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"martha zil" Discussed on Beer Guys Radio Craft Beer Podcast

Beer Guys Radio Craft Beer Podcast

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"martha zil" Discussed on Beer Guys Radio Craft Beer Podcast

"Radio show welcome back to the bureau gas ratio remember. All episodes are available on demand. So if you missed the broadcast get the podcast bear guys. Radio is available on all popular and unpopular podcasting apps. Let's get back to upcountry brewing company. John if you don't mind. I got a little nostalgic prepared for this. Show looking at some history and specifically your history. Can we talk about your background here. Oh absolutely yeah. It's the same story you've heard from everyone else home-brewed and college in an to get in the industry. I actually moved out to seattle when i graduated college. That's why i really fell in love with time called microbrews. I moved back to georgia. Nine hundred ninety five right win it was legalized in the spurs. Were starting to open up. And i actually worked two part time jobs. I was a server at a red robin and fry. Cook it and appleby. So that could work for free at the local brewery. There you go see gotta do dedication right there. Yeah were you gotta start in some georgia arena. Three was martha's vineyard. need first brewery. Here are a couple of others right technically. Yes i know. There was always a little bit of whether it was atlanta brewing. That was first or martha zil. I had the first license but martha zil did the first beer by about a week. Okay gotcha wow neck and neck and that's going back to ninety four. Yeah right in there. Yeah and i know you look at the articles that were huge plans for all. that prepped. Up ramped up for the olympics and everything but unfortunately martha zil closed in ninety seven. They get is that right. So i mean that was the great shakeout period. If you call that i do. Yeah absolutely. I got here the tail of that. I moved to atlanta weird story. But i moved here in ninety eight ones here too late ninety nine and then moved away for about a year and came back so had just a little break there. But you know. When i moved here we had there was a chain of group john. Harvard's down in buckhead went down there and Hops i think that was a national brew pub. Chain right alfa reta percy's fish house. I think was one yup. So personally i you know. I don't think i got here. Maybe after them or just a name on the name it was weird. At that time there were talking. Seemed like of brewpubs opening in buckhead. Yeah it was the cool spot then. Buckhead was great at that time for those in atlanta. That are old enough to remember. That was a really cool spot to hang out before all the stabbings by nfl stars in the l. That's right yeah. that's shortly. Before i moved there. I moved there africa at lame so i came with a wave of lameness that over todd area brought it with i feel bad because i used to come down and hang out at the all the various places the coyote ugly makers and whatnot and back. It was great. I ever seen anything quite like it before john from there you work summit atlanta bruin. I think I did most notably you founded terrapin beer company here in jordan when i was working atlanta brewing. That's when i met spike. Actually john roberts had just left to go start his group up and spike was the cellarman atlanta brewing right so he took over the brewer in the hired me on to take his places the cellarman. And that's where we met each other. We start talking about opening our own brewery someday short four and a half years later. We finally managed to make it happen there. You go and see. I would love to do. I've said this before. I really wanna do a like a georgia bruin family tree and i'm sure it would be the same in many other states but just to see who started wearing where they went from there and branched out. I know. I think i mentioned this before. But one of the guys that was one of the first employees at sweetwater actually has a burrito. Met again columbia. Now there was there was a guy. One of the one of the guys i know is married to a lady from columbia and he went down there and he's like of all places i'm in many in can also there's crappier and apparently lots of cocaine so you're pretty well sets the rumor. Yeah or what you need there but terrapin you know John i think a lot of people look at you. Guys as part of that group of of some of the brewers year with the atlanta bruins the john robertson in his pro max bloggers even martha's villain terrapin really broke a lot of barriers for georgia. Beer right oh absolutely. There weren't many of us back then and we were fighting really hard to teach people what craft beer really was. Yeah and that's so the laws. I know it was two thousand six before we can even do. What was it. Six percents cap. think so. Yeah it was. Yes and that was a big. It's winter when i came out with that monster beer tour which the obvious custer pass those monster beer tours. Oh the those beers. When i when i. That's around the time i came here. That was the thing i look for that. There was so for such a long period of time the monster beer tours and the What was a side project. yeah the side projects. Oh love the side projects to those went back quite a ways to right. Wow two thousand. Seven two thousand eight. Maybe the first one. I believe was hop shortage that you know with that whole thing that went down with nobody can get any ups. Yes the big hop shortage. Those were a tough time for beer. Oh it was very trying times a week. That's when everyone had to sign multi year contracts if you didn't have them before they would not give you any hops at all so that the funny thing about the hop shortage attitude was crap. We're gonna run out of hops. Let's just put them all in this spear just loaded up there. Put them in there right. And that's you know we were We were talking. I think that that's a sam adams. Our jim cook actually helped a lot of small breweries out to to keep brewin- beer by helping them get hops right. He absolutely did. I say he's a very solid dude. Yeah he had excess hops and he put it out to rumors all across the country. The helped.

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