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Yankees Playoff Matchups, LeMahieus Future, Tanakas Final Start?

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Yankees Playoff Matchups, LeMahieus Future, Tanakas Final Start?

"What are you doing? I'm counting? We are breaking down all aspects of Yankee. Baseball this is the Bronx pinstripes show with your host age Rotundi and Scott Ryan, let's go. What's up everyone welcome to the Bronx striped show episode four, hundred, Eighty, one brought to you today by cuts clothing indeed dot COM bet online. So Scott after the ten game win streak we were riding high since then though Yankees are one in three, they definitely can't play well in Buffalo and Seems like they're locked into that number five seed we were thinking maybe they're going to get the four seed. They'll host the twins maybe host the white sox now looks like it's GonNa be on the road. Unless something happens with the the twins playing Cincinnati and the white sox you know just laying eggs against the cubs. That's that's exactly how it's looking. So and that's a really big unknown because team is it's not really no know they're a good team at this point, but it's an unknown because they're just not proven in the playoffs. It's a young joe about Chicago Chicago White Sox. They're dangerous definitely there. Are you you more worried about potentially playing the white sox than the. Well See. It's an interesting question here because I'm. A firm believer in do and the way that the Minnesota twins have setup we've destroyed the twins every single time. There's been an opportunity to play them if there's there's been no question this year, they have a guy named Michael Pineda who's pitching right now and is healthy. That's weird. I don't like the CO like I don't like how the things align their. Their pitching staff is actually pretty good and it's it's just never good and we say that good they had a rookie, the Uber driver pitchy against didn't we talk super driver catching against us. I. I feel like we talked ourselves until like, oh, the twins are different twins team and then they were the same old twins team. The thing that I worry about with with a white SOx matchup is Lucas Leo who's been the second best pitcher in the American league this year? Yeah, he's. In a in a three game series. Hill Pitch Game One. He'll match up with Garrett Cole and I Trust Garrett Cole against anyone. But one of his a one to one game in the eighth inning and the Yankees just don't win it. You know and and and the white sox steel that Lucas Giulio game over Garrett Cole. Then you're looking at Tanaka backed up by half and it's GONNA be happy. It looks like Cashman here that Meredith report last night. Kashmira all but announced that j the number three. So. Then you're you're you just put yourself in a in a whole like that that in a three game series you're. To, borrow the judge phrase Baxter against the wall immediately. It's true. The backs are against all wall if that's the case but that has to happen I. You got to you lose that go that that game and like you said I have confidence in there I know the bat after show up against Geo Leo but theoretically theoretically theoretically. The the Yankees should you they should they should be able to to go against put some good at-bats against the guy like g Lido I think that. With the Yankees, lineup? Being healthy again, turning over I just having much better at bats. Gary. Sanchez will be backed down towards the bottom of the lineup after he flashed again and. Actually that's not true because Hagi will be playing. So heavily back at the bottom of the lineup and I think I got a lot of confidence with this with this offense getting getting some runs and and you know what it's going to be. It's GONNA be a couple of long balls that's what it's going to be. They're gonNA take even two. Or three times the especially in the playoffs where connecting hits together and connecting a rally together. So impossible that yeah, it's it's a WHO's GonNa hit the two run home run that changes the momentum of the game and in this case though solo shots that are usually okay we're good with coal giving them up Lagos probably in the same vein where he's A little bit more aggressive in or around the plate when there's nobody on base like those solo shots could be the difference in the game now too because you're looking at two very, very good pitchers who control the game and you just can't make mistakes and now with the offense they have to capitalize over everything. So those though Solo shots that are normally okay. You move move forward they could be the difference in again. He. The old cliche is solo home runs don't beat you but maybe they do in the playoffs in the playoffs. That's a different story for sure. Are you at all worried that the Yankees are not the same team on the road as they are at home and it looks like they're gonNa be playing technically the entire playoffs on the road. But specifically, that three-game series is at the other teams location a neutral site you want to throw out the window fine neutral site but this wouldn't be a neutral site they're going. To be playing in Minnesota or they're going to be playing at at the White Sox SOx stadium is a a is a hitters park Minnesota's a little bit different but with the juice ball I dunno isn't everything a hitters park isn't doesn't the juice ball in in the Yankees homerun hitters kind of negate any possible non home run park like in my mind I don't care. Where they're playing, they're still gonna hit home runs I mean. So that exactly what you just said kind of gets rid of the Homefield or not home field advantage the stats but the stats still show the Yankees at home or twenty one and seven they score over six runs a game and they allow less than four runs a game and on the road they're ten and seventeen. And they score about four runs the game and allow about five runs a game. Now understand in sixty game schedule things are going to be skewed. That's going to be skewed by the five and fifteen stretch in a negative way, and it's going to be skewed in a positive way by the week against Toronto where they score one hundred runs at home, right? So everything skewed but. The numbers are still the numbers in. This is the numbers we have to go by is it looks like the Yankees are a better team all around at home. If there's a slight. Okay, sure. It's you know they'd rather play at home. There's no doubt there's more there's a comfort level. There's just a different familiarity. Fine I'm good. I'm good with admitting that I just don't think it's that much of a difference I the exactly what you said the numbers. Skewed pretty hard of Yoyo. Five and five fifteen, and then you win ten in a row. I mean a polar opposites of streaks and depending on where you play those games both depending on where you play those games. You're in a sixty game schedule you're going to see some some sway because that's a fifteen fifteen stretch when you look at it, but there's there's depending on where those games are when when the team get hot where they on the road or were they at home that matters because more to the point of the ballpark in matters when the team got and what team was out there that five fifteen was dog shit team that was running out there with you know with scraps. The there was there was not much to take about it when you look at what's going to happen and the the players that are in the lineup COMPLA- off time. So I just I've hard time looking at those numbers in and taking anything from it. Go back, go back and look at the numbers from the last two years and the the Yankees were overwhelmingly better better team at home with the Yankee crowd and it didn't translate into the playoffs didn't translate into wins in the playoffs I. Just I have a hard time really looking at happens in the regular season based on the ballpark and and then laying it on top of a short series in the playoffs. And I mean, obviously the Yankees want to win I mean they were disappointed after last night's game they're talking about how this we play I think Luke voight said they played like the bad news bears. Moved void talk about it and called out the embarrassment they WanNa know streak. So okay. Knock on wood here in key but so obviously, I'm not saying they're out there not not trying but the emphasis for this whole season has not been get the number one seed or win the division or or get home field advantage. It's basically get in and try and get healthy and hot at the same time exactly and the ones he was out the window while ago. So that was not even inconsideration really afterlife. Once once Tampa stomped him in the last series it was over who's done and then and then the rest of it what are you gonNA do set up for like maybe this team will win or lose. There's just too much