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129 - Martin Scorsese  Try Anything

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129 - Martin Scorsese Try Anything

"Welcome to the kitchen sisters present six where the kitchen sisters Dave Nelson N.. Nikki Silva before we get started with today's episode. Some radio TOPI news. We've just launched our annual fundraiser. The one time of the year we ask our loyal listeners to support the kitchen sisters present and the network that helps make it possible. This year our goal is to reach thirty five thousand donors and we need your donation. Oh nation to get their donation of any amount will make a big difference. Radio topiary supports independent. podcasts like this one that bring the stories is that you just can't stop thinking about and talking about at the dinner table the stories that stick with you over time think Radio Topa forever and now we're asking you to make your mark on radio topiary. Your monthly donation will help us continue to support the important deep and profound content. You can rely on. 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CBD At twenty percent off head to send Soil Dot Com and save twenty percents off your order by entering code kitchen sisters at checkout that Sun Soil Dot Com Promo Code Kitchen Sisters for twenty percents off your order raging bull taxi driver Goodfellas. Alice doesn't live here anymore. The films of Martin Scorsese are astounding as are his efforts to preserve the history and heritage of American cinema through his groundbreaking film foundation. Martin Artan score says he is a keeper a steward of American and global cinema one of our heroes. The sound mix of raging bull was one of are great. Inspirations and had a big impact on the kind of mixes we thought were possible for a fledgling kitchen sister stories in the soundtracks. The way the man waves music into a stories or doesn't leave it just shocks you with Pierce's with it clubs with his scores is an soundtracks are like new orders and then there are his documentaries his nonfiction films starting with Italian American portrait of his own parents and family the last waltz rolling stones shine a light and his most recent documentary but not quite documentary. Three Bob Dylan's rolling Thunder Revue The San Francisco Film Society invited Mr Scorsese here to honor his nonfiction film. Work and premieres latest feature took the Irishman about the teamster union. Boss Jimmy Hoffa. We were so taken by his own state conversation that we begged the film society to give us a copy the recording. So we can make podcasts of it for you. Were kind enough to say yes today. The kitchen sisters present. Martin Scorsese testing. Hey thank you so much. Thank you that the Castro why you've talked about how formative film was for you and I'm wondering if you could talk a little bit about the nonfiction aspect act of that early documentary films that you saw either in the movie theater on your sixteen inch. RCA television at home. That's interesting because most of the early years that I was viewing films. They took me a movie theater. All the time where narrative films of supposedly supposedly narrative fiction films and the sense of non-fiction sort of slipped in slowly. I think by the late forties early fifties. I I think really something happened again. It's a whole thing about me. Having Asthma Nineteen forty-six I wasn't allowed to play sports or war. Run around or be near animals of any kind and trees and I was allergic to everything no laughing because kids would get into a spasmodic laughter laughter and then turn blue and it was very bad until always taken to the movie theaters. I think the closest thing I could think of that was overlapping a little bit into nonfiction with the film. Wars and this is slightly be misunderstood. Because as the whole thing that goes back to the forties and fifties and early sixties if it's black and white and grainy that means it's real and that comes from newsreels now with the younger people today of course. The perception is Cameron on a iphone. So it's a whole different perception of what reality could be. In any event event we had a television in nineteen forty eight and they were. These Italian film shown once a week on Friday night but Italian American community in New York and and we saw the neorealist films I five or six for me. Look at the film's Grainy Black and white. TV and subtitled ELT. I know who is still cinema but it had another immediacy to adding to that was the fact that the people in the film particularly pies. Aw Cellini found. That begins insisted that my grandparents came to the apartment and watching it when my family and how they were speaking in the film was the way they were speaking speaking. Thank you and I guess that state line that way but ultimately I couldn't really see a difference difference between the two and then of course we became very very aware of the nonfiction film in the fifties particularly films from the WPA. A Leo Hurwitz Parallel Ryan's and all of that so that became something we could see them. A theater in New York called the value in the theater was very small and the screen was tiny and it was a no nonsense every day in the summer. They got double bill every day. They changed it and so many documentaries their first episode Eisenstein film just walked in the middle and so this led to the awareness of this kind of film making when I started taking film courses at Nyu in one thousand nine hundred sixty by that time. There's Penny Baker. There's Lecoq there's the maizels surely Clark and John Kesse these shadows and shadows. And Shirley Clark's a cool world. There was no difference between what what I saw on television. And what I saw and we'll be zoll one and it could be done is. He's so in a sense they're interrelated so much that once I saw shadow's even window it's another world for me culturally. I was very very much Coming from a little Kinda Sicilian village in a way But when I saw shadows I told my friends at night. I said there's no more excuses we can do. It depends on what you have to say. You know so we started doing everything we could even if we didn't have anything to say just but we knew that the pictures could be made and the documentary. Element was there all all the time. Our Teacher The Hague Manooghian. It wasn't school the arts that was a couple of classes it was not like Nyu now but he was only intent. Untung showing US or inspiring us to make documentaries anybody who made narrative films one thousand nine hundred eighty nine sixty. That was out here in the West Coast. There was very little to New York Independent. Were you resistant to that idea. Or because I think you also said that you were more interested in making more stylized narrative films at the time. We're absolutely. Yeah but the thing was that it seemed that how should I put. It should be a film. It shouldn't be a documentary or fiction. Film should be a film. There should be no difference. I mean that is happening now to not really shouldn't be pigeonholed into saying well. The documentary should be this way. And that's nonfiction. And what if it's altogether. What if you could pull from everything and experiment with it? And that was the idea that ultimately became mean streets. Really how do you choose your documentary subjects subjects. How do you decide what is worthy of spending the time and effort? I think the key one was Italian American when I made eighty my mother and father that was nineteen seventy six was the bicentennial maybe doing the PBS series. The storm of strangers was called and they had for each ethnic group a half hour film and they asked me to the Italian when I suggested that instead of doing be traditional or colonel logical obvious. Way of going about explaining the immigration battalions. So why don't we just go to my mother and father's apartment on Elizabeth Street. We'll have dinner okay but like really. You're sitting down there okay. Why why are you down there? What he wants from me? We got in there her myself from the kitchen memoir you and Martic and I started shooting my doing so far. It's about to ask a question but I saw that. My mother took over the scene. You what should I say you know. You want me to tell you how how how learn how to make. Why don't ask me the question? Don't you hear that. Then I mean if you would ask me a question I would answer GonNa. I'm GONNA save now. I WANNA know how you learn how to make sauce. We'll talk to you. How long I mean how many two years I'm going to use it and doing it and I want to see you do it? Well you know. My father was greg resistant. And she started arguing with him can mean Charlie Book. The way you're talking to we know that's what I mean. I'm an actress. I'm not putting on any as you want to fight or something. Talk Talk to me when you talk to your son. My mother and father by that point it was that they were never went to school. There were working in the garment district but kit started make these movies. They thought I was completely crazy but they participated data because their son is doing and I know I wanted to start you. You're going to tell us about the sauce. You'RE GONNA show us how to do the source. By the time I finished. which was the next day three hours three hours? The next eating with them at the table by that time I realized that they had a whole life before me. Wow I didn't realize what really like in the tenements in nineteen twenty two. You know I remember as a little boy we used to have Wallis. I mean people loved us. We see the kitchen. He used to be a bedroom. These to pay. Oh yeah mom cook for them wash. Their clothes needs to pay how many people on the rooms. It was two bores me my father this rosy Mo- Mikey Joey Faye seven and two was night forearms over more on. You got no furniture at bed. Time you pick them up when you had the room and time before them down and then you want to sleep all the questions we had didn't really matter anymore. They just took off and went and went and went onto Kellyanne. Yeah I was right. What were you about? My father's smashed a great thing but no they can't your mesh once. Oh my God. Yeah father didn't have. The machine by father had jokes. You know hit body. We'll come work exactly beside scaffolding apple. Being what kind of things happen was it was a lot of things you know. Another time. He came home. He hurt his then. He was out of work so long. And you know in the master of the House within market. It was hard on us. My mother used to paint to keep the family going. My mother was a very fine Hanso. The older people will remember when I mentioned his name. My mother made pants for Daddy Browning a millionaire. He married young girl. Her name was peaches right. This is I'm serious and my mother was such a fine so whatever and he used to go here on our ninth street to have his clothes made and they used to give the pants to my mother because her celine was beautiful. My mother used to take the call. Listen to me. My mother used to finish