did this little assessment where each cup each each each partner in the marriage would rate themselves on certain character qualities or attributes like on a scale of one to ten and then they would rate their partner and the happy happy marriages both partners rated the other person higher than that person rated themselves and so it said ability to to not only raise the standard but to see the best seat potential and then encourage that. And that's a little bit. You know my mission. The statement is to create the atmosphere that allows you to become the person that God created you to become and so part of that is a mentor. It's like a great mentor. They seize they see the person God created you to become they not. They don't see who you are. Today they see the potential attention of who you can become and they're almost like that. You know that. Avoid that coach that that cheerleader Saying hey you can do it that you can do it. But they're also there for you without the condescend you know condemnation and the judge when you mess up. You say I didn't hit that. Yeah that's okay. You know we try again. We start over the issue of interest because obviously I want to be for my kids. The one who validates where they are now but then also ah communicates that they're capable more. I see more which I literally do and of course I think I'm sure that that's people my life. See that for me to to to be that encourage or two you could achieve. Even you have even more within you. Well here's here's another one this sweet when trey rider. He says some of the people that have made a positive impact on my life. And my Father Everett writer for supporting me and all my ventures throughout life military and creating my coaching the business or seminar right their father who encouraged everything he did not. Unfortunately I don't know if that's the most common experience people have had but how powerful wonderful My Sister Carol Writer for being my sounding board and be like a mother and sister and best friend. My wife Randy for following me all around the world and putting her life on hold while raising our children and the last person I WANNA mentioned Scott Anthony for being a coach mentor and friend me. He shows me that inning of anything is possible. If you apply yourself and quit coming up with excuses why you can't can't do something. And then he made a secondary response. He says Kevin this. What's even better is just taking a moment to recognize the people that we mentioned We often get caught up in the daily tasks and forget. Forget the simple words of thank you so Kevin Thank you for allowing us to use your platform to bring this up men. My honor and I gotta say candidly Diddley. That my intent was to do my own tagging and I just didn't get around to it yet. I still want to do that. I want to take this opportunity to reach out to make a list and just to reach reach out and say man. You have meant something to me and here is why I know a right now behind me on wall. I've got a picture and in the corner of a little postcard. Postcard from a deer long-term friend of mine and out of the blue. I don't know what prompted him. Maybe he heard a show like this once and just got a letter from him and he just said what the the value I had brought to his life and he named a specific instance and what led them to move to a different place and pursue a different path and like these grateful for and he gave me credit for that. It's sitting on my wall because it meant so much to me that I had that much meaning in somebody's life and I'm thinking how many people out there that I probably thanked. I probably thank you tom for different things but are really told you the value that you have in my life and the answer is no not to the degree that I experience it and I just I and not a natural encourage her. I don't think to talk. I think these beautiful thoughts and I don't put them out there so to make the exercise like goal planning to actually put it on paper and to put it out out there though in this case. What a gift to somebody else Tara? She says she says Marcy Tucker help me. Take the steps needed to get out of a very bad situation. Advocates like her absolutely priceless priceless. Michelle Spencer who is a friend who will drop anything. England needed and understands the emotional trauma I dealt with and most of all lance nuts and who will hold my hand and gave me gave an had my back as we go through anything. You know some of these. Tom Just I think is gonNA point too. I think concerns as people here. This sounds great and realizing if they don't have that hopefully if you do have some of these relationships it's confirming and you can reach out for those people. Tell them how would have value. They are in your life. We can strive to be that in other people's lives but as you know we're in this culture right now we say it over and over. It's gotten to be pretty pithy but it is everyday growing in in a negative way of. We're all more connected ish but we we have less intimate relationships and these types of testimonies. I'm afraid are getting less and less as we are not involved in people's lives face to face hand to hand back to back as much well matter of fact your you know your buddy and my friend. Howard Partridge who wrote the book? What was the title community? The power of community the power of community in an essence. My my take on it. Tom was just in the same aspect that I talk about. Exercise sure cise exercise. I believe highly end. I think it's unfortunate. It's stupid artificial necessity in today's Day and age because a couple of hundred years ago and for the span of time before that life was exercise will now we just happen to be in a place where we don't have to have have exercise physical exertion to survive. We can sit at a desk like you and I are right now and look into a screen and make our revenue and then go buy whatever we need or have it delivered delivered even more so today. You don't have to move a muscle so we have to artificially put an exercise and to some aspect Howard talked about that in the book and folks if you type in Howard Cartridge. The show may be the last interview I did with him but it was the power of community and he talks about that about how we used to rely. Lie On community. We had to have community because we couldn't do everything and so I think about my grandparents and they went and got milk over here and they got this need over there and the hardware store over there and the thing to take care of the horse over here and they also provided things crops that they were doing that other people aren't doing and it was necessary everybody had to do their apart otherwise they couldn't really exist today again we don't need that to survive now to flourish absolutely and that's what we're talking about but to survive. We don't need data so I realized with my life. I don't have to go out there and interact. I can take care of it by myself and my phone and my computer and whatever and have everything done fine. If I'm going to have relationships I have to do that. Proactively so every Friday Thursday morning but every Friday morning now. But it's been for years. I go meet with a group of guys now in doing that on a Monday morning. With a bigger group guys Christian business guys and I'm doing this I don't have to but I do it to show what because I know the value of those relationships and I would say that the necessity of those relationships. If I want to flush so today I don't need them to survive but I need them to flourish Tom. Yeah you know. It's one of those choices you know. Every single day we get up and we we make choices uses. We choose to brush our teeth. We choose hopefully to get dressed. We choose to go to work and then when it comes to our own soul right the wellness of our soul a lot of times we say well maybe tomorrow well maybe tomorrow. Well maybe tomorrow and Bob Modine's written extensively flee about this The power of WHO and he talks about you know friendship which I can. I can see that you know there's a lot of mentor. Tort Type Difference Making comments that we've been going through but I can also see the friendship that's in there right. I mean it's like something something like I think. This study was like seventy percent of men who made a catastrophic moral failure. Said they wouldn't have done it if they'd had one true friend to talk to you about it right so are are this the quality not of our choices the life the big life choices get people in trouble if we get it wrong would be enhanced dramatically if we had one true friend who just wanted the best for us who we could share a heart with and that's that's what a great mentor does and you know and there's there's different levels of that in what I'm talking about. Is that the deepest level that says. Hey I know you and like Bob Bodine says a true friend is someone who can play the words to the song of your heart. When you forget those words right they can say them back to you and you know so the the couple of people who mentioned their spouse or why? That's what they were talking about. Hey I know this person so well that when I'm totally down on an out they could repeat back the words of my heart so I could remember is beautiful and that I do want to make a point out of that that there are some people you hear about them especially people influence and they have a lot of relationships now the depth of those. We don't know I would say myself I have A. I have an incredible amount as you do. Tom An incredible blessed amount of acquaintances up people that I could call friends people that I can call or text for Or email for some council or ask a question or what not. They don't know my song they don't know Oh me The people that know that are far fewer. And I'm a person that I'm probably going to veer on the the lesser side lesser in deeper. I mean my I thought of my wife my best friend Randy James Doctrine James. Is You know we work in the same office. He's on the other side. I can hear him talking to a patient right now and we have lunch probably average four days a week. The twelve o'clock kits and he walked over time so absolutely and grab lunch. We actually go into his office. Where the sunshine and we sit on the floor? I don't know why there's chairs around but we like to sit on the floor and we have lunch and we may talk about a business thing but more more often than not we ended up talking about our families right now. We're talking about our kids. We both got middle school boys and were concerned about different things in their lives. And that's been the topic topic for a lot of days here and we go deep. I get to spend time with you almost every week. We do these calls just about average every every week at this point but we've also outside of just been walking together for many years. I say that what you mentioned before it was two thousand ten. was that really when I was. There doesn't doesn't seem like a I mean it doesn't seem like a decade and on the other hand it seems like such a long time but just being back to the investment and like what you said it brought to mind that when you said said even if it's one person one deep relationship can be the saving grace so to to people out there who feels overwhelming. Just is to hear what Tom what you said Tom. Even if it's just one even better if it's two or three or four but even if it's just one the value is what's priceless all right. I got one. There's a bunch more. Thank you all for sharing here. But it's been so rich not going to go through all of them that I wanNA mention this one. Because it's it's fun Dion Louis. So Dion is a ziglar listener. been listening to the show. He lives in Malaysia. Let me let me read his real quick he said I'm not sure if I'll get the name right Ravin Thir- Rahman my mentor. My friend. My brother in Christ who has inspired me to be the best of me Eh and encouraging me to strive for excellence unto God Almighty. I'm blessed to have known him. So Dion contacted me. I don't know how many months ago and he said we have an event that's happening here in Malaysia. And we want you to come and be the keynote speaker and I was so so. I'm grateful at first. I wasn't even sure if this is a lot of enquiries this legit. He works with In Malaysia Penang Island and they have the pinning skills development development center but what I have seen by becoming facebook friends with dion talking with him is he is a he seems to be a people person. He is an in courage her and his all of his posts are a lot of them just enjoying life. He is a coffee lover half his poster just about coffee. He's enjoying somewhere with somebody the family But they do business together and he is part of this group. It's not as primary gig as primary vocation but the skills development center and is is just about developing people in this area this event that they are flying of other speakers into is just to invest in their local community. This is not some international event. It's only gonNA be for one hundred fifty of the leaders in that area and he is so bent on yet relationships. It seems it's just been a sweet testimony. I can't wait. Wait to meet him more. We've done a a zoom call now together But it doesn't surprise me in the least has people that are mentoring his life because it looks like he's the kind of guy who invests in others and seize the intrinsic value in these relationships and Tom Again I know you you have a unique unique place. You have your entire life of seeing the value of encouragement from your from your dad and the people he has influenced but also so that you got to see that he was just a product of all the people who took the time to influence him and on this at the end of the day. Here Tom into this show. The question is who can we be that four. And how can we find that and our lives. You know what. I'll just leave you with that question too with the people who are sitting there struggling lean with. Gosh I get it but you know who do I get because it feels selfish. Who am I going to go out and ask the invest in me that that can feel daunting and feel overwhelming l.? Main right there and what would you say to help alleviate that overwhelming perspective. Yeah I would do. Two things The first thing I would do is just take. Just take a look at your friends. Take a look at your friends. And and I'm I'm sure most of us. We have at least a few friends that are life. You know that that we can look and say you know what. If I spent more time with Zam life would be better and so claim them tell them. Tell them that you're that they are your friends. You love 'em right that you that you enjoy the time that you appreciate what they've done Bob Bodine Book. We already mentioned. He's been on the podcast. And number of times the power who will give you some guidance there and then secondly kind of look into the future and say who's the person I wanted to become. What is it in my life? I want to take to the next level and then in your circle it doesn't it doesn't it doesn't have to be somebody that just just somebody that you know or can connect to WHO's known in that area that you already know. Hey that's a person of integrity. That's the key the first the first thing in a mentor relationship is they've got to have the foundational character qualities. You know cold stone. I mean just foundationally. Initially they are solid and then they also have something that will help you become the person that God created. Gated you to become and reach out to them. It's the Cup of coffee it's GonNa come by and we talk about the process and the born to win book but literally the F- if you've never had a relationship with them if they if they don't even really know you that first meeting is just fifteen minutes right. It's just fifteen minutes minutes. You can buy them coffee. You can go to their office. You can meet on wherever they say and just say hey. I'm looking to grow and I respect to. You are in in what you've done on and Gosh you know here's kind of what what I would like to become someday. What advice do you have? And and just limited to about fifteen fifteen minutes and even if it starts getting great just honor their time and say hey the fifteen minutes is up. I'm going to take what you said I'm GonNA apply LIOTTA's okay if I get back to you and fill you in right and then when that happens when when you set that second film in on what you did with it I tell you what mentors are. People are shocked when somebody calls them back and says hey remember when we talked. You said I should do this. I did it. Here's what happened. They will pour into you so back to that. Ask What we talked about their ask ask and often often receive there. You go Tom Brother. Thank you always a gift and thank you for being on my wall of gratitude. Okay Franson who has helped you in your life might be a great time to let them know again or for the first time maybe and then who are you helping and if you need I need help how can you take now right now. A step towards getting some help from other people whose wall of gratitude or you're going to be on great questions to think about and ponder and take action on thank you as always everyone who shared their experience on facebook by responding to my question. We're coming up in episode seven fifty five. Divide your time between I we and US. This is the habits show with Stephen and Mara Clinic. Your your time especially a personal time has three components. The time you give to yourself. Is vitally necessary. We time would be working together or parenting or the duties of life even social engagements us. Time is in the intentional focus. Time on an intimate relationship like date. Night for instance. Well this highlights. The relationship spoke on the ziglar. We we love life as I went through it for habits show with against Stephen and Mark Clinic there my guests and show seven fifty three where we talked about the four principles of behavior that rule rule our lives. Well this is my first time going through the habits show with a couple. It was really valuable to hear how they make room to accommodate differing habits to cater to their different personalities. We also discussed marris three bouts with cancer. The challenge of living up to their own message together and the reality that these authors and and speakers are as they say dreadful introverts. I think you'll really enjoy and get a lot of value from auditing. This couple's healthy habits for success till then folks thank do you as always for letting me walk with you as we inspire are true performance together

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Jumping Bean Jack and Bouncing Bailey/Betsys Grand Slam

Story Pirates Podcast

30:31 min | 1 year ago

Jumping Bean Jack and Bouncing Bailey/Betsys Grand Slam

"Where is it you know it's around here somewhere? What are you doing in this closet? Well Hey Megan how? She's looking at my fondue pot pot. I used to make hot cheese. I can't find it anywhere. There's just too much stuff in the storage closet. Oh here let me help you. Megan are you okay? Yeah I just stubbed toe on this. Big Heavy serves me ride for going barefoot. All come help. You got tangled up in this big sheet. What though the rockets in here what? We're trying to find Peterson do pot in messy storage closet. Begged stubbed toe. And I'm tangled up in this sheet and it's dark in here. I can't tell which way is up. Oh well I can help. Coding or is this on me. I buried in a pile. Hang out what's with all the noise here. Wow it looks like you need a hand here. I can help if I hit my head on this box. The fidget spinners. That was hanging off the very low shelf. I think we have too much stuff. Is everyone thinking what I'm thinking? God ow I like. My story for other people is right for yourself. Critical stores deeper. Get outta here. We're trying to finish story solely pilots Welcome back to the story. Pirates podcast everyone where we take stories written by K and tournament sketch comedy and songs and done book. I made a sign garage sale today. Eleven to three the SS tidal wave. Oh great job. Peter just tape that signed to the outside of the ship and we'll have customers coming by in. No time now are we have to do is go through our things and decide what to keep and what to sell. Well what we do that. Should we do a story? Yeah okay listeners. This first story about one of the world's greatest inventions ever and now I'm not talking about the printing press or sliced bread. I'm talking about the portable trampoline. Here's the author to introduce it. Hi My name is bridget. I've got years old and I'm from New York. This is my story. And it's called Jumping Jack at dousing. Bela aunt twins and we hang out daily causing spun. And that's what I saw. That are fun to do if we're being true who. There's one thing that we live with our portable ball trampoline. People will be careful. Why did you buy them that portable trampoline trampoline by grandma bounce have learned in the grocery store or a cruise? Yup Me Jews asks students immediately because portable a trampoline a like a ball all on our Tampa me. Wow shoot guides are good. But be careful. Someone might bump into your trampoline. Got Life our parents who are you. I'm I'm the new kid. Oh what just really okay but I think it might be. Just danger ready. I took A. We've gone so far. Guy Gadot Tailbone Jack Bailey. Are you okay? Good could have been a lot worse. You can say that again. That's what I was trying to warn you guys about. I used to be just like you jumping and jumping higher and higher. Not worrying about who was around but then one day. My older sister tripped and bumped into my trampoline while I was bouncing in. That is how I got this. Oh gross nine out. Now that we've seen that skoll. It's clear that we took things to are jumping wearing nasty scrapes on the real haw saw. Let's move trample the we're it won't pc a trampoline Portobellos ramp How's it going? Everyone Okay looks like we've got a fair amount of stuff on the ship sorted into two piles one pile of stuff to keep and one pile of stuff to sell. I think we're cleaning up pretty nicely. I found one of my old guitar tuners but I don't need it. Mike Guitars already. Perfectly tuned C. Put this tuner in the cell pile and I found this old costume. I had in the back of my closet war during my first starring role in a musical production memories in this baby. Is that a tree costume you know? What sal pile found this old tripos lighting kit backdrop and camera? I was going to use all this stuff to start making advice videos that I could put on the Internet at become famous for being an advice guru. Oh what kind of advice were you going to Let's put stuff on the cell pot name. And what did you find? I've found my baby blanket. You have a baby no Peter. It's mind from when I was a baby. Oh but I thought your childhood was a murky mysterious past. It is when I was a baby. My parents left me on the doorstep of Cheuse. Bless you know Peter at choose the agency to chart and observe outerspace. Bless you anyway. They left me on the doorstep of a truce with a note that said. Please take care of this child. You see I didn't join the agency as an adult like everyone else. I was raised by the agency. We had no idea. Haven't you ever wondered why I'm the best secret agent in the Galaxy? It's because my whole life. Since I was just an infant I was taught to think on my feet. I can make an underwater respirator out of paper clips. I can disarm a whole army of aliens with my bare hands and I can keep my calm in the heat of adventure but as my mom slash data slash instructors always told me. I'm also impulsive and headstrong being a secret. Agent isn't just something I'm good at. It's all I've ever known and this baby blanket is the only thing I have to remember my real parents by so there's no way I can sell it. I'm putting it in the key pile. Nim Andy that was a beautiful story. I had no idea you were raised by. Choose less. You paid her name. Anne thank you for sharing. That with us Everybody there's a big line of people outside for the garage sale. Everyone ready okay. We are open business. You know. Start to one. It's not for sale unrelated place. That was exhausting. But I think we did it. We sold all of our old stuff. Yeah and the ship looks great. Now we made over five hundred trucks. And what is it naming my baby blanket? Has Anyone seen my baby blanket? What I could've sworn I just saw it was well. It was right over here. I thought I saw it over there. I'm sure it must be around here somewhere. No no no no no no no no no doubt baby. Blanket is irreplaceable. It's the only reminder I have of my real parents and I think it accidentally gets during the garage sale gasp. We'll be right back. Hey grownups Lee here with your weekly announcements the story buyers greed or club is getting a huge upgrade for kids and families who are learning at home and right now you can get all of our new digital offerings for four three sign up for a free month long trial of the Creator Club to get access to story. Pirates radio coming at you live every morning at eleven. Am Eastern Standard Time if you miss an episode. Don't worry because it's all archived on the story. Pirates radio page you also get access to story pirates university. We've spent the last several weeks creating new video content for kids to help them write their own stories every week. We'll be posting new videos and hosting new livestream interactive classes with our expert teaching artists. You also get access to story sparks for the first time. Ever we're adding illustrations to our story. Proms helping to spark riders more than ever before new story. Sparks are added every week and of course Creator Club members get access to brand new activities that go with every episode of the story. Pires podcast to find out more. About what the Creator Club has in store go to story. Pirates DOT COM and Click Creator Club. Remember the first month is usual. What if the got sold to some sort of blanket eating monster? What if it got dropped by the side of the road? All what if it's lost to the sands of time. It's okay mini. Luckily we took down the contact information for every person who bought something at garage sale. So we'll just call everyone and asked if they accidentally bought your baby blanket. Everybody grab a shell bone from this story. Pirates you stay with the baby blanket. What do you mean not satisfied with your purchase looking for a baby blankets? Soft About Three Feet Wide Tat. I'm sorry but all sales are buying all by mistake. It's kind of a funny story really tremendous sentimental value so any information you have no. I'm a one star rating. Well ANY LUCK. I'm sorry Minnie. Nothing came up. Seems like nobody who came to our garage. Sale can remember seeing a baby bike. Well I can find it. I know I can if I just use my secret agents skills. I can remember the faces of everyone who was in here so I can do. Quick sketches of them and then run those sketches into an intergalactic criminal database. And it's okay. Sometimes things are out of our control and it's okay to just feel sad about it. Not Every problem can be fixed K but I just don't understand if nobody took my blanket than where could it be? What is it Rollo Siegfried baby with the mustache? And I have a surprise for you. Oh thanks but I'm not really in the mood right now. I'm really sad because somebody took my baby blanket. The only remaining object I have from my childhood. Well somebody did take it. It was US moustaches baby blinking excitable frame while you are all out having a garage sale. We took baby blanket frame. So you can hang it up on a wall display. It proudly speaking as a baby. I know a good blinky when I see one in this. This is a work of art and it is treated as such. We heard how much this blanket means to you and your memories are really that precious than you should be proud of them. This blanket deserves to be on display for everyone to see not packed away in a closet or attic. This is the best gift evert. Thank you so much. You're welcome. Limone grill dog. Should we do another story listeners? If you know the game of baseball the no that baseball has a lot of rules in. It can sometimes be confusing. Well this next story clears up one of those rules. Here's the author to introduce it. My Name's paw on eight years old and I love in Texas. This is my story is called. That's his grandfather him. All right so it's beautiful night for our base call game isn't it Wendy. Mansour is Jonathan Gorgeous night to me watching the last ending of a children's baseball game. It's all coming down to this next play stepping up to the plate representing the home team. That's that's know that the this team's star player seven years old. That's right Wendy and with one cute alter. There's no doubt that betsy could win this game. You're right now here. We go throws the ball talk very game. That's that's the over here. Ask Betsy you want the game or team is going to the little league world series. Thanks Dad what's wrong sweetheart? Oh nothing you know. Playing ball is my favorite thing in the whole world. It's just I can never ever hit a homer at the right time of a game. Do you mean night. Dream is to hit a grand slam. But I don't know how low well I'm proud of you. No matter what and I think one day you will hit a Grand Slam. I feel it in my old dad bones and I guess thank stab no problem kitto. Now let's get you home. It's past your bedtime. This was a night game after all there. You're all tucked into bed like a burrito. Why don't you read some of your favorite ballpark mystery books? I'm kind of tired. I'm just going to go to sleep all right. Good Night Betsy Night Dad. I wish I could dream how to hit a Grand Slam. Oh I'm dreaming right. Betsy legendary dairy baseball player. Hit a grand slam allio through some what. I'm tenor play baseball. America's favorite game. You gotTa Know Grand Slam to reach that. I'll tell you how and you'll make your story. All you gotta do is hit that. No I'm waking up Grand Slam. Just have to remember what I woke up with. Our Babe. Ruth could tell me how to hit a grand slam morning. Betsy time for breakfast. Dad made pancakes in the shape of Baseball's Roun- Thanks Dad. Maybe I'll dream up how to hit a grand slam when I go to sleep tonight. Well Betsy it's time for bed. Let's Tuck you in like a little Sushi rule. Sweet Dreams Sweetie Pie. Thanks Dad. I'll write betsy. Time to sleep and dream up how to hit a grand slam dream again. Indeed you up betsy. And I'm as well Yogi Berra. Quite right it's me famous baseball player. Yogi Berra you hit a grand slam in the world series guilty and now. I'm here to teach you how to hit a grand SLAM WITH MEALS. Aac again like I always say baseball ninety nine percent mental and the other half he's musical oh Kay McCain Hidden Rambam threes pat town no Dan. You'll make history with Ono. I'm Waking Betsy Ribbon. I can't believe this happened again. Waffles in the shape of a baseball diamond. You know a diamond. Thanks Dad the Little League World Series. Game is tomorrow and I only have one more chance to dream the answer of how to hit a Grand Slam. I hope it happens tonight. All right betsy time for bed. Let's Tuck you in going to roll you up like a French Creek Big Day tomorrow. The Little League world series. I Know Dad. I'm nervous but excited. Oh I know you're going to be great. Good night okay. It's my last time to wish. I wish I can dream. Howell to hit a grand slam woking. I'm back in my dreams. I wonder which legendary spoke player is going to be here. Hi Honey Dad. It's me Dream Dad. I'm like regular dad but in your dreams. I thought there'd be a famous baseball player here like Mickey Mantle or Chris Sabo. Nope just good old simple. Dad What am I GONNA do? The World Series game is tomorrow and if I don't hit a Grand Slam I won't have the chance until next season starts. Well Betsy I can teach you how to hit a grand slam you. You can sure if you WANNA play baseball. America's favorite game. Then you gotta know how to hit a Grand Slam to reach that hall of fame. I'll tell you how to do it. I'll tell you what you need. He just hit a home run when the bases are loaded. And that's how you succeed Dad. That was beautiful thanks. I wasn't an Acapella group in college. Please don't tell anyone so I have to hit a home run when the bases are loaded. That's all I've got to do. That's right it takes a whole team to hit a grand slam because three people have got to be on base before you hit the home run now. I know thanks dad now wake up drain. Dad taught me how to hit a Grand Slam. And now it's time and we're in the final inning of the Little League world series. What a thrilling game. This has been a Wendy can say that again Jonathan. The scores are tied and bases are loaded and next stop tobacco. Use The little superstar. Come on Betsy. You got this just hit a home. Run win basis. And that's how I'll succeed. Throws the ball and slam patsy over here. You really did. You won the game. I couldn't have done it without my great team getting on base. I'm proud of you whenever out of you to ruth and Yogi Berra ask. Thanks Babe Ruth in Yogi. Bear and now lease speaks with the author. Hey Paul how are you great? I just run. You can't run. Yes why not? I was just so much what. Oh I'm sorry to hear that to get them taken out and then will you be able to run after that? Yes I'm an athlete. You are a real big athlete. I do basketball baseball swimming. Actually all the sports and do you have a favorite of those sports baseball. Definitely and your stories about baseball. Yeah I know about Grand Slam home runs and I just like writing stories. I've ever seen someone hit a grand slam home. Run live like at a professional game. I saw Homerun but not a grand slam so when you saw that home run get hit it exciting. Yeah they have everyone stand up. Clap and fiber start going off. Oh it's all the way. Yeah tell me about the character of Betsy. Come with that character. Well I like girls. And that's what all my stories are about girls. The main characters like girls. That's super cool. My sister help me come up with that name. And what do you like about writing stories about girls? 'cause they're really kind but actually my worst. My detect keys. Worst enemy is a girl. Your your detective team check this. What's your detective team where we meet and talk about players to raise money and solve mysteries? Wow I've never heard of this really cool. Yeah we do all at school. What's an example of a kind of mystery that your detective team would solve any industry that someone would give us? We'd try to solve it. You have any mysteries. Let me think I guess my number one mystery is. Where does the time go? You know what I mean. Yeah one of our main mysteries right now in the case of the ghost what. There's some sort of knocking over towers doing stuff. It's like messing up the school day. We got to solve that mystery. We don't know where it's coming from any clues so far none other that it's in the first grade classroom somewhere. How many people are on the detective team three? And is there a leader are as it? Is everyone equal equal and we can't fire each other. That's a good rule to have fined because everyone's hired forever and ever ever fired. That's great I put that same rule in story pirates so that they couldn't fire me. Yeah Paul it was so fun to talk to you today to talk to you too. Thank for letting US perform your story. Thank you for your very welcome. Bye Bye Paul. Thanks for listening to this week's episode and a big thanks to today's authors bridget. And Paul before we go. Here's Today's story spark kids right. It's a story from your magic nation about a chef who can take ordinary ingredients and create something very surprising in the kitchen. Tell us who your chef is. What ingredients they use in. What's surprising thing they're able to make with those ingredients? Who Do they serve this new surprising dish to? And what is their reaction? Grownups Nazzal ways. You can submit stories. At STORY VIRUS DOT COM CNN. The story pirates podcast is a production of Gimblett media executive producers Lee over tree in Benjamin Sokha. This episode was produced by Leo Retrea. Sam Bear Peter mcnerney Andrew Miller and Jonathan Roberts recording sound design and mixing by saying bear at the relic room in New York City. Our theme song was written by Bobby. Lord in produced by Brennan Upgrading. Our staff writer is Mike. Avalon and contributing writers. Are Peter mcnerney Megan? O'neill Leo Retrea in Caroline Reid this episode features performances by Andrew. Barbados Greg Barnett Elisha Crocker. Sasha Diamond Tommy Dickie Alison FRASCA. Gabby Nick Quinton Johnson. Nick analysts Kelly geeze April Lavelle Carolina. Locks Angela. Mcdonagh Peter mcnerney Marty Miller Jack Mitchell. Emily Alcott Mega. Neil Leo vitry Louis Perlman Alan Pierre Caroline Reedy Jonathan Roberts Peter Russo lissa Samuel Julia Schroeder Haley Sherwood Regan Sims. Jamie Watson anywhere jumping bean. Jack Bouncing Bailey was written by. Jj warshaw and produced by Brendan O'Grady with the Vocal Direction by Jack Mitchell additional production on these Grand Slam by Jack Mitchell. I did it. I managed to secretly purchased the one item at the garage sale that I really wanted without any of the story. Pirates realizing it. That's right I purchased Meghan trae costume now. I can dress up as a tree and sneak around the ship. No one will ever realize that I'm there. They'll just think I'm a tree. Okay better take thing on okay. This get my legs in here. Not TIGHT TIGHT JEANS BEFORE. I can do this. Okay let me put my answer other okay now does zip it up. Oh the state Erie. Go One two three in the tree costume. This is perfect. No one will ever know that. I'm in the street past him. Okay Hey what do get out of here. It's coming over here. Hey what are you? Don't do that to bear. Oh true costumers to.

Grand Slam baseball Betsy Peter mcnerney Megan Peter Yogi Berra New York City Babe Ruth Wendy America Mike Guitars Paul Tuck Lee Peterson Peter mcnerney Marty Miller Ja Honey Dad Creator Club Betsy Ribbon

