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"marquis de sa" Discussed on The Eric Metaxas Show

"John's mirror. John, you were just talking about how everybody knew and everybody knows that abortion is wrong. And the Marquis de Sade, one of the most genuinely wicked human beings in history, of whom we have a record. He was dramatically pro abortion. Are we surprised? He argued that women needed abortion so that they could be equally as depraved and detached from the consequences of sex as men. So if women wanted to be happy libertines, the way he considered himself to pursue pleasure at all other costs, regardless of childbearing the needs of the future, the needs of other people, he regarded the ego. And it's a certain of its will. To the only good. The Marquis de Sade considered themselves the liberator of mankind. He was going to free us from Christian morale. Free us from having to care about other people. He was going to free the strong from having to care about the week. Remember, this is someone who for his own sexual amusement would kidnap and torture prostitutes. That's why he ended up in prison. People today pretend that he was imprisoned for his ideas. He was imprisoned as a violent film as a sick, aristocrat, who used his money and power to prey on poor helpless women who were otherwise starving and to physically torture them for his own amusement. His ideas were as close to pure evil as we can imagine. He advocated incest, child rape, child murder. But in his quest to advance pleasure and to free people from Christian morality, he said abortion should be legal. Abortion should be accepted. Abortion is fine. It is the only way for women to be a sexually furry as meant to have the same ability to walk away from the results of their activity to sleep with strangers and walk away. The only way you could do that, that women could be as free as men would be to have abortion widely available. Most people were horrified by this, even the leaders of the French Revolution considered de Sato, a dangerous lunatic. His ideas were revived in the 20th century by Simone de beauvoir. The common law wife with John Paul Sartre. She actually published a book in defense of the Marquis de Sade called must we burn. Must we burn his books? This pretense that she was just speaking up for freedom. But if freedom of the press, but in fact, her book is a defense and a promotion of his ideas and in her book the second sex, she takes decides argument without giving him credit and says that abortion must be legal so that women can be libertines just like men. And she signed with great petition in France that led to its legal proportions, legalization there. So the pro choice movement, via Simone de beauvoir, goes straight back to the satanic rituals and torture fantasies of the Marquis de Sade. It is a direct election. Yes, let's connect the dots here, folks. If you care about women, decide a powerful, wealthy man used his power and his money to torture poor women who had fallen into prostitution. It doesn't get more obviously evil. And this is the man who was arguing for abortion and let's go to Simon de beauvoir in my book is atheism dead. I talk about at the end of his life, Jean-Paul Sartre comes to faith and what's amazing is that Simon de beauvoir was outraged, utterly outraged. You start seeing that there is a satanic animus behind these things. This is not simply like, oh, I'm for free love. There's something deeper and she was so offended. She was absolutely outraged and betrayed that this man who comes to his senses at the end of his life. That he would dare even to voice what he's thinking, that he would be a free thinker. She felt betrayed by him. That's kind of where we are, folks. We're getting clarity here. We're getting spiritual clarity on what is behind some of these things. That's right. And we have to remember that just Jean-Paul Sartre's argument against the existence of God was not a rational. It was not that there wasn't evidence for it. It was not that the arguments didn't point to it. He essentially said, it's intolerable for there to be a God. And for us not to be him. In other words, the human will can not stand the idea of having an omnipotent master. So we must reject him so that we can feel omnipotent in ourselves, which is to serve in heaven. I mean, it's that satanic ego. It is at the very heart of its human pride, which goes all the way back to Eden. It is so dark. It is so evil. That's what we're talking about. In case you're scoring at home, that's right. And that's what we're facing here. One of the two political parties in America. I mean, political parties in America is the party of the Marquis de sa. It's the party of Sartre. It's the party of Margaret Sanger. It's the party of killing the innocent for the sake of our sexual convenience, but really for the sake of our own sense of omnipotence, our own sense of absolute sovereignty over ourselves. And one of the things that helped suppose this, the same people who think a woman should be able to abort her 8 month fetus and insist that even if it survived the abortion that the doctor kill it, because her bodily sovereignty is that absolute. Those same people didn't want to give that woman a choice of our whether or not to have the COVID vaccine. It is madness..

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