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"martin frazier marin" Discussed on Loud Americans Discussing Soccer

Loud Americans Discussing Soccer

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"martin frazier marin" Discussed on Loud Americans Discussing Soccer

"Divorce we hear lads loved or I just got my shipment in last week filled with amazing beers. You know, we like to drink on this show. So to four has our backs that's T A B O U R two four get the beer. You always wanted to try. No, no. No, no. Thing though this. Hey, I'm competit-, and I'm earn Frazier. And we are loud Americans discussing soccer, better known as lad. All right today is February eighth twenty nineteen happy Friday everybody coming to you from south Philadelphia and Charlotte, North Carolina. I'm joined by my ever loving drunkard. And now sick fellow co host Martin Frazier Marin, how the hell are you? You hit the nail on the head Cav. I am sick. And like every single man in the world when ever I get sick. I die part of my body dies. And I am in that death part because I can't breathe I can't talk. So I am in hell, how are you? I hope you're better. I'm good. I'm not sick. But not to get too personal. But to get to personal I've been having this thing lately. Like when I get back from the gym and take a shower seems I get out of the shower. I gotta take a shit, and it's the worst feeling ever. And I'm I'm pretty beat up about it. Because I'm like, you know, I'm clean. I feel good. And then I'm like, I gotta take another shower. Like the other day. I took a shower then that happened. And I was like, oh, I guess I'm just going to hop, right? Back in the shower. God damn it. So I mean, I'm sorry, you're sick. But but that's why you're not drinking for this upset. Right. It is. I'm sorry. I'm letting down the lads nation non times out of ten I would drink through this. But I literally struggled through work all day. And I I. I can't bear the thought of putting beer into my sore throat. So maybe a sig. I've just I'm just saying for Martin at the drink for his first ever completely sober lads episode. I don't know people if you've been listening to the show, but like Martin not drinking like, whoa, it's a new thing. Wow. Watch it easy. Go back to drinking. Yikes. Okay. The one thing to start this episode. We're going to be talking about not days FC asking for the transfer money four Salah, which is kind of a dick move. We're going to be talking about David Beckham getting a statue for Ellie galaxy Al classical recap, and obviously man city going top of the table after we had already declared that Liverpool where the winners of the Premier League with a third of the season left. But before we get into that I feel so rude because on our Wednesday episode, which we record the day before. So I wasn't thinking. But on February six it was the sixty first. I don't I would it be anniversary. I don't know what the right term would be. But the sixty first years since the Munich air disaster, so Martin I know this is Manchester United related, so if you want I don't want to, you know, say anything improper about this horrible incident by what I felt rude. If we didn't bring it up, or at least address it. Yeah. I mean, it's it's a huge historical event for Manchester United, obviously as well as the football community community in general, the cliff notes version of it in nineteen fifty eight Manchester United were in the Champions League playing Red Star Belgrade in Yugoslavia, and they were on the return flight home upon a Elizabeth in plain. I learned just read that I don't know what Elizabeth was his British your European Airways airline. That's that's all. I know. I'm going to trust you for that. And they stopped him unique from Yugoslavia to refuel, the engine, and as they tried to retake off they attempted to times and failed and on the third time they failed and crashed..

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