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"NewsRadio one thousand KT. Okay. Oklahoma's first news the following program. Does not necessarily reflect the opinions and viewpoints of the staff and management of this station. This is about us, Victoria, Wood's. This is about pain yourself. First business woman of the year. This is about life is full journal records. Fifty most influential women. It's not what you earn. But what you keep White House conference on small business. It's about education is expensive journal record innovator of the year. It's about no risk. No gain founder of women for financial independence about success. Sweeties exists governor's conference for women's martinsville's finish rich in she's the president and CEO of chapel would financial consistency will always out-perform, occasional brilliant. And she is the financial diva isn't bad. It's all about the mantle about, Victoria. Woods. Welcome to it's all about the money. Honey, I'm your host. They call me the financial David. My name is Victoria Wood's. A we are broadcasting live today. So guess what? It is open mic alive. You can give us a call here at eight. Oh, thank you diamonds. That's eight thousand with any of your money questions today. There are tons of people out here. You have got to come out the home and garden shows so much fun. You can come and meet us we are in booth number twenty four hundred just look at that is the Markham gardening booth here. So give us a call. But Markham's nursery, just add the son I loved that woman who sings the jingle. Yes, Gracie is that her name grace, grace grace, and she's such a you can come out here meter as well become buyer booth. Twenty four hundred give us a call eight four zero one thousand eight four zero one thousand and you can ask us your money questions with me here. As always my co host is Mr. Damon king. He is known to his clients says the king of finance.

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