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"marla arlit" Discussed on Who? Weekly

"We didn't talk about it. Was the holiday cinco de marlow. Stop well defensive. You're saying stop but there's an update so last night i was scrolling demand scrimshaw amari martino celebrating her daughter marlins birthday so she had a cinco de marlow as marlins fifth birthday party at her. I don't know some event space in westport connecticut. Oh and it's like mexican themed so there were pinatas and a lot of of you know spanish language word or their heritage right. Yes it's their heritage. It's nine oh my god and she and marlow has you know the skeleton the painted on her face. It's i mean it's a it's a celebration of a mexican culture in the middle of westport connecticut so match that looks like okay so this happens and she says secretive marlow in taco emoji <hes> also a smiley face but also talk about the best celebration for our best girl. Even in the sweltering heat the whole party will be on the blog soon hashtag happily ever after hashtag cinco de marlow happy birthday marlow at hashtag open yada. Okay okay okay so people are commenting like love this theme girl yes queen. We love it but then there are people obviously people people of mexican heritage who were like. Please don't appropriate my culture. This is fucked up like former f. a. fans who like ever you you messed up here right are never ever fancy of just <hes> <hes> found that never fans never ever after so people start commenting the things like this like ever your appropriating. You're being insensitive avenue and people we're saying i don't see all the comments anymore but there's a comment twenty minutes ago happily ever after wire up deleting comments. Are you blocking people to have opinions about your party bowl book. Uh well five hours ago in the middle of the night connecticut time the middle of the night. Can they have their own. It's like c. S. t. can get standard time mm-hmm yeah. It's the same as eastern time except like it's just a lot bright paid for that. Yeah they pay more. They pay more a little yeah. No on our mexican themed party for marlo. You will not believe how she spun this lindsey and you're going to lose your mind with everything going on in this political climate climate i thought now would be a great time to celebrate mexico and that role it has held in our culture and our country culturally. Anyone who knows marlow are low fiber roll a recent recently turned five-year-old anyone who knows marlow proven the toilet knows. She is obsessed with mexico. No i know sorry wait. Wait wait wait. Wait we wait. She has had incredible latin women taking care of her from three years three weeks old and one in particular from mexico who would always call her cinco to marlow on on may fifth she also claims women are little loves latin women's it okay wait it's getting it's so long okay so she says pretty low bar she talks about how much love the movie cocoa from when all this started we have been we have been donated to those infected spelled wrong to attack the horror of the horrific attacks on mexican culture we even donating to those effected spelled wrong and i also wrote a blog post which i'm putting in my bio. Unfortunately this has been going on a long time so the posts from awhile ago we have also been calling our senators. Someone reach out to me directly in a kind way to let me know that marlin team offended them. Blah blah blah blah blah <hes> <hes> i mean it goes on but she really it was a celebration of mexican culture lindsey. I cannot believe that she wrote that. Marlo loves mexico. Mortal lives latin women in mexico. I mean there's a way again. I feel like there's a way is there's a way there's a way to do this. Is there not like this. I think there's a there's a way for maria martinez. Marla arlit have cocoa themed party in west. Yes there's a way to do this in westport connecticut. There's also a way to apologize better and again the way to apologize say i'm sorry for doing this. I wasn't thinking you know she never. She admits that someone got offended but she doesn't accept the fact that she understands..

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