room. There's just too much flux in the schedules and people winning and losing and small difference between winning percentage and wins and losses between the teams of three through six I know there's a gap between us and the Astros but. You know depending on how they're the. The White Sox in the finish the season, the Yankees could move up. A spot as well. So it's just not on them. So I don I don't see how they could potentially even look that as I as a barometer released. Yeah, I mean I think there would have been. So the way the playoffs are set up is it's it's bracket. It's not a just pure seating tournament where you reseed after every round. So and especially with all the unknowns on who's going to finish where you try to it out before before the the podcast that's not something you want to figure out at eight o'clock in the morning I will say this it gave me flashbacks damn popsicle headache. Flashbacks to last postseason when the Yankees would confuse the hell out of every, it wasn't the Yankees Rose Major League Baseball confused the hell out of everybody boos when you buy postseason tickets ahead of the head of the teams being announced its home game one home game to game three and home game to might be game four and it's confusing hell when you start when you're trying to talk about it but. They do that obviously based on the fact they don't know the teams are yet. Is it just me so or is this bracket the San Diego bracket, which which has the AL division number one meaning the best team in the American league. It doesn't that have a harder. Isn't that like a harder bracket because it also has ale second number one why wouldn't it have ale second number number three. It has ale second number one and. Number two why wouldn't it have number two number three so The Way I look at this is there's more better teams. In this context teams who won more games. This year are in San. Diego. Bracket and teams who won fewer games are in the Los Angeles bracket no look at look at the seating though look at the actual seating. So go from top to bottom. MTA You ail division one on the very top. You got the number one seed in you got the number two seed at the bottom right where it should be. The very bottom. Then you go. Then you go back up and the number three seed is a again the bottom bracket. Lining up for the number two team for the L.. D.. S.. So now the the basically they want to keep the the winner, the Division winner, the AL winner out of the ability to the number two team. You. You're you're right but I guess it's just. It's just that the Yankees are in in the in the race bracket Ed in if things go to plan the Yankees and the rays are GonNa be playing in the Al Diaz and you know what that does not excite me well, no, and it's not good for the Yankees either because now that's the best of five series not a best of seven series and I actually think that hurts the Yankees because. Of, the top flight pitching that they have that the rays have the front of their rotation and I and I know that they're bullpens nasty as well. But when you now condense this series into a shorter five days. As in five days right then now. You're using every thread of your being in that in that in the bullpen in that rotation and you lay them next to each other and Tampa was better. Better talent better execution the season they're just as far as the pitching staff. They're a better team so that to me and it's not just that they're a better team by marginal differences, their top their their pitching staff is significantly better. No Grit. We could get a fan. We could get Tanaka Peanut Playoff Tanaka, and roll out there seven innings shot no, no, no runs, and then you know who knows like maybe maybe the maybe a boon pulls. A fast one on everybody in half lined up on the no, it's David Garcia coming out the kid comes out and tries to you know. PUT, put a spark in this team in drill down the Tampa, rays shoot storylines. He goes out there and pitches a complete game gem. Yeah like a lot of these things could lineup. But if you look at the look at the numbers and the players, Tampa significantly better. Yeah and another thing I worry about in a series against Tampa is the manager matchup and in a five game series that happens in five days where Weird Shit will happen. I do not feel confident about boone going up against Kevin Cash. If, boone can just leave the players often are GonNa hurt them in the lineup card and we're good because that was a savvy move savvy move by him. Thailand yeah not making it onto the lineup right they could have lost that game you could've lost that game. Because it was a safe what if he pitched bad because he had to warm up and get ready for the not actually pitch B. Scott camp by he whips has has he been on a time be whips he'd been on a team this season I don't know I feel like that I feel like Brian Cashman has Tyler Lyons hidden in a bunker somewhere at all times we really shouldn't. He really should not have tyler lines hidden anyone who is the other Guy Tyler, lines and then there was a right handed pitcher. Handed Was David Hale. David Hale was the other he was always he was always a right handed tyler line. Yeah. Yeah. So there's there's there's that but you're right. I think having caches proven over. Over the time that we've played them that he's he knows his team very well like in and out. He's got a better pulse on his team that he does the narrow boone does on the Yankees I'd say and you know I think that. They've had a ton of injuries as well. So there's credit to cashier. It's not the same guys. It's not like they haven't been hit by the injury bug literally every team has but they got hit hard as well. So there's he's just proven man he's he's he's he's a he's an interesting manager because he does know the players inside and out and a lot of moves that he makes seemed to be right. Well they clinch last night they were smoking cigars and I got gotta imagine that either has. The Ninety eight ninety. That's not about guys throw ninety eight, they were the team was established in Nineteen Ninety, eight. Okay it. That's why they were wearing that hat while then what about the shirt explain the shirt then? I didn't see the shirt. It was a stable of horses. O. Okay. Now. Now Yeah Okay. So He's wearing the wearing the shirt stable forces and he's wearing a hat that says ninety eight yrs and you're telling me that there's not a connection there is that what you're saying He's I'm telling you. Didn't know about the shirt. Okay. I just saw the hat and I. I still think is about the nine hundred, Ninety, eight establishment. Okay. Because those hats are they didn't have those hats made those were like legit hats you sell like the team shop there a major league baseball team. They could get a hat made a turnaround time of a few days. If they don't have raise don't have money for that. Money, on nerds. The nerds apparently they one of the nerds, what they're. The nerds also knew how to embroider does that surprise? You does that surprise you. There nerd payroll is higher than their team payroll, of course. I don't even remember what I was GonNa say about Tampa. But I think that you know they this was a even though a sixty game. This is a prove me season for Tampa like, Hey, everyone saying the Yankees are written into the Division winner book were we're right here are are ninety where they were in ninety seven games last year or something something they won like mid Nineties Games this year that's not a fluke. We're GONNA win the division this year and I kind of have a hard time saying that the only reason they won the division is because it was a sixty game schedule. If this was one, hundred, sixty, two game schedule, they were going to be right there for the division. There's no doubt I mean especially the way that the the Yankees team was playing when injuries happened, they weren't the same that they did happen last year and Tampa played. They played decently well throughout the entire throughout the entire think there a deep team just up and down the lineup deep in the rotation deep bullpen deep. So yeah. No there were definitely going to be there. They're a good team. There's no doubt about it. We said in the beginning when we when I was talking about the the guys from the lockdown Tampa podcast when we do the previous talk to them twice because. The first time was right before Cova. The second time was before the season started there was a lot of what's going on around. There are a lot of confidence happening and for good reason because there were a good team, I mean he was definitely making some some lofty comparisons about that pitching staff and at the end of the day wasn't really wrong We knew the bullpen was going to be good but it was all. There are some. There are some considerations with their with their raise starting