the pan. Hold up night. Then I began to realize as much fascinated by for leniency hopefuls. Kubrick Eisenstein all of the editing when a person person is in the frame directly talking to you or directly to the camera. That's the movie that then affected everything I did in the fiction films too including the film. The Irishman I know that if the actor hold it and if it's interesting enough you stay on them. We'll be right back. The kitchen sisters present is sponsored by better help better help offers. Licensed professional counselors who are specialized in issues such as depression stress anxiety anger family conflicts. LGBT matters and more connect with your professional counselor in a safe safe and private online environment. Anything you share is confidential and it's convenient you can now get help at your own time and at your own pace you can schedule secure cure video or phone sessions plus chat and text with your therapist kitchen sisters present listeners. Get Ten percent off your first month with Discount Code Kitchen in sisters so why not get started today go to better help dot com slash kitchen sisters simply fill out a questionnaire to help them. Assess your needs and get matched with a counselor slur. He'll love better help dot com slash kitchen. Sisters I then. I started making documentaries for every film I made like a companion thing than taxi. Driver was a film made. Call American boy on a friend of mine. Steve Prince New York New York. The work was Last Waltz by that point the music of course music was something that again. The family wasn't in the habit of reading and everything was visual but there was music all the time all kinds of music opera but primarily jazz and swing and popular music but probably the most important music I remember was Jangle Reinhardt. And the hot club of France and I had Antonio was five years old. I don't know what that sound was but I played those seventy eight thousand Stephan Berg Pelley. The I didn't know what it was. But that impulse music always creates for me the impulse to shoot. Oh to compose and design a scene. Always music was just a major part of my life. It's always influenced Irish minutes minutes five seconds in the still of the night at the movie soon as I read the book as that's it it's the saw it's like it can mean streets be my baby. It's the Rhonette it's Phil Spector's wall sound. Music has always been the great inspiration. Something was turned. Eventually I did something for nothing but the blues with the Eric Clapton upped. And there's about twenty years ago I was cutting to some of the Great Blues Musicians Muddy waters and Sonny Boy Williamson. That's what I thank and Eric Clapton felt that was really a problem. Because he says I can't be equal to them but at that point I I understand what he means that people say. Oh your master master is I've seen all the pictures so I understood them what he meant so we decided to go ahead and do something on the blues and make a the whole series on the blues. That's the whole thing. Started with making be documentaries or films on music the next then we're doing gangs in New York and my a friend Jaycox Bro Jeff Rosen. Who is the archivist? I think. Producer for Bob Dylan. Jeff said to me I have this footage edge some of the interviews. I've done we wonder if you look at it. If you think you could do something with it so I looked about an hour of footage including a lot of beautiful interviews of Allen Ginsberg Bergen and so all these wonderful characters and the whole idea that any had this you see jeff had done an interview with Dylan for about four or five days. I saw that interview. I was intrigued by where it could go particularly by the look in his eyes and that took about four four years or three or four years that bolt together no direction home no direction. I wish point than a Libya Harrison came into the picture and she loved that film a lot and then she proposed me doing something with George Harrison. I really love George. Harrison's music and and I was fascinated by how Harrison having everything seemingly to me aside and went for the spiritual matters. I thought that was really fascinating especially at the time when someone who's being ridiculed as well. Yeah the hell would do it you know. Where's IT GONNA take us and at became Living in the material world right around the same time Jefferson came back and showed me some footage from the rolling thunder tour. And you said You'd think you'd do something with this. I sent her. I sorta Kinda beaten up everything but I saw this performance that was really fantastic and they had hundreds of hours of film but I WANNA do. I couldn't care about a conventional documentary on a tour. So what the hell is it about that. I mean it's one thousand nine hundred seventy six the bicentennial the sixties rover Tailwind. Maybe this is the last of its kind. The Committee Adele are going through the going through America. You're helping America's saying there's a and an idea. I think what we're talking about interviewing people as we can into as a people but then Jeff said he was talking to Dylan Dylan. So what if you weren't there. I said Yeah Okay now. That was a challenge. All right Oh yeah like what. If we get like the two manager Jour- and he represents goal to represents all the businessmen Jim Jim Jim nobelists ahead of paramount pictures and he was great. What what did you say to those people about what you were asking them? You Know I. I don't know I don't really know I said in a way as Jim come on. You're like whenever you speak your very Mediterranean of different things. You can talk in a certain way money embarrassment. I didn't make money. What's the matter with them? It didn't make money right exactly and so we went. We took that attack but the best was the best. Was that Dylan suggested Sharon stall sharing right. I work with Sean on on Casino. Sharon I said. Check Dan this so we made up the story now. The point is it says conjuring the rolling thunder to. What do you want to watch something? That's great so why don't we get a spirit of a circus atmosphere. It was a feeling of being alive. We didn't they have enough masks on tour betsy. How bad if you come on the road with us? He hasn't done an interview in twenty years. Joan Baez and necas together in a sleep. Take a lot of people talk about combining things that are true in untrue to reach a sort of breeder truth with that at all part of the idea of this or was it just about being could be clear actually but I a I don't think so I don't think so I gotta say for me always because of listening to music and then seen people perform the truth is for me in the music it is in the music and you could say or do anything you want even describe it you could say this means this that doesn't it it's I think something could be written one way but it can mean something else entirely to you at the age of twenty one at the age of forty means something different and so what's that elusive major art you know he's like that's why it's the joker with the mask asking a sense the waving the idea of a masks and parole Liz hundred parodied a d John. We'll be there but that white face. A real feeling of a traveling committed alert which was very joyce I do remember in Laurie. Site in one thousand nine hundred fifty. I remember hearing a guy playing guitar. Somebody singing we look out the window and they were still traveling strolling musicians and my grandmother throw money down and that's New York it's just wonderful all to Experience with that and so for me. I don't know about a great truth. I just went to the heart of the music and so I'm just wondering wondering if this country at hassle approach help you get at something with him because he's hard to pin down. I mean wiping them down. First of all as the A why. Why do you want to know we listen to music go with it? You know something. He did forty years. AGO is still here. Still hearing your heart too so go with that. Want to know just experience. Abbas the idea and I have masks expand the masks for something. He did those masks and then he says in the interview. They weren't enough masks. We have written some stuff into say just to get him started. And Jeff is very good at these interviews and you see what happens there because one point. He's talking he's talking about the rolling thunder things started and he goes this all and it got so let's use them also opens it up to a kind of improper Tori intuitive intuitive way of moving with with this structure of the piece Mike a piece of music rather than a narrative structure does say something interesting towards the end. We said what's left of it. Nothing ashes and really you know. And I mean he's basically all those factors that create seventies at that point will never happen again and that is ashes thanked honest but from the ashes. It's like the Phoenix of rises again. And we found footage of that beautiful speech Ginsburg. It's wonderful full addiction. The end go out and make it for your with knock on his door really as younger people see this. I hope that's just what he says. They are flashes. Bits and pieces. You saw it all or saw flashes and fragments take from US some example trying to get yourselves together. Clean up your Iraq find your community pick up on some kind of redemption of your own consciousness. Become more mindful of your own friends. Your own work your own proper meditation your own proper art your own beauty go out and make it for your own terminal. You haven't great tress stress in your audience that you're GonNa get what's going on risk. I didn't know if they were going to know what's going on and honestly people will get mad at some time but you gotta let people know something I mean. Come on what did we do the country and then David came up again putting the as the beginning the disappearing woman. Hey something's off it's the truth wrapped in. ooh That's the idea Martin Scorsese try. Anything thanks to the San Francisco Film Home Society to Rachel Rosen director of programming and most of all to Martin Scorsese Film Master Film Keeper. You've you've been listening to the kitchen sisters present produced by the kitchen sisters with Nathan Dalton and Brandy how the kitchen sisters present is part of radio. Tovia appear from P. R. X. A curated network of extraordinary cutting edge podcast created by independent producers. You can find kitchen kitchen sisters on twitter facebook instagram and you can check out all of our stories and workshops. Public events are t-shirt and more at kitchen sisters dot org thanks for listening before we go one. More reminder that we've just launched our annual Radio Radio Topi a fundraiser. And we really hope you'll show your support for the kitchen sisters present and the network that makes this show possible Radio Topa you can and donate at any level to help us reach our goal of thirty five thousand donors just go to radio topiary dot. FM to learn more and donate right now to make your mark that's Radio Topa Dot f. m.. Thanks for listening talk radio.

