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"marsala sala" Discussed on wellRED podcast

"Yeah not asking. We'd never make it. I'm not i mean i'm not blood. I'd have to say good gone so i was like i'm not asking you go deep dive and listen to all the historical fast spokane show vampire like at a farm. Just suck in all the cows but i know it ends tasty but we're having fun here so i was like look. I'm not asking asking you to like be a fucking wrestling nerd and deep dive but like if you could just get to the point where if i wanted to watch old piper for you could sit through it with if i get you there and she's like okay. Why show me one that you you would think like show me a match that you'd think would be great and i was like i don't remember which one it is. I put on but i wanted. I just search for shawn michaels because like she because every woman loved the heartbreak kid kid like she'll think this mother fucker has just like as your mom did ravishing rick road south throwing the shaw mark. Was this month for garage here. He's daddy all right because you know ambro amro call cheeseburger burger died like that's her thing. He comes out and he's doing the fucking. I know i'm sexy. He's doing the sexy nancy. She's like yeah. No he's daddy. I get it and he but she's not really getting in because there's a little a little boy but she was but she she was like no. I get it like i can whatever and then all the twenty year old ban and then all the sudden here come all of a sudden. It's a it's. It's a roll rumble. Rumble situation and here comes out and she goes who is worse fucking razor ramon. Ah yo y'all know boy so. I don't know montmelo. We read his house watching summer. Slam this week. Me and andy went over there. Is that what it's called summer slam yeah summer saying he had on. We were there in this <hes> other comic i can't her name was more solid marcella. Marsala sala is a sauce chicken marsala doing good workout person who remember name she would hate me. She was like thomas she like raise your mom when she was little mike went and got a velvet painting that he had in the corner the his girlfriend would not let him put up of razor okay. I have a similar thing. That's the end of the story is that she was. She goes who the fuck is that it was like word as like over shawn michaels you and she goes are she goes looks like she said and i quote whoa he looks like he works on a telephone pole and ringgold and i was like you coulda had that guy by the way if you'd want it to she has and it's a memory that she tells me right but anyway she didn't want to leave them forever. She goes. Why don't you ever fuck and talk about this guy. I mean i i do. I said you remember when i went to fucking double or nothing that pay per view you that jacket. I came home with that. You said don't hit and she goes. That's that guy own your jacket because all she saw was me coming with fuck and purple and yellow jacket and it was like sequins of his face yeah it fucking adds his essence pitcher him no it no opposite of male now. She actually does love the jacket but like opposite of mary. Thank thinks she saw the jacket. Fuck this guy but then she saw him. Come in with the toothpick and do the whole fucking shit and she's like honestly she's like. I wouldn't be embarrassed to be around the jacket anymore but like that's her and i couldn't. We've talked about on the podcast before about how all of her daddy's could not be more different than maybe like. Yes sir the foot will sasso mohur top daddy yeah but like so anyone that's not a fat bald piece of shit. I know and i get that. She just likes people but with higher humidity. What you hear me yeah go head on the memo atip yet here. Oh memos top one. It's like yeah he's super hot and he's super famous that makes sense but that is a type razor. Ramon is the white trash jason momoa. He absolutely is back in his day. He was all he was also. Jacko's built the same at the same hair arc. He's got long hair. He fucking talks like a cuban and he ain't he's hilarious. Mine mine a look. I went through rough patch and dropped out of community and the moral of that story or not anymore but the best part of that story to me is the moral of that story is never mind. She will if i if we're in their if we're in there and i really have a hangar corey's marriage and morality play. If we're if we're if i have a hankering to watch wrestling when we're together as long as i go hey a <hes> scott hall and shawn michaels had one of the best ladder matches of all time. She'll be like well. I mean if reser amounts going to be there. You know i'll watch it. It's like i've found that real name yeah and so well because in the w._c._w. He had to wrestle as scott hall slow. We shift between razor. Ramon is owned by w._w._e. And i had to explain point that too. I was like if we're watching w._c._w. His name is scott hall but if we're watching w._w._f. His name is razor ramon but like it's. I've got her in a little bit but i feel like there's other the wrestlers that there are probably gonna hit for her too but probably not ravishing rick rude but she's into. She's into razor ramon. My heart katie have a wrestler. Now i mean you're not into we're not i haven't ever watched even saying he wanted to get him and you said you want to get the boys into it yeah and like i think this is not really moving onto a._w._s. She's an a._w._s. Remember name. I've seen a wrestle. She's she's on. She's on the main card at all out. In chicago