After the Bell

44:53 min | 1 year ago


"The following program is original me. podcast happy holidays. Merry Christmas Kwanzaa Hanukkah whatever it is you celebrate. I hope it went well for you. But we're not done just yet. Old gravy clause has a little something special in store. We're celebrating the holidays. The only way we hear it after the bell know how triple h Shawn Michaels. It is a Merry de ex-miss reunion here on after the bell and it starts right now. You're welcome welcome. Welcome a very special edition of after the bell. I'M NOT GONNA waste any more time than I already have. Please welcome Mike. I ever to time guest triple H sh and a man who has been waiting very patiently for what feels like days inside the wwe performance center Shawn Michaels. Happy Holidays guys. How's everything going? Go to my Inchon. How are you yeah? Great getting eighty five degrees down here in Florida. It's not here. It's very cold here so I'm going to start all right at the top. What's everybody's been talking about at least for the past six months or so? Are you in the hottest Brandon Olive. WWe An x t obviously very near and dear to both of you guys. There's been a very significant banner year for next for a multitude of reasons. We're celebrating five years since the opening of the performance center which obviously hunter you are integral in the beginning of obviously the move move to USA. Maybe the big night in the brand's history at survivor series I'm GonNa Start with you. Hunter what stands out most to you in two thousand nineteen for an xt. I think the thing that stuck stuck out to me the most this year is I feel like this is the year that it officially went from being like this developmental brand into just brandon in and of itself and it's been through through the course of the year but it's really transitioned you know I guess seamlessly through the the USA deal and kind of going on to live TV in a two hour format every single week. The events that happened around survivor -vivor series with the plane breaking down to the Middle East. And you know he kind of jumping on a plane with Sean and coming to the rescue and and sort of picking it can add up and then survivor series. It's really transitioned itself into being a third brand and we're not just saying it now. It it is a third brandon kind of standing ending on its own and when you look at the metrics of of anything the the brand itself the when we do a takeover war being part of survivor survivor shares. Some of the biggest parts of it are the inclusion of Annex T in that so it's it's it's holding it's own more so than I ever thought it could Sean. What about on your end from the coaching aspect in the last three years have been a blast but has been since moved? USA almost feels like we're back into take a pretty good sprint. And then from the time of that Middle East stuff to win on the plane and then Survivor shears. Feels like it's went from a sprint. Throw on the afterwards and I. It's it's been fun it's been it's been a total blast but it really is a center Senate it. It is a third brand now because I can tell you that it started out as a guy that was still enjoying his retirement into a guy that has s now gone back to fulltime job. which which again it's been? It's been a blast. It really has again much. It's like again when I was working again on Ron stuff like that where you're going every day but you enjoy it so much. It doesn't feel like work and that's in the past. Several months been like since annex. He's made the move to USA against all the stuff that's gone on. It's been very very busy very hectic on. It has been an absolute blast and a joy to do a with everybody. The one thing that John's not even mentioning on his end everybody else has other things going on but as as an xt was evolving to USA at picking up that pace it made me have to back out of some things as well when Sean picked up the ball on the UK and basically that cut pushed his way and he was so integral. Triple a part of it. Anyway that he just kind of latched on Moore to and he's been heading over there you know every What is it five or six weeks that we do television you know? He's headed over over there and kind of spearheading that and sort of taking on the ownership of that brand totally in and of itself. Not that he does. We still have other people that are involved in and and a team over there Jim smallman and everybody else but Shaun's really been the one that's spearheaded that project so on top of an becoming this weekly thing and everything else he's also been going over there and and Guiding that ship so to speak so he'd been double busy and it's been awesome because at brands taking off as well so Shawn's double busy and you wanted to be a few few years back it seemed like HPK was happy to ride off into the sunset. How did this come to be? How did you drag out of retirement? Well first of all he says he wasn't I'm busy then either but he had like a farm and ranch and he was doing like this other hunting show that he was constantly doing. It wasn't like he wasn't doing anything sitting on the couch. You know become bloated Elvis again. He was I think sometimes when you leave the business I seen a lot of guys like they kind of get away from it at first when you first leave you're like it's so like encompasses every aspect of your life and so overwhelming. Maybe when you leave you just want to get away from it for a little bit and put down the frustrations nations of it in the everyday stuff of it and I think that's what a lot of people have to do. I think he's shown did he was away from it for a long time. Complete is connected From it and then you know it came down the performance center at places infectious and the the youth of it and the excitement and their excitement their passion for just contagious ages. And I don't know it just kind of morphed into him being a little bit of a part of it and then he was thinking about moving and you know getting more part of it and they skim just give me a little bit and crack seller gave the game a taste that I do and then I had him time and then you know next thing. He was next thing you know he was like I don't I'll I'll I'll come chain a few days a week and I'll be a part of the TV thing and then you know. I'll I'll help with the matches but I don't WanNa be on headset. I don't want any responsibility. And then it would. Now he's a part of everything he's jumping up and down right next to me me like a Giddy kid when when stuff's good and losing his mind when it's not he's into it as much as everybody else's so the taste worked valid took Sean. Yeah Yeah it will look. I've been a part of the. WWe since I was twenty three and forty four retired I did. It's just you know you you do it for so long. You just want to have time to rest ticket. Easy disengage All the while not really knowing just yeah just needed to get refreshed and find. I didn't have any other experience and that wrestling and you then begin to wonder. Well Yeah I mean. Do I have anything to offer you know at and if so where is that and it wasn't until I again do. We took a vacation here in Florida and came came down to the performance center. And you start to understand that you you know it's still in you. It's part of who you are It's the one thing that I I do. Well that I enjoy doing that. It never feels like work but you know unless you get exposed to you. Don't really know if that shoes GONNA GONNA fit so to speak And as I said I got the time to to come down here and be a part of it and just all things lined up and of course it enables Nabil's me to again pour into this line of work that I love so much in a way that I didn't know was available to me again simply because I I never done it and it is you get. I think I actually get more joy seriously. Sitting next to hunter watching these young men and women go out there and you know. Tear the house down and enjoy themselves and and watch him express their passion for this business along with ars and so it really is. It's one of those things that have just been a sheer joy to do and I do. I enjoy going to work every day and clearly I was built to do one thing and still doing it. Fifty four and thrilled to be doing so you know. It's funny to like the that comment some times people ask me what part of your career like more people a joke and say. Oh you're annex t kids And it's it's hard not to look at it that way sometimes because if I was to compare this to something it would be like saying the enjoyment of you doing. You're having your career or then watching your kid go down that same road and have their success. Which one did you enjoy more? It's different and I think that's the thing like yeah. I enjoyed enjoyed my career. I enjoyed the things I did. But this is almost more meaningful in some ways and more fun it's it's petard explained in any other way other then like watching your kids do something in that pride that you feel for it in Sean. Historically speaking in in other sports at least elite level athletes have always transitioned As effectively into like a coaching role as Michael Jordan was awesome. Wasn't he is it something that's been a struggle or adjustment for you at all is to. That'd be able to transfer your knowledge to the next town. I will say that I've learned a great deal from so many of the other coaches here. I think it took me a while to to your point to fit into the coaching aspect. It's one thing to be able to be able to teach it so to speak but I was very fortunate to one allowed you to grow into that coaching role and also get a group of guys that understood sort of where I was coming from. I I don't I'm not really the guy that teaches the foundational stuff or the basics. You know it's more about sharing a lot of those the things that can't be learned that her instinctual that you just sort of I don't know people talk about the all those guys with the x factor those things that just sorta come about out. I'm better at recognizing those types of things and and working with individual talents in their strikes. I guess that makes any sense and so so it has been. It's been a lot of fun but it's been an instinct of growth track for myself as well and and that's one of the things I told her what I short doing this. I feel like I'll be successful out of if I'm not just teaching them but they're things that I'm learning on the way and certainly been the case here. I think has made it so enjoyable for his that. I've learned so many other aspects Makuuchi stamp going to production standpoint of it. It really has been a phenomenal process and continue to look forward to the future. Matt Bloom says all Time One person teaches people learn. That's what I've heard him. Save one hundred times and it really is. I think when you're you're in that role of like Shawna's in there and trying to work those people to teach things you're you're kind of coming up with aspects of it yourself and learning like. Oh Yeah I wonder if this would work and you can try things and experiment with it. It's fun I think I'd be remiss if I didn't name another DX member who also the plays an integral role down in being roadlog. What's it like having two guys that have been so close to you and integral in your own career all under the same banner sort of mold in the future it difficult to keep a maturity level at? Yeah it's great. You know it as you go through the the journey of different parts of your career and you meet all these different people and stuff. There's certain people that you have a connection with creatively doesn't mean you think the exact same about everything but certain the people that you know just also instinctually get it as your and on a surly on the same page but at least in the same book yeah. Yeah and it's an instinct for them sometimes. Maybe can't tell you why. But there's a feeling and a and a gut reaction all that stuff I feel like Redux at As Sean you know there's certain people that you meet along the way so to have them in that position position to to be able to pick their brain like road. Dog is a very creative guy. And he'll sell time. A guy might not appeal to tell you the greatest finish in the world or the particular particular spots but when it comes to creating moments or you know Creating certain looks or feels. He's really great with all that entrance. This is and that that kind of creative nuance all the things that goes into. They go into making a show that nobody really thinks about. Until you're actually making the show and it's funny to me me watching you know as much. WWe wrestling. I have over the years. It's always those moments that live on your not the spots not even the matches a whole like for example. I thought my head Sean. RIC flair player at wrestlemainia tremendous match. But what does everybody remember. I'm sorry I love you super kick and it lives on forever. You know what I mean and then Rick worked for months. Rick worked on his crying. He was crying for the magic. Contour from Cox has all your favorites all in one place and with the contour remote you can use your voice to fund them on live TV on demand manned and streaming APPs like Netflix prom video and more see Cox dot com for details you guys as the x and any even a little bit larger as the click sort of known say infamous but known for a very different landscape within the sports entertainment business. You guys kind of banded together and sort of changed things I had Adam Cole on the show a few weeks ago and he talked about how annex t is no longer the US versus them mentality. It's US versus US though annexed. He's just constantly trying to top things. That team mentality. Is that something you consciously instilled in the developmental brand or is that something that just kind of happened by accident. I think it's something when I first I started it with an X T. I wanted to make something you have to have that. In order for people to engage in it if they're just there to get somebody someplace else or they're not fully invested. It's going to college. You sort of want to kind of have that Team Spirit in that team pride in your college in your brand and your your all those things and then to have them want to all to participate together. I always find it funny that there were a lot of people in the in in the business. That felt like stuff was anti was me. What's in it for me? Sure you know and the funny thing is when people talk about the click. Lick they talk a lot of times about a group of selfish guys or whatever and the truth is the opposite of that. We all work together for the same reasons because we love to talk about the business and we also car. And that's all we talked about forever but half maybe more than half of the conversation to about other people's stuff and other people's ideas and storylines angles and then we were going and pitching that events or whoever and and trying to move things for it was about the overall product Working getting together and and I think that's been the the biggest thing of trying to instill in these kids down there that this is a team effort. One person's going to be on top of whatever but everybody's everybody's GonNa move around and but you're participating in the success of this success or the failure of it and having that all be bound together by that the pride of the of the that kind of unit the annex t unit so to speak and having that all intertwined and then also having the people that came from there leave their but still feel you like. They're part of it so they'll want to come back and give to it and not just you know go move onto the thing. Goku hope I never have to go back there again. You know you want them to be a part of it into one a contribute attribute so it was a conscious thing that try to bind that together and make it be something more we were all still competitive with one another to but we constantly helped one another at the same time and I think an exceed is is an example that as well. There's still a great deal of competition within it of themselves. Ask what they're all still friends and get along. It's a it's a whole system of one another trying to compete against one another lifting one another other up again is what's the saying that you know. High tide raises all boats or something to that effect. And that's sort of how it is here. That's I do I think and I think deep they all enjoy also you know sort of working for this particular group of people. They know that we are behind. They know that we're pulling for that. We're GONNA courage him. I don't think there's anybody that thinks we have ulterior motives so to speak. It's very much again like we all were much younger. We'd ran through a brick wall on. Fire Vince McMahon. And the WWF. We wanted to make this place the absolute best. I feel like everybody here. It is the same way. There's a loyalty to this brand loyalty to all of the the men and women. That coach here in tire performance center is a whole. Everybody goes together. That is very hard to find especially in this line of work. And that's something that again. Is You know that goes back back to the culture here and of course or the infectious attitude that everyone has once they come here and you get exposed to. It's hard not to water. pull the rope in the same direction as everyone else in that. Goes down to the talent coaches and again I think that makes this product better each and every week you know sometimes people have a tendency. See to draw this line between stuff. Well this is this is raw smackdown all sits in the Senate and WWe umbrella sir. And I used to say a lot. When when we first started the performance center an annex t the visits will be what we want it to be and not everybody's GonNa like everything at all times but you have an opportunity to make it what you want like? In in in our generation there was a lot of things that were horrible about the business people's extracurricular activities and everything else that went along with it in a lot of that has change. But you do it all together and so even though you have the pride of where you're coming from. It's all happening under this. Debbie banner you look at the roster's now in eighty more than eighty percent of of everybody that's on the main roster came out of an X. T. so they still share a lot of that same bond. You still see the the same people hanging out the same people talk in the same people helping each other that we're doing it. Five years ago in Orlando and Sean mentioned the word loyalty in the pride. If in Annex St last time you're on the show in Ballard just returned up shortly thereafter. Kevin Owens comes back for night at takeover seen a lot of an x t talent sort of get to branch out a little bit between evolve and progress over in the UK. How important is it for? Not only those talents but the brands is a whole annexed brand. I think all of that is important in in that this feeder system of what the businesses and people that misunderstood. I think even like when we went to the UK what we're you're trying to accomplish there Because of small thinking or shortsightedness but like yes. Some of these indies. You're going to go away for the ones that are going to go away. The ones that were paying you twenty five bucks when they promised you seventy five bucks the ones that have a ring. That didn't hold up the ones that didn't have medical. They're the ones that it didn't care about you they would just booking you because they were hoping to sell some tickets and you had a little bit of buzz. So they're open to sell some tickets and they could care less what you do when you do it We wanted to work with the ones that were cultured cultivating talent the ones that were encouraging them to become better working with them on Promos or giving them guidance right right or wrong on their matches that had equipment that was functioning that had medical care if you did get injured while you were there that at least you weren't laying mayor for forty five minutes while they were trying to figure out if they could get an ambulance to come or call you an uber. All those things were important and to us and those are the people that we started to partner with and let people people work for and I think he's done just that you know the from what my understanding of what I hear that the system has changed a lot in there's a lot more of them sort of policing releasing it in and the talent being able to police because they're not allowed to go work for the ones that can't do it and those ones eventually don't last and the others do last and for all the right reasons reasons they're they're thriving and the others are union hundred both obviously before arriving in. WWe made the journey through the territories different brands. Different parts of the country. How important do you think it is for an X T? Talent who maybe hasn't had that opportunity. It was just hired from a different world to be able to branch out a little bit and experienced east. These different brands says huge opportunity. But it saved up. I could see where it would be a big challenge when I see the people that make that transition and again I'll go back to the guy that almost always use which is Kurt Angle to watch him go from what he was as you know as a as an amateur wrestler and transition to the wwe. I don't know that anybody did it quite as well as he did. But there've been a number of other people that have made that transition successfully over the years with the help of annex t and I think makes. NFC performed center so much bigger because you see Z.. At number of other people that are able to do that now because of the resources that we have here and quite honestly the coaching staff. And it's hard for need to speak to that. I just know that I'm unbelievably impressed by it. Because this is the one thing I wanted to do and and it's Again all the other people that boyhood or girlhood dream that this is what they look for. I always I still admire that that process to be someone that had a different goal. A different DRI whether it be football or M. A. or whatever the case baby soccer basketball and then for whatever reason to have to transition at and learn how to do our line of work. I've always been particularly impressed with the people that make that transition of making successfully. Because yes I don't know again I I'm a guy that's done the same thing since I was nineteen years old and always you know. Have the utmost respect an ad for admiration Asian for people that had to change their goal so to speak But I think you know. The incarnation of Annex T in the performance center has made that so much more viable and so much. The odds are so much better. Now that you can make that transition smoothly and successfully Ashley is because of the not blowing smoke but because of the system that under and everybody Put in down here. It's pretty damn impress on the thing that's cool about it is is. You're not seeing one style. Come Out of the performance center. You know you have so many different trainers that can do so many different styles you then I have so many different athletes coming in from so many different places that work different styles and do different thing right natural. They're going to gravitate to particular things. Yeah so you know you have Kendo coming. In from Japan teaching people a totally different way and trying to morph into the storytelling that we do. And the camera work and everything else. But you're teaching that and then and then you. You know the other thing that I think people don't mention a lot is the professionalism that's taught at the performance center as well not just the like. How do you maintain your life? So that if you've been in the business for ten years or whatever that is and things don't work out or they do work out but you decide to walk away that you have something to show for it that you know financial financial You Know How do you handle your financial situation of now. We're in the process of training talent to be content creators. And you know different things that they can do that. They can spread themselves out. So it's not so one dimensional and they're just living in the moment of being a twenty five year old kid. That's making some money and traveling travelling around doing this crazy job. And that when they get to be forty they they have something there you know yeah and it will say engine. I know that I'll give us to be in a deputy cheerleader. But you high dare you well but I'm just saying look we're not perfect and I knew we had a false over the years but again that's what that is why you picked up move my family and everything else this place down here. It's why a lot of people WANNA be a part of it again and variety in just from the wrestling standpoint again all the techniques all those things at hundred touchstone. Those are all things that he and I loved about. You know the wrestling business when when we got into where we were kids and that's why we try to bring all of that to other. USA Don't regard show is a is a variety he's not set in any one style so to speak and then this is a place that does we we try to. You know again. We try to also teach the other side of it again having a life the on this line of work we'll being committed to the wwe but still having a life she'll taking care of yourself. She'll having a future thinking past the moment seeking past that wrestlemainia moment thinking past that takeover moment again giving some thought your family all all of those things they really do. Try to accomplish that down here. And that's that's that's hard to beat. It sounds a little bit Tambien. Mama American Apple Pie but it is what this place is built. Talk Down here in this way. So many people want to be here or when they do get here. Don't WANNA leave. We'll ask you to that particular point. Recently it to Moscow. Champa went on the record. Something that effective. He'd never wants to leave next and I I think he threatened to retire. He was center are smackdown. Is there any truth to that. A and B. How cool is it to have that sort of loyalty from the troops within? I think there's a part of Java uh-huh it comes down to wear and tear physicality of in his current place physically right. Could he handle the schedule. Could could he handle the grind and the wear and tear and everything else of a full run non-royal or smackdown right. It's a different than that's different beasts. And even though that schedule schedule has now dropped in has become much more manageable especially if you have a family and everything else but for him he probably looks at it and says look if I was on the main roster I run. That's this long if I was on an xt with a lesson schedule. And I and much more manageable. I have a run. That's this long. He'd rather do this for a long period of time and then transitioned into doing all the other stuff that he loves like He. I tell you when the time is right. He'll be a phenomenal coach. You'll be a phenomenal backstage stage producer. We're we're letting him get experienced and that now he goes to evolve right now and You know he'll go there and he'll sign autographs or whatever but then during the day. He's a producer he he goes and he pulls the role that that we do right. He goes there and he's passing on that knowledge to those kids and he's a producer and an agent there and help them with their shows does everything else Elsa when they're producing the television event or the digital. Whatever it is that that night he's helping with that? He's he's picking up the things that we're teaching him and he's put it someplace else and that's GonNa Translate long-term and his career to I. Don't think a lot of people realized that the performance center is is really integral is essential in that sort the formation not only of entering talent but all aspects if it worked for having the voice over room when I got hurt and shutdown. I wouldn't become a commentator. 'cause I wouldn't know where to practice but I also it was in the computer room learning how to produce the entrance music and just files and different things. I remember running music live events and it was just all these other opportunities that were afforded to me. Just because it's all truly encompassing. I don't think a lot of people realize that even within the wwe behind the scenes right there. So we've hired camera guys from that that have worked worked with us at full sail that we brought in there to run that to to work just on that show and todd techniques and and everything that we do we sound. Techs lighting techs sure so so many aspects of what we do behind the scenes comes out of there. But that's that's really what it's built to design you know. Marty Miller that directs Ron smackdown right now in wrestlemainia everything everything else when we first started marty was in in the like I remember having a conversation with him of saying I want to try to learn direct because he was a camera guy right. He'd Camera Camera Guy. Hey we're doing this exte- stuff he can be involved in that. Sure he came down. There started directing and many. He got his chops Grohl and pretty soon he was the Guy Right. You you know and you see that over and over the guys that we have now Casey and everybody else. Those are built into the future. We're not putting out less product. So right right no I am dumb as a stood for us about anything I don't want to grow and even I'm learning stuff down here. It is it is staggering. You can't be we're here at work down here and not generally learn out television producing production. All of that kind of stuff you have to really you try hard not not to grow and evolve down here because this entire place it is built. Or just that for that within the W. W. University listen it's staggering. What you can make use of founder? You're on here. You told the story story of when you basically found out the women's division was going by now it could be argued. You have even more stars bigger roster as we keith. Lee Huge Night at survivor series. Definitely a star making up. Is that concern lesson now for you at all knowing that you have so much talent or is it still a possibility that if you could get a phone call and say hey. I'm taking this guy that's always the buzz ability. I mean you know all this stuff comes from sort of kind of one place right. And that's Vincent and even even the ability for all of us to be able to learn this stuff the sean since he was nineteen sitting under that learning tree me since I walked in the door sitting in that learning to get all the as you go down the line but the one thing that you know real quick is the also signs the check so if he calls goes I need the entire roster I e okay I haven't you and we'll figure out a way to make it grow. People used to say to us in the beginning of next year that that was the weakness that eventually these talent leaf and they go rosh smackdown. And that's a weakness. The thing kate lasted will fall apart art strength. Because when something's been here for a while and it gets to the place where it needs to grow beyond or change or whatever. It does organically but I think now looking at it differently because of the USA deal Because of how Ron smackdown sit now it's it's a it's kind of three places places for people to go and it doesn't have to be that you know if if I got the call tomorrow. That said Keith Lee is gone then keithly goes but who do I replace places with I can make somebody young and I can make some new people and we have people waiting chomping at the bit for the opportunity right. But also you see guys like Fin Ballard stepping back. You see you know when when the when the Saudi mechanical issue happened and exte- went the second everybody everybody got back from that trip. My phone was lit up with people saying hey. Can I come down on a Wednesday. And we're like from Ron smackdown revival. Well you know I mean those guys when I told them they were GonNa work undisputed era. They were like where we have time. And I said all the time you want and I was like you want to know what the deal is. They don't care don't care we're good. Yeah when do we show up. They did not disappoint. Yeah and so. That's the beauty of it. Now I think is that you have that ability for people to move around en- shift they don't have to be in one place and you can take them somebody that's maybe stagnated in one place. You know. Make the argument that the hottest he's been in a couple of years percents taking right now based off just coming. Back in and US reboot them and doing all the stuff. If Kevin Owens came back survivor series you know they had a plan for him in Rau- but if let's say you hadn't how well would you fit in right back down there and Lou and seamlessly taking that to a different level. You know so it it. It's all will I think can be seamlessly move now. And as you begin to create that further the UK other locations Middle East India Japan Mexico. Whatever has all those places of all then grow was we put these performance centers and do these things globally? It just gives people places to go work you. You don't burn out. I can so distinctly remember starting in his business and knowing that taker had been here for six years I remember having a conversation with him and he said he'd been here like six years. I was thinking like that was looking looking at turn. It imagine being in one place for six. Can you imagine now and now you get guys today that are you know you talk to guys guy been here ten ears. You don't even realize that it's it's just seems so natural now. Yeah it's a different world and I'd also argue again all those things that people feel like you know we'll get moving talent taking people and all that it certainly down here it's caused us to be sharper. We don't we don't rest on our laurels. It's also oh caused us down here to constantly be thinking creatively. We never get too comfortable down here because of of all of those possibilities that are Out there so you know. There's an argument to be made that certainly for those of us synetix those things keep us on our toes on a pretty regular basis. Switch gears a little bit. Have a little fun here. You're let's say in your prime of your career. You can have a match at Wrestlemania with a current day and x t talent. Who would it be? Why I get the asset S.? I would a bunch of them in the years. Keep changing that so I don't so right now I mean I'm going to get a lot of them in a rifle off. It's not a legal binding contract so I'm going to say this is how vinet crimes that are already there at your age Jason Jason Daniel Bryan Center there and a big guy like drew McIntyre in there. But then I'd say Johnny Gargano Velveteen Dream of from down here with certainly be a couple of wood into thin either. There's a bunch. China sent the rumor mill on fire. H K once match with Ben Maller. Sorry in Advance Sean. Yeah man that list for me is it's pretty long. 'cause there's so many talented guys and you can look at you know. Two years ago I would've had a different list of people right If if I were to look at it now like clearly for me from the White Meat Shawn michaels selling baby face side Gargano. Right trump is different series. More like my character was in a different a different style velveteen dream just the visuals in the image that you could present with him is totally different. It's hard to put a singular one fin. Ballard would be another one for me for sure state stating the same stuff he but then then again you look at it. Somebody like keithly with the stuff Pity can do a guy like that and I go fan. I don't know I think it would be hard not to have something super enjoyable with him. There's just so many people and then when you look underneath that I know that two years from now guys like grimes and swerve that I'll be saying like Oh my God. I love to work with them to you. Know I guess so Colin there. Yeah yeah the exact point the fact that you just rifled up how many names Adam Cole. That's the reigning champion. Just Kinda slip by such a wealth of talent there. I can tell you wouldn't want to do is fight. The women's vision because they beat the tar out of each other. I don't want to get in there. Ria and MIA lately man. Yeah you can pay me enough to be on the on the other end into that. I I watched some of the rehearsals in the afternoon. I think I don't know that I've ever heard anybody that hurt. Except for Sean. In Two thousand twenty right around the corner holiday season. What is your wish list for an X. T. or wwe in the next year hunter? I'll start with you. You know I think in the next year to continue doing what we're doing which I've been saying it since we started this is a this the deal with USA and Annex T. It's slow and steady. I've been saying that people will now think I'm talking about saying it in the last few months I've been saying that since we started seven years ago or five years ago. Whatever it was was You're not going to build this thing today. It's not going to become the biggest joe in the world in a day but slowly but surely when we started out there were ten people coming to shows and we had to bring in Maine roster talented move any tickets at all and you know you slowly built that over time built a reputation built a brand Kept it rolling. Got Got it to the point where you know we went to Brooklyn and so thou takeovers and then you know the show started to take off the network and then you get to the point now where you're on USA. Jose live every two weeks of television. it's continuing to increase that until this is everything that it can be an is truly an alternative Place other than Ron smackdown for guys to be performing that has its own unique style and feel and never wanted to be where if you turn on the TV and you can't tell the difference friends right away. Between Ross MacDonald Annex T we failed to shoot it's definitely different from The days of FCW rollins is still joke about. We used to have to do street team and hang our own posters on the wall and like wow. An X T is an actual viable third brands. So I always joke about the. I don't remember what the thing was that I wanted to put it with something to help the show along and I wanted to put it in the truck to go and Kern who was still running at the time but I was just kind of taking it over. Came to me and he goes. I got I got a problem with Uh with doing that I was like well. Why and he goes well? The NACHO machine won't be able to fit in the truck if you put that in there and I'm like the Nacho machine and he's like yeah we're not chose if we don't sell nachos that's the difference between us cut a profit and losing money way and this time period. The Bray y Roman reigns all under that banner. We needed NACHOS I was like. I don't care about the Nachos that just like throw all that stuff out where reboot the thing direction. The NACHO machine is my Go-to saw what about you twenty. Twenty what do you wish for. I WANNA see the same steady Cheddi growth from an exceed that we've that we've had as you're gonNa say you guys remember when it started and where it's come from people only remembering like you've been top forever. Works like none of that really true at again so if we could grow as much as you guys have since five years sensors doc machine days even in the system that I've been here three and a half years As we go forward I think that'd be huge And and that's what I I hope for this brand overall because if we do that it's going to be big and powerful because raw smackdown. Everybody's it does seem to forget about that stuff in twenty five almost thirty years. You know that none of this stuff happens overnight and so for me it would. It would be that same same. Steady growth displaces continued ad. Since through ish my producers have devised. A game is different than the electric seat rousing hit. We haven't gotten in Canada. Yeah they made it two weeks longer than the actual game. Obviously it is well documented. UN Sean our best friends have traveled the road together. So this this is How well do you know your partner hunter? The starting on hundred. What was your first impression? Uh of Shawn Michaels horrible dresser. The first day I ever had like short shorts no yet he had gene overalls on. no-shirt bend. Dana's all over it. Like no shirt. Nothing that he came in that way off like the he came from the airport that way like jeans tucked into the boots. You know the whole nugget jewelry whole thing fashion assassin. Going Sean. What about you you know what it was that period of time kind of schedule what is going to get him? Walking doc in the wrestlemania eleven him walking in and saying you know Jerry Taylor told me about you and Senator Hookup USA riding and with you something to that effect shorter much shortages. You've made sure he was gonNA ride around with us. He was getting with us and he was adamant about it and it was like you know He. It was very sure of what he was doing when he came into the wwe. I was just pretty pretty admirable. Good Front anyways. Fake it till you make make it. That's it hunters. Biggest pet peeve. Oh I don't know probably not eating. Yeah that'd be like you know what I mean you know if 'cause flair would the way if we were all travelling together flare still says. He spent more money with me on food than he ever spent his entire career on booze which is an impossibility but like flare Blair is one of those people that like each a little bit in the morning maybe some in the afternoon but then he has this thing where like why can't eat for like however many hours before why wrestle and I'm like six hours before wrestle. Yeah I'm not kidding. Like six hours. And then of course afterwards he wants to have a couple of drinks one eat right away. Because that'll kill the buzz of the drink right like dude. I can't go that long without eating. So you're going to have to sit with me and eat so yeah. He's probably the peppy. Beat not not eating regularly. What was Shawn's been angry very angry? Yeah Sean kind of go with the flow guy. I don't know that John have a pet peeve. I think maybe just people being disorganized and not doing the things that they say they were GonNa do. And and that kind of stuff I think it was one of the things when when stuff was all over the place or if you're riding with somebody that Constantly changing like well. Let's do this instead. I don't want to do that anymore. You just have a plan and stick to it so I think it's why we got along so well on the road. Yeah is it. Hey You WanNa do this tomorrow. Yeah that sounds good. That's what we did. We drove in the more than we did this. We went to the gym. We went eight. You know just regimen pretty regimented. Schedule what would sean have done for. Career had not not ended up in. WWe Jail One more time going to thank my very very special guest triple h and Shawn Michaels. I won't see it till next year so have a happy new year. ATB We'll be back in twenty twenty twenty and for some inspirational words to close out the new year. The great philosopher. Clark W Griswald said at best Hallelujah. Holy where's the TYLENOL. There's some holidays then. Go Watch Christmas vacation if you haven't yet I know it's late but better late than never make sure you follow out after the Bell L. on instagram twitter and facebook. Join the conversation using the Hashtag after the bell. If you're using an android on spotify stitcher Pandora Google podcasts gas. Or whatever podcast at you choose to use. Don't miss an episode subscribed. Heb throw me five stars on Apple podcast. Help get the word out. Should you choose to do so follow me. WWe Graves. I'll be back next week. New Year more wisdom more vitriol and more. WWe after the this has been the original W._W._e.. PODCAST.

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Confronting a Cheating Spouse, Life Lessons from Jiu-Jitsu,  and Working with Emotional Children | ASK ME ANYTHING

Order of Man: Protect | Provide | Preside

1:26:18 hr | 1 year ago

Confronting a Cheating Spouse, Life Lessons from Jiu-Jitsu, and Working with Emotional Children | ASK ME ANYTHING

