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"martin james degrassi" Discussed on Daily Tech News Show

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"martin james degrassi" Discussed on Daily Tech News Show

"That's wonderful. I was supposed to go there in June but I didn't well, let's check out the mail bag instead. That's Mohan writes in and says I am really loving know a little more. That's Tom's game show that he's he's been doing for some months now. So we're glad to hear that Mohan. He says got me thinking since Mozilla recently laid off 25% of its staff and the Rays of blink powered browsers. I think it makes a good episodes a future episode where browser engines are explained with Trident Edge HTML Presto retired. They're really only three now mozilla's gecko used by Firefox and took a HTML forked webkit used by Safari and gnome web formerly known as Epiphany and webkit Spork blink used by pretty much every other browser Chrome Opera Edge and Vivaldi. Yeah, That's a great one. I actually wrote him back and was like, this is this is a good idea. I'm putting it on the list. I don't know exactly when I'll get around to it. But if you're a patron you already get know a little more whenever there's a new one out on Thursdays. It just goes wrong. To your patreon feed, but if you're not a patron you can get it for free just go to your podcatcher of choice and look for know a little more as we mentioned earlier in the show. We just had one on gig the exact on Ami and maybe five and the borello test and all of that. Yeah, good feedback and speaking of feedback. If you want to send us an email you get an idea. You got something on your mind got a question feedback Daily Tech news show., as where to send that email also shout out to patrons that our master and Grandmaster levels including Martin James Degrassi a Daniels and Dustin Campbell. Shall we check in with Len Peralta who has been drawing the show today Len. What have you drawn for us today? You know and let me just say before I start that last summer. I upgraded my home theater to Dolby Atmos and also HDR 4K and it is it's pretty phenomenal but that's not what I true today this week Sarah Tom and I shared a little moment watching a music TV and it brought back some good old memories of both the eighties and the nineties and this is my little take on that. You know, it's I want my Apple music TV. It's a little drawings a gorilla's inspired and there's also like a little tiny bug in the corner of the song called. It's the eighties all over again with the director being Tim Cook off. So if you want to check this out, you can go to my online store and learn Perl to store.com.

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