leveled up my mic says into it as you know he's he was telling her level and up how like she's gotten over more and she she can play bill and she was on the undercard at a and i can't remember naming. I'm so fucking story about the match she had it was it was a it was it was a pags attack. She used to be in tag nash. She turned on her partner and this was her and her partner going after each other and they were both great physically like it was the best match they they had great. They have great hotspots and this is going to be a shameless going to seem like a shameless plug for w but what i was going to say to you trae because you said that you were. You said that you were wanting to get your boys back into wrestling and like admittedly w._w._e. When they went public they had to shift to p._g. In the product has just not really hit that much so what i'm saying is not to say is like i've tried to watch it with the boys the new stuff but they don't get into it and i'm sitting there wondering like is that is it just it just admitted even people in in that industry like the it's just not because when when w._w. A went public like they were when they became a publicly traded company. Their stockholders like demanded do p._g. Like go degeneration. X couldn't be a thing eighty w which which is new and what's great about what's great about a w is is that if you got into it with them right now they are literally in october will have their first show so you can get get in on the ground floor. You have to do no catch up yeah so and it's it's not they're not a publicly traded company. They're more p._g. Thirteen they're more akin to the older days. When i say older days i mean like the nine attitude air because it's right up attitude era. They're taking all these dudes from new japan and all japan a. and stuff like that and bernanke about not knowing your fucking audience and that's that classic corporatization of anything right but that's not what you think about who the primary mary demographic is for pro wrestling. It's like middle-age bowie. I don't nothing hits harder for young boys. Don't cope flipping people off doug and bears and bucking look into problem is to have it's not knowing your audience. I think it's wanting to expand into a diff- also the problem. I fucked that the problem is in my opinion is that it's not like yeah that stuff appealed to kids and i think that some of this w e stuff does appeal to kids but it doesn't ah also appealed to their parents which is like toy story the other thing that lonzo right to where you want to take your kids to see that because you fucking enjoy it so the reason their products succeed like the kids are watching the parents aren't getting into a thirteen year old boy won't also be into like in johnson really hits your mate and he's went beyond with he was the last of the current version of this like clean cut all american wrestler guy. That's out there. I'm not saying a twelve year. Old boy won't dig that but i know he position this show no he. I use johnson because i had no other frame of reference but not john cena whoever the guy is right now i'm saying i'm sure he does hit for twelve year old. Oh boys but every twelve year old boy on planet earth warns them to tell you sucker asked won't save up our circuit and flip and people will in the ball twelve year old boys yes. Yes and i wasn't bringing up seeing him because like i was china like you use it but like i wasn't trying to be like okay but i'm saying seen it did. In was the clean cut guy. He didn't start out as way more attractive in the world where not everyone is clean cut hook. If you got all you have to have good hey lip and people off. You have to have to suck your dick. Yes drinking beer then. John cena is like coup but also have a hero. I completely i agree with you about has picked a wrapper no sewing. I'm seeing how he no. There is one but whoever he is it's it's like he doesn't have any adversary. That's what they've done. They've kofi. Kingston covy cases new hero. He is well. He's not jamaican but he moved here from jamaica when they've gone that route like basically yes but like the shit doesn't have an accent what they've tried to do is make him the hero and he's railing against what you're playing. The problem is when they went page. Those characters like if you're cohen's you're the biggest face in the history and when i say face i mean baby face which means the hero character so back in the day when you had hogan he he was the johnson john cena tied zach the reason that those dudes were able to get over like that is because they also had gone up against the iron shaanxi can the big van vader and he was all orange lake on twitter like hulk hogan was always pay g. and johnson and those that would always fit into this model. They have here problem. Is those those they're they're all like that. In order to have a great baby face you have to have a great he'll be back in the day they maidstone colder baby face because he was able to go against kane who is a literal demonic fucking solis as your joke is like the undertaker dudes like that they can have that because then they also had bad dudes coming in there who literally seven people on barbed wire and they can't do it anymore so i if everyone's the good. It's like any fucking story. If you have to have a goddamn troll you pay the toll aalto. Yes and to bring this story full circle. I think what i'm hearing man. All you gotta do corey is grow your hair blue ponytail b. six