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Caught Offside: Bale Out


1:18:28 hr | 2 years ago

Caught Offside: Bale Out

"Caught offside with ED re gumming and J. J. D. Benny caught offside from the upper west side of Manhattan and Gulling and J. J. Davani what's up <music> Andrew. How're you doing very well? I have a question. Are you a fan of the net flicks vehicle last chance you I have not seen it. Oh I'm aware of it but I haven't seen you. You need to dig in okay this is this is some of the best TV I have ever watched and I'm wondering why it's never been done in soccer like it's been done short-form like an hour documentary but this is eight parts season four of last chance you is it parts an hour long each and it's just so good. It is unbelievable anchor. I'm in China. I'm not really selling it and I'm not talking a first team you ventas which is just like propaganda Gulf like terrible. I'm not even talking Amazon prime's aren't we grit Manchester City or whatever it was called <hes> which was actually had some interesting insights but still was largely propaganda. This ace is so good. This is raw. It's gritty I think we I think it should be done in in podcast form like this. This could be my. I have to put on a brilliant show today or on out. This is my last chance wow last chance pod. Yeah you begun you begun in the first speaking of shows that I think the other one of us might enjoy <hes> have you heard of the show years and years yes. Peter Rosenberg won't South talking about so he finally yeah he I finally started watt and and I really do like it. It's where I would say. It's where this is us and all and Black Mirror meat while I want this is us and lack moorer to meet at a cliff and for Black Mirror to push. This is all off the cliff I if if I say this is us because it follows kind of a semi quirky family through feelings and emotions and fires rule agencies roof day care where history is headed kind of okay it's interesting and you are somebody who likes history. I and I think you might be intrigued by like the way the show has done John. What's intriguing what this podcast lot to get to <hes>? We're GONNA talk with Dermott Corrigan in just a couple of minutes. He is our guy who is based in Spain who covers SALITA. Who's been on this podcast? Many many times <hes> always has good insight and we need to know what's happening with Gareth Bale because the situation has been ongoing and it's only seemingly getting weirder and weirder <hes> so he obviously covers the stuff professionally so we're going to get his take on all of it. Also we're GONNA get into this was a really really interesting weekend in the League <hes> a lot to talk about their what a game between the galaxy and L. A._F._C. to start things off on Friday night and things only got better seemingly after that <hes> <hes> big mail bag big what to watch for you. Were talking up your red card before the show as if the Mikes were already rolling so I'm excited about what that will be. It came to me in the early hours of this morning. It's very organic red card. It's my most organic red card hard since I freaked out at the guy over Panama taking the U._S. as place in the World Cup. Hopefully it's better than your Maldini one. You hated that it was so poor and so lazy also actually we have a five stars five years on this podcast to which I think people will enjoy Oh. It's a classic yeah. It might be the best thing we've ever done. High production value a lot of thought and effort. I still think the rap battle is the best thing we've ever done. I think I prefer this all from your feted mind so yes stay tuned for that at the end of the Pod as well but let's start now J._J.. With what I guess feels like the top story of the day and that's probably been the case for the past couple of days and that is the unfolding drama between Gareth Bale and Zindedine Sadan an and Real Madrid as a whole <hes> at this moment his status for where he'll be playing the season seems completely and utterly up in the air and it's just such a to me at least you can tell me if I'm wrong and feeling this way <hes> to me. It's still such a huge domino that we're waiting to fall and I feel like there's some people who are maybe moving off of that opinion of bail because his name is being dragged through the mud. He's coming off of the season where he dealt with injuries. He's where his his spot on. The team around. Madrid was never really guaranteed but I'm sorry I can't help but look at this guy's pedigree his age he still thirty so he still has. I'd say what three years three solid years left of his prime <hes>. I don't know I I view him. As a guy who could go to almost any of the top clubs in the world and make them an immediate contender to you for for certainly for whatever they're going to do domestically in their league and maybe for a Champions League as well. I think a lack of consistent starting time at Real Madrid over last couple of seasons on the injuries have denuded that view. I honestly don't know is he not playing for them consistently because of his injuries or because he's just not as good players what I believe he is in my head. Some of it might be systems as well. Some of it might be trying to fit. I mean certainly a lot of it was the glare from Renaldo trying to get Renaldo him bail in sync. I I don't know Andrew. He's being a bit of an afterthought talk. Let's be honest even in the shop even the champions think of contextualized this for a second even in the champion's league final where he scores one of the Great Champions League final goals of all time like he's not a starter came on as a sub and scored twice right yeah. That's just my point on you could be right he could be still at the peak of his powers but I don't know that because we're not seeing him and he's being also the noise surrounding Real Madrid bowed him is is casting him as this remember him kind of rolled and there are also I mean it'd be interesting to ask derm at this question. Who else is interested? Like who are we hearing up to this point. We're only hearing China which just feels row unrealistic to me. I can't see that as a legitimate ops rob stolen tweeted yesterday in as he is wont to do with his controversial and he he just tweeted that M._l._S. top should be getting their pitches ready for bail. I that would feel wrong wrong to how much of a pay cut is Gareth Bale really going to be willing to take for that to even be on the table because see what you want to have. He'd have to end up on Michael Bradley morning to six million a year but it's a far cry from seventeen. It's it's a lot he's not going to want to eat that. That's the only reason why M._l._S. like. I respect Rob Stone. He's great but that's just that's crazy. Talk to me like that. Is that is really crazy. Talk because say what you want about playing in China. The you know the one thing they'll do who is pay these guys legitimate money to get them to go there. M._l._S. I feel like oftentimes doesn't doesn't feel like they need to adhere to that because what M._l._S. cells to stars in Europe is come live the American lifestyle so they feel like they don't need to overcompensate necessarily. Maybe that's arrogant but I think it has worked on lowering certain players over there to come live in America. <hes> China doesn't do that. They they lure you with money so M._l._S. is not going to go to that. What kind of length to get him? Can I go back to your previous point about is he still appeared Cookham into a team and just do the things that carpet as don and maybe be a huge threat in the team and transformed the site. We've seen cameos that would suggest he can still do that. You know we shouldn't I shouldn't just blindly say his powers are denuded like I said he is not what he was. I remember the the nation's League game and you can say okay. It's the Republic of Ireland but I remember him just burning players and combing in on his left foot and whacking packing it into the top corner the things that we associate with our bit. I just want to test the theory at a top team. China probably is being talked about for the simple reason is that China can pay. That's I really think that can be can be the only read I doubt <unk> out. I would very much doubt Gareth. Bale wants to see I the last really good years of his career in China notice respect to China. It's just interesting because his entire time at Real Madrid is is like this big mind f- to me that like he's almost been treated as some sort of like glorified role player while he's been there because it's always been regardless of how much money Florentino Perez signed him for this has always been Aldo's team and rightfully so Rinaldo so is way better player but like like you just said he's had the you just use the word cameo like that's how we view him at Real Madrid like he's just some cameo figure but I I went on the B._B._c. because I was kind of testing that idea my mind is that really all he is or is he more meaningful than that. Honestly even I who loved bail was surprised by what the BBC had. They had a hold. Our whole article basically saying like this guy is better than you remember him being at Real Madrid. Here's some of what they they say he's played two hundred and thirty one games for them which felt like a big number and in those two hundred thirty one games he scored one hundred and two goals and added sixty five assists to that his minutes per goal rate was better than Rowell's at Real Madrid Raoul <hes> Sadan and bail both played roughly the same number of games for the club and yet bale scored more than double the number of goals that Zindedine scored right and there assist tally was virtually identity <hes> and then like we've talked about by the way they've won fourteen trophies since bail has arrived at Real Madrid he scored in two Champions League finals including <hes> an extra time winner against Athletico Madrid and like you said one of the Great Champions League final goals of all time he also has an incredible winner in a Copa Del Rey L. classical against Barcelona was an incredible like he leaves if he does leave he leaves behind a legacy that I think is way brighter than whatever people are going to give him credit for. I don't know maybe I view him in some biased light because I can't I just can't erase from my mind. The things that I saw him do a tottenham but I feel like the numbers back up the fact that he's been a really good player for Madrid and I really good is putting a little bit lightly. I don't maybe maybe his price tag was just always too high and he was never going to fully be able to live up to that. I know that like there's going to be Real Madrid fans who tweet me and say that you're just not watching enough. You don't see the times when he fails. I'm not saying he's been a perfect player for them. But I guess I'm just surprised fries with this like I mentioned at the top of the show this like dragging through the mud process that has gone on <hes> between really bales agent and the club the only thing I would say about the bill versus Renaldo comparisons in terms of them as players which are really helpful in this argument right now but they're fun to look at Zam was twenty eight or twenty nine when he signed for Real Madrid whereas bail gave Real Madrid that picquier the center years of his career. I think his work were point and that is fair to <hes> last bit on this. I did want to mention something about China before we get to Dermott <hes> and Graham Hunter like this back and forth on whether or not he should go to China you and I are both kind of united and saying he should not know Graham Hunter as well <hes> I saw he was quoted in skysports for saying he should be playing in an elite football club and should be doing so in order to sticks and beans Don's words back down his throat. He has been an extraordinary British export. That's from Graham Hunter who is a very very balanced man and uh I that would be his genuine belief. This would not be Brit patriotism either it would be his genuine feeling on the case it is true where if bail goes to China it is kind of like Sanza. Dan Wins like bail will recede into the dark recesses of our mind. He'll be forgotten yeah. I mean we'd be talking about him. Whatever happened to Solomon Ron Don O. and Gareth Bale Right? I'll tell you what let's let's continue this now with our man in Spain Dermot Mkx Oregon of course covers Spain and League Free S._p._N._F._Z. and he joins us now Dermot. What's up man how you been? Hey pretty good. What are you good ball in a way here roasted in the Hispanic Stone Buddha where we're going to talk about keeping interested? Yes yes yeah seriously I guess let's start with what Gaozhai talking