pitching and it was about health and they've pretty much. Dance, you know, walk the line where they're walking in with a you know a relatively healthy rotation at least you get the top three guys with with glass now and smell, and then Morton I know Morton was out for a bit but that's a guy that. That Scott the experience he's got the the veteran presence and then the other two are just now cy young winner and then glass now I feel like does has something to prove here I feel like last hours out there now with all the talent in the world with some the proof because nobody knows who he is. I like glass. Now when he's on, he's the most unhittable of those pitchers I. Agree with you. I smell is probably down a tick. But yeah and then Charlie Morton I. Just you know he's just one of those guys. It's annoying. We'll probably pitch well, just because you're going on dude and knows how to do it. I don't exactly know how they're going to line up their postseason rotation. But if you're facing if you're facing Charlie Morton in a in a winner, go home scenario that does not sound fun. No, it doesn't sound I mean it sounds probably the best of the three options but it's it's not fun. He's been there before he's he's he's got that that experience Oh and I I think that in the postseason when you're talking about this. The postseason experience does matter I I mean maybe this year you could argue that really doesn't as much because there's no fans and. Can Be? Weird Compared to other years but. It's still catcher internally. Yeah. There's so many teams that are going to be in the playoffs this year especially in the National League with the padres and potentially the Marlins but in the American League White Sox are brand new team to the playoffs the The the Cleveland Indians haven't been there in a couple of years and that's another team that if they're debbie chain bieber he he could if you play Cleveland in a so I guess the Yankees would not be able to play Cleveland until the AFC. S If I have this bracket correctly if things remain the same. They would be the wild card number one. Number two, the wild card number one because Toronto's The wild card number two, right. So. They are in the Los Angeles. The bottom. So if the Yankees played the Indians in the AFC us, they would be facing shame bieber in two games and then probably a third game out of the bullpen. and He's been possibly the AL MVP this year. That's good. He's been who did you say the we will play them in the AFC, S. What did I say Diaz Yeah so it's a seven years Alcoa seven game series. So you'd you'd face him to starts and then probably of a relief appearance I, like it better seven game series at least just yeah. Gives you more time but it's still no off days this off days thing is really throwing me for a loop I don't I'm so. So curious how it's going to affect teams and so worried for the Yankees that they're pitching staff not deep enough to last back to back series with no office. I am pretty sure that cone last night talking about Erik Kratz convinced himself that he was gonNA be a weapon out of the bullpen potentially for Aaron Boone at some point because of the no days off and the fact that he's got you know just filth a filthy filthy knuckleball. So I, I actually think David Cone. has also gone a little mad and convince themselves that this is probably a good option and maybe he's not wrong. Maybe he's not wrong when you get down, you see you know the fourth day in a row and your bullpens trashed 'cause you're starting pitchers have gone two innings. If I if Erik Kratz envision a scenario where the Yankees are in. Game Seven, it's the fourteenth inning. Every other arm is just hanging off the shoulder incomes Erik Kratz too. Just give him link in the Yankees. Win that game. He'd be the number one legend in Yankee his. Would the folklore would go on for a very long time? Yes. It would be probably the most. Appropriate thing for twenty twenty as well. So. I tweeted out last night. Imagine back on March fourteenth the day before everything shut down because of covid. Told you that aircraft would be thrown knuckle balls for the Yankees on the mound in Buffalo against the bluejays? What else is going on? God Number One, not not not in A. D minor in an empty minor league park. retrofitted. That you can't see in. The clubhouse is out in the parking lot. FREAKING UNBELIEVABLE So the nine our game too. Yeah. CONAN CONAN Conan K. were complaining about it last night and you know what? I don't blame him. Tanaka last night looked uncomfortable to say the least on them on I. Know The defense sucked I mean Gary Sanchez throwing her in the first sitting there was a ground ball that took a weird hop that that extended the first sitting gleyber Torres now tied for the lead in errors at shortstop just. Luke voight, just completely whipping on a pickoff throw. It was bad defense all the way around they play. Probably every single first baseman. In front of, but you know. Stuff, it was stuff means. Say anything badly about that guy man the way that he Unreal yeah, and then he made a nice little nice little shoveled dark past to Tanaka so. I'll live his defense is fine. So, we obviously talked about outs above average in test versus nerd test a couple of episodes ago and like the concerns with the Yankees Infield we were having this conversation in the in the facebook chat last night. After Labor made the error and maybe it's a little reactionary. But if you have a one run lead in the eighth inning, do you instead of defensive substitution for Luke voight? Do you defensive substitute Tyler Wade short so you're putting tyler. Wade. Now now you're putting in Tyler way to come in and save the game at the end of that which. I'm happy to shit all over tyler way but demand play defense. Make you play defense? Yeah. So it's a it's a it's an actual consideration. I don't think they would do it. I don't either but but it's a consideration you know. You'll, let's say, let's say flavors had kind of a tough day at short. Now, I think considerations different if it's a if you know if if the everything lines up and glare has booted a ball here and there's a guy on second base also. Have brought about an in game an inning switch. But so the thing is it's like, yeah, the errors happen and Arizona not a good measure of someone's defense like glacier has made mistakes but he's also. Have range she doesn't yet but but Ariza also art consideration when you're looking at if there are errors there. Okay. Yes. Because errors can be mental and. That inning couple years ago Elvis Andrus mid three errors in an inning Yeah. It's like the. Fuel Air it's like frazier in right field can be mental. Yes you could. You could not block for an inning and my family is my point is Matt Chapman I know he's injured Nabet Matt Chapman a couple of years ago led the League in third baseman errors. You would never defensive substitute for for Matt Chapman. The reason he's there because he's a vacuum and gets to every ball right so yet there's considerations but so it's not the end all be all is well when you don't have range and you have errors. Yes. Unlimited Memento mistakes red flag mental mistakes for Gleyber Ed I don't think they would do it either because gleyber I think. Is Their future stopping it? It might. They they. I. Think would consider his his confidence. If they were I think it's more of a consideration of the bath that he holed up at the plate that could okay. What game? What if he made the last out of the seventh inning? Okay. And that you have a one run lead Zach Britain's coming in for the eighth inning and you rumbling rallied yeah I'm still keeping him in. Because you can't. You can't know can't play to to hold that one lead and just assume that that's not gonNa happen like you got to make sure that you're prepared for the rest of it and you don't want to wade hitting in the three spot the four spot, the five spot wherever glacier is going to be hitting either You know behind you know productive players that have the ability to get on base like okay maybe. It'd be a good situation potentially but yeah, the defense probably does not outweigh the the loss offense if it comes up to a situation and and I know what they like to do they like to take out of the game and put Dj at first and put way too second but So that's their sort of defensive replacement. Foot Glare at second put way too short star plays musicals. You know what you know what? We'll see the concerning thing with Gleyber is that when I think He has regressed each of his three seasons in the big leagues defensively. Do you remember when he came up and how good he looked at second base in two thousand eighteen and they said Oh, he's going to get even more comfortable and you think this is good. You should see him at shortstop because he's got natural instincts at