"You're a man of action you live life to the fullest embrace your fears and boldly charts your own path when life knocks you down. You get back up one more time. Every time you are not easily deterred rugged zillion strong. This is your life this you are. This is who you will become at the end of the day and after all is said and done you can call yourself a man of Kip. What's up man? Glad to have you back on the. Ama you're you're like you're communicating with a different guy based on the length of my beard. This yeah I thought that was Brian Michler but I realized it was you. So yeah yeah it is. It is me little smaller beard. My little lower on the the pride a little bit but Here we are less yeah. I'm enjoying for the Youtube guys for the people. That's not. Subscribe to you to you. Got To check this out. Get subscribe. Xactly yeah right just has like a serious soul patch. That's all. He shaved everything and he says this soul patch going on. Man Patch flavor saver. What other names we come up with. Oh Man Yeah yeah this morning I just. I've been thinking about it for a while because Jujitsu is been kicking my trash lately with getting the beard pulled on whatever so I've been thinking about it for a while and this morning I just. I went into the bathroom. And I'm like all right Hunnam doing this. And she's like okay. So what do you think like here and I had. The scissors held up to my beard. I'm like you think you're she's like Nah. I think that's too short because she likes longer beard and she's like I think that's too short like really I'm like no and I just did it. And she's like all the like my my little girl was in there in one of my boys and they're they're like no because they actually like the beard so yeah it's a little different my next cold but other than that. I'm pretty good. Kids not like beard no. They don't none of them know me without it. I guess my oldest really my oldest is almost twelve now so he was seven when I started growing my beard but the rest were like my second was four years old four years old so and my other two. Don't know anything but me having a beard. So it's weird to them. Yeah my six year old whenever I shave. She's like I don't like it. You don't even look like my dad. He's like some young guy yeah. She's like Toy weirded out. It is what it is so mad. We'll get some good questions this week. I'm excited to get into. I peruse some of them and saw some of them so these are all coming from our brotherhood. The Iron Council. I think this week. Yeah yes sir. And it was great. Happy Out The guys who met with us in Salt Lake and get some training on woven was at Thursday morning took third Thursday. Yeah correct you little news which men that is a completely different animal for me. Then 'cause most of my training is is what the geese animal. Yeah it's good. The spun. Marcus is GonNa assume that you shave that beard because he He Called you out about choking with your beard on on facebook and then you go shave like two days later told him I said I'm immune to beard chokes. He's like I'll put a test and then I trim it. Maybe he will. Yeah sounds good on your part now. We'll see we'll see how it goes. I just expose my neck even more and I'll just get tapped out more on chokes than I'm used to but we'll see out out turns out good times. I always got another stripe on my i. What do you mean you almost got another stripe out of the image? You almost go if you can pass my guard. I'll give you a stripe and I'm like I'm like ours and I met. I tried so hard. And he was sitting at Zaithan Dole time. He's like and we we got done. It was like a ten minute around. We got done and I didn't pass his guard and he's like stripes are hard to get here Mikla stripes. They're harder to get here. It's it worse because let's see what see the translation. Here's the translation. I think you've gotten good enough to bill awarded a stripe but I'm not sure and then the answer was no. You're not you're not. My suspicion was correct. Yeah says takes no. It was good. Now it's I wanted to be hard like if there wasn't hard it would mean anything so you gotta earn it man you gotta earn it of it. I love it. It's funny how how will strip of medical tape on us on the piece of fabric and starts becoming meaningful. I know it's like this little ten cent piece of tape means the world. Tesl WE'LL get there. We'll get there all right so like Mr McLarty said these questions were building from the Iron Council. Our exclusive Brotherhood to learn more go to order man dot com slash iron council. First Question Brian. Dunnigan what are some of the most important lessons that you've learned from Brazilian Jujitsu Mantle out here. I think the first one is that these order but I would say consistency is big because when I started doing Jitsu about a year and a half ago I want to say it was like August July July of Twenty eighteen twenty eighteen. I went for like three classes and then I went to origins immersion camp and it came back and maybe did. That's good enough right and I made one or two. I know enough I got this. Maybe did like one or two more classes than kind of phased out but then when. I got here to Maine in a July end of June beginning of July of last year twenty nineteen. I've been super consistent since then so for the past seven months now. I've been very very consistent and I think that's like anything you know as is we have to maintain a level of consistency. Jiu Jitsu to me seems like it's it could be perishable. I mean a lot of the principal. You'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA learn and hold onto but perishable just like most skill sets are and people are getting better and around you so whether it's business or relationships any facet of your life like it's not enough just to go once a week and say okay. I filled my quarter for the week that you have to be very very consistent about doing it. So that's been good. The other thing that I can think of that comes off right off. The top of my mind is just not like bull rushing everything not like muscling everything and trying to like strong arm everything because I remember when I first started doing that and I still do it but not to the degree I was is I would just gas myself out by push trying to push people off of me and move other people instead of move myself and so I've learned okay. I'm just going to move myself around this individual. Look for gaps or spaces find the holes and then attack those holes as opposed trying to force everything. And that's what's really interesting about Jiu Jitsu to is you learn a lot about your own personality and you learn a lot about other people's personalities well when you roll with them they can see very quickly. What type of person? This is which which is good. It's it's good but if you are looking at it objectively with your own performance it allows you to see very quickly some holes in your personality not just your game but your personality and how you might be able to shore those those areas up by learning by training with different partners on just improving those specific areas. So I mean there's a lot we we talk about it every every week. It seems like we talk about. Oh and Doodoo dot but man. Those are the two lessons that come off immediately just consistency and then being being patient looking for gaps. Not Trying to strong-arm everything but move to where it's going to make the the most effective difference. Is there a philosophy coming out of Jujitsu that you've kind of you probably appreciate more than than other philosophies that transcend off the map everyday life? I don't know about philosophy but one of the mindsets I would say is try to improve your position right because as somebody who's just getting started down this Jujitsu path. I I used to think that in order to win you have to submit somebody and yes that is true. That is what technically you are trying to do. But the likelihood of me especially early submitting. Anybody was very very unlikely. And so talking with Pete Roberts he said to me and this is very valuable. You have to redefine your wind like you're not. You're not gonNA tap tap pete right like that. That'll be a decade before that happens so if you don't redefine your win then you could get discouraged. Very very quickly. And so he said to me he said maybe maybe you're win is. Don't let me sweep you and and for for this role for the session. And that's a win or get my guard right. And that's a win so I think we have a tendency as high achievers and I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with this it can be destructive toward towards what you're trying to create but we have a tendency of comparing ourselves to everybody else and if you're comparing yourself to somebody else and then using it as an excuse to beat yourself up and while you're a loser or while you're pathetic or why. You shouldn't be doing this. And it causes you to engage in destructive behavior namely quitting. That's what a lot of people will do like I suck at this. It's not meant to be so acquit. Then it's not serving you to compare yourself to somebody else so for me. It's it's the philosophy is yes the goal the end objective which is to submit somebody in. Jujitsu whatever that objective you're working towards is important but more important than that is just improving daily right. I'm just GonNa get a little better a little better a little better like last night train last night and we working on triangles and like like a leg triangle and then Arm Bars and then I went and trained this morning. I'm like okay. Well my my win today. I knew I could submit. I can do that but my win. Today is catching somebody in a triangle or an arm bar. If I can do that then I'll feel good about that. And that's that incremental that that kaizen method of one percent better every day. That is a philosophy. That's really highlighted itself on my on my path. Yeah what I love about. That too. Is is the idea of position and submission and that that there's no win in a match without putting yourself in a position to have that opportunity right and that translates to life. It's it's about getting the right position. I saw opportunities present. Themselves and Jujitsu is no different right. You can go all. I had this opportunity to choke this guy. But if you're not in the right position guess what you're going to get arm bar dry if you're in a guys guard trying to choke you're going to get armed border or something else and so we have this mentality in life right that we can all. Why can win this? I could do the same without putting ourselves in the right position. I and Jujitsu is no different. We have to put ourselves in that position and then the opportunity of submission will present itself. It's a great point. I the analogy or the phrase that I heard is. You're campaigning whether you WANNA look at as a political campaign or you want to look at it as a military campaign right. You're going on small incremental campaigns and you have to know where the battle is. So if I've got you in half guard and I'm going for choke but expose myself to something else will then. I forgot where the battle was. I thought the battle was me choking you out but the battle was really to get my leg out of there or put my arm in a different position so that I could set that up. So it's about winning the campaigns. You win this campaign this campaign this campaign and ultimately hopefully win the war. But you can't win that without winning those battles in those individual campaigns and knowing knowing where the fight is is very important to you know we see the finish line and we see the goal and then we forget about all these other little things that are happening and we get flanked and we get destroyed by things that we didn't acknowledge were there when we should have seen those things but we're so focused on that without learning to campaign that we we get. We handled yeah totally all right Ed. Mathur MASTURBATION. Yay or Nay who? I saw this one of my man. How do we? How do we address this? Look I think well we can come up with a couple of different angles. The to me the most healthy practice is to have sex with a woman right at your committed than I should say that that you are committed to that you are yes. That's the road that you're committed to and she's committed to you by the way also because a lot of guys might might think. Oh I'm committed this woman and then go sleep with this woman and you realize Oh. She's not committed to me or maybe she was unfaithful to her partner. And then you try to build relationship on that I mean. How long is that GONNA last right? Yeah the relationship was built on lies and deception. You're not the one that's GonNa fix her. This is not going to happen and vice versa So that that's the better practice I'm kind of torn on this. Actually Lake I think is probably a practice to be avoided. Generally I think there's some discipline that can come in not choosing to engage in masturbation. There's things like semen retention that I've looked into and I don't know if I buy into that whole thing. There's some weird stuff there you know and then then you got to think what comes with that well pornography comes with that and I think pornographer the pornography is certainly a destructive behavior that you should not engage in so I mean I'm not GonNa say yes or no I mean I know we have needs and were were were sexual like that's just kind of how it is so. I'm not going to say yes or no you shouldn't but just I would say just be careful right like it's easier to go RUB ONE OUT THAN TO QUARTER WOMAN. I will say that right. It's easier crew. It's weird it's weird conversation it's easier to Jack off than it is to go court somebody or or take your wife on a date or try to woo her over it's easier and therein lies the trap right it just it just be easier and there's no effort required pull up your phone. You pull up a website rub one out and like that significantly easier than having to invest in earning a mate essentially so just be careful. Be Cautious don't like entangled into don't don't let it dictate your life for how you're going to run your schedule but I'm not going to tell you whether you should or shouldn't that's up for you. Decide Yeah. I think I think back to what you originally said like think about it. I mean if if I'm sexually frustrated and it's been two weeks or whatever and then my wife's good to go like that's awesome and in if I wasn't in wouldn't be as great right like that's better for her and better for me like maybe that's frustrating. It could be frustrating at times but like that but it's also like I don't know I I just can't help. But think of the scenario by which like some dude goes rubbed went off and then his wife's like wants to be with him and you're like. Oh sorry you're like oh well you just. You just undermined her opportunity to be with you intimately. And that's not as great for her or maybe you're not interested now. That sucks like that's a really crappy scenario so I don't know I think the trap is again. I mean just to go back to what I said earlier. I think the trap is just. It's easy. It's the easy way out and that's the problem you know it's like let's be real like you know you see that. Porn Star. Whatever on that website. And she's got the perfect set of Brash. He's got the perfect type body. She's like like the perfect ideal thing. Whatever right and then you see your wife and you're like okay. Well this is like a real human being and she s flaws and you have flaws and all of a sudden. You're not attracted to her. Because you're so fixated on this Barbie doll image of a woman. It's like it's just not it's not healthy it really isn't. It's not healthy. So just be cautious. It's like to me. It's like alcohol right like I don't drink alcohol but I'm not going to tell another guy that it's like he should or shouldn't if he wants to have a drink like have a drink cool. That's fine no problem but don't let don't let it control you right just to let it control you. Don't use it as a form of escapism. Either yeah thanks for bringing that outings awkward conversation ever should really have actually so good conversation. I normally don't talk with other dudes about masturbation and certainly with not thousands of thousands of listening either so there's time for everything. I suppose Weird Luke Watts. Struggling with my six year old son is emotion. Stay over when he gets challenged or corrected or sometimes even when he hears no I know some of this is because he six. And some of it's because I modeled this kind of thing. Anger taking over my anger taking over in particular. I'm working on staying calm when I dress this and trying to offer him strategies to help him stay calm and not let emotions take over but have seen little progress this last month. Lots of things going on like back to school here in Australia. Any other tips for handling emotions driven responses in your children boys or girls. I the younger daughter as well. Thanks Lads yes a good question. I know my kids get this way at times. And certainly the fact that he's six years old is as a huge factor of this. He's immature obviously six. He's learning from you. Sounds like he's learned some some negative behavior near aware of that. So I commend you for acknowledging that and then working to fix it because a lot of guys don't like Mike will get shit from. Yeah exactly yeah like it's. It's funny that we see our kids and we can acknowledge they learned it from us so I commend you for acknowledging that you know my oldest is. He's a very sensitive right like he's very in tune with the way other people feel is very in tune with his emotional side. I think he's driven a lot by his emotional response and the way that he makes decisions which I think is kind of just his natural inclination just like some people are more logical. He's more emotionally driven right in charge so when he gets upset particularly when he gets upset like he doesn't perform well or something doesn't go his way like. I could actually see his emotions coming out of the way that he's responding to it so for him. I've I've just taught him some box breathing methods. You know when I see him getting upset like that. I'm like hey dude. Timeout like literally the Brechin United States. The time out here for second disengaged from whatever you're upset about and let's just go sit down and talk about it. He does like to talk through things so I can be really calm and talk to him about it be logical within that way but ultimately I can just get him to breathe just breathe deep breaths. Hold it deep breath out long breath out. That actually really really helps and now it's we've done it so much that I can say when he's getting frustrated. I can say hey. Why don't you just go in the other room for a minute kidney out and go be by yourself for a second work on your breathing and then come back and five minutes and now? I don't even need to go into their like he can go. He comes back like a completely different person because of that that breathing technique. That's GonNa take some time especially for six years. He's twelve so almost twelve so for a six year old. It's going to be even more challenging to do that. But I know my second son if I just give them a hug man. Life is good like if he gets fired up. I'm like dude come here and I just grabbed him and I don't say a word and I just give them a hug. The key feels better. You know he's just like he can feel my presence. You can feel my calmness my breathing for whatever reason it just calm down so I really think it's GonNa take a lot of experimentation to figure out what's going to work best for him and then sounds like he's got a daughter as well she's going to be different. So you'RE GONNA have to experiment there but just try different things like that. Try Calmness my third. My daughter like her. Just have to engage with like we could go roll on the mats. We have mats at our House that we can roll around on or play with or wrestle or whatever and that's what calms her down so like every one of them is different. Just find through experimentation. What's going to work best in what's producing the best result and then be consistent about doing that. And you'll see the bell start to learn these practices and implemented as part of their their routine. That hug strategy works out really well for me but I do a rear naked choke and they seem really calm and I feel better. Yeah. It's amazing. Yeah they they just stand out a little bit and they go loose and limp. I thought you were going to say that. Were Hug Works Really. Well like you wanted me to give you more. Hugs or something like that so yeah I remember that next time we get together. Good to see you a hug. You but you're you're the back of your head and my hand on the back of your head and pushed my shoulder and smothered being short years. That's yeah I just got to experiment and you know what? Here's the deal with these questions. Like this is a great question. Sometimes the correct course of action is the one that you're currently on the Kazan. Was this guy's name Ed. Is that right Lou. The watts okay. Luke is way off so luke. Maybe you're actually doing the right thing because what I heard is that you're actually doing a lot of good things and just keep doing that. That's the answer. Let's just keep doing that because there's a lot of behavior of the past six years. I think he said is some six behavior of the past six years. That have created this environment. That you've noticed is not ideal so it's GonNa take a lot of packaging kind of rewinding a little bit rebuilding some new strategies and that just takes time just just because it isn't working immediately or or you said said. Hey it's not working over the last thirty days thirty days is not a lot of time so just keep doing and implement some of these strategies as well. I think that will help one thing. That you've mentioned Ryan that I I really alike is use it whenever you implement something new. You're going to naturally kind of get some pushback and even this. You might like what you might be. Implementing is exactly your son needs. But he's not used to write and he's not familiar with it and you're gonNA probably get a little natural pushback just realize that it's not gonna go smooth immediately. Ill take some time. The the only other thing that that I would add is I would add the conversation of what's going on. Why are you upset? Damn girl of what is really cause with my my fifth year old now whenever he gets upset well first. Let's just say this US getting angry that they're upset negates all this and just makes it worse right so I think that's a given. We need to be calm when they're upset But with him it was always kind of if he's arguing with my my wife. Just sit him down. What's going on? Well you know when mom says this that Michael was that true. Is that your interpretation of and he's like well you know the SMI- interpretation like okay like so what you're mad about is actually not even real first off right. That's you're creating that on your own realize. That mom's soon is from this perspective. Like helped him understand the emotions and where they're coming from and I think that intelligently gives him some ammunition to deal with other things in a different manner in the future on their own as well so I would say in addition to that is and. I'm not suggesting you do this at all. I think you do a wonderful job. Probably at this is like be careful of pandering to a little bit right. So that's the mistake to is is is you treat them like babies and then they have. Some resentment built up right so that are. There's a line between. Oh was it your fault or was it this or was it your perception and I don't know if the right word necessarily but just like just like in figure it out on their own a little bit yeah percent royal just like not treating them like complete baby even if they're six ten or fifteen like you know let them figure some things out and let them let them struggle a little bit and work through without having to like coach them on everything. Yeah sometimes being quiet is good answering asking question than just listening you know. Listen yeah and maybe a hybrid of that approach Ryan would be. Hey going the other room you're breathing and then when you come back then we can talk now. Yeah now let's talk. What did you work through? Let Me Give You some coaching definite on what you got thirty around. Yeah a lot of little strategies you can use an experiment with and to your point. It's different for every kid. Every kid you think figuring out your this and then you're next kids completely opposite right so but I think that requires a level of empathy. Like Oh this kid is not the same. And that's okay. I just need to know how to have the conversations the activities etc. That will help him her improve. All Right Adam is answer. The owns L. Y. Out Satellite Lines out of lions. How do you set boundaries for yourself when it comes to choosing between spending time with family versus spending time with your friends and going out with my son in daycare now? I prefer to spend time with him over having watch him while I do extracurricular stuff but I'm concerned may reflect poorly on other relationships will. So here's the problem with this. Not The question. Just the set of circumstances is it's not a formula right because it was a formula. It's like you spend seventy three percent with your family and then twenty seven percent is your own like. That's not how this works. If it was it would be ways. Your nobody would ever ask the question because we don't have the formula so it's very intuitive like you have to be in tune and at times you know the families fire on all cylinders and things are going well and the relationships are solid. And maybe you can afford to invest a little bit more time and energy into yourself and then there's other times where you know there's some issues between you and your wife with communication or your son or daughter is dealing with something at school or you know they're going through puberty and there's a lot of emotions and changes that you need to be aware of and maybe you need to be a little bit more present but I do like the idea of of doing both they don't have to be mutually exclusive right so you can go and take care of yourself. A prime example would be when we were in Salt Lake this past weekend. That was for me right like I went and I visited friends. And you and I and ten other guys had an opportunity to roll and train and I also brought my kids right so we put in some hours with with the kids would a great time with my oldest boys and also recharge and rejuvenated by doing things that I like to do so I think there is especially when your kids are young. A lot of great overlap in that you don't have to draw the sitter. You can have them come to Jujitsu and occasionally I'll have my kids come to Jujitsu and I'm like Hey I'm gonna I'M GONNA train this dads training. You guys can hang out over there you can find to do. You can roll around on the mats over there and this section. This is your section and I'm going to be over here. Don't don't interrupt me unless there's a problem or an emergency those are the boundaries. You do your thing. I'M GONNA do mind then. We come back together and everything's fine so I wish I could tell you like the balance is found right here in this moment. It's not you just have to look at it and say okay. Does my family my attention. Yes good give them more attention. Is My family okay for tonight? Yeah I think they're okay mom's home everybody's happy school today. My Wife's doing well. I can afford to back out a little bit and go do something for me. You just have to play with a lot of. It's just intuition one of his. Just yeah. It's feeling it out. I wish I had a better answer and say well this. This percentage of this time and then you're set it's just not that's what makes it hard at him. There might be a little bit of guilt. I think that we come into the scenario. We talked about this often. That that the hall you know. I feel batting my kids and dropping off the center so I can go to gym or so I can go to here and I should be spending time with them. But but it's also like you don't want to create resentment against your kids for not living used Alberson's boundaries and showed that those things are also equally important so Yeah well not only that. You're absolutely right but not only that it for your kids to be with. The Babysitter is actually good for your kids. They need exposure to other authority figures. And if it's an always you like if you're always the one who who's who's forty then that's going to create a problem because when they get a boss or they get married in there some other figure that they have to be accountable to. It's like they don't know how to handle it because they've only been accountable to mom and dad you either day. We read a movie and my second son was kicking the seat in front of him and the guy turned around he was plight but the guy and if he wasn't I would have said something but he was plays. Hey Excuse me could you be careful not kicking my seat and I think a lot of dads would like Russia and like like no. He's right the don't kick his chair toler and so I turned to my son I said well what do you say? He's all inside indicate. Okay now we fix it right so I can let other. People have some of that authority and let my kids be accountable to other people to a degree now. Obviously if the guy was a dick that would have been handled differently. But he wasn't keeps finding my kid. Learn like you don't kick the seat in front of you. And that was a good experience for him to have another interaction with another adult. Because it's going to get that in life so don't think that it has to always be you giving kids exposure to other people their peers. Other Authority figures is actually a good and helpful thing for them. Totally all right. Clint mckean's just some comments. Thanks for making some time hitting the nats while in Utah. I know I appreciated a ton as I'm sure the other guys did also did Ryan get kicked to tap at all during that session. No what are you now you now. I will say that Kiss Fun. It was fun. I will say that kit had me in a triangle and he let go and he thinks kept thinks that he let go because he had me and I think he let go a little early. Because I think I'm not entirely convinced. Skip that you had me. I didn't say I did have you. I know but you you kind of lead me on to believe that you thought you had me and I think you early no I was just like Oh i WanNa try something else. I like I got this. I got this. No he doesn't got this in the cash or any. Go ahead go ahead. Sorry I keep interrupting you just saying that after we got training. I told Ryan Mad. Dude you feel really strong. This is what I said. That in the World Jiu Jitsu. That's the other insult they. You've breathed America's technique get lost you there. Yeah okay you're saying injustice at a strong Nissan to To Green to to know that that's an insult because I would take that as a as a compliment like. Yeah that's right. That's right strong. No I thought it was good. You know the thing I appreciate about you. Is Everything when you roles like everything superfluid. You're very flexible. It's like the exact opposite of me. I feel like I feel like you're like water and I'm this like block like trying to do different things and so it's always fascinating the role of somebody not only can you see their personality but just their body types a Guy Ryan Daggett. He's a friend of mine up here and he's he's long. Probably I would say six four. Maybe maybe six five somewhere in there and he's super long and he loves the do the Lasso and then just like spread me out of town and I just can't get around it but then there's other guys that I roll with who who like who like physicality and they like to be close proximity and ground and pound and I. I liked that game so my bring it on like. Let's be chest to chest and do what we needed to do. And so like is so fascinating to see everybody's different personalities and styles coming through the nearby of what you stack up well against versus. What's like your weakness? You move very very well which is difficult for me because I don't move as like a more rigid and slower and you're like flowing and fluid which makes it hard to like. Get a hold of you. It's interesting stretchy. A great game such a great game. I remember. I remember in whenever you're like I use strength. Unnecessarily like earlier on this podcast. You mention that I get. I can't help but I have flashbacks. Sometimes when I'm dreaming nightmares of this of Ryan in my half guard I think and and I'm trying to work like half guard game and you're just taking your elbow grinding it into my jaw and making eye contact your bashing for no reason other than just the be a jerk. I I like it a lot like I really like like if I catch some one of my favorite things to catch. Somebody in is like an Ezekiel because I love it because it hurts like and I can just put my fist right there and just like a crank and I can even feel like my face just like I just love it. I love it so that is something I need to be aware of because I think if you're in like a tournament and you're competing that's one thing but you don't WanNa be addict partner right like Winter Training Somebody. You want to be a good partner. So yeah that's funny. We need to get you to the. Have you seen that triangle variation where you just use your fist to finish off the joke? I would like to learn that time. Make a fist and mariot in somebody's neck like I'm pretty happy with that. There's there's a nice triangle variation where you can use one fish or both fists finished the choke off. Yeah you're GonNa have to show me that sector enjoyable My goodness this is funny. Did you read this question? I think I know it's one year referring somebody wanted this quest raided my alter ego. I. I noticed yeah. This question is from Brian Brian. Michler is veganism sustainable solution to ending world hunger and cruelty. I fill. It may even bring world peace in the huts on veganism and its role in manliness. Funny because what has the head but Read the first the first part of that question first question. Redound is veganism the sustainable solution to Indian world hunger and cruelty. So I read that sentence and like what the hell on like. It is not cruel to harvest animals. That's immediately what I thought. And then I'm like who wrote this in the Iron Council like this is weird and I looked at. Its Brian Michler. I'm like okay I got the job. do yeah it's not it's not cruel to harvest at. I mean what ninety seven percent of the population eats meat. Here's my thought though like to answer. Truthfully because there are people who legitimately like have this question probably guys that are that Ning and in the facebook group like let's address it if you WANNA be Vegan be Vegan. I don't care I really don't don't it doesn't bother me has doesn't say anything about your manliness joke about it but nobody intimately thinks that if you decide to eat things other than meat that you're less of a man right like nobody actually thinks that so when we bust your balls about it and we give you a hard time. That's what we're doing is we're just giving you a hard time having fun right so if you WANNA eat vegetables cool. The problem I have is when Vegetarians or vegans or whatever they they have to like get on everybody else does eat meat like nobody cares what you do but you care what everybody else does like. Just shut up and live your life. Eat what you want to eat. And let other people what they want and they say well have. We evolved past eating animals. No we haven't ninety eight percent of US have not evolved and we probably never will and nor do we need to. That's why those animals are here. This is this is natural. This is the cycle of life. Is the food chain. Were at the top of the food chain. It is what it is and then when we die and we will die then we grow into plants and grass and dirt and animals eat us. This is just the way it is and there's nothing wrong with it whatsoever so if you want to eat vegetables and whatever else you eat tofu or whatever cool eat it. Great Good on you. I like vegetables with my stake. It's just I had. We had some good friends in reference from New York. I don't know we. We had someone at the House. And we're talking about hunting and cruelty in killing at Molin in someone said I I feel so bad. I couldn't do it and I'm like you should you should. It should be. There should be some that that should be the motion because right now like you said ninety seven percent of a poem the trigger. Anyway we're just pulling the trigger with the dollar deal or or something else. Lattes you should you. Should you should know what it feels like to take a life. You should feel that and it would change. It would change you. It would change your steps about animals and that's good at. It is a good thing but it's uncomfortable so okay let's avoid it just. Yeah let's have someone else pulled the trigger said I'll have to face it right now. It is funny because I mean you're you're so right pulling the trigger with our with our dollar bill or whatever that's such a great way to look at it. It's funny because every once in a while somebody will say something they'll see me haunting or whatever and they'll say oh. How could you do that? I can't believe that. So wrong Blah Blah Blah and. I asked him I I question I always ask. Do you eat meat and the overwhelming majority of them say yes. You'd expect an easy y wise enough to go. Oh No I don't need. Yeah at least lie about it. But they the reason they don't lie is because they cannot formulate the connection of eating a burger from Burger King or from the grocery store an animal dying if they if they knew if they could make that connection they would either not animals because that's what they say they believe or they wouldn't lie about it. I mean excuse me they would lie about it because they don't want people to know right but the the fact that they're not lying about it that that ignorant says that they don't understand the connection between food and death. It's a very interesting thing. Very interesting very hypocritical very ignorant so now look if somebody says No. How can you that right? I can't believe you kill an animal and I said do you mean they say no. I don't eat or consume animal products. At least that person has some integrity. Like I don't agree with their lifestyle necessarily in what they choose. Eaton that's fine. They don't need my permission but at least that individual has some integrity and the other thing too is. If you can't completely get rid of like there's been studies that have shown like there's more animals that die through harvesting of crops than any any hunting that ever took place. Let me think about the mice and you think about the rodents and the rabbits and the counties and the deer who were going to eat that and like it's like you can't escape it. We are part of nature and in a lot of weight. This other cool thing. I had great conversation with. I think it was with John. Level from Warrior Poets Society and we and we talked about that that issue like eating animals and Howard sustaining our life and how we're contributing and the thing that got brought up is that human beings are the only predator. That's humane think lions are not humane. Yeah we're not eating the cow. Why leading the only Super Predator that considers the feelings of our pray. And I'm not saying that's wrong. I'm just think we are actually not only at the top of the food chain but were also the most humane hunters with the same way. The the old woman majority of hunters I know. Don't revel in the kill as part of the game and they're very very reverend about the process of stalking an animal of making ethical shot. Campaigns is a great example. He trains every single day all year long so that when the moment comes in he has to put an Arrow into an animal that he makes the absolute best most humane ethical. Kill shot that he possibly can because he doesn't want that animal suffer because he knows what he's he's intimately familiar with an animal suffering because I'm sure that he's had experiences where he's lost an animal or wounded it and he doesn't want that. Not True. Hunter wants that so it's just interesting. This Guy Brian Michler. He's something else his title his title as like job. Is Authenticity consultant? Who did that you know? I didn't do it but some of admin access. Obviously this sounds like something really do or or someone is willing to pay. A monthly fee ended iron council to continue forward. They're paying a membership just so they can do that. That's awesome Brian. You get stuck in out for a little while. Yeah we'll the euro. That was great all right. Marty Miller mentoring coach Bolt important for personal development. Could you compare and contrast these and give some examples from your life also suggest some practical ways that these strategies can be implemented in the IC? Thanks so mentoring and coaching pivotal. Look we might just be debating semantics when we get into like. What's the difference between a mentor or coach? Or whatever like you fill in the blank. I don't I don't really want to get into the distinctions there alternately. I think what you should be looking for is somebody who is willing to tell you what you need to hear not necessarily what you want to hear that to me is a very good indicator that this is somebody who actually cares about you. They're not always worried so much about your feelings that they aren't willing to help you grow and expand so somebody who tell you what you need to hear not necessarily what you want to hear another component that you look for is somebody who isn't going to provide you all the answers that's way easier. And it's nicer when somebody says oh just do X Y and Z. And sometimes that's necessary but most of the time it's it's like well coach them through asked some good questions allow them to come to their own conclusion. That's a stats. So much better than just giving somebody the formula or the perfect answer is letting them discover it for themselves and giving them just enough rope to hang themselves with to not kill themselves just enough to feel some pressure and feel some pinch but at the same time like not not hurt themselves. And like I'll give you an example. Pete Roberts. He's he's somebody like that for me. We had a great discussion a couple of days ago. We went to lunch together and talking about putting together this new event and he shared with me a lot of cool insights a lot of good inside. He's like look man. I don't want you have to pay tuition payments. That's what he calls it. It's like I don't want you to screw this up. But he's like there's going to be some risk involved and it's my risk his risk my risk. I have to assume that he can't take that level risk on but he's willing to help me and coach me and teach me what he knows. That doesn't become so expensive that it it breaks me or or is unnecessary risk. That I shouldn't expose me and my family too so that. That's what you look for. As far as practicality just implement what you guys talk about implement it. That's the greatest thing you can do if you ask for somebody for advice whether it's somebody on Instagram or or an official mentor capacity or coach. Somebody you've paid or hired to help you. The best thing you can do is actually implement the advice. I can't tell you how often talk with people and say. Hey you know what I'm thinking about. Starting a podcast which they do. Here's a couple of thoughts. Here's a couple of resources and they never do anything with it. So like how insulting you not only did you waste my time. And that's exactly what you did. You wasted my time because you didn't like I was gracious enough to give you a gift. And then you didn't implements you wasted my time and you wasted your time like why even ask me the question if you're not gonNA implementing what crazy thing to do so if you have you trust enough to ask questions to mentor to coach to counsel the guide you the least you can do is just take it and apply it. I think that's it. It's practical. I think this would be insightful. And maybe I'll go first because I think we get wrapped up with the ideas. A mentor coach right. So for me. I have a Ju Jitsu coach. I have a fitness strength and conditioning coach. I consider my CPA a form of a business coach. I have a a business coach. That may not even know that. He's my coach. Where my mentor? Ron Heffernan I make him my coach. 