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"marlin white eagle" Discussed on Native America Calling

"The National Native News Tony Gonzalez. More than three dozen people turned out for North Dakota's idea event on the Turtle Mountain Reservation Tuesday. The state's Department of Transportation and Indian affairs traveled to Belcourt to provide non driver photo identification cards. Which can be used for voting? Scott Davis North Dakota Indian affairs. Executive Director says the goal is to provide ID's to tribal members across the state. It's also an effort to move forward from litigation involving native voters and the state's law always a goal or governor Burgum. My boss and make sure that all travel citizens have The the afford not to vote now be turned away so really Gatien that has been I guess Done in the distinctive decree Or by the judge to move forward and work together and so in preparation for the June election Davis ADDS COMMUNICATION WITH TRIBES. Has Been Key in making the idea. Event Happen Relation. You know. We need to stronger racial and you the can only take so far. We all know that I mean there's always that I don't know that that's that's our our Constitution. That's our treaty but locally we talked about locally county state's that's where the rubber meets the road. You know that's where it really gets real and if you don't have those partnerships and you don't have those those relationships you know things things Hit compromise things were pretty quickly. The idea event is being held on the spirit lake reservation Wednesday and three other reservations. The rest of the week the non driver. Id Card free to people. Eighteen and older and will be mel to residents the Navajo nation aggressively. Testing people for cove in nineteen as the number of positive cases exceeded four thousand as of Tuesday now nation president. Jonathan says the tribe has tested more than eleven percent of its population and is continuing large scale testing events which may result in another spike of positive tests the tribes also gathering data from healthcare facilities on recovery preliminary numbers from six healthcare centers. Show more than one thousand people who tested positive for covid nineteen have recovered the tribes also continuing to deliver food water and supplies to families. Across the vast reservation tribal leaders and health officials are urging residents on the reservation to follow emergency orders and stay home to slow the of Covid nineteen on the Navajo nation. Ho President Marlin White Eagle announced Tuesday. The first reopening tribal enterprise Ho chunk gaming a madison. Wisconsin is scheduled to reopen next week with covid nineteen safety and sanitation plans which include temperature checks and food operations remaining closed. The casino will reopen with a phased-in process with limited hours to players club members. Only a health and safety inspection scheduled Wednesday in preparation for the reopening. The facility was closed in March due to covid nineteen reopening dates for other. Ho Chunk gaming facilities have not been announced the tribes taking into consideration local health and safety measures and surrounding states. Stay home orders. Wisconsin restrictions were lifted. After court struck down. The governor stay at home orders last week. Legislation introduced by more than forty us. Senator seeks to address the digital divide experienced by students across the country who do not have access at home to the Internet including native American students. Lawmakers and educators say the cove nineteen pandemic has drawn awareness to the digital divide especially among low income and students of color the emergency educational connections act would provide four billion dollars in federal support to schools and libraries including tribes to provide. Internet hotspots and equipment. I'm Antonio Gonzalez..

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