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"martini kenley jansen" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

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"martini kenley jansen" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

"That your sports heroes. Maybe weren't the avengers that you thought they were. Maybe weren't the superheroes that you immortalized. I could tell you. The story of clarence weatherspoon hitting on my girlfriend at a nightclub. Are there any stories you guys have or your athletes became mere mortals. Man i guess. I guess in a weird way i was lucky. Enough to not have those types of interactions. I remember being disappointed. When i heard someone cursed when i was like oh man curses on a love you anymore. Jose can saco yeah. Follow him on twitter. He says lots of bad allusions of grandeur. When you're all eight. You know what i mean like can say getting another shot on the show. We talked about him the production meeting today some gilbert arenas the nba version of. Jose can saco. You guys aren't gonna let me play. None of you guys are gonna play. I'm just taking my ball and burning this thing down. I remember a funny bill. Buckner story that. I had just i dunno. It could have been anywhere from second to sixth grade. I can't really remember but we took a field trip to pittsburgh and river three rivers stadium and they take us to the dugout and were standing there. And we're allowed to kind of you know mill around in the pirates. Play in clubs. And i've got this yellow pirates batting glove and me being me because of always been like this. You put me on the field. I see bill buckner. And larry bowa having a catch. I stroll right up to the two of them and ask them. Hey could you sign my glove. And larry bowa signs in that gupta bill buckner and he looks at me and he looks at the dugout and he sees my entire class of like thirty kids. He goes not signing for all these kids. I think the only one who's unafraid. To come up here. And he was like all right so he signed a glove and gave it to me and him boa went back to having a catch and then a few years later he gave me one of my greatest sports memories of all time as an eighty six mets fan. So thank you man. I told you my memory of that event day was my dad. Passed out the shower to sleep with shower setup twenty-seven musclemen and he was knocking down one by one. All my musclemen action figures. My father had a whole table and he swears to this day. In land in orlando there was one muscle man that is still standing on that desk on that table. Pass down the shower. That's he's asleep over the to. His credit came back to play for the red sox again. I believe after that happened in eighty six buckner should be in the hall of fame. Let's be honest brockman hall of fame as such different ideas hall of fame. I mean you right. You can't tell the story of baseball without can also never struck out three times in a single game lifetime three hundred hitter. Almost three thousand hits bill buckner hall of famer but remembered for one thing. Wow bill buckner had almost three thousand hits. Yes that's impressive. I used to be one of those. Holy grail numbers in baseball. Right i would still is. I think three thousand three thousand hits might still be the last holy grail. Maybe three hundred wins. It's hundred home runs. I mean that's that's everybody. Twenty seven hundred against kenley jansen and the dodgers is. What was that last night. I will say that was ridiculous. It was ridiculous. But i will say kenley jansen kinda got screwed. The dodgers got hoes last night Should have been a called strike. Three on a non a check swing first base. Umpire wasn't having it. Dave roberts immediately tossed and then jansen proceeded to give up a two run single right after that but dodgers got hose but they do have a closer problem. I don't think we can be the closer going forward. I was always having dinner last night and mala buna restaurant that it looked like it had half the real housewives of every tv show up forty five dollar chicken and i heard the scream from the bar and i thought of vendor pumpad dropped martini kenley jansen given up another own run you really ran the game with your with your meal stat. Rock and culver city. Locke's making the rounds. I'm like picking up. I'd the from the numbers went to rocco making my house last night. Oh the dodgers didn't cover who's lying. She's running numbers right now. Notice there's one of us who's not eating this piece in the studio today getting cold to in a row though for kenley so as a real issue going on yeah. That's honestly like baseball. I really feel like is the one sport you have to find the moments of magic things to rally around the game. It's such a grind. It's every day. And for the for the san francisco giants to take three out of four from the dodgers in. La commanding first place. Lead big for the giants. The opposite end of that spectrum was last. Night at fenway park. I'm sure your dad texas you about it. It wasn't a ridiculous game. Suddenly boston can't score any runs against the yankees. All of the sudden about to lose their third straight to the bombers. After winning the first seven to begin the year kiki hernandez has an amazing it. That after alex do go and bobby dall back get on base boom tie game three three miraculous tenth inning win after the yankees score one in the top half just tremendous in those types of things not that the red sox needs turn around by any stretch of imagination. But it's something they've done all years. Come from behind win games and just another one against your rival. Let's propels you and helps bury them. It was awesome last night. What goes in the end of the year highlight tape when you if the red sox win the world series and they make a documentary about the season. You have to have moments like last night to fill out the tape. Yeah so it's only july got action bronson calling in and a little bit about forty minutes or so away from bam lava very much looking forward to that beautiful man olympics begin tonight live from tokyo on. Nbc plus stream the biggest moments from the games right here on peacock get live coverage original series daily highlights replays. And more when you sign up go to peacock. Tv dot com slash olympics get started. South's out to my buddy salima. Masekela going to be covering the surfing over in tokyo before to that and talk olympics next ben lyons rich on the rich eisen show..

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