'cause I seek his advice from a business perspective like I have multiple people my life that I would put this title on And they're all different assets different aspects of my life that I like shows like okay. This person can help me in these areas right. I'm assume it's the same for you. It is I think what most people are looking for great insight. I think what most people want is. They're looking for their their obi-wan-kenobi right or or rocky's trainer like they're looking for that one person who have this amazing relationship with and they teach him everything about life. How works like you're not GonNa get out but you organized by the way? Good well just by the way and your example. Didn't work out too. Well right like Obi Wan totally failed exactly and Rockies. L- personal life was a complete rack. Yes because his coaching was only for Boxing. Right like not helping him on that narrative. So raise your kid right. That's exactly right you got you got to find people who are doing what you know the sounds overly simplistic. I get it okay. I understand but it's the truth. You gotta find people who are doing what you want to do. What one of two things I should say doing what you WANNA do having results doing what you WANNA do or results in coaching. Other people. To do what you WANNA do. I add that caveat because I take at athletics is a great example. Like it doesn't take a super bowl champion quarterback to coach of quarterback who can then go on to win the Super Bowl relic for example. Tom Brady arguably the greatest quarterback of all time well. He still gets coaching but guarantee the Guy He gets coaching from. Is it as good a quarterback? Tom Brady is. This is not possible. Tiger Woods another good examples like his coach is not as good as tiger woods in golf and yet he can still coach that individual so you can have one of or both your your results and success in that area or results producing results in other people in that area and then you hire these people to teach you to lead you to instruct you to guide you and to teach you what they know. It's that simple. It really is that simple. So if you want strong find fitness coach Mike. Did you WanNa get good at Jujitsu? Go to the best digits. Jim that you could possibly find if you WANNA learn about join a business or starting a podcast or creating a movement like we do here find somebody who's doing that. Pay Them to do it and then do what they say because they have some some record of success all right John Genes. Have you ever considered trying to get national coverage on a segment such as sixty minutes to promote our mission? And what we stand for. Can I just point this out because I love this about John here? He says such as sixty minutes to promote our mission in what we stand for and I when I read that I was like yes. Yeah that's out to g too because that's what it's about. I try to be very careful of saying me. Mine my I like. That's something I try to be very very careful of it when I'm talking about in the context of what we're doing here. I always try to be delivered. Although I don't get it always right about saying we us our that's more valuable than just saying. I me mine. Yeah so the fact and it creates is awesome. Yeah and it creates an opportunity for John then to say yeah we right but if you always said I my team and mission or whatever. It doesn't even create that opportunity for John A no. It's ours right like you. You you give him that opportunity to do that. Based upon the language they use right. So there's a lot of I learned this and then we'll get to John's question. I had this pet peeve when I was early in my financial planning practice I had a trainer. That would actually come with me on my appointments. They were legitimately my appointments. The people that I connected with the people that I called schedule the appointment and then I promise trainer with me to help me and I had one trainer in particular that anytime he would jump in. He would start talking to that individual as if I wasn't even there. It was so infuriating he would say oh my land is and my strategy this and what I would do for you. Is this like Whoa. This is not your thing here like the lease at a minimum a minimum Aceh. What what we can do for you and how we will help you at a minimum better even than that is probably in that case to say. Hey here's what I'm going to help Ryan do for you guys. Here's how he's going to help. Here's how he's going to structure your plan. Be Very aware of this. All of us have been in situations where people and that's what this is what they're doing. They're taking credit where they shouldn't take credit. That's what's happening in. You're probably doing it too. I'm doing it to people are listening. Are Doing it too when you say I me mine. You're taking a one hundred percent credit for something that isn't one hundred percent yours with with Iron Council for example because all these questions coming from the Iron Council it would be easy for me to say MI MIND MY I. That kind of thing judges a fight it but if I don't use the term we and US then I'm discounting kip everything that you bring to the Iron Council and I've been doing team leader calls lately because we do that every quarter just to make sure we're we're in sync with everything and it would be discounting everything that the team leaders have been doing over the past almost five years. Now what right do I have to claim credit for something? Do I have right to claim some of the credit? Yeah which is why I say we what right do I have to claim their efforts as my own. I don't have that right So to answer John Question National Coverage. That is something. I'm very interested in. Frankly I haven't done a whole lot of that any of that up to this point. I got a connection with Tucker Carlson's team. I put out a call and I've got some feedback and some wins for Prager University. Yeah like sixty minutes all these things these all be great outlet so if you guys have connections or opportunities and you think that it would be a good fit for what we're doing here. I would just ask that you make the connection and we'll see what we can do and we'll get this message out to the masses. Which is what needs to happen. I lose again. I think we're having some connectivity issues. Today it's been rough. Yeah Yeah a little bit all right. Look what else okay. Let's jump to our anonymous question. Okay so Mr Thomas over the last few months. I've noticed strange behavior out of my girlfriend. I've asked about it but I get all. I'm just stressed out. Response Teller to let me know what I can do to help and move on Saturday. I see your tech scene a guy on messenger but I don't really think about it too much last night. She left her phone in the living room to go take a shower and POPs up on the home screen talking about past sexual Past sexual experiences. I'm torn how to proceed. I have a kid so kicking her to curb is last resort. Not the first. Yeah I know this is. I'm assuming not the first time I'm assuming not the first I resort right. Yeah first option. That's kind of yeah. I mean this is tough man. You know like this stuff happens. This is actually unfortunately not. It's not uncommon. We hear things like this quite a bit. I think the first course of action is to confront the issue head on tactfully respectfully because if you jump in their guns Blazin which you know maybe maybe you can make the case that you have some right to do. This is not gonNa work that then. That's the thing like you. You want gotta be effective exactly like regardless of the outcome. You want this thing to work out for for you. Probably for her to some degree. Even though there might be some minimum of course bitterness and contention and animosity definitely your kid so you need to confront this head on like. You can't. Here's what I would not do. I would not side skirt the issue I would not set her up to fail by testing and putting up these little things like I wouldn't play games. A lot of people do that like Homina. See what she does you dude. You already know all right you. You already know she's cheating on you. You know that so and this is actually good for this month that we're talking about the idea of assertive communication. This is a moment where you're going to have to practice that assertive communication say. Look you know your phone was out a figured out what's going on. I know what's going on but I need to hear it from you and you need to give her the opportunity to confess to confront and to share. What is actually going on like you can't. There's no healing whatsoever whether you decide to keep it on. Keep going with her. Or or disengage. All the nothing will move forward without her confessing and being truthful and you confronting so. That's the very first step then from there. I think it's being very realistic about what she wants. You know it sounds like maybe you want to try to make amends or that certainly consideration and I think I'm not going to tell you not to but you know if that's something that you want to consider as making amends with her. You need to make sure that she wants to make immense the you need to ensure that she's fully on board of this. And if there's any inkling any inkling whatsoever that she's not vested or she's not interested please. I beg of you in anybody. Who's in this situation? Don't think you'RE GONNA Changer Right. Like they don't fall into the trap of saying well. Yeah but if I behave a certain way then maybe she'll see she won't she won't now. You can improve yourself and you can fix yourself and you should be doing all those things. 'cause we talk about that at length but don't change for her like don't do that for her. Do that for you. And if there's no inkling of her some small little little tell that she that she doesn't want to improve or fixed or she wants to continue this this behavior seen this guy you gotta get out of the situation. You have to it sucks. That's thing that's so hard about. This is that it sucks. Because you're thinking about you. You're thinking about her. You're thinking about your kid. Draw good things to think about. But it's not going to be better. Think about this. What's going to be better for your child? You and her. The child's mother being being separated but being like happy or being together and being contentious and bitter and miserable in back biting and cheating on each other. That's not going to be good for the kid either so again step one confront. Give her the opportunity to like actually come clean in confess. What is actually happening then from there? It's a decision of. Is this going to continue? If you feel like it will and you feel like she's not interested in. I'm almost say like repent. But that's kind of what the thing is like. If she's not interested in that then you gotta move onto okay well. What's the Exit Strategy? Here you know. How can I make sure my kids protected? How can I make sure I'm protected? Because at this point it becomes very difficult decision but a business decision nonetheless. You GotTa fight for your right as a father fight for your financial rights and make the best decisions that you can on that course of action. Now she says she if she's committed to changing maker come up with a plan like tell me how you're going to do it right like his not good enough for you to say. Oh nominee change. I'm GonNa Change because that's what of course they're going to say that when they get caught. Okay well what's your plan like? Tell me hearts can happen. You're going to go to counseling. We're GONNA go together. You'RE GONNA CHANGE. Your behavior like am I gonNa see this progress like. Tell me exactly what you're planning on doing in order to correct and rectify this behavior and here's what I would not do either is. Don't ask what you can do right like so if. I'm if I'M GOING TO MY WIFE. I know she's stepping out on me or whatever. I'm not gonNA ask her what I can do to improve the relationship. This is her thing. I didn't cheat on her. She cheated on me now. That doesn't mean I'm not going to go to work I myself am but I'm not gonNA. I'M NOT GONNA put myself at her mercy. Because she messed up. That's her that's on her. And when I say hey what can I do to change? I'm not going to allow her the opportunity to say well. You know if you did this and this and this then I would've cheated on you. Bullshit you made a conscious decision to step out on me and I'm not gonNA come off of my my my my mantle of masculinity if you will and subject myself to change my behavior because you made a mistake now. I'M GONNA change my behavior because I want to change me and proved me and do it for me not for you you you have to answer to me. I'm not the one on trial here so you tell me if you WanNa maintain this relationship what you're going to do to improve. What behavior is going to change how you're going to ensure that's happening and I'll worry about me and what I'm GonNa do for me knocker. If you don't mind me add in Ryan. I think what's critical about what you said is one has long lasting growth and transformation tied to where the other just generates animosity and temporary right. If she's coming to you. Go on all well if you would've done the and you and you jump on that train and go. Oh Yeah sure. I'll change who I am and I'll do this not going to work right. Changes in come from that angle right. You're you just counseling and being someone that have yet exactly. This is not going to work that way. So even if it if you wanted to it just going to create more animosity than it is anything else and and why would you? Why would you put yourself at a lower like at a low in a lower inferior position in this relationship like my? My job is to continue and do it do it virtuously but my job within the dynamic of my family is to increase improve my position dynamic within the family like it's not the subject peoples not to be a tyrant or dictator but is to constantly build authority and credibility because then when. I speak and when I asked when I make decisions if I have increased levels of accountability increased levels of credibility and authority. Then they will follow voluntarily like everything improves. Because I'm getting better. I will never ever position myself in an inferior position to make my wife or children feel better about themselves or better about their poor decisions. I've gotta stay here above the fray and they've got to elevate to this level this is the way it is and whether we're talking about a negotiation because that's what a separation essentially is and that's what it might come to in order to be a negotiator. You have to have the upper hand I at one point and we should. We should chat about that more. I I would love to have that conversation above and beyond just this use case in this relationship. This scenario about a spouse right about the importance of of scene at that higher level in multiple facets of life including work in our relationships with our families and whatnot. That might be a great discussion. Maybe it's a Friday field notes in the future but yeah Alex Competition is. Let's say somebody falls overboard of a ship you know. What are you gonNA do or is in the pool? You know you're going to throw a lifesaver tomb. Only going to go in there and subject yourself own level of risk at the as a last resort. But YOU'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA try to scoop amount of the water you're gonNA throw a lifesaver. You'RE GONNA get that poll. Might try to grab this. Pull THEM IN. You're not going to actually go into the water unless it's evident somebody's going to be injured or die because you don't write but the first resort is. Can I say this person from this position that I'm in right now and that's the better position right? I mean going back to Jujitsu right if you think about. Somebody's sweeping you. What does somebody need to do is sweep you? They need to get some of your foundational elements out money's select. I've got my knees. I've got my feet I've got elbows or I've got arms in order for you to sweep me. You've got to eliminate at least to at least one if not two or three of those pillars and if you can that then you can probably sweep me more successfully but if I can maintain my foundation keep my hip straight. Keep my feet knees and things on the floor and keep myself up. Propped up like you're going to have a harder time getting meet where you want me to go like. I'm in a position of power and that's where we need to be. We need to be in that position authority. And we can't do that. Were flailing around with somebody on the bottom left to be here. A strong base strong foundation. Doing what we can't offering a hand offering lifesaver to pull them out of the situation. They find themselves but the other thing too is they have to exert themselves. If I see somebody in the water and I'm like here grab this and I throw a lifesaver like they still have to grab it. Because here's Alan's ability grab it or I put a poll out there stick or whatever you gotta grab. You got to do something and if you're not willing to do that it's like man. Is this person really struggling? Like if you're a exactly do they want to be right now. one thing that came to mind really quick on this question before we move on is I think. There's the importance of being clear communication and setting expectation. I I can't express that enough because I think it's one of those areas where we might just assume right. Aw You know. Of course what she did is wrong and she won't do it again but I would literally like. Hey so just be really clear. This is unacceptable And and I will not subject myself to this so if this happens again right like really set those expectations even expectations going into the initial conversation. Hey we need to have a serious conversation about about something. And here's what I don't want it to be. I don't want it to be an argument. I don't WanNa get. I don't want to attack each other and upset each other verbally. I don't I certainly don't want to get physical. I just want to have a very level headed truthful conversation about some things that I've discovered with regards to our relationship. Nf I feel like that's going to go somewhere that I'm not interested in going Allen the conversation I'd love to have this conversation. Get things figured out. But these are the terms by which we're going to communicate and by the way that communication. It's good for them. Yes if she's if she's in this relationship with you in a way that she does want to be like then she should be out like this is it's a conversation of what's best for both of you. Not just germ saying like. She needs to figure out what she's doing and she needs to have some integrity around it in in that conversation benefits her as much as benefits. You Right Yup tough tough tough situation a realistic situation situation. A lot of people that are dealing with and I hate to say this but I think we do need to say is let this let this be an example to those of you. Don't find yourself and don't are not in this situation right now. Let this be an example of finding somebody that you can commit to being being very aware of and ready to bring a child into the world when when that situation calls for it addressing red flags early like let this serve as an example of some things to be aware of. So you. Don't find yourself in that position. I hate to say that because this is somebody we're talking about being dealing with this shit but also it is. It is good reminder like okay. This is some of the things that could happen. If I don't address these issues upfront. Totally and the flip side right the dangerous chatting late night with an old highschool fleeing on messenger right like avoid these circumstances where you know you might get your ego stroked and feel good and Phil wanted and desired by some one and fall into that pit of like let conversation start creeping into your cheer marriage like I- There's some danger and warning signs on on both sides of this Question for for all of us really so well let me let me share a really interesting conversation. My wife and I had a couple of days ago. She wanted to post something on social media and it was like really thoughtful and some things that she'd been dealing with and she wanted to post this picture while she went down the Bahamas Couple of weeks ago and she posts. She had this picture of her swimsuit and Mike. Sheila great you know my wife. She looked she looked amazing and she asked me she said Hey. I WANNA posted something about posting his. But how you feel about me posting this picture and her swimsuit and I said you know I don't. I don't really like that picture. I liked that picture but but I don't. I don't really want you to post that picture. I do. You have another picture that you out. I would feel more comfortable. If used a different picture. Now in today's society by today's standards that a lot of people would say well. Who are you to say what she can and can't post and this isn't the one thousand nine hundred fifties the all these things. Yeah it I mean to me. I think like what came of that for me is that I had enough. Social capital built up that she asked me and when I said I really would like to use a different picture that she used a different picture. Out of respect for our relationship that to music very there was a lot. That's that's years and years of work and effort. I'm not trying to keep her down. I'm not trying to manipulate or control or none of that feminist and these types. They're going to get all worked up about me saying that but to me when if if I was looking at another relationship and I heard that happening like man that is a level of respect on both parties and both of them have earned that level of respect through the effort in the work over years and years of of effective communication of honoring each other respecting each other's wishes. And here's the thing. If she came to me and she has come to be. There's been posted. I've made where she's like. I don't really like that that I've actually deleted because because I respect her and I want to honor that there's been poster up. I'm like pay. I'm thinking about sharing this like are you okay with she's like? I don't I don't really think you should and I haven't. It's a speedo photos or well. Yeah let's let's not talk about it. Okay I don't want all the girls. You know like beaten down my doors and whatnot and she. She was worried about that. You know she's worried about all the all the women chasing me on instagram because it happens a lot all the women's women's Yes anyways the point that I'm making that you're making light of now is the point that I'm making is. It's just it's respect right. It takes a lot of effort and a lot of work and when we had that moment I just it just reminded me of light. This is what it's about you know there's a there's a. There's a level of mutual respect. She respects me enough to ask. I respect her enough to do the same thing to feel honored when she does that. And of course through my years and years of work in the relationship and hers as well you know she feels comfortable asking me And and then she honors. What my thought is you know. So that's that's apple and you can see that level of respect for different relationships all over the place right. It's it's it's present win. Couples won it back. Bite each other in front of family members. Yeah and it's present when they run their mouth about their husband against someone else in social media and social media. Yeah totally like those are all these little elements of like where? There's a huge amount of lack of respect and not consideration for one another right and it and it can really feel like there's a form of isolation right when your spouse doesn't do that right when they don't respect you so that's all right. We have three more questions in the ICU. Want to try to push through these. So we're about an hour and fifteen. Let's do like we'll try to do like rapid fire or something. Okay all right Derek. Cripe these are like wow long questions Mr the missiles and I was listening to the Mrs Mikla episode on the road shipped. It's Texas yesterday. What really happened to the SNOWBLOWER Thou for my real question? How do you approach conversations about big life changes with your children? I E win you win. We'RE ALL GETTING READY TO MOVE TO UTAH to Maine. How do you discern? True Vision from impulsive dreams thinks in advance and keep us. Keep up the good work. Okay so let's get through all these snowblower. Suffice it to say that respect your wife no diesel fuel was put into our gas powered smuggler. That's it does leave it there. We gotta work out. It's working again. We drained it. It's working again. Everything's fine nobile. That's it's almost as good as my son putting oil in the radiator. Yes yeah that that would be a good one so we gotta take care all right. What was the question about approach approaching kids with big lies changes? I think you need to be realistic right. Like I wouldn't painted is some glorious fairy tale because it's not going to be like just be realistic. Hey here's here's the amazing things that could happen. Here's the opportunities that present themselves here. Let me teach you a little bit about the area which is something we did about main like. Look at the look at the house. Look at the property. Here's the animals. Here's the haunts here's activities. Here's the things that we can do and they got really excited about that but we didn't. We didn't paint it as all rainbows and fairytales. We said. Hey it's GonNa be hard you're GonNa have to leave your friends and we're really comfortable here. We like this house but man. That's the trade off. You have to be willing to take a risk to do these things and fortunately our kids got behind their young enough which is good. That's part of the reason. We made the decision now but yeah. I think we just painted it realistically for them. Told THEM WHY we're doing. It treated them like human beings as opposed to just little ponds in our game of the family. Like no you look you. Don't get a vote. Necessarily your your consideration is important us. Like we WANNA know how you're feeling and what you're experiencing ultimately mom and I need to make that decision but you know we want to hear from you want to know. And as they express their concerns and their frustrations and their excitements. We listened to all of them and we took him into consideration and we frame the conversation in a way that would address the things that they worried and excited about because we treated them with respect you know so what was the third one division versus impulse discern. Yeah vision versus impulsive dreams. That's pretty good question. I would say if you haven't really spent any time being deliberate about your vision. Then it might just be impulse like if you've ever taken any time to sit down and legitimately right and think and visualize what you want and what you want the future to hold. It's probably just impulsive. So which by the way is doesn't necessarily mean it'll be wrong. There's just GonNa think that you know impulsiveness might actually work. I am I not and even if you plan everything out. That actually might not work. So it's not to say that I mean I think there's a lot to be said for feelings and intuition that a lot of us don't take it into consideration like sometimes it just feels right and that's enough that's enough depending a level of risk and you can create a plan around but yeah if you haven't like deliberately intentionally mapped out what you want your life to be like and experience and the opportunities you have. It's probably just impulsive. And it would be good for you to start thinking and if your iron council should be doing your vision stuff anyways right because that's part of the battle plan so yep permit ball do you think it's important for a man to stay up to date with news and current affairs at personally found that it upsets me in doesn't add value to my life when I keep up with the news. I think you should focus on I and expand out from there like if you're focused on the results of of the of the presidential election for example and you don't know what your kids are afraid of then. You're probably focused on the wrong things right or or you don't know what's keeping your wife up at night but you worried about what. Cnn is telling you about the town hall thing in Virginia and the Second Amendment debates then like you probably have those skewed a little bit. But I do think it's important to stay up to date with current events within moderation got understand. The motive of the media in the media industry is to rile you up more riled up you are the more. You're GONNA pay attention so like if you if you come to a conversation or a circumstance or in this case you're listening to the media but you know what the motive is. You can make better decisions about how to engaged respond to what you're seeing and hearing if you know a motive is to rile you up than just don't get riled up. Hey good enough. Okay there's this thing in Virginia about the Second Amendment Debates Goodwin need to know about that that'd be valuable to know but I think you need to start with your family. You Know Yourself Really. Well then expand that to to my family than expand that to my neighborhood maybe even like my church or some other organization that part of then expanded out to my state then expanded out federally and and. I think that'd be better. Approach Yeah I think it's probably a good idea that you stay up to date to to some damn regarding current events half the news that we hear is just noise anyway right so there was this scenario. And you're like okay. That's all I needed to know that I don't need to know all the other information you just gave me boy because half of it's just perception and opinion and if you know if you know the motive of those the source of information then you can better make that decision. If you don't know the motive then you're going to take everything personal and think everything applies to equally. It doesn't some things just don't matter and you have to be willing and able to discern what matters and what doesn't boy scouts of America filed chapter eleven bankruptcy in order to Equitably compensate all victims were abused during their time in scouting. What do you think of this move? Seems like a PC to show and to appease the vocal minority a boy. Scouts is done. I mean you can go about. I'm actually curious sprawl on. I'm actually curious because I was talking to my wife about this this morning. Because she'd saw she had told me about it and I I should go back into facebook but I wanNA say four or five years ago. I said Boy Scouts is done boy. Scouts is done. They'll be out of business with five years and at people. Oh No you do. Whatever they're done they're done when you start jeopardizing in compromising on your standards. You're done whether that's inviting girls into. It's a shame that they have all these sexual misconduct and assault allegations and cases that they're dealing with But yeah they're done. It's over boy scouts how to run their but they started jeopardizing their their standards in the morals. And here's the result like it's unfortunate. So is it pc now. I don't think it's PC. I think it's a move to say their asses. Yeah and they'll probably try to restructure reformulated or something but shame on the leadership of a boy scouts for getting themselves into this position for jeopardizing their morals and their standards and for undermining and ruining a great institution that has served millions. Millions of young boys and men and they ruined it through their own weak spineless cowardly leadership the travesty. This is what happens when you get weak leaders. It's weak leadership and I get it. I get why they would why they would start changing these things and I I. I understand but you don't ever compromise your morals and your standards. This is the result always inevitably. This is the result so unfortunate goodbye to the boy scouts even if they come back. They like Greece structure their done. Nobody cares about the boy scouts anymore. They've rendered themselves obsolete so now we have to do better job right like in order. Then we have to do a better job as men serving our kids serving the young men in our communities. Coaching where we can. I've got some thoughts tinkering on bouncing around in my brain about like. What can I do to help solve this problem? A little bit of that has to do with legacy which is coming up soon. you know so. I'm I'm not willing to like bash on him without coming up with some improvement thinking about how we can fix this. But yeah we're doing a good thing here and we need you guys to spread this mission in this cause because now more than ever. It's it's needed in society. And the boy scouts filing for bankruptcy and jeopardizing their morals and their standards is a great indicator of of larger problem. That's happening for you. Guys that are interested. We might have a couple of spots. Left four legacy. That is our father. Young man event June eleventh through the fourteenth to learn more about that go to order man dot com slash legacy join us. There's limited spots. I think last time we spoke. There's just like two three so reach out today. He's coming and he's got a friend coming so like it might be closed out. But if you're interested just jump on real quick order men dot com slash legacy and you can see if there's maybe one maybe two spots tops but yeah there's not very many spots left came to join us guys to spread this word and to get Hats a bubble would be proud of US today. Both of the sport in a slight curve. A little bend in the Brim. Little Bit of bent a little bit of bubba in this To get your guys swag and support the movement visit us at Store Dot Org dot com for your hats shirts decals and more and of course is spread. This message Subscribe to the podcast hop on Youtube to look at Ryan's not as glorious appeared. Still actually just just hop line take a look at his neck there. Yeah Gosh there's one years neck. It is ear buds. I can feel like my ear. Buds haven't got all tangled up in my beard. Like normally do so might be honest here. Yeah you're like where's my ear buds? So that I Tim My beard yesterday. The following district. Instagram OR TWITTER AT RYAN. Nuclear and then finally join us on facebook. Submit your questions to the. Ama there as well as look into the iron counselor exclusive Brotherhood to learn more about the icy or the council go to order. Man Dot com slash. Iron Council of course at facebook group is facebook dot com slash groups slash order of man coup. Got Her well guys I apologize. We had some Sounds like some internet connectivity issues. So we'll try to work through that a little bit but I think he caught most of it. Anyways guys. Glad you're here. We'll be back on Friday for Friday field notes but until and go up there take action man. Thank you for listening to the order of man. Podcast you ready to take charge of your life. Be More of a man you were meant to be. We invite you to join the order at quarter of Man Dot Com.