four and of some dissent that is slightly darker than pale white race yourself up. You can do all that may start out with throwing your hair. Grow your hair ponytail. I don't understand what you're saying right now but i'm ambers into razor ramon award at right now. We're going back to that. Yeah you're right. That's how he started. No you anyways my point was is that because awa right now is not a publicly traded company. They have heels roles like that like they're going to be able to do things like the attitude era of w._w._e. Is and if you get your kids into that now it's your on the forefront and this is fucking fucking shameless plug so in october. They start t._v. until i said one t._v. Or in october starting october they're going to start on t._v. And you'll be able to jump right into the story. I'll give it a shot there. There's us should be a manager for for them. I think it'd be a great manager. I mean there's no by the way i i would have to like. That's still a fucking huge skill but i think because of my years in performance i could learn the ropes of it and that's something that i'm not in any way trying to take away away from great managers of the past or present <hes>. I saw a guy when i was watching summer slam. Who is the manager for <hes>. What's the guy who went to m._m._a. L. paul hammond d- brock listener. Call aim who i've seen when i was younger he was fine. He crushes it a manager and i'm saying there's a skill involved and i know that you're trying to respect the game but buddy i think literally tonight you could crush as a man who think this job is putting sorry ma'am right right part showman. The reason that a guy like brock leser has a man for he's not a talker yes but i'm not and you're going to turn this into making making fun of me. I'm numb park showman part heitmann and then second fiddle physically absolutely you. You have to visit the manager. The manager hit he'd just wrestle yeah well. He just fucking. Can you take someone's back. It's like everyone moves it. Which is what they want. Because vince mcmahon is the greatest he'll in wrestling history jack to like the hype man sure what what i'm saying. It has to be a hill. I literally think conrad. I know you're not listening but if you are thompson i don't <hes> hype corey up because he's at need me too new often corey forrester day one. We'll be the best manager in wrestling agree with history not wrestling history but currently really there's no one you couldn't top today well. I appreciate <hes> the the unfortunate thing for me. I suppose an a. w. and how wrestling has gone with the managerial aspect of less of they everyone n._a. W is a good talker and i don't think needs a manager like when you when you associated manager with semi hi it's like we've got this book and paul baran tiger. He talked. He has to say you've got. You've got this brock listeners not a promo guy like he. He's not a good promo. Believe there's a guy out there. Who's a physical specimen. Gotta stutter. Maybe maybe shah david joy david joy one of our favorite authors authors. He's six foot four great wordsmith because he's one of the best office in america but he hates talking in public. I could talk him a great manager. You'd be a great mentor and he'd be a great fucking arrests. I think you would be club that david joy his wrestling possum man he wrestles in jean shorts speaking of speaking wrestling and altercations yeah i was. I was about to get into this so <hes> this is by saying that my my mai ma you know is classically the top. It's like i live in the city now so she's in fear worrying about. Even though you live right yeah you know she's i. I'm going to get mugshot whatever literally because i live in the city and i try to tell her that yet may ma i live in like it's the most suburban fuck tuck in a show once at least him well. Listen to lacy is the roman heaven like back in the greek guy type thing. That's where that's where should i thought john is what they build. Atomic also was russell crowe went and gladiator movie siham. Did that like flopped but i'm saying the reason it was called career. Mom the reason it was calling the movie was because of the etymology of the word to begin right but it was a movie about all the poor people live on earth and all the rich people live in space ace station type thing for t._v. Show you for you on h._b._o. Kids who do so anyway. I try to tell me mas like no believe me. I live in the city but it ain't like that. You know drew lives on a good day. An eight minute drive from my house. It's to turn turn right on buena vista and victory and then i go go down and target to george house. It's eight minutes away and this man stays getting carjacked shift and stuff all the time. I don't understand it so tell hillis was happening. Literally the store your happened six minutes from our house so even rec center by the y._m._c._a. Where i go in no hope the arts district. We're like nobody's gonna bus grapefruit fight. Well my my point. The point i'm attempting to make is not that six minutes from my house is the hood. My point is is that like drew's basically where i'm at and yet drew manages to like find victim. Why why are you getting there. So here's what no i ain't hard. Here's what happened. The first thing that your in case people don't remember or you told it on podcast august august when my car go my car stolen when i was at the rec center was playing basketball the guy who did that. No one had ever seen him before he was out of place. He was crazy crazy man. He was talking about how he was the anti christ. You know you can go back and listen to it. I don't know what episode it was but i got my car stolen. It was random. I got my car back. I i continue to the rec. Center was never any problems there so let me say this story up guys. Let's take a quick break from the podcast to talk about c._b._d. Specifically c._b._d. From from an m._d. are in cd dot com. That's pronounced modern c._b._d. Dot com m._d. Are in c._b._d. Dot com c._b. 