shortstop I haven't seen that. I think it was such an easy storyline because he was a shortstop coming up that he's got the natural shortstop instincts everybody you know everybody. Always puts shortstops on on a pedestal and as the one of the better defenders on the on the Infield. and. Growing up usually the shortstops always good. The best defender on the team or best defender on the Infield and he just I don't know he just hasn't. He definitely has these mental lapses and he just doesn't have the The the the the feel for for for the shortstop position to be an elite guy and I mean cannot come with time. Sure. But salt we have not seen that he was definitely better defender at second base and the defense was seemingly better by the eye test when you had a do short gleyber at second base So. When you know it's funny because when you see a guy like labor short and the range that he has as well I I don't understand how lemay who has never ever gone over to shortstop not not just with the Yankees but like we even with Colorado I know he played short I think for at least a short time when he was at Lsu. I I would just not be surprised if we put dj limited choice out that, he'd be probably the second best shortstop on the team behind. Tyler would. Yeah, it's I. Know what you're saying but his first focus find like he's got good always the fastest guy not the he's not fleet of foot by any means but he's got a for so he's sneaky big I mean jeeter was jeter is he he's bigger six four I mean he's he's put Lemay Hugest looks a rod also I guess yeah. a-rod is a good comparison ricky rod like eight Rodwell. a-rod was an elite defensive shortstop and he was as big as Machado's. Machado. Well Yeah. He's a third baseman be played short. So, do you think that was to Nakas last regular season start as a Yankee? Last night. You know we've been talking about it would not surprise me and again, go ahead the tweets. JSO He. So hope tweeted that Tanaka. Said on zoom that as he warmed up last night, he thought about it being his last start of the seven year deal with the Yankees and then Tanaka tweeted after the game it was in Japanese so I translated it. That's Kazak goes well all the time. That's why it might sound a little choppy and as long I guess if you translate or you hit the little button that says, translate on twitter because that's what I did. I went to I. Went I looked up my. I have a English to Japanese dictionary Oh. Yeah and I translated. Then how did you not know what you're Y met. In twenty twenty and with a seven year contract I have pitch for the last time in the regular season. The result was disappointing. However I still have a chance to start over in the playoffs so I'd like to make adjustments from tomorrow. I would like to look back on it. The season is over that was his tweet. Okay. So there's a couple of things you can take from that Tanaka. Being a guy that. Very matter of fact, he understands that his contract is up and and that. Just, strictly facts strictly facts I'm talking fact here seven year deal. Fag last regular season start of his seven. Reference Torrance, he referenced the length of the deal yet fat and not opinion, and now that is over. And so now disappointed that he did not close out the contract, the New York Yankees, Baseball Club signed him for to pitch on their team in the regular season and he's reflecting on that because he wishes that he could have appeased ownership and management. And gone out as A. You know as as a winner and not a guy that does not fulfil the term sheet in which he had signed. So he he's an honorable guy he likes to likes to make sure he's on factual factual man all a lot of facts spit here. There's there's really not too much to read into it especially since we're translating and there could definitely be something you know the you know the term lost in translation definitely could be something here with the way that it was that movie we seen that move have don't think I've seen that movie that's a movie with Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray about going to Japan there you go. We've come full circle. I'm going to know where to go from here. I'm eighty three percents. Sure. I'm right on that. That's what that movies about. So Tanaka finish the season forty, eight innings pitched three point five, six, Yara, forty, four strikeouts. And that's that's about. That's actually. Better than where people would have projected Tanaka four regular season. You know he usually has one of these stretches in a in a full season where he might need to skip to starts for whatever reason or he might have a bad stretch. So as he might have creeped up closer to four but knowing what we know about Tanaka and people love to talk about playoff Tanaka and he has been an excellent postseason performer. There's no denying that I still am of the opinion that you can't assume he's going to just flip a switch in the postseason but every year he seemingly has so whatever. What is the contract you're offering him? Are you offering him a contract in the off season or are you letting them walk and if you are offering what's the contract have you looked Tanakh is age recently. He's thirty one. He's an old thirty. One right. Now. Elbows got be concerning for the Yankees. I'm not wearing the elbow is dude. On Bar yes, they're on borrowed time with that thick. Okay no look what look what happened with Justin verlander look what happened with all these pictures that avoid injury throughout their career and then boom it just catches up to them at at some point. Berliners. Thirty six years old thirty, seven years old. Thirty seven years old I. Okay. But Tanaka had all those innings in Japan all these innings in the American. League he interventions how many how many complete games here compared to what Tanaka pitches they might be. They might even out at this point with the amount of five. Five innings starts that he's had we heard about the Toco folklore about him throwing like one, hundred, sixty pitching agree with you. I'm not disagreeing. Boston chops on that one. But I agree that he's an old thirty one when I looked at his age I ask that question is because I had I had a brain fart when I was just about to think to look it up to how old he was and in my brain I had like thirty, four, thirty, thirty, three, thirty, four years old. For for whatever reason, my head and I was in south thirty, one on the Oh shit. That's right. I forgot that he's that young. And you're he does feel like an older guy he's like one of those guy he's like the. The, guys it come up when they're. When they're eighteen years old and he looked back and you're like, that guy must be thirty five years old. Yeah. Perfect example I can't believe how young he is. He's been around forever and and while Tanaka hasn't been around forever he's doing this team for a long time. It seems like he's seven years. We're just hearing that tweet right and we knew that though but it seems like we've been hearing about it for even longer and we knew about you know how he pitched those. Two Games in in one day or all all of these things about him pitching extended innings in high school and coming up in Japan so. I don't. I'm not looking at the elbow as as as much of a consumption lucky to consideration. There's no doubt that the medicals will come back and they will give a report on it and it will ding him for a contract but he's been pitching with this with with no issues for what two and a half years. Here's where the issue has come up though he's basically be. I I would imagine because of his. His arm something is causing his he has abandoned his fastball because it's not the same fastball you're telling me that's not injury related at all zero percent. I have a hard time talking to into because now his arm is is what it is. It's like maybe the injury has played into. You know the. How it's deteriorated over time other parts of the arm. Yeah I you know I. Don't know the Anatomy of his arm right now and what the elbow looks like I don't know how because very wool there was this was a partial tear it for all intents of purposes healed by now scar tissue it's it's it's not a tear any longer so. It's not it has not flared up an issue. So I I know it's an honest shocked by I'm shocked by that. So so no one will know about Tanaka. He is an old thirty one he is at this point, a finesse pitcher who requires missing bats, an outsmarting teams and getting soft contact. He has a mid to high three era pitcher who's probably a five inning guy the you agree with those things. Do. What kind of contract you giving him? Two year deal with third year option like I'm giving him a J deal vj contract. Yeah. That's exactly where I landed. I even guaranteed the third year. So I said three years, eighteen million, which is fifty four, million dollars for three years. I am