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Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

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Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"Don FM and tell me how you use the satellite feed better get chip in fund dot L.. Dot FM The costs aren't the issue we can afford them. But why continue something not valued by the market want to help you can join our satellite fundraiser for just two dollars a month that fund dot L. R. N. DOT FM if we raise enough to keep both channels on the air. Awesome. If we raise more all add more channels if now we can shut them down and go internet only it's up to you. Thank you for your support fund dot L. R. N.. FM. Help get. FM into more ears visit promote dot L. DOT FM for a free bumper sticker flyers, banners, graphics, and more promote dot l.. R.. N. Dot FM. Freedom is the answer. What's the question. Or listening to ernest kind, of front. Comes back. Home and Yeah, we're back. We're back. We're back. We're talking with Barry Crew and from the Republic of Ireland and their culture there is that they don't. Have like campaign signs in front I I guess it's comes from you know the troubles you know decades ago where you know if you got labeled your catholic-protestant Pro Anti Crown did gap in your firebombed or something I mean you know it just just keep that at home. But if you see this covert thing is just got to be somebody. Up Razz up against the machine of whatever your drone is that if there was a sign somewhere that just I don't even know what it would say it's a freedom from. quit line to me or something I, want to see your smile I wanna see your smile that I want to see your smile love that one. So this kind of thing is just It would be interesting. You know. What if you had to clean I, WANNA see your smile you know that really pissed them off but the. So I'm just I don't know and Berry and I'll talk about it and we'll do something because I get a couple of pictures of this and but this is the biggest thing that I wanted to do this for. Is the impact it'll have from a culture that doesn't have this kind of expression openly to see this happen, it will freak out the right people there'll be some minister of control of I don't got my region under the thumb of and Kinda and report to tell me why and what are you doing about in where we're going to send a Hellfire missile. This is you know people rebelling in this way with pamphlets flyers and you can see what's happening with someone like Dolores K. Hill would just a youtube. and. This is so the people that are dissenting Berry do they face ramifications or are they going after him? They aren't allowed to get on a train or something what's happening to them. Well. To. Travel to get on. Public Transport. At you have to have both the mask on long Janda Sir train revert is. On Sunday it just came out recently the in. Him Up with a fight. Here. Or Five. level. Sort of rules. Are. Guidelines. Whatever you WANNA call us down? To two counties in Ireland have level tree and the rest of the country is at level two but a blend donegal or level trade because they have more able testing a positive for his of nineteen hours. A So. Basically. Nothing complete lockdown kind of fight stages of lockdown. Wow. We had in America. It was called threat levels that went from green to red or something, and it was a joke. I is. The same thing here they're like. each levy can have six people in in the in the one. House. In the one place. The maximum you can have utterings. In the fifty To fifty seven at the hundreds and. What's his six person thing in a house? You can have more than six people live in a house. And yes, six people from the same household is kind level tree. Goes up to Levin Ford and you're not allowed any visitors. Five. Thirty full lockdown and. How and how? This stuff that they gone up and down up and down. Only recently into whole all country to hell Dublin Dublin. Donegal County Sarah Liberal. Tree but people are not supposed to leave Dublin. With The Dominion. has. Holiday homes. Remember living in building and the roads are packed with Bilden register cars exiting. Dublin. The minute they announced here the holiday all for the they're not even putting up with the nonsmo-. Sounds to me like you need a sign man. I mean, you know this is Okay. All right. Well. You got some rebel friends or is it just you and Emma? Friends. Friends. Okay. Well, that was interesting here. Go ahead. Sorry. Is the time delayed overcooked the trust one another but. You have. Certain. People here. They're. Living in so much fear like the impact, the propaganda on twenty, four, seven on that petrified motor home you know. Don't want to see any friends or relations sack going to even go to show them. The really. Concede feared I and I think of when I think of Ir Irishman Women I think have a strong. Resilient self sustaining brave people. You know this is not this is this is this is not your that that would be some kind of sign. This is you know This is not Ireland or B B Irish don't fear be Irish or something like that. You know I just you grab your heritage you reputation around the world is hard working not putting up with any crap kind of thing and I think that would be a brace some fraser thing that would resonate with the Irish people in that way. We'll have to think about that one. Yeah. Sure is. Here. You would have a similar suppose to America or anywhere else would have an ninety percent or ninety five percent of the population will do what they're told. No matter what. You know be. Quiet man but I wear no mask you know the quiet man straight and there's something there's got to be. We'll come up with something that really piss off all the bad guys and inspire everybody else because I can see it from this is from this kind of oppression that this stuff blossoms and you have talked before where you've gone to. Like, Camper things or festivals or people that are more self sustaining that there you know. As they could see, the economics were coming. They start making sure that they were going to be fed how's that going or groups of people that are making sure there. Since we spoke last than we ever. Was a hyper, a small group yet thing NAM. Local suppliers. That grow older we have for example, guide has has a a beef are all organic And produces it is on beef. At ease as one of the supplier, so people can get healthy. The hormone, treatment than. Fiends and and all the chemicals that they use and the vaccines that the US on the animals. Very. Limited exposure anything like that. So you have much better quality food. Opposite more nutrients. The Senate he he is one supplier would say. They it how? Slowly gathering. Your main stay food supply industry. Local potatoes obviously. lot of fruit beach grown locally the. Bacon or or supplier. Just lined up this week. Aren't we have. Likes. Things calm foster. Charlie. Huge. Really all it is is a group of. Bar Dear fifty just local people modem producers they had somewhere to Seller product 'cause most small producers can't supply a supermarket either in volume are at the price they the mountain to the sold. This is. The Best News I've heard this whole Freakin interview sat. You'RE GONNA be so you take when things get bad you're not gonNA starve. No. It seems to be this. This local things going is the. Food Supply Like I've been. Advertised or in the news here much for the online. From already. took. The same African. The Buzek started here. Music. Know what's happening in? America for your Laundry. The dining in Mitch Cohen. Behind. Loud. Not. Kill Them. My insurance, honey. COMB. Own. Hell is going up very the free state project has reached its goal of Twenty Thousand Liberty Lovers who've pledged to move to New Hampshire and get active to achieve liberty in our lifetime. Perhaps, you're trying to figure out what part of New Hampshire should be your destination. If so consider keen, you'll find more than one hundred and fifty reasons to move too keen at Move Dot Free Keen Dot com keen is famous for its historic publicity generating activism as well as being the liberty media capital of the world it's home to freaking dot. com New Hampshire's destination for liberty, Activism News, and opinion for years we've been compiling over one hundred fifty reasons to move too keen at move dot, free, keen, dot com, where you'll learn about some of what's happening here, and what makes keen a great place to live. If you love liberty, you'll probably enjoy anywhere you end up in the Shire, but do your due diligence I. Please Visit Move Dot Free Keen Dot Com for the full list of over one hundred fifty reasons to move to keen. That's move dot free keen dot com. Did, you know you can listen to L. Aranda FM VR free to air satellite channels. We have channels over nearly all of North America and much of Africa all you need is an affordable receiver and a dish as small as thirty inches. There are no monthly fees learn more at Sat. Dot FM plus if you are a broadcaster or want to be one, this is a good delivery method for our content, our coverage maps and get details at SAT. FM that. Sad Dot. FM Sat. Dot FM looking for a great real estate investment consider New Hampshire, which is Ground Zero for the Liberty Movement. Your first call should be to mark worden from porcupine real estate is more than just a real estate agent easier. New. Hampshire concierge the best places to live. Do you want farm city the burbs or forest you want a duplex or multifamily buildings so that renter's pay your mortgage their homes in all price ranges in New Hampshire and mark and help with financing to invest in liberty and property Mark Gordon can help. You're listening to the heartland. Radio Network at live dot heartland newsfeed dot. com. This is supported by advertisers and contributions by. Follow us on facebook twitter and instagram so. Public Concern Newscast for September. The Twenty Fifth Twenty Twenty I'm Mike Clifford House Democrats preparing a new smaller coronavirus relief package expected to cost about two point four trillion dollars as try to forge ahead with talks with the trump administration a source familiar with the plan said Thursday that from reporting from CNBC. They note the bill would include enhanced unemployment insurance direct payments to Americans, paycheck, protection program, small business, loan funding, and aid airlines among other provisions to reach the price. Tag Democrats would chop roughly twenty dollars from their previous proposal for a fifth pandemic aid plan. CNBC SAYS THE PARTY AIMS TO RESTORE DEVOS TO GO. She's with the White House after talks apart by US month. The Future of Montana's vote by mail option for the November election could be decided any day now after legal challenge wrapped up this week in federal court. President Donald Trump and Republican groups sued the state over governor. Steve Bullock's decision to let counties use mail in ballots to help keep voters safe during the pandemic. The GOP claims mail in voting subject to fraud but Nancy Lifer with the Montana League of women voters refutes that idea and says lawsuits like this caused confusion and could influence some folks not to vote this kind of thing throw suspicion into mind about Oh. Gosh. Is it really safer? Isn't it? And, of course, the thing about Montana is Montana has a very, very safe voting system and there's absolutely no reason to be questioning it. Forty five of the state's fifty six counties have opted to offer a male in belet US district. Judge. Dana Christensen promises to make a speedy decision in the case before the October th deadline to send out all the mail in ballots on Diane Bernard, a twenty seventeen state report found that allegations of mail in voter. Fraud during a Montana special election that year were inflated and represented, only a small portion of the votes were actually cast some folks in Michigan convicted of drug offenses or facing lifelong punishments under the law that are not directly related to their crimes. The state permanently bands those would felony convictions from two or more separate drug related crimes from food assistance available under the federal. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program State Senate Minority Leader Juvenile of Flint introduced a bill to. Repeal the ban he contends it's a matter of fairness as no other crime triggers such denial dangling food over person's head and taken away from their family and their children are themselves. They're trying to reform themselves and get out of a dangerous cycle seems to me to be unusually cruel and unnecessary data show full eligibility for snap benefits reduces the probability that someone with a drug conviction will return to prison within a year by about thirteen percent. This is pianist. Arkansas poverty rate trending down over the past few years. But since pandemic has been a short brise and hardship across the state according to the latest data from the Census Bureau American community survey between two thousand, eighteen in two, thousand, Nineteen Arkansas's poverty rate dipped slightly to sixteen point, two percent and median household income increased senior policy analyst the Arkansas Center for children and families. Bruno showers says the data offers a scenario that paints a bleak picture for residents especially, Black Latino indigenous and immigrant households hardest hit by the coronavirus or Federal Bill Gatien really needs to step up when one quarter of ARKANSANS are having trouble paying rent when more than one in five or having trouble. Feeding their kids he says, housing relief is a critical issue. The survey found this summer eighteen percent of Arkansans who live in rental housing reported they were behind on rent twenty, nine percent are behind on their mortgage payments for public news service. I'm not Ramlogan according to that survey fourteen percent of adults report of their household sometimes or often didn't have enough to eat he American Red Cross started offering covid nineteen antibody tests of select areas in June trying to pinpoint the number of people have been exposed to the virus. Joy squires with the Illinois Red Cross, and she says, now all blood donations are being tested for antibodies as part of their standard testing procedures for infectious diseases. Has. Things could indicate if someone had been exposed doesn't necessarily indicate infection or immunity just maybe at some point in time if he were both. Those test results available in about seven to ten days. She notes that anybody test might help increase the blood supply a study of donations during the summer found first time donors increased from eleven to seventeen percent after antibody testing was offered. And finally, our Mary Sherman tells us the shift to virtual and blended learning to reduce the spread of covid. Nineteen could have an unintended consequence for kids vision chief eyecare officer with United Healthcare Dr Scott Edmonds explains the increased screen time raises the risk of digital. I strain impossible retinal damage from high energy blue light. He says looking at a screen closer than thirty inches away also can cause vision problems including nearsightedness. Suggests following what's known as the twenty twenty twenty rule, twenty minutes. You need to look at an object, twenty feet away or further for twenty seconds that not only cuts the exposure to all the blue light. It also gives the muscles in the eye but rest from sustained contraction just twenty seconds says all you really need, and then they can go back to their digital devices about forty-one percent of Americans or affected by nearsightedness compared to twenty five percent back in nineteen seventy. This is by Clifford. Thank you for wrapping up your week with Public News. Service member enlisted supported her great radio stations across the nation and online at public news. Service. Dot Org remember that I am here not because of the path that lies before me but because of the path that lies behind me. I remember that one hundred years we bought these machines. And, after a century of War I remember that which is most. Let. US make them remember. Garmin We're going to be doing a bunch of stuff but stuff, but stop very Kirwin from Public Ireland going to budget sides but assigned side everywhere assigning a culture that doesn't do that. You're not allowed you get your permit you can get your permission slip now going I think I'll decline and we'll see what happens I. we're within a couple of weeks man it'll be done with your barriers and getting all kinds of trouble but he's he's one of those guys anyway. So you know it's all good and you have friends at it just takes one person to spark somebody do this, and that's who we're talking to right now a spark a spark Maksim Smith teens for trump. Well, you know it did start off that way he was just Knew the the covert thing was crap. He knew they were going to be brainwashing and he had a concern for his younger sister. He knows what's going to happen. He's going into high school they're moving around you know getting in wherever he's our you denver or something what. They're in Denver. So didn't he has his? Sister he knows what's going to happen junior high elementary and whatever they're gonNA brainwash living crap out of them and We're going into the school year and and if it's online, how they going to do that what are they gonNA say? We're GONNA wear their black matter shirt and you're you're not thinking right boy girl. We'll tell you what to think have will what happens all of a sudden parents start to see what's going on or standard going sit in on this class off screen over here logo what the Hell is. Well, you got one of the young men maximum Smith is sitting there taking notes you know recording screen shots starting to share with people in a Log that he's doing on Youtube teens for trump. So the I got a bunch of questions we talked to you when you first started doing this and you had like. Like subscriber number twenty something you know. So now that's going up then you have. You're doing this and you kind of work out. Of building up to then you start going. Yeah. Let me tell you what my math teachers say in math class and science like what the Hell is this then I need know do they know you're doing this? Who knows you're doing this? Have they said anything about it but my first question is why the name teams for trump explained that the people go So. Wrong. The reason why chose that is all bursaries it is because it allows me with that name allows me detracts to attract certain viewers easier than just my previous name. Is. Before it was a three JEN's TV because I thought that it was going to be a place where. Me My dad and my dad's girlfriend would all something but it turned out just being me because we're three different generations but then it changed so I decided to change my name to that because it would bring in certain viewers even more than before. All right. Out a? Period did okay. So you start well, how many subscribers do you have now? I have a four, hundred, forty one. That's. Okay okay. This is going. Okay. So you kind of comments are yeah. That's a lot of these. Guys are just trolls I mean you got robots or something out there yelling at you I'm sure. Good. Best is just ignore it I mean you know kind of they just WanNa take up your time and do you know this? We your dad explaining man just you know just plow heck with these. Yeah he definitely did. He was like, yeah. They're going to say certain things but you have to realize that they probably didn't even watch the video later saw the title assume something in common. They're. Tear out of the basement of the penha whatever the hell. So just ignore but the people that are actually watching and commenting and so on what their general tape. Will they definitely like the videos had more all teachers and parents? Subscribe to my channel and I've had a lot. You will say, wow, I didn't know this before. Thank you for showing me because I had no idea this was going on in schools. So going pretty good. Yeah. Where we are right now in Bangor Maine the kids are high school and like Sophomore I think and maybe seventh grade or something like that, and they're up there now online doing their stuff. And you know one thing they they give you a computer here you take home and now I got Google in my house. You know just real quick friend of mine sent me putting it up. Amazon now has a new security drone like the ring doorbell. Now, it's a drone that flies around your house or you get like camera surveillance kind of you know, hey, hey, Alexa do my whatever as it following you like a fly. Kick kick guidance. Security cameras because I got one followed me all the time. Is Dick. All right. All right. So you do this program. Now go ahead and talk about We've got a few minutes left in this segment talk about when you first started it did you start recording your screen captures and stuff and just taking notes I mean what's your method of how you present this? Yeah I would. Record a lot of notes mostly notes and I would also take pictures. I took pictures of my teachers were black lives matter shirts I took a picture of my principal wearing black lives matter shirt god of course, I blacked out they so I can put it on Youtube but I Mean you have to black out their face, here's a public official talking to. Children and you're not allowed what the hell is that I mean not that I would you know I'm portio black it doesn't really matter and they'll get out. But I mean is there subs community guidelines on that or something. WHOA, I'm not really sure I just want to be on the safe side because I've rather. Something knots like what is someone went to the school winded something and then they got blamed on me because I know you're probably doing that but that's not going to be a secret. So the thing is, is at any of these teachers found out what you're doing. New Not yet. What are they freaking? Boron nobody. Nobody says it. Will it's nice because? During the classes, we can actually keep our videos off. You were cameras off so they can't even see me. So it's nice. To know what you look like you're gonNA. So you're keeping your camera off on everything. you the other students is anybody somebody's got to know you're doing this? I actually had one soft more find my from my highschool find that you do channel. And I was a little nervous at first because I was thinking. Oh, while this could be someone night. Good. Rat me out but then he was actually fine. It was good and he gave me more information to put on my channel. Very. Sending your stuff from other schools. So foreign pad, two different bull and me evidence. That's motivating no teachers, parents, anything I mean it's just started I mean school year L. we're still in September. Just. This is going and this go exponential. I already know what's going to happen. That's why I wanted to talk to you when you first started I'm going. Oh. I know what I want. You know. He'd for trump is probably cool for the whatever you get. You know maybe a logo without or some you need some kind of low you gotta sell Berkman you need. The the. mark dicing check it out I. mean you know. Get on your dad. cramping darn kind of new. You'll be kindergarten. Here. We come tell Birch. What? I WANNA. Know what? Pop. The overall picture in the real estate market today is one of frustration when you take many factors into consideration, the housing market pundits would have you believe that everything is okay. 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Mobil Oil playhouse in Great Britain P BBC, whatever the hell it was and it was. During the Cold War is like in the seventies eighties or something they did it started off in a classroom. You heard me talk about this. You know a couple of weeks ago. They started off in a classroom and it was well, you know the communist one you know we we took a whole new, we all one and they kick out the old teacher and it's pretty twenty-three-year-old. New Teacher comes in and explain it to you. You know and it's always fifth graders. Junior high. It's always before puberty. It's always the Hitler youth kind of thing I mean that's what it. Is Like your sister. So they come into. This is how it is. I'm a thirty figure of you haven't got locked in your testosterone estrogen flown of making me wherever you are and we're gonNA explain it to you. So this one class, I mean it was just one day one class is like twenty thirty minutes and it was amazing what they accomplished in this one class and the transition, and it is the documentation of course that. Fiction. That Max is doing for. Real. It's in there right now you go to the today's archive for today, show the second hour and just pull it up. We'll do it in the next break. I just have you take a look at it real quick and just click in the middle of it and ten seconds at they're talking you'll get it and you'll go holy crap you're living it for real. This is amazing art. So explain to me your mission. You're doing this because what your long term goal. Will in the beginning started off mainly because I just come out of middle school into high school in my sister. is in a middle school and even in eighth grade before all this, it was bad at school Religious. The white privilege stuff. We aided class specifically on nights and so in the beginning, it was because mainly my sister was going there was as I started to see it more and more. In will across the country in Western education. I decided that it would be better if I just gave. Tons and tons of examples of this happening across the country and give any experience. So parents can know what's going on. Your in you're light, skinned and blonde. Area boy. Okay. So Privilege, banner but he's looking at you. Exactly, know. What boy you know I dislike. Pretty Teeth and everything man you're exactly who are against you privileged. I'm sure that's certainly having understanding and knowledge of what's going on and you know the experience, your father. Bela explain things to you. I can see that this would be. A great service when you first started this concept who came up with it that your father encouraged her you go man I needed some how did this come about? well, a at the very beginning before even talked my dad are about it. I was already making videos would've seen at my middle school. So he kind of started off just with everything I had experienced at my last school in talking about the. Wow How bad is it? When you go into I mean now I I would imagine the first week that teacher wants to make sure that y'all know that black lives matter and you've got to vote for Biden and then they get off and actually talk about math or something or is it getting worse? On boiled. There's definitely a law in the first week and a half so. If, you want need to talk about but. it has a comes in waves. You won't see offer while they know come back. So but in the first week, it was everywhere every glass. Damn. So they had a plan. Ami. I mean the teachers go you know my math? My classes woke as heck man, how are you doing man? I'd doctrine eight now all you should see what I told him. Oh. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. And Classes that were worse than other classes. Did you push back online at all? No. Because since since that was the first week I wanted to be even as I want to be as secretive as I could just. So I can take all the notes, pictures, videos, and everything. So now do you has there been a time that you'll push back a little bit on something? Will there was this one time so far in math class where my teacher brought up a slide about Ao see the OBAMAS and a guy named Tae Anderson, which is a is a terrible Denver Public School School Board Director and she was talking about them. So I waited comments section I was like. Do Your job please we aren't supposed to be talking about politics in math class. We're here to learn about math and She said she saw my comment and she said, you know if you're being disrespectful then I'm going to have to remove you from the glass. So I said I'll do it myself I left. But. That's been the only time so far. But you got a special little star after your name. Oh Yeah for sure by now they do and I care in freaking t guarantee guarantee that the other teachers know that your name to. Download man got gold star. We got to keep an eye on that boy. Exactly. No. You don't know that are just they don't WanNa get into it. You know they don't know the teams for team for trump. I think they know yet. I really don't think they know. But if they find it, then our expect to receive an email to be contacted in some way. Really. Pay For that. There's GonNa come a time. Oh. You gotTa have your Birch and the first day you go to school we gotta start wearing your birch bad. Is GonNa be. Really. I. Teach for trump you know or something else or logo or TFT Or whatever the hell. Cares you know but this is yeah, there's a press back on this. You know it's interesting. I was talking to. The gentleman from Ireland that become a good friend we've known for year two came and visited us near his own and so on. Go to their wedding and may we can't and? It's their culture in Ireland is such that they don't put up signs. Signs in their yards they show a preference for whatever I? Guess. It's from all the troubles in the seventies and so on that they're you know bombs going. Man I don't. Know nothing about birth babies you know whatever. So the thing is, is for you to come out open about this. I'm wondering what the culture there I mean. It's Denver are they I mean is it die hard freaking blue-state Abidin or is there a rule support for trump? I mean, what's the break up there? On. The Border Jim has grown, but it's still a very incredibly blue state and most people are crazy. Leftist five sin. So yeah, it's still pretty crazy. Well, maybe you know I, Don I get off the road we're going across the hinterlands of the farmland, the rule outside the city and its frequent allow would try to find. Your. Talking. About. All be here. Back. From spin just a little bit. A local man treats his girlfriend to a sumptuous. Massage and an area desk doesn't mind if people sit on a chair every once in a while, this is the onion weakened review following months of anticipation end global fanfare. The royal baby was finally born this week sources close to the royal family say the newborn prince spent his first days crawling around Buckingham Palace eating his I mean and even speaking his first words, the onions obtained this exclusive audio clip. Uku People's. The. In other news, a man's annual six sentence conversation with his cousin goes smoothly a generous Improv troupe performs for free and a pool owner has a bathing suit that touched his penis you can borrow. 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Love, what we do lease help support our international satellite channels at Patriotic Dot. Taylor N M, that's Patriot on l.. Dot. FM. There are those that just you ought to be left alone. And those that just won't leave them alone. Which one are you? The Ernest handcock show? Yes maximum. This is. Is Awesome this is awesome. We do a very Kirwin Nyasaland and we do some. Maximum Smith in Denver, and we got you know just kind of the resist. VIZSLA. Else. So here we have A. Really seen a lot of you know. Yeah blown up. Yeah. I give you a good example. Tempur made a big deal about this one. It was a black man that was praising Tim. Pool for free in him from the shackles, the racism that he grabbed Blah and he's Yeah, right right. Right. You know support trump. And he had done video get sixty views. Fifty views had bunch of them. He just kept putting them up and then all of a sudden this one hit, and now he's Rockstar. Well, I'm thinking you've got this content from the beginning of covering this at some point. At some at some point. is going to go shacklock. Exact no no and the philosophy of freedom oriented. You even have an understanding that this needs to be done i. when did that start to hit with you? I mean you know your father's certainly had an impact on on new for this kind of stuff. But when did it start to internalize and become your cause? Well I guess the very beginning would probably be at my last school. Just when I first started this? Little bits of this where we had a specific glass or. White privilege and Khosro creation and I say that's when it officially started. But I didn't search make videos until just now basically. That's because I didn't realize how widespread it was. I mean, all the sudden you're going. Damn. I'm doing I'm opening up. I got some say Damn it. You know what I mean. You just did it. What was the one weekend you set down the remote control and you just went and did your thing. Yeah I mean we were on a vacation road trip when I decided to do it, we're stopped somewhere and I. Was Thinking about what I'd seen at school and how is year we have seen. Black lives matters grown allots. So I anticipate that we will see more of it. So, then I just decided. You know I'm going to talk about what I saw my last school because I think parents need to know this is this is already insane but now I'm seeing that what we are seeing today is even crazier. Start. What was your first video? I believe it was. July twenty something you're building up talking about what happened the previous semester and going into this New Year that we knew what was common fact that you were their first day of school saying i. Brainwashed me. Let's go get it on record. You know they didn't disappointed they. Know They not disappoint. And Yeah tell me about the principal's role in it comes from on high I mean you know the the teachers were encouraged to beat I mean he's wearing addressing the students wearing a black lives matter Scher. Well at the beginning of the year the first day he had a video come up of Kim it was the little presentation Andy started talking about the school year. So I thought okay. Let's find at first I didn't realize that he had a beal insured on on I didn't realize later. So we kept talking about what we're GONNA do the school year I was like, okay sounds good. Then he started talking about Diversity Equity Inclusion which I've seen at my sister's school is well, they have it in their curriculum and It. It's the exact opposite, and if you want to talk about what I've seen at my sister's school do. I mean I've seen. That they now have certain groups called finnity groups in social justice class, which removes. which actively segregate students based on race. What? Yes. Well my sister her school is like half online happened Burson. So they have a class and this is. Actively illegals well, because you can't segregate students heels just groups of students to divert raises segregated than it wouldn't be illegal but since its inequalities in that glasses specifically to segregate students based on race then it's legal. WHOA man you have A. Class, that's called what? On my sister has a class called social justice class social justice class that what seventh eighth grade what are we looking at here than seventh grade seventh grade. Hitler Youth Age. Okay. Here we go. So seventh grade you're starting to go through puberty you're starting to lock in the kind of person you're going to be forever and that's why they have junior high. And whatever the hell it is, it's dare program you gotTa turn into that. Whatever the hell they're brainwashing you it. So they have it's called social. What? Does, this class social justice class in social justice class. You're assigned an affinity how do they affinity a what by what you look like or who you identify with or who your friend? How are they doing this? I actually have A. PICTURE OF THE CURRICULUM MINUTE SAYS What isn't ability group. And affinity group is a designated safe space for everyone group that shares a particular identity vicinity can be based on race gender. Sexual Orientation Language nationality. Physical. Slash Mental Ability Socioeconomic Class Families for sure religion etc.. It used to be when I was a kid. It was forced busing forced integration for now it's four segregation. Yes this is. This is. This. Is this is beyond flash into what the hell he's like. It's like generations like a Yo-yo you go back. Dates deal like high see the champion glass blows up. This is there are going to explode. All right. All right. So she and her of what is she affinity? How do they determine that? Anyway, the you fill out a former teacher puts a wand on your head and taps it or what? Wo- I assume it's specifically by race because they say that it's an affinity group is a safe space where. A group is specifically based everyone in that group must be of that. Thing. Of the race identity gender said, socioeconomic class gets you just have you know rich. White and black people in one thing and I'm the son of. Jordan I mean. School the amount of white kids. Everyone would be in that group. I mean there's about four black kids at that school. Is All white other than that. So it's weird. Okay. So in this school, all the black kids are GonNa be you got your three black kids in that particular classroom over the corner near segregated. Yes. I got sick. Get ready for the bad word here. Bullshit. This is. This is the biggest BS I that You got document I love and crap out of that one I. Want. Send all this to you. Tell you what this is, what I'd like you to do. You a youtube special on it. You bring up the documents on this particular thing that keep in mind if you look at forced integration from the sixties and seventies and busing and all that compare it with four segregation, it's gone three sixty I need to you know or one, eighty or My, it's been in. You, gotTa do that. You do that how pip delivered crap out of that video and send it to all the guys there. There's your there's your launch right they're. freaking eighty and reference of this other stuff. How long are your videos generally? Well. Most of whom are probably between five and twelve minutes. Okay, let me tell you this. I haven't watched all of them, but this is what I. Cried, brought. I don't get any. Pages all over Tony Radio. Speed. Trump whatever from the first letter of Dr Idris Barber I've healed many landlubbers could have healed countless more if they were willing to break the law to preserve themselves the crown required that I obey leaching privateers who didn't share my oath to do no harm I was forbidden from discussing the treatments I knew patients needed the crown claims to protect landlubbers from bankrupting medical expenses but. Only, seduces them into begging for relief while privateers monopolize the management of chronic illness. This royal alliance has constructed a medical hegemony Denies Science Discredits Alternative Remedies and mandates unwanted treatments while callously ignoring the victims dying on waiting lists, they have produced a society increasingly addicted impoverished, diseased and suicidal my conscientious objections and medical ambitions required not only seeing this cage but leaving it, that's why I. Raise, my black banner among pirates crowns tantrums are irrelevant. You own your body without qualification open ocean medicine, Naples healers, and customers to build a relationship of mutual consent prices decrease quality increases and physicians become as accessible as barbers. Customers determine their own medical care whether that's experimental treatments, prohibited plants, controversial procedures, bootleg pharmaceuticals, or even the right to die any system of command and control. Is rejected in time artificial intelligence nanotechnology genetic engineering cybernetic prosthetics could take the human condition beyond our imagination. Medical argumentation could eliminate aging enhance intelligence and race fundamental physical limitations with the crown in our wake and the individual. At the helm, we are free to pursue an unfettered life need decentralized solutions to centralized problems. Join the conversation at PIRATESWITHOUTBORDERS DOT COM ELE and Don FM's free to. 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But here in New Hampshire, people are doing one hundred one reasons Liberty Lips in New Hampshire a documentary by Free State. Project early Movers Watch it free at one one reasons film DOT COM one. Oh, one reasons film DOT Com. Now you can follow. NFL on the decentralized mastodon social media platform at dot L. R. N.. Dot. FM to. L.. Dot FM and now live from the studios of freedoms. PHOENIX. Ernest handcock. Free Free Freedom you get them chant junior high sisters. Derek. I've been through this. You've heard me talk about this in previous shows or whatever you to elementary kids. You can get them and tell them bowden premium whatever and they're like, cool. This is better than. Listening to the teacher and Maybe not as good as movie day with Disney but you know it was entertainment we had fog the next you go to high school. Some examples again, pre and get some interaction near there. Probably digging it. You know it's pretty cool. You know college every wants to challenge and you slap that guy around everybody else's like a slap but we hate that kid anyway but. Junior high, you get them thinking about freedom and their power and atonomy from be able to Kinda man. They'll go chanting in the next classroom and then the art teacher comes in with a video camera you know document, you get them the. Champ. Freedom dammit. Telling you maximum going after these guys in. The junior high. That's doctrine eight and his sister with four segregation and you got, I'm telling you you're going to have the most impact there and it'll bleed into the into school. But that's why they do the elementary and certainly junior high. That's why you have social studies. That's why you have I'm just a bill. That's why you do all that they're indoctrinated them into the system. You Save Your sister, save your sister. She'll appreciate it later. This is a desperate ten years now. Right, now she doesn't she doesn't really like being golf. Cars there. nope. I love you baby. Do It 'cause I love you. She'll. You'll appreciate. So this is I'm interested in the other teachers and parents doubt. Comment on your videos that Iraq with you have you had an exchange with them do you have comments and back and forth a little bit and they're not a robot? I've had one teacher particular that has showed me where to find certain things that you can't find. Regular. So I've had features help me find where to look for certain curriculum and it's been very helpful. Well. What come on share man I mean. Whether they want their plan. I mean they helped me look through that year's curriculum and I've seen they've lack is matters though they have on in some cases at some schools they have anti-fascists learning. It's. Basically mtpa stuff. They have the flags. In, their presentations on online learning. So basically, they just helped me look for that in curriculum and. Bounded moves to that. So it's been credibly hopeful. Wow. All right. So how many videos have you? I've probably done about. Almost fifty now fifty. Yeah about. So you're doing a couple of weeks or three a week or. Trying to do one every day. Holy, crap okay okay, okay. Okay. Okay. Well, obviously, I'm behind because damn. And they're what five? Minutes Long Yeah. Okay. Yeah. The short sweet rock and roll whatnot. You know you get more experienced you go into the documentary James Corbett thing but. You know I'm wondering What she wanted has had the most of us and how many news. On the one is had most views, which was the very first one. I did where I released some of the notes Cya taking some of the pictures had taken in my high school and At the beginning I got about. Three four hundred views and then Polish man found a video any posted on some Polish website apparently light the apparently the Polish relight like. America Lake Freedom. So Traumatic that was one of the first places he went. They loved on trump. Correctly and got shared on that website, and then the guy who shared their gods contacted by someone who makes someone for newspaper article website and he got quotes from that guy. So it's on a Polish website as well. So I've been what's a traffic on it then? About five point four cave US I think. Get some I can see he's got about seventy drivers in a day. So well, you know the thing is is that you know of course I you know. What are they going to say to you? Yeah. But stay in school stay in school held this school you'll. You'll in yourself on school man that is a school. A masters degree. But you still what's your interest though what kind of things do you like I mean if if they were actually teaching anything, you know what was it like to be taught? History for sure I mean. Road were one road were to history. Have you seen the World War One conspiracy of Corbett and all this kind of stuff? No Way. Back. Type it in right now go James, Corbett WW One. Conspiracy. You Watch that. You'll go holy crap. then. And everything else that he does I mean it's just you know. But but that one if you're interested in history, you know and how a lot of this started and who the players are everything that Iraq, your world that beat that now you take a day off from school watch that series. How Big Oil conquered the world? Why big oil conquered the world. James Corbett. James Corbett pimp. Is One less thing I gotta do you know and then I love the be a maximum smith pep and for your videos and say, Hey, you know you wanna see on dial front front front front seat row line of the school is Dr Nation and that's what you're doing. Awesome. Okay. So as the year has gone on the curtail the little bit me, when does it come back and you say it goes in waves. After. You know. Biden drools all himself or something or you know they they got to reconstitute I mean what? What's bringing them out. well. Like I said, it comes in waves. So you it'll come and go. You'll see it now you won't see it. You'll see again but a lot of what I've seen is. Specifically in business class. My Business Teacher think see some great entrepreneur businessman but he has actually be shown anti-capitalist videos Is shown he's actually said that the free market doesn't solve anything and that every time the economy goes a little bad that the government always should angles seven. You know. What are your videos? It had A. Video animation on Y, we're a capitalist country benefits up I saw I'm like I'm surprised. I'm going okay. The seemed like. At the end of that he goes. Yeah but. But we kind of we need to pick apart this video of it sucks because we need and Bite I. Mean you know it was I'm going wow, who are these people? Especially in business desierto be anti who is seems very wrong stupid action. I mean, well, the biggest thing is I learned this. My first. Mister Arizona. State. University I the the bloom was off for me right after the first best. I could see what was going on. You had a big got Tory m you ask a question if it didn't if it challenged what they were doing or you wanted something explained literally I was there was paying for it myself I worked a year to make money you go to university Barrow Space Engineering I've taken Fluffy WanNa one getting there but what about shut up You're not doing it right? You know what I'm going. Wow, and that was early eighties. So I'm going it's only it's and it's taken this long for people to start to realize this college education don't mean squad and they get more education watching your videos. Exactly. Gender. Studies in College. It's like. You're not even learning anything social. Seventh grade might as well be gender studies. I mean, you know they're gonNA go right to that or have they already prep you more who we get to talk about gestures the gender studies as soon as you get through puberty by your software junior year in high school, you got that to look forward to. As a parent does your your parents you know watch this of you sinner her come on mom dad take a look at this man I mean, seriously are they are they watching some of the stuff with you? mean. My Dad is for sure my mom's watching a little bit but. The usually ARD. Sitting next to me in class watching the same thing. Go Watch videos afterwards. I. Do with you or expire fight you. Die, break. It was temporary it was a father saw. The black. Better. Shirt. Picky, online. Record. Way. If you're looking for work or even if you're not, here's an innocent mistake, you really want to avoid never return calls before listening to Your Voice Mail, your wireless phone sends calls. You didn't answer into voicemail and it shows you phone numbers for calls you missed important don't call back callers you missed until you have I listen to your. Otherwise you frustrate people who bothered to leave messages by asking them to repeat a message. 