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It's not gonna hit it as much as described as to. How big is he. He's probably my high. Maybe a little shorter. He's super thick. He looks like he played fucking linebacker in high school black black guy what he could have been puerto ricans probably twenty year at fair enough. He's probably twenty eight. I if you call a guy alabama he's probably they're white a guy a black. No i hear you i was trying to be whoa didn't sound like that offering. You'll make a puerto rican go to stab. Everybody knows i the mexicans alabama but they don't go by alabama right so this dude. He's got a bum knee. He's got hurt. He comes to the gym. I guess he didn't i. I don't know if you don't have a job or if he's not busy today he comes jimmy doesn't play he shoots and he talked shit people but he's funny and he's kind of he does hit buddy. I i liked genuinely liked this guy so much and partially because he liked me like he would make fun of me but in that positive way one time man is do this dude. Shove me like like like i would like people. Were very good at that. I don't have an example yes. They are gonna shitting on you but at the same time right now one day. This guy got shoved me there because i had scored on him and he didn't like it and then i you know when he tried to like whatever pump me even though i'm a white and five foot ten i was like whatever they score again and then he tried to show me again. Keep shoving me until you hit me. I ain't do shit but if you want to punch me punch me bitch the fire right now. Stop acting like a child and so he remembered that and he'll this is what you're talking about. He'll hide me up by shitting on me. He'd be like this. My plus plus. We bitch huckabee. Bitch mitch is playing flag football one time and i made this catch like this fingertip catch. That was absolutely insane. Outta my skill set for especially the time of my life that it was an this black dude it goes god damn look at this fat ass odell beckham and so like he called me so this guy remembers. I think it makes fun of me for like being too macho hit for him and he would call me point guard and again. He didn't play a lot like he because he had this bum knee that he ever told me him shoot around and talk. Show would go up when people do that. You're like come on. Oh man. You ain't that come on you're sitting here. You're talking should there but he would say stuff like i used to bus at guy's ass and he just seemed like a sad has been that and he would tell people like when i would play against people you bet it. Y'all better put some good on him. He ain't gonna score but he makes the team better and i was like my chest would puff out of it. That's exactly what i do. Actually i'm fucking point guard and i'm making a team better so like we're cool and we get along so that day we're playing against him. He starting to play and for the first time in my life somebody who does that thing where they talk a lot of shit but like they're kind of a has been but he backed it up. This motherfucker has half court range. No i'm talking about. He shoots eighty percent. I'm not exaggerating from three if he's open all the way back almost to have court. It's unbelievable if he's on people's team like his knees still ain't right. He can't guard like it used to but people would be like don't leave leave him so we're playing and he complains about ever call. You never stops talking. You never stops sees complain about every call. That's the alabama and by the way i'm like the guy who can calm down just like that's what's going on in this game like you'll complain about one call and i'll be like we'll give you that when the next combat like come on man like you saw that blah blah blah and he's like in his his mind. It's like he's like is reasonable so cool so we're going through all that they win because he hit four three pointers which when you're playing pickup. I don't know anyone knows anything about pickup basketball. Most people play two and one now every point counts as one but if you shoot a three pointer counts as two three pointers that was when i was a kid which makes three pointers worth more than the aren't or an actual basketball because now they're double a regular shot right so this dude is a killer and no one's gardening and i'm like you gotta fucking guard guy and i feel like there's respect between us and i. I know what happened at the start. They got started so at the end of the game they won. He's still arguing with this kid. Who's on my team who i know from their rowland rowlands was like seventeen and like every seventeen and he's got a mouth on him and he's still talking and this dude's talking it is cool but like an i'm genuinely trying to break the tension i go this man. One got every call and is still complaining and what i think happened and i'm not sure about this. Is that the white guy. The black guys cool with tried to like shut him down in front of other black guys and that