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S2. Ep. 07: Megan Angelo reads an excerpt from "Followers"


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S2. Ep. 07: Megan Angelo reads an excerpt from "Followers"

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It may not seem like it but rating and reviewing the show will help more people find us you just search story bound on apple podcasts, scroll to the bottom and push five stars stat easy. If you'd like, you can even know explaining why you love the show. Thank you. Hi I'm Megan Angelo and you're listening to story bound. Welcome to story bounds presented by radio and the POD glomming. I'm your host Jude. In just one minute, you will hear Megan Angelo read an excerpt from her book followers with an original composition by Tim Carp. Support for this podcast count from. CDW. On Dell Technologies. Bet cdw, Gee we get the migrating your agency to a hyper converged infrastructure is challenging. GotTa do it gotTa do it slowdown friend CDW Jeez experts can help simplify your transition from legacy to hyper converged infrastructure with Dell technology solutions that offer speed and agility. Have you done it? Why isn't it done yet it orchestration by cdw. People who get it find out more at CDW DOT com. Slash. DELTEC. I everyone jude here, and I'm here to tell you about a podcast called Harry Potter and the sacred text in this podcast. Harvard divinity school graduates and Co host. Finessing Casper have embarked on a five year journey to take a deeper dive into all of the Harry Potter Books Together, this duo will relive the magic of the text chapter by chapter exploring themes of commitment revenge forgiveness. And some of life's big questions, you can join Vanessa and Casper this season as they explore book seven Harry Potter and the deathly hallows if you're considering starting or jumping back into Harry Potter or if you're enthralled with thoughtful in enlightening conversations, this is the perfect podcast for you just searching listen to Harry Potter and the sacred text on apple or wherever you're listening to this podcast. the morning was for numbers. Marlow gets seven to take one pill in front of she gave a mental glance at the dashboard that kept track of her followers blinking on the screen inside her mind. Eleven point six, million people as of this moment. She hooked the quilt beneath her armpits in two places. Wardrobe Malfunction Prevention had installed loops on all her bedding. Headstone prongs into the lace of the short silk gowns she wore to bed. Then she sat up and took three deep breaths opening her eyes on the last one. She blamed four times on hurried. Smiled twice. I smile was meant to look sleepy to hint at consciousness emerging. The second was mental spontaneous Giddy as if she had just remembered that she was alive and felt unspeakably blessed. To. Look in other words as though the pill worked that fast. Lately Marlow. had been adding some movement to the second. Smile. Sign and stretching her arms over her head. But the network had sent her clucking note yesterday reminding her to aim for consistency wherever possible departure from long-held routines can seem to the audience like signs of emotional trouble. Her followers had other concerns. After Marlo lowered her palms this morning she closed her eyes just in time to see a comment scrolling. Is it me or does MAR have Kinda Chubby Armpits marlow looked at. Ellis sleeping stomach down beside her she couldn't ask him if he thought her armpits were fat. To bring it up on camera would be to acknowledge the followers comment to acknowledge the existence of followers at all. This was against employee policy. which was a total farce. Of course, her followers knew she knew they were watching. They knew she could see them talking about her. But the fact that she and the other talent never let on that they pretended to be living. This was what her followers wanted. they like to feel like voyagers they didn't want to be looked in the eye. And so as her contract stated. The Constellation Network has zero tolerance policy on spell breaking. She got up and padded across the bedroom listening to the faint saw of the cameras in the ship lap walls bruce sliding on their tracks to follow her. The writers have been editing her closet again marlow saw when she pulled its doors open. Yesterday as the day stretched empty before her marlow had reclined in her backyard Cabana. Eyelids close behind her sunglasses. And intuited lazily. Vintage. Fashion Images. The browsing obsession, the obsession turned into a wardrobe request that was filled within the hour. As marlowe sat cross-legged in her Sarong on the Doug. Gray cushion. Eating Spinach Salad with strawberries. A drone descended from the sky and landed on the deck. It unfurled its arms to release a metal bar hung the clothes she had asked for. Genes with the knees cat clawed out. Shelterless blouses that billowed in the breeze as they settled down in front of her. When she put everything on Marlo grinded herself in the mirror feeling like a twenty teens pinup. But then she saw her dashboard probably with feedback. Those pants just made me second guess being on the same