not going more than three years with Tanaka I, think you're setting yourself up too much for risk. Yeah I don't disagree I think it's I think there's going to have to be some kind of an a an option in there because if he if he exceeded could he could exceed it in a big way. You know there's that potential at least that I think that he would be stupid not to have that caveat in a contract like if you were to go you know significantly more amount of injury or innings or just just to be game starts because he's not going to get the innings. Game starts or Some other type of incentive based on performance. I could see that being a trigger in in a in a contract for him and if I'm his agent I'm definitely using that if I'm not getting for signing him no, you're signing. No, that's not what I'm saying either I mean personally look I like Tanaka, lot if they're gonNA sign him and he's going to and they're gonNA They're gonNA use him as like. A fourth fifth guy good fine and and it's a it's an insurance policy because we don't know what Severino is going to be next year I do feel like Montgomery is going to be a mainstay in this rotation for for years to come I think that I think that he's GonNa be fine. We've seen better montgomery recently but again with year for him really hard to take what he actually is from this year but it so I look back and I looked to see what he was before the injury and then you know the actual the actual Guy and how he's come back afterwards like the results have not been there but he's a for all intensive purposes healthy. He's throwing even harder seems fine like I feel like were ready for a really good year for him. Just kind of like to the writings on the wall. So it's I would rather the young guys I mean I I want the David Garcia's departures. I don't want them to be buried in the minor leagues anymore I don't I don't think that's a good thing for the New York Yankees I think but. Not burying them because Paxton spots going to be gone I. Don't think they're gonNA sign Paxton. Paxton could only say if you're going to find Paxton Tanaka, it's only it's got to be one of those guys and I don't see how you can possibly sign. Paxton, unless they just get a huge bargain, but you can't rely on them because now he's taking up a spot an. Again you're walking in with rotation from the New York Yankees that's frigging a mystery because it's Garrett Cole, Question Mark, question, Mark Question Mark Question, Mark Tanaka. That's what the rotation would be. Yeah and that's irritating. All Hell. So yeah, I. Don't want. I don't want James Paxton on the team I don't either and it's not based on what he's done on when he's on the field, but it's purely based on the fact that he cannot be relied upon. And he'll probably go somewhere else and dominate like everybody else who's left. He would have to stay healthy and he can't do that. Even. Though sports had a break, your business didn't you have to keep moving that makes hiring more important than ever indeed is here to health indeed, DOT COM is the number one job site in the world because indeed gets you the people fast unlike other sites indeed gives you full control and payment flexibility over your hiring you only pay for what you need. You can pause your account at any time and there's no long term contracts plus indeed provide powerful tools. 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I feel like that was his last chance for this season and he he just he's not a starting pitcher yet I think that's what we've learned and when you break down the numbers the first time through the order, he is allowing a one ninety, four batting average a three, zero, six on base percentage a seven, twenty, five ps. It's not by any means. Fantastic. But it's it's. It's doable like we've seen pictures be much worse who are pitching in the In the rotation, he's allowed only two runs when he's pitching first time through the order its second time two daughters. When he gets absolutely bombarded, he is allowing a three eighty, five batting average a nine, eighty, four over. Five hundred slugging he's allowed. whereas the runs seven runs in only thirty one plate appearances second time through the order. Now, I don't know if that's because he doesn't have a reliable third pitch I don't know if it's durability stamina thing I don't know if it means he's just destined to be a middle reliever. It means to problem to problem for him if he's destined to be a middle reliever, 'cause he's kind of go. Multiple Innings. Right so I mean. He doesn't have to save the back of the bullpen stuff. So he's out he's got to figure out his pitch selection and just and get that down because if he's not able to go in and chew up innings in the middle of the game, I don't know where he I don't know where he lives I don't either. But we've flashes because those first time through the orders he's looked really good that sinker moved so much and we've seen guys take week hacks at it and just pounded into the ground and and that's all great and then it's just it blows up on him. So. So I mean. I don't know I. Don't know it sinker sitting for him but I got it all this. Yeah. I mean he's not he's not your raining your raining Rhode Island Mvp not a great not a great bold prediction on my part. The thing about him is if he could get his career is progressing if he can really focus on that sinker and actually get it to just a nasty pitch and then be able to. Locate the fastball. Throwing a change up or something else that looks like the sinker but has a good speed difference. You know he could. He could end up chocking getting into like a sixth seventh inning role somewhere for sure but he's maybe but he you know he's he's a he's a one inning guy it seems like at this point at this point. But yeah, you know he the Yankee seem to like him off for the free controllable to eat endings. So There's a lot of guys I guess we have so many guys like him. Against going in next year, he's kind of competing again for that bullpen spot started with a lot of people. Nick Nick Nelson Hoople yeah you're the Liza you're getting a lot of these guys up there. We've seen flashes, but at the end of the day. You know haven't figured it out not move role that they're in I still believe that Elisa needs to be a one inning guy that's he's not a guy. No I I think we all were hoping. He could be sort of the Chad Green number two. But. He hasn't been no I mean if he's able to bottle his stuff up for a one inning appearance I, I could see him. You know refining his his pitch selection and refining the way that he goes about the at bats and being effective because he throws really hard. He's got good control and he's got he's got good stuff. I just don't think it doesn't translate over so far has not translated over extended innings. So a few other random things that have happened this week that I found interesting. So Dj Lemay Hugh I guess was talking on Zoom Win. He was asked about winning Al Player of the week he said very cool. When he was asked about the batting title race, he said I view it as a distraction. And then when he was asked about celebrating the postseason berth with a glass of champagne in a hotel lobby. It's not as fun as doing it in a locker room and trying to burn each other's is. I love this man I mean I'm going to be. I'm going to be so upset if they don't resolve going to be inconsolable, I'm like this is this is one of those guys I was I was not happy when D- Didn't sign also wasn't surprised. Dj Lemay he was a different story you cannot. Lose dilemma you you just can't. He is all he is the fricken. The spine of this team he is everything he you can. Now it's not just it's not a book, but we talked about this. At some point over the last week as well. WHO'S GONNA play second base if you resign him, they made a decision to let dd walk. shortstop. Who's your second baseman? If it's not digital, Hugh it's not tyler weight as much as you love tolerated is not Tyler Wade I. You you. You're putting words in my mouth your I've told you why are the other weight instead of Dujaila? Mother? Is is a great last guy in the bench that's it. That's it. That's all I. that's as far as I. Go with him. How many times I say let's can we be clear on this the as far as I go on toddler way is I think he's a good last guy on the bench because you can run. And play defense. That's it. That's why I like. The the thing about glacier is. If Lemay gone flavors. To second base and you got to go out and get yourself a bad shortstop. That's what has to happen. I mean I guess the people are people are saying door right? We'll look or somebody else. That's a stud. But you gotta you can't. I feel like you're not going to go out there and get a stud second baseman right like. Those is barbies is Linda free agent after this year or a this up right now. Dj Lemay, you