was the start of the tension and you're coup ooh but you're not gonna like so. He was like you want in your fucking like doing that whole thing. It's still not weird. It's still just like kind of john basketball back and forth and then he's like. He says i'll mop the floor with you and i'm like alabama. I know you will look at you man but like why are you saying stuff like that and he goes. I'm a christian jim was that made me laugh of course because he just said he was going to beat me up and i go through christian but you beat me up. Y'all his is is changed. That's all you said. You're a christian but you beat me <hes> yes now. I'm acknowledging for a christian by the way that i know. I know that very don't hit for them in trae i mean i know where you're coming. You're trying to victim no. I don't want you to get stabbed but i would like to know you know. I i have acknowledged. We've been john back and forth. I'm not saying that during the game if i hit ain't right but i understand i'm not saying that saying he should stab drew but i understand it and i'm not saying that during the game if i hit a shot i wouldn't like yeah you know alabama. You know i hit that shot. I'm saying dan when i did that. He would laugh. He hit four more than me so so no. I'm not. I'm not trying to pretend like i'm not an antagonised to him. I'm saying hits for him. He even said to me when i woke up. This is why i had that theory about is cool for you to talk to me but don't interrupt me. When i'm talking to my friend he even said to me and i quote he said me and used cool but don't come up to me when i'm talking to my inward not hard are and i was like all right. You know whatever and i go okay okay. I'm just saying okay and you got ever call on you win a game and they're still complaining and then i'll mop the floor with you now. He didn't say that when he said that. I didn't think he was actually going to fight me. I still felt like that was was a part of this and i still believe that it was. I'm telling you shit changed. When i went you're going to be his is change and he goes yeah. I am here comes. The inquisition goes. I kill for god and i was like i don't and then he's talking alabama crusade looking at me but but he's doing something he's back i didn't i didn't even i didn't think i was like okay man. I'm not like i'm sorry to get a knife. He unfolds it and it's big and it's one of those hooked noses almost like a buoy knife. It's not a booming but it's yeah is it enough are bo enough now. It's yeah so he does that. The people that one i totally i've heard it both ways in my life. I've heard it looks like bowie but it's actually pronounced boo the people ooh see the knife. Most of them leave my whole team that just lost lift like rapture. People don't see the knife of course like they don't know. They just think talking shit his team. Have them see the knife and this is how good shooter this motherfucker bruise. They don't run away. I mean we know we still got next. I'm looking i'm looking at it stabs his cracker yala woody allen. I'm looking at it and i can't fight or flight didn't take over man. I feel like i felt nam in retrospect how far away from you physically when he told the nine ten feet are because dude in by the way i was three feet from him. I thought we were talking shit in a jovial manner. I started to kind of back up because i was like he's getting tired of me when he tells you look. I'm talking to my inward and you ain't about this. I'm like okay. They didn't want me involved in this conversation. I'll kind of leave but he's still john me. I'm so jonah jonah him. This is the guy who i call coach and he calls me point guard literally like i always call him coach because he's always giving people instructors. He's calling me point guard and the reason i said the fact that he's a vet it was i'd known because dude i saw him at a coffee shop when i was kate kate an uncle cake kate. That's my nickname graham. She's a comic like this <music> out so anyway that all happens and he pulls it out and he says well that and i can't say it the boat up on him. I'm like but like you bu but it didn't feel the way that i expect. I didn't feel freaked out. I really you what i think. Maybe i'm too dumb arrogant. I still i think in my head not consciously but was like doing stab me had a gun pulled on me and i felt literally literally the same way it was it was surreal. It was like this is only ever happened in movies now a screen shot from a new story that said in quotations it says what what are you gonna do stab me and says quote for man stabbed yeah right but here's how insane i am trae. I literally said almost basically that he had enough and i go. What do you do. Kill me what is happening. I said it just like that and he goes. I kill for god on god. This is how i'm still a comic in my head. I go kill for god on god really nee- goes yeah and i was like i'm leaving cert. The walkout it turns out he will not kill for god. I'm leaving. I go to my car almost my car my friend rob who was in apparently found this out later that day <hes> step up to <hes> bright dance and kicked a knife out of the motherfucker know he's one of the leads the ordinance instead. He ran away because you know he's got a career and a stunt double so we're in in the parking lot and he goes. I don't know and i get to my car and i can't explain this and this is the part where i know you're gonna make fun of me wasn't ego. This wasn't like fucked it. I'm gonna in their fight him. I