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"mark vos" Discussed on Come to the Table

"Lovin action is listening to understand not to react all are welcome to come to the table and all are welcome to listen and God bless everyone. Welcome to another episode of the come to the table. Podcast is your host Sean McCoy and as many. Y'All know I served in the military. I think that mental health. I think I think all this stuff that we keep seeing and have been seeing now for a long time. There are some issues out there in the world that are exacerbated by certain situations like combat military experience. And then just life in general. I mean you don't have to go overseas to have trump out there and the real question that we have so often some of the some of the greatest challenges we have in our society is what do we do with the result of those challenges. How do we address mental health? It's it's an invisible wound. It's something we cannot see. It is so easy to mask one of the big criticisms of Church of course. And I've heard this all my life and I've seen it you walk in the door. How you doing man. I'm living the dream. I tell people all the time. It's one of my favorite things if you've known me for a long time if you will ask me how. I'm doing SAM living the dream in typically the response I get is bewildered like what what are you talking about. I think there's some things around that that I could talk about later. But that's not really the point to that so often times we mask. We don't talk about things. And there's a stigma. We had a Rachel Summers on here. While back you'll may remember who who is a stripper. And who's the whole point of the episode was give her a chance to talk around the stigmas associated with her industry. And what she does. There's so many stigmas that we have out there and one of them which is an industry specific which is human specific. Is this idea around. Mental health is idea around. Well if you can't hack it or you have a nervous breakdown or you're not toughing especially for in the back and say this and I'm not trying to be misogynistic or trying to say there's not stress on both sides relative to your gender but I would say especially in the United States in western culture and even across the world there is a predominance of expectation the for men to be so strong that we have no weaknesses not allow worthy be worthy pillar the foundation the rock to make things happen and and folks just isn't always the case it can it. Can you can take down the mightiest walls in terms of just these things and when it when they fall they fall hard. I think it's why the suicide rates are the way they are. I do believe it's why we just we just don't feel like we can talk about it. And so the essence of this show is to get out there and say nope no we are going to talk about it or can have people on. We're GONNA talk about the Tub- subjects or in a challenge these things and try to be another voice out there in the CEO voices because it's not just us trying to make these things happen and trying to make this for lack of a better word. Progress I don't know if that's the right word. I think is more of awareness understanding in this compassion. So what what do you do in the address with? What do you do when you're associated or confronted by this and so as as these things happen of this one comes from Lincoln so Charles Kirk is joining us today and he a post out there in a friend of mine? Mark Vos happened to like one of those little moments. I I say God moments that I got to see this post took a look in. This is what Charles wrote which is why he's here today. I'm going to read it in. His post on. Lincoln says being in the military in deploying multiple times. Back to back now. I'm a veteran with multiple deployments and sometimes the struggle is real looking back at my life before the military and looking at my life after the military. I would sit and wonder where me was. I felt lost in Numb. I didn't have the feelings I knew I should have. I blocked out everything. A loss family lost friends. I was self destructive. There was a point in time where I sat there on the side of the road and handcuffs surrounded by multiple cop cars while my wife Sob sitting in the car. I destroyed great jobs. I had my marriage I was alone and Felton. Nothing I say this to you if this is you. Fight the stigma and get help. I've been there. I still fight everything I said above but now I'm getting help. I'm not ashamed. Admit that reach out and talk. Don't wait until you destroyed everything you know in love. Get help as tag veteran Hashtag mental health. When I saw that you just pulled at my heart because it's so easy I'm going to say almost say this right. It's it's it's really easy to be on the victim side. It's really easy to go to those. That are suffering. We kind of know her at the end of this and say help them. But what about those that are going through their own trauma on the on the side of you want to call this perpetrator side or on the other side of the hip caused that cop car to be pulled over when we watch cops it becomes very easy? Are shows like that we know who the bad guys are. We know the good guys are we. Forget that that's a human being handcuffed on the ground in the backseat of that with those flashing lights and their life is changing at that moment and it becomes very easy to kind of say now. Justice is served. They're getting what they deserve. But we have no idea. Y'All we really really don't. We really really don't nine percent of time unless you know that you have no idea what brought them to that point and not what? They're feeling in that moment. And what do they need? At that moment I would argue. Take a page out of our friend. Bernard Brown's book. And what does she say isn't shame. Chamberlain help anybody all so when Charles put that out there. I just knew I had to talk to him. I knew I had to get him on here. And so with that so without further. Ado Charles Thank you so much man for him the courage to put that post out there and thank you so much for taking the time to come to the table on and and I like to say thank you so much for letting me come on in the story you know if I could if I could reach one. Individual guy is on the edge of getting. But it's not getting it then. I feel like you know we have completed something. We have helped one person and it doesn't necessarily have to be somebody statistically a veteran or better and that was in war on it can be anybody out there that from the people can get. Ptsd from from anything From being a rape victim to being robbed at gunpoint overnight point to being a better and more so you know like I said in my wink. Impose if you're there and you're out there and you need that help and you're on the fence. Go get help before you do. Destroy Everything that you know in love in your close to you amen. And that is our goal here so we just get one man. We're good brother. I agree totally so as I told you kind of go back and forth from a mood standpoint. The way we get things started here or some questions to get to know you Charles and getting a little bit about what you think and how you are so we have three you get to pick a number one through two thousand. I just got a new book. It's two thousand. Would you rather questions so give me a number one through two thousand and ask you a question and we'll do that three times? Nothing like being put on like. Oh where at one. Eight one eight seven. So are you a fan of hip hop fan by chance or actually.

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