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"markelle hitomi" Discussed on Latinos Who Lunch

"And from there I was like, all right, there's a lot of opportunity online because you can scale almost infinitely in time and space. So you don't have to be tied to any location and it did fine. But I was like, I want to do something different. I helping cook, but I wanna help people actually get closer with culture for me. I'm half Korean, Mexican. I feel more Korean, but I want to get in touch with the other side too. So what By better the way way to to do do it it. then to stickers. Right. So. Went to Japan. I saw that sticker of that really weird looking sticky on stick. It's really weird. I don't know how we're gonna post on. We're not gonna post on our Instagram page, but we'll show them. We'll put it in our story. Yeah, so that's ticker was really interesting. I was like, why people buy this doesn't click to anybody. It's just really strange. I heard about that. I bought it. Maybe you should recreate it. I totally would. Yeah. Said, no. Doing so we're walking Juku. We walked into the store and my mind was like like blown because there's basically been to stores ever that actually went the second chain in my life and how I perceive business businesses in like you just sell something to somebody, you want to help them, help them fill some need, right. That's how you really grow business. So when I won there and they immediately struck quarterly because these people, customer service was amazing, walked in, we don't speak Japanese English. They handed us a little basket and they just showed us how to put a sticker in and somebody was like more relevant to us like the sticker that little relevant animals. Not something super Japanese. Yeah. And so it was absolutely amazing. That's why I feel like go to our pop events. We have a little basket for people, their stickers and shout out to Markelle Hitomi type thing. Geyser three times. It's a cool van for people to go out to anyone's interest in. Yes. So the big aha moment was when we left the store and we were inherited Ukraine, it was like a really popular street where almost all tourists to that has to be real expensive in in order to sustain that, you need to sell a lot of stickers or you're parked has to be really good or your average order values. We just incredibly high. So I thought doing something really good now, how can we try something that relates to us in the US and something that's like I can grow online kinda last business. So it's online. It's scalable and it relates culture? Yes. So I got stickers were actually perfect for this. At the same time. We're on the bus going back to the airport from Korea, listening to another podcast, and they're talking about this guy that was selling stickers to middle school something and he was doing great. I was like, there's something sticker is how come there's nothing in the US that I think of stickers and this company. Yeah, right. You'd think soda Coca Cola, things like that. There are some more are synonymous because you think of thicker and everybody do their own. He's not like I, you guys were the first company that I can think about that you can have us election because everybody that is doing something is coming out with their own stickers. Yeah, that's exactly it. We couldn't find any company so she thought of stickers. He thought of that company, somebody wanted to brand herself immediately. But the other point was it has to be scalable. It has to be like culture driven, but we wanna be like the best in terms of stickers. So another little thing is on the flight to Japan. I read a book, it's called delivering happiness. So it's by Tony Shay, the founders apples. Oh yeah, we're familiar. We are. Gentrify. Right? So the thing. That book was there not a shoe company, a happiness company that just happens to sell shoes. So we thought the same thing, let's be happiness company. We deliver customer happiness happens all stickers that same time. So that was our model and still our model actually to this day, and it's going to be for me. Yeah. And you guys are together? We are together full. How long have you guys been together?.

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