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"marquand daniel" Discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show

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"marquand daniel" Discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show

"Whether it was kitchens in Cleveland. I have no problem with Fangio in Denver. Of course. I have no problem with areas and Tampa. But clearly, there weren't any black coaches that were being hired is this something that players talk to you about or league officials talk to you about privately, and if so what would the kind of things they were saying to you. Since five of the you know, firings were two African American coaches and they were eight head coaching vacancies period. I've been hearing about it. I would say probably probably almost every day, and that's from coaches that's from league executives or what have you? I think some of the consistent theme Stephen that. I'm hearing one is how the agents are having influence over hiring. For example, that Taylor the, you know, the presumed next head coach and quarterback LA who's about to get the big job. Right. Yes. Now, the jobs that you're hearing or the people for the jobs for the defensive coordinator here in the Mike Nolan's you hearing the Jack del Rio's and the connection between those names are and head coach that fill that job is the same agent. And so what you're hearing if people complaining about is this America Crecy or this about agent influence, okay? The other thing that I'm hearing. Is when you have a guy like Raval who got his job. And by the way, did a very good job with Tennessee. Although there were nine seven for the third straight year. But the year before when he was a coordinator for Houston that that defense was ranked twentieth. Didn't stop him from getting a head coaching job. So then when you have a guy like Marquand Daniel who defensive coordinator for the falcons and last year had that defense in their best ranking that they've had in twenty years, but then this year fell down because they lost like three or four or five players. And all of a sudden their defense is not rank. But now it a job. So those are the things that I'm hearing. And then when you see the job that aired enemies doing with the cheese, you know, he doesn't of ours. What the job, and then everyone conclusively thought that Christmas chard was eligible and great for job didn't get a job. So these are the things that I'm hearing behind the scenes with regards to the fact that only one out of the eight is going to African American. And then it seems as though resumes that either have equal or less. To show for with candidates who are non African Americans are still being considered to supersede those same candidates for higher jobs and not have enough in the pipeline at the coordinator position to then help off meant themselves to then get the job to be a head coach. So those are the things that I'm hearing in the CNN, I know that there was article by Mark mask and the Washington Post yesterday talking about how the Fritz Pollard alliance is the jesting that, you know, more candidates be hired at the lower levels automatically. So that they're just automatically in the pipeline. So that I think that's something that's being discussed or proposed right now. I don't know how that's gonna go over if it's going to be implemented. But those are the things that were being be discussing. I would also say Stephen in the last point is that this year that you heard that it seemed like a lot of the general managers who were behind those teams who were on their stepping in third coach seemingly escaped escaped, you know. Of any critical evaluation to the point of losing their jobs. I think this year we're going to be monitoring the trend of okay, all these seems like Arizona Green Bay that hired younger coaches and are trying to put a veteran defensive coordinators with them kinda like the model of the Rams is that gonna work for other teams. And then also the GM's that escaped, you know, the same criticism for the same bad records like Arizona, my hamper. Or what have you are? They now going to be having their jobs up for valuation at the end of this year, if they're teams don't do well as well as what are you headed to Atlanta for the Super Bowl fifty three? I'm headed out this weekend. We will be doing coverage nine to eight straight days..

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