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"marnie jonah" Discussed on The Power Trip

"Embarrassment Brunette. I'm sorry. This is a great side go wrong there. That's a tough one. It almost happened ladies and gentlemen hope we are still Still on pace. A ten to nothing win for nine hundred, eighty five can happen. You'll have to find after this break. And we'll get to what really matters. Marnie Jonah joined seven o'clock. Chill. It's the of the decades it's the power of morning show. Mark. Parishes here. Marez. Coming into. Rosie O. B. Here's wall. But right now. We may be witnessing history. As nine, hundred, eighty, five, top, ten, pop songs are dominating nine, hundred, ninety, five, top ten, pop song. It's not even close. It's seven nothing. But the top three songs from each year are still up for grabs. Ready. We go back to nineteen five. The number three song. Say I come on my phone's ringing. ACT took. Zululand. Herman put the boom into my heart. Genius Zoo Anderson. The perfect song for Gasoline A. Wake me up you go. I mean. Is it better than? Eighty. Yes creep. By TLC yes..

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