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"mark sinn fein" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Experience as I mentioned a great slate of games on Sunday where the best games this weekend Minnesota at Green Bay we're joined by a Vikings linebacker he is a four time pro bowler he had six tackles and a sack in Sunday's win over the Atlanta Falcons a two time all American from UCLA he was a night pick overall in twenty fourteen Vikings at Green Bay Sunday Anthony Barr as my guest Anthony good to have you back how are you. they're all government as we have good good to have you in the center think about the Packers Anthony but take me back if you would this Sunday's game gets the falcons I bring it up because there are some so real ways to start a season if you're playing defense but can you imagine a better one than to start the season by sacking Matt Ryan on the first play the game take me through that play what did you see. Europe kind of early pressure first play the game trying to set the tone for the game and just kind of came a block in the tackle maybe been led been local fusible looking I kind of lock down that came free like I said not a better way to start the season comes at the top of the game and you know we're kind of rolled from there he is kind of weird though kind of surreal like yeah this great quote after the game he said quote I was more surprised anybody I almost hesitated for a second like this can't be real right and quote I mean how does that feel when you're like wait there's no way I'm to start the season with a sack on the very first player right. yeah I mean is this religious at that point it's not about can't blow the let me know your dear there play gone up and you first like your car like that this can't be real are the not just in the mail block okay well okay didn't got to got to go in trigger might play in their nose done little but by that one that's a great analogy can't blow the lay up we're talking at the bar right there on the third down each chase Ryan down and you forced upon that was M. block in the offense scored two plays later then on Atlanta's next possession you forced interception in the often scores four plays later so how much did that feel like a statement by your defense against a good offense. yeah I mean colors. right the defense you kind of hope for the day and really jumped on third down unfortunately we note that we are still pretty early couple times and often they must sort field of discussing things quite a big part in that position and no anytime we go off of the sort what kind of weapons that we have we feel good about our chances in in the end though so overall in terms of the unit like you are really really big game but there's so much talent on that defense at each level and it's a group is now played for a while together and play for head coach Mike Zimmer for awhile so in terms of upside how special can these defense be. I think with the potential prize mean but that's just a word that something that you know we need to fulfill I think it really bugs going through each day you know get better trying because the war last week I was haunted all point to understand over playing against the match up than those going there going out there playing fast plane clean carefree really no one writer back up to like you when we're out there we're not worried about make mistakes are worried about really anything else going on other than doing our job plants that plan for each other and no we have to do that a lot of fun day and we're trying to carry that goal for Anthony Barr is my guest and mention Mike Zimmer and he always speaks incredibly hive you what's it like to play for ham and how would you describe the relationship you have with him. you know obviously when I first got here the rookie all kind of a little wet behind the ears and really know what was going on kinda whatever you tell me to do it is trying to have my best you know now no five six years later number bring things up house and suggestions and so we have a really good communication no we he trust me to try to get the defense where they need to be and then when things come up throughout the week all messed things to him how much things to me and I will kind of go from there so it's been a good partnership you know its when the good relationship and obviously we've had some success in the past last year with those as great as we welcome but we always bought back in town about a down year and I'm expecting those different this year C. thing is it's even more than you just bring some things up as an example it's not just Mike Zimmer his son Adam is a linebacker coach he said quote Anthony Barr is probably the smartest player I've ever coached he went on to say that you ask questions that the coaches don't think the players would even think about it's really high praise coming from a coach what's it like for you to hear something like that from that coach. is great you know I think you know one of my best asset is just my mark mental capacity in the what I'm able to. keep in and retain and then when I met with the project and kind of question and explain to other players and coaches not think coaches sometimes everything looks good and draw you know drawn up on paper right now to play you're always thinking okay house where my most laudable that more my were my gonna be attacked so when you bring those things up for the coach they may have skimmed over it you know and they may not thought of something like that so I think the different of the play you kind of think of but not the worst case scenario but where my week and what what do I need to do in order to protect myself make sure that I make the play that comes my way Vikings line background he bars my guest so you can face the Packers on Sunday and you're looking at Aaron Rodgers and a new offense when you look at that what's the number one key in your mind. are obviously no Erin no one of the best if not the best quarterback in the phone you know so we have our work cut out for us number trying to run the ball more this year which is deftly gonna you know open things up for him you know so I think first what's out there on the force in those kind of them to be one dimensional and then it's really about the entire region trying not letting go out of pocket make plays obviously he's most dangerous one other couple like I'll break down and then he was kind of three thousand he's my friend best man of at that no kind of book. both import brought them a coverage in a Russian the right way keep in the pocket as best we can then to go people born that offer scared don't play like a word about make Mr go out there and and be in attack mode be aggressive and then I will live with the results antennae bar joining us you know if we go back to the Aussies in a number of teams came really hard for you and the jets in particular made a really nice offer apparently so from the outside it would seem like a lot of people think that being a free agent would be the best time ever because teams are chasing you you said it was actually the worst day of your life lay that out for me what was that experience like what was that so tough I mean I'm a you know that you're a little bit worried that comment but it was opposed to the trouble bomb an arm I'm kind of like a stress free guide kinda pretty easy going you know and then you have this really big decision to make about your future in their lives and obviously money is important to note that means different things different people you know but for me my party was being somewhere where I was happy as a more you know so like with a chance to win and get somewhere with a group of people that want to be with and Minnesota Kerr check out all those boxes and just kind of being here throughout OTA than to training camp in another this season not it's kind of a farm my decision wouldn't lock room with the **** really close with the coaching staff of the great city Minneapolis and the fan base that we have the it's all kind of you know exactly kind of what I want so there's no more money out there I could have but not think of the peace of mind happiness price was going so I kind of went with that antennae bar is joining us and for those who do not know I mean you came really close you actually kind of we're committed to going there sort of and they decided that it checks all the boxes YM and then the story goes when Harris and Smith talked about you coming back his voice cracked with emotion it's really clear how much your teammates love you and what they think of you how would you describe the brotherhood on that defense and how much is that show up on the field every Sunday. it's personal man it's hard to describe really you know without you know being in a locked room and been in there were in and an understanding of what we go through on a day to day basis together but. group you know a lot of it's been together now for five six years and you know one another and obviously one of each to Lowe's individually and go out there and play good and have our own good games but the other day understand that we need each other to be successful and we were the count on one another off the field all of your personally you know but we do have such a good report were very close no. tight knit group that we we don't want to live another day I also knew it was important you know for us the kind of thing together and I was like I said we had a tough year last year we feel like we could we we have everything that we need in the locker room to go be successful but will return to the city so finally if you left a little money or more than a little bit of money on the table you want to stay where you are what is it about this team and this community the makes it so special to you. I'm out I do a lot of work here in the community no I'm foundation which supports them some moms out here a single mom this we know with posting a mantra to educate them about because it's all in all I'm I'm I'm on the community and then again like I said you might be making and my my my coaches that they care about me you know nothing good example last year everything was going through some things personally and the team or individual stock bond and isolated and I'll cancel we do we have to do to make sure he was to where he was and where needed to be in order to be a good person happy you know healthy person into first of all and then hopefully get the football football part back you know folks that's one example no a lot of things that we do here I think they do things the right way and they care about us is as people more so than the football players and so they know when when you have the kind of work no kind of a calm no brainer mark Sinn Fein is quick follow you can spend your.

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