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"mark strolling" Discussed on The Final Furlong Podcast

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"mark strolling" Discussed on The Final Furlong Podcast

"Play here Silence were has a decent line into form here with the fact that he He won only. Is it a week ago. With the real world is very much on the up and Some very excited about and you have to run a fine race that day to be third and i thought he might be a horse. That if you wanted to go for each way option in the race with one-two-three he could be the one but yeah i think so because he runs against some extremely good horses doesn't if you look back through swami he's often running what you might think. It was slightly out of his depth and then he goes and runs third or maybe fourth. But so we'll be good enough with that and he's kind. Of course i could say you know you got those horses where they're not really each way horses. They're more place horses. Because within each way who you've really got to think that it has a genuine chance of winning but there are some way you think now it probably won't win a but i do think it's a very good chance of being second one in this case. Say third. Because i think that's probably only can hype for But i certainly wouldn't put you off him as a as a horse to get into the first three because it just seems to me no matter what company runs in. He's always got the potential to finish third so good old juke of has we love. Don't wait probably finished third. In whatever race he ran in you could run him unika dropping several grades and he's still be third. You drove into a class. Five at lingfield thursday and he's still be third. Yeah not not a bother So i think peralta was still my main selection but i i would give to hazard some consideration as well. I hope that mark strolling and karen following can bring about the necessary improvement with them at this springs to beverley my man and An old favourite the final furlong. Podcasts heads the market at judicial. Who of course loves this race. So this is the william hill. Beverly bullet sprint stakes. The listed race for the speedsters and It's going to be fascinating renewal. Judicial has The market colored. He's won this race back in two thousand nineteen I think he ran a fine it last year as well if my memory serves correctly. Maybe it's failing me. I'm not entirely certain. But he is one of beverly already. This season finishing third. Back in the fifteenth of june and last time at was back in the winner's enclosure at chester com. Rodriguez for judy camacho. Four to one dakota. Gold is five's hurricane. Ivor another bit of favourite on the puck. Podcast for william harrison till marquand thirteen to two and tis marvelous for clive. Cox and paul hannigan is sevens. So three year olds are not from fourteen in the in the beverly bullet. So he can knock out any three-year-old significantly. You're gone and and any others there's dandala by show yourself bye-bye but what about the mckenzie Who have you picked you know. A thing about statistics is that they're always there to be broken in the and i wonder whether significant might be the host to do this back. Well east all three are like a horse on the curve. It beverly near the inside and the fattening. He's a front runner means he'll stay trouble because you're not beverly because that is curved. All the way isn't it. And i think this is going to be potentially issue dakota gold who. I think really is probably taking everything into account. Learn the best horse in the race. Your very wide Significantly up in front as trouble dakota goal will either have to rigorous ways with a pack will stay wide the way she's not helping a sprint race but there's often congestion at beverly isn't it. Because of that curve and horses get behind. And then they try to switch out or try to maneuver in behind the other horses in front of them and i think significantly from me. He's he's got pole position here and he's he's not far fi inside ralph. So i'm gonna. I'm gonna stick my neck and say that that sequence could be broken in this beverly bullet and significantly. I think he's a decent price for me. And i just think there's some of the other horses in their job that good judicial. You mentioned the coach. Maybe an issue withdraw his marvelous think. He'll run his race hurricane either. He's very wide. I think there are a potential issues about all the others But of course we'd i wanna find federal sprint. Even listed what rousing the sprint handicap is. It's going to depend on. Who gets the brakes. But i think significantly. I need those. Because he'll be up front and And hopefully. We'll see another horse at any state during the rice. I have to ask you then about a another final furlan podcast favourite which is just another bottle. So this horse was. i'm trying to think. Was he fifties. When rory put him up and he became a another final furlan. Podcast monstrous gamble The idea that rory had with this worse was that if they applied Blink if the first time application of blinkers worked for him. He was his specific instructions. Were this is not an each way. Bet he is a win. Bet only because he's he's either going to win this or he's going to bomb entirely and he just burst out of the souls made all and nothing got near him as coming out of stole one and kevin could basically repeat those tactics here in a field size of twelve. He's on good to firm which was good ground Rippin and he's twelve is yours that you trust to backup that form. And possibly just given the fact that he's coming out of stow along. Could he burst out and make all and just be a little bit too hard to to peg back. He certainly got. The draw has an end and of course having mentioned significantly this the possibility they might end up running one another into the grand. I the way just another one at so rip. It was ridiculous we'll stay competitive handicap sprint so the season and nothing looked like overhaul ian from from start to finish and yet the kazeem transform classier opponents because these just a little step up from those typical saturday afternoon handicap. Is you know the grapes of wolford is a cracking race every year. And if he goes off in front as far as he did there It's quite possible. Not nothing will get near him. i and also that might selection significantly. I said i hoped he never see another horse from start to finish. He might actually see another horses rear end and it could be just another bottles disappearing over the horizon a significantly takes motorable second place But yeah every reason. I don't think there's any problem to in sprinting. With horses bridging that gap between good handicaps and going up a little step up the ladder. I mean this is a listed race but even so threes in groups. We've seen seahorses haven't we Sprinters during that time and time again is is harder for the horses over longer distances. So yes he he could do it. It is a case of whether the blinkers will work again but So that the price eventually say eleven to one twelve. You know if you if you're on riven it's a. It's a gamble at that price that you might be prepared to take because until you seen house gotta run a at bedrick we. We just don't know if he does it again. You'd be kicking yourself. Yes if you back. Senate rippin lost on the point you make about the difference between handicap enlisted even group three company and sprinters sprinters at group one level. Keep beating one another There's very little difference between the class of a sprinter at high-class handicap level. Where you're on a raiding ninety-six six and listed in groups free company and there's no reason why you can't back it up. I don't think they would put him in here on the back of two weeks unless they thought he was capable of running a massive race. He's always been incredibly frustrating. In the past and it's entirely possibly sulks. It's entirely possible. He just goes. Nah i've done it and And your horse significantly doesn't see another rival because just the bottle just can't be bothered today. But judicial is probably my selection and in fact he is nell down. i'll go judicial To win this race for the second time and it's significantly for For lee mckenzie. We've one more race to come on the final from podcast Before we do we should tell you that there is live streaming available without even having to.

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