Med sir someone wrote. That night as she lay in bed. Milo heard the overnight drone making more noise than usual. After it cleaned and filed the dishes after fold the blankets she and LS. Left slopped on the couches ambled to bed. She heard the drown pushing its way into her closet clattering around. Sure enough this morning, all her vintage looks were gone. Now. She pulled on the lime-colored Hoodie and matching leggings off a hanger if the network cared so much about what she wore, let them green screen it in themselves. Such a bold floral on that card again but she's pulling it off when the follower comment that appeared a moment later clicking to by. Marlow fought the gag that rose inside her at the phrase. Bold floral. She swore someone in Wardrobe. had it out for her? On the other hand she thought as she went into the kitchen and open the fridge, she had a guardian Angel and craft services. Science had definitively linked caffeine to anxiety recently, and the network had immediately freaked about the optics of Marlow consuming it. But someone in crafty had come to the rescue developing a coffee just for her that could be died to look like cold press juice. Now marlow and capped plastic bottle with a label that read carrot apple. took a sip of cotta colored liquid. And tasted the bitter cool of is just wrestle. The sensation loosened her instantly her shoulders retreated downward her heart rose her face relaxed. She could sense herself having an attractive moment and as if on cue she heard a muted snap. The camera in the brass knob on a cabinet door across from her had detected and captured a still image. Perfect. The hysterical add that would be patched onto the corner of her live feed in marlow counted three to. Does always looks so content though someone piped up on her dashboard next time, they do a promo code for sterile and they give it a shot. Think it's weird. The way she drinks juice. She's like. The tiny sips I bet she's on poppy and their CGI shed. Marlow froze with her lips on the bottle. She waited a beat for the comment to clear. Then tipped her head back and forced herself to take a giant Gulp of her drink. She exhaled discreetly. To keep from releasing the tale coffee char of her breath. Then she stifled smile her followers couldn't smell her. Her heartbeat stuttered as it always did when she came up with another thing. Though sometimes, she'd go years on end without adding to the list. Things I, have to myself. The our between three and four am when the network broke for ad interruption dressing rooms, doctor's office chambers and bathrooms in her home and Oliver Town. Her favourite was a toilet stall in the Vegan Gastro pub downtown. As a teenager, she used a nail file to scratch mean things about some of her ruder followers into its enamel walls. And now her smell. Something small but hers alone. You are listening to story about. And now for a short break. Hey. It's Jude Burr. I just wanted to tell you about a podcast called the history of literature. It's a show that covers everything from the life and works of literary giants, Tolstoy Industrial, ASCII to lighthearted topics like the best of the Bar Shakespeare's greatest lines and overrated the books you don't need to read. The past five years host, Jack Wilson and his guests have explored everything from Gilgamesh took a goal seeking out the most unusual compelling and inspiring stories from the world of literature with his special blend of self loathing and optimism Jack, tackles. Every book if it could change his life and more often than not, it does just that at its heart. The history of literature podcast is a celebration of what we love about literature and life it will appeal. To anyone who enjoys passionate intelligent and unpretentious conversations about the beauty and importance of great books previous and forthcoming episodes of the show featured guests such as Tom Peralta Alison. hagey Charles Baxter Amanda Stern Joshua Ferris. Matt. Gallagher Tobias. Wolff and comedian Joe Para the history of literature is brought to you by the pod llamas new episodes run every Monday and Thursday and you can listen today by subscribing on Apple podcasts or wherever you are listening to this show. Everybody has heard fairytales, but did you know that original versions of fairy tales were not suitable for children? Every Wednesday the park has networks. PODCAST tales uses premier storytelling to present these stories as they were originally told orally and unadulterated tales doesn't cover the popular watered down versions of the stories are familiar with today. These tales are riddled with lust tragedy murder and more. You'll feel like you're in the middle of a story book as. You hear these Classic Tales described vividly here classic tales such as Peter Pan the boy you cried wolf and Briar Rabbit brought to life as you've never heard them before with many more details to come you think you know the story but do you really follow tales for free on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts or you can visit park dot com slash tales to listen. Now that's P. A. R. CAST DOT COM Slash Tales. And now we returned from break. This was how it had gone at Jacqueline's