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"markle michael levitt" Discussed on Science Friction

"Isn't it there's so much shame associated with a bomb. What comes out of it about Pu excretion and look shames emotion? which it's all about hiding and we've sort of done that science as well? We don't talk about certain things even though they're so prevalent as as problems. If you think about the other end of the August or intestinal tract we have whole journals devoted to eating and eating disorders in the like which are very very serious. Important things to study. But there's at least as much suffering attached is the other end and at least much instinct stuff to talk about. Why do we have so much? Shame around two and differentiation. You know I think it's just seen as toxic stuff and it is toxic stuff. I think they're very good evolutionary reasons why we might want to keep as much Distances possible from our F- issues to the latest figures I've seen is that about two million children die from fecally transmitted material. This is stuff that is toxic to us and this very good reasons to put it as far out of mind mind inside as possible British survey that I report about my book when asked to rate the most important inventions of humanity The British public put the flush toilet about that number nine high than the combustion engine. It sounds ridiculous but at the same time hygiene so important. Freedom from disease is so important I think shame and discuss it just ways of putting things out of mind at putting things out of mom but this relationship between the mind and our intestines is opponent one and we'll come back to that because there's lots to explore law there James Foley who is fantastic material for you as a children's author and illustrator. I don't use it as an actual illustrative medium painting. Well frankly he hasn't done that yet. The camera ready for when I yeah in terms this is just coming off the discussion about shame. It seems like some kids. Don't actually have any shame in regards to You did something really hilarious. Women are a little kid and maybe we should take it more seriously. Maybe we take take it for granted that we have flushing toilets in Western society. And that's why we don't treat it as something serious. I remember the day in you when I came to school. I was a little early. I went went onto the playground and all the boys was saying these new words that I'd never heard of that was saying bum Yang Pu and now saying fat and they were all giggling. And that's when I learnt that those it's funny. I remember that day vividly which is so weird. It's such a weird memory to have like. I remember the day got married in the data and some was born but also remember that and I think ah for children's authors illustrators we kind of maybe get past some of those stages we apart of us is still a kid. I still find these things deeply funny. Even though I have to pretend that I don't when my Sunday Sunday saying those words so funny I mean fats are one of the greatest committee devices. We have brilliant and my son can with the best of them already. Eighty eight takes accurate data. It's great so yeah. I think when when I'm when I'm writing for an audience that's got the same emotional intelligence level is that I'm going to put those sorts of fat and Poo jokes. Yeah because it's just hilarious and kids love stuff. They're not allowed to talk about the things things that we are disgusted by shine for things. Kids love to boo year. I think I love my parents embarrassed to introduce sell eighteen Kaz stinker. Yes and her little brother Joey and a best friend. Shelly is sent tastic grandmother. WHO's a former racecar driving mechanic but sellers this great little character and and Sally become a vehicle for you to explore science really? Yeah they do an end to a sci if I trump as well so the first book is called robot. And it's about robotics but really it's the story of Frankenstein. Sally decides that had baby brother is to stinky and gross and keeps breaking her invention so she is going to try and replace him with a giant robot Co. Breitbart and he's supposed to be just as a brother should be perfect until the chores. He can fix broken machines. He has a cupcake and built into his chest but then the remote control breaks and he goes completely crazy and becomes quite a threat to them. He becomes the worst brother so they have to find a way to stop him. Okay but the only poo in that is in his nappy. That's right becomes more of a deal in the other books. Deng Viollis and sell his best friend. Charlie comes into it and her name Rosie Charlie is a biologist biologist under the age of eleven and she has a pit Dung Beetle Douglas and the Dung Beetle accidentally gets zapped with grocery and turns into a giant Deng. Baitul that rolls a giant ball of Dung towards the town whopping big Godzilla sized Deng Beta xactly poo so very seriously very stuff up for the most Franklin so good what you introduce us to is. The unsung hero of the insect will Dan Beatles remains Dung beetles are amazing. Absolutely incredible the piles of Poo would be surrounding us. We'd be swamped in them. We'd be upset. Done battles exactly right. Yeah and this is actually an issue in Australia. Because there's there's dung beetles on every continent on earth except FANTASTICO and they've been there for millions of years evolving alongside the animals that are almost contents so he industry we had dung beetles that had about longside marsupials and they were used to very dry penalty little droppings. We have two species of role is in his triumph that genus is called CICIS so so they had named after the Great Guy who was rolling the rock up the hill in it but always robot damn so those two brands of two species of rolls in astride. The other one's not rollers. The dig is his and tunnel is different types of dominates. So these guys they would clean onto the side of a kangaroo on Rodney. They bottoms and so when kangaroo had a little Pooh the dung beetles could could jump off and get it while it was still moist as possible. Because it's going to dry out really quick in Australian environment so pitcher when Europeans turn up in his try and they bring cows ass horses. It's like heaven and the first cartoons upping guys and the local Dung Beetles go. What is that? I