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"Ida slumped opposite her on the Daisy Pattern club chair droning on early. Marlou had once liked being across from. Ida back when the woman was a body sloppy drunk but these days items sober and a stay at home mom and she spent most of Jacqueline's parties performing small dramas about her allergies. Marlow had seen AIEDA walk around an adamant like it was a landmine sniffling Oh God is that Mohair. Routinely flung herself across the room to close a window whining, sorry pollen I have to. Once, failing to detect IDA's allergy profile from her device a server bat had extended a tray of shrimp cocktail her way. Ida had gone to city hall. The next week made a twenty minute speech about her hives. And insisted that the network decommission and dismember. MARLA recalled with a scandalized chill. The offending machine but tonight. Ida was missing. Recast without explanation, a new girl olive skinned and sleek formidably cheekbones with bronze lipstick and black hair parted into pigtails braids. Sat in IDA's chair with her bare feet pulled up under her like she had been here forever. Marla Jacqueline who stood in the center of the thick sand colored carpet holding up something called a scrunchy. At these parties Jacqueline push things that according to her invites changed her life. At gadgets soothes ugly quilted handbags. Marlow new new that none of these things had really changed Jacqueline's life. The network chose the items based on sponsorship agreements. Then Jacqueline through parties where she raised them up and gushed about them to her dozen in-person guests and her roughly nine point, nine million followers plus all of her guests followers to. The items the network chose reflected Jacqueline's core audience. Demo. Married Mothers across America Age Twenty eight to forty four who tuned in while folding laundry around nine pm on weeknights. Though, Jacqueline fits squarely in with her followers. She was thirty eight with two daughters. She was always embarrassed when someone mentioned her demel. It makes me feel so old and boring she told Marlow once. It's better than mine marlow had said. No one would argue with that. Where's IDA marlow call to Jacqueline raising her voice above the scrunchy induced. oohs and aahs. Jacqueline ignored her she pushed the scrunchy onto her wrist and waved her hand around for all to see. And it's super cute is a bracelet she said. Jack. Marlowe repeated is on vacation. The end of her sentenced slipped under the clatter of something breaking on the ground. The women turned to see a server Bot. Bent over the shards of a wine glass. marlow watched the lillies in the coffee table vase twist in the same direction. They're scarlet pistols stretching train their tiny cameras on the action. She could swear the bought had dropped the glass to drown out the sound of his name. When she looked back jacqueline her friend not at once and Dabbed Lips. It was their signal for tell you off camera. An hour later is marlow past the powder on Jacqueline's arm shot out of it and pulled her inside. Ida's gone. She said as she pulls the door shut. Gone. Marlow saw herself in the mirror. One of Jacqueline's hair drowns. It's silver talents clanking near her ear. Had Pen to ridiculous Silvo arete into her dark waves. Yup Jacqueline said just up and left Mike and the kids blue right through the perimeter left the fucking state. She walked her fingers on an invisible path through the air. Check your map. She's in Denver. And for God's sake, Marlow don't mention her on camera again. The. What about her contract Marlow said I thought she and Mike redoing the whole on the rocks thing this year. She unlatched her Beretta massaged her scalp ignoring Jacqueline's puffed breath of protests. They didn't even stage a hunt for her supposedly Jacqueline said adjusting the Pearl. Komen. Her temple she sucked her cheeks in glared at herself in the glass. How should he would that feel? It's like they don't even care. She's gone. I honestly think the network was glad to get the chance to southern that new girl diversity and all. Jacqueline marlow spoken affirm voice this was something she had been trying to do more than she turned thirty five age felt to her like a cosmic deadline for being strong and self possessed complete. Hunts aren't real. She said. He certainly are jacqueline returned and tell him that trump hers effortlessly and Marlow. Let it go. Jacqueline was an incorrigible now at all it was Marlowe loved most about her. Her Friends Brazen Authority always made her feel safe. Jacqueline's is floated away for a moment. She nodded but not at Marlow. Her device was telling her something. GotTa get back out there. She said talk later. Alone in the bathroom, Marlow twiddle the twigs in the diffuser. And closed her eyes find IDA. Stanley she intuited. In her mind's eye. California's shrank.

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