about an entire kind of bizarre Gareth Bale situation that we feel like we need some like greater perspective on first off. I guess with regards to sedan. Why is risky so hell bent at least how it seems to us? Why is he so hell bent on seeing they'll go yeah? It is an excuse me it isn't it's been trying to kind of work through it myself and it looks like Jon has has kinda take. I can personally against bills that he's decided that he just just needs to get to get out of there and I don't think they they've had a big falling out or anything. It's not that they you know they're not really talking to each other but over the way things have developed over the last couple of years where I wasn't sure daily into the team and he he was even in my playing go inside as an extra midfield or didn't didn't take to that so well and and then there was you know probably would have happened last summer. If if Saddam had resigned at the end of last summer something similar might have happened you know combined and said he was thinking of leaving and now just the relationship between the two of them has just broken down so they're kind of <hes> their their big egos too big personalities and to kind of quite enough guys as well not not not guys who from the rooftops a lot but they don't like each other and it's pretty clear yeah Dermott. It's all I've been curious about this sense. He moved there. You know we hear stories over here about you know the golf and how this is such a front to the Real Madrid fans cowart bail plays golf so much and maybe that he hasn't learned allying with so much that he's a bit removed from the players. is any of that factoring into decision I. I don't think that's an cares too much. What what they'll does on it? It's time wants to play golf. I I don't think that would would care about that or or really whether he speaks you're not it's not going to be huge. Thing is it on I think that language issue maybe thing between them just in that you know neither speaks the language and you know Saddam. Spanish is pretty. Are you good but even last night he was kind of apologizing if he'd been misunderstood for not being in Spanish and Bill Spanish would be. I think it's better than maybe people make especially depending SUPERMAC. I put still so they they've never really been able to to connect to well and there's maybe against runs against bill that he doesn't have anybody fighting his case. Really I burn obey because you know other players are favorite. I guess maybe last season and he he would have a big constituency of of pundits. It's a former players of and media people former managers everybody around it around in Madrid who would stick from whereas because of the type of guy he is. He's a quiet guy he. He's not that open person he's not really into networking or are making context sex that type of thing around Madrid he hasn't bothered with without any of that which is fair enough. It's just the type of of character that he is and if he was playing regularly and scoring two goals I it wouldn't matter but because of having gone because of the injuries because they said Saddam. Maybe tactically sided that you didn't need them in the team. Nobody is fighting back against that and Bailey's pretty isolated at the moment. which is you know Johnson Barna who has been talking to E._S._p._N.? N._F._C. putting fail side of the argument maybe across whereas they'll say stays quiet behind a allies agent to do the talking for him but there's nobody insane who's WHO's really pushing bads case and that has kind of get what about among his teammates like you mentioned the pundits maybe fans but do any of his teammates have his back. I Yeah I think he gets on okay. You know there's the stories about 'em you know search around US organizing the tonight ice and being one of the few pairs reading going on to that excuse me but I don't think they hold it against him I e he is you know as as I said he's a quiet guy. He's he's not. He's not licensor to the party but he he's sorry he is respected. You know he gets home. We look marriage is very good. There was talk that he'd been helping eating house are set Linda because you know obviously they. They spoke English together that he'd been there. I know that that he meant Tony Cruz. Speak English together. Get on pretty well you know he he's not moderate as fully settled into the to the dressing room toxin Spanish vanished so everybody deal is not reached that level but I don't think he's just likes are open to now anyway. I've not seen signs of being actually disliked by saying so. Let's imagine this scenario Dermott that nothing happens. He's he's not moved on and he remains at the club he wants to see out. I suppose get paid C._O.. Dot Contracts Dan I mean does the Dan frees him out. Does he end up paying and in in our training with the team does he ended up on the beach. How do you see this play now it should he should he ended up staying yeah? It's it's you know. I don't think anybody wants wants that O- off of people involved who I'd include co-presidents as a really big player in this. Nobody wants to see that in a way it does come down as much as it's about a world between the Dan and garbade over what happened. There's also the whales going on as I see it. Between the Donna. I'm Dr Perez because Frontino has always supported built he's been seeing or what would he always but as often supported value's seen as a big guarantee you know signing as somebody who aren't you know put a lot of faith and I support a lot within the power structure at the Varna barrel deny taking taking that on thinks it feels feels empowered power by the way in which he came back and during his first ballots coach John was very we used to say a lot you know I'm just a CO chair. You know you'd have to take with the president would be his answer to a lot of transfer type questions whereas now he's been much much more open. You know I want to get has I want to get if I can and so that that's that's a big factor in what's going on at the moment whether they will be happy to just sit in the stands and take his you know seventeen million euros aftertax exit a year. I don't know I don't think so that's not the impression I would have from down under a very serious professional competitive type guy so maybe maybe they're all trying to hardball each other. Maybe they'll be esa you should do the other thing is that coaches don't often that long at Madrid and Saddam did very well in his first style but you know if they don't win anything next season. He'll come under pressure again so maybe try to play a long term game and difficult when at the moment that could happen Eh Dermott the bail side of this perspective that I'm really interested in because it clearly seems manager doesn't want him to questions about whether or not you know the Foreign Perez we just talked about his teammates and whether or not he's fully integrated there. It just doesn't feel like it's it's a place where he would want to be yet. He seems so steadfast in wanting to continue to play for Real Madrid is that for financial reasons or is there more than that I think part of it is that there's there's not so many options Fordham maybe might just united had pushed really hard and said you know will match wages that that you're getting out Madrid or buyer Munich or some other of Europeans Europe's biggest teams have made a really interesting offer. Maybe you you would situation would be different at the moment but our information at e._S._p._N.. N._F._C. that known if they are being clubs have even made a serious inquiry about bail that they're put off by by his wages by his injury record as well by the fact activity turned thirty earlier this year the you know the idea of going to China has been floated as a country would be able to pay maybe match the way that he has looks to me as if he's not interested in that one if you had to choose between Wean hypothetically speaking between a return to one of the primarily biggest copes that Madrid when you know it'd be a serious and vision for him to make what if it's choosing between fighting to try and get back into the situation at Madrid and going to China then at the moment you know you can be proven wrong but at the moment it looks like you will say and try and find his way back in Madrid last one on bail for you dermot I it's just interesting to me because Madrid of experienced so much success since bail arrived. I don't know if some of that is down to coincidence but a lot of that has certainly certainly been his doing. He scored a lot of big goals at that clubs so I just wonder sometimes. Why does it feel like he's just never been truly accepted as like a true Real Madrid player John that you know you're looking in his first year air? He had that the amazing goal in the final against and Barcelona I so to basically win that goes and Champions League final one of the best goals ever in it in a Champions League scoring Costco's. It's got a couple of crackers at award necesssary. Remember from twenty five yards to to get a draw in the league as well you know being in another shadow is difficult for anybody and both both physically on the page we saw sometimes Renata wasn't happy when Bailey didn't costumes costumes going back two years ago also off the page just am having to deal with that and you know where the P._R.. Resources go or where who gets you know which opportunities to to shine group against or not you know anybody's going to lose that I'd also just in this area by those personality of not really being that open a guy or not a guy who goes out of his way to to network into to make that type of of links and and that that nobody at the Kobe fighting hit fighting his corner. It's so firm and I think he understands that you kind of frustrated. You know there's there's been a lot of social media links going around where comparing bales goals and assists the draw one by playing for Madrid to choose it on bail court more goes one more trophies and but you haven't got the recognition that that he deserves from that I I think it's fair to say and you know that you have to it sounded like it's not GonNa Change. He's not gonNA be become a darling of unveil at all at this stage Dermot final one for me and it's not on bail. You'll be glad to hear a sole novel Fakhir Joins Rail Bettas for what seemed like a cut price steal so just because Andrew here is a spurs supporter that means right that Giovanni Lasalle so is on his way to north London correct it looks like it and yet the couple of things as far as as far as you would have to fall into place but <hes> could happen very soon. I'm also the next one player and a bit of that is myself so watch out of their games last year and technically excellent personality took took a leadership role in the team. Even though he's young he's He's twenty two. I think maybe twenty three and and was on loan scored. Some big goes a big role in the pettus waiting at the end the burn about last year and this guy who think think wh fit pretty well into the the Tottenham System as well he he works hard even though he's just go guy and he's not the most physically imposing he works hard cafaro tactical instructions as well even played as a nine for a while last year because that has had no other option didn't complain bye bye got Noko Diane and I'm took kicked that Conway which saying as a centre forward a lot of you know. He's not a big guy so if I was his first on I'd be super happy about that. I you know somebody leaning towards Madison excited about SPEC air coming in as well because he looks at super potentially super signing assuming he's got over his injury he could be another kind of another jam forgot. It's to Polish I maybe selling onto a bigger richer beginning for on time well. That all sounds very good. They're Nice. Thank doc you. Everybody thanks Dermott. This was great. Man always enjoyed catching up with you. I'm sure we'll be in touch as the summer rolls on thanks so much take care our thanks to Dermott got to say I kinda liked hearing some of what he was saying. There are about La- Celso also yeah <hes> I remember so mail by glass season where we were talking about what Barcelona do and how you can stop them and I looked at the bettys Barcelona game where bet is one three two. I think it was on Lonzo was just list of standing in that game. I will be excited if I was yeah. I loved you know what I loved. Most shows were pro football men when he said he gets stuck in. He's happy to play in any rule under something so endearing about players like that you're on. I'm not comparing comparing the sessile skill set and James Miller's but guys who will plug in in different positions than do rules they are. They're