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Fifth Twenty Twenty I'm Mike Clifford House Democrats preparing new smaller Corona virus relief package expected to cost about two point four trillion dollars as try to forge ahead with talks with the trump administration. A source familiar with the plan said Thursday that from reporting from CNBC. They note the bill would include enhanced unemployment insurance direct payments to Americans, paycheck protection program, small business, loan funding, and airlines among other provisions to reach the Price Tag Democrats would chop roughly twiggy dollars from their previous proposal for a fifth pandemic aid plan. CNBC says the forty aims to restore of us to go seasons with the White House after talks apart by US month. The Future of Montana's vote by mail option for the November election could be decided any day now after legal challenge wrapped up this week in federal court president. Donald Trump and republican groups sued the state over Governor Steve Bullock's decision to let counties use mail in ballots to help keep motor safe during the pandemic. The GOP claims mail in voting is subject to fraud but Nancy, lifer, with the Montana League of women, voters refutes that idea and says lawsuits like this caused confusion and could influence. Some folks not to vote this kind of thing throws suspicion into people's minds about well, oh. Gosh. Is it really safer? Isn't it and of course, the thing about Montana is Montana has a very, very safe voting system and there's absolutely no reason to be questioning it. Forty five of the state's fifty six counties have opted to offer male in Belet US District Judge Dana Christianson promises to make a speedy decision in the case before the October night deadline to send out all the mail in ballots. I'm Diane Bernard, a seventeen state report found that allegations of in voter fraud during a Montana special election that year were inflated and represented. Only a small portion of the votes were actually cast some folks in Michigan convicted of drug offenses or facing lifelong punishments under the law that are not directly related to their crimes. The state permanently bands those would felony convictions from two or more separate drug related crimes from food assistance available under the Federal Supplemental Nutrition? Assistance Program. State Senate Minority Leader Juvenile. Of Flint introduced a bill to repeal the ban he contends it's a matter of fairness as no other crime triggers such a denial dangling food over person's head and taken away and their family and their children are themselves. They're trying to reform themselves and get out of a dangerous cycle seems to me to be unusually cruel and unnecessary data show full eligibility for snap benefits reduces the probability that someone with a drug conviction will return to prison within a year by about thirteen percent. This is pianist. Arkansas Poverty Rate Twenty Dow over the past few years. But since pandemic has been a sharp rise and hardship across the state according to the latest data from the Census Bureau's American community survey between two thousand, eighteen in two thousand, nineteen Arkansas's poverty rate dipped slightly to sixteen point, two percent and median household income increased senior policy analyst at the Arkansas. Center. For children and families, Bruno showers says, the data offers a scenario that paints a bleak picture for residents especially black. Latino. Indigenous and immigrant households hardest hit by the coronavirus or federal delegation really needs to step up when one quarter walking INS are having trouble paying rent when more than one in five or having. Trouble feeding their kids. He says, housing relief is a critical issue survey found this summer eighteen percent of our Hanson's in rental housing reported they were behind on rent twenty, nine percent are behind on their mortgage payments for public news service. I'm Nadia Ramlogan according to that survey fourteen percent of adults report of their household sometimes or often didn't have enough to eat he American Red Cross started offering covid nineteen antibody tests and select areas June trying to pinpoint the number of people have been exposed to the virus. Joy squires with the Illinois Red Cross and she says now all blood donations are being tested for antibodies as part of their standard testing procedures for infectious diseases. That he testing could indicate if someone had been exposed, it doesn't necessarily indicate infection or immunity just maybe at some point in time if he were both. Whose test results are available in about seven to ten days she notes that offering anybody tests might help increase the blood supply. A study of donations during the summer found first time donors increased from eleven to seventeen percent after antibody testing was offered. And finally, our Mary Sherman tells us the shift to virtual and blended learning to reduce the spread of covid. Nineteen could have an unintended consequence for kids vision chief eyecare officer with United Healthcare Dr Scott Edmund explains the increased screen time raises the risk of digital ice train impossible retinal damage from high energy blue light. He says looking at a screen closer than thirty inches away also can cause vision problems including nearsightedness. Suggest following what's known as the twenty twenty twenty rule, twenty minutes you need to look at an object, twenty feet away or further for twenty seconds that not only you cut the exposure to all the blue light it also gives the muscles in the eye, but rest from sustain contraction just twenty seconds all you really need, and then they can go back to their digital devices about forty-one percent of Americans or affected by nearsightedness compared to twenty five percent back in nineteen seventy. This is by Clifford. Thank you for wrapping up your week with public service member and listener supported her great radio stations across the nation and online at public news service DOT ORG here not because of the path that lives before me because of the path that lies behind me. Remember, the one hundred years we have caught these machines. And after a century of War I remember that which matters most. Make them remember. Interfere declare your independence of in Bangor Maine live where we're you know we're doing the ITTY bitty video version of the studio talking to Michael. Know Michael we go back. You know ways you know it's been a decade or something I mean it's been a while we've talked he when I first. Heard of Michael he wrote a book rocket. The rocketeers was about the private space race and so on and we got the jacket, and then he's like Oh. Yeah. You were at the. Spaceship one thing where we had signs that was you and I'm like Oh yeah. We've been at this for a while well, then we've talked about He has bad scientists to book on our and all the stuff that they're doing and you know robotics artificial intelligence, and so he's got inside a lot of things but we share an interest in space and we've been covering this since a lot of the. Milestones and now it's not. It's like every freaking week man you know it's just it's always something how closely have you been following starship? Sitting here watching book Gal Videos all day every day or what? Not. Quite. But it's following a similar trajectory as grasshopper did before that do you remember that the test vehicle for what's now become standard for returning US face shipped back from from Orbit Rocket Booster Back Mercedes doing that same thing incremental. Hopson. Last I heard they were going to try to get sixty thousand feet soon, their next. Time to talk of Michael. I. Need To know what? This is there was a scrub on a blue origin. Launch. They were going to do a day or two ago and what is that about? I'm not even really sure what they're doing. I don't know I haven't been following that I've been disappointed frankly in that program did a full up tests flight. You. Know Year or even two years ago now can't remember but they had everything a whole system out Kim down air shades, everything. But people on board and I don't know what the holdup is. I don't know why they're. They're still waiting. Why aren't they flying? You know a test crew why aren't they doing more I don't know that program is really buttoned up Jeff bezos keeps that really tight close to the best because it's the central. Intelligence uses the Amazon cloud of its Sunday Business and you've got the contract of shut up and whatever. SPACEX. is totally different they. He's like, yeah whatever man they're just built. We build our spaceships outside. You've never met before they launched the Falcon heavy with the red. Tesla roadster and. He said, okay. Guys don't get too excited. This might blow up when he said before the yeah, these. We learn as much from blowups as anything in fact, they just did. S In seven serial number, seven starship whatever they Tested, the tank bursting pressure, and also just you know it's GonNa go. Come on man where's by explosion it's going to get back. Okay I. got it. Yeah totally different. The question and I don't know if you've seen this because I haven't been following that closely but. Dragon Crew Dragon House, an escape system them on it, which makes it vastly safer. Them Save Space Shuttle. Does starship having a state system. Is he going to have a nose cone that separates? It takes people safely away I don't know that he can have that because of the number of people he wants to add on board one or two hundred people something crazy like that. I'm thinking that if they wanted to do some kind of. Action poll like shuttle kind of jumping out a window or. Or whatever I'm just going I think starship is the escape system. Yeah. It's more like he wanted to be more like an airliner. So obviously, we don't have this. Escape rockets all the passengers on an airliner. Well, that was one thing that was the ninety I saw the have the structure is such. An accepts the crew cab as like a Pod, and then it come off the air frame and it has its own parish us through some crap like that. And then you can load it and be like A. Thunderbird two or whatever it was in the thunderbird animation that you know the clay figures or something you just put a anew module into the rocket ship. There's all kinds of things ideas that have come, but that's not what he's going for. He's going for thousand going in twenty four and this is not about building you starship. He's about building starship robot factory. Now that's what he's doing. He's way ahead of the game. Yeah. Mass production all that stuff manufacturer ability. It's really starting to get from you today is. In the industry you're looking at the space in general and. Things. are going fast man from last time we talked it's like you don't space for so you know it's The, the alliance cruiser of you know firefly. I mean. I'm just wondering where you see this going and how fast. Picking Up. Speed I. Mean. All these things we talked about early on with spatial one and all that. Spacious they don't. Spaceship to is taken forever to take off. Well. That open the door to more innovation same with what he wants doing our. It's really bursting open I don't know if you've been following rocket lab but they're doing ridicule staff Peter Back. you know it's a small scale. Falcon kind of with small satellites and this guy is talking about going to Venus forever. Did Not hear that they're going to be go discover life on Venus or something. That's right now astronomers led by MIT found signatures. Boss theme had never heard of before, but apparently, it's really hard to create this stuff without life. They couldn't they run all these computer simulations couldn't figure out anything else that created in the ball you're seeing in these spectral analyses. So they're thinking that's explanation. There's some kind of microbial life in the atmosphere Venus. How could there don? You add energy water and you get the right pressure temperature strata. Of course, it wouldn't surprise me one bit. Yeah and it's been over the temperate world. Apparently billion years ago or something might have had life oceans that kind of thing. Now. They're thinking walk in maybe some of this stuff managed to migrate before it became a Hellhole and now it's Floating. Around in the atmosphere maybe little microbes or something say without even knowing or even looking I guarantee freaking t there is microbial life in our atmosphere. Yeah Done that experiment. Even. Educated and the break I'm. Tearing Atmosphere Go. Yeah. Of course. Well, you know I I know that there is because I remember seeing they do a lot of research in the snow pack in the Himalayas and so on and what lives at these higher altitudes and that and they transfer how they migrate is with the atmosphere. So I'm just going of course it does I mean you know Y- makes perfect sense. Yeah. Yeah. So why not obvious is really cool this. Off this, this is amazing. It's just going to. Blow up the door to more stuff. Verdy got private stuff going to the moon gonNA start into Venus. The the key is this reusability that has been going on about makes perfectly obvious. You can't just throw away just tens of billions of dollars worth of hardware every time you make a flight you just and fear military industrial give me money you can tell you should. Loss of give me. Money. That's right. Yeah. But that's not going to work for us. You know someone wants to go on. Yeah. This happening. Well, we'll tell me where do you see the incentives coming you know we're going to go into break here in a little bit. When we come back, there's a lot of business opportunities in. Hundred. Companies that can. Save money without your. Thank you ever get. Back. But you're. This We're not talking about the financial. Always. The. Base fours maybe not. From the sixth letter of Captain Mark. A pirate's life is characterized by voluntary interactions. Unfortunately, the crown prince's everyone into involuntary servitude landlubbers believe slavery was abolished years ago but the crown still claims to own us when it comes into service against our will given sufficient ambition. It would gladly draft thousands of hapless victims to kill or be killed it simply slavery by another name, landlubbers are routinely commanded to serve the so called justice system in jury duty. But before you swell with civic pride, consider that how you feel is irrelevant to the crown. You will appear as ordered or face punitive measures. The crown insists that you participate in your own oppression. Jury. Summons provides pirates with a unique opportunity to obstruct in. A jerk vote not guilty even if it's proven, the law was violated a juror can quit for any reason at all and not even a judge can reverse that verdict receiving a jury summons is basically winning the sedition lottery. But if you reveal that, you know this during jury selection, you'll probably be dismissed if the crown foolishly crimson pirate into jury duty, it behooves the pirate to conceal their intention to nullify unjust laws. If. Master takes one hundred percent of your labor. It's called slavery. But if they only take fifty percent, they call it taxation a difference of degree not kind whether the crown claims a fourteen percent is irrelevant. Most of all a slave owner desires, contented slaves, meaning thoughtless ones and accept their bondage these how slaves see no contradiction and being drafted in a war to end slavery or summoned to a jury to prosecute tax evasion and ideal slave knows no higher call than the masters will. The crowds highest ambition is that slaves revere the Authority subjugates them but the crown does not own me. I will not surrender my time and treasure the crowns ambitions join the conversation at PIRATESWITHOUTBORDERS DOT com. Are you cryptocurrency advocate. 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Now now, we're back to the future now because now people are building their own stuff like Paulo, meet people think only the government can do this. was before that was there. That was what happened and before that everyone is GonNa be aviation industry. We're going to have small operators people in their horizons building stuff is you know like aviation took off that way shooters or named on the blame that Apollo happened everyone said Oh okay. This has to be a big government spending mega billions and stuff. But then spaceship won them all wrong again, I don't know you know we can do this. We can do garage. Since it does work we can put people in the space. Space space x started out and Tom Mueller's garage probably feels that story to the guy who became a propulsion chief of spacex his guys this guy you know he's the building is is a field. Fueled Rasi. Wanted Guys Alabama. Garage is one of those guys. Those Tim. pickens working spaceship. Spaceship one, propulsed cheap. But yeah the the smart entrepreneurs like Ilan Mazda town, they know that some of the best ideas come from unlikely places. So they went shopping. To through the Underground the rocket underground and they found the Tom Miller pickens and. Johnny as a fine people that. Can Add to. His genius but a lot of it you know he's he's set his head engineer. You know he's you know it's nice to have a gazillion dollars and be able to design it. Yourself give you that NAPA CAD and I'm on it. You know. And then he was doing to the iron man three. D. Hand operated connect kind of watch how I design a turbo. One this is awesome and what one thing I like about this there is not a single step that has been missed by the public. If you want it, they got video livestream them building this stuff. It's awesome. It's amazing. Every single lunch they livestream even now it's over one hundred launches. Now, every single one, we still live streaming commentators people explaining what's happening because they want to get people involved in and engage listening. To. That's right. That's right. I. Don't know if you caught the Tesla shareholders meeting it was. Guessing earlier this week or last I did. Off Sink bla-bla-bla get to the battery stuff is about an hour thirty something minutes into it I even barked it when I put it on the site I go. You'll blah, blah blah get to this part and then you do the battery thing. So I know a nothing paid attention enough I understood most of what they were talking about but they market near kind of Oh man that's so geeky. I don't Wanna I just don't want to listen to hell that was important part you know metro. Gigi but what are the things he said if you caught this really caught me was According to Yvonne. Anyway, you know you know. Maybe up the fact, check it or whatever but you know. But I am probably true that engineering students coming out of school. Most interested in working either at SPACEX or has. Are Tesla and those those two companies just completely up ending their industry. So makes sense you know one thing he's had this theme and I've noticed this. Is that. You have the smartest people that just got big brain box and they put their brain box towards anything they want. But what do they do? You know I'm smart I'm GonNa have a hot. You know supermodel wife in my you'll supercar white picket fence around my mansion and I'm going to go in. Wall Street finance and he said he long goes he's guys are going into finance. Morons don't do that. Go into engineering and actually make stuff, and then you could. Whatever. Have, something inspiring inspiring project not like rockets nowhere. You know Senate launched us. Him You WANNA. Call it. The fire by that, there's budget to launch one of those once every four years. That's it. There's no. No destination people you need to expand S L S? Space Launch System or hell it is. You know it is the biggest. Explain what it is where it's Goin' when they're finally going to put a wooden stake in the heart of that thing you know and hopefully sooner than later. Yeah. I mean, it's basically public works program Makita shuttle contractors employed. You know since using a lot of the shuttle old hardware and stuff, and that is just keep shoveling money to the same congressional districts that that. Ram The shuttle and. It doesn't have a point. It doesn't have a destination I. mean they're talking about now you're GonNa, go to lunar orbit and things like that but it's so expensive. It's so ridiculously expensive that. This it's not reasonable either. So there's there's no. It's really just about sending money to the right district, some contractors and stuff like it's never going to go and work off the rockets and no are called the space launch system. But other people, call it the Senate launch system or protocol the self licking is screen cone. All kinds of. It's just not going to happen they everyone's while high-profile test-firing something everybody on that program has the no it's not going anywhere meanwhile eons like you know every ten minutes seems watching something noon got the Satellite Constellation is GonNa Scream. Internet everywhere and he's going to Mars. He's launching a frequent sports car. Out. Deep space doing cool stuff inspires people were real energies. Go you know that's one thing where he and I are definitely an agreement? It's an inspiration to power of inspiration is you know you're always proprietary proprietary hell. He lon how come you don't patent your rocket engine y you want it by you get into. Reverse Eddie. I put my patents. Tesla out there. Go you better be my guess. That's right. That's right. Yeah. Yeah. Speaking of inspiration actually, I wanted to actually plug Brian Binny's book because he's the spaceship one pilot is you know who actually won the experts awesome for? One of two guys. He flew that thing in outer space. So He's got a book coming out which I really cruel. The let me read a couple of early drafts. Back and stuff, and it's know it's pre order on his website Brian Binnie Dot net. So I definitely got my order in he'll sign it for you to you. Know in the in the. Comment there send in your. Send. A picture of our basic because he was holding it. Yeah I should go hey man we did made just I. Can I get a signed copy? have. You had him on the show yeah. Now I have you hooked me off man. That would be awesome now. Donna and Michael before a request for a Benny's. Contact information that. She over here. Yeah Okay. Got It. You know that'd be awesome on. Well, it's. It's cool. It's not it's not all buttoned up and EC and stuff like some National Massa Sewri something tells it like it is okay, Gordon. Our. Build what we'll do. We come back. We'll hear about this. Feed you know what they were all in. Up and commercial. Get into that. We'll be right back Michael Bell four eight just a little bit Michael. Do you have a wordpress website running woo commerce and one to accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Dash Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin SV now, you can easily enable crypto payments from your customers by adding the any pay plug into your wordpress site just visit any pay INC DOT COM and set up your account by entering your cryptocurrency wild addresses in the Admin then enable the any pay plug in your woo commerce that's it. Now, your website takes crypto like bitcoin. Thanks to any INC DOT COM and he pay I N C Dot Com, some of you asked, and now we've delivered L. R. N. 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R. N. DOT FM. Roads, it's the handcock show where we're going there aren't any roads. We tell you where we're going to go through. The. Algae of the atmosphere you know we. You Go. We're looking at this just seeing you know of its. Life in the clouds on Venus wouldn't be on earth. Well, of course, they are microbes survive and thrive high in the atmosphere when just from this from January thirteen. You know I mean, come on, you gotTA dislike secret. You know it wouldn't be surprising to me anyway sits there and I'm sure they you know you're the science guy go write a book. Yeah It's. Really Cool, we're talking about microbes possibly Venus atmosphere how much we know about our atmosphere I'm not. About Groshans. So. Yes. Oh. Peter. Peter Becker runs rocket lab. He's been wanting to send a probe to Venus Reverend who's going to self fund. It just like on the self-funding mar step he wants to. Take his revenue from launching satellites, small satellites, and send but private mission to being this maybe get there before any of the other big ticket. Okay. Now rocket lab or they they're the ones launched from. New. Zealand. Right. Yeah, you gotTA launch. Pennies in actually building out now say started with one other building onto three pads the New Zealand and they've got a pad now in the US. Wallops island where they send north. Of Roman Censor Cargo Flights Space Station caught a pad right next to that well, where what state? Coast It's in Virginia. Watts. Island. It's in Virginia. It's actually cool. STORY IS NASA says really their first real test range was before is predates NASA and they've been sending sounding rockets out of there since nineteen forties here that all the time of sounding rocket what the Hell's astounding was that he me it's just the suborbital. Rocket. Goes up into the upper atmosphere or maybe just pizza V two rocket. Why for sensors or something or for granted test hardware acceleration you know extreme space conditions on stuff on hardware that would go on other spacious atmospheric research sounded out whatever. Okay. About. That earth's gravity well is so I mean, for feel metal whatever up in the take a lot of and I'm going okay as compared to what I mean we're not watching from Saturn or anything, but I mean, you know it's it's heavy you. Up and you're. Making. Fuel from. Water on the mood which had discovered water on the moon I mean get over and then you have. All Sudden Mars becomes the base for Mining Asteroid Belt of whatever. But then I find out that I didn't know until a few years ago. That earth is in orbit with boatload of asteroids that we find from orbit. Around the Sun. So what is the future of asteroid mining? I. Think it looks good i. think that's where we're heading. Ultimately we keep doing all this stuff going on his face with build a sustainable presence out or resources from out there. So it's going to happen couple of companies that made a splash. Trying to do this. Charity Resources was one. NASA guys who worked on the Mars Rovers they started this thing Chris Lewinsky. Sustain. There's another one thinking on the name right now but disc. It's too far out. You know it's it's decades before we can. Get there. Yeah it's way when. I. Get up they do battery day which talk about Alabama. Battery game was he say, Hey, man, you guys need to ramp up the nickel production? But never mind we've found right there. We're GONNA come and that's our national. In landed right there you know Where they build because. In California. Three Mile. Lead up there you. Know. What would it? They'll strap a parachute chunks of I mean. All. WHO Yeah. Battery. Day. Where'd you get out of that? Law Different innovations could add up to eighty percent greater range in. Thousand Dollar car. And they range you know about two. Mile. At your. Things and you have to watch it and I know it was. Set Awesome. For guys like. What we did when you present it and you detail it. People like going but we're you know where's the fireworks whereas the old? Yeah. Right. Right. Yeah so Places powerful yeah but. That's not sexy. Where's the car? It's bad. Car Day. Watching it and. Ten percent of the capital investment and the space in a factory and math deduction of the. One hundred thirty gig factories and now the. Course exte- how important is? But the people they. got. pissed off because he's Choosing your car battery. Grid. that. Powerful, Bacon really cheap and what are you care? Why would you want to? You know use your car on that? Anyway, the power won't be. His prices I mean. I it. Sitting right there. Takes. You know. People what do you think people should know? Well Ilan started with this vision. He'd point he's gotten vision is the same required base access kicking masses cut. It's all about vision. got a view of the future that you're moving toward the onset. Late from the beginning, we're going to make cars are just great. COOL KICK ASS car. Drive. The cars. If our entire audience. Who Think Driving Electric Golf Carts is going to save the planet. Therefore, they're going to inconvenience south. That's not gonNA fly. We need to make rate cards I recently test drove a model three for the first time and it was amazing and. Fantastic experience and that's what he's going forward when each sitting there because dish. And then you just blast off. Feels Lane. Was Ever GonNa Tesla. Sentence Front passenger seat and a model asked and a farmer's wife made him give because he kept falling asleep at the Wheel Ryan. Long ways about dying so. Yeah I can't tell you times. I woke up following an eighteen wheeler. Going okay, you know I can see the and it was nice. It was all right but it wasn't the appointments. It wasn't like a luxury super high end car of whatever where do they like now the model three you get in Your in your skin, it's not. I mean what's the spirits? Experience sitting look I'm not a car guy. So I've always have like he takes. About. Much. Compare it to but Mike experienced drivers immediate sitting down grabbing the wheel immediately felt like this thing is That's I guess as you wanted a good car supposed to. Set lows. Yeah part of it's low CETERA gravity. The battery pack is sitting low. So the car really hugs the road. And the autopilot was really cool to keeps you in the lane gives you that. Traveling distance behind the other car. But the really cool part was the acceleration like electric give you this instant acceleration it only really very high end gas cars can do or you just you hit the gas and everyone instantly in your rear view mirror. So cool and the person sitting next to us like. This all the time. I I was driving with started, feeling sick, which I couldn't help but enjoy a little bit. You know. But I know but. That's really cool. The other thing I like about it is can do more like can do car camping really easy electric because you just run the climate control without an engine emergency run that all night long have heating. The people are selling gets now for for Tesla three. Folded opening from tap breath. Asleep full downs. Twitter feed and that prompted. Line role playing. I'm going into. A and. You know. I haven't had one. and. Bell BITCOIN DOT COM has launched a trading platform at local BITCOIN DOT COM allowing you to buy or sell bitcoin cash via dozens of payment methods like pay pal then Mo bank deposit remittances or meeting. In person with cash. There are no idea requirements to sign up for and use the site and all communications between buyers and sellers are encrypted. 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If you love liberty, you'll probably enjoy anywhere you end up in the Shire but do your due diligence I please visit move dot free keen dot com for the full list of over one hundred fifty reasons to move to keene. That's move dot free keen dot com. What's up next visit the Liberty Radio Network Program. Guide. To find out at shows dot L. DOT FM that shows. Dot. L. R. N. DOT FM. It's time for declare your independence with Ernest handcock. Day. How. Michael. H I e L Belfour Foray B. E. L. F., O. R. E. COM that right Michael. Eighty. Eight. So the. we wanted to finish up on your experience driving the model free i. See it's not as. I do have a deposit down on a truck though. You. Really. How much is it a closet for that? Fox it was. It. People give one. Hundred Bucks. I'll. Back. Did you see the video with Jay Leno driving. Yeah. I'm I the stainless steel part. I'm here in New England with an MCI bus we did conversion. To New England for forty years with the Rust of whatever Oh hell? No, you do a stainless steel of man I vote that you know. especially with I'm from Arizona. Interesting going on up here. I think that's worth a bucket of hair. So your Experience. Is it the? Did you go into as a passenger also? The time you always a driver. Yeah. What is your your occupant? Thought it was cool. She's feeling really sick because I kept. It's addictive you gonNA. Just. You know worked drive. You're like suddenly revere image she's going. And after. Murphy. How fast fantastic can take this curve? You know they made entitled to claim. Could. On civility and stuff like that but Yeah had this experience I drove I got to drive one of the first roadsters you know way back. At a conference, somebody's giving those Bryant. Drive out one it was similar. Really. Honest. Asner slot back. Acting just feeling of power control don't. Yeah. But it's the whole aspect of I'm wondering if you feel safer because a lot of times if I'm in a rubber band car I'm feel vulnerable I can't get out of the free. I got a Honda fit. It's high up in when you're going at speed on the highway. Any little bit a win moves your around. See you're. The, feeling is is just Kinda. Off. Trying to do that, you know. They try to pass people to law. Immediately, it's not a muscle. But. So so a jump from that to. Much bigger. Recently. Drove. A BMW and free think it was and? Even, that wasn't the same kind of experience as the model better than my fit to be sure but there's still that little bit of a lag. Eight. I was up here last year. We come to New England. A year and I always rent. One time that summer with Donna and I go I got a Mustang convertible. Camaro convertible. has absolutely no space. Down Talk to Don screw that and. was better lean and retain as the Camaro. Coming. Out of the Look, shall we? Lag is show annoying. I hate that because I used to race motorcycles when I was a teenager that had a two-stroke. You. Go you know. Ration- is what I'm waiting on I used to have a sixty five chevelle Sir Sport I'm comparing everything that you know. So when the farmer hit the that. Okay. We're. Driving A. Truck you'RE GONNA. Good. Good. Good. Good. Well, it's supposed to have the same kind of performance which is insane. Exports. I. Three, one, motor one and reason is because you know whether I afford. Position in law. That was an investment. Out Buy you get for something but I'd really like to have something like that because I just I feel. It's not so much all the as it's the capability of being decentralized EPI able to charge your own vehicle with your own stuff. That is you know my freedom philosophy is I need to be. Able. To. Be. Thomas. From their grits. Your vote that you know and that's part of the. You've got your house power from. Power Wall get you through the night and whatever, and then your car is part of that infrastructure. You got this self-contained distributed power, which is where it should be I mean this whole. Thing with power lines going you know and blackouts and anytime there's a storm everyone loses I mean that's Crazy. That's like Thomas Edison era stuff. I WANNA. Make this observation to see if this. Rings true with you. Ilan Ma seems to me like a fifth grader South Park twelve year old that didn't know the and had the brain box enough to make it happen because well, how come you don't and you shouldn't wide and he just does it. You know eighty seems like a kid that doesn't doesn't know you're not supposed to you know that's right. Yeah. That's true. Never took. We all have these crazy ideas little we'll. We. Talk to them I mean you. You'd like interview time with them the. Impression he just like dumb humans. No impression you get Tottenham assists this. As you saw him battery days he comes across as very humble and not putting on errors or pretentious But the impression you get is though to that, he's just never accepted no for an answer. Well, why? I mean, I, think most people would go. Oh. This is a cool idea. Why hasn't he done that must be something wrong with it must be some reason why I? And he goes. Okay well, why even this? I don't know but it looks like he can somebody better stainless steel bowl do that. A Road Alloy I. Love this. I, know that's what we need is we need to get to the next level can't keep. NASA before time I wanNA make this point. His. Method of speaking it's paused. He's like. Yeah I get the impression the. Kind of rings true. I, get the impression that he's warp speed past. He's already got the thought and he's monitoring himself and trying to not come off as two or revealing to. He's just like how did the stupid people understand? Let me think for a second. You know it's it seems to me that he's kind of checking himself and he wants to not be like you're saying kind of arrogant or going too far. Why do you think he? He's he's pausing what is he doing? I lose you. Hold on it's. GonNa. Make sure you know we can get him back. Somebody's probably up there downloading video games or something. That was a good question for Michael Michael. Well I see that you know we're still connected and very went. Well may maybe he'll come back in and we can get the It seems to me that what's going on with you on is that he's he's like. He's trying not to be aries trying not to be. Impolite. He's trying not to talk down he's trying so he has to pause a speech. Yeah Yeah that yeah you know he's going okay that you know that probably makes it clear there. Yeah. You'll show I i. think that's what's going on. We have a lot to look forward to I'm glad Michael Sorry we we had kind of a rough connection all day, but the What I want to do with Michael is what we've done over the years is him just keeping pace? He watches the same stuff. He does a lot of you probably use this premiums phoenix a little bit for getting some of his goodies but it's He gets behind the scenes a little bit. He actually interviews these guys he talks to them. You know it gets to interview them. He gets to ask them the questions. A lot of other people don't, and he writes a book about it. So, this is. How we got to know each other was you know the novel that he wrote the years. Out. Being, activists off winter break your blood government zero sign you'd like my that was you. From. CARE. For Out Brad. Guys. And killed. Law. Be. Quiet This is Michael Dean from the Freedom Teams I've run website since nineteen ninety-six and have used over a dozen web hosts in that time address hosting dot COM is the only one that hasn't broken my heart Agra's toasting up time in service is stellar and their dos mitigation is the best I've seen that's important because if you tell the truth in this world, you'll ruffle feathers and some people will try dirty tricks to silence your voice. No, what. The haters hit us with Agar's hosting keeps our websites online. If you have a mission critical commercial presence or world changing activism site, you cannot tolerate any skulduggery. So go with agress hosting DOT COM have a wordpress blog site, but you're not satisfied with performance up time or just want raw hosting WANNA pay with Bitcoin Agra's hosting specializes in high performance hosting with personalized service go to address hosting DOT COM click on the button that says get hosted That's address hosting DOT COM. 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If you need national reach freetalklive got around two hundred radio stations, millions of monthly listening sessions, consumed all budgets, and if we don't think we're right for you, we'll tell you. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network art man newsfeed Dot Com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by. Follow us on facebook twitter and INSTAGRAM's. Public Service going newscast for September Twenty Fifth Twenty Twenty I'm Mike Clifford House Democrats preparing a new smaller corona virus relief package expected to cost about two point four trillion dollars as a try to forge ahead with talks with the trump administration a source familiar with the plan said Thursday that from reporting from CNBC. They note the bill would include enhanced unemployment insurance direct payments to Americans paycheck protection program, small business, loan funding, and aid to airlines among other provisions to reach the Price Tag, Democrats would chop roughly a twiggy dollars from their previous proposal for a fifth pandemic aid plan CNBC says, the party aims to restore devos to go. She's with the White House after talks fell apart last month. The Future of Montana's vote by mail option for the November election could be decided any day now after legal challenge wrapped up this week in federal court. President Donald Trump, and other republican groups sued the state over Governor Steve Bullock's decision to let counties use mail in ballots to help keep voters safe during the pandemic. The GOP claims mail in voting is subject to fraud but Nancy Lifer with the Montana League of women voters refutes that idea and says lawsuits like this caused confusion and could influence some folks not to vote this kind of thing throws suspicion into people's. Minds about well, oh gosh is it really safer? Isn't it and of course, the thing about Montana is Montana has a very, very safe voting system and there's absolutely no reason to be questioning it. Forty five of the state's fifty six counties have opted to offer a mail in ballot US district. Judge Dana. Christensen promises to make a speedy decision in the case before the October nine th deadline to send out all the. Mail in ballots I'm Diane Bernard, a twenty seventeen state report found that allegations of mail in voter fraud during a Montana, special election that year were inflated and represented. Only a small portion of the votes were actually cast some folks in. Michigan. Convicted of drug offenses or facing lifelong punishments under the law that are not directly related to their crimes. The state permanently bands, those would felony convictions from two or more separate. Drug related crimes from food assistance available under the federal, supplemental nutrition assistance. Program State Senate Minority Leader Juvenile of Flint introduced a bill to repeal the ban. He contends it's a matter of fairness as no other crime triggers such denial dangling food over person's head and taken away from their family and their children are themselves. They're trying to reform themselves and get out of dangerous cycle seems to me to be unusually cruel unnecessary. Fool. For snap benefits reduces the probability that someone with a drug conviction will return to prison within a year by about thirteen percent. This is PMS. Arkansas Poverty Rate Twenty downward board over the past few years. But since the pandemic has been a sharp rise and hardship across the state according to the latest data from the census, Bureau's American community survey between two thousand, eighteen in two thousand nineteen Arkansas's poverty rate dipped slightly to sixteen point, two percent and median household income increased senior policy analyst at the Arkansas Center for children. And Families Bruno showers says, the data offers a scenario that paints a bleak picture for residents especially Black Latino indigenous and immigrant households hardest hit by the corona virus or federal delegation really needs to step up when one quarter of ARKANSANS are having trouble paying rent when more than one in five or having trouble feeding their kids. He says, housing relief is a critical issue the. Survey found this summer eighteen percent of Arkansans who live in rental housing reported they were behind on rent twenty, nine percent are behind on their mortgage payments for public news service. I'm Nadia Ramlogan according to that survey fourteen percent of adults report of their household sometimes or often didn't have enough to eat American Red Cross doernen offering covid nineteen antibody tests of select areas in June. Trying to pinpoint the number of people have been exposed to the virus. Joy squires with the Illinois Red Cross and she says, now all donations are being tested for antibodies as part of their standard testing procedures for infectious diseases and Patty testing could indicate if someone had been exposed, it doesn't necessarily indicate infection or immunity just maybe at some point in time if he were both. Those test results are available in about seven to ten days. She notes that offering anybody tests might help increase the blood supply a study of donations during the summer found first time donors increased from eleven to seventeen percent after antibody testing was offered. And finally Mary Sherman tells us the shift to virtual and blended learning to reduce the spread of covid nineteen could have an unintended consequence for kids vision chief eyecare officer with United Healthcare. Dr Scott. Edmonds explains the increased screen time raises the risk of digital ice train and possible retinal damage from high energy blue light. He says looking at a screen closer than thirty inches away also can cause vision problems including nearsightedness. Suggest following what's known as the twenty twenty twenty rule recording minutes. You need to look at an object twenty to wear further for twenty seconds that not only cuts the exposure to all the blue light. It also gives the muscles in the eye, but rest from sustained contraction just twenty seconds says all you really need, and then they can go back to their digital devices about forty one percent of Americans affected by nearsightedness compared to twenty five percent back in nineteen seventy. This is Mike. Clifford thank you for wrapping up week with Public News Service member enlisted supported her great radio stations across the nation and online at public new service DOT ORG. Happy. Monday Liberty Kitty cats, and before we get into today's flagship lions, of Liberty podcasts, I've gotTa tell you about another podcast you should be listening to and that is the Brian Nichols show Brian Nichols is a great guy I've been on his show. He's been on this show who is the show for you may ask well, this is for folks who are tired of partisan politics people who are having trouble finding objective news without the media narrative for those of you looking to take the next step and truly learn how to sell liberty from an expert sales. Professional. Brian. Had So many amazing guests over the years. He's had Justin Masha of course it's been on this program Thomas Massie who I have not had on I'll have to remedy that soon he's also had great liberty names like Matt, Kibi Jason Stapleton, Larry Sharpe, and of course, yours truly Mark Clare has been on that program as well, and there is no better time to be hopping on board the Brian Nichols show right now because he has just expanded to two shows per weeks of take his five episode challenge illicit five episodes. If you're not hooked, he get your money back. So check it on out wherever you find podcast or over at Brian. Nichols. Show DOT com. PODCAST here's your. Your, you're shining beacon of liberty. My guest today is the vice chairman of the Sandiego Libertarian. Party is also a history teacher is also an adjunct professor of history and is the author of the book, the American Ryava Lucien. I'm very pleased to welcome Dan the Angelo. Don, are you ready to roar? That was that was quite roar. Thank you I credit. Mel. Blanc for that He. Taught Me to do attention did you know about Mel Blanc? He did this thing on TV like kids you WANNA have? No. It sounds like a lion that maybe also swallowed. Swallowed. A frog. But not bad you, you might not want the job just yet but not. Well Donna's great to speak to you I. Already. We met each other back I at the Los Angeles. No isn't the Los. Angeles was the Stadium Party in the took place in Los Angeles lab. Back in February. Just before I think we weren't. We're one of the last physical conventions before everything went crazy with covert and lockdowns and everything basically went to zoom meetings including the the first iteration of the which was. Quite a time as you now. But Don I before I get into I wanNA talk about your book. I wanted to talk a little bit about your experience of what you've been doing with the Libertarian Party. But I I WANNA get no you. Better just lead us down the tail of Dondi, Angelo? Just a little bit. Why did you? First of all become a teacher? How'd you get involved in that and how did you get down this rabbit hole known as Libertarian? Politics. Well, actually, I'm from the East Coast originally I was raised in Western new. York state. And then I ended up at the University of Delaware where in western New York. small town just next to. Heard of that area of beautiful countryside I know and I actually was raised in Buffalo until I was eight years old I am I am familiar. You escape. Escape Yorker California, now I'm trying to figure out how to California so. Straightening right. Yeah. So I ended up University of Delaware I, studied international relations there and when I left. Actually Joe Biden. Spoke at my graduation believe it or not. And he inspires you to get involved the politics. Yeah he did. Well, you know that was one, nine, hundred seven. So that was the year the year he had to drop out of the race because they caught him cheating and now. Is almost thirty. And I ended up in. Connecticut Teaching High School because I thought it would be a good transition thing. Don I feel like our lives are parallel wherewithal I gotta ask wearing Connecticut because that's where I went to high. School as well. I was in a Stanford Stanford. Stanford Catholic School for a couple of years. And then I ended up with Chase Manhattan Bank I ended up going to corporate America. And that's all I got to, who said Yego is working Hoya, and then I got my first master's degree there in International Relations University San Diego and then got laid off from corporate. America. So I decided to go back to teaching. And went back into the classroom nineteen ninety-six here in San Diego Teaching AP US history. And then be I was named a senior fellow of the James Madison Fellowship, Foundation in two thousand seven and got a second masters degree in history, and that's where the rabbit hole started. The James Madison, foundation takes their scholars, they they choose sixty around the country every year, and they take you to Washington DC for the summer you go to Georgetown University and they bring five leading scholars around the country to come in and teach you. Over four weeks, you read eleven books and write for research favors and. Discussed, the. Constitution. And that was the first time I read the anti federalist papers. And that's when I started to realize that something wasn't writer sneakily named As you know the, there's a little the Anti federalists in the federal paper kind of have opposite. Of what seemed to be but I'll let you describe that a little bit if you like yeah. Well, it was very interesting because. As a teacher I I recognized immediately. The anti-federalist are not part of the curriculum. and. It's really I opening when you start to realize what's not taught to children. And I read I read most of them. I actually read the federal papers and the Anti federalist papers and I started to realize that. A lot of the problems of the country faces were actually articulated in the anti, federalist papers. There are act i. mean when you read them now they're they're downright prophetic in what they warned. Americans not to do. and. So I, kind of came out of that experience very changed. And I started looking for an alternative I was I was a registered non partisan from the age of eighteen until I was twenty nine. and. The only reason why I registered as a Republican is quite literally I'd moved to California. I didn't know anyone. And I heard a speech by Bill Clinton who was running for president. And I said, no, no, no, that's that's not. That no, and so I registered as a Republican because I wanted to give odd George H W Bush support in the primaries he was being challenged even though he was the sitting president. By James Buchanan and some other. Wackos in that. Canon. J. James came a little earlier. Pat Buchanan and it was like So I joined. The Republican so that I could vote for him in in in the primaries. And so I just stayed there. and. But when George W Bush decided to go into. Iraq. I couldn't get the you know what I mean I couldn't get my philosophy connected connected with the Republican messaging. More I was just you know I know exactly what you mean Yeah my breaking point was around a similar point where I when I started to come into the ideas, I actually started learning them from Ron Paul around the time that George Bush was president But what struck me about? What Ron Paul was talking about is that he spent most of his. Time even though he is a Republican criticizing George Bush criticizing all the he was taking overseas and at home, and that's it really made me realize okay. There's something wrong with this left right paradigm where most most of the time they never criticize each other. But for some reason, this guy is going after the Republicans he's always going after his own party and that made me look at things a little bit differently and go down to similar rabbit hole that you went down. Oh. Yeah. Absolutely. Look you know when Newt Gingrich led his revolution in one, thousand, nine, hundred four and had the the you know contract with America. I was on board with pretty much everything in there. you know balancing budgets, cutting taxes and lowering government regulation. Those were all things that I had. I was like, yeah let's do some of that and the reality was. When when Bill Clinton left office? It all stopped and and it seems like the contract with America was actually a contract on Bill Clinton and you know once he was gone, the Republicans seem to have lost their their tether you know what I mean and. I just that that invasion of Iraq was just the last straw for me I couldn't reconcile it with what I knew to be good sound I mean my original field was international relations I was studying my first master's degree because at the time I was thinking about being a global risk management. Adviser for Chase Manhattan. Bank. And so I know everything about it just didn't make any sense and I just thought, no, this is this is what America starts to become an empire for real and it it's this is not what our founding fathers intended for us and it's gotTa stop. Going back into that history and going back to the anti anti federalist papers. What were the concerns of the some of the founders who wrote the Anti Federalist Papers? What were they concerned about when it came primarily to the formation of the Constitution and the federal government? Yeah. So I think it's always important. It's it's actually one of the first parts of of the book I write because. Again these are things that are talked about in history class and the fact of the matter is. But moment the moment. The constitutional convention decided they had to scrap the articles of confederation and literally create a new government out of nothing. There were members of the founding fathers who said hold on we do not have a mandate from the people to do this we we do not have permission of the sovereign right to. Recreate the government. and. So when they lost that vote some people like Patrick Henry for instance left he was like I want nothing to do with this this you know. But others. Were were basically trying to articulate to the convention and then later through these articles that the more you centralized authority. The more you are asking for tyranny. And and the problem is and you know I always think people forget this break at the time of the convention there were only thirteen states and yet. Everybody knew that the country was going to double in size. Because on the west side of the Appalachians was almost a million acres of land that they were going to sell an Organiz. So. They knew this this. country. was going to get enormous. and. So the Anti federals were there to be like look. You don't want a centralized authority that's going to be quite literally physically distant from you. because. You will lose your ability to hold them accountable. Because even your representatives that you send their will in a sense kind of like go native. And start articulating demands within that centralized authority rather than really voicing the needs of their constituents and look at what we've got now right somebody gets elected a couple of times before you know it, they're part of the problem. And that's why you have so many people demanding on term limits on Congress because they just feel like. They elect somebody they go there for two to four years and before you know it, they're just a fundraising you know pro-government. Schill and you know and the other the other part was, and this is actually pretty interesting. There's an letter, an article by Brutus so they both wrote under pseudonyms. And This one was under the pseudonym of Brutus and in his I believe it's his article eight. He talks about how you know the necessary and proper clause, which is at the end of Article One section eight. So you know that article lists all the powers that only the federal government can do. There's about eighteen clauses there. And at the bottom of it, it says well, to do these things the federal government should have all necessary and proper power to execute those responsibilities. The anti-federalist said back, claws is going to allow the government to expand its authority. And, it will get so large that it will. It will run out of money. and. What they're GONNA do is they're gonNA. Start. barreling. And there. There's a phrase in their reasons. They shall increase the debt to a level that will render it unsinkable meaning. You won't be able to pay off Sir sounds fairly prophetic considering that we