just solve so many problems for the Yankees he gets base hits he hits home runs he plays every position. He would be the best second best shortstop on the team if they put him there, he is a rock when it comes to. Oil. Twenty twenty two emotional like sustainability nothing nothing waivers with this man he tries to play through injuries. He comes back from injuries quickly he is everything that this team needs if they lose these ILA mayhew. They lose the soul of this team. They lose us a sign of this team. It's IT'S A I can't understate enough. I can't get. Enough it's yeah it's huge I. Do not see him walking because of all those reasons you just said Lindores a free agent after twenty twenty one. So they'll trade him next year if there. But that's a big if they want to trade him I mean, maybe it depends on what they do in the playoffs this year if they just get bounced in the wildcard round, the Indians I'm talking about maybe they're like, you know what? This team's not good enough to really do anything. We kinda snuck in as a expanded playoff team anyway. So we're going to try and get a bunch of boatload of prospects for friends, which is exactly what they've been doing every time. They try to get younger controllable with with front-line starting pitching and they see. Good. At that. Yeah they are good at that. They are good at that. So they've you I would not be surprised if if they did that next year. At all or even in the off season honestly just to go into the season without the distraction of that short that happening at the midseason if they've got a huge deal because I wouldn't be surprised in the off season if GM's are coming in Hot Furlan, get him ahead of that you know midseason type trades. In the off season because everything is so weird right now like you're trying to go out and get those guys. You, don't know what's going to happen next year I feel Lindores a guy that if you're trading for him, you're going to be trading a lot of prospects and you're not gonNa want them for one year. So you're GONNA sign him and he's going to sign a twenty, five, million dollar a year contract. It will be an extension signed. Yeah. It'll be a sign and trade type thing. Yes. Okay. But then you're limiting yourself to only a certain number of teams who can afford. Eight years at twenty, five, thirty, million dollars for Francis. Golden but you're always GONNA do that. You're not going to I. Mean you're going to send my door. It would be. Downright. Unbelievably stupid for someone that just a rent lender and give up the the price that it would take to Jewish. Renton So you'RE GONNA. If you're the Yankees of it you gotta trade basically everyone not named Jason Dominquez. Yeah. I'd rather signed Eg Lemay. You me to say I'm not saying this is the option that I want I want on the team. There's another guy that's another shore south is going to be a free next to. Didi. Reunited feel good the twenty twenty really count I mean we could just like. Yeah, let's just forget about it. We'll go back to twenty twenty two and you know in a wildcard Gamer and Ale CIS whatever it looks like LDS D. Hits a home run against the twins and we are section and all is good again will then would they? Let's play out the game they signed a shortstop or trade for shortstop, but they also keep Lemay Hugh. Do you move to first base and move or yet moved to first base and move glacier to third base gleyber to second base. No I. Think what you said is not happening luke void is the first Baseman for the I wanNA. Play game I know but Luke you can't take. He'd be guy can't do that now with Stanton's contract with judges health no, it's not not possible. God Stan. Chapman is suspension will not happen until twenty twenty one. Because there was an. The issue involving availability of witnesses? What the hell are they talking about? Well, the witnesses earn bubbles they're going to be in bubbles right because they're going to be. Zoom there wouldn't do it in person anyway. Zoo what what is going on here de? Nick, from Georgia's box who will be on the podcast on Monday we're going to do a crossover sort of season wrapup with Georgia's box and the boys of one sixty first street. But Nick wrote a pretty funny article comparing this situation to the Sopranos. Johnny Walnuts get involved here like what about the witnesses Chapman? Oh, he's going to be here for the rest of the year don't you worry about the Chapman suspension? Yeah, you can't lose a guy when there's no days off i. feel like this was like about witnesses disappear they come on that available not available. It's different different. Quote on Availa bad Wi fi you know I don't know maybe there's a dead zone there's a five bars they're potentially overseas and nobody can get a hold of them. You know they're aren't available. He's yeah. Yeah. Okay. Who are the witnesses? These are undisclosed names you can't. You can't reveal the names of witnesses everybody ballpark everyone in that Ballpark is either a member of the Yankees or the raise or an umpire no one else was in the ballpark trying to get John and Susan Cameron. Him Out of Canada able camera people are are not swayed by allegiance in those situations potential. You know there's groundskeepers. There's lots of people crazy people who? Break into the break into the ballpark might have seen something. Really. Funny. But I. Guess that Healthy Yankees that they didn't have to lose Chapman at some point this year and they can just sit out for a few games in twenty twenty one or I test versus nerd test as to you by cuts clothing cuts clothing has completely changed the game they're t shirt has enough quality and style to wear to the office on a date or anywhere in between. So now you do not have to choose between a classic look and a modern. Feel. 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I test versus Ner Test Gerke Kohl's let's look at Garrett Cole's first regular season obviously not a whole thing with the Yankees. So the eye test would say I think the Yankees. Got Exactly what they paid for the only issue as he gave up slightly too many home runs Would you agree with that? Yes, he's been great. So his stats heavy bump in the middle, that's it. You know when you look at it seventy three innings, twelve game start two, point, eight, four era and the Yankees crap I meant to pull this I was trying I wanted to see what the Yankees team record was in his starts because I don't WanNa look at his win loss record. But like I think it is important to look at what is the team win loss record when Garrett Cole starts game. So I'm going to pull that up but they want a lot of them except for the Tampa one, which is the only one that stands out in my mind as late loss. And so when you're looking at the situations and the fact that he was up against, that's the one that stands out in my brain. It's a little unfair to think of that one and only that one when when we're looking back because he had lost in the division though that could have been the turning points. This team was not winning the division I'm sorry they live. shoves pitches, eight shutout innings that night maybe this different story it doesn't Change Tyler Wade going out there and being a starting player for your team for games. I'm sorry. It just doesn't. It doesn't change that. Comes back to tyler way. It doesn't change the fact that that the team you know can't hit in certain in certain days, and then you know striking out at a ridiculous clip or you know the but they have three catchers on the teams not wanting the division. I'm sorry when you have catchers on your active roster on your your them has pitched twice. Birthright and he's pitched effective. Your announcer is talking about him being bullpen weapon in the playoffs. Are Crazy. If these are getting crazy not at not a division winning team. So Garrett Cole in Garrett Cole starts the Yankees went eight and four. This year did get to sneaky start him twelve times because of all those. Gaining it seemed like he was starting every game. Yeah, and they they lost four in a row in the middle of the season that sort of when they the teams tanking. So the that's not was not expected from Garrett Cole Losing Four Consecutive Garrett Cole starts like no one. No one would have said that's going to happen. the nurture test though. He was really good but not elite like he wasn't Houston and I it's a little unfair because maybe given another fifteen starts this year, he would have been just as elite as he wasn't Houston I guess we'll never know and really it all comes down to how does he do in his playoff starts if he gets hit in the playoffs, people are going to look at this year as it was a failure if he is nuts out, not nuts out lights out. Lights out if you nuts up and his lights out in the playoffs, then this is a wild success for people. Some of his numbers