am not touching met. This is not in my job description. I'm used to these little dry pellets. I'm sorry it's not happening on over here in my trailer. Kangaroo pellets and cube. Wombat Poos and all that stuff stuff so none of the local Dung Beetles dealing with these four hundred years and it was increasing the number of flies. We had an ashtray with spreading disease. It was killing crops because it was just going onto the grass and there was less grasp with a cast eight so the irs in the sixties or the seventies reminding. They went to South Africa and France and found a whole bunch to Foreign Dung Beetles and immigrated them and family living in Australia. The most and which ones were deal with that Deng and reduce number flies huge amount so yeah say terrorism and the Dung beetles saved US saved us from sort of cap apocalypse. That's right pacalypse material for you for kids riding. And and she's such a great little. Intrepid character is constantly coming up with inventions. That go cataclysmic wrong. And then she saves the day Markle Michael Levitt coming back to the distress. That nick was talking about you. Know the psychology of pooing. You must see that every day I mean people probably take a lot of effort to get to you that I think anybody really wants to talk about the ballot by the time people come to see me. They've they've obviously got to a particular point of anxiety or distress or borrow pain. They realized that they've got to face up. Talk about it. Then they know that. Never that's GONNA lead to being examined very very private place that people don't like being examined so that's all represent challenges. There are a lot of unhappy people with a lot of unhappy bells and often having very unhappy encounters with the medical profession because there seems to be a lack of understanding reading about the variables that can affect the way our bell works. And it's all entangled with the fact that states of mind and states of body interact interact to affect our bells work to a message that average. GP in the working week probably wouldn't see many people who present with Abbad problem so that wouldn't be something that they feel particularly comfortable or at ease about and this general tendency to just deliver kind of public domain recommendations is eat more fiber drink more fluid and stuff like that which which I think is often very unhelpful. So that's not good enough for lots of the problems it isn't it. Generally is limited help to recommend those things. He's I was really struck in your book. The heavy bail. How little focus you place on Diet and fiber and what we ingest what passes through our small and large intestines? And how much it's you love a good laxative. That you love lex medications Saturday afternoons now. Houses lex afternoon. Just sit back and try something I mean different and Okay so I think that people have view of the bowel habit that it it is directly connected to what they ate so that is that if you put if anyone of US puts designated food this end we will get a designated output at the gathering but people's bows function incredibly differently one person to the next one gender to the next week difference between men and women's yeah and and so how we actually go to the toilet. What about have it looks like is only partly connected to the food that we put in and as a result Oh and people can't quite comprehend that they're having to do something let's say artificial to make their bows work that they honestly think that they should be able to resolve it by changing what they put it in the top in everybody's intestines and the motilal their intestines is different and hence the output will be different? Can I ask you a question. Some people say that drinking coffee in the morning is a laxative effect number for other people. It's not so I guess that ties with what you're saying. He's an some foods and drinks will be likes different people in some it won't be Caffeine is a laxative. Caffeine is a stimulant if you have a normally or briskly active got you will respond and welcome it. But if like a large percentage of the population you have a generally sluggish bell. You may not notice any impact with caffeine at all. It's like a black Mike Fox. You can put all things in the Pan but what's going to come out about a man will will depend on. What your black boxes like? What accounts for that variability? I mean I love the way you described a lot of men's bales. A fast and fruity and a lot of women's bales a slow and sluggish. You can make that generalization across the sex is a very famous famous professor of gastrologist from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis about thirty years ago and and a lot about him because he and I have the same name and he conducted this study with healthy volunteers men and women with eight identical dots. Absolutely the same amounts of the same foods and fluids they. We're not allowed to leave anything. They had to eat it all drink at all and measure what came out and the average man had his bowels open. More often than the average woman produced a greater weight of stool stool More water and fitted them with contraptions measured. How much wind came out and the average man produced a greater amount of wind? And when I say that a patient sitting in front of me with partner they not so you know the average guy gets up in the morning puts his feet on the ground on straight to the toilet and doesn't for one minute doubt out what's about to happen but many women will get up in the morning on the ground and ask themselves. What am I going to have to eat drink and do today to get back to work? What do we know about why there is that difference? It's so people. Ask Me that and I say well. Let's have a look at the average height of the population and is the average man. Toll shorter the same height as the average average woman. He's at his taller. Do we know why it's there are differences between genders of a physiological nature. That just exist. Come on you've got to give me more than it is certainly not got to do with Diet. As a general rule because of their propensity dislikes the average woman eats more fruit and veg than average guy. Average guy is Ebi. Over does the fruit and VEG. He becomes a social reckless stance to blow.

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