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"mark young johnson" Discussed on Jocko Podcast

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"mark young johnson" Discussed on Jocko Podcast

"But also to be accurate at what he's learned and men different differ from one to another in both ways. For one thing men differ greatly in the speed with which they learned some aviation. Cadets console solo after four hours of instruction. Others are not allowed to so low even after fourteen hours here, the quick learners are urgently needed slow learners tie up the training, fate planes too long. Besides quick learning might mean, a shorter war. Yet. The army cannot do without the slow learners manpower is needed, and there are many military jobs, which require other qualities than speed of learning jobs, which the slow learners will prefer to have. Men also differ in speed and accuracy of reaction. The average driver requires from one half to three quarters of a second to put on the brakes after the stop light goes red yet some can apply the brakes in three tenths of a second. Others us up to a whole second. These are important differences for riflemen and machine gunners as well. As for truck drivers every tenth of a second counts in battle. There were see that thing when they were. They were doing like the speed tests for Conor McGregor. And he was he was the fastest athlete. They had tested speed like reaction kind of like reaction time. Like when you see something you touch a button, or whatever, you know, they have these little tests setup. Then apparently McGregor was the fastest athlete that they had tested. Yeah. It is. It is crazy because you know, some of these baseball players, and I think I think that would be the that would be the fastest hand eye coordination scene. Yeah. Yeah. My head seems like it. I mean because those balls come quick hit. Yeah. Yeah. There's a test that you can do when we're kids how they do, you know in science class, and you hold one guy who signed gone on real. You know, the you get a ruler. Oh, yeah. And the drop at one the teacher holds it. And then you put he puts it on your between your fingers right at the at the zero Mark young Johnson. And how quick you can how far do your fingers have to be opened? I don't know..

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