wanted to never be near him again but some pardon me was like this like i played ball here. I'm not going to run away away from this motherfucker and i know he's a vet. I know that this p._t._s._d. Shit like the public defender in you came out it was that and it was also some pride cried rednecks you again. I wasn't gonna fight him. Which is both for you. I think a pop the trunk enough is yeah. I didn't get out enough. I got a the tire iron out. Now the piece that you hook in and you swivel stuck it in my pocket. I went back in the door. They were still playing. They were already planning the next game came next and i sit down and i'm sitting there and i'm like you stab of your pride and i was like this isn't bad. I'm not embarrassed that i ran away from not fight. I i played ball here. I want to continue playing ball here and i'm not gonna let this new bully me and then i started thinking. Why are all these people cool with this well. That's i was gonna ask at whenever whenever there was what the what everyone else was like doing while this guy literally pulls a knife on you as everybody else to stay in their the holy shit sitting on the bench most most people in my team who saw lift they saw it all out by at least five but unlike new he's gonna get stabbed when he's sitting on the bench and he pulls it out and keeps low between his legs who had august third on getting stabbed yeah. I think most of the people behind him didn't know at all not to come out yeah so when i sit down do this seems like something like somebody's gonna so. There was a airport iraq okay so there's that that we're about to play the next game. Do you know what i mean like you know if you know i'll be playing basketball but if i was there playing basketball and i saw i saw do pull a knife out and then he goes back on the court and like my team is up. I'll be like fuck that like no. I'm not playing this motherfucker. He put in the front pocket. He had on jeans jeans and brace like i call him coach. He put it in the front bucket. He had like some of the hip james the zippers on the front. Try to put in the pocket when he's sitting in the side dudes. It was garden saw that see that's crazy to me and i don't know if that's like you grow up in a different way. I don't know man here's what i do. I sit down. There's odor black couple there. One ornament played on my team. He was like forty but he played team and his girl was with him and he's like you need to call the cops. She's like and and this was weird. She was like out of one of apologize on behalf of him. We're not all like this and i go ma'am. Thank you for being sweet but like i don't think he like. There's no reason i he he ain't all black people to me or whatever right and she was because i like on the one hand if i was playing basketball back in salona and we had black people solano if whether it was a black or white guy that i knew if i knew they had a knife in her pocket. I wouldn't have thought twice about that. Either i really i really wouldn't have but if i had just seen that person threaten another player with it then i would have been like fuck this shit so so i have a knife ain't shis honestly hailed boot somebody with a knife. No i know but he i'm an above par. Your who's got a knife in heaven. I is whatever but like so let in on somebody the next game that game ends one of his teammates doodoo works at the y. That i go to and he's like kind of a buddy of mine so i'm like talking to him and i say talking about. He was like yeah you know. Just don't guard him and i go yeah. I'm not going to guard the guy who pulled a knife on me and he kind of laughed in a way that made me think he didn't realize what happened so i played in the next game. I didn't guard him but is basketball. There were a few times it up on him and this is how i know. You're not a bitch. We get that was that was the thing but like that's insane. That's how you get stabbed exactly in the next game. I mean i'm not trying to be playing next game. I completely agree with your real went wrong. I kept it ray. That's today read could've gone wrong. You don't want to cap it different times like how would get switched on him. I stole the ball from him. He's good like you don't have turnovers. I stole the ball from him and like i thought that was going to be a thing or he also hit one in my island. I got switched on. He didn't talk shit at all. He calmed down. I'm telling y'all that motherfucker went back to afghanistan. Dan yeah for sure totally by that came sad and didn't know how to deal with how to hand probably probably embarrassed address awesome dude. He went and had a real bad time with himself. Absolutely no that is what happened now. That being said you want to hug him that but that said he yeah he did a bad thing and you should not do that thing like why don't you call the cops and honestly it wouldn't even like me thing he's a vet and all that it was generally like this will ruins now. You ain't gotta call. The cops got called a cop every time a god. Damn knife pulled out on you. Have a gun pulled on me in guns pulled up twice twice. Now one was when i was way younger and like it was just a dumb kid ryan. The the second time was i've i've i've no i've told the story on the podcast at like at a comedy club. I'd made a joke and the dude and it was it was a black dude and and you know what dude can't i'm. I can't remember the fucking joke. All i remember is is that he was in the the front row and when i made the joke he was