there will always be a place for you. Yes they are instantly likable. Yeah <hes> it is interesting the summer Taunton we're having right now because <hes> you know if they do walk away with ballet and the Celso than it means Pocchettino is going to end this summer getting his top two targets that he wanted when the summer began and almost just as importantly heaping Christian Ericsson Ericsson there has been he wanted to go to Real Madrid they weren't interested and there hasn't been any interest from anyone else and then by the same token. I read stories today that toby all Durrell now sounds like whether he's happy about it or not I don't know but he sounds resigned to the fact that he'll be a member of Tottenham again for the season for the upcoming season so they're not. They're not losing anyone. I know they lost trippy but they can. I think they can live with that. I'm appreciative of what he did for the club while he was there but they can. They can afford to have lost him died don't. I think Danny rose is going to go anywhere and <hes> so I'm well. He may end of consumer but right now he isn't going and right. fullback ultimately will be their question mark but I don't know I feel like they're having a summer again. This all needs to happen and there is still time left in the window for guys to to leave <hes> but it all looks pretty good right now. Hot is the Hotel California of the Premier League. You can check in anytime Andrew but you may never leave and by the way we don't talk much about the International Champions Cup but what about what about this from the other day next the hold up Playa CONC- and being a community hey these towns Harry Kane this to this total. It's extraordinarily there are not many moments that will actually help me like stand up l.. During a what is essentially they can call it whatever they want. It's a preseason friendly but that actually did it for that was awesome from right the center circle and what was funny about it was it was so unexpected that it caught the commentators in amid natter. There was just having a conversation you know what you WANNA do. is you want to boil the spuds raw and then you WANNA put them. Oh yeah it was it was a pretty cool moment. <hes> let's move on now or thanks again Dermott for <hes> for joining us. We'll keep an eye on this bail thing because like I said I think it's still a big. I was welcome. When I said about La- says although as well I I was saying Oh we won't plus one equals to defect years in so he's there apparently the by the actually real quick you mentioned Faquir what what happened to his price tag plummet why well from what we heard last season and again? I don't actually being valued at fifty million summer yeah Liverpool. He's been the the the love interest of Liverpool fans for so long announce Faquir night <hes> but from what we heard there was a problem with the knee surgery that he had on that Liverpool were Ooh and they ask for a reduced price price for him and Leon were now now when when is it primarily club getting a reduced price right reply for so but obviously Liana resigned themselves to the fact unless this is bonus and incentivized and it may well be this contract or this deal <hes> decided. They've decided they have to get rid no while they can. I guess I was I mean I saw that number of yeah. <hes> yeah <hes> so there you go. Let's <hes> let's bring it back now across the Atlantic Ocean back to M._l._S. Jayjay it's was this was a pretty riveting weekend end. It started off so brightly with the A._F._C.. Yeah that was awesome. What a great game? <hes> we can get into the game anyway you want but I figured the Best Avenue in. Is this whole Fella Verse Lautan. I I wonder if lots on ever pictured a moment like when he was scoring goals a P._s.. G or wherever is like there's going to be a day when everyone's wondering if I'm better than Carlos there's an ex arsenal. There's an arsenal reject. You'RE GONNA have to compare yourself yeah <hes> just <hes> I know there's obviously so much more to it than this but just so people have like the base knowledge here. Valla has twenty one goals and twelve assists in twenty games this season Zlatan has sixteen goals and three assists in sixteen games this season look if if if all things things are equal and I'm building a team and you're asking me am I taking twenty nine year old assist machine Carlos via over one dimensional in terms of the way you have to play to him Zoltan then. I'm going to go with their butts. Latin is a force of Nature Church. He is a brilliant player that let's be honest. I like Jonathan to Santos and that's it like that L._A.. Galaxy team is buying average like it's less than buying average in my view and ten or twelve point they are super one dimensional but when you're dimension is Latin Ibrahimovic it just opens up everything else. Now I will give credit to the League Alexey Midfield unsorted Jodi Bob Bradley depressed. They never gave the A._F._C. Midfield a chance to settle and get the ball to via via had come deep together and when he turned he had so much of the pitch in front of him he couldn't be impactful. You still got two goals mind you it's worth noting <hes> but at the same time you know side-on just brings this this unbelievable dimension. He bullies defenders like N._F._C.. Were ruining scared it was I'm not gonNA use the word cowardly that's not right but they were so scared of them. <hes> so scared to the point where all basics of defending were forgotten that first goal is an amazing goal. It is a brilliant goal but it's also huge defensive breakdown. You have the full back and the other centreback running does Latin to double team and because they're are afraid and he flicks it over their head and suddenly there's this wide gap walker. Zimmerman is in nowhere land hasn't read it expects them to deal with that and the next thing is in the back of the net. You should watch Walker Zimmerman's reactions to the goal going in yeah part of me though commiserate with him in his life expectancy that they'll handle this right yeah. They did not know they really didn't I- diving in Latin. If you're a thirty year olds Latin were and he was about thirty yards from goal in that point you're thirty eight year olds at thirty eight yard thirty yards from goal. Don't you don't need to die vein. Just keep your shape. Let them have it. He's got to go along. He's not going to beat you with pace. WHO's one time in the second half where he tried to jink past someone I it's like thank figure this out? If you dive in he's going to Mug you. He's a street footballer. He's too skillful he he skillful and he still so strong which unfortunately was ton of on display for the wrong reasons when he like dented elmo nears skull right right but even look at the flick on where he's for his <hes> his target will look at that it's a long ball now he gets back on it or whatever but the defenders nowhere to be seen he's monster out of it and the ball bricks whom again and suddenly there's no-one unknown close to him like there was this thing where someone on instagram listener of ours contact me and said. Why aren't they man-marking him? I'm like they're afraid too. They're afraid to get too close. They get too close. He skips he flicks it over their head. They stays the only he's got too much space. They did not know how to handle them. Yeah <hes> here Steve Nicol by the way on this Latin valid debate you go run football football players and football locker rooms and we were talking about who's the best player it comes down to when it matters so it's okay for school five or six goals against Cincinatti a and look good the one that miles that's when you want the guy who's the best say he and went lots of last night guess what happened not only did dischord hot drink but he's called incredible goal. That's that's all fair but I do think that some of that is not. I don't know it's not Vela's more than just a guy who scores a lot of gold team Venezia Brennan Footballer and look like I said I would still take him a twenty nine overs Latin this age but that doesn't change the Latin skill set or what he's able to do an in game what I would be saying. Is that the rest of his team that him don't that midfield WBT was overran. mcvay isn't going to do it all in his own. It's just not going to happen so yeah. I saw this <hes> from. I think it was bobby warshaw Emma soccer dot com who was talking about L.. A._F._C. and what what a loss like this means and he said this he said Frail A._F._C. F._C.. Task as clear as shown in the US Open Cup loss to Portland and Friday's loss of the galaxy teams are going to try to make it ugly against them. Do they try to find the football. Do they take the route of twenty eighteen Atlanta and except they need to suck it up and play ugly as well <hes> I do think I don't want to over exaggerate what this game what this loss was for L._A.. Psychological blow but I do kinda wonder if we're now reaching the stage of the season where okay they proven that they can beat up on a lot of M._l._S. but it's not a lot of M._l._S.. They have to worry about ultimately. This is now a title or bust season for L. A._F._C.. Anything short of that will be a disappointment with how good they've been so they don't have to worry about a lot of those teams anymore. They have to worry about the best of the best in this league <hes> and those teams like the galaxy see who clogged up the middle and wouldn't give space to run through the middle. They're pushing things out wide and L.. A._F._C. didn't really want to play that way. No <hes> you know teams are going to do that and like bobby warshaw says they're gonNA. They're gonNA muck it up against L._A.. Try to make it difficult for them to to play the kind of like free-flowing football that they WANNA play. I know it was worrying when Bob Bradley just said we are intensity. Wasn't there Bob it's Darabi. How's that possible? How come on sometimes I think coach is to say things? They're just like they. They're programmed to certain lines. I don't think they even understand like the repercussions of Bradley's a fairly you know he places unless it's a message to his team saying he wears his harness leave so I mean yeah. I don't know <hes> so I just wonder now l.. A._F._C. are at some kind of crossroads strodes. Where like are they going to have to change the way they play? I don't think so. I don't think that would be that would be a panic. That would be a real panic. I I would say a P feels as if they're when he goes up against these teams. It's going to be a battle then. He's got a caught his his plot to suit his measure in those games but they're going to cut through more teams in this league. It's just like you said you've got to be better prepared for the big Thais the one thing I did like about this game <hes> not necessarily. I don't WanNa see guys getting hurt. I don't mean it like that but in a rivalry regain like this had all the physicality of two teams that genuinely don't like each other this is now the best rivalry in M._l._S. view. I I notice people Portland Seattle Line. No they'll talk about that the New York rivalry. I be not the Derby there last weekend is nothing it's not in the same ballpark as what's going on in Los Angeles right now and that's good to see the actual <hes> what else stood out to you from this past weekend I mean Houston going into Toronto and Lawrence. Simone's performance at centre-back was I mean every single goal Andrew the first goal. was you know on and again. Don't want to be derogatory. He's a good pro. Will you know on on playstation when when you're trying to get the circle on or player that make that player make certain player be active and instead of doing that he becomes active quickey and then shoots out a position like he he makes a role in on fee for that is our pro evil like I didn't want you to go. There and there's a massive gap opens up the first our school for Tommy McNamara. Was that the last school Minolta's come on. I'm not me a favor. Minolta's is a good player. This was keystone cops. This was guys is running into each other. Somebody in the middle of that move stood on Lawrence month toll and he starts hobbling it was it was shameful from Toronto. You need to do me one favor though you by the way you have a lot of proper football men in you you do do me this one favor. You're right the defending it was M._l._S. defending at its absolute. Why was that it was however you can't leave talking about that? Goal without giving that guy son credit for score it was great persistence like you would think but it was persistence against Larry Moines curly come on though even by accident there were so many Toronto F._C.. Defenders around Minolta's