parties for nearly a decade. Marlow sat on the Cantaloupe Colored Sofa against its right arm her good side, facing. Camera. East. Ida slumped opposite her on the Daisy Pattern club chair droning on early. Marlou had once liked being across from. Ida back when the woman was a body sloppy drunk but these days items sober and a stay at home mom and she spent most of Jacqueline's parties performing small dramas about her allergies. Marlow had seen AIEDA walk around an adamant like it was a landmine sniffling Oh God is that Mohair. Routinely flung herself across the room to close a window whining, sorry pollen I have to. Once, failing to detect IDA's allergy profile from her device a server bat had extended a tray of shrimp cocktail her way. Ida had gone to city hall. The next week made a twenty minute speech about her hives. And insisted that the network decommission and dismember. MARLA recalled with a scandalized chill. The offending machine but tonight. Ida was missing. Recast without explanation, a new girl olive skinned and sleek formidably cheekbones with bronze lipstick and black hair parted into pigtails braids. Sat in IDA's chair with her bare feet pulled up under her like she had been here forever. Marla Jacqueline who stood in the center of the thick sand colored carpet holding up something called a scrunchy. At these parties Jacqueline push things that according to her invites changed her life. At gadgets soothes ugly quilted handbags. Marlow new new that none of these things had really changed Jacqueline's life. The network chose the items based on sponsorship agreements. Then Jacqueline through parties where she raised them up and gushed about them to her dozen in-person guests and her roughly nine point, nine million followers plus all of her guests followers to. The items the network chose reflected Jacqueline's core audience. Demo. Married Mothers across America Age Twenty eight to forty four who tuned in while folding laundry around nine pm on weeknights. Though, Jacqueline fits squarely in with her followers. She was thirty eight with two daughters. She was always embarrassed when someone mentioned her demel. It makes me feel so old and boring she told Marlow once. It's better than mine marlow had said. No one would argue with that. Where's IDA marlow call to Jacqueline raising her voice above the scrunchy induced. oohs and aahs. Jacqueline ignored her she pushed the scrunchy onto her wrist and waved her hand around for all to see. And it's super cute is a bracelet she said. Jack. Marlowe repeated is on vacation. The end of her sentenced slipped under the clatter of something breaking on the ground. The women turned to see a server Bot. Bent over the shards of a wine glass. marlow watched the lillies in the coffee table vase twist in the same direction. They're scarlet pistols stretching train their tiny cameras on the action. She could swear the bought had dropped the glass to drown out the sound of his name. When she looked back jacqueline her friend not at once and Dabbed Lips. It was their signal for tell you off camera. An hour later is marlow past the powder on Jacqueline's arm shot out of it and pulled her inside. Ida's gone. She said as she pulls the door shut. Gone. Marlow saw herself in the mirror. One of Jacqueline's hair drowns. It's silver talents clanking near her ear. Had Pen to ridiculous Silvo arete into her dark waves. Yup Jacqueline said just up and left Mike and the kids blue right through the perimeter left the fucking state. She walked her fingers on an invisible path through the air. Check your map. She's in Denver. And for God's sake, Marlow don't mention her on camera again. The. What about her contract Marlow said I thought she and Mike redoing the whole on the rocks thing this year. She unlatched her Beretta massaged her scalp ignoring Jacqueline's puffed breath of protests. They didn't even stage a hunt for her supposedly Jacqueline said adjusting the Pearl. Komen. Her temple she sucked her cheeks in glared at herself in the glass. How should he would that feel? It's like they don't even care. She's gone. I honestly think the network was glad to get the chance to southern that new girl diversity and all. Jacqueline marlow spoken affirm voice this was something she had been trying to do more than she turned thirty five age felt to her like a cosmic deadline for being strong and self possessed complete. Hunts aren't real. She said. He certainly are jacqueline returned and tell him that trump hers effortlessly and Marlow. Let it go. Jacqueline was an incorrigible now at all it was Marlowe loved most about her. Her Friends Brazen Authority always made her feel safe. Jacqueline's is floated away for a moment. She nodded but not at Marlow. Her device was telling her something. GotTa get back out there. She said talk later. Alone in the bathroom, Marlow twiddle the twigs in the diffuser. And closed her eyes find IDA. Stanley she intuited. In her mind's eye. California's shrank and plummeted away. Making marlow stomach flip like she was the falling thing. Her maps shifted streaking past hundreds of her neighbors symbols in a blur. And brought her down again in Denver. I dissemble the Red Stiletto that had always