are rapidly rapidly approaching thirty trillion in debt especially after the latest round of stimulus and coronavirus package and more that we know is going to come in the coming months. There's no doubt they're going to do this again before you know we're going to be at thirty Chilean, and if you break it down, we're already at the point where it's it's essentially an unsinkable say well, and you've got a Democratic Party that's promising a green new deal. That's probably another ten trillion. And some in the Democratic Party are talking about slavery. which is build at fourteen trillion. At some point. You become Greece because your your monthly. Interest payments are actually greater than your revenue. And then what do you do? Right. Now, there are countries big enough to bail out Greece. WHO's big enough to bail us out China. Just keep printing money I. Guess, right that's that's EXAC worked out so far sort of that's right. And so we now have this modern monetary theory going on. And both parties are buying into it as far as I can see, trump trump's arguing you've listened to what he says what he's saying is interest rates are so low. that. Our economic growth will be greater than the Prince of our excuse me for greater than the interest will have to pay on the debt. Well, that's that's horrible thinking. Right and and then you have the Democrats are like, well, you could just continue to print money because the value of the economy will be great enough that you can justify printing more cash. What happened. I mean even even the founder of the debt, right? Alexander Hamilton. Is Rolling in his grave Over what we're doing with debt. I've I've actually had liberal friends of mine. Tell me. Well, you know Alexander Hamilton one of the greatest founding fathers and framers of the Constitution and he gave us this idea of bonds. He said it would be a blessing to the nation and I'm like, yeah because then he knew he had a million acres that he was going to sell. He knew he had one million acres of pristine beautiful farmland. That he was going to sell and the open market. And literally surrender that debt. So. He didn't. Think. He was just going to print money in and go on some wild tirade he knew that there was a purpose there was equity behind his dad he knew it was backed by something whether or not the. Bad all day long whether or not the. Of that land was just or what have you probably wasn't? No it was based on some physical and something that was real as opposed to now where they just create it and create it and create it right and then you know when we when we borrowed again to by the Louisiana territory that was almost two million acres of land, you know what I mean. So every time the country. Took on de did it with this stand that there was like you said, there is economic equity there is something tangible, backing it up. We're not doing that. Now we're borrowing money for things. This is now a credit card that were running around and buying crap for each other in and I don't even know why it's a it's a credit card where we get own spending limit. Constantly. Raise it. But here's something that I actually bring up in my presentations that I do on on on the book and that is. When. So when the new constitution was implemented. The United States and the various states together owed seventy five point five million dollars nets in seventeen hundreds money. So a lot of a Lotta smackers in two, thousand, hundred, that's a that's a lot of gap that a lot of that money was owed to. French. Banks. and to some Spanish and Dutch financiers. And there was a practice back then. If a country, didn't pay back its debt. They sent their navy. And they they they had their marines takeover your ports, and they collected your taxes and paid themselves first and gave you what was ever leftover. So an article, six of US Constitution and this is what's very important for people that again, what? Article six obligates the federal government to honor its debts at all times whips. Now, this is why by the way. American. Bonds are so sought after. It's a safe investment because you will at least get your monthly. Interest. You'll get the numbers they will come to you. It's just a matter of what the numbers will actually mean by the time you get them. That's exactly right and so a lot of people have thought our debt because it's it's we're obligated to pay. But what happens when that obligations causing US twenty five, thirty percent of our budget. People out there complaining right now that there's not enough social services coming out of the government, what do you think's going to happen to though social services when thirty percent of your of your money is simply going to keep the creditors at Bay You're really in trouble and what is social security going to look like two people when thirty years from now when the currency has been devalued so so much but they're still got that same exact number payment just like the bonds that they were scheduled to get anyway and it's going to them what two loaves of bread if they're lucky exactly right and so what happens is? We are actually mortgaging our future in the hopes of creating just a slightly more comfortable present. And that is the absolute opposite attitude of the founding fathers and the framers of the Constitution. They were meticulously concerned that what they did had future implications for people that they had no idea because they weren't even born yet. you know they. Envisioned a nation of they called an empire of republics plural. And that was because even federalists like Madison at the time. Madison wrote that he believed that you couldn't have a republic much larger than New Yorker or Massachusetts why because if it gets too big, it's GonNa collapse because history told him large republics Pale. and. So you have to keep them small. And, keep them empowered. And that's why you have this balance in the constitution. The original constitution I WANNA go back to about the the formation of that original constitution. This is. Something that is it's been revered for so long especially by Republicans a constitutional conservatives. But as you discussed in many ways I don't know if you would use this term, but others have used the term would you call the creation of that constitution a coup? No. Okay. Why not? Because others would Michael Miles, love to call it a coup because no, and the only reason why I don't. Is because some members of the constitutional convention were also members of the Continental Congress. And when there was a decision to scrap the articles and move on to a different document, those members went back to the Continental Congress disgusted and literally got their blessing to go forward. The other aspect of it that really becomes important is this issue of ratification. So not only they write the document, but then they literally sent it back to the people of the states, not the state governments and went back to the people of the states. For. Ratification. And if those two steps hadn't been made I would one hundred percent be on board with that was a coup and we need to. Right the wrong. My biggest concern right now is that. We're not following the constitution. We're we're not even close to what the constitution. was set up to do. And While I would at this point, be more than happy to go back to the articles of confederation because. I think that it would operate a lot better given the diversity and expansiveness of the country. My feeling is I I be more happy to compromise, and just let's all sit down and realize what the constitution says, and let's just go with that and try actor while. Hey Kitty Cats I. got a ticket quick time out now to tell you about one of our listeners one of our patrons over at Patriotair, dot com slash lions of liberty. His name is Brad Tracy and he goes by the pseudonym the liberty theorist. You can find his writings over at his blog at medium dot com slash at Liberty theories where he discusses all the shady things the government has been up to and why libertarianism an individual rights are the only viable path towards keeping that much power out of the hands of government he considers himself a roth book. And he's a big fan of criminal justice and prison reform just like you hear about each and every week on felony Friday. So next time you're out there browsing the interwebs. When you've got through all your podcasts, I want to encourage you to give a little browse over to the liberty theorist. Again, that's medium dot com slash at liberty theorist. You can also find him on facebook at facebook dot com, slash the liberty theorist, check it out kids. So you're you're dive into history is really what kind of got you interested in the structure of the government in the ideas behind the politics and led you down this entire. You know getting involved in politics yourself. I'm curious how you what made you take that leap from just Sort of having this be something that you learned about yourself and having it be something that you teach I don't know how much I'm sure. It's a fine line you have to walk. When it comes to teaching history and sort of introducing your own views how do you kind of walk that line do you? I'm sure you're not just coming out giving you know Libertarians creates all day long in your classroom but at the same time I'm sure your viewpoint somehow has sneak its way in there a little bit. and. This is all based on people's educational philosophy to first of all. When you teach American government this is just my personal feeling. At some point you have, you're going to reveal your point of view. And what you have to constantly is remind students that all points of view are valid as long as there's logic behind them that the key as long as there's logic behind them because they're often not there there's some that aren't, but you know. So here's how this works and this is what I've been encouraging other teachers particularly, the social sciences virtually all of the textbooks in the social science field are right and by Marxists. That's just that's just a fact because they're coming out of the universities of this country and virtually all of them are, Marxists. And ones who aren't Marxist aren't getting published. So. You are in a sense handing your children. Marx's. Dharma and pay a lot and ironically paying paying a hefty quote unquote. To what I always tell my students is. That's what this book is comes from the Marxist worldview. Here's what that means. And I when I talk I'm going to give the opposing. To that which I call the enlightenment worldview. And I go what that means. And then I tell students I go your obligation as a student of history. is to sort through all of those facts. Apply that worldview to the facts and determine which one of those speaks best for you. So your approach is not this is what I believe and therefore you should believe it it is here is this point of view here's how this side is presenting it. Now here's my point of view and I'm telling you it's my point of view I'm not just pretending it's the truth and the facts although I'm sure you hope that they come to similar conclusions but that's the whole point you want them to come to those conclusions not just say my my teacher Mr Dangelo said this. So therefore, that's the way it is and I have a large number of who who walkaway, who are you know? Pretty Pretty. Much Marxists in. We're still friends I mean I have. Hundreds of former students were friends on facebook. And many of them don't agree with me at all. But I'm I. I'd like to think that because of the way I handle the classroom that they have grown to understand that people can have varying opinions and still be cordial and loving of each other and appreciate each other and not come to blows over it. And Now I have I have a a real blessing, right it to Catholic institution. So I don't have to follow the California Curriculum Let's a that's a that's a big one that probably helps out a lot. That's right. It really does because I don't have to worry about a state supervisor or a department chair that's GonNa come in and say, no, you're not following prescribed curriculum. I. The thing when I was teaching AP. US history this is actually pretty funny I taught AP US history for twenty years. The national pass rate was somewhere between fifty five and sixty percent. And Mine was between ninety and one hundred percent. and. I would go to these conferences and these poor teachers, these public school teachers. Would be out there following the curriculum to the letter right and just hammering all of these quasi. Marxist. Perspectives on history and I just didn't do it is just to me it's a waste the time. I simply taught my kids to think critically and write well. And guess what they outscored the national average by. Just, huge numbers. Why am I not stand? Why right you know think be a good thinker. Be Deepen your literacy and articulate yourself properly. That's what we should doing for kids in education not indoctrinating them not trying to make them into mini me's but to simply say to them look there are more than one world views out there. It's your job to be as educated as you can into make an educated choice and then be consistent. In that choice right and in Europe your approach to education and teaching in general is so different than I think what most of us and I say most of us because everyone I've encountered a couple great teachers who are amazing. So I don't WanNA act like there aren't great teachers out there who do t within critically you're obviously one of them. Out there, but they're the exceptions in the system. The system doesn't necessarily seem to encourage that type of teaching the system seems to encourage Indoctrinate. Send the information into their brains. Make sure they send it back out in the same way since in and now you have a good student whereas really none of that people to be successful in life it sets people up to be widget makers, widget buyers, etc. Not critical thinkers not people who innovate not people who take care of themselves. They can think outside the box that's right and so for instance, my I have a theory on. This is one of the reasons why supported so. Much Joe Jorgenson campaign because she wants to get rid of the Federal Department of Education. So. Starting with George W Bush with us no child left behind. and. Then, Obama with his all all high school graduates must be college ready. These are a preposterous goals. And so what happens is you create this expectation that every single child every child in America, the turns eighteen is ready to go to college well, now, all your policies in education have to back that up. So. Guess what I'm telling you right now statistically, and this is statistically no matter who you're teaching and what the makeup of your classroom is statistically fifty percent of your kids are sees. So inherently there's going to be about ten percent who just art going to be ready. So. In order to satisfy that goal and not be seen as a quote unquote bad teacher. You pass kids by lowering expectations by making things mechanical check off the box. Go through here for the teacher. It's easy. Did you did you teach XYZ PD Q.? Yes. I did check did said student pass this class? Yes they did check right And now guess what you have. You have colleges and universities that are doing. remediation courses for their freshman because they're allowing freshman into the schools who literally can read and write at a college level and. Borrowing money to do it it's horrible as bonkers well, and by the way it plays really well into the psychology of so many parents today my child is special. My child is wonderful. I have to worry about my child's feelings I don't want them to feel rejected or or struggle I don't want them to. Feel consequences of bad choices. You know everything's supposed to be wonderful. We warm and fuzzy and bubble gum, and it's like, what are you preparing these children for? And as far as I'm concerned, this is why the rampaging through the streets of the cities of America right now, I was just about to ask I mean I I was picturing myself when you raise a child to. Know get what they want regardless of what they've done to earn. Regardless if they'd done something correctly regardless of they've done things in the right way or a way that makes any sense at all and you still give them the same reward as if they did to everything right. Then at some point when they get to the real world and suddenly they realize that's not going to lead them do anything now they're. Unemployed now, they have nothing else to do but take those emotions those emotions that they've been taught to just to have because that's how you get things. That's how you get what you want and how they have nothing to do with them. Then you add on top of that the lockdown. So any of them that might have been working in some kind of a remedial job, most of them are out of work to. Have less. R. Literally a bunch of emotional toddlers only they're they're grownups in there in the streets and the people who can actually have a gun and this is an and I should say that I really do empathize with that these younger people because if you take an Akao. The economic collapse of two, thousand and eight. And the pandemic. Panic. Of Two, thousand, twenty there are some thirty somethings out there who have never caught a break since they graduated. And that's not cool I can totally empathize with that. Problem is we did not raise these people to handle it with the emotional maturity that we would expect an educated adult to do it. And all that's doing is it's creating so much unnecessary anxiety for adults because they were never given the mechanisms to handle it. And So just to give you an example when I was in when I started teaching in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seven. The vast majority of parents who would come to me. Would say to me, could you tell me what my kids doing wrong what's the kid doing wrong I need to be on top of Now the vast majority of my parents come to me and say, what is it that you can do to help my kid pass this class. And How How is that? What are you as an educator supposed to say to that I mean I'm like well, I could build a time machine and son back in the fall and have them do his damn homework about we start there. Sir I could look the other way and just write a different letter there and make you feel good about it. That's exactly right and know what happens way too many teachers today are looking the other way because it's not worth it. They're not going to be supported by their administrations they're not going to be supported by the state their job is to push these kids through get a diploma that way. They don't get seen as being a bad teacher don't get see being as as being sexist or racist or any of those other pejoratives, and they can just get through to retirement and if they're public schoolteacher, they're going to make as much if not more retirement than they did as a teacher as with any government program, the incentives are all wrong You know teachers are not incentivized to actually create. Independent. Critical thinkers who are set up for success in the world they're incentivized to get them through the system. That's that's. The. Reward. And California's getting worse because now the curriculum is actually more towards creating social justice warriors than it is about even making thinkers. It's it's like we're gonNA barrage you with all of this literature about evil nasty people who have ruined your life. And and basically get you all fired up and angry so that when you go to college and find out just how really disappointing. When you have to make choices and live with the consequences you're you're you're basically going to just two. And and and then we'll be there to pick you up and offer you all these great government programs to. Put you through your life. It's worse than that done. It's not even just the educational system. Now it has seeped it's way into the corporate world and the corporate system and I know for a fact that certain companies out there are requiring their employees to attend social justice seminars and that sort of thing as part of their the requirements of of their you know their work duties now. So this is something that has gone up from the education system add into the quote unquote real world and. It's scary. It's really scary to see it be be pushed. So pervasively where when it's no longer use to be, you don't talk about politics in the workplace but now it's presumed that we're not talking about politics because this is the right. This is the obviously right point of view. So it's not even a political conversation. Now it's just what you must believe. It's what you must agree to. You must sort of bend the knee metaphorically or perhaps literally in some cases or you're out of the system, you're out of the education system and now you're probably GONNA be out of Corporate America if you speak out against anything that is going through with this stuff. It's all policy based on fear. This is if you study the McCarthy era and I mean really stunning it. Right. McCarthy. Never got this bad never got this bad on McCarthyism. It was never this pervasive. Now it is all encompassing. You cannot escape it. I have been in situations. Now where I have basically being told that as a white man, I am not adequate for teaching. Lack Hispanic or females. Teaching people of that of those races genders at all that. So you can only teach white dude because. Work Right. And I got I got. chewed out on facebook when I said, do you realize that that's the mentality of segregation that that is? Segregationist. Ideology. Saying we have to the schools again. and. I'm trying to figure out wh when did that ever become? Okay. And you know from people in my generation where you fought like crazy to get rid of these types of distinctions to to really get to a point where you could regardless of what person's background is you could look past that and try to find the quality and the and the connection that you can make with that person. To now find myself in an environment where no no, no your racial identity and your gender identity are far more important than that. Is. It just Really Super Difficult. I wrote a piece that was published in the San Diego. Union Tribune, in the end of July. And it was called choosing to be loving. and. It's because I started to realize that I, I was going to let myself become a very hateful person of I just allowed all of. In gross me. And instead I tried to turn my attention to all the things about my life that I really love and I try to just put my focus there and realize that I can still love someone who doesn't want to love me right. I can still love someone who's literally out there trying to destroy my career. Because, they think that as a white man, I'm inherently a bad person after twenty eight years of teaching. And Multiple Awards. Including the Urban League, which is a black suit. A civil. Rights Organization. But none of that matters now. And you know that's that's hard for somebody that's committed so long. To teaching kids and and by the way as a as a Catholic school teacher, I make anywhere from five to twenty percent below a public schoolteacher. And I I wanted to teach in this environment because I'm Christian but also because I knew I would have that flexibility that it wouldn't have in a public school to teach what I want. And yet even still you know. People. Who just are a? It's a really horrific thing. It is one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, four playing out for real. So that begs the question done and maybe that's part of why he wrote the book to try to get these ideas out there to more people. I mean I'm curious how how long do you see yourself lasting in this profession in this being able to do it? You do I mean it sounds like. You're in a fairly good situation compared to someone who stuck in the public school systems at least But even you are starting to feel like that that pressure that you're not welcome you're not someone who should be teaching our children just just because of the color of your skin some pretty pretty ironically well, I'll tell you one thing I was at a I when I was trying to get a job in the community colleges. A very nice it was she was a dean. Of A of a community college, I was just trying to break in and I didn't know whether I had what it took to get one of those jobs and everything and. A friend of a friend arranged for her to just meet with me and look at my resume and talk to me because look if I'm not getting where I wanna go i WanNa know what I'm doing wrong I I want somebody to you know put me down telling me what it is right I at that point I had sent out more than one hundred fifty resumes and got not a single response. From my work and my job I have two master's degrees I'm only need one. And she was great and I, and she said, well, you know I said well, I go listen. I gave you my resume. You've got everything up there. If there's something I'm not doing could just tell me because you're not gonNA hurt my feelings just go in and tell me what is she literally said to me you know your resumes. Great. You have exactly the skills we need. For Community College students and she goes but to be quite frank with you, you don't have the coat demographic preferences that we need for hiring. She said you'll. You'll get an adjunct job because you have. You have what we need. You will never you will never get a fulltime job. In at least in California, that's a hard. -gree basin have latent. The racism can be when it's going towards the you know the asked for it I asked for her to be honest and to be perfectly clear I thanked her because at least at that point, I can take the pressure off myself. I was literally beating myself up thinking, what am I doing wrong I so terrible it's quite literally not you that's right and so I just gave up that dream I gave up that dream of being a fulltime college professor even though for my temporary jobs that I've had. Students had scored me five out of five. For you know my level of. Presentation for my caring for their welfare and all the other things that you would think would be the most important. When picking a professor. But and that's okay. Right you when you get to the point where you realize it happened college by the way I was I put myself through school. I was in a pretty bad childhood. And dropped out of college for while and needed to go back and I ran out of money in the university Delaware was going to kick me out of school. And I went to the financial aid office and the guy. I was almost in tears because I didn't know what I was going to do. and. He got up and shut the door and he said listen. He goes I can't get you anything because you don't offer us anything goes you're not a woman you're not of any race you're not of any quote unquote underrepresented group. He goes he goes the best I can do is sign you up for additional loans. And so that's what I did. Even though economically I met all the standards for the financial aid. Being male white meant that I couldn't get them. And I accepted it because back I. One hundred percent believed in it I I still believe that there's a purpose behind affirmative action I understand that historical realities to that. But it's not easy. And now I'm at the end of my work turned I turned fifty seven tomorrow and happy early birthday I. Thank you I'm. Later. Birthday time the show airs either one. But you know the thing is you know I should be at a point in my career where. You know. I should be fairly comfortable and secure. And, I'm this summer. I had to come to the realization that just one word or one wrong same could get me fired might be this podcast of your right. And and so I'm on. I'm actually on a partial sabbatical this year I'm taking part time. I'm helping out with a campaign talking to you before we recorded that I'm. Hosting an event that spike Coen's going to come and speak at. On the twenty ninth of August in San Diego. and. I've tried to do that. I went to the national convention I went to the State Convention I went I hosted the San Diego Convention. And trying to just do more because I got to tell you this is it as far as I'm concerned, this is literally the crossroads. This country needs to make a decision. About where we are going to go. And I have convinced myself that pushing the red and the blue button hoping for a different outcome is literally the definition of insanity. We, we have been looking at these two parties and as long as I've been an adult mark, I can honestly say it's really been a choice of WHO's the worst candidate and then you vote against them. I can only think of. Two people that I voted for. and that was Ronald Reagan. Because at the time he was running against Walter Mondale. Who was about as exciting as know toothpaste. And the other one was George. H W Bush ninety two because I just felt that he had done such a great job at the Cold War that he deserved a second chance. But ever since then I've been voting against someone instead of four someone. And I can't do that. So starting with Bob Barr? I voted Libertarian because I don't want to vote against something I want to vote my aspiration rather than my desperation who what what a way to start with bar though. Right. You. Might realize later maybe I did vote for the same thing again just different matter of his time but but but your attentions we're good that's right. because. The and I talk about this in the tax the book. You know third parties have played a very integral role historically to reforming the American political system. You know the tonight. Tonight on August twentieth. Joe Biden's giving his acceptance speech and he's going to lay out the quote Unquote Progressive Agenda. For America we'll guess what every single one of those items was on the populist party platform in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, two, all of it. So, there's not an original idea in the entire Democratic Party platform they literally took it from a third party. The Republicans were actually started by to third parties the free soil party in the Liberty Party. anti-slavery parties. Started because neither Democrats nor the wigs would address slavery. And they wanted to force it to happen. And they joined with the northern whigs when the whigs broke up and for the Republican, Party. So. Pretty much. All of the major reforms that have happened politically came from third parties. So. The premise here is until enough Americans demonstrate their willingness to abandon the two parties, they are going to continue to take the voters for granted. And they're going to abuse their trust because they assumed they will always get it. So. Until people literally and I mean millions, it's gotta be millions and millions of Americans who go out there right Joe Jorgenson getting twenty percent of the vote I realize a lot of libertarians go. That's awful why the but if she got twenty percent of the vote this year, it won't matter who wins they're going to have to look over their shoulder and pay attention to what we're talking about twenty seven twenty percent will be massive that would be huge on. Do you think that's actually possible I? Think it's possible if she gets on the debate age going to play the role of skeptic on on that if she gets on the debate stage I think it's possible because there's that many disgruntled. Voters and that's the biggest and the almost certain Teasha will she will not because as you know the Republican and Democratic parties coke, they collectively control who gets in those debates. So the idea that they would allow her in is almost preposterous but I mean with I love to see it. Yeah and you know what's going to happen I think what I think really could happen is that they get canceled altogether. because. Know the Democrats seem to be it seems that way hinting at it and the media seemed to be supporting that idea. And they do not want Joe Biden their debates. No especially search trump would love to debate. But I I don't think they have any interest in putting. Biden. Up there against him. Biden is not good off the cuff. He will literally say something wrong he's not good on the cuff. No. It doesn't matter what side of the cuffy's on. Either way I mean say what? Trump he can. He can act and talk on the fly right? No problem and. I'm not a fan of Donald trump because having grown up in New York and I actually lived in New York City twice and so. I grew up knowing Donald Trump and I was never impressed with him as a person. So, but the one thing that is. So, unbelievable is this. Would, it can only be explained as. Trump phobia. That has gone into this hysterical mode as if these Democrats and the media never knew who donald trump was in all of a sudden they're just finding out you know in the last four years. That he's an ass and and it's like they don't understand that. That's what those people voted for. They wanted a jerk to come in. And? Destroy Things and you know It's not how I would want to do it. But. They just keep trying to convince these people. No, you don't understand trump jerk. Don't understand trump's at dirk and people are like going yeah. He is exposing Donald Trump's personality as if it's some kind of expose as the most hilarious thing to me as if people didn't know who this guy was as if he hasn't been in the public eye for thirty years as if they didn't know he was going to be saying absurd things and attacking people they knew that that's why they voted for him. Here's a, here's the truth. My mother has voted Democrat, her entire life. We used to get these little fights because I'd say, Hey, mom who you voted for and she'd say, well, who has a D- after their name? And I'd be like, no, you can't write these little fights. So in two, thousand sixteen. She left the presidential one blank. Because he hated Hillary Clinton but she didn't like Donald Trump. Well guess what my mom's voting for Donald Trump in two thousand twenty. My Mom who never voted for a Republican in her entire life. Is Voting for Donald Trump in twenty twenty. If that doesn't tell you what's going on. I just don't know what else you can say. But the but what that's a problem for Libertarians to however. Because if we don't offer pragmatic solutions and this has been the problem with Libertarians for a really long time, we love to get into these philosophical debates. And we love to quote Basquiat and. you know von Nieces and. Just dazzled people with our unbelievable interest in interesting conversations about Austrian economics and you know an rand narratives and you know what people just don't give a shit about that. They want to know how their bills are going to get paid they WANNA know how they're going to. have their retirements going to pay for things or how their kids are going to get through school. So the reason I wrote the book was to say you know what? There are pragmatic solutions with Libertarian ideology. I tried very specifically to not get into the philosophical weeds with it not because people aren't intellectual, it's not because people are. Not. Interested, in those philosophical conversations, it's because right now this country's in bad shape and people are literally trying to figure out how to survive this. Right. I have a friend that I work with WHO husband's a policeman. And this family with two little with two little children. ARE LITERALLY LIVING IN FEAR Because their home address was published. IBM. That's scary. That's scary stuff and. And they you know how this is frightening and if we don't offer America a really practical option. Then, I'm I'm really afraid that we're close to civil war in the United States. That's why a lot of people myself perhaps included are are considering high talented of here. But but we'll see there's three options I have three scenarios I'm working. That's one of them. That's well I mean the first one is to try to get people to understand that there is an option we don't have to give up this country is a beautiful place. And if the federal government gave up. You're listening to heartland newsfeed radio network. Live twenty, four, seven, a heartland news fiend dot. com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by you. Follow us on facebook twitter and instagram. Newscast, for September Twenty Fifth Twenty. Twenty. I'm Mike Clifford House Democrats preparing a new smaller corona virus relief package expected to cost about two point four trillion dollars as try to forge ahead with talks with the trump administration a source familiar with the plan said Thursday that from reporting from CNBC. They note the bill would include enhanced unemployment insurance direct payments to Americans, paycheck, protection program, small business, loan funding, and aid airlines among other provisions to reach. The Price Tag Democrats would chop roughly tweeden dollars from their previous proposal for a fifth pandemic aid plan. CNBC says the forty aims to restore to most associations with the white. House after talks fell apart by US month. The Future of Montana's vote by mail option for the November election could be decided any day now after legal challenge wrapped up this week in federal court. President Donald. Trump and other Republican groups sued the state over Governor Steve Bullock decision to let counties use mail in ballots to help keep voter safe during the pandemic. The GOP claims mail in voting is subject to fraud. But Nancy Lifer with the Montana. League of women voters refutes that idea and says lawsuits like this caused confusion and could influence some folks not to vote this kind of thing throws suspicion into people's minds about. Well Oh. Gosh is it Really safer isn't it and of course, the thing about Montana is Montana has a very, very safe voting system and there's absolutely no reason to be questioning it. Forty five of the state's fifty six counties have opted to offer a mail in ballot US District Judge Dana Christensen promises to make a speedy decision in the case before the October night deadline to send out all the mail in ballots I'm Diane Bernard, a twenty seventeen state report found that allegations of. Mail and voter fraud during a Montana special election that year were inflated and represented only a small portion of the votes were actually cast. So folks in Michigan convicted of drug offenses or facing lifelong punishments under the law that are not directly related to their crimes. The state permanently bands those felony convictions from two or more separate drug related crimes from food assistance available under the Federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. State. Senate. Minority. Leader Juvenile of Flint introduced a bill. To repeal the ban he contends it's a matter of fairness as no other crime triggers such a denial dangling food over person's head and taken away from their family children themselves that they're trying to reform themselves and get out of a dangerous cycle seems to me to be unusually cruel and unnecessary data show fool eligible for snap benefits reduces the probability that someone with a drug conviction will return to prison within a year by about thirteen percent. This is PMS. Arkansas Poverty Rate Twenty downward over the past few years. But since pandemic, there's been a sharp rise and hardship across the state according to the latest data from the Census Bureau's American community survey between two thousand, eighteen in two, thousand, Nineteen Arkansas's poverty rate dipped slightly to sixteen point, two percent and median household income increased senior policy analyst at the Arkansas Center for children. And Families Bruno showers says the data offers a scenario that paints a bleak for residents especially Black Latino. Indigenous and immigrant households have hit by the coronavirus or federal bill nation really needs to step up one quarter of arkansans are having trouble paying rent when more than one in five or having trouble eating their kids. He says, housing relief is critical issue the survey found. This summer eighteen percent of Arkansans who live in rental housing reported, they were behind on rent twenty, nine percent are behind on their mortgage payments for public new service. I'm Nadia Ramlogan according to that survey fourteen percent of adults reported their household sometimes or often didn't have enough to eat the American Red Cross started offering covid nineteen antibody test of select areas in June trying. To, pinpoint, the number of people have been exposed to the virus, joy squires with the Illinois Red Cross and she says, now all blood donations are being tested for antibodies as part of their standard testing procedures for infectious diseases. Antibody has things could indicate that someone had been exposed. It doesn't necessarily indicate infection or immunity just maybe at some point in time if he works. Whose test results are available in about seven to ten days she knows that offer anybody tests might help increase the blood supply a study of donations during the summer found first time donors increased from eleven to seventeen percent after antibody testing was offered. And finally, our Mary Sherman tells us the shift to virtual and blended learning to reduce the spread of covid nineteen could have an unintended consequence for kids vision chief I care officer with United Healthcare Dr Scott Edmonds. Explains the increased screen time raises the risk of digital ice train impossible retinal damage from high energy blue light. He says looking at a screen closer than thirty inches away also can cause vision problems including nearsightedness Evans suggests following what's known. As the twenty twenty twenty rule, every twenty minutes you need to look at an object, twenty feet away or further for twenty seconds but not only helps the exposure to all the blue light. It also gives the muscles in the I arrest from sustained contraction. Just twenty seconds says all you really need, and then they can go back to their digital devices about forty percent of Americans or affected by nearsightedness compared to twenty five percent back in nineteen seventy. This. is by Clifford. Thank you for wrapping up your week with Public News Service member enlisted supported her on great radio stations across the nation and online at public new service DOT ORG that guy on my gosh he's so fine. Rick tittle brings home the Bacon rising up in a Pan, and then he eats it ricky in his official business. Now I try not to talk politics. Because there's plenty of places for that. Story. John on has actually apologized for the killing of a South Korean official. The Sky was in the water swimming towards North Korea they shot him ten times and then they burned his body because of the corona virus. and. It's a tragic horrible macabre story. Early, the guy was trying to defect to North Korea. I'm Kim Jong Un. I said I would say we never in a million years. Somebody would want to defect. Here. Think. That's what I would probably say in our defense who in the hell. WanNa come here where they've never heard of Coca Cola. And you have to wear the. Helped Him with my face on twenty four seven. All right enough of that, let's talk some sports. We have a lot more guests to go. Other Hollywood or should I say Bollywood Star on the other side to Asta? Shah. Show. The. Drop potty unleashed I know that all the sports fans have been clamoring to hear more about that. Also have Tori Linley is going to join us and he is the president of the National Association. Athletic trainers. then. We'll have gray golding NASCAR driver right around. The forty, five mark, and the next hour we're going to ESPN's Ryan McGee. His new book sidelines and bloodlines and the law also get into Rick's pics I gotTa tell you who's going to win and WHO's GonNa lose in the National Football League y'all. So we'll do that. Now remember we are af en. In South Korea right now and other places where we are represented across the globe sun never sets af en. I'm a fan of all our military. Also in the ten in-app iheartradio APP I think and Stitcher APP on Sports BYLINE DOT com go there and click listen live twitter's at rectal come on back. And now today's rusty tip of the day presented by free all deep penetrating oil. 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Rick is back. He's so great. I can't believe how awesome he is more sports talk. Yes. Couldn't get any better but it spotter rich analysts back. He's so great. I can't believe how awesome he is more sports talk es. Our two of titillating sports. Got Down. To. Check me out. Yo. Welcome back to the show to the with you coast to coast and around the world on the American forces. Radio Network. When we get and I said when we get our guest Throw them on the air. We'll do. We'll just go ahead and for him on the air and if it sticks on eight hundred. Eight seven eight P. L. A. Y.. You don't have any alibi because you're. You're ugly. Like I had a friend who grew up. In the Ukraine. And she said that. It, was really all. Wasn't Russian. was. Indian, movies and music. Really, it's like, yeah, they were actually that was what they show. They wouldn't show anything American during the Cold War or European at all. Was Tons. Of. Bollywood I, never thought of that Eastern Europe getting absolutely inundated with Bollywood but there you go. So Rick's pics if you WANNA look at the. First Game. that. Went down before I picked the dolphins inverted thirty one thirteen win over the Jaguars last night. And Ryan Fitzpatrick before the game probably didn't think he was going to join sweetness. In the record books NFL legend, the Lake Grade. Fantastic. Walter Payton. But that's exactly what he did. You became one of just to players. At least World War to. Finish with two passing touchdowns one rushing touchdown twenty rushing yards and the reception. How about that? It's the first quarterback to do that in seventy two years. That's Patrick fos caught. A pass for the first time since. Only thirteen and with three catches in his career, none of which have gone for positive yards thirty seven years old, he's the oldest player. You catch an NFL pass this season. and. The other thing too that a lot of people weren't thinking about. Was that he has now defeated the Jaguars. For the sixth time. With six different teams he is the first player in. NFL. History. Who won team six times with six different teams? And I was trying to think of his teams. And I couldn't think of all six. I only came up with five I. Forgot that he was a backup when he was younger on the bengals. Because he's beaten on what the bills, titans Texans jets and Dolphin ABS. About that He's also throwing a touchdown pass against the for the jags with five different teams so It's Patrick who has now jumped under the top thirty five on the all time passing yards list. He's he's now over thirty three and a half thousand yards he's passed for two, hundred and fourteen. Touchdown. Passes. If you. WanNa, look who's ahead of him on the list for yards. He's five hundred and three yards behind Alex Smith. And he's about thousand yards behind Jim Hart. It's Patrick is now tied with John Brody. Great Oakland Tech and Stanford Star and niners or thirty fifth on the touchdown passes lists you passed Terry Bradshaw. He's four behind Joe. FLACCO. and He's twenty two away. From the top thirty. In which he would pass George Blanda get this Russell Wilson. So, just another day at the office, for Fitzpatrick who will continue to provide. It's magic as to a below will wait to take over the franchise and Fitzpatrick is trying to continue that delay. As long as he can. And You know when you draft to and you say, oh? Yeah we also have. We also have fitzpatrick. It's I mean I'm sure that's the most most fans felt but the dolphins were looking squarely into the eyes of starting off Owen three they're on the road in Jacksonville. And And I I'll be honest with you. I didn't pick this because we don't have rick's picks yet, but I would have picked Jacksonville on this game. At fourteen to nothing after one quarter before the JAGS even looked up, there are like what the what the Hell's going on here. In Shoe Magic was the magic that was not working. One interception no touchdown passes. Certain guys and I know in soccer I'll see a guy I was Tottenham Flannigan he always scores against us. I, don't care what shirt he's wearing that guy scores against autumn. As, they would say own `age. Why, why? When doc gooden was the best pitcher in baseball was Chili. Davis hitting four hundred against some I mean. There are some guys that just have weird ONA Joe. And it always fascinates me when I hear a hall of fame pitcher talk and it's like, who gave you trouble? And I always expect him to say Hank Aaron Willie mccovey. You know somebody like that and they'll say Freddy Pot tack like well, he was a good hitter but really goes I couldn't get that guy out. I don't know why. But Kurt Bevaqua von Joshua Thing Okay Maki clots I don't know if anybody ever said that. But If you think about what the plan is. In Miami, well, the plan is to win football game obviously. You didn't think a guy who would be almost forty years old out of Harvard would. Have this. On his while thirty seven years old I guess I'm going to let them too much but. You think about Jacksonville in this game Chris Conley dropped to passes. I WANNA say we're first downs. They would have been first downs. And then he got flagged for an offensive pass interference. And then shoe fumbled on the next play and then Miami scored their fourth touchdown. Conley said, I let this offense down rough night. L.. owned. It. Shoe also audible to a pitch on the short side on a third and five, and then he was sacked on the next play ending a shot at making the game close at halftime? I always wonder. Why anyone ever runs? To the short side especially in college football. It is a phone booth on the short side filled with dudes by the way the picture and time. Magazine Saint Mary's College. Gives me nightmares though I hate it. Cam Robinson the left tackle thrown out of the game. Made. contact. With an official. The rookie corner CJ Henderson was on the wrong end of one of four pass interference calls. Against the. jags and he also failed to touch. SEAVER Jaquim grant. After grant went down after making a diving catch, he jumped up ran for an extra ten yards. Then adding insult to injury the jags probably lost linebacker Leeann. Jake was for the season as he got carted off in the opening drive like a bad right knee injury. There by then really fitzpatrick was in control. You know and and Jacksonville of what they do is they allow touchdowns on the the opening drive and. MARRONE. Maroney. Doug Marrone said we've got to do a better job of executing early on. There are a lot of people who were surprised. At we would have. Doug marrone. Even, having his job. At this point Shod Kahn or Shaheed Khan. decided to stick with him. The Rookie Brandon Right. The jags rookie made his NFL debut. and. Joining a small list of. Lack place kickers in the league and if you think about it. Gene MINGO COOKIE GILCHRIST Donald Igwe Week.' al-Baidh Hariri. Cedric Oglesby and Justin medlock. and. He missed an extra point and then he injured his groin. Early. Work out right there. and then Jake Safety Andrew Win Guard was ruled out at halftime because he had an injury and he was already filling in for the starter, Jared Wilson. WHO'S ON IRR? And then it just like will what's gone right? What's gone wrong? The one thing that I think that if you are the Jags and you say, is there a? Is there a bright spot? In. This line of right now is anybody. Anything going on. They do. Have A. UNDRAFTED free agent running. Back. Who is playing very well, and that's the thing that you really you know as you look for any type of rights spots whatsoever. And that rookie His name James Robson. James Robinson is a guy who If you think about, how did he get through the the draft because he has the most yards from scrimmage on drafted rookie in NFL history so far? Three, hundred and thirty nine. And they had faith in him. After they got rid of Leonard Fournette. This was a guy who when he was at Illinois. State round you talk about fours he ran for four hundred, four, thousand, four, hundred, and forty, four yards and forty four touchdowns. Hope. He was number forty four. He finished with over five thousand yards all second in school history but apparently Marty Miller who's a scout his wife Had A hunch. said go with him. I think it's not fair to Mardi Miller's wife that we don't know her name. It's like at Wimbledon when it said Mrs J amyloid and it was Chris Evert but the scoreboard said Mrs. J. M Lloyd Americans are like her name's Chris Evert. What does this stuff? Look the guys is producing and this happens every time. You know some guy will be gem in the rough and right now Robinson, is currently second in the NFL with rushing and five yards a game as well. and. This is a guy who's making twenty thousand dollars guaranteed. He plays the whole season he'll make. Six hundred and ten thousand dollars, which is good. The minimum there. Let. you every you gotta you gotTa. Look for something bright right now. With. The. When you're like. All right. When we come back, we'll speak to a trainer about getting sports back up and running especially at the high school level I'm comeback. Whenever. I wanted. Hi Dale. Airlines have reduced their prices even more thirty days in advance and save big blunt. The absolute lowest prices on your airline tickets then call the low cost airlines travel hotline right now for prices so low, we can't publish them anywhere. 