rank him in the top ten in major league. Baseball others rank him around twenty five to thirty. His two point eight, four, four, a is really good. Three point eight seven V. so slightly worse about a run worse than his your, a three point, two, four expectedly are a one point, five F war. So the NERD test says he wasn't quite as good as his traditional numbers, but he did still have eleven point five nine strikeouts per nine innings. The really the home runs are the only thing that jumps out. One point seven, three home runs allowed per nine innings. If all of his stat cast ranks are are really good I mean he did give up hard velocity but. The homerun issue that we talked about a thousand times. We, take out the can we take out? Can we focus on the Hagi starts and then look at what did he was because then the higgins then then the nerds then the urge might look differently at him. Here's I mean when you're looking at him ranking at twenty five to thirtieth amongst pitchers and you start look around to see what other guys are doing, and then you look at the contract like you could look side at you sideways that one a little bit because you need him ranking toward the top tablet him. Yeah. He needs to be top ten in everything pretty much years pretty much based on that contract. Yes. That's said like last year he didn't lose again at all not one did not lose a game for you know a ever I'm sorry that's not true since May whatever the date was may fifteenth middle of May towards the end of May he did not lose a game. So the guy was practically unhittable all season long. So he had a season for the ages and still didn't win the CY young. So the we when we last recorded. I forget when we talk about the Hagi stuff last lifetime. Yeah. You at. You wouldn't let it go. You're so wrapped. You are so fixated on this year an obsession. Yeah. I do because it's not about the fact that you're taking Gary Sanchez out of the lineup because who cares this year Gary Sanchez is not playing. That's the point this year. That's not the point. The point is that I did not I would have hoped. Garrett Cole. Is Not a personal catcher guy because I think it's bad for a team I think having a personal catcher is bad for the team Cone has been talking about it. Michael K's been talking about it bothered. Posada when he was taken out for Flaherty as a personal catcher with Randy Johnson and and if it's if it's your, if it's Aj Burnett Randy Johnson, these guys are not like the great pitchers on the team Randy Johnson was not cy young Randy Johnson. When he's on the Yankees, he's demanding a personal catcher and now you've got your ace, your number one pitcher, he signed for nine years who you are relying on. Asking for the backup Catcher I just I have a problem with it. Yeah I do I don't WanNa go down this road again, but I will say this I think it's more of a I think it's more of a sign or more and more of a just a a knock on your starting catcher quotes. Starting Catcher is on the guy ask you for somebody different because he's clearly not doing the things that he needs to do. To be on the same level as your your your franchise player basically by based on contract the guy that you've brought into be you know the best the most league I in the League, he's not giving him what he needs, and that's a that's a problem. That's that's my biggest problem. Say That was the same thing with Horeca Hip Asada when AJ Burnett. DEMANDED JOSE MOLINA Asshole you got you. Okay maybe it asshole he's not that's the thought of you know 'cause he's not. Okay Well I. I'm not saying he is but I A person that's exactly what happened here he demanded Gigi. As a personal catcher that's don't anyone be mistaken what happened again what it's a different situation because Gary Sanchez played the plea dog shit shouldn't be the starting catcher right now. Anyway. So David. Cone demanded Girardi as his personal capital. There you go over PA- peseta sometimes people just like throwing to other people. The personal catcher thing is overblown. It doesn't matter and it really doesn't matter when you're catcher who's supposed to supposedly the starter can't. Catch a great game and also is dog should at the plate for you know every single game minus three and you're absolutely right about that this year it does not matter because in fact, Gigi is giving them more offensively. Then Gary Sanchez is in forty four plate appearances which is limited he's batting two, seventy three. To seventy three on base percentage because he hasn't walked and he's hit four home runs And there's a story about how Cole and he Call through Higgins when he was fourteen years old I don't know how we missed that. That was like a I. Guess they grow same area whatever. But that's a fun story I guess for the Personal Catcher. Storyline But if Gary, Sanchez Gary Sanchez and he had a two or two fifty batting average with eighteen home runs and he's got a one forty WRC plus then it is a problem that you have to take that out of the lineup. Let me ask you a question going into twenty, twenty one, we know that. As long as Gary, Sanchez on his team because you and I both agree that he will be and probably given. Another year of of leash bottled things go much further than that. You look at what he's been doing here. hickeys coming up been with US been with the system for his entire career. He's come up just just the same obviously not signed at sixteen years old but as has been a guy, that's a that's. been playing well, all the way through knows all the guys good relationships up and down has been very effective. Now offensively, we're seeing maybe a turning point defensively he's a good catcher, the guys like him. Do, we have ourselves a competition. Because if you're taking the numbers of Arab starting the names away and you look at what they're doing forty four plate appearances don't look these offensive style I'm just saying you take their names away and you look at what they're doing. You look at what the starting starting catcher doing. It doesn't matter the backup catcher doing here's where there's a problem is if Gary Sanchez for the first two months of next year is just as bad as he was this year then yes absolutely you have. Into Twenty twenty two, twenty, twenty, one, the Murray forgetting a year of. Keep it. He's never done that I'm just saying is he gonNA come in out of shape? He's not. Okay Yeah. Sure. Then you got a problem and door. I do. But then would you say did he eat himself silly in the off season because he's sad about Gary demanding a personal catcher so I'm saying. No I actually next year next year. What you have to do if you're the Yankees is you have to try Sanchez Garrett Cole thing again, you have to try it again. I agree you you do because the upside of of Gary Sanchez is too big. It's just too big and I'm just I'm at a point now where. I'm being I'm being definitely. Put into the Gary Sanchez Hater category and that's fine. It's more of a frustration category. I'm more frustrated because of I know what is potential is and he's just not living up to that potential and it's been a long time. We've. We've we've gone down this path now. For a while it seems like he's been here forever and it's just the up and downs I. Don't want that out of my catcher I don't want up and down you should have a much more steady path with your catcher, the such decay. Ofensive should be something that you're you're looking at and should be a stable part of your team not off that's influx. Offense of ups and downs for Catcher are actually pretty normal and I, think it's because of fatigue factor. So those normal gary? Sanchez ups and downs which we saw in two, thousand, seventeen in two, thousand, eighteen. I think are completely tolerable if he's more consistent behind the plate you agree. Yes. or He persada had ups and downs, he would go through stretches where he just looked dead at the plate because he's probably very tight understand that and I know that comes along with a position. That's fine and that's why it's. It's a very it's a good thing that you have effective backup situations well, because now you can supplement some innings and it's not that big of a letdown if going well, the problem becomes when the backup is out playing starter and people are talking about and when I say people I, mean you are talking about personal catching situations but actually that guys just a better player. And maybe there's a personal catcher situation with the rest of the staff because they should have to. It is original ever see that receives out. So for this year I know that they're going to keep the coal higgins for the playoffs because obviously look at how he's pitched but all I want is next year in a full season, the Gary Sanchez matchup. Again, you have to give it more than seven starts. They're willing to absolutely going to, and