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"marky mark jackson" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"There's two rivers down their flowing down the Cache Creek text line One is many thoughts on the warriors and some, you know, it's like something. For example, seven of seven says What about that incredibly bogus offensive foul on Draymond green on that screen in the final two minutes? That was causing Jeff Van Gundy to question the call, causing Mark Mark Jackson to say. Don't look at me. I'm not ref in. That's my boy Wants Jackson Still rock with Marky Mark Jackson. I do. That's my boy on the other river is the amount of Walter's people are coming in with another great Walters. I'd like Tonto. There's the ultimate Walter. Thank you. Good thinking, man. This is Harold. I'm sorry. He sounds like an honorary Walter the he's a dirty play, Harold. My bad, My bad, but I forgot. No Cronkite, Disney. White from breaking bad. We've dropped these before. I think when Walter was going a little bit, and then Becker is the steely dan guy you were talking. Thank you. Stef. Steve Kerr used the phrase a bitter pill. Swallow, which leads me if you want to, like kind of gather around the campfire and lick our wounds this morning, I could give you a super fan story that involves that phrase. It's a bitter pill. This is a true story. Now. True as they all are all the super fan stories are true. So for people just tuning in what Super fan over the last several years Much to my surprise, Paulie Mac copes have enjoyed beyond my just beyond my belief. The stories of my college mate who was the single most arranged Super fan of all time he was a U C l, A proven who you see who did things in his phantom that blew my mind all the time. His relentless a blind loyalty. His 10,000% blind passion for his team's has refused to accept any criticism or comments. But it's all sports. It's all talking swimming gymnastics. Holy bullshit. It's not just the major sports. He's a super fan. There's no question so 1987 U. S C. U C L a game, All right. We're playing for the rose, but when it goes to the Rose Bowl The big game at we lose, Erica falter catches a ball that would not be a touchdown today. Tim Ryan is referenced this on the year Tim Record a bro out felt or was a filter was inbound, bro. Remember that I was like? No, he wasn't because Eric applicants showing the ball out of bounds. I got news, bro. In that game. Eric Turner future. Reiter made a pick six and was streaking down the sideline to end the first half. Rodney Peete jumped and pulled his face mask down to stop it. No flag. Anyway, a bunch of things went wrong. I had to write the headline on the story for the paper. Nice and I just had a picture is a picture of Eric Turner sitting on the field alone, just depressed, and I went Bruins swallow a bitter Comma, bitter pill. That was what I went with bitters. I went with Bruins up a bitter, bitter pill, so I got one of the phrase. It's a bitter pill to swallow. I gotta tell you the truth. I didn't care for the second bit ready for this dude walked in, walked in with the paper through a death. I don't like this, Dude. I told you don't notice. It was like, what do you mean? Because I do he uses. There's nothing in here about the officials, dude, nothing in here. But how is it a bitter pill when it was taken from us, Dude, I was like, Wow, it's exactly because it's a little excessive. It's a little harsh. I didn't know I could do that all and stormed out. Yeah. There you go down, So I got something like it at all any time I hear this directly anytime I hear the phrase bitter pill to swallow. I'm taking back to that moment in 1987. How did you guys make up after that with him, he just moves on. Maybe I lost my temper, Do it. It was a moment of rage. Didn't he made me question The headlines like without a bad headline was like maybe you got the time. You know Now he's a comic for at the time. He was a year older than me. You always accuse a big dude. Well, he was higher up on the chair. You always say that should not be forgotten. I think we all forget this. I'm murky, Murph. You said he's kind of like an imposing dude. Yeah, Yeah, Stocky guy was short but stock anyway, would contact her. I feel your pain when you say it was a bitter pill with a few zebra calls going the other way. Wciv plenty. Your story man 20. Well, anyway, it was very, very tough people also talking about the Steph turnover. Alex Caruso, DDM. I hate that. I'm not a big Corso guy. For starters, he said that he's frustrating calling called Bull all night. Somebody people. He's a little past you with no hair. That weird must like you know what he's like An updated version of DellaVedova. He's like another one of those guys justice to turn over any irritant. He did he force that was really gonna make this pocket now. He's a He's a real pest. Yeah. So we had the just things I'm lamenting here. The call Andre Monde, the turnover by Steph right there, Steph, Steph. Missed a little 10 footer in the lane. I know you can't make him all I know what you saying. Stuff must go That little runner, though I would have liked that. I thought when he came off that screen and he looked up and he's like, Oh, nobody's around me. I think he was sort of surprised, and I just sort of like that little runner off the front of the room. And I would like the pool three pointer that went and then and then the way they handled the rebound with 7.3 seconds left. It didn't get the time out till 2.1 Why they take so long to take out. The Lakers just collapses, telling them to go and then they They didn't really go. I don't They lost time. I don't know if they lost Checking the clock or you give the Lakers credit for really pressing curry with the ball. I don't need picking here, but I'd like to end on the basketball too. And we had 2.1. I'd like to end on the ball. Okay. I'd like to get a shot off. Here's my question. Is there any Is there any scenario where you want to use Stephens? A decoy there? Sure, Yes. I mean, would we be in here and you're gonna let who take the shot pool or wiggling inside awakens. Take that shot. Here's the deal. I'd rather get it over with somebody. But you get a shot off. You know what? Dude, It's a lot to put on pool. But you know what? Why not? Let's get this. Yes, yes. From our friend like that. I would have been fine with the decoy one year ago. This time we're watching the last dance. Steve Kerr, John Paxton. Yeah, there were two guys who were not Michael Jordan, who took those shots sealed up tight because.

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