there that you would have thought one of them by accident would have put him off the ball for him to have at least enough so they were all involved in their own calamities to me. I I've ever seen and I've caught bad teams. Water glad rally loves the goal and I thought my notice was brilliant all right <hes>. Let's see I had a couple of things I wanted to mention. Just one thing real quickly here. I feel like Philadelphia Union fans for however good. The union have been so far this season by the way they've been really good we in an email from Shafei Oh really why are we talking about the union more. I hadn't seen that email and here I am leading the section with the Union so take that my why. Why wouldn't you just text me what was really nice? My closest friend is a nice email. I don't WanNa hear it. I don't care for it and I'm not I like. He should've left it out. When you talk about them so <hes> yeah I wanted to talk about them? Because for however good the union have been this season and they're leading the eastern conference and it's it's been a really fun kind of unexpectedly fun season for them. There had still been questions over the <unk> signing of Marco Fabian and you know is he going to be the player that they thought he would be. There's been flashes of it is Fabienne. That's right. Actually I should know from the commercial with the with the poor man Seth Rogan but like there has not been a flash quite that we've seen from him like the one we saw Saturday night. This goal was so great right off the training. So I mean they say you talk about right off the training ground that was brilliant and it was beautiful from Fabiana and his entire first-half. I thought he was probably probably the best player out there. I don't know the union like I keep waiting for that moment when it when it starts to unravel and I feel like that's just I just don't know that that's going to happen. I I really feel like this is a a pretty complete team. Now I know so what was this was. This was their first shutout. I think since May eighteenth so maybe there are still problems in the back. I don't know maybe some of that was Andre Blake being away on international duty for part of that time <hes> but I feel like they're Kinda hitting that point in the season now where maybe you need to really start thinking that they're as good as what they've shown just watching this that was what the outside of his boot and it's just like rising even as it hits the back of the net it. It's just like it was perfect. It's one of those moments of be like all flowery soccer guy but it's like sometimes you get these moments V me. Is it what you do get these moments when you're like yeah that's that's why they call it the beautiful game you see it every once in a while. I really thought that goal was one of those. Don't ever don't ever say the beautiful game that's were retiring that phrase too many awful pizza and that's Nice so you've waited for the first time that I ever decided to use it to make fun of it like you've never wanted all the times. We've heard people say you've never made a comment. That's why we loved the beautiful game whole a my other. Thank from this weekend was what you mentioned Seattle and Portland that was also really fun game of two teams that clearly clearly have no use for one another with like those great scenes at the end when Roman Torres is is basically inviting everyone to come fight him in the tunnel underneath the stadium play it. He could get through at least a thousand people before someone really he's. He's a stocky Guy <hes> for me. The big takeaway and this one was Brian Fernandez who has come on as a midseason acquisition as a DP signing from <hes> back in May and he immediately looks like one of the best players in the league he has eight goals in league play since he joined Portland and I feel like this is now another case of a South American player coming into M._l._S. and immediately exerting himself as one of the best players in the league and that continues to be a good thing. I believe so yeah <hes> good for him. Here's what <hes> what he said. After the Game Fernandez he said to come to another stadium especially in a big rivalry like doesn't be able to score and quiet people. It's beautiful. I like that attitude quiet people well. It is about shutting. There's nothing like it. The pocket of your away fans explodes and everything else is silent and they did have a Gr as they always do but there was a great traveling section of Portland fans there. That was a fun game. I Dunno fighting and sports isn't good. I know that but I just kind of like the ends of these games when it's just like the emotion is still so raw and there's this chaos out. There sounds as if good Angel Andy is fighting with Evil Devil Landy kind of <hes> yeah <hes> so that is about it from M._l._S.. We'll have a little bit in what to watch for. I'll tell you what we'll take a very quick break. I'm so excited for our five stars five years J._J.. metoo before we take the break <hes> can everyone just go and read Andrew Courcelles article on E._S._p._N.. A._F._C. with the aforementioned Latin which gets into some some things we just don't have time to touch on. It's very good. It's very very good and <hes> I'm sure the League office are absolutely delighted with what his so he's now. He's propped himself above the league he really he believes he's bigger than not the team J._J.. He's bigger than the league. That's what he believes. I guess you could debate whether or not it's true. I don't I mean I'm sidetracking things here. Let's go to the bride. We'll take a quick break. We'll be right back. Don't go anywhere. GEICO presents aches another voicemail from your roommate shepherd's Pie. I in the basement completely flooded eh anyway. I called for someone to fix it but in the meantime I was thinking we could finally have that Indoor Pool Party. We will always wanted. I got him cool Swan floaty things already go and could you pick up some chips on your way home later. The GEICO Insurance Agency could help keep your personal property. He protected like if your roommate isn't the brightest pool float in the flooded basement visit GEICO DOT COM to see how easy it is to switch and save on his insurance and back now but off side J. J.. Are we going to be doing within again. We have not decided if there's you have always been the one championing. If there's a demand for we could do it and we could answer via email but I think doing a helper fan show would drag us well. Here's the thing I'll put it out there right now so we'll let let's just decide right here. Now will do it okay. It's become a thing a a staple of the show leading up to the premier league season so I say we have to do it under we do it as a huge review leave your email we email undertain Bingo okay in your at leave leave. We will put up on our twitter page. We will pin to the top of it our help a- fan questions yes. We have ten questions that typically don't have anything to really do with soccer. If you don't have a Premier League team that you currently root for you can look at them. You fill them out and you send them back to us and then we will go through your responses and based on the nature of those responses we will customize whatever team best suits. It's a soccer Rochard test right <hes> in the past. We have done them as a podcast. It's excruciating hitting no one wants it except the people who filled out there are sheets so this year as an itunes review leave your responses <hes> to our questionnaire and in the I tunes review leave <hes> I would say either what you think J._J.. Leave your either twitter handle or some way for us to get in touch with you that <hes> so we don't have to do this as a podcast because we're not can't do it. We can't do if we had a <hes> yeah. I know we just don't have the bandwidth to it's. It's quite an undertaking last year. It's last year gone through about three hundred most of being <hes> all right mailbag yes male busy <hes> caught off site pottage email dot com at your soccer pod coffee E._S._P._N.. On instagram <hes> N._P._S. L. Story from Josh deering. My Name Is Josh during I've interacted with podcast a couple of times I had a friend. Tell me a crazy N._P._S.. L. Story last night that I wanted to pass along. This is a good one hundred he's interning for Ann Arbor A._F._C. Summer and works all their home games. They made the playoffs and got to host the Rochester Lancers on Tuesday. July Sixteenth Ann Arbor Stadium doesn't have lights so they play all their home games at six o'clock Rochester after the start time to to be moved back so they had more time to get to the stadium and the teams agreed on six thirty Kickoff Ann Arbor booked field thirty minutes away in case they needed to move indoors for some reason Rochester bought thirteen players to the game including fifty-year-old Manager Doug Miller who subbed gene for about ten minutes in the second half it gets better though it was raining but no one expected any lightning so of course there were two different lightning strikes that caused delays the second delay pushed the start of the second half back with the game tied at this point they're running out of light but stack the second half and the hope that someone would score and they could end the game when it got dark no one did they called it after about seventy minutes and no one can decide what to do next my friends my friends at Rochester refused refused to move to the indoor location. Stay overnight and finish the next day which is what the League suggested Rochester leaves on their boss and everyone goes home without any idea of what's happening next or who won the semifinals are on Friday July nineteenth so they need need to figure this out the league decides they're going to determine the game via coin flip then changed their minds and announce it will pick up in Erie Pennsylvania on Thursday July eighteenth both teams score and the game goes to extra time Rochester eventually wins ends on penalties so they're driving all the way back to Detroit for the semi's after going from Ann Arbor back to Rochester and then to Erie. I was just curious. If you have ever heard of anything like this before no no of course night there's nothing the thing is as bad as this. I've heard bad stuff like when Scotland went to play stony in a World Cup qualifier for France Ninety Eight. I think Craig Burley was on the team and they there was a row with the Estonian F._A.. Over floodlights so the game had to be and floodlights were not good enough or something and the game was played at three o'clock. Estonia decided we're not showing up so Scotland lined out in full kit did the national anthem scored a goal round the goal into an empty net and then went off the field. Did the clock continued to tick for the remainder of the game or was it fulltime good. Actually I don't think they even ran the ball into the net. I think they tipped off the referee Boo fulltime that was it and that's technically a three no yeah forfeit Marcus Polo Oh Sarah I can't speak for every Brazilian out there but I did not Miss Nair at this year's Copa Americas talented as he is. There was always something about him that did not sit right with me but all of us had a hard time expanding on what it was until I believe it was Alejandro. Moreno who said at the end of Brazil Zillah versus Peru that Neymar is a sideshow on and off the pitch and not part of the show with the performance Everton had at the Copa America and if his form continues I think Neymar has lost his position and from my perspective has lost the support of Brazilian fans. I do love the Guy and wish the best for him on hope he can regain his form the last night this was from instagram's. The kids love instagram. What's our instagram caught offside E._S._p._N.? There you go yeah and the kids love it. They're all over it you know with with the Justin Bieber's and you know you know everything. That's hip and cool the last night I have to say that interview with John Barnes which I'm listening to know is absolutely fantastic. We got a lot of great feedback on the Barons Interview <hes> he was awesome he was he really was. It was nothing to do with us. No really he was just you wind him up and let him go on any topic and he's great someone asked. Could we have him on as a regular spot and I said we don't have the budget for that or for anything Asterik for anything I bought a new pencealong train caught up caught us. I pencil expense that Yep don't veto me <hes> Brandon Yawn finally he Andrew Andrzej during the M._l._S. preview pod this season one of you mentioned that the San Jose earthquakes will be the most improved team this year. Who was that Andrew it was