maybe that's part of this. Maybe that's because there there was not that full off season and they didn't get the the full-time to you'll get to know each other and work things out I. Don't know making Shit up at this point trying to give him a little bit of A. You know a extended lease based on. The weirdness of twenty twenty but it's Hard to to chalk it up to twenty twenty. Did you see the boone clip when he was asked about Garrett's asked about personal catchers. I was hilarious. So he's asked about the coal Hegi personal catcher and he immediately goes you know I don't love it, and then you realize what he just said like Oh. Shit. You know what Garrett Cole is asking for. In certain situations, it's okay like so he completely just like immediately we got his thoughts which he doesn't like it and then he backtracked on it because he realized that Garrett Cole I mean obviously, it's not an ideal situation when you when a pitcher needs to throw a one guy because it will throw. It doesn't give you options and when you don't have options, that's not a good thing as a manager or is he gets her what if he gets hurt in the playoffs and then Garrett Cole has asserted Gary Sanchez is going to is he going to suck hole? Thanks Gary Sanchez doesn't suck you right. Coal going to safely Gary Sanchez doesn't Suck I. Hope I hope. So you said it says more about the starting Catcher I. Think it absolutely says more about the starting pitcher. Okay well. I think the fact that the the guy that we're talking about. Might not be the catcher. Just playing like at least. So that that isn't. GonNa catch every going to catch every non coking. Okay. And I think we probably saw the lineup. In the lineup we probably saw what it was gonna be last Night Lemay, Hugh Judge Stanton, voight Gleyber, Hicks Gio Sanchez Frazier that was the lineup. Not exactly what I would do but. I mean. The question given the situation and given the season that he's had is that is that the right move for him to be catching the rest of the guys right now right now not not Gary Sanchez. Bye Bye by hope and projections, and and this is what we think. This guy can be right now is that the right move is he the better player to play? I think yeah, I think he is you right now. I. Think he's the better player he's playing better. Yes okay. You're. Better than Kyle if his name. She. ohka Cuyahoga shook has forty four plate appearances. That is nothing. He is not a starting catcher. He is not. Here's the thing. He. You look at Gary Sanchez de amount of plate appearances that he has and the production that he has. told me which ones worse not having the? About Jerry? Didn't. We wasn't like almost exactly forty four plate appearances that we talked about an eye test versus ner tests Gary Sanchez last forty, four plate appearances were like one, hundred, sixteen WRC plus so basically exactly what Kyle who got yoga has done in forty four I'm just I'm just I just have seen what's what's happened the other outside of those forty four plate appearances and it's been dog shit. So yeah, it's been. Terrible. Let's and he had a future bat last night in a in a key situation. The Yankees were just lifeless. They left the bases loaded a million times Gary Sanchez had a key spot I in load. I think it was the second or third inning and swung into pitch in the dirt. It's extremely frustrating I know that. But guess what he wouldn't have done shit they're either well, you can't say that. I. Hate personal catchers. Gary Sanchez is the problem here. If he was playing the way he was should be playing that we wouldn't have this situation at the end of the day. Why is Cole the first Pitcher to require Personal Catcher with with Gary? This is going to be tough 'cause. He's the only one that's been on the staff for a while. That's that's. Demanded the type of thing that. Leveled up. The level up. I really don't. Think about all the pitchers that have been throwing to Gary Sanchez since chat we need we need. We need to know we need to know why we really need to know why why why does not like throwing? were. Never, GonNa. That that answers questions what's the actual reason we need his house? Because that reasons going to say something about pitch selection it's going to say about the the way that he does certain things it's going to be a can't imagine. It's pitch pitch selection because the Catcher does not dictate the pitch selection. It's GonNa be something along the lines of prepar in the in the ilk of preparation guarantee it. Wouldn't surprise me if it's just a mental thing where he's like, you know what? I'm afraid to throw something in the dirt or Gary Sanchez is framing this correctly or Gary Sanchez doing that Weird herky-jerky thing which apparently steals strikes but I don't know how it steals strike because he's takes all of that's Gone Gordon back there takes he takes a bullet already on the corner on the black a beautiful pitch and then yanks it back in the middle of the plate. A know. So pitch selection I understand that if you're completely in sync and in rhythm with your catcher pitch selection can be great because you don't have to shake him off but. Really when it all comes down to it, the pitcher decides what pitchy throws. So Gary Sanchez puts down a fastball and Gert Coal wants to throw a slider guess what Garrett Cole is GonNa Throw right but you buddy exactly okay. Fine. That's you can say that but the guy's gotta shake him off out like why are we not on? Why is this? Why am I shaking you off? To get on that page though it's so easy to get on that page. Apparently not for Gary Sanchez I don't think it's pitch selection is what I'm saying I don't know what it is, but it's it's got something to do with his defense and so. Yeah I just find it. So odd that Cole went out of his way to praise Gary Sanchez in the I didn't go out of his way. He was asked to read go out of his way he went out of his way every chance he got he was talking up Gary Sanchez when you're when that's early onto and that's something that you want to do a new guy coming in starting catcher understood. But when you're asked a question, you answer it in a way that's non. You don't want to. Ruffle feathers understand that. Do you know why? I really hate personal catchers because I hate talking about it? You and me both maybe. I cannot promise you. It's the last time we'll talk about it but. This is the last regular season episode that Scott and I will be doing like this one for the amount of contract was five year contract. You're gonNA reflect on this on the show to see and because it's the last. Regular season show of your contract from. Yes. I'm up for renewal. Expecting a big deal. No I will not accept options 'cause I will file a grievance but So like I said, Monday show will be season wrap up with Georgia's box and one sixty, one voice crossover and then Scott and we're going to preview episode for whoever the Yankees play out of the twins white sox or or it is. It's up in the air at this point probably. Denver on the grind right were on the grind of mini episodes. Twenty thirty minute reactions after each playoff game. Yep, that's what we're doing. That's what we're doing. Let's see how this works with three year old toddler that doesn't sleep. It's interesting. Things are going to get that. So last last season it was, let's go out the park behind Yankee Stadium and Scott Piss all over buildings in nitro Rangel everybody into a podcast this year, it's going to be at home. Yeah. It's sad. That's a sad. That's a sad. Very sad because last year. Was Just such a pinnacle of. Obviously, not not what happened on the field, but it was just so much fun in the playoffs going out there to to every home game pry I think I think I missed one I was I was at every one home game and We had a lot of people in the stands. It was just it was just a unique time and it was a lot of fun and Yeah. Those those I love recording those those post game. Playoff reaction ones outside the stadium at the old stadium. It's just a lot of fun and yeah we can't do it this year because the bullshit of. Go Out I. Guess we could. Probably stupid were not. GonNa walk around the Bronx when there's no baseball games going on. All right that'll do it. talk to you listen to the Monday show. We'll talk to you again Tuesday. Hey guys thanks for listening to the Bronx Pinstripe show. Make sure you find us an itunes and subscribe. She can get all new episodes directly onto your phone if you like to show. Love you to take a minute and give us a five star rating and review an itunes. It really helps us out and allows us to create more shows. We're on twitter Bronx pinstripes and the same on facebook you can always find is they're talking Yankee. Baseball. Thanks again, guys for your support really appreciate it and go Yankees.

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