laughing and his buddies laughing and then afterwards they came up and there was a bunch of comics hanging around and it was like made the feature the headline there were a lot we didn't know how to deal with corey's black joke or whatever and they were just like oh whatever and i was like oh thank you guys you know by. Wa we go out in the parking lot. I was like hey like they saw. Thank you for being good sportsmen. You know it's all in fun or whatever and the day was like and then his buddy comes up. He's like funky motherfucker and i'm like whoa whoa what's up and then he just pulled his he pulled his shirt up and there was a gun and i was like oh shit and then he pulled he pulled the fucking gone out. This is weird because you guys have made jokes about me deserving. It wouldn't be a bitch but i was like i don't think i do but now i get it because i feel like you totally deserve this well. Maybe but it's trying to hit no land. No i mean i think you may be right but like he pulls a gun out pointed that me and then my fuk one of my goddamn dumb ass chicken maga buddies that were not buddies anymore not ness not because of this isolated incident because but because of this is who he is person he runs up and he yells the n. word at this dude do holding a gun fran rian holding a gun at me which which by the way if you look at the situation i mean both of them are equally bad. You know someone's holding a gun. He shouldn't have said edam. Shershukov said that so i'm sitting there and i wasn't even morally judging and what a stupid fucking on. I don't even know what he's days days so do point to me. Oh boy says that she and i'm just sitting there and i it. Was that weird where you decide. What what are you gonna. Stab me where i felt numb. I didn't genuinely think i was gonna get shot but it was in my head. Just everything felt like a movie like i was literacy in things in this box and so i was just saying is cool like i'm sure it's fine man i was like i'm sorry and i said dude. I don't think that you were that matt earlier and like this is his buddy by the way the dude who in question that whatever he was it's fine. No it's fine man. He's both fuck that ain't fine and then my buddy jones e. runs from downhill he'd gone up to his car and he pulled out had a golf club out of his fucking car any runs down. I got a little everybody's got a little jones. Ian them bringing a golf club to tackle what i say it because i'm a comic and i i said i turned around. I go dude. Are you for real bringing a nine iron to a gun fight right now and everyone not everyone laugh but like some people laugh do whatever whatever when jones e. shows up it. Kinda distracted the dude and then my buddy william who is now like my brother-in-law grabbed me by the hair and they'd pull the truck used to have hair yeah i did grabbed me by the hair and threw me and brad grey my buddy brad's truck north brian divorce breath and we just hold us out of there and as they threw me in there they we squeal out and i'm looking back and the dude still sitting there with a gun and jones is still sitting there with a fucking nar and i'm like we gotta fuck and like i don't know what's going on. They go. We're good and i was like you write like that is the most important thing and that's the most and then turns out it got squashed because they're beef eighty four isn't with him and that was just having a bad night and the one it was like it just stemmed from some bullshit. He was see in like guns obviously way where he was going to pull that gun on somebody and it just happened to be me at like i didn't have and this is something that was made very clear to me. I knew it but it was like i didn't have no boys as air that day man no better safely always in my opinion almost yeah right because i think if me and that one of your boys ran up and yield the n. word the guy who was currently holding the guy fucking inside some wait. Oh my game to start his life is and when i say one of my boys please no. He was an acquaintance of a friend and we don't talk anymore not because of that but because of specifically that but because that became who i knew that he was right and if someone's holding a gun at somebody it's almost like what is an insult because they're being asshole but that shouldn't have been it why i don't know how you feel about this. I guess my thing what i was about to say. Is i cut last what happened was. He took it out of his pocket. Before i play my game i've forgotten about this and he came to put it up and he was near me and get the fuck away from me with that like i said that outlet like i'm still talking to. I do like he's rational which is crazy and he's like off. I'm gonna stab you. You're gonna know it. I'm not gonna sneak up on you. I'll punch you and i was like that's this is like that was when i was like these people who are still playing this is crazy and i went outside and the dude rob was that they're talking to a guy he hadn't left yet and that's when he was like i go. I don't know man. It's not my ego. It's just like it ain't his court and rob said certain that i now that is your think but it's fun. I don't i don't think so because it wasn't like just me. It was like this idea of there was no. I didn't feel ashamed of running away from a knife fight. It was like you don't get to win. You don't get to dictate how we all use this because exactly but but then rob say i said it ain't his courtroom goes yet his.

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