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No Kid likes rules but I get why we have them I hear you and I know it's because you care all the talks we've had over the years including what you've told me about not using alcohol and other drugs they stick with me and believe it or not. They really do make a difference especially at times. During nothing some good. So thank you. For talking and preparing me for what's ahead. Thanks mom for never giving up and always being my biggest fan. Thank you for letting me know what you expect. So I can try to meet your expectations. For more information about talking with your kids about underage use of alcohol and other drugs visit underage drinking, dot, samsa Dot Gov. Hello and welcome back to the Ronnie Deutsche Tax Program on the line is Paul from California Hi Paul. What's your tax problem today hierarchy? Love your show listen. I've got a big problem. You see my paycheck was gorgeous last week and only get half the normal amount to make matters worse. 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Coast to coast border to border and around the world on the American Forces Radio Network we're now joined by Tori Lindley is the president of the National Athletic Trainers. And is here to talk about the get game ready. Initiative and this is because after the pandemic according to according to some day from league side nearly half of all parents surveyed. that the cost of buying a gear, another such things as precluded them from maybe having their children participate. In Sports, this is all over. Tory. That's startling. Number when I think about how important sports is two kids what what are you guys doing about it with the get game ready initiative. Thanks for having us in. Yeah. The the pandemic really is is caused her a number of. Major impacts on our our kids lives and when you consider. That athletes have been sidelined for months starting back in in March and and finally now making in some states graduate return to sports. That's had an impact that's had an impact on them physically mentally and socially developed some new challenges with The fact that they've been isolated and had some activity and so when schools consider. They're doing for a return to high school sports. The fundamental. Way To look to start is to consider what those health and safety precautions need to be to do it the right way. I was just thinking about the National Athletic Trainers Association of which you the President when I. Played in high school we didn't have a trainer I I played college football, and Lacrosse I hadn't. But when I started coaching high school football I'm the one who. Paved all the ankles and I was basically a coach and the trainer at the same time. So getting a little bit better in that field about getting qualified trainers out there. We've seen improvement and you know the national athletic transportation you know represents almost thirty eight thousand athletic trainers in a number of different settings. But no setting is more important than the secondary schools and while we're making progress were. Either shortfall there's there's close to thirty three percent of high schools that do not have a full-time athletic trainer serving the healthcare needs their student athletes and and that's really hard to believe when you consider some of the risk associated with the sport and when you consider what impact and athletic trainer can have on prevention diagnosis treatment rehabilitation of injuries to think that a high school would fund sports yet ignore the need to fund healthcare for those same sports. I very well said now, let's talk a little bit more about the initiative get game ready, which is in partnership with the Shaquille O'Neal Foundation. Icy Hot something that I used back in the eighties our you GonNa be doing this offering grants is that how it works? The partnership has been really unique in it's been really important as you talk about the Intro, the return to sports high school level has required a really intricate set of policies I, really intricate set of procedures, and it also includes equipment that we've never had to use before school. So you know prevention for Kobe nineteenth spreading includes. Cleaning supplies and includes personal protective equipment PP, e four for healthcare providers like athletic trainers for coaches for staff members, maybe in a situation where budgets have already been drastically cut budgets that have been. Stressed in a number of different ways to say now, we need to add more. To. List to do this the right way this Akil on your the foundation has stepped up they want athletes to return. We want to return to the sports they love, and so the partnership as you mentioned as icy hot to Lachey get game ready, it's an initiative to help high school athletic programs who are financially burdened. Pandemic and so to get game ready funded grants exist icy hot donating one dollar for every box sold up to four hundred thousand dollars to the. Near Foundation and and that's support is gonNA live for high schools to apply for the grants and so the information about the grant program as well as the application for the grant program can be found at icy hot dot com slash game ready and applications are open between now on Halloween. A couple more questions for Linley with the National Athletic Trainers Association. Important. Is it because I've interviewed people in the past few years about having? Automated External defibrillators or add's on campus is that's something that you guys are working towards as well. Yes. There's a lot of important. Emergency Equipment Eighty days included that are are important when you when you think about the return to sport from this law, this unprecedented in our lifetime layoff off some athletic. So now a PD for covert procedure, but he dis a cold immersion tough. All the different ways that athletic trainers can institute not only emergency action plans, but then life saving techniques with the life saving equipment is also Important so we also believe that the the get game ready program will help with the purchase of of that important equipment because we're returning to sport from again, layoffs that we've never had before and so to implement not only the policy and procedures, but it's also take a really deliberate slow and gradual return to sport. It's going to be important for from an injury and a catastrophic injury standpoint. I. Would Imagine to the P P the personal protection equipment. That's something that is not going to go away. We're going to. We're going to need that for some time to come especially at that level, right? Yes we are in and we know that with. The detail policy that's been put in place we've seen and we will continue to see behavioral changes and and to some extent it will become just kind of part of what we do and and that's good. That's a good prevention technique. It's one of many the prevention techniques that I i. think we'll become somewhat of a new normal for all of us. and. Then finally when you think about as a coach. What would be almost high school coaches are are our young people what what is something that you would recommend as far as getting ready to welcome back student athletes to campus. Number one I'd never coached a place that doesn't employ athletic trainers you mentioned before you were you were wearing your coaches happy to also had some responsibility on necessarily for the health and safety of a number of parents, daughters and sons, and so it really starts with the appropriate funding that we talked about it, and then you know in this time, the coaches have to be mindful and. Be, ruined, supportive, and really strong role models when it comes to the practices related to prevention procedures for the pandemic. So the messaging is repeated from coaches around social, distancing the appropriate use of masks as well if appropriate hygiene so that we can limit the spread and and reduce that spread to stay on the field to keep doing the things that student athletes love to play their sport. and Icy hot dot com is our going for more information about get game ready it is. All right very good toy, Linley National Athletic Trainers Association, President. Thanks you time and good work and We'll catch up down the road. Thank you. A quick break we'll come on back on sports byline. Union debt to the IRS is scary the heart-stopping collection letters and living in fear that any day the irs could garnish your paychecks seize your bank accounts are even threaten your home or business. If you owe the IRS, you need to call the team at OPTIMA tax relief they're experts in the fresh start initiative a special irs program that could save you thousands if you qualify and nobody knows this program better than opt to America's most-trusted tax resolution firm OPTIMA has already resolved over A. billion. Dollars in tax debt for their clients. They have an a plus rating with the better business bureau and will fight to get you the best deal possible. 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To me it's like a mountain. Of Dust. Todd. Wave. Weapon. Working. Does. Rick tittle beats his servants. Thank you. I think and welcome back to the show. Nice to have you with US wherever you are listening coast to coast joined by NASCAR driver. Gray Golden coming up here. One of the young si-nam 's on the circuit. He's GONNA call us up. In a couple of minutes. All right. So we told you that the PAC twelve. Was GonNa have football again. And that the mountain west, we'll have football again. Mountain West is not power five been in all the power five are back. And the PAC twelve announced this morning. they are going to be conducting daily cove, nineteen testings they are going to improve. Their. Cardiac. MONITORING FOR ALL ATHLETES And The PAC twelve said in a statement quote upon updated PAC twelve covid nineteen medical advisory committee recommendations that take into account material change in to testing capabilities the prevalence. Cove in nineteen and cardiac issues along with updated state and local health official guidance. Conference will resume its football basketball and winter sports seasons. Football season may now commence for those teams that have the necessary state and local health approvals. On November six. That's when the season starts. So in addition. To the daily. COVID nineteen antigen testing. Each athlete will have to have a weekly PCR, test? And any positives determined by an antidote, chest will be confirmed by the more accurate. UCR. Tests were they basically. This ray your organs through your nose. Larry Scott, the commissioner from Walnut Creek. He says from the beginning of this crisis, our focus has been on following the science data and all council of our public health. An infectious disease experts are agreement with que- del. Who Performs Maybe we'd, L. to provide daily rapid testing. Rapid results. Testing has been a game changer in enabling us to move forward with the confidence that we can create a safe environment for student athletes while giving them the opportunity to pursue their dreams. At the same time, we will continue to monitor health conditions and data and be ready to adjust as required. The name of the health of all. So. Ten teams will be kicking off on. October twenty fourth. We've got some SEC stuff. Already on the docket lots of football. This weekend but the difference between the PAC twelve zero turned to play and the big ten decision is that the big ten teams were already raring to go and are already utilizing the NCAA twelve hour weekly limit on activities. So the PAC, twelve schools located in California and Oregon. Of course we're limited by the local health restrictions, which meant that you could not get into a gathering of more than a dozen people. As of the fires on the West Coast, a lot of teams were not able to practice anyway because the air quality conditions. The Colorado Buffaloes were thought to be ready to roll. Until last night but that's when the city of Boulder. Colorado, stepped up and banned all public gatherings of any people aged eighteen to twenty two for athletic activities until October eighth. Right. That's because on their own campus in boulder buffs have had over fourteen hundred Cova nineteen cases. Fourteen hundred one school. So the at Ucla and USC talked with the La County health officials, and there are led to believe that county restrictions would be eased and then governor new. Some said that state restrictions that kept schools from. Inducting the fully padded practices lifted that Oregon Governor Kate Brown lifted out for Oregon and Oregon State. So. The PAC twelve will presumably the eligible the college football playoff if their season is completed by December. Nineteenth. But it's unclear how the committee is going to weigh a team that only played seven games. Against other PAC ten schools. On the ACC big tall sec that's going to play ten games. So. There's going to be I. Hope There's going to be an undefeated. act. Twelve. School and. Let's say it's a big name like USC or some big names of recent years like. Our Washington even a Stanford and they say ren defeated and then Georgia, with one loss and Alabama with one loss they go to the playoffs instead because you're going to say how the hell are you going to say it's fair we had to play tune gooding's. Play seven. You played those three extra games you gotta lost to. The Big Twelve Commissioner Bob Bowls be said there is a conversation to be had about eligibility and it's probably not going to be had right away. Or all going to have to see how many games we get in. So right there. He saying Oh the SEC is scheduled for ten games. We don't even know if we're going in play 'em Tang game right out her. I always liked doing are super sixteen polls which we haven't done this year because obviously, there hasn't been any college football. But I always like talking to these. Guys who were down. South. Who can tell you? I can tell you. I don't think I can't anymore. But until I was like forty, I could tell you every cal quarterback going back to nineteen seventy. Every cal quarterback I. Just go right down the line before him. Before that guy was that guy. Now I probably have to gas a little bit. That's just ten minutes when I've stadium. Sec these guys know every position. Going back forty fifty years. So the thing about overrated. Apparently. From what I've read. Is that Texas am. Is supposed to be very overrated. and. It it's. It's funny because they said Oh they only have four or five marquee players. Okay. Well that Georgia is overrated because their offensive line isn't that good and Zamir white is the number one running back and they don't have a lot of faith in him and transfer. J T Daniels got the job when Jamie Newman left he hasn't even been medically cleared to play. And they have a new Oh see todd Hunkin. So how could they be their? Tennessee. Had that six game winning streak at the end of last season. But apparently, they don't like the quarterback there. You know who it is. And so WHO's Jarrett? Warren Nano currently that's the QB I'll have to prove. himself. Auburn. Auburn right now when you look at teams in the SEC. Wes. And the Auburn's quarterback situation they don't like that they're either number. You get a lot of that stuff. What about Lsu One thing tread or Zorana say go tigers. Or Zorana apparently. Said Donald trump drinks a six pack diet cokes every day. And I thought who cares it's not gonNA kill him I don't think but then hearing that or share on drinks about ten. Energy drinks a day. That Is X. XL share it looks like a medium. And he's sweating and he's beat red and. Maybe maybe you don't WanNa do that. All right we are now happy to be joined on the line by name. Gray golding who's one of the young fee NAM's on the circuit twenty years old grey is it weird that at twenty two you Kinda feel like a grizzled vet a little bit. I definitely definitely now. I appreciate it. Yeah. Thanks again for having me on the show but Yeah I definitely do it. Kinda crazy like I talked to people all the time you've been a part of the sport I'm only twenty two but they're like when I tell them, they're like, hey, how do you again I'm like twenty two. But. I thought you were like twenty seven. So because I've been, I've been around I feel like for ten years. Now you know just cut my teeth and the and the integration stages trying to work my way up but I guess is a good thing. So I got I got the age on my side, which is good. Yeah speaking, of Twenty, seven, twenty, seven Ford Mustang for Rick Ware Racing, and the thing I like is that. Your race in the Finnity races and then the Cup races you did it at Bristol and you're gonNA. Do with this weekend. So Saturday on Sunday and some people might say, well, just concentrate on one. I would be like you like if I'm invited to both all-race in both why not? Oh absolutely well I think it's so important because. It's more laughs than it's more seat time and I think for me and is a professional racecar driver. The more laps, a better no matter what track your at whether you're in a truck extended car cup car like any time that you can have track time and be out there race in with the best in the business you gotta do it so. I'm very appreciative and thankful for Panini. Obviously, they're big partner mind. They're going to be also the cup race and we got a new a new partner of art walk on They're going to be part of again this week they were they were on extending last week as well. So you know I think it's It's cool to have to do great brands. Like you said, mckinney me for over a year now and we've really you know we started out been eleven. We moved to the couple level and and it's just going up from there. But for me to have to rates as you know getting a lot of exposure for my father's in partners, it's kind of a link. So I, I'm very very excited about it. Panini goes way back I remember in the seventies having soccer cards made by Panini, then they they do the NAS car cards now right Definitely. Yeah. They actually they got a new relief coming out of the prison and be coming out in October which were very excited about. But yeah they they do a Lotta sports man that's what's so cool about you know my sponsor with Canadian or partnership is I'm a big sports guy I lo- I follow all sports NBA you know you know NFL obviously not car me being an athlete outer but they're so involved in all those sports and in not only they the official car of Nascar they're actually a sponsor partner inside the sport on a race car which there on my car, which is really darn cool because you really don't see a whole lot of sponsors you see like Bush beer. You know they they tied in with with Nascar obviously, and then they got Harvard I think it's cool. That means they're they're part of that that that group right there that elite group that has really been able to do both but do it well, you know what I mean. So yeah they they've done a great job and. I know the fans I know we've been missing the fans do the the pandemic, but it's so crazy like every weekend that I came to the track when we had fans before the pandemic I mean I was signed card at car after car like it's so popular. You don't even realize how big it is until you actually witnessed, which is super cool. Very. Cool. For more information, go to Panini America. Dot Net. Last question for you. How many races did you have to win before? People didn't call you Gary? She needs man. Oh man that's A. Good one I trust me that that. One's Burr at Burns me up I remember when I first came the next car I remember what track Now the whole deal I was at one of my like first big time natural. I was only fifteen years old and I. I just come out of stipulate models I was winning they're running well, my name just started getting sport of hot you know but a lot of people didn't know a whole lot about me. So I moved to cannon pro series. I'm not joking I think the first seven races no, we know NASCAR driver intros well, driver intros like Kyle Busch Jimmy Johnson, you know Blah Blah Blah everyone you know everyone is is the fabulous you know they say their name properly well. For the first time weeks that was Gary Gordon and. I got so mad I tried so mad at the Latin right before I said Okay I can't do it anymore because people started catching on a call me Gary. I'm like no, it's not Gary. So I I had my dad go to the superior director like, Hey, we announced the guys kid named just it's great. Not Gary you know might metro is up a little bit. You might think it's not a Typo it really great. So it. Gary off anymore, which is a good thing. But I I, it's pretty sad that I actually had to tell my dad. Hey, you please tell that that the bike phone guy said it's great and he did which hopefully I hopefully, the fan dummy enough now it's great. So. They know the twenty seven Ford Mustang for Rick ware a thanks coming on grey. Best of luck this weekend. Let's catch up down the road? Roadman. Absolutely brother. Thank you very much time and we'll talk thin i. have a great weekend. All right. Good stuff gray everybody come on back. This is a Potter's field. When people can't pay for their funerals, they are buried here. It is a lonely desolate place littered with unmarked headstones. No one visits. No one leaves flowers, but it doesn't have to be that way for as low as one dollar a day you could ensure your family will have the money to pay your funeral expenses. We offer burial insurance plans the pay of two thousand dollars considering the average funeral costs more than ten thousand dollars. That's peace of mind for your family there are. No medical exams, your each one increase and your policy can be cancelled. 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And, Debt Free Credit Cards Medical Bills IRS tax problems even student loan debt learned about free programs offered by the credit card companies hospitals, and even the government that can help slash your call the debt destroyer now for free information call now eight, seven, seven, three, six, zero, zero, four, two, eight, seven, seven, three, six, zero, zero, four, zero, two, eight, seven, seven, three, six, zero, zero, four, zero, two. Eight, seven, seven, three, six, zero, four, zero, two. I'm sorry it's It's the pleats. Actually an optical illusion, it's the pattern on the pants. Flattering in the the CROTCH. Region. I'm actually taking him back right now taking the back to. The pet store. Rick. Is a majestic stallion. Right, very busy day so far lots of guess. Didn't have the Bollywood Guy. That's okay. Ryan McGee. ESPN and writer his new book. He'll join us after a quick news break. Otherwise it's all your calls into Rick's picks up. So much fun of Third Hour is we all placed? Back Obama. You're listening to the heartland news. Radio Network Broadcasting Live twenty percent and our newsbeat. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by. Follow us on facebook twitter and instagram. Service going newscast for September Twenty Fifth Twenty Twenty I'm Mike Clifford House Democrats preparing a new smaller corona virus relief package expected to cost about two point four trillion dollars as try to forge ahead with talks with the trump administration a source familiar with the plan said Thursday that from reporting from CNBC. They note the bill would include enhanced unemployment insurance direct payments to Americans paycheck protection program, small business, loan funding, and aid airlines among other provisions to reach the price. Tag Democrats would chop roughly twiggy dollars from their previous proposal for a fifth pandemic aid plan CNBC. Says the forty aims to restore to most associations with the white. House after talks apart by US month. The Future of Montana's vote by mail option for the November election could be decided any day now after legal challenge wrapped up this week in federal court. President Donald Trump and other Republican groups sued the state over Governor Steve Bullock decision to let counties use mail in ballots to help keep motor safe during the pandemic. The GOP claims mail in voting is subject to fraud but Nancy Lifer with the Montana League of women voters refutes that idea and says lawsuits like this caused confusion and could influence some folks not to vote this kind of thing throws suspicion into people's minds about. Well Oh. Gosh isn't really Safer isn't it and of course, the thing about Montana Montana has a very, very safe voting system and there's absolutely no reason to be questioning it. Forty five of the state's fifty six counties have opted to offer a male in Belet US District Judge Dana. Christensen promises to make a speedy decision in the case before the October nine deadline to send out all the mail in ballots I'm Diane Bernard, a twenty seventeen state report found that allegations of mail. And voter fraud during a Montana special election that year were inflated and represented only a small portion of the votes were actually cast. So folks in Michigan convicted of drug offenses or facing lifelong punishments under the law that are not directly related to their crimes. These state permanently bands those felony convictions from two or more separate drug-related crimes from food assistance available under the federal supplemental, Nutrition Assistance Program State Senate Minority Leader Juvenile of Flint introduced a bill to. Repeal the ban he contends it's a matter of fairness as no other crime triggers such a denial dangling food over person's head and taken away from their family and children themselves that they're trying to reform themselves and get out of a dangerous cycle seems to me to be unusually cruel and unnecessary data show full eligibility for snap benefits reduces the probability that someone with a drug conviction will return to prison within a year by about thirteen percent. This is PMS. Arkansas poverty rate. Twenty downward over the past few years. But since pandemic, there's been a sharp rise and hardship across the state according to the latest data from the Census Bureau's American community survey between two thousand eighteen in two thousand Nineteen Arkansas's poverty rate dip slightly to sixteen point, two percent and median household income increased senior policy analyst at the Arkansas Center for children. And Families Bruno showers says, the data offers a scenario that paints oblique pitcher for residents especially Black Latino indigenous and immigrant households hardest hit by the coronavirus or federal delegation really needs to step up one quarter of arkansans are having trouble paying rent when more than one in five or having trouble feeding their kids. He says, housing relief is critical issue, the survey found. This summer eighteen percent of Arkansans who live in rental housing reported they were behind on rent twenty, nine percent are behind on their mortgage payments for public news service. I'm Nadia Ramlogan according to that survey fourteen percent of adults reported their household sometimes or often didn't have enough to eat he American Red Cross started offering covid nineteen antibody tests, select areas in June trying. To pinpoint the number of people have been exposed to the virus. Joy squires with the Illinois Red Cross, and she says, now all blood donations are being tested for antibodies as part of their standard testing procedures for infectious diseases. Antibody testing could indicate if someone had been exposed, it doesn't necessarily indicate infection or immunity just maybe at some point in time if he were. Those test results are available in about seven to ten days. She notes that offering anybody tests might help increase the blood supply a study of donations during the summer found first time donors increased from eleven to seventeen percent after antibody testing was offered. And finally, our Mary Sherman tells us the shift to virtual and learning to reduce the spread of covid. Nineteen could have an unintended consequence for kids vision chief eyecare officer with United Healthcare Dr Scott Edmonds explains the increased screen time raises the risk of digital ice train impossible retinal damage from high energy blue light. He says looking at a screen closer than thirty inches away also can cause vision problems including nearsightedness an suggests following what's known as the twenty twenty twenty rule. Twenty minutes you need to look at an object, twenty feet away or further for twenty seconds that not only cuts the exposure to all the blue light. It also gives the muscles in the eye, but rest from sustained contraction just twenty seconds says all you really need, and then they can go back to their digital devices about forty-one percent of Americans or affected by nearsightedness compared to twenty five percent back in nineteen seventy. This is by Clifford. Thank you for wrapping up your week with Public News Service member enlisted, supported her great radio stations across the nation and online at public new service DOT ORG. Yoyo what is going on sit is the hour of three or like I call it the third hour I know I'm a bit weird. Usually say our of three. We're still pulling this off every day melts into the other every guest. The day somebody was asking me about hundred Renfro and I had him on the show and I'm not GonNa have him on the show I think you did last year the rookie. Now's like. Losing my mock. Anyway, we're here for you. One Eight, hundred, eight, seven, eight, play talking sports y'all for she's one eight, hundred, eight, seven, eight play. Rick's pics. I gotTA. Let you know who's going to go math. Coming up we'll be talking to. Ryan Zinke with this book, I liked the title sidelines and bloodlines. Got A. Nice. Love to. Get. A very. Sanguine. Low if you'd like. Also. Listen to us as I say. The CNN APP. And I don't know if I should say iheartradio APP because I looked for sports violent on iheartradio and I could not find it under sports filing under sports byline under sports byline USA. Rick tittle Nick Nipple little. Delicious go at the tune in APP. And stitcher. twits I haven't been on twitch since March. It's March. So let's let's just get on the horn. That's what you gotTa do is call me up one eight, hundred, eight, seven, eight, seven, five, thousand nine big salute to our troops listening Army Navy Airforce Marines those fired National Guard you are in military I am on your side why? Because you do great keeping us safe you stay safe. Folk we see and hall very very. Sports BYLINE DOT com the website, you can check it out but being a radio side. Everything's streams. Somebody asked me about why Interview, was done by dominant commenced. Every interview it says dominant commanders. that. Just means that he posted it. Though, we're actually working on getting the actual interviewers name on it don't be confused just if you WanNa hear none of you just click out it come on back at Shell. We know from the time you get up to the time you wrap up there's a lot of meet ups. EAT UPS and hurry ups. So come to shell and get three things. 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Now, it's your turn get free all today at autozone O'Reilly and Napa look for the silver can again and Vancouver through the show. On. Said I saw. On the. Rick kittles got a black belt in keeping it real. All. Right. Thank you for that. Welcome back to the sheriff to the with coast to coast around the world on the American Forces Radio Network pleasure to welcome to the show ESPN's Ryan McGee. He has a new book that he's written with his dad and his brother. It's called sidelines and bloodlines a father, his sons and our live in college football, his brothers Sam his father. Is Dr Jerry McGee, longtime haulage wrath this a Ryan first of all walk into the show but this must have been fun because it's almost like a family history that you were writing as well as a sportsbook, right? Yeah. It was great and the most pleasant surprise was that you know after all these years I thought I knew all the stores and you know dance. Clubs. And I've written columns and my brother talks, all these lawyers, these conferences and I thought I knew all the stories. and. It turns out I. Didn't I didn't, and in fact, my dad's irritating me because books been out a week and a half and I'll talk to him on the phone like man you remember that time. So so Nebraska, I'm like that. That should have been in the book so but it was a lot of fun and I I tell everyone you see three people on the cover that book. And it's my dad, my brother and myself and between the three of us seven college degrees and I barely own one. So the only pressure was to make sure the law Grad and university president we're happy with the words. It, took me five years to get my BA. So I'm I'm right with you there Ryan. You know I've I've read. You might as well but in Baseball Empires Ron. Luciano and Ken Kaiser they wrote. Books about being an and mostly about the minor leagues and people pounding on the clubhouse doors with guns threatening to kill him and I've just imagine some of the stories especially down south where there football is like a religion that your dad had to go through on the way up. Well, know it's funny. You mentioned there's Ron Luciano books the first one I got I. Was a kid it was the umpire strikes back and I'm pretty shot his it because it sounded like the empire strikes back good thing. But about the thing and even when I was a kid, I would go to that and go we should do this or you should do you should write a book you know and and so we finally got to do but yeah. My favorite chapters in the book are you know that were a couple rose bowls national championship games, an Army Navy and all that. But my favorite chapters of the book or him working these north. Carolina? Games towns that you've never heard of and I've never heard of and north. Carolina. Whole life and then working small college games to and you know changing clothes at a motel in a room storage room that was used to keep mattresses and walking out the door covered feathers and Dad Dad calling a game. The only time he said he felt unsafe was at a high school game in eastern North Carolina, which is where I'm from. They can get a little rough down there and with about a minute ago the home team had to call against them that cost them. What would have been a game when touchdown all the sudden that felt something sale over his head and it was the entire like. Down's markers and the chains and everything went over his head and changed her quit there was mad they stopped off and so So yeah, those were the store going into the bar. Or the steakhouse they always went after calling games in this one little town and they walked in the door and hometown team lost the game at a bartender goes to Hillary y'all doing here and called the cops. So yeah the small towns stories were you walk in you? You buy the book to read about Ray Lewis and. Lou, Holtz and orange. Bowl. But then you know you ended up walking away thinking man I'm surprised he survived the nineteen sixties high school football. You know it's funny. When I after I played college football coach two Mile and monitor my high school Alma Mater and I remember I went to this little small town in northern California in the middle of nowhere. And these three refs came over and they're all locals they're these big fat guys and they're like coach we need to inspect. Your balls. Make sure they're pumped up properly and I'm sure and they went through every ball like all eight of them and they go none of these are proved and they all laughed and I said it's going to be one of those nights and the head Ref said you're damn right. It's going to be one of them nights. To call. Told me before the game that we weren't going to get one call least nowhere upfront right and. There's a reason that they're reading. You never saw him again after high school football, right? It's it's it's funny my daughter and I. Put Ours in highschool and the other night we watched remember the titans. And there's that you know there at the time when the teams championship and and those guys lit coke it system coach no, Hey, y'all gonna lose and then we're officials illness and The Guy has to call him out my daughter's like that never happens right I'm like as far as you know. What would be you know as they said, you sat down with your dad and you've heard the good stories over over what we're a couple of the ones that you're like, wow I never knew that one. Well a story that I've told a million times about myself is the first time I had sidelined credentials thirteen and it was North Carolina Virginia and it was a huge top ten game and you know one of these the winter probably GonNa Orange Bowl and a loser's GonNa go to noble and and this is in the eighties and you know I got camera Santa Claus gave me and I told the story million times on ESPN you know Berry Word scored the game when the touchdown I took a picture of it the problem is the linebacker who missed very word ran over me. I might await ninety pounds. I mean just believe me up and I thought. It was the coolest thing in the world I'm like I have to figure out how to do for a living. Well, I've told that story mine tire life what I did not know the other half of the story until we wrote the book which was. Bad. Says well, you remember your brother walked out on the Damn Field I was like what? and. So my brother who is ten years old he had a sideline credential as well. Actually traded quarters and and Dad told me a story I didn't remember which was. A huge game is tight, top ten teams, and as a TV Tom out if this was routed midfield discussing it and dad felt a tug on the shirt and he turned around my ten year old brother standing out in the Middle Field at Scott Stadium and that's What's wrong and my brother Goes Oh, nothing's wrong. I JUST WANNA. Tell you guys doing a great job. I had no idea now my brother again, who's an attorney and went to while he denies all of this says there's no evidence on it but but my dad has told that story for I had no idea. So so yeah, there's also my dad has a bunch of photographs in his office I call it the wall of screaming. And it's all these pictures of its runs looking. It's Mike Shula and it's Lou Holtz, and all these guys just laying into dad. Pete Carroll and and Dad's ignoring them all in the pictures. But my I've always seen the pictures. I knew that the coaches were happy. But Dad hadn't really shared a lot of the details of what they were actually saying and his most heated argument. which was almost televised pin with Dan Hitting Boston college he dead never shows the details of that until I. Sat him down and started writing it down. One last question for you and that is you know they're look during the game people are trying to win jobs on the line and you're going to get called everything. You have to have a thick skin but was there one coach that your dad said you know what it goes beyond trying to win that guy is a dirty evil sob and I'll always hate him well, I mention hitting and and what I learned from dad is is that the overwhelming majority of the times when there was an exchange with the coach? it was a personal and and the and the golden rule. If you throw your fly for personal foul is if it can be, that's the worst blankety blank blank call I've ever seen. That's fine. But your the biggest blankety blank blank sob I've ever seen now you're gonNA get flagged because now it's personal. It's it's just like to the crash Davis Rule Right? He knew the one thing the L. Power. That would get out of the game because came personal and that Dan hitting night it was Boston College at Pitt and it was Thursday night on ESPN and I was actually working espn right out of college and we will see the commercials. We just hear the audio you know see the pictures from the stadium and all throughout the building. So only sporting event going on throughout the building being there's this game. and. I can hear Dan hitting just screaming and cussing, and that was very unusual for him and then I heard my dad. and Jerry Punch was the Ceylon porn he goes hey, guys. He's says up to the booth. I think this is Ryan. He's dad he's flipping out and but it turns out. That Dan hitting was in the middle of a gambling controversy and no one knew it and so like five days later. It was revealed Boston College had a bunch of players that were betting on her own game so Hitting years later was the offensive coordinator, the panthers, and we all live here in Charlotte and My Dad never ran into Dan Grocery store and always wished that he had just to see what would happened. Good stuff we've been speaking with the s Pins Ryan McGee The new book that he's written with his dad longtime, raft, Dr, Jerry McGee and his brother Sam McGee of Ford buyer's Davis to also be Hispanics, called sidelines and bloodlines a father sons in our lives in college football. This sounds like a great read and the love letter to yourselves. It sounds pretty cool. Congratulations Ryan and thanks, Time Today. Hey I appreciate talked to. All right I'm rick it'll come on back. We got X. picks and open lines the rest of the. Attention to anyone that's written a book a wants to write a book. The process is not that complicated. Take a first step. 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All right. Anyway. Dot. com. Let's take a look at some of the Games this week with our I X. X. Forty niners. Were full of complaints after their thirty one thirteen. Three over the New York jets about the field at metlife stadium there in the middle. Lanes. Thing about the meadowlands if you. If, you were take the ACELA train up to. At, had I've done it twice from Philadelphia? The last couple years and You go through Newark and Elizabeth new, Jersey and you. See that big soccer stadium there. You know your eyes are automatically drawn to the skyscrapers Manhattan, right? Well, forty niners are looking down because they're looking at that sticky turf. Alike. and. The NFL said it's fine even though nick. Bosa out for the Saudi Thomas up at the year most her calm unheard Garoppolo hurt in fact. RAPPALO will not start. Nick mullins. Remember gotTa Start Monday night football, and destroyed. The hapless were completely without Hap-. Raiders when he beat them, I still was getting calls. It will send militia play over. Garoppolo. Thinking should I think he should. So. Mullins the guy. He's in his fourth year with the team he has eight starts. Under, his belt. He was third string originally behind Garoppolo and and Beth last year but finished up with thirteen touchdown passes ten interceptions and a passer rating. Of Ninety Point Eight and the last time he played they were foreign twelve team and finished third. In the divisions. That time he has only appeared in two games in a fillon duty and he went eight for eleven. And he also when he came in for Garoppolo on Sunday, he threw an interception. So that all just a grandiose way of me saying, I, think the niners. Will. Still Win that game. Because I think they're gonNA pound it pounded pounded and the giants are Oh into. If you are ever going to pick the giants, this would be the game they're at home the niners. Up they're mad, they're not going to have their starting quarterback they're putting in a scrub. I, still Can't do it. I still think the niners have enough defensively and enough on the ground. BEAT NEW YORK. The Eagles and bengals both. Don't like the way their seasons have looked so far. And the bengals would say look we're onto. That's fine. We have the number one overall pick. At least we're competitive. No we're going out there were grinding. We're not getting skunked and Joe Borough has looked pretty good. You know three touchdown passes just one pick so far. He already has five hundred yards passing in two games. But if you're the eagles. This disaster. Carson wentz healthy and yet he's thrown two touchdowns and four interceptions as they have not won a game yet. At Owen too. So, they have to figure out. What? They WanNa, get going on the ground. Sanders or Scott or Clementi might say who? With these guys you're talking about? Virtually no run game right now. So the thing is the bengals were last against the run last year, the one, hundred, fifty yards a game. But the main. Finger is being pointed Carson Wentz. Struggled multiple picks and consecutive games. First Time he's ever done that. And went said I'M NOT GONNA change anything drastically by any means it's just being smart and will be just fine. I'm confident in myself that I'll be just fine and we'll take care of business. Both teams have big injuries on the offensive line right now. Eagles just lost left tackle Andrew Andre Dillard. For the rest of the season the three time pro bowler. Record Brandon. Brooks out three time. Pro Bowl right tackle lane Jan Johnson start. So. But this'll be the bengals first game on the road. And they lost at home to Cleveland and they lost it. To The chargers, they lost at home to. At Cleveland I should say, so I came outside of Ohio. But. One thing that boroughs that they're looking for right now is going deep. Five Times he's thrown over twenty yards and all five times he has. I don't like them. Win in Philadelphia though said Philadelphia are. Down Right now. I still not enough for me. To pick the bengals go with the Eagles Alan. then. You get a game that at least record. Wise looks pretty good. This is not a glamor game by any stretch the machination, but it's to two OH teams. It's the bills hosting rams. You think about their young quarterbacks there Jared Goff on the season three touchdowns one pick Alan the kid out of the DAKOTAS. Wasn't huge fan of An hate them and just wasn't a huge fan of. Stats right now six touchdown passes zero interceptions seven, hundred, twenty, seven yard. This is the buffalo bills team that has a defense first reputation. As Sean McVeigh said, we got our work cut out for us. You think about it Remember they thought that they could really get the offense going if they traded a first round pick, I digs which I wouldn't have done but you know what? So far I'd be wrong. The Font? Digs. So, far this season as two hundred and thirty nine receiving yards. And a touchdown. That's not too bad. You look at Brown he has over one hundred yards receiving beasley he has over one hundred yards receiving. They are throwing the ball over the place and you look at single terry he gets a carry now and then. He's the leading ball carrier for the bills he has nineteen carries on the year. This McDermott is coming out like McVeigh. They, are thrown the ball everywhere. and. So Now. I shall dismiss the few that that there's some sort of feud with Jalen Ramsey because you might remember a couple years ago. Jalen Ramsey. was asked by some magazine. What about this guy? What? About that? Guy? Every single quarterback and he'd be like blood or yeah. I remember I remember like Derek Carr. He's good. But when I said, what about Josh Allen he said he's trash. So year later, Allen signed a picture and said Hey Ramsey m I still trash and then Ramsey went on twitter and wrote yes. He's kids today. Though, obviously now, that ramseys with the Rams Rams E, of course, he should be. Allen was asked about it and he said quote. So long ago in my opinion and it's really a non factor. was asked about it. He goes you think Ramsey is going to be taunting him. He said I can't speak for him but I would say that's one of the things that I really trust about Jalen is that he's got a great feel for the game and I don't think there's any denying what shop Josh has put on tape. Other words he's just going to watch the game and it'll be a good soldier. He'll get out there. That's a little do. But instead of staying on the east. Coast, after beating the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES THE RAMS did fly back southern California and he said He. Wanted to stay low because of the coronavirus is I can't. You know it's funny. The niners. Where did they go? They went to what West? Virginia. They want to stay in the same time zone but that Such a pain. You might as well flown home. It's I know you're in the same time zone as New Jersey but that seemed a little bit weird. There's no corona here. 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Squatter that twenty eight to three lead Tony Seventeen super. Bowl. And they blew a twenty point lead the cowboys and they give up an onside kick which killed me even though I'm not a fan and they're watching it, watching it and watching it wait ten yards then we can jump on it and like no, you can get it now. Dan Quinn said, we have to recognize the emotion yeah, you're ticked. We have to put it into another space, but it's important to the knowledge why you're so ticked. That's the life of competitor. It's hard but you have to get past mad have to get past frustrated if you're going to have this season you want. Well. I'll tell you what? Even though the bears are to. Oh. Like they've been dazzling the league. They did rally from seventeen down to be. Lions last week one. And then last week that seventeen point lead against the giants and held on seventeen thirteen. So look anyone in the national football league is quote unquote. Beautiful. Improve that. But Matinee. He talked about. bisky improving keeping him in the lineup. Her they gave foles. Money. Trubisky jam pace moved up to get him traded with the niners. Then every bears fan hated him, but he did throw three. Fourth Quarter touchdowns against, Detroit. And showed how sharp That he was. Falcons. Julio Jones with a hamstring injury which did not look good against the cowboys. He's hoping to get on the field. That's the last report. Falcons are the only team. That has four wide receivers at least a hundred yards through two games. They have other weapons. The bears have five sacks and the biggest reason if you think about it is Robert Quinn, he was signed to a seventy million dollar contract hit a strip sack in his debut. What that does is it draws pressure away from. Khalil Mack. Yeah. So it's an interesting game who will prevail. This is why I'm here. Excuse me, I, say the Falcons win that game. One and one teams. The browns will host Washington Football Team W.. W. F. T. Last time Baker Mayfield faced. Duane how well you know it doesn't matter now they're in the pros now back on the stuff dwayne hoskins on the year by the way. You touchdowns no picks, Baker. Mayfield. Three touchdowns two interceptions. All I gotTa do is look at the tape of the niners and how they mauled Mayfield. Because the Washington ferocious front. These game wreckers a lot like what the niners hound last. That's what I do, and that was week five last year. And Mayfield was running for his life on every sack. That to me is probably. What they're going to have to go through there. But the browns they're going to run run run run run run run run two, hundred fifteen yards against the bengals. And the fullback Anti Janna that said. Cut had three hundred and four hundred if we want. Oh. Yeah. Well you do have nick job you do have Kareem Hunt. Those are some weapons for sure. But the browns will be at full strength to. And Washington's rush as their tackled. Food camp. Losing fumbles. Rowing some. Razi Bassett, let's see. But at Cleveland. I'm going to go at the brownies and that one. Be. St Louis. As they say in Richmond, we the steelers. The steelers is hosting the Texans Texans are own and to y'all. Oh and to. What are you GONNA do? like it's just that to me is a easy to pick, but you gotta remember all the weapons at the Texans have at least defensively. Can you call it a defensive weapon? She could. Be Jj Watt T. J. Watt Reunion. And this is the first time they'll get together since ultimate tag or subway commercials. Subway commercial. They play all the time and it's basically that the dad built the subway in the backyard. The. Mom has this really harsh Wisconsin accent. She goes a hated it the whole time they grew up so he built one in the backyard and they hated Hated the whole time they back out and then I. O. They ate it. Eight it all the time growing up. But they went through that way too quickly they hated it. Steelers win patriots host the raiders. Hm. was such a slam dunk that in the old days, I wouldn't even have to say Derek Carr on the season already over five hundred yards, four touchdowns no picks. Am Newton has run for four asked for one. One Pick It's been nearly twenty years since the raiders coach walked out of Foxborough. The win and it was nearly twenty years ago that Jon Gruden was a foxborough on the wrong end of. tuck gate or the Tuck rule. and. A lot of people ask about it and Gruden said, thanks for bringing that up. He did some bowl, the damn ball. Yes he did. Darren Waller. A great tight end. He's going to get used a lot. There's. There's no doubt. I listen I want to pick the raiders but going back to the east coast playing the Patriots.

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