you and you were right J._J.? Was Right after a rough start to the season with four straight losses Dave one nine times drew for Austria no sitting at fourth in the Western Conference. What are your thoughts on this massive improvement and do they have shot and making a deep in the playoffs? I'm going to say what I think of this. Massive improvement comes down to the way that they play on that. Some teams are struggling to figure it out but also I put it down to this. Jake Pisani wrote this for the quicks website and is something we noted in preseason as a major part of preseason earthquake spent more than two two weeks in Cancun Mexico largely focusing on stamina and conditioning in fact the club's training regimen on certain days would not include a soccer ball at all that is utterly old school hoosiers yeah. Do you know what's even more old school man for man marking Almaeda has them man for man marking at every area now in the first four games that did not work out well but since then eight they've come up against teams that obviously in the wound battles they're winning the majority of those battles and they're winning the game but that is most teams operate a mixture of zonal amount for manned system but to go completely man for man is I kinda say it give Almeida a comb over. Give Him Sheepskin Jacket. Give Him lots of rings a medallion give him Sun shades and a London accent. He is a proper football man. Wow there you have it <hes>. Let's see we move on now to what to watch for J._J.. Wolves season begins on Thursday. Yes how about that and you know who they're playing Crusaders F C yes Crusaders. This is Europa League qualifying first leg Thursday to forty five isn't crusade crusaders are a very old D- Northern Irish team but isn't it the most American name you could think of what we call ourselves the crusaders and yet. I can't think of a American team that has that name and so I just drawing a total probably college team I would think division two football Alan Thinking. Maybe I'm drawing a total blank on an obvious one yeah. You'd expect wolves to cruise through that tie. Yes you really would <hes>. Let's see M._l._S. Friday night ten o'clock another good one another Good Friday night game to start your M._l._S. weekend. again l. a._f._c. in action against atlanta united f c that's coming thick and fast this is this an important game not because it's a big matchup between two potential rivals bram last boss this is the beginning because i left l. a._f._c. need to banish the memory of what happened in the derby quickly and usually like little gimme and they're not getting well at least it's at home <hes> so that will help them i would think somewhat one thing for atlantic additive see is <hes> pity martinez is starting around into form he's coming off what was probably best performance so far since coming to atlanta because that move has not up to this point has not gone out as they had hoped he is not looked happy there an but that was not the case the weekend i wonder i feel atlanta we could do a bit of a deeper dive on and talk to somebody from there because i wonder how much of this is tom martino having left that club like i feel like there was this thought that you're already piling on frank yeah if you want to call that sure because i i i just kind felt like there was a thought with atlanta where martina was just not going to get the kind of credit that maybe he deserved because they just appear to be so talented and i know they lost al marrone and that's a tough thing for frank to have to have coped with as well but i don't know i do wonder if if some of this is maybe scheme oriented and martinez is missed that's not a crazy crazy sentiment saturday ten thirty some good some western conference action this weekend portland and l. a. galaxy so both l._a. eight teams bounce back with <hes> with difficult games this coming weekend <hes> which sports should be should be fun <hes> n._w._s. l. j._j. wednesday midweek action ten thirty p._m. portland thorns and houston dash portland played laid out a wild two two draw against utah over the weekend christine sinclair had a great volley for portland that was brilliant and then of course kristen press we were only just talking about how when she scores a goal it's a great goal like she doesn't doesn't have any little like nothing happened she only has great goals kristen press <hes> with utah trailing one nil she did this class near side yes welcome back indeed we'll come back with a maytag independently and then i and then still from a difficult angle even if the meg never happened it was always going to be a tough goal to score from the angle that she was coming from but this is what she does she great goal she is and i'm glad she got over the hangover that i witnessed at the parade <hes> things in that game remained one one until another familiar lindsey horon scored like a really weird goal off a meghan klingenberg long free kick late in the game eighty seven th minute and haram was hurt on the play it looked like as she was kind of like going through her follow through on the shot she sorta got kicked in the ankle she was down for a while <hes> looked like portland is going to get out of there with the three points however in the ninetieth minute rachel coursey equalised on <hes> a really nice goal as well so it does end to our portland do still go top top of the table <hes> thanks in part to north carolina losing two one to chicago which i will talk a bit more about in li- woman of the match well i will say that sunday our other game <hes> what's watch for sunday four o'clock rain f._c. and chicago red stars but i'll leave that <hes> a leave that to you j._j. before we get now to <hes> the red cards and man of the match i do want to tell you my friend about him one of our favorite products on this show i mean you've been bald for years but you've covered it up nicely with that way but the fact that i can still tell it's a wig says all you need to know about why you need to explore him sixty six percent of men starts to lose their hair by age thirty five once let's you've noticed 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get started with the hymns complete haircut for just five dollars to day right now while supplies allies last and subject to doctor's approval see the full website for details and safety information this could cost you hundreds if you went to the doctor or pharmacy somewhere else but all you have to do is go to four hymns dot com slash offside that's f. <unk> omar h. i. n. s. dot com slash offside four hymns dot com slash offside awesome it's just that simple that simple so where are we doing the five stars for five years the end at the end don't you worry all right he works let's do this it's such a good one card i want people to get <hes> can i get my red card i you met all right my i can my red card to the liverpool via <hes> i._c._c. macha fenway park i know once he said oh we'll wasn't an a._c._c. game oh i'm so it was just a regular a priest yeah yeah you're right you're right that's right it's part of their <hes> what was it their western union to our western union toured the western union cope i believe it's called it's not called that well at any rate i assume all for all preseason friendlies are an icy see the even if like i don't care who's playing them i feel like wolves crusaders f c on thursdays actually and i dare you speak about crew sanders like i know once you start playing you sometimes lose sight of whether a game is important or not you're just out there playing trying to make a name for yourself trying trying to impress your manager but that doesn't change the fact that what we saw from severe in their match against liverpool at fenway park it was just kinda weird yet ever been negga elbowing harry wilson after already having been booked for a heavy challenge against harry wilson earlier in the match you we had diego carlos is rough challenged on alex chamberlain and then perhaps most troubling <hes> was yours nag neons kickout at yasser larussa in which <hes> larussa had to be stretchered off and was seen on crutches after the game here was clearly unhappy urine klopp talking about some of this afterwards season two great headlines with things saying the things i think about that situation that museology situation is with yasser looks like he was lucky okay <hes> but of course always with these things we have to wait a little bit he couldn't keep on playing so that's the first not a good sign but in addition we've also case similar it looks to harry harry got the dog on his on his joan chemo and okay and <hes> and the thing is i not cool <hes> yeah klopp he did as good a job restraining himself there as i think he could have because he was he you could see him like kinda china's getting into it a little bit with severe coaches yeah the end of the first half i think there's just a general sense amongst professionals that you don't treat these games with the kind of abandoned that severe did yeah <hes> <hes> so ultimately i mean like i said not all games are created equal that's kind of what we have to know committing dangerous and i think more importantly just kinda unnecessary challenges in a preseason friendly it just it just felt kinda wrong to me so i went with that from red card yeah thank you for doing that save me doing <hes> andrew they say this came to me this morning <hes> my car goes to the modern football fan not all of them but some of them quite a lot of them actually so it walked this morning and it was doing a few things i was thinking about this podcast so i quick look at our i choose reviews all good except for a one storrow i don't want i can't can i leave the room because we'll ruin my day won't so it's not so much that it was a one star review because we've we've had phony ones before would says brilliant podcast and then one staff just because we've asked for five which is fine that's not cool the headline for this one is the title is another manchester united hater and hater is in in block capitals yeah thumbs-down gold bridge is a tool and should not and should not be the voice of manchester united apart from the obvious one-star what really got me was the hater in all caps of course as if discussing negative aspects to united's this preseason makes us hate also why you talking like a fifteen year old valley girl you just a hater but it's that same mentality that has more on fans booing actually young on preseason tour in singapore again oh so you're doubling down oh yeah i'm moving on with this it's is not just united funds i will broaden this again some fan tried to twits plan me that they weren't doing young as a person or a player merely they were booing the lack of trying to transfer activity like as if ashley young is is this is edward the this is the footballing version of they weren't booing they weren't booing you they were saying bourne bourne 's these the man no they're saying bornes who earns you seeing boo boone's i always love mr burns need to stand up and ask them directly that is genius it's so good and then there's his hands mormon going i was saying you're and then i started thinking about some of the stuff i saw on twitter yesterday in the wake of the las vegas district attorney deciding not to prosecute cristiano renaldo over a decade old accusation of sexual assault some mm accredited journalists were tweeting about what this means and the various aspects and sensitivities of the whole issue then come barreling into their mentions our twitter accounts with cr seven on renaldo in the handles all experienced lower lawyers to weigh the sound of it you know everyone that was in there though they knew why renaldo was absolutely innocent and that this was just a facade sharad all these lawyers verbally abusing owning ops vacating on an utterly israeli grave matter all in the name of a footballer that gel-like from football fans who cannot let linda pursue henry wife of f._a._s._d. owner john henry tweet about anything without screaming announce fakhir dear god that's gone now are some other player to the manchester city fans who lead to the defense of their billionaire royal family owner over anne question that's posed about human rights are financial fair play what is going on with these people well i mean they don't obviously represent all football fans but it does seem like a lot sometimes who are these people when did football fans become like this so here's my only issue with everything you said there i believe that that is not something exclusive to modern football fans i just believe that modern football fans have more avenues to voice it this is a thing that has always existed i think twitter behavior social media