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"martin newton" Discussed on Jeff Goodman Basketball Podcast

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"martin newton" Discussed on Jeff Goodman Basketball Podcast

"That was interesting that the big tent had three in the top seven you talked about this before. I think it's crazy that Michigan State Kentucky. Who's the third team to I read the news. Yeah. Yeah. Go ahead. Go ahead dude. 115 South Michigan State 119, Kentucky 144. There's only three hundred forty teams eligible right now in the net I just 144 they're behind Sanford. I tweeted Sanford is 143 Sanford's a d is Martin Newton the Son of Sam Newton and Martin by the way, he was the one who convinced Calipari to come to well. He was the one that convinced Mitch Barnhart EAD to hire John Calipari from Memphis. How about that? That is that's like I want to know how Colgate roll up to 17 with a 1 and one I think they played a home at home with our birth. Maze in a sweat with them. How does that work? How could they possibly Army? How could they be Seventeen that one in one? You know that's the thing is is against when they have minimal information the Nets and mess the further again. I mean like thing Ohio state has been the king of the net every every every time is come out right every year for Chris holtmann didn't get in their high this year. You know Drake was 20th. They're undefeated. I thought the two that that surprised me there were a lot lower three, Kansas 27, that's ridiculous. Yeah. This is resume still pretty damn impressive it out, but they lost five hundred to Texas. That doesn't help Creighton 30 shocking Minnesota 43. If you look at their resume, they've got a great resume really well and think about you talked about Drake think about how good they'd be aflame Robinson transferred to Minnesota. He's having a great year. I mean, it'd be worse. Who knows I guess you can log. Never know like chemistry, right who who would want to send foot shot-blocking presence in the pain that scores the ball from the post and the perimeter. Why would you want that a drink? He was really really good yesterday. Now again, that's a matchup words. Perfect for for Liam Robbins against Ohio State because Ohio state has these like big like zaggkeys parenting him. Yeah, no doubt. But with that being said, he got thrown into the fire his first two big ten games Kofi cockburn then he ranted back against Luka Garza. Yeah, not that they pretty he played well against Iowa sixteen. So I'm he's a good player. Maybe you think he'd make Drake but I didn't go on a limb and I think he'd make him better. I think he'd like him better couple more numbers in in the net that might surprise some people, Virginia 45, North Carolina 64, so legitimately right now Rob. Like Duke is the one that baffles me because a lot of people have Duke ranked right now. I don't I haven't had them running for three weeks that that's a product of like sometimes these teams which like the blue blood and they start at like four it takes them like four weeks of losing two thought of the top twenty-five, you know. Virginia when when they lost to San Francisco you should have right and that's awful. That's not how this usually works like you lose. You don't even you fall V spot I care about the like to me it should be based on what has happened. Not once I've done last year or the past decade or two like kenpom I get it. He does predictive a lot of his is predictive. That's what it is. So but.

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