depressed marlow. Hovered over the city. There she was proudly gone in the state of. Marlow had to zoom out to remind herself what State Denver was in. Colorado. Marlow pictured IDA, on a purple flowered. Mountain. Sneezing. The Black Gem at her wrist nicked her gently. I have a message from production came the voice in her brain. I should return to an on camera space. I have now been off camera five minutes. I have lost seventy eight followers during this off camera time. Marlow watched herself blushed with Gil in the mirror. It was as if the network knew what she was thinking about just then what it would be like for her to leave to. I have lost eighty nine followers during this off camera time the voice followed up to. Eighty nine followers was nothing marlowe average an audience of over twelve million. And that was why IDA could run. She thought and get away with it whereas she wouldn't. Ida had what? One one point five, million followers hardly a fan favourite especially after she transitioned from the party. Girl Ensemble to standard housewife arc. She didn't even have a sponsor. Marlow by contrast was the most looked at woman in the room presented by a MARCI partner hysterical. Her followers the WHO observed every move she made were spread across the rest of America and various races and age groups. But they had in common was that they were troubled. This was how the network marketed her as the poster child for troubled The Constellation. Star who got what they were going through. The network mind public data looking for adults whose devices clocked too much crying or eating. For kids whose heartbeat searched panicked levels during gym class. Meet Marlo went the AD. The network would beam straight to their devices. She knows just how you feel. The sad people. Glad to be talked to would opt right in and start watching her. They would see she moved through her days with buoyant normalcy. And they would be reminded every so often that his sterile had made her this way. It was Jacqueline's job to show America what they could buy to keep them. Happy. It was Marlins job to show them what to swallow. She called herself at the sink willed the readiness to fade from her cheeks. I should return to an on camera space. Marlins hair was bent and snarled where she had pulled out the bow. She does the class back in even tighter this time. And went back out to the party. this story was an excerpt written and performed by Megan Angela you can read more of her story in her book. Follow. Worse. Followers is described as of this trippy future version of our high-tech Internet. Obsessed culture and it is really fascinating. The music for this episode was composed by Tim. Tim also did the music for Nathan Hills episode in Season One, and I, highly recommend to check it out. We'd also like to thank Kathleen from Kathleen Carter Communications Great in-house books and Tim car, plus for mixing this episode. And in case you already weren't aware there are comics for every one of these episodes Shane Milner draws the comics and you can find these on our instagram page or on our twitter at story bound pod. Story about is arranged, produced and hosted by me Jude Brewer. producers are Jeff Umbro of the pod Glamour and Justin Alvarez of lit hub. This show's theme was developed by Grain Table, and thank you to Modesto for this sample. If. You've ever felt like telling us what you think of show. Well, you can do so by finding us on twitter at story about pod or just tweeting me directly at Judy brewery new. Are released every Tuesday next week, you'll hear an original story by Manchester. Juice she drinks juice drinks out juice. Juice. Juice. Juice Meyer have Kinda Chevy, an pets chubby armpits, Chevy Armpits. Chevy. Armpits. Seven. Seven Chevy aren't such a bold floral on that hard again, but she's pulling it off. Bold floral bold floor bowled four fold flora bold for bold four Chevy. Armpits seventy. Seven. Chevy. Tabby. Shoveling. Seven hundred. Seventy. Seven. Start. SONIC UNIVERSE Hey I just wanted to check in with you real quick to talk about get booked. It's a weekly podcast personalized reading recommendations get booked will allow you the listener to right in with your specific reading recommendation requests whether there for you your book club for a gift or anything else hosts and former independent sellers. And Jan Northington will answer your requests using their years of combined books expertise and no request is too niche. You WanNa feel good sci fi romp with found family and a romance. No problem how about you're looking for a perfect book for Your Dad who has only ever read history of World War Two well, Amanda and Jen are on it. Needs something for your book club to read that will actually make the members. You want to read the book done and done in addition to their weekly personalized reading recommendations show Amanda and Jen give you bonus mini episodes every week where they sell you on one underrated book that they love in ten minutes or less get booked is brought to you by book riot North America's largest independent book site get new episodes every Thursday on your podcast catcher of choice.

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