behavior no manifesting itself in real life in the case of the singapore booing why are these people like what accounts are they following with that like how is ashley young the pariah in this again you're right but booing a player who doesn't necessarily deserve those boos has been a thing that he's always gone on in preseason recess preseason friendlies our gener- generally like joy fests there's just you know here we are all together fans of this team we rarely get to see a foreign country and we're singing songs booing ashti young wrong is as is coming from somewhere it's coming from somewhere fans gonna fan this is what they do by the way what they do yeah i guess that <hes> review was because we said we'd have gold bridge on the pod well i talked about how i view him he's he's the manchester united fan that i follow on twitter so when he's irate about stuff to me that's a glimpse into how they're feeling maybe that's wrong but i love him and i'm not going to change caught offsides man of the match j._j. minute of the match goes to the new england revolution a few months ago i made the my red card because they were so objectionable bad <hes> they were showing such lack of competence in front of goal remember they had gone like a what was it a month Without a striker scoring a goal for them I just I- Harpoon them. I land best to them. I I tore into the didn't they go six years without a completed pass so now that they are unbeaten in their last ten. I felt compelled to do do the right thing and make them my man of the match first and foremost I want to give Bruce Arena some love because <hes> that is a thing that hasn't really happened much in the past couple of years. It's a year since we did our interview. <hes> of the ten games unbeaten that they've gone arena has presided decided over nine of them amazingly. They've now worked their way back into being in the playoffs if the season were to end today and only two points back a fourth place and why C._F._C. The stand out players really flown under the radar across much of the League has been Carlos Ellis Gill <hes> in the last six games. He's got three goals and six assists including goals in their last three straight really this I honestly a lot of guys are worth mentioning from them right next. He'll Bunbury's got five goals in his last seven games. <hes> also the addition of Gustavo Bow Hello <hes> and the lift that he has brought to this team his debut goal was one of the goals of the season that he scored off of that corner kick so look. I was very hard on New England earlier. In the season with things were going badly <hes> it would only be right of me to applaud them now when they seem like they have righted the ship and Bruce Arena deserves honestly a lot of credit for that amazing match experienced manager comes in and does good job less manatt lesson experienced. Totally inexperienced manager fails the job Yep. We're not saying Brad. Friedel doesn't deserve another shot at management. No he should never manage but you know obviously he should but you know Bruce Arena is a legend. That's something that can get forgotten at times and I think he thirty years of experience -perienced not that he owes it to anyone but he is franz purposes. Whether it's intentional he's re proving it to a lot of people that had kinda lost faith in him while Andrew I've nothing to prove and he should feel that way. I mean he his like. He's got an incredible resume somme. He doesn't have anything to prove but there's going to be a lot of people out there who hate him for what happened in two thousand seventeen and so you know I kind of a kind of applaud him for what's going on right now my man of the match it's a women of the match actually <hes> so there was a lot positives to come out of the Chicago Red Stars defeating the North Carolina Courage to one at the weekend. <hes> Morgan Brian told Sarah Span of E._S._P._N.. It's a movement women are a force and we're creating a movement. She was talking about the league. She was talking about. The record attendance seventeen thousand three hundred and eighty eight people turned up not was absolutely grit. That's part of it. The second part is SOM- curve for me. I'm breaking down this goal that she scored which turned out to be the winner Andrew she is a slippery as an eel and she creates chances where there are known and where there should be non. This is how valuable she is so just before we play the audio the goal it's a mistake by Dow Camper okay. The ball runs. NHS across her foot yeah. I don't know what happened yeah it. was I mean she doesn't really make mistakes but this was one and it's fine because Air Sega's covering there should be no problem but care turns in a kind of a nonchalant celon fashion which invites air say to make a tackle before it's too late boom nutmegged skips by and slid under the goalkeeper. Here's how it sounded really drunk ca like grateful. I still think that are better but it Sam Kerr and why can't why don't you lack this gene that allows you to just enjoy a great player. Scoring a great goal. I have cast line fault and yes oftentimes. A goal is scored because somebody else screwed up but like I I don't know take some appreciation of a great player. Having a great moment it's growing up with Alan Hansen Ryan who was the best defender of his era being a pundit on T._v.. For like twenty years and he always breakdown a tale of defending now. It's just like I don't know that's where it comes from a lot of proper running and everyone who showed up to the game at the weekend that was awesome good stuff good stuff <hes> before we get out we do have five stars five years recited. I'm really excited. This was following L. classical in April twenty seventeen. I believe <hes> A- An amazing <hes> the Euro Madrid won the league my favorite out SASCO game but Barcelona won this game and incredibly dramatic fashion and Ray Hudson was just he basically even by his own standards. It felt like he really lost sight of himself that day <hes> so so we came back in and play a game <hes> which I think it will be explained in the clip here <hes> but we played a game sort of at raise expense although we came to find out that he can be heard it he contacted us and he said the two guys were just having great fun on grants so here has this was this was a really fun one. This is our five stars five years memory the week here's your five stars for five years memory of the week on caught offside ready to play a little game account wit. It's called Ray Hudson multiple choice what we're GONNA do is. I'm GonNa play a good title. I'm GONNA play for you. The beginning of a Ray Hudson insane comment and then it's GonNa stop and I'm GonNa give you multiple choice and you have to tell off awesome which one it is that he says next this. Do you ready all right this. This came from rocket pitches goal here we go turns into an absolute blue is it a Harpoon strike be Howitzer or see heat seeking missile howitzer sales it on his first try. That's because I'm a military history. Both all right we move on now now. This comes from the immediate aftermath of Hamas Rodriguez equalizer here we go like is it a a ghost out of a thick Scottish fog be a galloping stallion sprinting down on the home stretch or see a gift from the heavens right in the nick of time from the Scottish fog Scottish Eddie gets me much yet I would. I would have said he was smoking like a baby. Maybe I assassin or just kind of don't try to be right. There's only one ray Hudson. Don't try to come up with your own shy sneaking from a crash an expert when it comes to all right this is after messy. I don't even know if this was the first I of the second goal but here we doesn't matter born in a is it a cresting wave as pummels the beaches that are Madrid be U._S._A.. Be Crossfire Hurricane and he is jumping Jack Flash or C. born in a crevice of Argentina that was blessed by God. I'll tell you that last one is hood Sonian but it's not it's be cross by hurricane and he is jumping Jack Flash three two more for you. I believe this is also spawned from the messy winner. Okay all right here. We go this as cool as a bomb disposal expert on the run be as cool as a cucumber floating in a pool of ice or see as cool as as Dean Martin Artan in the back booth of a Las Vegas nightclub. Oh jeeze a bomb disposal expert on the run. Why on the run? Why did he feel the need to include that I would think that bomb disposal ing is a pretty tense Hans Aeschbacher Yeah? You need to be cool way way. See running if he's running. He's freaking everybody out and he's not a cam bomb disposal expert or no. That's not what we're supposed to. I got the wires confused. Your four for four. This is truly impressive is it. Is it really this to complete. What does five for five? I was GONNA say it's not a TRIFECTA. It's not a I don't know whatever fives are you. Don't have the vocabulary only ray Hudson could tell title scouts European cup-winning this again having to do with messy so many decisions to me for the N._F._l.. But he's but he's like a a lion choosing between a wildebeest and berries be e Microsoft mainframe making decisions at the speed of light Christ or see a silicon chip with legs and covered with is I mean these the rantings of a man you'd see at nine o'clock on the New York subway you went with a lion choosing between a wildebeest and berries silicon chip with links and comeback with is what are you talking about. I even he lost himself. I think in that chip with links and come up with is I can imagine him in a straight jacket in a padded room saying these things as the doctor goes now now ray with the needle time to go to bed covered with is silicon chip covered with ice so does this terminator two. You went four for five pretty good though considering all of these weren't saying now you obviously heard the way he called the winner right Alba inside. It's on the left foot of myself the spotlight so I had this weird taught about Phil Shannon God Phil Shan be not a buyer you know trying to chat up a woman and then to know what he's like a smooth gems bud character brain not again please the subtlety like every moment Phil Shen's life being ruined to touch messy strive Phil Shans Baptism the baptism of his child really somber moment silence tipped piece is being here five stars for five years memory of the week the levels of insanity like the the Mike Mike Gross. What is it a microchip with legs and is covered with is terrifying you know he is a national treasure ray? Tell us about the dreams don't ever change this courtship going said likes. He's a professional broadcast like you like look he <hes> he's passionate guy yeah who has come up with very very contrived ways who was it by the way that that <hes> submitted that five star <hes> I'm putting on the spot yeah. Let me have a quick look. Keep talking well at any rate <hes> if you have a memory because we've been celebrating five year anniversary of this this podcast so if you have any memory from over the past five years submitted as an itunes review leave your five stars for your five years memory <hes> we will do. I can't guarantee it because our stuff is just kind of strewn about. It's very hard to like find these things but we will do everything in our power to go back and try to find these memories. We've gone back. This has actually been this has actually been really fun going back and listening to some of these weird things that <hes> that we've done from over the five years of the I mean it was some of it. We're really proud of some of it is <hes> who forgettable but yeah and you guys have been great submitting some really good one so we have a couple of others that are in the hopper and we're always looking for for more for sure <hes> that will how are we giving away the Jersey. We gotTA figure that out. I know we have this this beautiful Christian Pulisic Jersey just sitting there collecting dust. We do have to figure that out <hes> a couple of other things to look forward to obviously we'll be back next week with another podcast where we'll take a look look it <hes> more happenings in the transfer window because it seems like as we're getting closer and closer to the end of the window more things are going to crystallize and go down <hes> M._l._s. another big weekend and W._F._l.. And other big weekend there so there's still a lot to get to but I do want say that we are closing in on the start of the premier league season and as always we will have another one of our three part <hes> season preview <hes> podcast series that <hes> seems like you guys have enjoyed in the past so we're going to continue to do that again. I think he loved doing.

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